Cider Styles

Cider Styles
 1.  New York
9340826. Tennessee
 2.  Michigan
38527. Montana
 3.  California
8630428. Maryland648
 4.  Washington
7235729. Delaware58
 5.  Oregon6731830. Georgia418
 6.  Pennsylvania4721931. Kansas
 7.  Massachusetts299532. New Jersey47
 8.  Colorado2713533. Arizona
 9.  Vermont2412834. Alabama44
10. Virginia2315035. South Carolina
11. North Carolina2115436. Utah
12. Ohio198437. North Dakota
13. Wisconsin
187338. West Virginia
14. Minnesota
175839. Washington D.C.
15. Maine164740. Hawaii25
16. Indiana145541. South Dakota23
17. Missouri
142742. Kentucky22
18. Florida139043. Oklahoma
19. Illinois134344. Nebraska18
20. Texas125745. Arkansas17
21. Connecticut113546. Alaska17
22. New Hampshire
104647. Louisiana13
23. Iowa83448. Mississippi13
24. New Mexico83349. Rhode Island11
25. Idaho31

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What is Cider/Cyder? Even though a favorite of our Founding Fathers, for many Americans the term cider or hard cider is foreign, or at best vaguely remembered as the sweet apple juice of our youth. Hard cyder/cider is a fermented alcoholic beverage pressed from a single-variety or blend of apples and/or other fruit. It presents in a full range of tastes to rival the finest wines and beers— from scrumpy to conditioned, dry to sweet, and from still to carbonated to méthode champenoise. It may be

from 2% ABV to 8.5% or more depending on the types of apple used and fermentation process. In some regions of Europe and America hard cider may also be called "apple wine” due to tradition or tax laws. 

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USA Cider Maker Survey  (last updated January 2018)  with 15 Charts and Notes to highlight the recent explosive growth of the USA Cider Industry, with five new chart types added for such as use of organic fruit, heirloom apples and "rural vs. urban".

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fermented and aged at home in a 5-gallon glass carboy or in a farmer's 53-gallon whiskey barrels or in massive oak or stainless steel vats containing thousands of gallons. Cider varies in alcohol content