We are the New Zealand association of commercial non-grape winemakers.  Our members range from boutique liqueur manufacturers to high volume cider producers. New Zealand is recognised internationally for growing fruit of the highest quality


The New Hampshire Winery Association 

(NHWA) is a collective group of wine, cider, mead, and fruit wine growers, producers, and academics devoted to the New Hampshire Wine Industry.

European Cider and Fruit Wine Association- L'Association des Industries des Cidres et Vins de fruits de l'U.E. (A.I.C.V.) represents the European Union cider and fruit wine industries in Brussels. The Association is pleased to have compiled this brochure to enable you to discover and learn about the principal activities of its members and the wealth and diversity of their products.

In December 2014, the Michigan Cider Association (MCA) was formed by a core group of Michigan cider makers through a state-recognized 501(c)6 program.  Although the MCA is a new organization, its intention is to provide short- and long-term significance and value to all members through the promotion and support of Michigan cider. 


Michigan Cider Association- As the Michigan cider industry continues to grow at an exciting yet rapid pace, we felt the time was right to establish an organization that supports education, research, and promotion of our emerging industry.  

Its basic functions include from defending the interests of its associates with the Administration to promoting their products. Recent years have been particularly important for the sector, as the association has worked on professionalising it and on the quality of the product. 

United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM), February 6, 2013 — was formed today with the broad input of industry producers, stakeholders, and constituents from around the country. The group’s mission is to gather and share information about cider and perry production, regulations concerning the production of hard cider and perry, and pear and apple growing; as well as to help members improve their operations, raise the public’s

mission is a simple one… to protect, promote, represent and educate its members and consumers.

The "Three Counties Cider and Perry Association" was founded in 1993 by a group of practical cider makers who came together at the cider and perry trials run by the The Big Apple at Putley in Herefordshire. Their intention was to improve the image and quality of Farmhouse Cider and Perry. 

Breton Cider Association, France,cider is the drink of Brittany, known and recognized by all, it is associated with an image of authenticity and quality. The Breton cider federated within the Breton cider Association wish to continue to give the sector a new breath.

Michigan Hard Cider Enthusiasts- though fermented apple cider – in some forms 

Business Center (NABC) provides northwest Washington farmers with the skills and the resources required to profitably and efficiently supply their products to consumers, retailers, wholesalers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers. Its main office is located in Mt Vernon in the heart of Washington’s Skagit Valley farm region.

California Cider & Perry Association- We hope to gather and share information to advance the cider industry as a whole, enhance individual operations, and connect with consumers with the cider they love. It's time for 

Hudson Valley Cider Alliance- New York, We are working to establish hard cider and apple spirits as signature products of this historic apple region. We are apple growers, cider makers, and distillers who believe that these products will fulfill the potential of the Hudson Valley as a cider region.

The Big Apple Association is a non-profit organisation which promotes interest inEnglish Apples and Cider, including celebrating all aspects of apples and orchards; encourages visitors and local residents to understand and enjoy the rural heritage

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) promotes the cider and perry industry in the UK. It represents both larger producers and many hundreds of smaller scale cider makers in the cider trade. 

"innkeepers Guild Frankfurt", but quickly recognized the different and specific technical questions, actually better in an independent association, so to speak "among themselves", had to solve.


Associations-Supporters  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers and links for cider associations, equipment and supplies. 

The Home Orchard Society- established in 1975, is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to assisting both novice and expert fruit growers, preserving heirloom fruit varieties, and promoting the science, 

known as “hard cider” – has a long tradition and history in the United States there is a new movement underway to bring flavorful, enjoyable Michigan-made hard ciders to consumers.


The Cider Project was launched in 2010 with the Apple Exchange, an exchange between French and American producers of hard apple cider that took place in Le Perche, France, and the Hudson Valley. Since then, the Cider Project has evolved to encompass various projects aimed at creating opportunities for the region’s apple growers and supporting the production of orchard-based hard cider.



The Irish Cider Association (ICA)- The ICA was established in 2008 and aims to build on the great success of its predecessor, the Cider Industry Council- founded over twenty years ago- which transformed the profile of cider in this country for the better. 

The PA Cider Guild (PACG) is a trade organization formed in 2014 to bring together cidermakers, cideries, cider enthusiasts and associated businesses to have a united voice in the state of Pennsylvania. The guild’s 

Our goals are to promote the understanding and appreciation of quality cider in our region, to help producers and suppliers find one another and work together for common goals, and coordinate events to develop the craft cider industry in our region. 

New York Cider Association- mission is to: support producers of fermented cider and the New York cider making industry in its vital role as an economic engine for agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism; build a market for New York cider made from New York

The Cider Institute is a non-profit organization... made up of passionate cider industry professionals and educators with a mission to create a quality-driven and sustainable cider industry through education and research. This diverse group of individuals will help universities and training institutions develop curriculum and procure funding for research that will benefit the entire industry.

Welcome to ciderworkshop.com, the web resource for the award winning Cider Workshop Google group - the friendly 

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Cider Association, Hesse, Germany, The Hessian Wirtshaus Kalim - every man for himself already a "powerful piece cider culture" - have joined together, move back to the apples and the cider, where they belong: in the heart of Hesse!

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers and links for cider associations, equipment and supplies. 

South West of England Cidermakers’ Association (SWECA) is a group dedicated to supporting the needs of professional cider makers and apple growers in the South West region.

awareness of the products produced by its members, and promote the interests of the cider and perry producers in the United States. 

and promote the Cider and Perry industries in Australia. As a united body, Cider Australia provides a centralised point of contact for its members and, as an association, can educate the Australian public about Cider and Perry production and their responsible consumption.

"Cider of Asturias" Spain. At the present time 25 ciderhouses, 267 growers and 587 hectares are 

love it. Discover where to buy it, watch videos and see cider being made, find local sellers, learn about the healthy benefits and more.


New York Apple Cider – Delicious. Healthy. Versatile. George Washington enjoyed it. Drinking a glass of cider is like drinking a fresh apple. Kids love New York apple cider. And now the booming hard cider industry in New York is giving adults one more way to 

The Northwest Cider Association is a trade organization formed by the cider producers in the NW. Our mission is to promote awareness of NW Artisan produced ciders and perry among the public.

Cider Ireland, is a group of like-minded apple growers and cider makers from the island of Ireland.


DOMESTIC  (click on logo to access site)

At the forefront in helping Michigan secure a reputation as the best cider producer in the nation is a grassroots organization that didn't exist a few years ago. It is called the Michigan Cider Makers' Guild. The Guild is patterned after the craft guilds of the Middle Ages. It restricts membership to those who meet its stringent quality standards, and it has a vigorous program to keep its members up to date on improvements in cider-making practices. Michigan's leading cider mills have joined the Guild. 

The Vermont Ice Cider Association is a group of dedicated artisanal producers committed to making Ice Cider in the tradition established by our Quebecois neighbors just to our North. We share with them a frosty winter climate, a centuries-long heritage of apple culture, and a passion for quality.

and our members take great pride in creating superior fruit wines, ciders, mead and liqueurs from this wonderful resource.

Associations-Supporters:  In order to truly thrive all individuals, groups and industries need the support of like-minded people with a passion for their common goal. The hard cider makers in the USA and around the world require and receive the same level of care and feeding from their bands of friends, experts, supporters and professional associations. These groups can also provide you with entre to the cider makers in their regions as well as connections to those who can assist you with understanding and improving your cider making. 

apples; advocate for the New York cider industry through education, research, and communication; promote New York State as a world class cider producing region; and support the work of regional cider alliances within New York State.

Cider Australia is the national association of Cider and Perry growers and producers. The primary aim of Cider Australia is to develop

The Association of owners of Apple Wine, Frankfurt, Germany,  was founded in 1919, shortly after the end of the first world war. And it had a good reason.Because: Although many of the surviving self kelternden innkeepers were members already 


of the Marcle Ridge parishes in all their diversity; and encourages steps to conserve the orchard landscape in the Marcle Ridge parishes and to maintain the diversity of varieties grown. Herefordshire, England

Ciders of Quebec, Canada, With the main dish, cocktail or drink or dessert, the Quebec cider invites all tables. Still or sparkling?  Daily or festive? 

You choose! There are more than 300 ciders divided into three categories. 

The Rocky Mountain Cider Association (RMCA) is an organization of commercial producers of (hard) cider and perry in the Rocky Mountain region: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

registered and audited, with plantations of Asturian Apple Varieties belonging to the 22 varieties listed in the Designation of Origin Regulations. 

The Guipuzcoa Natural Cider Association, Spain,created in 1977, currently brings together 50 cider factories, who all produce natural cider.

community of heritage cider & perry makers and enthusiasts. Cider making is a broad church, and comes with many different practices and opinions. Although the Cider Workshop is primarily a UK cider and perry group, there are a number of members from the USA, as well as Europe and Australia. So, if cider and perry are of interest to you please join us in the discussion group.

Minnesota Cider Guild- Minnesota cider makers come together for the purpose of advancing, promoting, and showcasing quality Minnesota-made cider.

Northwest Agriculture Business Center: All Things Cider- Established in 2006, Northwest Agriculture 

Since 2001 the Welsh Perry and Cider Society has reignited the craft cider and perry industry in Wales. Our mission is to encourage a greater appreciation of these natural craft drinks, spearhead a new era of orchard planting and promote Welsh perry and cider as an indigenous alternative to wine.

It is the mission of the Virginia Association of Cider Makers to enhance consumer and trade appreciation of cider and perry through education, promotion and publicly-recognizable standards of production excellence. Activities are focused on educating the public about the qualities of craft cider, promoting the industry in Virginia and fostering cooperation within the industry for the mutual benefit of all producers. 

Cider is made and not brewed and so has far more in common with wine than beer. As artisan cider producers we make cider once a year, so again like wine it has a ‘vintage’ and thus the cider is different from year to year.

culture, and pleasure of growing fruit at home. Our original 59 charter members grew into this nonprofit, educational and self-help organization that today has well over 700 members scattered worldwide. The vision of “growing good fruit at home” has taken root.

California, with its rich agricultural heritage and world-class craftsmanship in the food and beverage industry,  to have our own voice representing our shared interests as an industry, and to help our members meet the growing demand for cider here in California and around the world.


The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association (GLCPA) is a nonprofit organization formed to showcase and promote fermented apple and pear beverages and to help educate consumers and producers about them. Our members include both commercial and non-commercial producers, as well as affiliate members located outside the region.