Hard Cider News-​ Everything you need to know about hard cider in a convenient monthly newsletter - products, events, industry data, recipes and more!

Rockingham Forest Cider a place to journal our cidermaking year- a blog site from a cidery in England with much useful information on many cider subjects.

North East Cider Trail- Based out of the Pocono Mountains and nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Trail, we are handcrafting small batches of a forgotten art, fermenting apples into Hard Ciders. Our goal as cider makers is to "invite those who push the creative boundaries of what is 

Phillydog's Hard Cider Review-drinking his way through all the world's ciders and providing a bit of perspective on each en route.

Orange Pippin- If you are interested in apple varieties and orchards you have come to the right place. Our website aims to be the most comprehensive resource for apples and orchards.

Old Timey Dave's blog on all things hard cider with numerous resources and reviews.

Torkard Cider- The everyday cider-exploits of a couple of idiots people who have a desire to grow cider apples and make real, full-juice carft cider in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England.

The Cider Journal- is for lovers of hard cider, for the hard cider trade and for those 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers.

Blogs and Other Links- Along with those who produce and serve good hard cider, there are those who travel, partake, review and write about what they find such that we all may follow to enjoy. The following links are examples of those few non-cidery based American "blog" writers who specialize in hard cider, and excellent blogs from the producers at cideries as well as many other bloggers who more broadly review food and wine with an interest in cider. Additionally, other links to informing sites concerning hard cider and associated items. 

Blogs and Other Links  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers 

Real Cider a real passion for apples- another excellent United Kingdom cider website devoted to "championing the real cider movement".

DrinkingCider- is a global community and website of cider fans talking about cider (also known as hard cider in the USA) and some of the top brands and best places to enjoy cider as well as some tips on making your own at home.

operation is the product of your Idaho land and our passion for cider making.  When we started our journey in 2012, our mission was to be an interpreter of the fruit and soil that the homesteaders and pioneers thrived on.  We believe that we have and will continue to do exactly that well into the future of our company.

Hard Cider Brands- Promoting Everything Hard Cider | Upcoming | Launches

Farnum Hill Cider- Making cider for decades the Farnum Hill team keeps an eye on events affecting cider and cider making.

Talisman Farm Cider Info & Cider Digest is one of the best professional discussion blogs among cider producers, filled with useful information and support.

Welcome to the world of The Ciderologist. Here you will find ramblings, musings, photos and videos all dedicated to the wonder of the fermented apple. The Ciderologist has a passion for cider and wishes to share it with the world to make it a better place. The future's looking rosy with cider. Wassail!

United States of Cider is the chronicle of 2 ciderphiles explorations into the world of (hard) cider* with a focus on the American craft cider revival.

IAMCIDER The cider of photography-  the worlds largest collection of cider images and blog from the heart of Somerset.

seeking to learn more about the burgeoning hard cider options that are available across the country. TCJ is the work of Tom Wark, a 25-year veteran of the wine industry and an award-winning blogger at FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog.

Guerilla Cider- Cider Blog, Spain, This blog aims to the world of cider and its different varieties as well as the culture that surrounds it, especially in our old Europe.Cider is a great unknown beyond each own cider country, A concern has 

The Naked Guide to Cider- a guide book to cider in the UK and a Facebook site for discussing cider.

The Cider Workshop, England-Welcome to ciderworkshop.com, the web resource for the award winning 

All About Cider- 100% pure cider reviews, aged in intrigue with no added bigotry - celebrating all things 

The Cider Times is the source for all your news on hard cider and its fast growing industry.

Welcome to Claude Jolicoeur's Of Apples and Cider page.

Matt's Meals is the NEW home of international food writer (and mensch about town) Matt Robinson. Come on by and see what Matt is eating and why.

Cider Workshop Google group - the friendly community of heritage cider & perry makers and enthusiasts. Cider making is a broad church, and comes with many different practices and opinions. Although the Cider Workshop is primarily a UK cider and perry group, there are a number of members from the USA, as well as Europe and Australia. So, if cider and perry are of interest to you please join us in the discussion group.

Here at Cider Chat enthusiasts from around the world gather to chat with you and I about all things cider.

CiderScene- is a hard cider blog exploring the growing cider market. We provide users with cider reviews, recipes, articles, and a US cidery locator.

 It's always opening time at Old Scrump's Cider House! Whether you're already an experienced cider drinker, or you just  

iBembel, Germany- The App leads you to the nicest traditional Applewine Inns of Frankfurt. Enjoy an authentic part of the Frankfurt culture - aside from banks and business. Where to find the best applewine and where the best traditional cookery, where are the nicest traditional Inns: iBembel tells you. 

pictorial section on "Heirloom Apples" and another on "Cider, Hard Cider and Juice." Each will have its own blog to enable readers to share information.

North Idaho Cider- High resolution Cider Producer maps from around the world and an extensive Blog from Idaho's first cider producer. We are what we drink.  This family owned cider 

We’re Cider Press, California's first craft cider resource for news, events, reviews, interviews and stories. 

cider. Check out my blog and twitter too for the latest reviews, articles and cider of the month. You can also find my work in the Australian/New Zealand magazine - Beer andBrewer. 

Bon Appetit- Our favorite American hard cider. Hard cider has a long history in America, where it's made in various styles, from sweet to dry and still to sparkling. From colonial days onward, hard cider was sipped by almost everyone, including children: Easily made and inexpensive, it was considered cleaner than drinking water. 

Note: The Cyder Market, LLC does not endorse any of the blogs, organizations/websites or individuals cited, these are simply provided as examples for starting points to aide in discovering and enjoying hard cider for those of legal drinking age. The Cyder Market, LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. All images are the property of Cyder Market, LLC or are logo screen shots courtesy of the bloggers'/organizations' website. 

This site is for permitting the download of some documents that I have written on the subject of cider, and of apples, pears and fruits in general.

BLOGS and Useful Links- Domestic
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Apple Journal- your resource for everything about apples, the "King of Fruit." We will be adding a major 

BLOGS and Useful Links- International

want to find outwhat real cider and perry is, then this is the website for you. If you want to discuss real cider and perry and related issues, why not try Old Scrump's Forum?

Craft Cider with Patrick Huff- a blog dedicated to all things cider around the world.

La Sidra Magazine online, Spain, many articles and announcements for sidra producers, bars, restaurants, festivals and all else throughout the sidar areas of Spain.

Serious Eats is a website focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community. Our unique combination of community and content brings together the distinctive voices of food bloggers, compelling original and acquired food video, and spirited, inclusive, conversations about all things food- and drink-related, to include hard cider.

ukcider, Britain- the real cider website and directory that anyone can edit or add to. Our purpose is to maintain extensive and up-to-date cider and perry related information and know how, with your help.

Real Cider a real passion for apples

Ciders Says- This is a non-technical hard cider blog for cider enthusiasts, but not connoisseurs.  My goal is to share my love of hard cider, plain and simple.  I can’t tell you what is the best hard cider on the market, but I can tell you what ciders I enjoy.  Expect to see reviews, views, news, and more.

Sidra News, Spain- News about cider and its environment agency. International cider news with an emphasis on products and activities in Spain and Europe. 

CIDERCRAFT magazine is a bi-annual publication that focuses solely on North American cider. We profile the artisans behind the craft alongside the powerhouses that produce for the public, while exploring the regions and orchards, meeting the movers and shakers in the industry. 

Cider Oz, Australia- A development guide to Cider Apples in Australia.

Food and Wine- The Hard Cider Buzz: American cider—the alcoholic kind—is having its trend moment with exciting new producers and varieties, from funky barrel-aged styles to dessert ciders akin to ice wines.

Siderias.WS, Spain, Cider Blog, all about cider , cider houses, festivals and other items of note for Spainish Sidra.

Cider Guide- The world guide to cider, perry, and related drinks.

emerged back in 2005, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world around this drink, however there is a degree of General ignorance as it does not happen with any other of the oldest drinks of humanity such as wine or beer.

Cider Expert- There are sites devoted to ratings and recommendations for beer and wine. Some seem to regard cider as just another variety of one of those. But we believe that: Cider is not beer; Cider is not wine. And so Cider Expert was born.

Cider Log- This is a page for cider fans, fanatics if you will. We'll discuss ciders we've tried, loved, hated and made. This is primarily for hard (alcoholic) cider, but fresh cider is great too.

possible" and to learn from one another through partnership, education and passion. We desire to share in educating a new generation of enthusiasts in the art of fermented beverages and leading them on a trail of exploration... We have united Virginia through Maine and have become the Northeast Cider Trail, come explore.

The Cider Blog- a UK blog covering all aspects of cider drinking, festivals and other news.

Cider Pages, Britain- Hello from a pilgrim on a journey to find the finest ciders. This is a little like the first bit, an opinion on various ciders that are out there. And there the similarity (hopefully) ends. There is not a cider specialist in sight, just a cider drinker who wants an excuse to try as many different ciders as possible, record them for posterity and see how many really fine ciders there are.

Cider Culture- Celebrating the culture of cider producers and consumers. This online publication is product of Dish LLC and shares news and information including cider recipes, events, styles, trends, destinations and producers.

Twisted Cider- an extensive blog and website "All ABout Cider".