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Examples of where to purchase-

Av. Humberto Cereser 3170 -Bairro Caxambu 
Jundiaí (SP),
Brazil 13218-660

tele 55 11 4585-4904

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about Brazil.

Sidra Cereser- Founded in 1926, Cereser is now one of the largest beverage companies in Latin America, and the market leader in Sidra (Cider). Our products are distributed throughout Brasil, and are present in over 40 countries. We use the most modern equipment to ensure the high quality of our products. Since 1926, Cereser is committed to delight its customers, consumers and employees through the continuous improvement of the quality of their products and services. “Today, we’re absolute leaders in Brazil’s sparkling cider market,” declares José Fontelles, Cereser’s commercial director. “Between Cereser Sidra and Chuva de Prata, we have a 75 percent market share. In fact, the Cereser brand is synonymous with cider; when Brazilians go to buy cider, they say they’re ‘going to buy Cereser.’”

Sidra Cereser was available widely in the USA but does not appear to be so now, if you know of a retailer/importer, please let us know...

The only USA retailer we were told might still carry Cereser (thanks for the info!) is:

Vallarta Supermarkets 
23449 Lyons Ave
Valencia, CA 91355 
(661) 260-1110 


Sidra Cereser- It is a sparkling beverage which results from the alcoholic fermentation of selected and fresh apple juice. As it is a light, sweet product with low alcoholic content, with a unique apple flavor, it is drunk by all kinds and levels of people and at any time. Serve it cold.

Brazil- officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese:República Federativa do Brasil), is the largest country in South America. It is the world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population with over 192 million people. It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest lusophone country in the world. Although most connect Brazil to the Amazon river basin and the great rain forest, there are vast other areas where agriculture and orchards are maintained. One of the great festivals and attractions in Brazil each year is "Carnival of Brazil" with its hundreds of dancing groups and days of parades and parties across the country. During this annual festival time one of the favorite drinks is a cider like "Sidra Cereser". 

Brazil Import  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about Brazil.