Waterhouse Cider Co.- The Maloney family hand picks every apple from their 25 acre farm in Sebastopol, California.  The yield is brought to a local crush and then the juice is sent to a professional brewing facility.  Once they are satisfied with ​the fermentation, the cider is bottled and put on your table.


388 Bell St
Los Alamos, California

(805) 344-1900


Troy Cider MMXIV- This pome fruit medley is comprised of wildly organic heirloom apples and pears from Sonoma County, married with beautifully fragrant quince picked from the original plantings of legendary horticulturist Luther Burbank. Cold fermented to dry with only native yeasts and aged in neutral oak barrels for 8 months on the lees. The result is a shockingly mellow, yet undeniably complex cider that is reminiscent of tropical pineapple, guava, and vanilla. 
"Funk Odyssey"- is a blend of wild heirloom cider apples and rare Pineapple Quince, wild fermented and aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months. This still cider has been aged for an additional 12 months in the bottle, resulting in some of the most complex cider we have ever tasted. Tangy, mouth puckering, and simply confusing to the palate. If you are looking for a real tongue twister, this is the cider for you. Wild farmhouse funk at its finest.

Applegarden Farm, We grow organic apples for our own brand of hard cider. Our apples are the heritage varieties such as Kingston Black, Kerrys Irish Pippen, Nehou, Stayman Winesap, Roxbury Russet and several other russet-type apples, as well as various crab apples which add tannins and body to the lighter apple juice. We have a few sweet apples for early picking, but the majority of the apples are too bitter and sharp to enjoy as dessert fruit. Our orchard is certified by Marin Organic and our cider is made using all natural yeast. We harvest the apples over a long period of time in the fall,  picking each variety as it becomes ripe and storing for a few weeks so that the natural sugars increase.


3427 Roberto Ct., Suite 130 
San Luis Obispo, California

(805) 400-3057

Newtopia Cyder- A social, urban-minded hand-crafted cyder house, Newtopia creates a unique experience featuring English, French and Spanish influenced cyders... To promote the science, art, and culture of craft cyder. "Crafting from Orchards to Glass"


Apple Saison- While it is our most traditional cider, don’t be fooled!  The apple notes are soft and smooth, with a very clean finish.
Blood Orange Tangerine-This is what joy tastes like. One of our most popular varieties. We use just enough juice to capture the essence of citrusy fruit flavor, but not so much that it turns this blend red. And unlike some cider makers, we’d never use red dyes or colorants to make believe that the juice has made it red! 
Lemon Saison- A hint of lemon makes this a crisp, dry cider. Enjoy it with a chopped chicken salad or Chinese take-out.
Hibiscus Saison- Get ready to smile. Get ready to talk and laugh and be human for a change. Let this artfully brewed, effervescent hard apple cider with witty hints of Hibiscus be your starting point. Brings out the uncommon best in any food. Brings out the magic in any gathering. 
Cranberry Orange- Tart with more subtle pear notes, crisp with a sweet finish. This flavored pear cider retains a creamy flavor, but finishes on a brighter note. A seasonal offering only, hurry while it lasts!


Boneyard- Welcome to the Boneyard! Come get your dry cider fix without sacrificing apple flavor.  Our dry craft cider is balanced and approachable with a hard bite. This cider is best enjoyed ice cold, on its own or as an excellent food pairing cider. 

See Canyon Premium Dry Cider-  Only the best apples were selected from the 5-acre family farm in See Canyon and hand pressed. creates a taste that is truly a reflection of the central coast.  Bottle conditioned for 2 years and cellared for an additional 4 years.

See Canyon Hard Cider- The optimal blend of apple sweetness with a crisp, slightly tart finish - just like biting into the perfect apple. This California cider, with its smooth and refreshing characteristics, blends an array of West Coast cider apples creating extraordinary aroma and flavor. 

Triple Threat- Hop Heads and Cider Fanatics unite! This hard cider blends 3 distinct West Coast hops creating strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, passion fruit, and lychee. Taste the West Coast with our IPA inspired craft cider.
Piney the Cider- Dry hopped with four distinct double IPA style hops and pine nettle juice. Strong grapefruit & pine resin flavors with subtle hints of wooded forest and mint notes with orangy-lemon zest.  Starts floral & citrusy cider with a massive danky, earthy, and sub-tropical finish.
SeeMosa- We start with our BoneYard (dry) cider then blend organic tangerine, pineapple, and orange juices.  The perfect daytime adult beverage.

Bristols Cider House- is a part of the Lone Madrone winery, owned and operated by brother and sister Neil and Jackie and Neil's wife Marci. Jackie and Neil grew up in the West Country of England which is very much cider country. We are not talking murky apple juice here but the fermented version. When Neil moved to California he was disappointed to find none of the traditional beverage of his home, of which he had been known to partake on occasion. So in 1994 Neil began making small batches of cider from local apples under the Bristols name. Since that time it has evolved into a small line up of ciders. These ciders are all from select varieties of local apples, primarily from See Canyon and Paso Robles, although we have played with fruit from Oregon. All ciders are 100% apple juice and fermented on the native yeasts of the fruit. We ferment different ciders in different casks, some in retired Bourbon casks some in retired white wine barrels but most in stainless steel. 

Jack Russell Farm Brewery- Open Daily Year Round in the Beautiful Apple Hill Area of Camino, California, Jack Russell Farm Brewery Invites You to Enjoy Quality Craft Brews and Beverages Amongst the Picturesque Apple Hill Landscape! Experience a Serene Setting to Relax and Enjoy the Full Flavors of Fresh Handcrafted Ales, Stouts, Lagers, IPAs, and Hard Ciders Paired with Crisp Air Year Round! 

THE CIDERS- 17 cider styles, to include:

Bristols Original- Crafted from a variety of local apples including Ida Red, Braeburn, and Granny Smith, Bristols Original is our flagship cider.  Mostly dry but slightly sweet, this is our best seller and a favorite of many.
Brigstock- Brigstock is a slightly sweeter version of our ever popular Bristols Original.  
Barti Ddu- Granny smith apples are fermented until dry and then meet UK Challenger and  Fuggles hops to create the Barti Ddu.  This cider is crisp and refreshing on the palate with a hoppy finish.
Merry Hell- A seasonal barrel fermented cider aged with spent gin botanicals.
Anne Bonny- Named after the famous female pirate Anne Bonny, this cider is heavy on flavor and bursting with personality.  The Anne Bonny is a blend of culinary apples including Pink Ladies, Granny Smith, and Honey Crisp and aged in “used” Kentucky casks.
Antiquity- A blend of traditional cider apples aged in Kentucky spirit casks; unfiltered.

Dutton Estate Winery- is in the Green Valley AVA in the Russian River Valley located near the small charming town of Sebastopol. Once a dominant apple-growing region, Sebastopol is now a destination hide-away and home to the winery’s founders, Joe and Tracy Dutton. Joe and Tracy’s agricultural heritage is deeply rooted in Sebastopol, as Tracy’s great-grandparents began farming apples in the 1920’s and today continues growing apples and grapes at the family’s recognized farm and food production facility in Forestville at Kozlowski Farms. Joe is co-owner of Dutton Ranch, which was founded in 1964 by his parents. Today, Dutton Ranch farms 1300 acres of grapes and 250 acres of apples, all within the Green Valley-Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations. 

Golden State Cider- California is our home, our inspiration and our playground -- so we set out to create a cider that goes great with outside and doesn't compromise on flavor or integrity. We crafted an ingredient list you can pronounce and count on one hand, then packaged it in cans so you can take the Golden State with you on all of your adventures. We start by pressing 100% fresh West Coast apples, and well, that's about it. NO added water. NO added sugar. NO concentrates. NO bad juju. It's everything you want and nothing you don't.


10045 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite A
San Diego, California

(858) 926-4305


The 2014 Scar of the Sea California Hard Cider- The vintage cider is a blend of Arkansas Black, Idared, Red Ashtrachan, Williams Pride and Mutsu from  Paso Robles. It is barrel fermented with native yeast in French oak barrels and barrel aged sur lie for 3 months. This cider is re-fermented in the bottle to add carbonation so it will likely be a bit cloudy. It is very bright, showing off aromas of bubble gum, banana runts, and apples. It is light, clean, tart, dry and sparkling. 

The 2014 Scar of the Sea Dry Hopped Cider- The cider is a blend of Granny Smith, Arkansas Black and Idared apples from  Paso Robles. Fermented in French oak barrel with native yeast and aged sur lie for 5 months, with an addition of Amarillo Hops and Nielson Sauv to add to the aromatic complexity.  This cider is re-fermented in the bottle to add carbonation so it will likely be a bit cloudy. Made for wine geeks and beer nerds, this cider is a sommelier stumper. 


1042 La Mirada Ct
Vista, California

(760) 295-5888


2380 Larsen Dr
Camino, California

(530) 647-6222


955 Maple St
Ramona, California


Hop on the Honey- hopped hard cider with honey. 

Horse & Plow Winery and the Gardener- merge the best of old and new world techniques to produce authentic, hand-crafted wines from Northern California. We utilize organic farming, small lot fermentations and traditional techniques to make balanced, food friendly and site specific wines. The North Coast, including Sonoma, Napa & Mendocino Counties, is where we live and work. Our goal is to make world class wines from organically grown grapes. 

Tanuki Cider- Robby Honda’s nano-cidery’s “California dry farmhouse style cider” is a “very small batch, handmade cider that is strong and dry.” His cider is bottle conditioned (just like Champagne) and made in a traditional way, referring to the English term “farmhouse” that indicates no pasteurization, no sulfites, no water…very hands off. 


2885 See Canyon Rd.
San Luis Obispo, California 

(805) 706-0411

South City Ciderworks- The brainchild of a couple of friends, South City Ciderworks started out of necessity. The necessity for an every-day-drinking, not overly sweet, and rationally sized canned cider. Our goal is to create a hard cider that can be enjoyed by everyone whether it's 100 degrees out or 30 degrees out. We strive to make a product that isn't overly sweet but not like a brute that leaves you yearning for sugar water after every sip. Our preferred method of delivery doesn't require you to devote large amounts of time, money, or energy to consume. Lastly, but most important, is our goal of giving back to our community. At South City Ciderworks we recognize the importance of community involvement and philanthropy which is why we are devoted to giving back.

Santa Barbara Cider Company- Our mission is to locally produce delicious Hard Ciders with simple and real ingredients to deliver a delicious and casual tasting experience.  We source fresh pressed juices (nothing from concentrate) and do not add artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  All of our Hard Ciders are Gluten Free and made on dedicated Gluten Free equipment. 


357 East Taylor St.
San Jose, California 


Rider Ranch Ciderworks- We are a nano cidery, our yearly production of all our alcohol is under 1000 gallons, less than your average craft cidery produces in a single month. The advantages to our smaller production is flexibility and agility. While we may produce a 200-500 gallon base cider, our finished batches are never more than 50-70 gallons. This allows us to rapidly experiment with exciting new blends and ideas, put them out there for you try adjust based on your feedback. Our cider is made only from fresh apples.  

Hemly Cider- Grown in the delta, our ciders are made exclusively from our pears and apples.  From orchard to the bottle we are working to bring you the best cider we can. Our plan is to put all our attention and energy into perfecting one cider, done right.  We started with estate grown, handpicked Bartlett pears.  To add balance, we have blended in less than 40% estate grown Gala apples.  We choose the Gala because of its subtle characteristics that will not overwhelm the pear, which is the real star of our cider!  Crushed at the peak of ripeness, fermented, then aged in oak, gently sweetened with fresh juice and lightly carbonated, we can't wait to share with you our California Gold! 


177 Newport Dr Suite B
San Marcos, California

(760) 801-8771


3875 Tomales-Petaluma Road Tomales, California
(707) 878-9152


450 Highway 1
Davenport, California

(831) 471-8031


Hidden Star Orchards' Farmstead Cider- 
Sour Apple-
Apple Pomegranate- 
Treeo- Blend of Aztec Fuji, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith.
Hard Apple Cider (Gravenstein)-
Pink Lady-

Far West Cider Company- After harvest and pressing on Chinchiolo Family Farms in San Joaquin County, every batch of Far West Cider is fermented, aged, and packaged in our working cidery within the Riggers Loft building in the historic Port of Richmond. Californian ciders from a 4th generation family farm in San Joaquin County. Made with pride in the port of Richmond.


Peach Coast- 100% California Peach cider, another original! This dry, soft, and complex cider is made entirely from peaches. Delicate sweetness and a lingering fruitiness give this cider light body with an unmistakable peach glow. Mission-Trail Plum Jerkum- the first and only California 100% Plum Jerkum. This cider is derived from California's premier red-flesh plum orchards. We use a proprietary blend of 14 different varietals of red-flesh plums to create this truly unique cider. 
Champagne Style Cider- is a heirloom cuvee from 29 apple varietals, fermented twice before undergoing a charmat carbonation process. Mission-Trail is the first cider in California to use this process for natural carbonation. This process gives our cider the ultra-small and seamlessly never ending bubbles. 
100% Perry- Pure pear, no apple in this one. This is unlike any other. Exquisite and fruity, this remains peerless in it's flavor, balance, color, and artisinal quality. Soft and round, with pear bursting through, this drink has been crafted to remind you what a freshly picked pear tastes like. This is your uncommon perry. 
Diehard Apple- Made from Winesap, Spitzenburg, and Newtown Pippin varieties, this traditional apple cider is sure to please any craft-cider aficionado. With a hint of residual sugar, our cider perfectly balances a hint of apple sweetness with the full flavor and tartness of the heirloom apple varieties.Limited Release- four currently available, but we are hard at work on more limited release ciders. Check back soon for more information on these special ciders and how to get a hold of a bottle or two!

Andis Wines- is a modern boutique winery located in historic Amador County in the heart of California's beautiful Sierra Foothills. Our focus: seeking out the best vineyards in the Sierra Foothills to craft delicious wines with balance, character and complexity. All of our fruit is hand sorted and fermented in small lots to promote diversity of style and varietal correctness. Using both traditional and innovative winemaking approaches, Andis Wines have quickly garnered 90+ point scores in Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, glowing reviews in print and online media, and placements in some of the finest restaurants in Northern California and Hawaii. 


Gowan's Macintosh Heirloom- Our highly aromatic Macintosh heirloom apples produce a pretty floral cider similar to an aromatic white wine, with hints of flower gardens, lemongrass, pineapple, and nuances of spice. Sparkling, dry, with a medium body and fresh finish.

Gowan's 1876- ​​Our ‘1876’ wine-style cider celebrates the first harvest here with a select blend of fresh heirloom apples, capturing the complex floral aromatics of late fall orchards: rich earthiness, stone fruit, honey and caramel.

Gowan's Gravenstein Heirloom- Crisp and refreshing, this fruit-forward wine-style cider has aromatics of honeysuckle, jasmine, melon, citrus, bay leaf, and that unmistakable bold Gravenstein apple favor.
Gowan's Sierra Beauty Heirloom- Crafted from the rare and elusive Sierra Beauty apple, which was nearly lost except for the protected trees thriving at Gowan Orchards. This 'still' wine-style cider has hints of baking spices, cherries, toffee, and aniseed, and a complex, smooth calvados-like flavor.

Indigeny Reserve-  set in the breathtaking hills of Sonora – is the perfect destination for intrepid travelers, hard cider and brandy fans, families, groups, and Tuolumne County residents. Founded by the Watson family in 2007, Indigeny Reserve™ is a lush 160-acre preserve. The name “Indigeny ” comes from “indigenous,” meaning occurring naturally in an environment. “Reserve” means to set aside for a future time or place. Our name reflects our mission to celebrate, share, and renew nature’s bounty for generations to come. Our crisp and refreshing hard cider is gluten-free. Indigeny’s apple brandy is organic and sustainably-produced. We use artisan double copper-pot distillation and traditional aging methods – creating an elegant and mellow taste, and a deeply satisfying experience for newcomers and connoisseurs.

Booneville Cider House-  With an orchard first mentality, Boonville Cider House uses its favorite varieties of apples to put the finest cider into every can, bottle, and keg. Made with gumption, and drank with gusto, the Boonville Cider House is less a place and more a state of mind. Right now the radical folks at N2 Wines in Yountville are sharing their facility with us, until we break ground in Boonville on our dream facility. So crack a can and taste Autumn in Boonville, taste us wassailing beneath the stars, and taste the hard work and great times that go into every gallon.

Crooked City Cider- is a local Oakland start-up that is producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders, currently available in 4.75 gallon kegs. Our hand crafted ciders are produced in small batches and contain no artificial flavorings, additives or sugar. If you're looking for a sessionable cider that you can drink like a beer, you've found it!  Our dry ciders are made with fresh unfiltered juice, pressed locally in Northern California. We do not filter or pasteurize, providing true cider flavors and a beautiful pour.  Join us in this adventure as we move into uncharted territory to produce a local craft cider that will not only blow your taste-buds out of the water, but also bring out the "crooked" in all of us.


Boa Vista Crisp Apple- Comprised of Apples Only From the Boa Vista Farm, the Adult Craft Beverages Add to the Apple Offerings Only Available at Boa Vista! Enjoy Gravenstein, Gala, and Gingergold Apples Like Never Before!
Boa Vista Pomegranate Cider-
Boa Vista Cherry Cider-
Boa Vista Raspberry Cider-Boa Vista Blackberry Cider-


Twisted Roots Hard Cider- We are excited to bring you our first Twisted Roots Hard Cider! We partnered with a cider maker in Lodi to help us produce this light, crisp, Euro style, hard cider. Enjoy!

Bonny Doon Vineyards- Founded in 1983 by Randall Grahm, Bonny Doon Vineyard made its mark on the vinous world with its pioneering efforts with Rhône varieties. Grahm was one of California's original Rhône Rangers. Since adopting Biodynamic® farming practices in 2004, Bonny Doon Vineyard wines evince a deeper sense of place, complexity, and varietal expression and a noticeable sense of organization. We aim to make the most soulful wines we can possibly muster—wines of vibrant vitality.


Blackberry Hard Cider- 
Apple Cyser- 


8757 Green Valley Road (Hwy. 116 & Green Valley Road)
Sebastopol, California

(707) 829-9463

357 East Taylor Street
San Jose, California


This Rosé Cider is our third wine cider conferment.  The Grenache is from Tierra Alta Vineyard and Aptos cider blended and cofermented in neutral French oak barrels.  Aged for 6 months before keg conditioning. A beautiful pink hue flows into the glass and people are mesmerized. 
Clementine Carter Semillon Cider- I am fascinated by the transparent nature of cider and it ability to carry its partner fruit while also elevating its status.  This is the second iteration of my wine-cider conferment project. (The first was Grenache Blanc-Cider.) 50% organic Aptos cider was co-fermented with 50% old vine Semillon in neutral French oak barrels.  Produced like wine. Aged 10 months before bottle conditioning.
Clementine Carter Skin Ferment Semillon- Old-Vine Semillon from Santa Ynez was destemmed and fermented on the skins for 30 days in a very cold environment, stirred once daily, then pressed into neutral French oak barrels.  Wine was aged for 10 months before bottle conditioning and bottling by hand. 

Jean Marie Cidery- Making the finest quality hard apple cider on the planet! Founded in 2015 by Connor and Branden, we are passionate about making unique and memorable cider. 


3541 North Canyon Rd
Camino California

(650) 520-4349

The Apple Farm- It was the cold wet winter of 1984 when we first began to tame the wild and neglected property that we call simply “The Apple Farm.” There were apple trees, but it wasn't much of a farm. Over a quarter century, we have come a long way. To our delight we now have three generations working together in ever greater harmony with the land. Our years of working the farm led us from conventional practices, through transition, and on to many years of being certified organic. We want to continue to evolve and have chosen biodynamic farming as a framework in which we can further develop our relationship with our farm. It is an endlessly fascinating endeavor and we are all energized by the new and old ideas that we unearth. 


Saint Archer Dry Hard Cider-


967 Transport Way
Petaluma, California

(415) 717-4416

Meraki Cider- Meraki is doing something with passion, creativity, and a whole lot of love. It’s doing something because it brings you joy—and because you can’t imagine doing anything else. That’s what goes into every bottle, and that’s why we’re so proud to share it with you. From wiping the sticky apple juice from our hands after marathon slicing and dicing sessions to feeling the burn in our thighs after countless “bottling squats,” it’s all hands-on, all day. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Krazy Farm Cider- When we make Cider we aim for a one of a kind craft drink. Using quality ingredients sourced from leading suppliers on the west coast. Drink responsibly.


11 Commerce Court, Ste. 2.
Chico, California

(530) 200-6857


Ace Apple- has an apple nose and a clean dry finish. It tastes like a Sauvignon Blanc. It is made out of 100 per cent apple juice and is all natural, gluten-free and low-calorie like the rest of our cider range.

Ace Joker- is our driest cider, made from 100% apple juice; it has champagne characteristics, yeasty with an alcohol of 6.9%. It won the 2013, San Diego Cider and Beer Festival and took a Gold Ribbon as the “Best Cider” in the competition.

Ace Perry- First released in 1996, this is the first Perry cider made in California. It became very popular very quickly, as it is so refreshing. It is made from apple and pear juices. We use champagne yeast in all our ciders and ferment for 10-14 days.

Ace Berry- This cider is a sweeter cider at 5% alcohol by volume. We ferment the apple juices for 14 days to dryness and then add back fresh blackberry and raspberry juices to produce a light purple cider..

Ace Apple Honey-  With a dry fermented apple base we add Gipson’s Sonoma Wildflower Honey, which is getting more and more expensive. We finish up with a golden colored cider at 5% alcohol by volume with a slight spritz because of the density of the honey. The cider starts the palate with sweetness and then finishes dry.

Ace Pumpkin- We add cinnamon, cloves and allspice to fermented apple juice to produce a 5 per cent cider which tastes like pumpkin pie. It is orange in color with a full rich taste that makes you want more….we carbonate the cider, cold- filter it four times before we bottle and keg it. This cider is released after Labor Day and is ideal for Halloween through Thanksgiving; although some customers think we should make it year round.


Sierra Cider Farmhouse Style- Semi-Still, It’s low in carbonation and is on the dryer side so you can focus on the different types of English bitter-sweets and crabapple varieties. Rough filtered to bring back the early days of cider making. 

Sierra Cider Dry Summer Blend- Semi-Dry, If you like a little more bubbly, this one is for you. A bit more carbonation and low in sweetness brings out the acid making a refreshingly dry apple cider with no lingering sweet aftertaste. 

Sierra Cider Early Harvest- Semi-Sweet, Just a hint of sweetness, but bold in flavor with a surprising note of honey and apple blossom aroma. The sweetness counters the dryness and the carbonation adds to mouth feel. A favorite of many. 

Sur La Mer Brut Cider- An Organic Cider from a dry-farmed site which is home to 60-year old trees that are growing just 3 miles from the coast! 


4311 Attawa Ave Suite 103
Sacramento, California

(916) 456-1614

Raging Cider and Mead- has many roads which have led to its inception. The name itself was born of founders Dave & Kerry Carr’s wild days as punk rock youth in the early 1980’s. They later married and eventually settled down in the farming community of Valley Center where they built their home with their own hands and dabbled with farming their own food, including growing their own fruit trees, as well as learning about and foraging wild foods. Around 2008, Dave started experimenting with making cider and mead, partially due to Kerry’s gluten intolerence, after 20 plus years of home brewing. He fell in love with the idea of wild fermented, locally sourced ciders which has led to the creation of Raging Cider & Mead Co. All of the fruits and honey used are locally grown here in San Diego County, including apples and other fruits from Dave & Kerry’s estate orchard and farm. All their ciders & meads are produced using traditional methods, including wild fermentation of all the ciders and perrys as well as maceration and fermentation on the skins of various fruits for addition to the meads.


The Classic Cider- A blend of west coast apples including Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Gala, Gravenstein, Macintosh, Mutsu, Red Delicious, and Pink Lady. Fermented and aged in a combination of French oak barrels, Acacia barrels and stainless steel. The cider was fermented with a combination of beer and wine yeast; English cider yeast, Edinburgh Ale yeast, Champagne yeast, Belgian Saison yeast, white wine yeast, and native cellar yeast. It was aged for 3 months, and then dry hopped with Nelson Sauv, and Cascade to add to the aromatic complexity.
Templetucky- A blend of apples sourced from Mike Barsotti's orchard in Placerville, CA. Co-fermented by native yeast with Blood Oranges from Cambria, and aged in Old Bourbon Casks for 4 months.  Dry hopped in barrel with Mandarin hops. Unfiltered & bottle conditioned.
Sour Blonde- A blend of apples sourced from Mike Barsotti's orchard in Placerville, CA. Blended with blonde wheat wort brewed next door at Barrelhouse. Co-fermented by native yeast & Soured with Brettanomyces & Lactobacillus yeast in French barriques for 6 months. Dry hopped with Galaxy and Simcoe. Unfiltered & bottle conditioned with Bruxellensis Trois. 
Liliko’i- A blend of apples sourced from Mike Barsotti's orchard in Placerville, CA. Co-fermented by native yeast with locally grown Passionfruit from Stepladder Ranch located in Cambria, CA. Barrel fermented & aged in 100% neutral French oak barriques for 4 months. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauv. Unfiltered & bottle conditioned. 
Cadus- A blend of apples sourced from Mike Barsotti's orchard in Placerville, CA. Barrel fermented by white wine yeast & aged in 100% new French oak barriques for 4 months. Dry hopped with Huell melon. Unfiltered & bottle conditioned. 


Upper Ojai, California

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Sour Perry- This is NOT your average Perry (aka. Pear Cider). Native yeast fermented to dry and full of farmhouse funk, with a pronounced sour character. Crafted from 100% fresh pressed pears, grown here on the west coast. "Sour Perry" will leave your palate confused and thirsty for more. Mosaic Perry- This is a palate pulverizer, a pear cider for the sour loving hop head. We start with a blend of 100% fresh pressed pears, grown here on the west coast. After three months of wild fermentation, we dry hop this unfiltered Perry with a healthy dose of juicy Mosaic hops.Barnyard Bubbly- The quince is the ‘golden apple’ of the ancients, once dedicated to deities and looked upon as the emblem of love and happiness. We bring this rare gem of the fruit world back to life in this barnyard bubbly, at first sip you will describe it as farmhouse style Champagne.

Prickly Perry- Cactus Pear. Prickly Pear. Indian Fig. Call them what you like, just don’t grab them with your bare hands! These indigenous cactus plants grow wild on our farm, covered in sharp spines that threaten anyone who wishes to indulge. With this rare fruit we produce brilliant magenta hued cider that is wildly complex and bursting with sour watermelon character.

I.P.C. ('India Pale Cider')- Are you an I.P.A. fan? Looking for a gluten free alternative to craft beer? Try our India Pale Cider! A blend of american cider apples, and fragrant west coast quince. This cider is the product of a wild fermentation, without the addition of sulfites or other preservative methods. After several months of natural malolactic activity, this dry cider is then twice hopped. The primary hopping (a blend of Amarillo, Cascade, Nelson, and Simcoe hops) adds a rich earthy texture, followed by a secondary hopping of 100% Citra hops. Tart, fragrant, naturally sparkling, and explosive with citrus notes. 

Stone Fence- Quince. Cider. Bourbon. Three of the most sought after treats in pre-prohibition America. With this farmhouse cider we pay homage to the Stone Fence, the original American cocktail. A drink that celebrates the simple and honest purity of a glass of cider, and touches it with a hint of savagery. Approachable, yet unforgiving when underestimated. 

Black Dog- Meet "Black Dog", the worlds first black cider. A 101 Cider House original that we handcraft with locally grown Blood Oranges, and a natural infusion of freshly picked lavender. We concoct a refreshing herbal citrus punch, be`fore blending in activated charcoal derived from tropical coconuts. The result is velvety smooth black magic, loaded with the worlds most potent detoxifying substance. Your body will thank you.Piña Menta- Like a tropical Pacific ocean breeze, this is pure refreshment. This cider is naturally infused with hundreds of pounds of fresh pineapples, cut by hand here in our cider house. We then add a hefty dose of locally sourced mint, hand picked fresh just minutes down the 101. Imagine a pineapple Mojito blended with the salinity of a Gose beer, or a salty Txakolina wine from the Basque country. Pair this with sunshine and a free spirit for ultimate enjoyment.
Island Hopper- This is a boat drink for the cider lover, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Pacific Coast. Dry hopped with fragrant whole cone Citra hops, then blended with fresh guava and passion fruit. Enjoy the tantalizing aroma, savor the tropical fruit sensation. Best served topless, on a boat, under the sun.

Sawhorse Ciders- We are a small start-up cider company here in Napa Valley California. We are a team of 5 (3 winemakers, 1 grape grower, and a brewer). Each of us enjoyed drinking and making cider when we weren't making beer, growing grapes and making wine in our day jobs. We all got together in one of our guys garage to collectively make some cider that we wanted to drink. When we started to share this cider with others, we received really positive feedback. When our first batch was ready to show to the world we entered it into the Napa Home Brewers Classic, We won the People's Choice Award!


Farmhouse Dry Cider- Our flagship barrel-aged, wild fermented cider featuring a mix of American heirloom varieties, but predominantly King David apples.
Newtown Pippin- Single Varietal Cider made from 100% Newtown Pippin apples, one of the most classic of American heirlooms.
Pomegranate Cider- This cider is a marriage of tart, heavenly pomegranates with aromatic, flavorful Winesap and Newtown Pippin heirloom apples. 
Apple-a-day- A fun, easy-drinking common dry cider that incorporates some dessert fruit with heirloom varieties and is not barrel aged so it has less barrel flavor and "farmhouse-y" funk.
Winesap- A "not quite" single varietal dry cider made from about 80% Winesap apples, with the remainder consisting of Newtown Pippin, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Arkansas Black. Wild fermented in neutral French oak red wine barrels.


The Original Blend- is here in brand new packaging. New package, same great taste, this is our very first cider and is also known as South City Cider. We started packaging only in 12-ounce cans but also quickly expanded to kegs. We found cans were a much better package for activities such as camping, hanging out at the beach, the dog park, or really anywhere that glass wasn't a good idea. This semi-sweet, dry finishing cider is known for it's easy drinkability without being overly sweet.
Dry Me A River- This is our interpretation of an American dry cider. It starts crisp with light carbonation and finishes dry but not overly tart. We use fresh-pressed West Coast apples and ferment with a white wine yeast to retain a light apple nose but create a crisp finish. The name itself is meant to raise awareness on the drought and the challenges that face our natural habitat, but we've also heard several people sing it at events with the same melody as Justin Timberlake might. 
All The Good Hopped Names Were Taken- With this dry-hopped hard cider we focused on bringing forward the citrus and tropical notes from a blend of several hops and let the crisp apple ending bring the dryness. This combination brings forward fruity aromatics but maintains the dry cider finish without any added bitterness. After several months of naming puns failing the trademark test we settled on All The Good Hopped Names Were Taken. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, just our cider. 


Wrangletown's "Original" Dry Farmhouse- style cider is a combination of several Northern California Orchards.  It is a dry cider, lightly carbonated with bold apple flavors and bright acidity.  Made from Heirloom and Culinary apples.  This cider was fermented in 74% Stainless steel and 23% used French Oak barrels. 
Wrangletown's Monument Apples Orchard- is a dry cider produced from a very special orchard in Rio Dell, California.  The apples in this orchard are all Heirloom and Cider varieties.
Wrangletown Cider's Fieldbrook Nursery Orchard- is a dry Farmhouse style Cider.  It is sourced from a blend of Heirloom and Culinary apples grown in Fieldbrook, California.
Wrangletown Cider's Feisty Dog Orchard- is a dry Farmhouse style Cider.  It is sourced from a blend of Heirloom and Culinary apples grown in Redcrest, California.  The orchard was planted in the early 1900's and contains many varieties that were developed in Humboldt County.  Varieties in this blend include Wickson, June Sweet, Golden Delicious, Pink Pearl, Mutsu, Red Gravenstein, Braeburn, Granny Smith and McIntosh.  
Wrangletown's "Oak Barrel-Aged" Dry Farmhouse- style cider is a combination of several Northern California Orchards.  It is a dry cider,  aged for 8 months in lightly used French Oak that formerly held Russian River Chardonnay.   The palate is rich with fine tannins and  a  round wine-like mouthfeel.  This cider would appeal to both oak barrel beer fans as well as wine drinkers.  It pairs wonderfully with many foods.  Wrangletown's Oak Barrel-Aged Cider is made from Heirloom and Culinary apples


12 Del Fino Pl
Carmel Valley, California

(831) 594-8282


2017 Vintage Sawhorse Cider- The cider is made by hand. You can see some images and videos of the team and process on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We work directly with local orchard owners to pick the fruit ourselves or receive pre-picked small lots of apples and pears for use in our blending. The fruit is sourced from Napa, Sonoma, and Yolo counties.  We do 100% of the milling, pressing, and fermentation on Howell Mountain at Robert Craig Winery under an alternating proprietorship. The cider is fermented very dry, retains a bright acidity and loads of apple character.


PO Box 564
Booneville, California

(707) 895-3588


601 22nd Street, 
San Francisco, California

Tapped Apple Cider- Fine craft cider, hand made in central California.

6725 Enterprise Rd.
PO Box 396
Glen Ellen, California 



Oakland, California

(510) 463-1842


Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed For Cider- Made from fresh pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest, Hard Pressed Cider company has a refreshing take on cider. Fresh pressed apple juice is fermented with brewing yeast and the resulting cider is slightly sweetened by adding back unfermented apple juice. That’s it. The finished cider is clean, crisp and delightfully enjoyable.
Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed For Cider (Ginger)- Dry with strong ginger root flavor.
Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed For Cider (Spiced)-
Duke's Summer Harvest Peach Wine-



India Pale Ale- The IPC mosaic dry-hopped cider is produced from an old world process with new world ingredients. A dry cider with an apple forward taste with a hint of hop.
Belgium Pineapple- A Belgian Saison cyder made with elderberry, cardamom and pineapple.
Semi-sweet- An off-dry cyder with hints of eucalyptus and hibiscus. Semi-Sweet cyder is typically paired with sausage, cheese and melon.
Wyld- Our Wyld cider is an off-dry funky, earthy sweet and sour cider made with marionberry.

THE CIDERS- 16 cider styles, to include

Honest Abe- ​Not Too Sweet, Not Too Dry. No Fake Flavors, No Preservatives. Just Naturally Refreshing And Delicious.
Honest Abe Limoncello Cider- Local honey and lemons make a semi-sweet and perfectly tart summer cider.
Honest Abe Centennial EmancIPAtion- The cloying citrusy Centennial hop adds grapefruit, orange, lemon notes to a dry cider base of sweet, tart and heirloom apples. Pleasant hoppy aroma and clean, crisp finish.
Honest Abe "Resolution" Pomegranate-
Honest Abe Barrel-Aged Cherry "Independence"-
Honest Abe Civil War- barrel-aged cider.


3230 Riverside Ave #190

Paso Robles, California


(805) 748-8936


Folsom, California

(916) 337-1396

Anna’s Cider- O'Reilly Family Cider. Local, Ventura County Hard Cider. Our Cider is handmade in Upper Ojai, California, continuing their family tradition in craft alcohol production. We are producing clean and crisp cider, made from organic apples on the central coast.

Boa Vista Orchards- With Nearly a Half Century of Cider Making Experience, it is No Surprise that the Fresh Pressed Apple Cider is a Family Favorite! Apple Beer and Hard Apple Cider is Now Available at Boa Vista Orchards in Beautiful Apple Hill California! Comprised of Apples Only From the Boa Vista Farm, the Adult Craft Beverages Add to the Apple Offerings Only Available at Boa Vista! Enjoy Gravenstein, Gala, and Gingergold Apples Like Never Before!

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

You’ve Guava be Kidding Me- Dry cider infused with Brazilian guava. Flavor description is "tropical, aromatic, guava-y"
Pink Cascade Cider- Dry hopped, bone-dry Pink Lady Cider
Orchard Blend #1- Bottle Conditioned extra fermentation in bottle.
Santa Rosa Sour Plum Cider-
Crimson Gold Crab- 
San Joaquin Sparkler- Mostly Pink Lady apples. Deep , woody, spicy and refreshingly dry. Serious but not too serious.


WILDCIDE- ​Is A Dry Cider With A Light, Golden Color; A Tribute To The Aurum Brand Name, Which Is The Latin Word For “Gold.” WILDCIDE’s Bright Apple Aroma Is Produced By The Fresh Pressed Juice Of Four Kinds Of Apples.
The Wildemule- If you LOVE Moscow Mules, you will LOVE WILDMULE. It’s CRAFTED from our ALL-NATURAL hard cider, pure cane sugar syrup and the FRESH juice of limes and Peruvian Ginger. POP the TOP and ENJOY a perfect Mule; no mess, no shopping list, and no food pairing necessary! This sweet and spicy libation stands alone.


Pitsnogled Cider-
Cell Block Cider-

Tin City Cider- is a collaboration between winemakers Curt Schalchlin, Mikey Giugni, and Andrew Jones. Curt, owner and vintner of the heralded winery, Sans Liege, is known for his critically acclaimed, yet affordable wines. Mikey’s fascination in wine and the ocean resulted in his winery and cidery, Scar of the Sea, which emphasizes where the grapes and apples are grown. Andrew, winemaker of Field Recordings spends his days planning and planting vineyards and has stood foot in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast. Together, they produce Tin City Cider, a carefully crafted cider made with the best California apples. 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in California.


2575 Star Drive
Redding, California

Gopher Glen Cider Company- We doubt that you have ever tasted an apple cider like Gopher Glen's cider. It is made only with our own fresh picked apples, that are by themselves loaded with flavor and aroma. The apples are pressed the old-fashioned way with racks and cheese cloths. We have added a new option. You may now purchase ultra-violet treated cider which will increase shelf life and prolong the natural aromas and flavor of our famous raw cider like we have been making for the past quarter century.


5648 Pirrone Rd.
Salida, California

(888) 327-4120

Acre and Spade Cider- A small craft cider house nestled in an old Sonoma county dairy farm built in the 1800s.  We make all our ciders onsite for you to enjoy.  Stop by for a visit.


850 River Road,
Fulton, California

(707) 490-6696


Original Dry- Pressed daily from select apple varieties at our family owned solar powered cider mill in famous apple hill. Surrounded by rolling orchards and towering pines in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada in northern California, we gently ferment, age, and bottle each batch at our mountain cider house.
Original Dry Hopped- 

California  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in California.


Our Farmhouse Cider-  contains no additives of any kind. We rely on the natural yeasts for fermentation and the natural sugars for a little spritz in the bottle. We aim for dry and sparkling and we love it with our meals and as an ingredient in soups and stews. Not every batch is the same. The ones we don't like go into the vinegar barrel. 

477 25th Street 

Oakland, California



14679 Summers Ln, 
Sonora, California 
(209) 533-9463


211 N Las Brisas St
Anaheim, California 

(714) 630-9463

THE CIDERS- 15 cider styles, to include:

Original Hard Apple Cider- Made from a blend of 100% fresh pressed apple juice from Barsotti Ranch in Apple Hill. A proprietary blend of apples with a balance of tartness and sweetness to create a gold medal winning Hard Cider.

Blackberry- This berry cider has tart and fleshing taste to every sip. This cider pairs well with fresh salads. Very fretting to the pallet.

Blood Orange Cider- Deep in color with a bright citrus nose and just enough sweetness to balance the natural acidity.

Huckleberry Cider- A rare and wonderful fruit. The sweet aroma of berries and a delicious floral mouthful. You will enjoy it till the very last drop.

Raspberry Cider- A popular cider that warms the tummies of our most discreet fans. A distinct palette of raspberries yet not overwhelming.

Pear Cider- This fruit cider is close to a true Perry as you can get without traveling to England. Lovely pear aroma with hints of vanilla and a soft aftertaste.


4200 Highway 78
Julian, California

(858) 586-0392


Original Apple- Concert in the Park- Cranberry apple cider.
Blue Pom- Apple cider with blueberry and pomegranate.
Stonefruit-Scorched Apple- Cinnamon apple cider.


1620 S Whitehall Ln
St Helena, California

(707) 266-4898 


Original Dry Hard Apple Cider- Tart and refreshingly crisp, bright and appley with a subtle hint of lemon rind. This cider is bottle conditioned and un-filtered.
Chardonnay Barrel Seasoned Hard Apple Cider- Hard Apple Cider Aged 12-Months in Chardonnay Seasoned Oak Barrels


English Style- English pub style
The Savoy- San Diego Jam- Crisp Blackberry. Savory, balanced jammy sweetness
Hoxton- Black Currant. Dry, hints of berries, tart and crisp
Albright- Washtingon Basc Pear. Balanced, tannic, dry, fruity
Dry Cider- 


17550 Harrison Park Rd.
Julian, California

Twisted Horn Mead and Cider- Old World mead and cider meet the 21st century with a twist! Come experience a unique tasting room set in a Norwegian forest complete with an Old World mead hall built right into the space! We capture an astonishing fusion of Old World style and New World creativity to bring you the finest mead and cider this side of Valhalla.  Welcome to Twisted Horn!

THE CIDERS- 15 cider styles, to include:

Late Summer’s Transcendence- Wild fermented late harvest blend apples w/ Transcendent Crab (off-dry/tart).
Across the Pond- Wild fermented medium English tannic and tart.
Barrel-Aged Jonathan- Wild fermented and aged 8 months in red wine barrels.
Volcan Mt. Perry- Blend of cultivated & wild, seedling pears. Tart, off- dry / medium - 2017.
Dry Hopped Granny- Granny Smith with Cascade hops.
Appasionado- Passionfruit Melomel.

"Blind wood" Cider-  refers to portions of branches where no buds open; there are no leaves, shoots, or spurs. It's common to many varieties and in old, long-abandoned fruit trees. For farmers and cultivators, this is an undesirable quality; it requires patience to cut back that branch and turn it into a productive one. For us here at Blindwood; cider is about renewing life. Often times the unproductive parts of life must be pruned to ensure that the healthy parts can flourish. To the eye of the patient horticulturalist, it means nothing but potential in the years to come.

California the golden state with its beaches, movie stars, Disneyland and extensive agricultural areas throughout the state and especially in the San Joaquin Valley also has over 100 apple orchards and numbers of other fruit and nut orchards and growing areas. Though it has been called "The food basket of the World", the San Joaquin Valley has not been nationally recognized for the diversity of its produce. Oranges, peaches, garlic, tangerines, tomatoes, kiwis, hay, alfalfa and numerous other crops have been harvested with great success. With this agricultural abundance available, California also now has 99 large and small cider producers that create quality ciders from apples, pears and a number of other delicious fruits mostly grown in the state.


Loony-bin Reserve- organic hibiscus, organic vanilla with honey.
51/50- cranberry juice, organic hibiscus flowers with honey.
Psycho Psyder- cardamom, ginger with honey.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Ignatius- A cider made from Gravenstein apples and Pequin Chile Peppers.
Early Gold- Made from Early Gold apples picked from Volcan Mountain orchard in the quaint mountain town of Julian, California.
Sebastopol Gravenstein- Our family farm in Sebastopol, California is home to the Gravensteins in this single-varietal cider. Back sweetened with 100% Gravenstein juice.
Waltzing Matilda- Our flagship cider (Totem) serves as the base of this favorite. Hand-pressed ginger and lemons (from our very own backyard) are a playful, refreshing addition. 
Oasis- Prickly pear and hibiscus flower bring a unique character and color to this cider. Gravenstein apples from our family farm make up the base.
Forager- Gravenstein apples serve as a base of this cider, however, hand-picked Persimmons from Auburn, California are the star. A hint of Coriander completes the flavor profile of this sweet dessert cider. 

North Canyon Cider Company- Every batch begins with our very own freshly pressed apple cider. We gently ferment, age and bottle each batch at our mountain cider house. We invite you to explore your favorite dry, sweet and seasonal varieties. Come for a taste, stay for a visit!


4191 Carpinteria Ave
Carpinteria, California

(805) 684-6216


Kumquat May- Come what may, we will always love a musical. A tart, dry, fruity-citrusy cider, these apples were co-fermented with organic kumquats.
The Gala Agenda- it’s not dangerous, it’s delicious. A dry, refreshing cider with notes of stone fruit, citrus, and light spice. 
Bearded Queen- Some things shouldn’t be good, but they are.  Like hopped cider. Fermented to dryness, then judiciously hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin to bring out the hop aromatics without the aggressiveness. 

Bivouac Ciderworks- After many years of home brewing, passionate obsession, experimentation, knowledge seeking and far flung adventure and culinary travel... we had the crazy dream of opening a cidery in our community.  Our goal is to build an exploratory home for our creative and adventuresome "family" in the largest sense of the word. A place where we could experiment, innovate, and be inspired. Where our friends could come pull up a stool and share in the excitement of our latest concoction over a good meal. A refuge to ply our artful trade and compete against the best in the world. And a haven, from the daily grind, where a good friend and an entertaining conversation was always a glass away...


12601 N. Clements Road        
Clements, CA

(209) 483-8990 


379 Felton Empire Road
Felton, California
(831) 335-4441 




2064 Gravenstein Highway North, Building 4
Sebastopol, California

(707) 829-1101 


Paso Robles, California

(805) 234-8636

Anyday Rose Cider- Our company is based in New York, but our rosé is crafted in the heart of the Central Coast Wine Region in Paso Robles, CA. Anyday is 85 percent crisp cider and 15 percent rosé wine with hops, creating the perfect blend of cider and rosé. Oh, and our rosé has an alcohol content of 6.9 percent (we know, nice).

Two Rivers- Our Hard Apple Cider is a favorite among those who have tried it. By using only the freshest apples, milled locally in Apple Hill, California and no additional sugars or concentrates, we’ve produced a one-of-a-kind cider that is perfect for all occasions. Our flagship cider is medium dry, slightly tart and effervescent with a lovely apple aroma. Two Rivers Cider is also preservative-free! Once you’ve tried our Cider, we are confident you’ll make it your favorite like so many folks already have!

by appointment

THE CIDERS- 17 cider styles, to include:

2014 Lost Orchard Dry Cider- Made largely from rare Old World tannic cider apples gleaned from a feral orchard in west Sonoma County. Tastes like a walk in wild meadow. Naturally sparkling. 

Graviva! Semidry Cider- Pronounced “Gra-VEE-va” as in “Viva la Grav(enstein)!” "50% Gravensteins, 50% heirloom and tannic apples. Our most versatile and crowd-pleasing cider, an interplay of fruit and funk, with a hint of sweetness.  

2015 Inclinado Sidra- Inclinado is Spanish for "tilted." Our interpretation of Basque and Asturian sidra. Wild yeast + Sonoma County organic Gravensteins = funk and finesse. Pour in the traditional escanciar.
2015 Smoked- ​An unorthodox blend that marries the natural complements of apples and wood smoking. Dry, tannic, with a mellow smoky finish. Like drinking a brut champagne near a bonfire. 

2014 Barred Rock-  A New England-style cider, fermented to dryness, then aged in rye whiskey barrels. Mouth-filling notes of creme brûlée and caramel apple. Dessert in a glass! 

2015/16 Topwork- This cuvée is a beautiful marriage of two harvests, the spritely acid from 2016 crabapples balancing the earthy funk of 2015 heirlooms and bittersweets. Properly dry, bright, and elegant.


995 9th St

San Francisco, California


(707) 395-7711


Tipsy Buddha- This is a dry Japanese style cider. Crafted for yogis and zen masters. A mindful blend of the most prized ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Fresh yuzu packs a serious citrus punch for the cider ninja.
Baja Sunburn- This is a Baja style cider, crafted junkies and sun chasers alike. Fresh tropical mango for the umbrella drink enthusiast. Spicy habanero pepper to warm the foodie soul. 100% organic blue agave to sooth the burn.
Scrumpy- A naked apple has no shame, we let it all hang out. Scrumpy is not a new dance move. It’s not a nickname for your neighbor’s dog. It’s not how you feel at the end of the week with no exercise. Scrumpy is the original cider style. Rustic, unfiltered, dry. Enjoy the farm fresh character, and the traces of sediment at the bottom of each can. Rich with antioxidants not found in common clarified ciders.  
Blue Palm- Hop on the cider whale and cruise your way to flavor island. This is ajuicy hop monster, refreshingly dry with a burst of tropical fruit and fragrant west coast hops. Dry hopped with mosaic hops, then blended with fresh blueberries and pineapples. 

At Redwood Coast Cider, we're working to combine sustainable production and unique styles of cider for the SF Bay Area. In addition to more widely accepted sparkling ciders we plan to produce traditional Basque-style ciders. This means it's "still" with a strong aroma of apple and balanced flavor notes of sour and sweet. This method of brewing is hard to find in the Bay Area and we want to bring this unique style of cider home for others to enjoy. But we aren't stopping there, we also have plans for other fruits and herbal flavored varieties as well. 


1236 Montgomery Ave.
San Bruno, California

(650) 238-5422 

Lassen Traditional Cider- Bringing apples back to the North State! All the apples we use come from within 160 miles of Chico, from the Cascade and Sierra Nevada foothill regions along with the coast mountains. We strive to seek out the best apples for cider. Just as you wouldn't want to use table grapes to make wine, you don't want to use dessert apples to make cider. Since European "true" cider varieties are extremely hard to come by, our focus is on the American Heirloom varieties that have a rich history and have traditionally been used for cider, but are considered multi-purpose in that they can usually also be eaten fresh or used for cooking. 


Anyday Rose Cider- Our delicious Rosé cider is a masterfully blended recipe of West Coast apples, rosé wine and cascade and citra hops.


9287 Torrs Way
Forestville, California


Santa Cruz Mountains, California 

Leaky Barrel Cider- Conceived by 3 brothers in Sonoma County, Leaky Barrel Cider Company uses the medium of cider to express the terroir of Northern California, with a strong passion for tradition but a healthy openness to the modern. We love native fermentations in barrel, from fresh-pressed local cider apples, but we will never attach ourselves to a dogma that restricts our ability to bring you an amazing beverage.

Humboldt Cider Company-  Humboldt Counties only cider producer. We pride ourselves on creating delicious refreshing craft cider.  We press the majority of our apples on site, capturing the essence of the variety as well as experimenting  with new blends and interesting flavors. Our goal is  to provide something for every palate. From dry to sweet, fruited, to hopped and everything inbetween. Our product is unique-  we want to have fun with our craft, blending traditional cider making techniques with new creativity. We hope you are able to try some, if not all, of our concoctions.


2933 San Marcos Ave Ste 107
Los Olivos, California

(805) 691-1200


Heirloom Cider- many old English heirloom varieties from the neighbor, long-time apple farmer Dave Hale.
Farmhouse Cider- A blend of unique, Sonoma County apple varieties. All were fermented separately, then bottle conditioned for a traditional, dry cider.
2016 HOPS & HONEY CIDER- We fermented 10 varieties of local, apples, dry-hopped with whole hops, then added honey and yeast at bottling. The cider then fermented in bottle, which resulted in a completely dry, sparkling cider. It has lovely, hop aromatics, refreshing citrus and apple body, a festive bubble and dry finish.


Martinelli’s 1868 Hard Cider- is made from fresh-pressed U.S. grown apples that are fermented with no additives. 


2013 ¿Querry?- We milled the quince and suspended the fruit in muslin bags, as if it were a tisane of quince. This cider was fermented at an extremely cold temperature. Crisp in acidity and just off-dry with an unmistakable quinciness, Querry is the perfect accompaniment to, well, essentially everything. It is composed of virtually everything, but most significantly: 62% pear, 36% apple, 2% quince, malic acid, and sulfur dioxide.


Pre-Prohibition Newtown Pippin- Our Newtown Pippin is an exceptionally clean and well balanced single varietal cider aged for over 12 months.  We work closely with the Mann family, who have been orchardists in the Pajaro Valley region of California from the Pre-Prohibition era to today, to fully ripen fruit for increase sugars and reduce acids.  
Smoked and Oaked Newtown Pippin-Our Newtown Pippin starts it's year as an apple picked then gently smoked with apple wood, fermented, and aged on french oak. By the following year, the taste is smooth and well rounded. The smoke and oak balance each other as well as add complexity to the tannins found in the Newtown Pippin. This is a big cider with notes of sweet tobacco and vanilla.

Hard Apple Cider- Ultra Light, Crisp As Apples And Super Delicious On A Warm Afternoon.

THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles, to include

Biker's Chardonnay- A wine drinkers’ favorite. Crisp nose with a buttery finish of green grapes.

Finnegan's Triumph- Our “apple-iest” cider. Red apple notes with balanced flavors of malt and vanilla esters.

Coastal Cruiser- Strong flavors of citrus with slightly tangy nose. Finishing notes of white pepper.
Kosmic Lighthouse Ride- A complex body of sour apples finishing with hints of fruit flowers.
Devil's Slide- Purees of cranberry for tartness and cherry for a bit of sweetening give this cider a "Cranberry sauce in a glass" flavor perfect for your holiday table.
Ingraham’s Perry- Named after famed sled biker Thomas Ingraham this cider has a puree of bosch pears and blackberries making it a lovely seasonal treat.

The Hyslop Crab (and Transcendent Crab) – A Tannin Foundation for an Assortment of American Dessert Apple Ciders 

The Golden Russet – A Single Variety American Cider 

Wild Apples & Pears – Blended and as a Single Varietal / Wild Yeast Fermented (and organic) Cider and Perry 

The Bartlett Pear – A Single Variety Semi-dry American Perry 

Santa Cruz Cider Company-  Our family has a great passion for using the local harvest, hand made products and anything with alcohol in it. So, hard apple cider seemed to be a perfect fit. We got our start with a pick up truck full of “found” apples and a borrowed press. We have now moved on to our own equipment and an unlimited supply of apples, thanks to Dave and Gretta for the apples and all of the 2013 harvest crew. We couldn't have done it without you!

Turquoise Barn Cider- A family-run cidery in Ramona, California making the finest hand-crafted hard cider. Come by and see us! Just look for the turquoise barn. Family patriarch Pete acquired a neglected chicken ranch with the intent to quickly fix up the property and sell. In retrospect, that probably would have been the easy thing to do. But his family would not let this wonderful place go that easily - they loved the atmosphere, the land, and a large oddly-painted barn on the property. There was an old coat of primer on portions of the largest barn that was a lovely shade of turquoise. After some thought and prayer, some paperwork, and a meeting on a Tuesday evening around the kitchen table, Turquoise Barn Cider was born.  

Hidden Star Orchards- Our family farm is located in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just below the town of Jackson. Once home to a dairy, this beautiful setting completed its transition to an apple orchard in 1985. After a rigorous three year process, our CCOF certification was granted in May of 2005. Today 80 acres are cultivated in a variety of fruits which include apples, cherries, blueberries, pomegranates and grapes. Everything is grown specifically for farmers' markets in the Bay Area. Following a craft that dates back to the turn of the century, our cider is naturally fermented, bottle conditioned and water bathed. This produces an authentic effervescence with true apple flavor. We press our organic apples and bottle on site, claiming a personal touch in each step of the process. Tip a bottle and enjoy the subtly changing profile of each small batch!

Saint Archer Brewing Company- World-class brewers. Artists and musicians. Surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarder all coming together for their collective true love: great craft beer and cider. Owned by Miller-Coors since 2015.

THE CIDERS- 30 cider styles, to include

Macintosh- 6.9% Alc., Showcasing the wonderful aromas of a Macintosh apple this cider is semi dry, having a nice clean finish. 

Jonathan- 6.9% Alc., Crisp, clean and delicious our single varietal Jonathan is semi dry with earthy notes and a little more bite. 

Sierra Beauty- 6.9% Alc., This amazing apple makes you feel like you're in paradise. Mild sweetness accompanied by tropical notes such as Mango and passion fruit. 

Expecting Confidence- 9.8% Alc., Delicious and robust- this dry english style cider has similar notes to a rich white wine accompanied by earthy tones and hints of Sherry. Fermented from our highest sugar content Jonathan Apples. 

Humboldt Blend- 6.9% Alc., Made with all Humboldt apples, featuring Mitchell Grove, this blend is semi dry with an array of apple flavors. Using, Macintosh, Kings, Red and Green Gravensteins, Fuji, and more! ​

Wild Beauty- 6.9% Alc., Crisp and refreshing with amazing tropical notes. A blend of wild fermented Jonathan and Sierra Beauty, these two were made for each other. 


Gravenstein Apple and Honey- The Gravenstein apple has a tart body that gives this cider a dry and crisp finish that is not overpowered by sweetness.  It is best served cold– either alone on the rocks or with your favorite spirit.

Troy Cider- Today, American apple growers are facing nearly as tough a time as Prohibition, and new cider apple plantings are minuscule. The Troy Cider label is our exhaustive effort to sustain the quintessential beauty of apples in America. Cider apples are not grown in industrial orchards. They are the gnarled, twisted, wonderful trees in tall grass, overgrown by mistletoe. They are green, yellow, brown, red, black, pink, orange; shriveled, knotted skin; tannic, sour, tremendously fragrant and sweet. Some have been on the ground for weeks, desiccating into fantastic concentration, others are picked right off the tree for a crisp brightness. Our ciders are a blend of the essence of California, nurtured from the roots of lonely wild trees found in abandoned orchards and swampy hillsides. We hope our ciders will preserve the magic in these trees for a long, long time. 

Reef Points-  We make cider, the hard kind. It embodies a craft born from the relentless wind and wave. From our galley to your belly, may you drink and return to the sea. Reef Points is a small producer of hard apple cider located on the central coast of California. The ciders reflect the glimmer of creativity found in our passions and adventures. 

Shasta Cider Company- The goal at Shasta Cider Company is to produce a uniquely flavored beverage.  The flavor profile is completely dry, meaning all of the sugar is converted to alcohol, thus there is no residual sugar.  No back sweetening is used either.  The flavor profile leans towards the acidic on the ph scale leaving a crisp feel in the mouth.   Carbonation is added to round out the profile and give a bit of lift without overdoing it.  The presentation is clean and clear, yet no filtration is used.  The apple comes through bold and true.  The secret is simple; a proper yeast for fermentation, and time to age, develop, and mature. This is a hand crafted, small scale, limited production product.  It's intent is not for the masses.  Rather, 'tis for the discerning, and adventurous sort, those desiring to reach beyond the pale.

Specific Gravity Cider-  As soon as you sip our ciders, you will know—we use the most exquisite Gravenstein apples in the world. We start with Nana Mae’s certified organic apples, dry farmed on small family orchards and hand selected at the peak of ripeness. We add nothing but natural yeast and a spec of sulfite. Then time and nature take their course, working the magic that brings you Sonoma County craft cider.


House Cider Coming Soon!

Gowan's Heirloom Ciders- For 140 years, we’ve hand-picked the best apples. Now these 83 heirlooms sparkle in our family-farmed craft ciders, all from our heritage orchards sustainably grown in the premium terroir of Anderson Valley along California’s Mendocino Coast. Gowan’s estate grown ciders are made with a wine-style approach from the heirloom varietals we grow in our own backyard. Fewer than ten estate grown cideries now exist in California, and our orchards are among the oldest! Our distinctively flavorful fruit-forward ciders are 100% California grown. Using the wisdom handed down through six generations of Gowans, we craft our ciders from hand-picked heirloom apples. Some of our trees are over 140 years old and the crisp apple taste is as timeless as ever, from the locally popular Gravenstein to the nearly lost Sierra Beauty and much, much more.


Wooden Tooth Special- This is our flagship apple cider that is available year round. The juice is fresh pressed in Apple Hill, Ca. We ferment and package it at our west side Santa Cruz production facility.

OVS- is from one of our orchards on Casserly Rd in Watsonville. It is named after our friend Dave Ott who owns the orchard. This orchard of mostly Newtown Pipin, Gravenstein and Bellflowers is where Santa Cruz Cider co got its start. It is a small two acre orchard that we hold close to our roots and hearts.

LDV- is another orchard that we care for dearly coming in at about 12 acres of apples in the Pleasant Valley of Corralitos. This blend of apples is mostly Gravenstein, Newtown Pippins, Golden Delicious an a bit of Bellflower. 
Hopped Apple Cider- As most things that happen at sc cider co this was an experimental cider that left all of us with our heads spinning. We started making this dry hopped apple cider for an event and it sold out so quickly we knew it had to become a part of our regular selection. This is our Wooden tooth apple cider that is dry hopped with cascade hops

Wildcide and Aurum Cider Co.- Dan Gordon founded Aurum Cider Co in 2015 with the goal of presenting a cider product that reflected the commitment to purity that’s been at the heart of everything he’s done since co-founding Gordon Biersch in 1988. WILDCIDE, the company’s first offering is a dry cider made from 100% apples and nothing more. 

101 Cider House- We are Angeleno's, cider evangelists, lovers of craft beverages. In the fall of 2013. we found ourselves in the midst of a cider renaissance that was exploding across the US and beyond. Here we are in California, one of the greatest beverage cultures that exists anywhere in the world. First it was wine, then craft beer, and now California cider is becoming a hot commodity. For what is typically known to be a distinctly regional beverage, it makes sense that cider houses are popping up in many great US cities. Think Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York. We wondered why Los Angeles, which is central to Southern California's apple growing communities, did not have a local cider brand to call it's own. And so, with a passion and a purpose in mind, we bring you 101 Cider House. 


Semi-Dry- A crisp, semi-dry cider crafted from West Coast apples, English Ale yeast and a blend of local barrel-aged Gravenstein goodness.
Semi-Sweet- Also crisp but slightly sweet cider crafted from West Coast apples and fermented with a white wine yeast.  
Botanical Citra- A crisp semi-dry cider lightly dry hopped with tropical Citra.  


Coming Soon!

Poochie’s Hooch- Introducing a new healthy and natural hard cider, Poochie's Hooch. So many cider and dog lovers wanting to volunteer their expertise and skills because they believe in my cause..... to raise money for dog rescue groups under Poochie's name, and soon, her cider! Remember- "Drink more Hooch, and save a Pooch!"

Red Branch Cider- We believe that producing a quality hard cider of any variety is 90% art and 10% science. Toss in a bit of sweat and heartburn for good measure and you’ll have a typical small cidery. Crafting cider is a lot like crafting many other beverages, and our love of quality ingredients drives us to produce more than just an average cider, but what we believe, is the finest cider possible. Our passion is to create something special from one of the most natural substances on earth, and share it with everyone. Quality and consistency are the most important aspects of our products, if they aren’t good enough for us to drink or offer to our own friends and family, then we won’t sell it to you! Red Branch Cider Company offers both traditional and seasonal ciders with an innovative honey twist. 


1272 Gravenstein Hwy N
Sebastopol, California

(707) 827-3486

Twisted Roots Hard Cider- Centered in the heart of the Lodi appellation, Twisted Roots Vineyard is the work of three generations of family members dedicated to the practice of growing great wine grapes following sustainable growing practices. While our family's vineyard was established in 1918, it wasn't until recently that we began producing our own wines. ​The Twisted Roots Vineyard label started with a Petite Sirah in 2005 produced by Ross, as a result of an over abundance of Petite Sirah on the vineyard.  In 2009 production was expanded to include other varietals grown on the estate, while the wine making was moved from the old farmhouse, to our partners at Estate Crush. Even though our famous Petite Sirah we will always continue to be our flagship variety, we also offer Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Old Vine Zinfandel.


Apple Blossom- Crafted with the finest Pacific Northwest Apples and finished with Natural juices to bring you a truly premium hard cider. 

Blood Orange- Elegantly dry hard cider with a refreshing citrus finish of blood orange. Nicely balanced, sophisticated hard cider. 

Cranberry- Delightfully refreshing Cranberry Hard Cider with hints of oak, less sweet than most ciders. 

Pear- This bubbly Pear Cider has layers of Cider taste. The Pear shines through, and the aroma is breathtaking. Made with Pacific Northwest Apples, and finished with Pear Juice. 


5569 Meadow Ln
Mariposa, California

(209) 966-4910 


820 Swift St. unit #C
Santa Cruz, California

(831) 325-5065 


Hard Apple Maple Cider- Our Apple Maple Cider (we usually just call it Maple since "Apple Maple" is really hard to say) is a clean, crisp cider with a wonderful, subtle maple finish. Made with all-natural, organic maple syrup, and fantastic throughout the fall, or anytime really. 

Hard Apple Cider- Our classic hard apple cider. Crisp, all-natural apples sweetened to perfection with hints of honey and brown sugar. 7.4% ABV 

Hard Apple Pomegranate Cider- Our specialty, a unique cider that we would love you to try. The delicious blend of tart pomegranate with sweet apple flavors make for a perfect drink any time. Enjoy! 8.9% ABV 


Aptos, California


(831) 818-8626


Dart Canyon
Crestline, California

(909) 338-1725

The Everett Family Farm- specializes in growing and selling high-quality organic produce, free-range pastured eggs, flowers, apples, and persimmons. Our roots run deep with apples, we have a passion for growing and preserving heirloom varieties. We currently grow over 13 different varieties of apples. our trees are  over 70 years old, although we have planted most over the past 10 years. We use 100% organically grown apples from our orchards at Everett Family Farm, hand-picked to perfection, pressed in our cider mill and made into the hard cider we have named, “Soquel Cider”. Laura Everett and David Hartzell have combined their talents and energy to make this hard cider, which is blended using several different types of heirloom apples from the orchard. We are focusing Soquel Cider to be a dry, refreshing cider with notes of the original apple flavors we are using.

Apiary Ciderworks and Meadery- Single Variety and botanically infused Meads and Ciders. Featuring organic honey, apples and herbs from the Santa Barbara area. Tasting room in Carpinteria. 9 rotating taps featuring house-made Cider and Mead. We highlight dry and semi-sweet styles, and experiment with hopped, botanically-infused and single varieties. Made in tiny batches using honey, apples & herbs from Santa Barbara's farms, gardens and hillsides.


One Frog Hard Cider- We took a leap for all you Hoppy Heads out there. This Hopped Hard Cider is designed specifically for you.
Big Moon Hard Cider- The winsome bite of our antique apples speaks for itself - super dry, lightly carbonated and aromatic.
Razzleberry Hard Apple Cider- A luscious overtone of raspberry embraces easily with our already scrumptious antique apple recipe.


6350 Hwy 128
Philo, California

(707) 205-1545

Sierra Cider- was molded out of the love and desire to live in the Sierra Foothills, to grow apple trees, and spend free time enjoying the many wonders of the Yosemite area. The owners, Dave and Beth Lancaster, share this as they develop their cider business. The sale of Beth’s home along with their combined savings gave them the opportunity to buy the Mariposa property. The land that Dave had spent years working on and the lure of the most beautiful outdoor recreation area became a reality for them. Dave and Beth spent several years trying to maintain the old orchard with all its rugged beauty. Unfortunately the trees had moved beyond their prime and had become a source for pests and disease. It was a losing battle. Then one beautiful day after biking around a lake, they stopped at their favorite pub and decided to try a local cider. This was not your sweet “wine-cooler” type; this one had complexity and character. The cider idea was born. Today when you drive onto the property and along the orchard gravel road, you will be passing by beehives and 20 different varieties of apple trees and possibly someone picking one of the early varieties. The orchard includes cider type apples including traditional English bittersweets, early American russets and lots of crabapples. 


7559 Mission Gorge Rd
San Diego, California

Julian Hard Cider- Since the first American settlers arrived to our country over 300 years ago until prohibition in the 1920′s, hard cider was the original drinking man’s beverage on the farm, in the factories and through our coastal shipyards. Located in the frontier gold mining town of Julian, California, our growing company continues the American tradition of handcrafted, quality hard cider production using the finest ingredients, painstaking attention to detail and good old fashioned hard work. The recipe originates from 1670 colonial America and is comparable to the finest British ciders. Unlike many “impostor” hard ciders on the market, it is easy to have more than one pint of Julian Hard Cider as we do not use concentrated apple Juice or additives which leave the drinker with a lingering sugary film and after-taste. One taste of our premium hard cider and you will experience why Julian Hard Cider is “American to the Core”.


Courtland, California 

Plus select sites in NYC/LA


7761 Bell Road
Windsor, California

(707) 657-7796

Snow-Line Orchard and Winery-  sits at 5,000 feet in the mountains above Yucaipa where we grow 36 varieties of apples and have 3 flavors of apple cider. Established in 1898, it has long been a major apple producer in Oak Glen. Mert and Shirley Hudson, owners of Snow Line, have been operating the farm over 36 years. “I’ve always wanted to do this and we finally did it,” said Mert. “It’s all made here. And it’s a family business.” The owner’s two sons and their wives, Scott and Linda Hudson and Michael and Sonja Hudson all have a role at Snow Line. 


Applegarden Farm Hard Cider- Our “style” of artisan cider is a still, dry, farmhouse variety with apple “notes” which is very different from the commercial brands which tend to be sweet and “fizzy.” 


1350 9th St
Arcata, California

(707) 508-5175 


T.W. Pitcher's Snake Bite- Bartenders Began Mixing Draught Beer And Hard Cider In The United Kingdom, Where It Quickly Became A Favorite Among Generations Of Pub-Goers. T.W. Pitchers' Snake Bite™ Is A New American Take On This Classic British Beverage, Bottled For The First Time. The Genius Of T.W. Pitchers' Snake Bite Is In The Recipe. The Perfect Balance Of Light Lager And Apple Cider Allows The Drinker To Simultaneously Taste The Characteristics And Complexities Of Both Ingredients.

Brown Knows Cider at Reyes Winery- My first name is Brown and I know how to make a great cider! I make unique and creative craft ciders locally with 100% American apples.


Kid Neptune- Fermented in a blend of stainless steel and oak barrels. It is a mix of Pippin, Braeburn and Granny Smith apple varieties hailing from Watsonville, CA. Smooth and bright, essence of lemon zest and green apple. 

Soundings- A barrel fermented field blend of Anna, Red Astrachan, Gala and Braeburn apple varieties grown in Paso Robles, CA. Traditional style, subtle hints of earth and mild pear notes. 

Two Broads Ciderworks- We are a start-up craft cidery in San Luis Obispo, making delicous real cider from local and heirloom apples. Maggie, a biologist and gardener, and Morgan, a home brewer and engineer, met as students while sailing the high seas aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. As they explored San Luis Obispo county, they happened upon See Canyon, and in its beautiful orchards discovered they loved heirloom apples; suddenly they understood the world of apples was bigger than Granny Smith and Washington. They made their first hard cider with the juice pressed from See Canyon apples. These first batches taught the Broads the potential for cider; it didn’t have to be artificially sweet corporate cider, but could be really good, really different, and really exciting. They have since sampled the excellent ciders from France, England, and Spain. They fell in love again. Fast forward to the present. Morgan and Maggie have committed their lives to each other and to making great cider for their community. Their goal: to source local fruit to make delicious ciders in San Luis Obispo, to promote the appreciation of good cider, and to nurture the growth of heirloom cider apple production locally.


The SASH: a single-apple, single-hop hard cider- featuring 100% organic Gravenstein apples from Sonoma County. Dry hopped with 100% organic, whole cone Gargoyle hops from neighboring Lake County (Hops-Meister farms). This farmhouse cider is fermented dry in French oak, using exclusively native Sonoma county yeast, with no sulfites added. The iconic Sonoma County Gravenstein provides a clean, bone dry base cider that acts as a canvas for the surprisingly-tropical Gargoyle hops, a once “extinct” variety, believed to be a descendant of the California cluster.
Old Baldy- is a beautiful ripe Baldwin apple nose with just a subtle hint of oak. Instantly refreshing, and a great way to start off a day. 


Soquel Apple Cider- 100% organic apples hand picked (some by you!), sorted, pressed and fermented all on the farm. We know you'll enjoy it. Please consume well chilled. Contains fresh pressed apple juice, naturally occurring sulfites, non GMO yeast and is Gluten Free!
Soquel Apple-Persimmon- made from heirloom apples and hachiya persimmons. 

Stoked Cider- we are stoked on cider. Intensely enthusiastic about the craft.  Excited to bring you the most mood enhancing ciders known to man. At Stoked Cider Co. we believe that being too stoked just means that you’re still not stoked enough. 


California Dry Hard Cider- made from sustainably grown apples. Barrel fermented and barrel conditioned. 
Far Cider- Made from certified organic Northern California apples. Fermented and ages in retired Merlot and Cabernet barrels. No sweeteners or flavorings of any type added. Bottle conditioned. Only seven barrels made.
Vintage Release- barrel aged 4 years
Far Cider Dry Hopped- Barrel fermented, barrel aged.


18501 Greenwood Road
Philo, California

(707) 895-2461 


325 Rutherford Street, Suite D
Goleta, California

(805) 695-2457


31320 Via Colinas, Suite 110
Westlake Village, California

(818) 851-9018 


Hemly Pear Cider- Our cider is made from 100% fresh pressed fruit straight from our orchards.  Unlike a lot of pear ciders on the market today, our pear cider is made from fresh pears, never artificially flavored.  We do not use concentrate and control the entire process from the roots to the glass. After six generations of growing pears if there is one thing you can be sure of; we know pears!
Sloughhouse Jalapeño Pear Cider- Our Sloughhouse is a seasonal cider made from fresh Jalapeño grown on our Sloughhouse ranch in the heart of the Californian Delta. Hemly Original is blended with fresh Jalapeño to create this truly unique cider. There is no way this cider should work…. but it does and it is totally addictive.
Dry Cider- Our Hemly Dry is a cider for serious cider fans. This pear cider is fermented dry to show off the complex floral notes of our pears. The nature of pears also allows some complex sugars to survive the fermentation adding to the body of the cider. Aged on oak and at 6.5% alc. If you are a cider fanatic you will love our Hemly Dry.

Ships in California only


P.O. Box 801
Cayucos, California


Østgard Cider- An eastern-flavors inspired cider, delicate apricot pairs with exotic cardamom. Contains sulfites
Idun's Pleasure Cider- A traditional dry cider with a tart, clean finish. Does NOT contain sulfites
Crimson Frost Cider- Crisp, frosty lingonberries pair with fresh pressed apples to bring you a light and refreshing off-dry cider. Contains sulfites.
Mischief Maker Cider- Dangerously drinkable sweet, raw, unfiltered cider. Contains sulfites
Hidden Stones Cider- A full sweet cider with a generous addition of fresh peach flavor and spicy ginger root. Contains sulfites
Cider Reserve-Final Fruition Cider- A dry cider fermented with fresh apples and the last of seasonal local persimmons. Does NOT contain sulfites.


111 Goodwin Ave
Penngrove, California


9550 Distribution Ave
San Diego, California

(858) 225-2337


W.G. Barr Beverage Company
Re: T.W. Pitcher's Snake Bite
2480 Spring Mountain Rd
Saint Helena, California
(415) 999-2009


4470 Julian Rd.
Julian, California

(760) 765-2500


PET-Nat Cider- We have been producing still cider since 2008. While I enjoy our ciders but not the bit of sourness that is so intrinsic in Basque style cider production. We use the natural yeast of the apples, ferment and age in somewhat neutral 60 gallon French oak barrels. 


"Zozo and the 442nd"- Dry Farmhouse Cider, Unfiltered, unpasteurized, no sulfites, free of preservatives. Apple verities; Newtown Pippin and Mutsu

THE CIDERS- 18 cider styles, to include:

Raspberry Blackberry- Dry Apple-Hopped-
Guava-Apple Pie-Dry Raspberry-


Monterrey, California


Brut Cider- Our flagship cider is fermented and aged for three months in neutral French Oak barrels before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. The result is a naturally bright and balanced cider, crafted like a wine, because we believe it is. West of Eden- comes in at a healthy 8.7% ABV and has a rich amber color with aromas and flavors of ripe apple, raisins, and butterscotch that frame a full-bodied cider with a crip and lingering finish.


Mama's Boy With Honey- Dry Hard Apple Cider Bottle Conditioned With Local Honey.
Training Wheels- Funky Farmhouse Saison Blend


601 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA

(562) 270-5625

2111 Old San Jose Rd
Soquel, California

(831) 566-0472


16030 California 49
Drytown, California

(775) 359-1111


Pacific Coast Hard Apple Cider- is a true craft cider, produced from a five-apple blend of fresh juice from Golden Russet, Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples.  
William Tell Pinot Grigio Hard Apple Cider- Our signature cider is a unique blend of freshly fermented Hard Apple Cider and premium California Pinot Grigio. We start with fresh juice from five types of apples and ferment it in three lots, each with different yeast to add flavor complexity. Then comes the creative touch: we add 15% of our Pinot Grigio and then Frost Ferment the blend to concentrate the fresh apple and wine character and enhance the flavors. If Frost Fermentation doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because we invented this technique to create our Pinot Grigio cider.


Los Angeles, California

Wrangletown Cider Company- is a small, craft producer of Hard Cider in Humboldt County, California. My love for producing Cider stems from my love for Winemaking. I had my first Cider from England about 20 years ago and the memory of that beverage has always stuck with me. Cider Making requires the same skills as Winemaking: great fruit, careful management of fermentation and seeing the product through to the bottle. Choosing quality fruit is essential as in the winemaking process. Creating this business takes into account the rich Apple farming history in Humboldt County, my childhood home. I couldn't think of a better place than Humboldt to start this business. I am committed to acquiring apples from Humboldt County orchards as much as possible.  I currently am receiving apples from Feisty Dog Orchard in Holmes, Fieldbrook Nursery in Fieldbrook, an amazing private orchard in Rio Dell and Mitchell Grove in Eureka.  I will be bottling my ciders as Orchard Specific ciders.  I want the focus to be on the unique flavors of each location and I want to honor the farmers who work so very hard to produce such amazing fruit. 


17800 S Main St #105

Gardena, California 


(424) 340-2385

Phantom Ales-  We love fermenting things. Malted Barley, Grapes, Apples, Honey, Peaches, Pears,... I'm not sure where this will end. We are a nano Brewery, Cidery, Winery, and soon to be Meadery. We create fresh menus every week filled with items designed to pair with our great beers, ciders, and wine.

S. Martinelli & Company- in celebration of its 150th anniversary, is introducing new 1868 Hard Cider. Martinelli’s produced hard cider before the Prohibition era and was forced to stop production when the 18th Amendment was adopted in 1920. The company developed its new alcohol-based hard cider in partnership with the Gordon Biersch Company at Biersch’s San Jose bottling facility.


708 Gravenstein Hwy North #174 
Sebastopol, California 
(707) 823-3964

Coturri Winery- For 25 years, Coturri has been a name to trust for pure wines - big, fullbodied, superrich, complex fruit filled wines that capture the taste of the vineyard (“terroir”). Coturri is California’s leading cult producer of “real wines” - old world wines using organically grown grapes, natural yeast fermentation, and no additives. Traditional handcrafted wines in small lots – Tony Coturri is a 3rd generation winemaker and takes a minimalist approach to winemaking. Carrying on centuries of tradition - little if any intervention is involved and the wines are untreated and completely handmade– only 5,000 cases annually. • Coturri Winery does it the old fashioned way with muscle and hard work. We do not use modern winemaking machinery and technology. No mechanical harvesting – no conveyor belts - no stainless steel tanks – no must pumping – no laboratory manipulations – no filtration devices - no automated corking or bottling lines. Coturri wines are truly handcrafted - bottled by hand, hand corked, and labeled by hand.


Dutton Estate Cider- In 2015 the first vintage of Hard Apple Cider from estate apples was created made with a blend of Gravenstein Apples and Golden Delicious apples from family orchards. Small batch, limited addition, handpicked, hand crafted in French Oak barrels, hand bottled by family and winemaking team at Dutton Estate Winery.

See Canyon Hard Cider- After purchasing the small See Canyon Farm in 2006, Karen and Wayne Le Mieux were unexpectedly gifted with a bountiful apple crop. They gathered the Le Mieux family, young and old, to pick, press and produce both sweet and hard cider. Our Ciders are crafted from premier apple varieties picked at the peak of ripeness. The unique See Canyon climate produces apples with exceptional balance and clarity. 


P.O. Box 117

Sebastopol, California 

(707) 328-0848

409 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, California

(707) 528-8588 

Crispin- Classically refined, but not styled as a traditional "sweet beer" beer alternative, Crispin ciders are crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky and never sacrifice superior quality refreshment satisfaction for overbearing complexity. Always true to the apple, Crispin Hard Ciders naturally fermented in the USA use fresh pressed apple-juice, not from apple juice concentrate, from a premium blend of US West Coast apples, with no added malt, grape wine or spirit alcohol. Crispin’s unique USA produced ciders are smoothed with pure apple juice or from natural sugar sources like organic honey or organic maple syrup, and contain no added colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives. 


Golden Rule Cider- is our signature orchard blend comprised of apples cultivated from our organic farm in Sebastopol, California.  Our beautiful Golden Delicious Apples are dry-farmed and blended with local organic heirloom apples for a perfect tart, crispness that is a compliment to any meal! 
Gravitude- pays homage to our local heritage apple, the Gravenstein. Introduced by Russian pioneers in the 1800s, this variety gained Sonoma County national apple growing notoriety in the 1900s. Now endanger of extinction, the ‘Grav’ is honored by the Slow Foods Ark of Taste for it’s delicious and distinct flavor. We’re grateful that local cider is bringing renewed life to this great old apple and you will be too!

Tilted Shed Ciderworks- is a small, Sonoma County-based cidery founded in 2011 by the husband-wife team of Scott Heath and Ellen Cavalli. Famous for its wines, Sonoma County also has a rich apple heritage, and our mission is to elevate the apple to greatness through cider. Our heirloom apples are locally grown in old, organic, dry-farmed orchards. At our Sebastopol farm, we grow dozens of rare, traditional tannic cider apple varieties, which, like winegrapes, provide the structure and depth that common table fruit cannot. For us, apples hold secrets. They persevere through drought and pestilence, and every year they show us new ways to experience them. We are on a quest to explore their mysteries by making beautiful, nuanced ciders that reflect our principles, place, and point of view. Wassail!


6496 Marindustry Pl
San Diego, California

Sutton Cellars- An urban winery and tasting room. Small lots of handcrafted wines since nineteen hundred and ninety six - that's fifteen years if you're counting!!! Also, small-batch farmhouse hard cider since 2010. The idea at Sutton Cellars has always been to allow the most character in what we make with the least amount of additions, processing, or manipulation. In the current zeitgeist of “natural” wines this may sound like a well worn trope. The last time we filtered a wine was in the late 90s, the last purchased yeast used was for a stuck ferment in 2004. Organic, dry farmed fruit is used, always hand harvested and sorted, and fermentations usually last three weeks or more. In the last decade the use of new oak has diminished to zero. We bottle unfined and unfiltered and the bottles are gravity filled and hand corked or capped. Very little, if any, sulfur is added. From aperitif, to cider, to dry and dessert wines there is a consistency that shows these practices.


3005-A Limestone Way
Paso Robles, California

(805) 503-9660


Hop Burst Citra Cider- 

Phantom Peach Cider-   

Dryhopped Cider- 

Perry Cider- 

"07270" Dryhopped Cider- 

Pear of Aces Cider- 


1380 47th Ave,
Capitola, California

Julian CiderWorks- Using exclusively local fruit, sourced from various orchards in the Julian area, we produce interesting ciders that you won’t find at other cideries. We have a different focus than other cider makers, that being to help build the local apple and pear orchards grow to their full potential, and to educate cider enthusiasts on what different apple and pear varieties bring to the table on their own. Most cider makers carefully blend the fruit they have at their disposal to try to create as perfect a cider as they can. Indeed, many cideries simply purchase juice, or juice concentrate, and try to differentiate their ciders by what they add to disguise the fact that cider made from readily-available culinary fruit is often somewhat bland and unexciting. Often these ciders are very sweet and fruity, resembling soda in their character. We will do a limited amount of blending and flavoring, but most of our focus will be to bring ciders made from local single varietals to the discriminating cider drinker. This concept of changing the ciders as little as possible, and letting the fruit speak for itself, will be one of the things setting us apart from other cideries. 

Common Cider Co. - We don’t brew ciders, we craft moments. If it has anything to do with bringing people together, sparking conversation, bolstering friendships, and creating memories, it has everything to do with our approach to cider. Just ask Fran. As founder of Common Cider, Fran Toves was inspired into the cider realm by a simple desire: to utilize her foodies’ passion for flavor experimentation and her love of shared times to create something rare and delicious. Her dream was a portfolio of ciders painstakingly designed to pair beautifully with food while moving people to find common ground and celebrate the simple act of being human. In 2012, Fran shared her dream with the world at homebrew competition in Reno, NV. And the response, three ciders placing in the top 10, was all the validation she needed to go all in. Thus Common Cider was born. Only the juiciest, fresh-pressed, locally sourced apples. Only the choicest, natural fruit extracts and botanicals – local and organic wherever possible. Flavor profiles that lean more towards wine than beer. Light, crisp, a sweetness hinted but never overstated. These are ciders that taste like poems, enjoy them in the spirit of togetherness. 


Reyes Winery
10262 Sierra Hwy.
Agua Dulce, California

(661) 268-1865


2952 Carson Road
Placerville, California

(530) 622-5522

THE CIDERS- 24 cider styles, to include:

Deepen- Fresh pressed apple juice, fresh pressed mulberry juice, champagne yeast. 
Gaucho- Hard apple cider, fresh pressed blueberries, fresh lemon juice, ale yeast.
Goodland- Fresh pressed apple juice, fresh pressed mulberry juice, fresh pressed cranberry juice, champagne yeast.
Great Lei- Hard apple cider, fresh pressed pineapple juice, champagne yeast. 
Grow a Pear- Hard apple cider, fresh pressed pear juice, champagne yeast. 
Holiday Spice- Hard apple cider, fresh pressed apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cider yeast.


Cellar Door Cider- barrel-aged it in newer French oak barrels for about six months. It’s a very unusual cider from what most American ciders are like and what most people’s palates expect when they think cider. It’s not sweet; it’s dry, there’s no sugar sweetness to it. It’s got a little more tannin from the oak barrels and it’s a little higher in acid, too.


Shasta Golden Dry Cider- 100% pure, pressed, apple juice. Unfiltered but aged…


Indigeny Reserve Hard Apple Cider- is hand made in small batches, gluten-free, and dangerously delicious available now.  Our commitment to hand-made artisan beverages is strong and it shows.
Extra Crisp Apple Cider- Crisp, sweet, super clean and big apple flavor.
Blackberry Hard Apple Cider- Hard apple cider infused with Blackberry juice.
Organic Hard Cider- Harvest Blend Slight change from year to year.
Apricot Cider-
Cranberry Cider- 


Pure Gold Cider-
Apples and Avo- Organic golden delicious apples with local avocado blossom honey fermented on toasted oak. 
Galavant- Gala cider with hops, nettle, cinnamon, and oak.
Golden Cap- Organic gala apples wild fermented on skins.

Pitsnogled Cider- crafts only the finest of unpastuerized small batch cider from the Sierra Mountain foothills, which has become one of the largest concentrations of apple producers.


Specific Gravity 2013 Gravenstein- Sip our 2013 Gravenstein and immerse your senses in cool, refreshing aromas of crisp apple accentuated with hints of nutmeg and cardamom. Taste the delicate, semi-dry flavors with a luscious mid-palate and a lively finish. Best served chilled, our cider makes lovely aperitif or digest, spectacular on a cheese plate with Point Reyes Blue, Manchego and goat cheese. 
Nana Mae’s Wild Side- Early Harvest Gravenstein- Nana Mae has nourished us for decades with Sonoma County’s finest heirloom apples. Now, celebrate Nana’s wild side with this limited edition cider that captures the distinctive flavors of 2013 early harvest. It offers delightful aromas of slightly sweet apple, hints of pie, full body and a lingering finish. 

Santa Cruz Scrumpy Organic Hard Cider- Our flagship cider product, the Santa Cruz Scrumpy Hard Apple Cider is blended using a winemaker’s approach by focusing on aromatics, balance, and food pairing.  Sourcing all organic ingredients, the apple cider leads off with fresh Golden Delicious apple aroma, with undertones of tropical fruits like pineapple and kiwi. Crisp apple greets you on the palate, getting sweeter as the flavor progresses before succumbing to soft apple acidity in the finish. The beverage is intentionally light in carbonation to balance the freshness without compromising the body and texture. 
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Pomegranate-  is the most complex of our current line of hard Apple ciders. Created by adding pomegranate concentrate to our base cider, the nose fills out with pomegranate and apple candy, while red licorice undertones lend a seductive edge. The palate is crisp, much like the bite of a pomegranate, with a solid backbone of acid. The cider picks up on the finish, with a cherry note melding into a dominant granny smith finish. The beverage is intentionally light in carbonation to balance the freshness without compromising the body and texture. 
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Barrel Aged Dry-  is putting a complex twist on this typically sweet beverage. Prior to the harvest and pressing of the 2013 Santa Cruz Scrumpy Apples, three new barrels were selected to not only age the cider in, but also to serve as fermentation vessels. After the fermentation began in tank on a larger batch that would become Santa Cruz Scrumpy Apple Cider, the three new oak barrels were filled and placed into the cellar. The oak used was a combination of French and American oak barrels.
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Chider- Cherry- Made by blending Cherry concentrate to our base cider blend, the Chider is the sweetest of our ciders. The soda like aspect of the cherry brings out the Fuji and Red Delicious on the nose, with an overall hard candy appeal. The palate is dominated by sweet dark cherry with undertones of apple and watermelon. The finish is salivating and sweet, much as is the entire approach.

Hard Pressed Cider Company (Gordon Biersch Brewing Company)- produced for and distributed nationally by Trader Joe’s. Made from fresh pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest, Hard Pressed Cider company has a refreshing take on cider. Fresh pressed apple juice is fermented with brewing yeast and the resulting cider is slightly sweetened by adding back unfermented apple juice. That’s it. 


1420 N. Claremont Blvd. Suite. 107B
Claremont, California 91711

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Pismo Beach, California

Great Society Cider and Mead- A social house where fine food, craft cider and mead set the stage for conversations between old and new friends alike, Great Society has largest selection of craft cider and meads in all of Southern California. Featuring 20 draughts and more in bottles, our extensive cider and mead list showcases craft producers from nearly every corner of the world. You’ll find flavors and profiles ranging from sweet to sour, still to sparkling, barrel-aged to hopped, rare to near-impossible to find. Complementing this incredible list, our food menu fuses seasonal offerings with unexpected spicing to create dishes that don’t just taste great, but pair well with whatever profile you choose. 

T.W. Pitcher's Snake Bite- T.W. Pitchers' Snake Bite is a sssinfully delicious blend of bold lager beer and crisp apple cider made by two guys who hate being thirsty. Refreshing. Easy to Drink. Tempting. We weren't afraid to mix things up. You shouldn't be either.


Brooks Dry Cider- Born in California but raised in England, Brooks Dry is a west coast interpretation of the drier ciders popular overseas. This isn’t a sweet alcopop you’ll often find in the US but a well-crafted, perfectly balanced cider. We only use 100% apple juice (no juice concentrates or essences here) fermented in Napa with champagne yeast. It’s crisp and light with a mighty good bite.

The story of Tag + Jug Cider Co. goes back over one hundred years ago to my paternal grandparents, William “Jug” and Thelma “Tag” Bryan, whom I barely knew.  My grandfather Jug died well before I was born and grandma Tag passed away when I was only 11 years old. Born and raised in Texas in the early 20th century, as young adults, they packed up everything they owned and moved to California, seeking a new life for themselves and for their family to come. Tag + Jug Cider Co. is my homage to them. In 2013 I found a family owned orchard in the Sierra Foothills and started making cider from a proprietary blend of their sustainably grown apples. Tag + Jug Cider Co. was born. 


"Phoenix Blend" in tribute to all of those who quite literally helped us rise from the ashes. The labels feature pictures of our contributors who donated to our campaign.

Cider Brothers- Michael and Paul Scotto’s experience as 5th generation vintners enables them to take a winemakers approach to creating hard apple ciders. That’s why their artisan ciders are like award winning wines – refreshing, aromatic, well balanced and food friendly. The Cider Brothers create true craft ciders, produced from a five-apple blend of fresh juice from Golden Russet, Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples. The Cider Brothers do not use apple or pear concentrate, one of the traits that separate their ciders from the mass-market brands produced by the large brewers and cider companies. Their Pinot Grigio Hard Apple Cider is produced using 15% California Pinot Grigio with their freshly fermented apple cider, adding a unique dimension of flavor complexity, body and food compatibility.


Guthrie Dry- is crisp and clean, with bright apple and light oak flavors. It is truly dry, with no residual sugar. It pairs well with food, and is excellent in cocktails. At 7.7% ABV and with light carbonation, it can be a substitute for Champagne. 
Guthrie Semi-dry- is a full-bodied cider with citrus and aromatic notes. It combines slight sweetness, subtle sharpness and fruit-flavor. Guthrie Semi-dry is lightly carbonated, with 7.5% ABV. 

Guthrie CiderWorks- is a San Diego-based craft cider start-up. Our ciders are fermented using real fruit juice from a blend of premium west coast apples. Our process starts with the juice but it does not stop there. Working with a variety of yeast strains, we have been developing and perfecting our recipes. After an incalculable number of trial batches, we have selected the yeast combinations that produce a complex cider with enhanced aroma and improved structure. Never too sweet, each of our ciders retains the character of the fruit, but with a crisp, layered and refreshing character. 

Mission Trail Cider Co.- we believe the best cider is made from the best fruit. Growing up in the fine wine industry, Victor and Monte understand the importance in using the finest fruit to make the finest juice, which in turn makes the finest finished product. They didn't source their fruit based on what was readily or cheaply available. The harder way will always make the better product, and we think you will agree when you try our cider. Our apples are sourced from old growth, family owned orchards that have been cared for by generations of family farmers. One of our growers, Lee, has been farming apples, cherries, and pears like his father before him. He does business the old-fashioned way, with a handshake in the orchard. Monte promised to make cider that would put the essence of the fruit first: no water, no added concentrate, and no flavoring. Our apples are the same quality you would find at your grocery store or farmers market, they are that good. We also use some of the most unique varietals of apples found in any cider in the United States. Mission-Trail uses 29 heirloom varietals in our cider; each one is listed on our label if you look hard enough! 

Ironbark Cider- At Ironbark our life's purpose is to produce delightfully delicious cider for people who care about what they put into their bodies and yet still want to enjoy a drink or two.  Ironbark Cider is dry, bright, bubbly and crisp. We don't use sulfites, preservatives, or sugars and we don't filter. Our cider is also pre-biotic because... well, we all know that life is a little less traumatic with a happy gut.


3750 Harris Street
Eureka, California

(707) 798-6023

Far Cider- is made from certified organically grown apples from Northern California and nothing else; no additives or flavorings are added. It is fermented with native yeasts in small batches using retired red and white wine barrels and then aged for nearly two years. When bottled, a small amount of fresh juice is added to start a secondary fermentation and leave it with a light, natural sparkle. The result is a uniquely dry, farm-house style cider.


Mighty Dry- is a champagne-like cider that pairs perfectly with any moment of the day. It’s just dry enough. It's perfectly balanced, and crispy (if not crispier) as biting into a freshly picked apple.                                                                                                                                                 

Mighty Hops- ​Pungent dank aromas of pacific northwest hops accent THE crisp west coast apples in this refreshing dry-hopped cider. notes of pine, citrus, mint and clove, elevates the cider's flavor.

Bay Brut-  made with 100% west coast apples & nothing but good & organic stuff that we love.  Gingergrass- Spicy ginger and zesty lemongrass elevate the crisp apples used inthis vibrant cider. Enjoy Gingergrass on its own, or pair with pad thai, or ceviche, or your best friend. You wont be dissapointed.

Colfax, California

(800) 648-0800


Red Branch Hard Apple and Honey Cider- This is out famous Hard Apple & Honey Cider, 500ML 6.9% Alc. by Vol. puts our hard cider in a category all on its own. Full of apple flavor, sweeter than most other hard ciders and a great full body. Don't settle for any other Hard cider. Pick the best.

Red Branch Hard Black Cherry Cider-  One of the family of our award winning Apple and Honey Hard Cysers. 500ML at 6.9% Alc. by Vol. and extreme cherry taste make this the hard cider for lovers of cherries. Crisp clean and refreshingly dry we believe we have the only hard black cherry cider in the world.

Hard Raspberry- This award-winning cider uses juice from the finest raspberries available to give it a natural raspberry aroma, color, and finish. If raspberry is your thing, then you may have just found your new favorite drink.

Hard Lemonade- Reminiscent of the front porch classic, this cider has real bold lemonade flavor in every sip. Also a great base for mixing with our other ciders—Raspberry-Lemonade, Black Cherry-Lemonade, or whatever else your taste buds desire. Just imagine the possibilities…

Ratel Cider- is a craft cider company based in Monterey, California with a tenacious desire to bring a serious, high-quality, bone-dry craft cider to the market. Ratel Premium Craft Cider is made with four different varietals of local apples.  We have spent three years dedicated to finding the perfect blend of tart, sweet and sharp apples to create the perfect cider.  We ferment our cider bone-dry and add rare fruity, floral premium hops. Ratel Cider is gluten-free and does not add water or any concentrates.


P.O. Box 1868 
Watsonville California

(800) 662-1868

Cellar Door Ciders- Delicious artisan handcrafted ciders made from freshly harvested ripe apples in northern California.

Drew Winery,  Our connection to the land does not end with wine. We are also apple farmers. Our 15 acre orchard was planted in the early 1960's. Named after the original Blossom School that was first located adjacent to this orchard where the children of the orginal homesteader families on this ridge attended kindergarten thru third grade. There are 6 varieties of apples planted here that include Gravensteins, Golden Delicious, Rhode Island Greenings, Jonathans, Rome Beauties and Red Delicious.  So what does the next chapter hold for this beautiful heritage orchard? We love our orchard and want to do right by it; we feel we have become orchard preservationists by default. Apples are not a really a viable business unless you make something with them. With that experimental vision, we are currently conjuring up a vintage sparkling cider.  Check back for updates!


26 Bellarmine Ct.
Chico, California

(541) 760-5583


821 Cherry Lane
San Carlos, California

(650) 889-0400 

Dreamcote Wines- is a wine and hard apple cider collaboration project of friends that seeks to simplify how wine drinkers perceive wine.  We make 500 cases of small-batch wines and ciders that change every vintage. Come taste in our 800 square foot tasting room, just off the main drag in Los Olivos, California, in a fun, unpretentious and pet friendly setting. 


39400 Oak Glen Rd.
Oak Glen, California

(909) 256-0405


8665 Miralani Drive, #100,
San Diego, California

(619) 880-6697


Ginger Peppercorn- This cider is a complex procession of flavors. Starting with crisp, dry apple and a fresh warming, spicy ginger bite. Finishing with the smooth, savory herbal flavors of California bay leaves and pink peppercorns that linger on the palate. We hope you enjoy this cider as much as we do, it's perfect for everyday drinking. 
Dry Hopped- We use bold amount of classic west coast style hops to dry hop this cider. This sizeable dry hop gives our cider plenty of floral and dank aromatics with notes of citrus and orange. The juicy qualities of the hops help to compliment the inherent fruity flavors in the cider. This cider will be well enjoyed by any hop head or the seasoned cider drinker.
Honey Sage- Infused with locally sourced culinary sage from Santa Cruz farms and wildflower honey from Sonoma County. This cider creates subtle layers between delicate herbal sage aromatics, a sweet floral undertone of honey and crisp dry cider.  Although this cider is infused with honey, it maintains dryness while still being easy to drink and subtly sweet. We love pairing this cider with foods and celebrating with friends!


3986 30th Street
San Diego, California

(619) 725-0844

Ace Cider from California Cider Company- We have been making ACE ciders for 21 years in the beautiful Sebastopol area of Sonoma County in California; right along side some of the world’s most renowned wine makers. Thanks to Ace Cider – America’s Best – the cider business in America is growing rapidly. There really is a refreshing alternative to beer and wine and it’s ACE! Unfortunately, some ciders never see an apple and are poor representations of the category. They’ve really given hard cider a bad name. Many ciders are far too perfumy (almost Jolly Rancher-tasting) and are quite a  put-off to those seeking a crisp alcoholic refreshment. Some ciders are very dry and barnyard tasting, especially some of the imports. We challenge you to take a taste test of your own if you don’t believe ACE ciders are truly America’s Best! 

Surf City Cider, Hallcrest Vineyards and Scrumpy's Hard Cider-  First and foremost, we are winemakers with a passion for also making cider. All of the Surf City Cider products are crafted at the historic Hallcrest Vineyards Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Continuous wine production has occurred on this property since 1945.  Our ciders have the unique privilege to come of age side by side with award winning Pinot Noir and Organic Wines. With over 35 years of innovative winemaking experience and the prestige of being the first organically certified winery in the country allows, our ciders are produced under these philosophies.  We choose to source only organically grown apples from the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Much like vintages in wine, we acknowledge that each blend of apples will be slightly different depending on the year, even the time of year.  

Scar of the Sea- wines is a shared vision between long-time friends and colleagues, Mikey Giugni and Michael Brughelli. The mission for Scar of the Sea wines is to produce wine and cider that is unique to a place while being balanced, complex, and most importantly is fun and delicious to drink. With so much emphasis in today’s wine culture on singular elements of winemaking such as alcohol, whole cluster fermentation, or oak regiment; Scar of the Sea strives to shift the pendulum to focus on what is in the glass. The most important part of our wines and cider is where they are grown. Location, climate, and soils matter.  


Black Dot Hard Apple Cider- The moment apple juice is first pressed it wants to turn to hard cider. Natural yeasts in the air and on the fruit blend with the sugar and begin the fermentation process. It's just natural! So when our fresh pressed cider started to develop alcohol, our neighbor and close friend, Ken would mark the caps on the cider jugs with a "Black Dot" to signify that fermentation had begun. These jugs would be set aside to be enjoyed later on by those looking for something  little more special. 


Brown's Lane- Authentically British from it's bespoke British Racing Green tailoring to its superb craftsmanship, but most defined by its World Champion racing spirit. 100% pressed, fermented and produced in England, Crispin Browns Lane is a deliciously dry, classic English cider.

Crispin Original- Crisp over ice. A classically styled, but untraditional hard apple cider. Fruit forward, with a fresh, crunchy appley nose and a deliciously creamy, refreshingly crisp mouth feel.

Crispin Brut- European-style extra-dry over ice. The ”champagne” of ciders; combining subtlety and sophistication; the epitome of unforced elegance. A crisp fresh apple bouquet with a brisk, refined finish that lingers on the palate.

Blackberry Pear- Naturally elegant and refreshingly adult with a sweet-sharp blackberry tang and mouthwatering juicy complexity, complemented by a luscious pear-berry bouquet. Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate, or flavored hard apple cider.
Crispin Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve™- is a small batch, hand crafted, super-premium hard apple cider smoothed with real organic honey for a rich, creamy, full-bodied crisp taste. Smooth over ice.
The Saint- is a uniquely debonair & elegant cider, a cider to convert skeptics. Naturally fermented using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, and fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts, The Saint boasts a sweet floral bouquet that develops a yeasty, herbal complexity.
Pacific Pear- Naturally elegant and refreshingly adult with a sparkling natural pear finish and a subtle woody complexity, complemented by an intense fresh pear bouquet. Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate or pear-flavored hard apple cider.
Crispin Rosé- is an elegant blend of apple and pear juice crafted with rose petals and hibiscus.

Brooks Dry Cider- Brooks is not sweet, but fine and dry. Brooks is not heavy, but has firm legs and a solid body. Brooks is crisp, light and has a mighty good bite. Get Brooks Dry.


Righteous Apple-
España Sidra-
Liliko'i Sunset- with passion fruit.
Field Run-
Arkansas Black-


Premium Craft Dry-Hopped Cider- Our Flagship Cider is a blend of four different apple varietals fermented completely dry and then dry-hopped with a combination of floral and citrus hops. This beer-forward product is a crisp, refreshing beverage with a tart kick and citrusy notes that will change the way beer and wine drinkers think about cider. 
Bright Limited Production Cider- “Bright” is a semi-dry, limited production premium craft cider with a broad appeal. Three apple varietals and one pear varietal with a very subtle hop addition. Much less hop forward than our flagship cider, Bright is incredibly clean and crisp with subtle pear notes. 
Dry-Hopped Apricot Sour Cider- Our Premium Craft Hopped Apricot Cider is a blend of apple and apricot varietals fermented completely dry and then lightly hopped with a combination of floral and citrus hops. The end product is a very tart, refreshing beverage with notes of juicy Apricot and sour apricot skins. 


3220 El Camino Real
Atascadero, California  

(805) 400-5293 

Casa Dumez Wines- As grape growers and winemakers, we are dedicated to a healthful environment, honest hard work, and the timeless rewards of friends and family. The effort is well worth the reward of handcrafting something to share and enjoy.


Bradley, Monterey County, California

(805) 556-5233 

THE CIDERS- Over 30 small batch cider styles to include

Hella Hopped Cider-  We do not filter, add sulfites or pasteurize, providing true cider flavors and a beautiful pour. Because of our small-batch and lack of filtering/additives, our ciders are consistently changing and may at times pour cloudy. Fear not, this is natural and part of the living components of our raw cider. 

Straight Up Oakland Dry Cider- Our hand crafted ciders are produced in small batches in Uptown Oakland and contain no artificial flavorings or added sugars. They are all gluten free and produced without any animal products (vegan friendly!). We start with fresh, unfiltered apple juice, pressed locally in Northern California.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Cider-
Ginger Bomb Cider-
Sassy Pants Cider-Yes, Please! Cider-

Sutton Hard Cider- a clean straightforward 100% Gravenstein that shows all of that variety's crisp bright fruit, barrel fermented with wild yeast and bottled unfined, unfiltered, with no sulfites or other preservatives.

2014 Farmhouse Cider- a farmhouse style which is a blend of apples allowed to go slightly sour/tart in the barrel. Barrel fermented with wild yeast and bottled unfined, unfiltered, with no sulfites or other preservatives. ABV from 6% to 6.5%.


2899 See Canyon Rd
San Luis Obispo, California

(805) 595-2646

Sycamore Ranch Vineyard and Winery- located in Crestline, is a licensed and bonded, small craft style winery and ciderworks, producing approximately 500 cases of award winning wine annually. In addition to producing Zinfandel, Syrah and Hard Cider from their on site vineyards and orchards, the winery sources premium wine grapes from selected Central Coast vineyards within the Ballard Canyon, Los Olivos and Paso Robles AVA. All wine is produced at the winery in Dart Canyon. Owned and operated by Richard & Elizabeth Krumwiede, the winery is situated on 3.5 picturesque acres of gardens, vineyards, and orchards that have been featured in Sunset Magazine and Organic Gardening Magazine. Tastings and Tours of the Winery and Grounds are Welcomed by Appointment.

Agrestic Ferments- barrel-aged cider.

FoxCraft Hard Cider- is an award winning, ultra-premium hard cider crafted to deliver a New-World quality taste that is equally refreshing and memorable. It’s the cider that’s shaking up the tradition and inspiring a new category. Our Hard Cider is fresh pressed and hand-crafted from world class apple orchards in the Pacific Northwest. Our five apple blend and unique finishing process has resulted in several prestigious awards in our first year including two “best of show” awards. We are crafting a hard cider that gets it right, is exciting and attracting loyal fans.


Paso Robles, California

(610) 745-1474


1325 Canal Boulevard
Richmond California

(415) 465-0781


11000 Shenandoah Rd
Plymouth, California

(209) 245-6177 


Bite Hard Dry Apple- is a crisp, semi dry cider, slow fermented from heirloom Northern California apples in an English tradition. Made from tannic and full bodied fruit, this cider carries its distinctive BITE with a clean and unique apple finish and citrus notes. We take the time to seek out and preserve the best that Autumn has to offer.
Bite Hard Semi-Sweet Apple Cider-

Honest Abe Hard Cider- local hard cider, handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Our award-winning hard cider recipe traces back to days of necessity in a dry county in Kentucky. Using the best of fresh, local California ingredients it's been further refined to provide the most easy-drinking ciders you've ever tasted. 6.9% ABV to keep you "Honest" and committed to eco-friendly sustainability to keep our thirsts quenched for generations to come. Cider of the people, by the people, for the people. 


Murray Orchard Cider- A blend of Jonathan apples and Ya Li pears. A sparkling, slightly off-dry cider with pears.
Rose Sidra- A barrel soured blend of heirloom apples and merlot saignée. Aged 12 months in red wine barrels. 
Abattoir Cider-Windfall Cider-


Sebastopol, California


9000 Hwy 128
Philo, California 

(707) 877-1771

Serpentine Cider- Bringing delicious, high-quality craft cider to San Diego. We use fresh juices (not from concentrate and no artificial flavorings) to make our cider. We hope you'll come in and enjoy a pint with us! 

THE CIDERS- 13 cider styles, to include:

Passionista- Passion Fruit.Incompearable-
Jamaica- Hibuscus, dry and flavorful.
Duchess- Earl Grey Tea.
Zang- 200 lbs of fresh ginger and 50% pear juice.
Hoppelganger- dry hopped.


1246 Birchwood Dr.,
Sunnyvale, California


Ethic Ciders- Our cidermaking is rooted in our relationship to the land. Caring and continually learning from the orchard is one of our biggest inspirations and joys. For us, farming is a form of land stewardship. Our role is to uplift the health of living systems and thus the vibrancy of flavors they express.  Our farm is a testbed for regenerative agriculture, exploring strategies that both heal the land and increase the quality of the yields. We source additional apples from other growers in our community that share this ethic. Our Certified Organic farm is located north of Sebastopol in the Atascadero/Green Valley watershed. The combination of Goldridge sandy loam soils (the remnants of an ancient seabed) and the coastal influence make this an ideal locale for growing fruit with complex flavors. Our long ripening season with warm days and cool nights yields apples with a beautiful balance of ripe fruit flavors and lively acidity that are expressed in our Ciders.

Calico Cidery at Calico Ranch- was started as part of an original homestead and includes a portion of the historic Saunders Ranch.  The original planting was a pear orchard until this was expanded when Ed Hart planted apples in the 1960's.  Additional apples have been added to increase the production and add over 100 different varieties, including many cider and antique types of apples. The ranch has been operated as both a family u-pick and for fresh fruit sales.  Hard Cider has been made for family and friends for nearly 20 years, and is now being made for retail sales.  Our Cider is made from 100% local apples grown here on this mountain ranch. A large variety of apples are grown on-site as well as several varieties of pears.  At Calico Ranch, we implement an integrated pest management system which is a safer, minimized, and wiser use of pesticides and herbicides.  We are certified organic.


Julian Harvest Apple Cider- 100% fresh-pressed apple juice fermented with Champagne yeast & back-sweetened with more fresh-pressed apple juice. 

Cherry Bomb- The perfect balance of tart & sweet. 100% fresh-pressed hard apple cider blended with Montmorency Cherry juice.  No added sugar. 
Julian Hard CiderBlack and Blue- 100% fresh-pressed, with no apple juice concentrates. This gluten free, 100% natural hard cider is infused with the juice of American-grown and sustainably farmed Blackberries and Blueberries.  
Razzmatazz- 100% fresh-pressed hard apple cider blended with luscious, sun-ripened red raspberries. 
Apple Pie: 100% fresh-pressed hard apple cider blended with the spices of Grandma’s secret pie recipe.