Bulwark Traditional Craft Cider-  BULWARK ‘Original’ is a hand crafted traditional Cider that is dry, crisp, and refreshing. It is all natural and made with 100% fresh-pressed apples from the famed Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. Settlers first started growing apple varieties in this Valley in the early 1600’s and our Cider’s unique character and flavours are meant as a tribute to those 400 years of apple growing tradition in the Valley. BULWARK ‘Original’ has a signature flavor that is achieved through a careful blending of 5 apple varieties. It is great on its own or on ice and is an excellent accompaniment to many fine dishes. A truly refreshing and satisfying drink!​

2020 Progress Court, Suite 110
Dock #5
Raleigh, North Carolina
(919) 212-3313

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Neige Ice Cider- La Face Cachée de la Pomme was born from François Pouliot’s inventiveness. This 29-year-old video and movie producer cherished a dream: to produce the finest of Québec’s terroir… in a bottle! In 1994, he acquired an orchard in Hemmingford, Montérégie. Inspired by the harsh winters and apple trees that surrounded him, he contributed to the development of the very first ice ciders — a true novelty at the time. In 1998, artist Stéphanie Beaudoin fell for the man’s charm… andNeige! Making a statement, the cidery became a reflection of its contemporary roots, modeled after the image of its young founders and this fabulous new “know-how” in Québec, the ice cider. In 2007, theFundacion de la sidra in Spain recognized them for their contribution to the development of ice cider and for introducing it to the market in Québec and the rest of the world. The family estate has received over 90 international awards. As for Neige, this product is now enjoyed in more than 20 countries including Canada, France, England, Spain and the United States.


BULWARK Original- is a hand-crafted traditional cider, which is dry, crisp, and refreshing. It has a faint hint of spice followed by the BULWARK Original signature flavour that is achieved through our careful blending of five varieties of freshly-pressed Nova Scotia apples grown in the famed Annapolis Valley. The dry start is quite complex without the intense sharpness often associated with many traditional dry ciders. It moves quickly from dry to an almost wine-like and slightly mineral fruitiness before relaxing into a nutty floral finish.

BULWARK Blush- is a hand-crafted traditional cider, which is made with 100% freshly-pressed Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley apples and blended with wild berries. This luscious fresh concoction has a bright wild berry aroma that combines superbly with the apple flavours.  Being crafted using a traditional fruit winemaking method further contributes to its unique bouquet and zest. 

Our limited release BULWARKWinter Cider is a must during cold winter days and also makes for a special treat during the festive season. It consists of a well-balanced blend of freshly-pressed apples from the Annapolis Valley infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. Its smooth sweet taste and character has a depth of flavour that will make you wish winter would keep going a little longer.

Muwin Estate Wines Ltd. 
7153 HWY 12, Box 85
New Ross, Nova Scotia
tele +1 902 681 1545


Patagonia Wine and Imports
1208 Gregorie Commons
Johns Island, South Carolina
(864) 630-6738


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J. Cambier Imports, Inc.
10001 High Hill Place 
Great Falls, Virginia 

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273 Prospect Lake Road
Victoria, BC V9E 1J7

(250) 882-1061

Ciderie Milton
5, Route 137
ste-Cecile de Milton
Quebec, Canada
(450) 777-2442


Canada-  Quebec cider is considered a traditional alcoholic beverage. It is generally sold in 750 ml bottles, has an alcohol content generally between 7% and 13% (with aperitifs ciders having alcohol content up to 20%), and can be served as a substitute for wine. Cider making was, however, forbidden from the early years of the British rule as it was in direct conflict with established British brewers' interests (most notably John Molson). In recent years, a unique variety has emerged on the market: ice cider. This type of cider is made from apples with a particularly high level of sugar caused by natural frost. In Ontario, cider or apple hooch is often home-made. Cider is commercially produced in British Columbia (large and small producers), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario, usually with a 7% alcohol content. It is sold in 341 ml glass bottles and 2 litre plastic bottles, and does not usually have added sugar.


Neige Premiere Ice Cider- Autumn harvest. Blend of McIntosh (80%) and Spartan (20%) apples. Tasty and softly sweet attack, persistent and tense. A delicious balance between sugar and acidity.

Neige Premiere Sparkling Cider- Autumn harvest 2009, 80% McIntosh (apple known for its sweet and acidic taste) and 20% Spartan (very sweet apple with a slight pear flavour). Yellow candied fruits. Delightfully light and persistent bubbles. A perfect balance of sugar and acidity.
Bulle No 1 Sparkling Cider- Autumn Harvest. Blend of Northern spy (Spice), Russet and Honey Gold apples. Racy and lively, crisp and distinct. Delicate and complex finish.

Bulle No 5- The new Bulle Nº 5 is a sparkling semi-dry cider made from 100% fresh Mcintosh apples. It is produced using the traditional method (bottle fermentation). A dose of Neige Première ice cider makes Bulle Nº 5 a totally unique cider.

Of note, there are well over 100 cideries across Canada and while the number is increasing unfortunately there are only a limited number Canadian cider types sold in the USA. The sample of cideries listed below are either ones that have been found for sale in at least one USA retail (often close to Canada) or ecommerce setting, or because they appear to be excellent and prolific cideries that are located so close to the Canada-USA border that an American might simply cross over and have a tasting. A US citizen can bring back from Canada one litre of alcoholic beverage duty-free, however you can also bring more litres and simply pay the duty charge at the Canada-USA border crossing. As other Canadian ciders sold in the USA are identified they will be listed. 


Red Roof Estate Cider- hand crafted from fresh Okanagan apples. Its flavours are fresh, crisp, and subtle. Unlike other apple ciders, the flavour and character of Orchard Hill Estate Cidery Apple Ciders is unique. Our cider blends contain different apple varieties mingled together, each with a different level of residual sweetness and with the subtlety of bubbles to give you the crisp, clean taste of sparkling ciders. The cider is carefully hand crafted on the orchard by the Dhaliwal family with fruit grown right here on the family orchard.

Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned orchard and cidery located on a beautiful heritage property near the historic village of Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Our bountiful 430-acre apple orchard, perched on the southern slopes of Pinnacle Mountain, provides the essential ingredient for our unique offering of fine regional products. Located on the 45th parallel - the same latitude as the world's renowned winegrowing regions - the south-facing orchards benefit from a microclimate that is particularly well suited for apple production. Ideal summer growing conditions coupled with our intensely cold Quebec winters make the creation of ice cider possible. All Pinnacle products are made with care and fine attention to detail by our dedicated, multidisciplinary team.​

Merridale Ciderworks Corp.
PO Box 358, 1230 Merridale Road
Cobble Hill, B.C. V0R 1L0
(800) 998-9908


Canada Import  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers for Canada.


Flagship- is one of only a few commercial ciders in the world free of added sulphites. Slowly fermented with Champagne yeast, this German-style ultra dry still cider offers a nose of anise and cinnamon framed by soft tannins and lively acidity.

Wild English- derives its name from a wild yeast fermentation of certified organic English bittersweet cider apples. This sparkling amber cider is ultra dry, robust and earthy, with distinctive tannins in the traditional Herefordshire style.

Kings & Spies- is crafted from a blend of local heritage apples – primarily Kings and Northern Spies – yielding a fruit-forward, Italian-style sparkling cider. Proceeds from this cider support Lifecycles, a Victoria organization that promotes local food security.
Newton Pippin- apples give structure to this crisp and aromatic dry sparkling cider. Blended with Island grown apples such as Winter Bananas and Sunsets, the result is an aromatic medley of pineapple and fresh fruit notes.

Rumrunner- is crafted with home-grown heritage apples including Winter Bananas and Winesaps. The apples were hand pressed using our traditional rack and cloth press, slowly fermented with Champagne yeast then aged in rum barrels. Notes of brown sugar and spice give complexity to this semi-dry sparkling cider.

Cyser- Quality cider comes from quality ingredients. Our Cyser is crafted from our farm-pressed cider apples blended with fermented organic honey. The result is a still, aperitif-style cider possessing subtle flavours of butter, honey and citrus.
Pommeau- is a still aperitif-style cider crafted by slowly fermenting hand-pressed Snow apples, whose Normandy origins date to the 1600s. Potent yet refined, Pommeau provides a velvety mouthfeel and a rich smoky nose of apple, spices and caramelized sugar.

Pomona- is inspired by the Roman Goddess of Apples. This still cider is a concentrated elixir hand crafted by freezing then slowly fermenting crabapple juice at cool temperatures, yielding a dessert-style cider with citrus and confectionery notes.

Arista Wines- a division of A.Lassonde inc, was created in 2006 and is a leader in the making, packaging and marketing of quality wines, ciders and alcoholic products in unique and innovative packaging. Sold in an assortment of formats and varieties, our products can be served at your events and special occasions all year round. 


Traditional Cider- Winner at Bath and West Show and at the International Cider and Perry Competition at the Hereford Cider Museum. Merridale cider is light, dry and effervescent. It appeals to true cider connoisseurs, and has been called “the best English-style cider in Canada” by wine expert Jurgen Gothe.

House Cider- Merridale’s Pub Draft– a lighter, sweeter version of our traditional cider, but still very dry. House cider is on tap in Vancouver Island’s finest pubs and restaurants.

Scrumpy- Winner of Gold & Silver 2002 North American Brewers Awards in Idaho Springs. If you’re a Scotch drinker, try this one. Scrumpy is strong and sharp, and rich in the flavours of our strongest cider apples. Once you acquire a taste for Scrumpy, nothing else will do! In old England, scrumpy was a cider made by farm workers who stole or ‘scrumped’ apples from the orchard.
Cyser- Winner of Silver Medal at the 2002 NABA. With its sweet and rich taste, Cyser is a favourite of sherry drinkers and an excellent aperitif or dessert drink. Cyser is a traditional blend of pure vintage apple juice and wildflower honey, combined in a slow fermentation process that dates back to the Viking days.

Merri Berri- This is a refreshing blend of apple cider and the unfermented juices of a blend of BC berries and fruits. It’s popular among those who enjoy spritzers or lighter alcoholic beverages.

Cidre Normandie- Full-bodied still cider fermented to dry, then aged in oak to soften the finish.

Winter Apple- A fresh and velvety sipping drink with an aroma of baked apples and buttery brown sugar.

Champage Style Somerset-This is the English version of champagne-style cider, dry and sparkling with balanced acids. Perfect for a special occasion, Somerset is slowly aged for more than a year to become completely dry.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers for Canada.

Sea Cider- “What is cider?” you ask. Simply put, cider is a fermented drink, like wine, but made from apples not grapes. Cider is a traditional farm product in many parts of the world. It was once very popular in North America before Prohibition in the early 1900s. The ban on alcohol was short-lived, but most of the old cider orchards didn’t survive. Sea Cider seeks to revive the artisan cider tradition. We grow certified organic* heritage apples selected for their superior cider qualities. Our apples are all pressed here at the farm using the traditional rack and cloth method. We ferment the juice slowly with champagne yeasts, then age it to perfection. The result: a selection of critically acclaimed artisan ciders. Robust to delicate, still to sparkling, each Sea Cider label promises a balance of flavours and aromas.

Spirit Tree Cider- Our cider is made with only tree-picked apples and contains no dropped apples (apples that have fallen on the ground). The cider is treated with our Cidersure UV Processor prior to being bottled. This is an FDA approved process that is an equally safe alternative to heat pasteurization. UV treatment is a non-thermal process that meets FDA guidelines to obtain a 5-log reduction in pertinent pathogens. This is equivalent to being 99.999% safe. By not heating the cider, we can preserve all of the flavour, nutrients and quality of the cider while still creating a safe to drink product. We offer our traditional blended cider along with several single varietal ciders such as Crabapple and Gala in season.


CID- They harvest their orchards’ fruits when they are well ripe. The small apples are then pressed. The small apple peels are left to macerate with the must. This will give the rosé color, among other positive advantages of doing so. Then, they proceed with the sludge removal and addition of yeast. From that moment on, the fermentation process begins. During the fermentation period, the temperature is rigorously controlled to preserve the flavors and aromas. Finally, after filtering and adding bubbles, this delicious, unique and gorgeous cider is bottled. 6.4% ABV, CO2 pressure at 3.4. Apples varieties: Honey Crisp, Cortland, and Dolgo crabapple.

Ice Cider- is made with McIntosh, Spartan, and Empire apples, with the method of cryoconcentration. Since this data sheet was created it has won three more awards, the latest being the Coupe des Nations with a Gold Medal this year! The current vintage is 2006. It has 180mg of residual sugar/liter, and carries an acidity of 6gr/liter. Once again, quantities are extremely small.


McKeown Original Cider- was the first cider produced by McKeown Cidery in September 2004. I’ts a classic fruity cider that contains 5,7% alcohol per volume. This cider is made of 100% fresh apples from our orchards in Rougemont. It has a bright golden straw color, a clean fruity nose with cooked apple and spice aromas. True to the nose the flavors are completed by the fresh apple taste with a well-balanced acidity.

The County Cider Company is an artisanal cider producer—our ciders are made with 100% pure apple juice from locally sourced apples. And while making cider is a year-round process, it essentially begins in autumn, once the apples have achieved the perfect balance of natural sugars and acids.

1137 Boston Mills Rd 
(between Creditview Road and Mississauga Road)
Caledon, Ontario L7C 0N1​

(905) 838-2530


Orchard Hill Estate Cidery
RR1, Site 42, Comp11 
Oliver BC, V0H 1T0 
(250) 689-0240



Pub Style Cider- A lightly carbonated cider, great served on its own or over ice.

Reserve Cider- Aged in oak barrels, this is a still cider. Most people drink this as a wine alternative, similar to a Chardonnay.

Crabapple Blush Cider- Made from 100% crabapples, fermented on their skins, this is a lively cider with beautiful colour.
Perry- A traditional cider made from 100% Harrowgold pears. Lightly carbonated, a great alternative to our pub style cider.
Ice Cider- Similar to ice wine but made with the fermented juice of frozen apples. Pairs wonderfully with cheeses and is an excellent after dinner drink.

Ciderie Milton- The Lasnier Family has owned orchards in Ste-Cécile-de-Milton since 1927. It is now the fourth generation that produces apples on ancestral lands. Around 1966, the Lasniers began producing artisanal cider for the needs of the family and their many guests. Now, the methods have changed, but one thing remains: the desire to always offer the best to our customers!
In 2017, Les Vergers de la Colline became Milton Cider House, a daring and inspiring cider leader in Quebec! A change that allows the company to clarify what it has become and showcase the exceptional quality of its products.

Luk Cider & Spirits Co 


Here at Merridale, we use cider apple varieties that have been proven for centuries in England, France, and Germany to make the best cider. All of our ciders are made from 100% pure juice, and only the first pressing is used. We do not add water or re-press the apples to increase the yield because we believe this compromises the flavour. Being purists, we do not use concentrates, chemicals at bottling, pasteurization, or fine filtration of juice. We ferment our juice slowly and naturally, to delicately bring out all of the flavour the fruit has to offer. The Cowichan Valley mirrors the optimum growing and climate conditions of the renowned cider regions in the UK and Europe. Merridale’s location was chosen, after years of research, as the perfect combination of climate, aspect and soil conditions to grow world-class fruit (our terroire). As with fine wines, you need world-class fruit to make a world-class beverage! We have two rows of Jonnagold apples, the only dessert apples in the orchard. The rest are cider-specific varieties like Tremlett’s Bitter, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Kermerien, Julienne, Judaine, Frequin Rouge, and Hauxapfel.


Dublin's Pub MC Rousse- is a quality cider made ​​from the marriage of the best varieties of apples from our orchards and a premium caramel. The Irish Red, as it is nicknamed, following a fair process of preparing for the Irish traditional method. Enjoy this cider quality that will appeal to slightly stronger flavor lovers. Cheers! 
Dublin's Pub MC- is a premium cider engineered from the best varieties of apple orchards. Each of the stages of selection, assembly and fermentation follows a rigorous process, true to the traditional Irish method. 
Pomme de Coeur- Made from apples picked during the first autumn frosts, Pomme de Coeur will seduce you with its beautiful amber colour and complex aromas of apricot, honey, melon and almonds. Smooth in the mouth and with a richness of flavour that complements the natural acids of the fruit, this cider is best served with fine desserts and cheeses. 

 Thornbury Premium Cider- is traditionally crafted in small batches from locally sourced, fresh-pressed apples in our historic location in Thornbury, Ontario – the heart of apple country. The apple packing industry began in Thornbury in the 1880’s, and in 1932, John Mitchell, of Mitchell Brand apple products, built one of the first large apple processing facilities in Canada, which is now home to the Thornbury Village Cidery. We are proud of our 100% Canadian cider, and we know you’ll enjoy it. 


Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider- Stunning richness. Incredible complexity... made from a blend of 6 varieties of apples. Exceptionally balanced... fresh apple taste with a sweet, smooth finish. A naturally made ice cider... without added sugar or alcohol.

Domaine Pinnacle Sparkling Ice Cider- The world's first sparkling ice cider! Easily recognizable by the elegant shape of its bottle, custom-designed for Domaine Pinnacle A delightfully sparkling ice cider... both sweet and lively on the palate with impressive length and depth. Complements many different foods... perfect for any occasion. A naturally made ice cider... without added sugar or alcohol.

Signature Reserve Speciale Ice Cider- Unparalleled richness Inimitable complexity... made from a blend of many apple varieties, including rare heritage apples. Warm caramel and baked apple flavour Made in limited quantities... each bottle is uniquely numbered and hand-signed. A naturally made ice cider... without added sugar or alcohol.

Verger Sud Still or Sparkling Cider- Domaine Pinnacle is proud to present Verger Sud, a unique cider that derives its character and taste from the same orchard and philosophy of quality as that of our ice ciders.


Bamfield Bound - Cider with Maple Syrup, Small batch, long fermentation periods and hand crafted means this Cider is more than just a great beverage. A hint of tartness, with a nose of fresh apples, and slightly sweetened with Canadian Maple Syrup. This is our first cider blend, and named for a true West Coast adventure. 

MalaHop - Cider with Maple Syrup & Triple Hops, Hopped cider has been around for years, but only recently in the Pacific NorthWest has it really become discovered and loved by so many. This cider is for the beer drinker, or for anyone who wants to have the tremendous nose and flavour of hops in their cider. Kinda like peanut butter and chocolate.... 

Breakwater Vanilla - Cider with Maple Syrup & Vanilla, Discovered by accident, BreakWater Vanilla is a terrific result of 'I wonder what this will taste like: The vanilla flavours in this cider really make this a fabulous evening beverage. It's a clean apple taste, with a champagne-style bubble and  just a little sweet. Goes great with dinner, dinner guests or all by itself. 
Prospect Dry - Dry Cider, We take apples, squish them, add some yeast, let it sit for four to six months, then bottle it with a little bit of fizziness to really make it lively in the mouth. Every batch is a little different, as it's always dependant on the blend of apples, and the unique fermentation process every time. A perfect dry cider. 

Tod Cider- 473ml 4 pack of cans, Our craft cider in a can! This is all juice, and not watered down like all the big boys do. Now Available! 

Ciderie McKeown- Created in 2004 by Robert McKeown and Andrée St-Denis, the cidery produces authentic ciders known for their freshness and pure fruit taste. Located in the heart of the Vallée Montérégienne, in Rougemont, our orchards offer the perfect climate and location for apple growing as well as creating fruity and flavourful ciders pleasing today’s cider lovers. Authentic and refreshing, this unique sparkling cider has 5.7% alcohol and is made of 100% fresh apples harvested in our orchards. The apples are hand-picked in the fall when they have reached their full maturity and the aromatic components and sugar are at their peak. They are pressed and the fresh juice is then fermented. The fermentation takes place slowly over several weeks followed by a maturing and a stabilization period which allows the aromas and the flavours to fully express themselves.  


Blanc Methode Champenoise- This cider is rare. The bottle presentation is splendid! The cider magnificent! 
It is made with 100% McIntosh apples.

La Grande Tentation- this cider is made on the dry side, but not as hard as some of the Normandy or English ciders. Beautiful perfume of fresh apple blossoms, flesh, skin, and pips. Pale yellow with hints of green, it is medium body on the palate, with a great balance between fruit, crisp zest, and tartness. Talk about fresh! This product is very unique in terms of true freshness and does not come around that often.
Ice Cider Rose- Elaborated by cryo-concentration: 100% Geneva apples, harvested in September and kept in a freezing cold storage until January. Then they are crushed and the juice is put outside for freezing (- 10oC) for a few weeks. The water freezes and separate from the juice. Only the concentrated and sweetest juice is collected and fermented for a few weeks in stainless steel tanks. No sugar is added to the juice prior, during or after fermentation.

Rose Methode Champenoise- This cider is VERY rare. Made 100% with Geneva apples (unique apples with red flesh), this product is a must for anybody who loves cider.

Orchard Hill Estate Cidery was established by Gian Dhaliwal. Being a family owned and operated business, quality and taste of the sparkling ciders is of the utmost importance. Orchard Hill Estate Cidery is nestled in the rare micro desert climate of the Okanagan Valley, and is sure to provide you with a unique cider experience, as its sparkling ciders are hand crafted exclusively from fresh Okanagan apples. With acres and acres of varieties in apples, the Dhaliwal family chooses different combinations of varieties to create their very own sparkling apple cider. The semi-desert climate of the valley provides the perfect opportunity to produce crisp and juicy apples, perfect for cider making!

Country Cider

657 Bongards X RD
County Road 8, RR 4
Picton, Ontario
K0K 2T0
(613) 476-1022​


Boisset Family Estates (East Coast)
Robert Rosende
(845) 526-7193


Boisset Family Estates (West Coast)
Mark Drake
(415) 289-4518

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Thornbury Village Cidery
90 King St. E.
Thornbury, Ontario
Canada N0H 2P0

(519) 599-2616 ​


Tod Creek Craft Cider- Named after the creek that runs through the orchard grounds, Tod Creek Craft Cider is a new beginning for this property. Formerly a working dairy for the 50’s to 70’s, it has now become Vancouver Island’s third commercial cidery. After more than a few years of neglect from previous owners, this eight acre spread is now home to a traditional, small batch cidery. There is a lot of work ahead of us to restore this old farm, and we invite you to follow us over the years as we grow and improve the land. 

Sea Cider
2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd.
Saanichton, British Columbia
Canada V8M 1T7
 (250) 544-4824


Beverage Traders


http://beveragetraders.com/index.htmlHalf Pint Ciders

Half Pint Ciders
31111 Via Colinas, Suite 202
Westlake Village, California
(818) 851-9018


Available at a number of USA retail outlets in Washington and California- see the cider maker's website for exact locations or search below...      


Luk Dry White- 6.4% ABV. Pours a light golden hue. Smells of fresh apples and fruit. Crackles in the mouth and has a dry but fresh fruit taste. Enjoy before a meal or at a picnic! 

Luk Rosé- is a young, refreshing cider. Made with McIntosh and Geneva apples, this light cider is carbonated at the bottling stage.

Michel Jodoin comes from 4 generations of apple growers. In 1988 he gets one of the first permits to make cider, and decide to bottle. That first year he sold 150 bottles. Michel Jodoin perfects his knowledge by working in Brittany, Normandy, and Champagne, combination of cider making techniques as well as choices of apples, and also get the absolute best in bottle re-fermenting (Methode Champenoise) to aim for the best products possible. in 1999, he gets a distilling permit which allows him to create three unique apple based brandies, and becomes the first Quebec distillery. In 2004 he sold more than 100,000 bottles. He is probably the largest Quebec cider producer, as well as the best! Some of our micro breweries and pubs get his Tentation cider in kegs for their restaurants and bars. Le Trou du Diable pushes further more by buying back some of the barrels Michel Jodoin used to age his apple brandy (very close to Calvados with a hint of Single Malt Scotch woodsy tones), to create the famous La Buteuse Brassin Special.

Domaine Pinnacle Inc.
150 Richford Road
Frelighsburg, Quebec
Canada J0J 1C0
(450) 263-5835


LUK- is an unique ultra-premium craft hard cider. Hand crafted with pure 100% Macintosh and Geneva Apples, not from concentrate, and naturally fermented to 6.4% alcohol by volume, LUK is one of the highest quality ciders found in stores today. Not only that but its sugar content is maintained to a minimum (6g), is naturally gluten-free and is Canadian!!! Enjoy responsibly with friends. 


Country Premium Cider- Fresh and crisp, like a perfectly ripe apple, our flagship product is a dry sparkling cider. It offers aromas of sweet Ida Red apples and its good acidity delivers a pleasing finish.

Waupoos Premium Cider- Made from late harvest and European cider apples, Waupoos Premium Cider is semi-sweet and sparkling. Perfectly balanced, it offers a lively body, full fruity flavours and refreshing finish.

Country 2000- A naturally sparkling cider made using the méthode champenoise (champagne method). Expertly balanced, County 2000 is elegant and complex with small bubbles and lovely fruity flavours—just like a fine champagne.

Prince Edward County Ice Cider- Russet, Ida Red and Northern Spy apples, varieties that do not fall when ripe, but remain on the tree through freezing temperatures, are used to craft our award winning ice cider.

Feral Cider- A sweet cider made with late season apples, which features the taste of fresh raspberries and cranberries. Lively, with persistent bubbles.

Indian Point- A dry, white wine made with Northern Spy apples. Soft and delicate, Indian Point is a pleasing alternative to traditional wine that offers the lingering taste of apples.

Ciderie Arista
755, rue Principale
Rougemont, Quebec,Canada J0L 1MO
(866) 552-7643


Cidrerie Michel Jodoin
1130, Petite Caroline
Rougemont (Qc)
J0L 1M0
(450) 469-2676


Half Pint Ciders
31111 Via Colinas, Suite 202
Westlake Village, CA 91362
​(818) 851-9018


Examples of where to purchase-

La Face Cachée de la Pomme
617 Route 202
Hemmingford (Québec) Canada
J0L 1H0
(450) 247-2899​


Cidrerie McKeown 
chemin de 1m0, 30 Chemin de Marieville,
Rougemont, QC J0L 1M0, Canada
tele +1 450-469-0808



Thornbury Premium Cider- is a truly original Canadian cider that tastes like a traditional English cider: dry, crisp and premium. It’s made with 100% fresh-pressed local apples (not from concentrate), and crafted in the 100 year old Thornbury Village Cidery in Georgian Bay, giving this cider it’s unique character.