Cascade Wine Services,

Oregon,  With over 20 years of 

for over a decade, VITIKIT was established in 2013 in order to offer quality brewing equipment at affordable prices to the hobbyist and small commercial producers of wine, cider and beer. However, we also have access to much larger equipment/KIT and are always happy to quote.

"The Freshest Yeast for  Optimal  Fermentation TM". Provide traditional and unique species and strains of brewing microbes. Capture and propagate wild yeasts. Cement and grow Richmond, Virginia's place in the international brewing landscape.   Provide home brewers with a truly sufficient pitch of over 200 billion cells  that are "Ready for Wort".

England, Bottling Services: We offer a high quality but competitively priced service that has gained a wide reputation for reliability, flexibility and quality assurance in the UK beer and cider industry. Unlike other bottlers we are not brewers, so providing our bottling customers with a first rate service is always our top priority. Our bottling line – which has passed the Tesco audit – is extremely flexible and can accommodate a wide range of bottling volumes, from as little as 5-10 barrels at a time up to 120 barrels or more. For breweries and cider-makers around the UK needing help with both the bottling and selling of their products, Branded Drinks is a ‘one-stop-shop’ gateway into on and off trade markets. 

Keg Growlers

Oregon, We pride ourselves in supplying the craft beer industry with  a Home 

breweries of any size with a customizable, on-demand, hassle free and cost effective opportunity to expand their business reach and profitability. Whether you're a start up nano brewery without any packaging abilities, or a large regional brewery who needs help with excess capacity, we want to get your beer into a can and into the market. Every brewery is a unique and individual business, and our operation is based around maintaining the flexibility to serve breweries of all shapes and sizes.Thinking of canning?  Let us do the work so you can concentrate on making great craft beer!! Join the growing contingent of Midwest breweries that have utilized Midwest Mobile Canning to bring their beer to market in CANS

Kansas, Happy Valley Ranch has been creating reliable, high quality cider presses for 30 years. Over these years our products have been proven to withstand the test of time. 

Hudson Valley Cider Kit

Using homemade or farmers' market apple juice, follow the step-by-step instructions and

The Genuine Cider and Wine Press- Grinder bolts to press frame. A high strength plastic drum studded with eight rows of stainless steel teeth is mounted on a steel crankshaft inside the hopper. 

Speidel Apple and Pear Mill

The Speidel Apple and Pear Mill is easy to use. Simply plug it in, switch 

Vermont Homebrew Supply

Equipment kits or buy just​ what you

for 3 batches of tart, dry and bubbly hard cider. Making hard cider is even easier than making beer and making beer is pretty easy!

homebrewers and winemakers from across the US for four decades. We offer the latest equipment and farm-fresh ingredients like local honey from around the corner, and specialty grains from around the world!



Don't leave without checking out the Whizbang Cider Photo Gallery and my My Newest Whizbang Cidermaking Technique.

trees to grow, they made fruit wines (anything to avoid drinking the water). When they finally had apples our forefathers started the American tradition of making Hard Cider. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Hard Cider Kit Extra. 

This superior kit is suitable for cider makers who want to make and store 25 to 30 litres of top quality cider

Why use a mobile canning solution? The biggest reason: we’ve made the investment so you don’t have to! As a local company, we are just a short drive away. We offer many levels of service based on your personal needs and desires. Just like you, our focus is to grow a high quality business. Customer service comes first and is routed in a “doing the right things, for the right reasons” mentality.

starts with the highest quality American White Oak staves – which are sustainably sourced and air dried up to two years. We then individually mold, fire bend, toast and char to your specifications. Tongue and groove handcrafted heads are also charred, then sealed with local, organic beeswax. And finally, each barrel is hand tested with high temperature, pressurized filtered water to ensure there are no leaks. Nothing is left to chance. And nothing short of perfection comes your way.

J&M Fluidics

Pennsylvania, we  

tanks provide a climate controlled home for your wine during fermentation, stabilization and storage.

                                   Portelos Hermanos,

Spain, We are distributors in Spain of products for the processing and consumption of Cider. We specialize especially in Asturian cider and have a wide variety of products for restaurants.

The Cider maker's Toolkit is a living, breathing, wiki page that is intended to capture the skills, tips, and

and storage tanks for the food, beverage, ozone and pure water industries. We manufacture our own agitators and are home to the patented self-cleaning Sanifoil Impeller and patented sanitary Steady Bearing.

We are a single-source for globally-produced hops, ranging from American Aroma hops from the famed Pacific Northwest, to imported hops from Germany’s historic Hallertau and Tettnang regions, to the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Great Britain and New Zealand. 

Whizbang Cider 

You're going to find a wealth of homemade sweet-cider ​inspiration on this web site. ​

financially solid company that has earned an A.M. Best Rating of A+ (Superior). Couple that with the experience and expertise of a dedicated team of specialists with unmatched knowledge of the alcohol manufacturing, distribution and retail industries, and you have a comprehensive program that’s hard to beat.

New York- SKS is a supplier, consultant and designer of plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, metal containers and closures for your packaging needs. Our online selections of containers and closures is extensive and priced right so that you are getting the best selection of products at the best prices. SKS has over 6,000 containers and closures offered online, from blue, amber and clear glass bottles, to green, amber and natural plastic bottles and jars. Each Container has an assortment of closure styles and colors to choose from. 

Make your own with either homemade or fresh apple juice, plus everything in this kit.

rigid packagingsolutions to the wine, beer, liquor and food industries in North America. Our expertise includes bottle design, product sourcing, decorating, project management and delivery.

Used for Sale

Illinois, Used for Sale is a search engine that includes used fruit presses and equipment to sell and buy. 

HDPE-IBC Equip/Rentals

Criveller Group 

California, was founded in 1979 with an emphasis on 

Michigan, Providing innovative winery, brewery, creamery, chemical & pharmaceutical, and olive oil products since 1985. We focus on quality & value.


California, manufactures polyethylene tanks designed for use in the wine and related industries. The products are configured for convenient use and designed to assist oxygen management in wine production. 

Stout Tanks and Kettles

Oregon, the small brewery experts


delivers specialty vinegar (cider) fermenters for industrial and smaller production quantities up to 1000l working volume as well

barrels are individually hand made by expert artisans and do not contain wax, paint or glue on the inside. Our oak wine barrels are sealed naturally by filling them with water which expands the wooden oak staves sealing any leaks.

RVA Yeast Labs

Supply brewers with 

FIT System - Modular clarification system designed to FIT the needs of growing cider producers. Oenoflow HS System - High solids system for recovery of cider from tank bottoms. SUPRApak™ Plus Modules - A revolutionary approach to depth filtration. NEW Supor® Beverage Filter - Advanced membrane filter for microbial stabilization of cider.

TBS Rentals  England

G&D Chillers

Oregon, offers a wide-range of 

Cider-Making Supplies, Home Fermenter Kits, Commercial Testers, Chemicals and Yeasts


Germany, provides everything you need so that you can make

Brewer? Keg Growlers! We wanted to have our favorite beer on hand - all the time. The problem was that all we could get was a 64 oz growler but it was only good for a few hours - it was no good the next day. So we got together to create an easy to use vessel that you can fill like a growler and tap like a keg! Born in the center of the Craft Beer Mecca - Bend Oregon, Keg Growlers is determined to better your portable beverage experience.

                              Coem Astur, 

Spain, With over 50 years experience in the world of bottling and processing Wines and Ciders. Due to its geographical location (northern Spain) where making apple takes its best, we specialize in the production and bottling of cider (Treatment process of Sidra).



carries a wide range of 

products suitable for the

Toucan Mobile Canning, Tennessee

Our goal is to provide 

above what you might expect. Recommended without reservation even for small commercial operations and community gardeners. 

 inexpensive analysis of wines. Recently we introduced the SC-50 MLF Analyzer that provides an accurate, simple and convenient method for measuring malic acid levels. This is of course vital information for the winemaker when deciding whether malolactic fermentation is complete.

                               Grayling Industries, 

                               Delaware- Guardian liners                                for bulk liquid containers provide a sanitary environment for your product during shipping and storage and eliminate the need for costly and time consuming container cleaning as the IBC is immediately available for reuse once the used liner has been removed. 

Homemade Cider Mills/Presses

Britain, Plans and Guide to Build your own.​

 is your one stop shop for home kegging supplies, kegging equipment and keg accessories. We specialize in homekeg equipment and keg supplies for homebrew, as well as commercial keg taps, parts and accessories.  We have a wide variety of keg starter kits from basic kits with easy to use party taps, to refrigerator conversion kits!   Start enjoying the great taste of draught beer from the comfort of your own home and start kegging your home brewed beer today!

links for all things related to running a professional cider business. This page will live on and thrive as long as the cider community participates.

two-in-one fruit grinder and press with all the features of larger commercial presses at an affordable price. Our grinder and press comes ready to use in your kitchen or can easily travel outdoors. Made by Maine craftsman, using maple hardwood, veneers and powder coated metal components. We modeled Cider Time Press from centuries old proven design to efficiently extract juice from fresh fruit.

                        Keg Logistics, USA

Keg Logistics is the leading Keg Management company in the Craft Beer industry. We work with customers big and small, all across the U.S. and in the U.K. Our rent to own program is the most efficient way for a Craft Brewer to manage their keg needs with the highest quality fleet in the world.

Cellar Plus


                                 Day Equipment 


Indiana, specializes in supplying the needs of cider producers of any size for more than 40 years! Mr. Day's governing values for Day Equipment were and still are honesty and integrity, first and foremost, and a sincere interest in our customers and their needs.

England and USA- We have everything you need to get up and running, from the apple presses themselves to add-ons, accessories and replacement parts. 

Homemade UKCider

Britain, More Plans to build your own cider press.

IDD Process and Packaging Inc, California-  "PurePass" Flash Pasteurization (FP) for PET & glass bottling, canning or kegging of all beverages are now possible with our filling line sanitary systems upgrades. Fully automatic, stainless steel skid mounted systems offer accurate PU control and 92% energy efficiency.

cider and perry that is able to determine multiple parameters in just a few minutes and without sample pre-treatment. It is also possible to run tests on several samples at a time. The CiderLab is simple to operate and can be used during all the cider processing phases. 

Spokane Industries™-

Washington, Custom engineered wine tanks and fermenters in sizes ranging from about 300 

it on and start feeding your apples or pears! It has a large feed-hopper to make it easy to fill in the fruit directly from the box. It can handle up to 2,200lb of fruit per hour. Cleaning is simple: just remove the feed hopper and spray off the appliance and the hopper with water.

Cider Supply

 Keeving Kits

The grade and quality of what you put in your cider and perry must be first-class if you expect first-class results! 

IBC Containers: If you are looking for a partner that supplies IBC containers and a reliable service TPS can help. Rent or buy IBC containers: Steel, plastic and cardboard IBC containers, Liquid liner bags. A complete delivery and collection service for your IBC containers. Our locations serve the UK, USA and Europe, the Nordic and Eastern European regions.

providing innovative processing and packaging solutions to the wine regions of North America. Criveller Group provides premium stainless steel tanks and equipment to the wine, beer, cider and distillation industries worldwide.

Adventures in Home 

Brewing   Michigan,  Just Add Cider! Hard Cider Making Kit 


home  brew and wine making supply shop in America. Our employees have years of homebrewing and wine making experience from extract brewing to all grain brewing.

materials to businesses throughout North America. 

Cider Grinders-Presses 

Pall Corporation

New York, Pall's filtration solutions for cider production include: NEW Oenoflow™

Pasco Poly

Idaho, Polyethylene Tanks for 

Gusmer Enterprises 

California,​ has taken a revolutionary approach to serving our customers for over 85 years by supplying the highest quality goods and services available for equipment, fermentation, filtration, processing aids and laboratory tools. 

includes all necessary chemicals and adjuncts for 5 gallons of hard cider. Use the same equipment available in our starter homebrew equipment kit.

Vigo Ltd

Britain, Vigo supply an extensive range of cider making equipment, including apple washers, apple presses / mills, fermentation tanks, pasteurisers, filters, and bottling equipment.

Custom Metalcraft 
has specialized in custom Stainless Steel processing equipment, transportable storage units and complex bulk handling systems. 

Lehman's Cider Press

Ohio, professional performance 

Massachusetts,  We built this grinder to process apples for the Lancman water operated bladder presses. Grinds a bushel of apples in about 90 seconds.

components and kettles have become internationally recognized by brewing professionals as well as by advanced amateur level enthusiasts. Our brewing systems are utilized in over 35 countries globally and can be found in the technical laboratories of universities for both research and teaching purposes. Brew-Magic also serves as both pilot system and small batch production brewery for many hundreds of micros, pubs, restaurants, and advanced home-brewers everywhere. 

Vance New York, has a growing customer base in the wine, beer, and cider business, from our own Finger Lakes Wine Region to the East and West Coasts. We entered this market thanks to close working relationships with our region’s finest winemakers. We studied their business. Designed for their needs. The result: a unique line of world-class stainless steel fermenting and storage tanks.

Uline , a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging

Yeast, Tannins, Sulfiting Agents, Enzymes and more! Our selection of Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals will also be available locally in a wide variety of sizes. 

Press your own cider at home with easily available equipment and materials.

 California, is a specialty property & liability  insurance program providing comprehensive value to the craft cider industry. Our program is underwritten by an AM Best Rated ‘AVX’ carrier and distributed exclusively through hand-selected insurance brokers. These brokers specialize in, and are dedicated to, your passion and profession. Equally important, our broker partners are committed professionals who formulate insurance solutions that blend affordability, customization and stability. We invite you to consider the advantages of CideryPlus.

Cider Time Press

is a compact, home-style 


Britain, Having run our own vineyard and cider orchards for 

beer dispensing and preservation products are the flagship brand of Cydea, Inc. who continue to be leading innovators in the beer dispensing and preservation industry. Our quality products are built to last for years of use for the draft beer enthusiast at heart. From opening to storing, Kegco products are well thought out and quality tested to ensure the best experience for the end user. Our core focus is to produce solid products that are practical, functional and visually appealing all while creating a strong bond with our customers. Backed by top notch customer service, Kegco is available to prospective and current owners before, during and after their purchase.

as laboratory scale. High-value delicacy vinegar from i.e. fruit, wine, herbs or honey can be optimally produced in these kind of fermenters. Based on your preference, the fermenter will be delivered in high quality stainless steel or transparent plastic.

Illinois, Thinking of canning?  Let us do the work so you can concentrate on making great craft beer!! Join the growing contingent of Midwest breweries that have utilized Midwest Mobile Canning to bring their beer to market in CANS

Saxco International 

 is the leading provider of 

experience in the beverage industry, we provide mobile filtration for wineries and cideries in the Pacific Northwest. Working with over 80 wineries and 15 cideries Cascade Wine Services has got filtration covered.

Oak Barrels & Kegs

Texas,​​ All oak wine 

comback, Cider Houses have unique insurance exposures and a customized insurance program that protects cider makers from the many risks of their day to day operation is a must. If you are a grower and a cider maker I have programs that can combine the farm coverage  for the orchards with the general and liquor liability required for your cider. 

comes to you when you need us.  Whether your brewhouse is 3 barrels or 30 barrels, our turnkey service allows breweries to focus on what they do best, brew great beer.  Not only can we fill both 12 and 16 oz cans, but was can also provide you with all the materials you need including cans, lids, 6 and 4 pack holders, and case trays.

Colorado, was founded in 2011 by two friends in Colorado, both long-time home brewers, who had a common interest in becoming commercially involved in the industry. Mobile Canning Systems™ has developed an innovative packaging solution that not only brings a canning line to the brewery when the beer is ready, but provides small batch labeling services for existing canning companies.

Goodnature Products Inc.

New York, designs & manufactures hydraulic juice and cider presses, pasteurizers, and more. A believer in natural, gentle, food processing

England, specialise in the apple juice, cider and winemaking industry, supplying highly innovative production and processing equipment. Our aim is to offer the most technically advanced, productive and cost-effective equipment to our customers, backed by great customer service.

CiderPak Insurance

Ohio, When you choose CiderPak, you get quality insurance coverage from a 

Enartis Vinquiry

California, complete range of specialty winemaking products comprised of

Meadow Creature's Avalon™ Cider Press

Washington, new generation of cider press, created for 

Oak Barrels Ltd

Texas,​​ Oak barrels 

carbonating and filling craft beverages, Meheen’s expertise spans all beverage categories. Whether you’re bottling beer, cider, tea, water, soda or some other carbonated beverage, Meheen machines are designed and engineered to allow for unmatched operational control. We continuously invest in technologies to anticipate and respond to your machine needs. As brewers and engineers, we understand the dynamics of carbonation and can support you throughout the brewing and filling process.

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.

Oregon, Since 1986 our Pure Liquid Yeast cultures and 

China, major business is : produce and process glass dinnerware (all kinds of glass cup, tumbler, wine glass, jug, tea pot , seal jar, glass vase, fruit plate and glass gifts sets , etc) Our glass is mouth blown,   material:  lead free crystalline glass. Our company owns the most complete and scientific quality management system. Our integrity, capability and products quality are approved by all our clients.

Other Cider-Making Equipment- Tanks, Chillers, Fermenters, IBC, Glassware, Bottlers and Pasteurizers 

I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following, at very competitive prices:- Finest quality grafted vines for sale also viticultural accessories and vineyard equipment and all types of equipment for winemaking, apple processing and brewing + equipment for juicing, preserving and food processing. I export over most of the world.

The Barrel Mill, 

Minnesota, Crafting the industry’s finest products, The Barrel Mill 

you’ll be enjoying your own delicious hard cider in 10 to 21 days.

Canada, StickerYou’s die-cut technology allows customers to create any shape without any constraints. StickerYou can produce images that contour to the shape of the image (die-cut) or create standard shapes, such as rectangles, squares, or circles. With labels for the bottle neck, middle and even caps, the possibilities are bottomless when it comes to your customized beer labels. StickerYou also has beer label templates in a variety of shapes and sizes so your bombers, growlers, and even kegs can be decked out in your home brew’s custom logo or seasonal designs.

Pleasant Hill Cider Presses

Nebraska - something for everyone in press and accessories.

Austria, thanks to decades of experience in customer orientation and market analysis, voran® has become the industry leader in commercial fruit processing. Voran now has retailers in the USA

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider making equipment, supplies and support. 

Correll Apple Cider Press

Oregon, The Correll Apple Cider Press, hand-built from 

you’ve been a cider fan since way back or have recently been introduce to this exciting beverage via the many new producers on the commercial market you should at some stage try ferment up your own. Whether you want to start out with a simple apple concentrate kit , partial pulp ferment with apple – pear mix or go the full hands on crush….CELLAR PLUS can setup up with a small start kit or all they way with juice plant to run 2-10 ton per day…. From fermenters to tanks and small manual apple press to continuous belt and bladder presses we have it all . 

Illinois, Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment to include fruit presses. Our comprehensive database contains more active machinery listings than any other website. 

Craft Canning + Bottling,  Oregon

​will bring a fully automatic Wild Goose MC-250 canning line, depalletization equipment,

gallons to 42,000 gallons. An industry leader supplying superior stainless steel wine tanks, and fermenters to wineries for over three decades. 

Wine, Cider, Beer, and Juice, 225 To 4500 Gallon Sizes, Stainless Steel Gasketed Manways, Embedded Drain and Racking Adapters to Fit Tri-Clamp Valves 

are also very popular for making your own fine homemade vinegars and "artisanal"  ciders -- yet … their uses are limited only to your imagination. Indulge or put a smile on someone’s face. Either way your new oak barrel will give you years of enjoyment.

Brooklyn Brew Shop

New Yark, ​Our Hard Cider Kit has everything you need (other than some fresh cider)

Washington, Built over decades of brewing,  

Cider Houses Insurance

Maine, New Englanders love their cider and many are glad hard cider is making a 

need. Wine making and cider making supplies as well. Bottles, carboys, keg systems or parts

Oregon, Situated in the Willamette valley we are central to the emerging cider market on the West Coast.  Each year orchard owners across the Oregon, Washington, California and elsewhere press thousands of pounds of apples into what will become one of the finest beverages possible.  They have unique needs and unique challenges that need to be addressed in a more specific manor than a homebrew beer shop. 

SABCO’s ​​, Ohio,

renowned Brew-Magic System and full line of high quality ​

                                SpaceKraft,   Bulk bag in box packaging for the cider industry. Recyclable corrugated bulk (IBC) bag in box with barrier bulk liners. Also sell replacement liners.

Kegco California,

Canning, Filtering Equip/Mobile

                Juicing Systems 

Canada,  sells high quality Kreuzmayr equipment including Belt Presses, Hopper/Grinders, Pasteurizers, Bag-in-Box fillers, De-stoners and much more.

your own juice or cider yourself from start to finish. from the pome fruit grinder by way of the juicer right up to transportation and storage in barrels of high-grade plastic or stainless steel.

JVNW Oregon, manufactures a wide variety of mix tanks 

Beer and Wine Hobby

Massachusets has been serving the needs of 

Massachusetts, We Stock all types of the best quality French oak barrels. We also stock premium quality reconditioned 30 gallon barrels and used 60 gallon barrels.

Gopher Kegs

Oregon, We pride ourselves in supplying the craft beer industry with high quality

hardwood to an exacting design, comes in two models: Heirloom and Standard, each in five sizes. They are easy to operate and easy to clean. 

Bottles, Bottlers and Cleanersand Labels

L-Inox , Slovenia, 

Commercial Cider Production Tanks and Equipment of all sizes and uses.

and QC equipment into your brewery. Craft Canning provides seam inspection reports, O2 level measurement, and ATP sterility testing. If you aren’t ready to make the jump into cans, Craft Canning + Bottling can package pre-labeled 22oz bombers with the brewery only needing to provide a single employee. Coupled with off site warehousing of consumables, we can leave 30 barrels worth of packaged product the first day and up to 40 bbls each additional day.

 production of Cider.  We carry cider bases, yeast and nutrients, oak products, tannins, enzymes and stabilization products.  Whether you’re a brewpub looking to make your own cider, a production brewery diving into packaged cider, or a cidery that is looking for great products from a proven supplier, we have a solution for you.

California, Need Draft Beer Kegs and Keg Accessories for your home brewing? Beverage Factory has what you need! We’ve got a huge selection of both new and used empty kegs for your brewing needs. We sell a wide variety of sizes of beer kegs from 3 gallon kegs for small events all the way to 15.5 gallon kegs for large operations! Beverage Factory even carries the best in replacement parts and accessories like washers and valves to make sure you’ve got exactly what you need. New and Used Kegs, Home Brew Kegs and Commercial Kegs and more, we’ve got it all right here at Beverage Factory!

the small commercial or discriminating home processor. Our press is designed to be efficient,  easy to use and clean, and indestructible. Complete package includes motorized grinder, low-friction screw press, stand, baskets, and accessories.

Croatia, Slovania,  The barrels are made from Slavonian oak, Quercus petraea, grown in hilly area (500 - 700 m above the sea level) of carefully managed forests in a cool climate. Oak - fire - bent staves. The barrels are stored in clean and dry warehouse, and packed immediately after completion in plastic wrapping. Barrels are shipped within a week from production date.


California, our goal is to provide products for the accurate yet 

Cider-Making Equipment and Supplies  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider making equipment, supplies and support. 

Midwest  Supplies- 

Minnesota, is the largest retail

fermentations products have been crafted with skill and integrity.  Our continuing devotion to providing superior products, insightful technical expertise and helpful customer service has earned Wyeast the reputation as a worldwide industry leader.  Whatever your fermentation needs, we have the products and the technical expertise to guarantee your success.

For the true hard cider aficionado making your own should have appeal. As discussed in our inform section on "How To Make Cider", the making is a relatively simple process but the making it good is another thing all together. However, as all athletes know, it takes practice to be good so if you have been intrigued reading about how to make great hard cider then here are examples of numerous useful links to locate essential cider making equipment and supplies such as a cider press, cider juice, cider yeast, cider bottles and various other equipment and supplies necessary to get you started in making your real hard apple cider and perry. We have also included links for insurance, equipment and supplies that may prove useful at the next stage when the home fermenting passion becomes a commercial enterprise! And for links to finding the best heirloom cider apples, trees and cider juice see Cider Apples-Trees-Juice.

Portugal,  is a manufacturer of manual bottling material winemaking, marketing garden material, water filters and wood heating.  Since 1973, they won the national market of bottling equipment introducing in the market an exclusive product, the two levers corker. In the same year started exporting to the European market. Currently 40% of its turnover is for export to the four corners of the world, especially in bottling products. 

Testers, Yeasts, Hops, Specialty Chemicals

Minnesota, Sparkling, still, sweet, dry, strong, or mild - make it how you like it!

stainless steel beer kegs featuring Micro Matic extractor valves. Our four warehouses allow us to provide our customers with competitive pricing and fast efficient shipping. If your order is over 200 kegs you may qualify for a substantial discount. If your order is over 300 kegs you may qualify for wholesale pricing. Let us get you a quote for kegs delivered to your door.

are dedicated to providing quality, sanitary home brew conical fermenters, brew kettles, and other brewing and wine making equipment.

Rhode Island, offers cider makers an assortment of  testing equipment for cider analysis.  By offering innovative and easy-to-use instruments, we meet our goal of making your job easier for you to accomplish.

Brew Demon Cider Kit

Arizona, ​While the pioneers were waiting for their apple 

QCL Scientific Cider Lab

England,  is a simple and reliable analysis system for 

DIY Hard Cider Kit

Meet beer's gluten-free younger sister: hard cider.

options from small portable chillers and heaters, to large custom chilling units. All of our units are ETL approved in both the United States and Canada. Most of our standard package chiller designs have been tested for over 20 years in the field. 

Cidery and Cider Making Insurance

United Bottles & Packaging 

Canada, specializes in the 

GVTEC,  South Africa, 

manufacture glycol chillers for many different industries, including cideries. We take a great deal of pride in our top-of-the-line chillers, outstanding customer service and attentive tech support. 

import and distribution of high quality glass bottles, standard European shapes and proprietary moulds for a variety of food and beverage facilities, including beer, soft drink, wine, spirits, cider, and water but not limited to those only. 

Note: the Cyder Market, LLC does not endorse any of the products, manufacturers or retailers shown; these are simply examples of some starting point items to assist in your search.  The Cyder Market, LLC is not responsible for the content on external web sites. Images are the property of Cyder Market, LLC or screenshots courtesy of the cited webpage.