Glider Cider- Glider has just a little apple sweetness up front. Due to a late start in 2010 we missed the apple harvest in Colorado. We used mostly Washington apples & had them pressed on the western slope for a fresh juice. We blended in some bittersweet apple juice from New England to add a true cider apple character. This year we will use all the Colorado apples we can.Glider (Dry) Cider- The “dry” version of Glider has a whisper of juice added back, like a mist of vermouth over a fine martini. Our yeast loves apple juice sugar and eats it all up in the fermenter. Alcohol is all that’s left of its efforts. A completely dry cider is not for the feint of heart and they say it can be used to re-finish furniture. We decided to dial that back a bit.
Grasshop-ah- is an ode to the botanical neighbors and flavors of our favorite grasses and flowers. We’ve married our cider with hops (flowers) and Lemon Grass (uh,.. grass) Apples grow in areas that are also conducive to hop cultivation and Lemon Grass seems to grow anywhere.  While this may be heretical to Cider purists we know plenty of folks who love the aroma of hops and think the background of cider makes perfect sense. 
Ol' Stumpy- is our premium blend of traditional cider apples from New England plus Granny Smith, Jonagold, and cider that's been aged in a chardonnay barrel. These traditional cider apples give Ol' Stumpy an earthy flavor and the tannic mouth-feel that makes you think you're sitting in an old orchard sipping history. 
Our Apple Honey Cider (Pome Mel) is a classic take on what’s sometimes referred to as “Cyser”. We use about 300 pounds of Colorado Wildflower honey in each batch and infuse hints of Lavender and Rosemary to compliment the botanical origins. Bees are an important part of an apple orchard and we think honey is a nice addition to cider.  We use honey as part of the fermentation and as a back sweetener to get just the right balance. 
Pearsnickerty- We here at Colorado Cider Company have been accused of being obsessed with detail and of wanting only the finest things. Well, when it comes to our products we certainly are hard to please. Our perry is a perfect example. Made from Colorado pears and aged to (what we consider) perfection. Like our ciders, Pearsnickety is not sweet, but a pear-tastic treat!
Uvana- Made with a 50/50 blend of Colorado wine grapes and apples. In Spanish Uva = grape, Manzana = apple, we combined them for UVANA.  Delicate fruit flavors, a snappy middle and a dry finish with very few bubbles.
Cherry-  A rosé color and a distinctive cherry pucker. This cherry is a unique & dry apple cider enhanced with cherries, not over powered by them.
CCC Distraction- limited release- This is our "Pommeau" and we've only made about 45 cases of it. We took some distilled cider and added it to fresh juice in 2012 and it's been aging in a rum barrel until now. Sort of like a Port version of cider. Available now in our tasting room.
Newtown Pippin- A classic American Heirloom Apple originally from Newtown, Long Island. Sometimes called Albermarle Pippin. It has a distinct fruity, some say pineapple aroma. As with all of our ciders this has minimal sweetness bringing out the unique characters of this fine apple.

695 36 Road, Unit C
Palisade, Colorado

(970) 464-1099

Colorado Common Hard Cider-  We started small... really small. One batch at a time to be exact. Now we plan on going big and bringing Colorado our hand-crafted golden cider. Fresh apples, care, and little bit laughter are what fills our brewery and makes our cider one of kind. Colorado Common is a premium cider that comes in a convenient package. It is as comfortable at a Denver Broncos tailgate as it is cuddled by the fireplace at a snowy ski lodge. Crisp, refreshing, and satisfying are what make Colorado Common the perfect choice for your outing. 

Colorado- was named for the Colorado River, which early Spanish explorers named the Río Colorado for the red colored (Spanish: colorado) silt the river carried from the mountains. On August 1, 1876, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting Colorado as the 38th state. Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it was admitted to the Union in 1876, the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence. Colorado's farmers, ranchers and food processors grow, process and market over $15 billion in products each year. These goods are marketed throughout Colorado, the United States and to over 115 countries around the world. Additionally, Colorado, the mile high state, has 34 registered apple orchards with 21 commercial cider makers. 

Red Fox Cellars- We’re a family of strong opinions, but somehow we get along. There are only a handful of things we all see eye to eye on, and the most important one is a belief that good food and good drink can make a good day great and a bad day good. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting technique, and along with that comes tons of experimentation. We may try and fail here and there, but we learn along the way. None of us is classically trained in wine making, and that’s nothing we’re ashamed of.  As a matter of fact, we embrace it; it’s a point of pride; it’s an opportunity to be ourselves even in our wines, to take risks we see as practical that others see as crazy. There’s a lot to learn from the various traditions and schools of wine making, and we see ourselves as students of them all. We do not see our style as superior, merely enjoy our freedom to move freely between tradition and invention. We see none of the risks we take with wine as a novelty. We are out to make quality wine that is unique. We may never make the world’s most classically perfect Merlot, but that’s just fine with us. 

500 Briggs St. 
Erie, Colorado

(303) 905-0620

The Old Mine- Operated out of the old mercantile building in Historic Downtown Erie Colorado, we feature in-house hard cider alongside the best beer in the world on tap and in our cellar. Made in-house on our 7bbl pilot system or in oak barrels, it’s naturally gluten-free and made from three simple ingredients: 100% US apples, pure cane sugar and yeast. We base it all on our HANDLEBAR and IMPERIAL ciders which we’ve carefully developed over the last few painstaking years. Our goal was to create a base hard cider that could be enjoyed by all kinds of people–from casual drinker soccer moms to hardcore beer geeks. The moms and the geeks agree: we’ve got one fantastic cider on our hands.

Wild Cider- If you are as passionate about something as we are about cider, you better find a way to make it part of your life. Before we thought of making our own cider, all of us here at Wild Cider drank cider over all other options both at home and out on the town. We enjoyed cider so much, the idea of making Cider naturally drew us in, and evoked such excitement that we decided to pursue it, not just as a hobby but as a life long dedication. For many months prior to opening our doors we toiled over creating our final recipes. All our labor has coalesced in the production of the World's Best Ciders. We are certain you will enjoy our ciders as much as we do. 

St. Vrain Cidery- We are a craft hard-cider company & all cider tap house, started by three friends with a vision to create a Colorado cider destination. We are pouring 24 taps of hard cider made from cideries all over the state, along with 6 ciders of our own. Our tap offerings range from dry to sweet and are infused with everything from vanilla to lemon. The best part? All the ciders are gluten-free.

2650 West 2nd Avenue #10
Denver, Colorado

(303) 759-3560

C Squared Cider- We hand craft hard cider to make us happy. We decided to share our ciders with the public since we can't drink it all. 


Dry Apple-Hopped-Ginger-


Handlebar Hard Cider- Our flagship brew. Handlebar Batch 3 just ran out but not to worry, ’49er Session Cider was just put on and Handlebar Batch 4 is fermenting away and will be available in a few weeks! Handlebar is a crisp and delicious balance of sweet and dry made from three simple ingredients: 100% USA Apples, Pure Cane Sugar & Yeast. Naturally Gluten-free. Imperial Hard Cider- Be careful. 10.5% ABV with a slightly dry finish and refreshing aftertaste. But watch that 10.5–it’ll bite ya back. CANA, our Red Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Cider is on tap now! Extra-Anejo Tequila barrels just arrived from Mexico were also just filled with Imperial Batch 3. Yee haw! Experimental Hard Cider- Boldly going where no cider has gone before. Barrels and hops and fruit… oh my! 

4655 Town Center Drive, Suite #130
Colorado Springs, Colorado

11455 County Road 17
Firestone, Colorado
(303) 532-9949

386 High Street,
Hotchkiss,   Colorado

(970) 872-3065


Dirty Woman Oak Aged- Aged in toasted American oak, this cider will be served in a goblet, still, and at room temperature straight out of the barrel. Raspberry Hard Cider- 
Reynolds Ranch Harvest Gold- same recipe as our Classic Dry. It's made with the juice pressed at the Reynolds Ranch harvest festival last month. Darker in color and stronger in flavor. 
Classic Dry- 
Pumpkin Hard Cider- 

#5 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, Colorado

(970) 498-0483


Apple- A crisp, balanced cider full of mouthwatering aromas of fresh juicy red apples, and hints of tropical fruit.
Berry- A robust Cider on all levels, the berry boasts a lustrous burgundy red hue in the glass. Highlights of ripe Blackberries, Raspberries and Elderberries on the nose.
Pumpkin- A beautiful blend of crisp apple cider with a slight orange hue with an aromatic of Pumpkin and Fall spices. 
Pineapple- A delicate cider with well rounded mouth­feel across the palate. Pronounced ripe Pineapples on the nose with hints of vanilla and butterscotch that linger with the finish.
Spiced Apple Pie- A hand crafted cider perfect for the cool days of fall and Winter. Full aromas of spices and sweet apple pie. This cider is sure to put you into the Holiday spirit.
Bee Hoppy- A refreshing crisp dry hop cider with citrus undertones finished with a kiss of honey. 
Agave Peach- This unique hand crafted cider marries the rich sweetness of pure organic agave with the chin-dripping juiciness of a tree ripened peach. 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Colorado.

3200 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado

(303) 736-8376

2811 Walnut St, Unit B
Denver, Colorado

(720) 443-3007 

Summit Hard Cider & Perry Company and Scumpy's Cider Bar-  A hard cider bar with hot sandwiches and sweet treats. They offer a wide array of ciders and sell their our own Summit Cider varieties fermented on site.

Hygiene, Colorado


Apple Dry: White grape, cherry, and apple flavors blend nicely to balance out the crisp acidity. Apple Semi Dry: Orange and apple blossom fragrance and flavors are followed by a clean finish.  Apple Sweet: Imagine a candy apple in liquid form. A subtle clove and rich caramel flavor leave your palate lightly coated with sweetness. ​
Honey Apple-
Lemon Peel- 


Golden City Cyclops Barrel Aged Apple Cider- 
Golden City Cyclops Jr. Apple Cider- 
Golden City Summer Apple Haze Cider- 

250 S. Grand Mesa Drive
Cedaredge, Colorado

(970) 856-7006 

Compass Cider-  makes it's home in Old Town Fort Collins, CO USA!  Compass Ciders are craft premium products that truly exemplify the creativity and innovation happening in the American Cider movement. Working in close partnership with Blossomwood Cidery, Compass will ensure that our customers who are looking for the highest quality locally made Ciders and Perry will have the widest selection of premium beverages readily available. The Compass Cider Lounge, the flagship tasting room for Blossomwood and Compass Ciders offers a paired small plate menu prepared by Executive Chef David Daggett to enhance the tasting experience. 

Snow Capped Ciders- is part of the Williams Cellars family of wines and ciders. We are located in Cedaredge, Colorado - the heart of Colorado's fruit growing country. We have 5 generations of fruit growing experience in our own orchards. We pride ourselves in being a family run business creating hand-crafted wines and ciders for your enjoyment. Our ciders are made from hand-pressed apples picked from our own orchards. Our altitude of 6180 ft. creates warm days and cool nights - perfect for conditions for growing superior apples. Our cider production facility is located in the AppleShed in Cedaredge, CO. The AppleShed was once an actual fruit packing shed which we have remodeled into one of the premier shopping spots on the Western Slope of Colorado. In addition to our cider and wine production areas the AppleShed contains art galleries, a restaurant, specialty shops and so much more.


6130' Blend- Semi-sweet with Notes of Oak and Vanilla 

Caramel Apple Cider- Buttery Rum with the Sweetness of Caramel 

Honeycrisp Hard Cider- Honey . . . . Crisp, Need We Say More? 
Crabby ol' Granny- Simply Tart with a Touch of Sweet 
North 40- Bold Apple Flavor, Semi-Dry with Hints of Oak 
Honey Crisp Ice- Our Cool & Crisp Honey Crisp Blend 
Boondocker- A Hearty Cider With Subtle Undertones 
Holiday Blend- Our Seasonal Blend of Honey Crisp 
Mojo- A Zesty Cider Infused With Habanero & Lime 
NORTH 40- Our Barrel Aged North 40 Cider 
Utopia-  A Tasty Treat Infused With Mini & Lavender
Sippin' Cider-  One Of Our Most Favorite Ciders

Fort Collins, Colorado

(970) 658-5500


Banjo- Crisp apple melodies and smoky undertones come together to create Banjo. CAREFULLY PICKED apples are fermented dry and aged in bourbon barrels to smooth perfection. Pour a glass, find a band and marinate the day away. 
Malice-  Alluringly clean and unassuming, Malice is a temptation you shouldn’t resist. This crisp and fruit-forward cider is crafted from Colorado apples, fermented dry, and aged in stainless steel.  Just one sip and you’ll never be the same again – that’s one bad apple. 
Le Chene- While it prides itself on being well-rounded, classy and complex, Le Chene is a cider that knows how to have a good time. A blend of fun-loving traditional cider apples are combined, fermented dry and then aged to perfection in oak wine barrels. 
Crabby Neighbor- A puckery smile spreads across your face as you are introduced to our beloved Crabby Neighbor.  Granny Smith apples come together with carefully selected crabapples to create the complex, crisp and tannic mouthfeel of this crazy character.  There is something friendly and familiar to this CRABBY-NATURED cider that you can’t help but love! 
Remedy- Floral aroma dominates your nose while bright apple flavors smooth the rough edges from your day. Fermented dry and then lightly dry-hopped, Remedy’s crisp apple flavor is light-hearted and never bitter. Remedy–for whatever ales you!

216 North College Ave.
Fort Collins, Colorado

(970) 372-1350


Cider Winder- This year’s release is unfiltered, leaving bold flavors of green apple and aromas of honey and pineapple.
Roasted Chili- Cider steeped with roasted chiles. Strong aromas of fresh roasted green chile with just a hint of tart apple in the background. 
Hopple- Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic dry hopped hard cider. Resinous, citrusy aroma. 
Shep- Crowd pleasing semi-sweet cider. Fresh apple aroma. Nice, pleasing sweetness and apple flavor. 
Smoaked- Very unique cider created by cold smoking apples inside an oak wine barrel with cider soaked staves, then pressing and fermenting the juice. 


Colorado Common Original Cider- 
Summit House Cider- 

74 Washington St, Unit C
Monument, Colorado

(719) 510-1636 

2875 Blake St. Unit C
Denver, Colorado

Branch Out Cider- is a local craft cidery in Northern Colorado with a focus on producing a unique and enjoyable alcoholic beverage from local apples. Our value hypothesis: We can create a community network of tree owners that will supply unwanted apples to support a local craft cidery. Our mission is to add value to unwanted apples by creating a network of tree owners to support the production of apple wine that is enjoyable to drink—establishing Northern Colorado as a leader in craft apple wine, Colorado apple production and urban agriculture.

Stem Ciders-  An apple a day may keep the doctors away, but here at Stem Ciders, we think that, while you are at it, you may as well make it a good time with a pint of Colorado-grown, Colorado-pressed, Colorado-produced, and Colorado-loved hard cider. We are so excited to be a part of something new and innovative, and we can't wait to introduce you to our carefully crafted hard ciders. At Stem Ciders, every apple is selected and pressed with the intent to bring you an amazing cider experience. We know that once you take one sip of the cool, crisp, refreshing drink there will be rainbows, and puppies, and world peace... or at least a big smile on your face. Come, hang out, have a pint, release your inner Boulder-ite and drink gluten free!


Orchard Apple Hard Cider- This is our original Hard Cider. Hand Crafted using a perfect blend of organic cider apples. 
Harvest Apple Hard Cider- Hand Crafted using a perfect blend of organic cider apples. A semi-sweet hard cider with a bold and refreshing apple taste. 

Talbott’s Cider Company- In 1907 our great-great-great grandfather Joseph Evan Yeager pursued his dream of moving west and settled in the high altitude scenic Grand Valley of Colorado’s Western Slope.  Joe’s granddaughter caught the eye of a young cattleman from a neighboring county and upon their marriage, our great-grandmother welcomed Harry Talbott, our great- grandfather and founder of Talbott Farms into the fruit-growing business.  Over the decades, our company has continued to expand orchard and vineyard production and packing and processing for markets throughout the nation.  In 1983 we constructed our first cider mill in the building that now serves as our retail market.  As production increased in the 1990s, we built a larger cider mill that currently meets production demands. Today, in the same pioneering spirit embraced by Joseph Yeager over a century ago Christopher Leader and I (Charles Talbott) have launched Talbott’s Cider Company producing Hard Ciders so that we can show “the boys” what the sixth generation brings to the table!  We are committed to maintaining a standard of quality that will serve you with premium refreshing ciders.  It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the cider and the friends with whom you share it.  Stay Calm and Cider on!​

Climb Hard Cider Co.- we are sourcing pasteurized juices from various companies to make the majority of our clear hard ciders. We are making a traditional hard cider from cold pressed organic apples that were grown on the western slope. This juice is not filtered or pasteurized so produces a hard cider that is not clear (traditional hard cider). We do not currently have the equipment to mill and press our own apple juice. Eventually, we will purchase our own processing equipment and make our own juice in-house. Our goal is to produce artisan hard cider with freshly pressed apple juice from apples grown entirely in Colorado with our own equipment. This might involve buying some property and planting the crab apple varieties that are not grown here, and are necessary for the production of traditional tart hard cider. We are eager to travel the paths our customers' ideas and insight will lead us down. Our future will be sculpted by our customers—it's exciting because you can never predict where they will take you.  Join us in this journey, and we promise the experience will be worth it. 


New Avalon Pale Cider, Colorado (500ml)- A dry cider wild fermented from apples grown at Ela Family Farms, hops from Jack Rabbit Hill Farm, exotic pink rose buds, and aged 6 months in JRH wine barrels. USDA Certified Organic.
New Avalon Bartlett Perry" Cider- Colorado (500ml) Organic pear cider with pears grown at Fortunate Orchard.
New Avalon Filigreen Cider- Heirloom apples grown at Filigreen Farm, Pinot noir pomace grown at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm. No added yeasts, sulphites, concentrates, oils, water, or anything else. Certified biodynamic by Demeter USA. 

Scrumpy's Cider Bar
215 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado

(970) 682-1944 

Small Batch Ciders Since 2008, With New Cidery Coming Soon! 

920 1/2 12th St
Golden, Colorado

(303) 279-8092 


Dry Hopped Pear Cider- a crisp, bright perry fermented dry and highlighted by citrus hop various. GLINTCAP Gold Medal Winner 2013 
Hard Apple Cider- Coming Soon! 

Big B's Organic Juices- Our family runs Big B's Juices in the heart of the majestic North Fork Valley of Colorado. This tiny mountain valley with high elevation, crisp, thin air, Rocky Mountain water, cold nights and warm days produces some of the finest fruits in the world. Our Mission is to make the highest quality, best tasting, local and organic juices and beverages. Our aim is to support sustainable agriculture while having a positive impact on our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our community, and our families.


Meridian- A sharp, dry cider made from 100% Western Slope apples with a pleasant aroma and a golden color. 
11-Stitches- Barrel Aged Bourbon Cider-Blend if culinary and cider apples from our Blossomwood orchard. El Mesa- A mild, light bodied fermented pineapple beverage in the traditional style from central Mexico. 

2013 Perennial, Dry Sparkling Cider-  Is A Gift Of The Seasons, Apple Trees Whose Fruit Are Nurtured Through Summer, Pressed In Fall, And Aged Through Winter For Your Enjoyment Each Spring.  Crisp, With A Hint Of Honey And Fresh Melon, This Dry, Bottle-Conditioned Cider Should Be Chilled And Poured Gently Off The Lees, 8.3% Abv.


Alma- a semi-sweet cider Nona- an off-dry style Ginger- which is flavored with ginger root.

CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing- Since its modest beginning in 1989 as Fort Collins’ first brewpub, Smith has grown his company to employ 120 workers. Tucked into the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, CooperSmith's offers a distinct alternative in eating & drinking establishments. We invite you to enjoy both our poolside and pubside.

Golden City Winery and Golden City Brewery-Golden City Brewery was founded in 1993 by two geologists, Charlie & Janine Sturdavant. They filled the old machine shop behind their historic Golden home with used dairy tanks and Charlie began brewing German-style ales. The tasting room was originally located in the sunroom of their house and provided Red Ale and Pale Ale to the local community in half-gallon growlers and kegs. Since that time, the operation has expanded at the same location (still their home). The carriage house has become the tasting room, the backyard is the beer garden. The brewery is still in the machine shop, but a second level was added inside. All of the old equipment has been replaced with real beer fermenters and a slightly used gas-fired kettle. The brewery produces those now legendary Red & Pale Ales, in addition to a few other brews. There’s a lot going on the our second-oldest brewery in the city, they are turning their considerable talents to producing cider and wine. Golden City Winery is in production, and is now serving up excellent ciders. 

The Ice Cave Cider House- True small batch craft made hard cider. We use Colorado orchard pressed cider and fresh natural ingredients for flavoring.


India Pale Cider IPC- We’ve taken inspiration from our favorite craft brew India Pale Ales.  We proudly present the IPC, a light bodied cider with robust hop flavors and citrus undertones.  It’s like a whitewater rafting experience for your taste buds.  Fight the current it’s worth the ride! 
Alpine Start- Ascending a mountain before dawn to catch the breathless beauty of a summit sunrise is what Colorado is all about.  Enjoy Alpine Start as you reminisce about your most recent glorious adventure and plan your next!
Scrappy Apple- Ever grabbed a stick to chase a bear out of your orchard at harvest time?  This tart cider with a light dry finish stems from our personal experience and is made from the apples that survived?  It’s Scrappy! 

2707 W. Eisenhower Blvd. Unit 3
Loveland, Colorado 

(970) 744-5069

Colorado  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Colorado.

Colorado Cider Company- was founded to produce a fresh hard cider for the discerning Colorado drinker. With a well-developed craft beer market and an educated populace Hard Cider has been a missing choice in the cacophony of craft drinks in local pubs and liquor stores. We hope to remedy that.


Scrumpy Cider-  The blend changes through the season but the fresh apple flavor and aroma is always there. Gluten free.
Cyser- Our Cyser is made by fermenting  clover honey with freshly pressed apple juice.
Ginger Apple Perry- Sarah Thayer from Pool Side inspired this Coopster Creation. While, apples make cider, pears make perry. Is it a cider or a perry? Well, since it is 60% pears and 40% apples we are gonna call it a Perry, but pear cider would be just fine. After fermentation it was aged on fresh ginger. The result, pear, apple and a subtle ginger flavors with a medium dry finish.
Two Pecks Cherry Cider- Handle with care, Scrumpy Cider’s provocative and potent sister. Brewed with fresh pressed apple juice and tart cherries.

350 Terry St. Ste 130
Longmont, Colorado

(303) 258-6910

3782 F 1/4 Rd
Palisade, Colorado

(970) 464-5656 

Infinite Monkey Theorem-  Opened in 2008 in Denver, Colorado, The Infinite Monkey Theorem is an urban winery operated by one mad scientist working out of a back alley in the RiNo Art District of Denver. We buy the best grapes and we make ridiculously good wine. When we started the winery, we decided to focus on the variables that really mattered: using the best grapes, harvesting them at their peak, nurturing each batch of juice as it became our wine, and getting to know the people who drink it. We also decided to get rid of the variables that don’t matter: the vineyard  location, the rolling hills, and the tasting room covered in granite and marble. We began experimenting with perry/cider when we obtained our first couple tons of Palisade, Colorado pears in 2012. Using a very neutral yeast we fermented the perry dry. Although, it wasn't bad it had a tough time selling. We came up with the dry hop addition idea. Once we added the hops, the perry being so dry, all the focus went to these bright tropical fruity flavors. People loved it and have been buying it like crazy.

26567 North Rd
Hotchkiss, Colorado

(970) 361-4249

Talisman Farm is a small farm in northern Boulder County, Colorado, on the north side of the little town of Hygiene. Talisman is our name for it. The locals know it as "the old Wisecup place", after the folks who owned it from the 50's to the 80's. Our land has been farmed since the late 1800's. It was probably originally part of a railroad land grant. The original farmhouse was built in 1903. The farm was operated as a small dairy for a while, possibly as recently as the 1960's. In recent decades the farm was allowed to fall into disrepair. We're trying to restore and maintain the old buildings (all of which are more than 50 years old) before they fall down. We feel it's important to preserve this little corner of Boulder County's rural character. We've a keen interest in cider (hard cider, that is!). I am slowly planting apple trees, primarily of English cider varieties. My goal is not just to produce cider, but to determine which cider apples grow well in this area, and how the traditional characteristics of these apples are altered by our climate and soil. After years of amateur cider production, a cooperative effort with Medovina meadery in Niwot led to the first commercial cider made from our apples, harvested in 2007, with the cider released in 2008.

Jack Rabbit Hill Farm- is a diversified farm located in western Colorado’s North Fork Valley, near the town of Hotchkiss. The 70-acre property grows 18 acres of grapes, 11 acres of hops (Jack Rabbit Hops), sheep, cows, and chickens of course. We make vineyard-driven wines (JRH Wines), custom-blended keg wines for restaurants (WineTapistry), craft spirits (Peak Spirits, CapRock, BeerCraftWhiskey), and hard cider (New Avalon Cider). When it comes to making tasty products we have our noses in the dirt as much as in the glass, because all great foods start with clean growing practices! We started out in 2000 as a certified organic farm, and got into biodynamic practices in 2006, with Demeter certification in 2008.


Summit Hopricot- an apricot apple cider dry hopped with Citra hops. 
Summit Cherry Cider- aged 60 days in charred oak barrrel. 
Summit Rasbenero-