Spoke + Spy Cider- Unique Hard Ciders. Uniting fresh fruit with natural fermentation, barrel aging and curated fruit and spice additions for a unique hard cider experience. We approach each cider we make as an opportunity to take the best and freshest natural juice and ingredients we can find and create a unique cider experience for you. Often this will mean each cider will only be made once in a very small hand made batch, unique and in the moment.


Deercrest Farm Hard Cider- Connecticut Flavor, Let The Earth Bring Forth.

Bishop’s Orchards Winery- offers an abundance of our own fruit wines and hard ciders in addition to popular statewide Connecticut Farm Wines. The superb reputation, natural flavors and juices of the fruit grown at Bishop’s has matured into a diverse collection of award-winning fruit wines and hard ciders. Each specialty fruit wine is created by our on-site Winemaker, Keith Bishop, who is also a fifth-generation member of the Bishop’s family and Co-Owner and Co-CEO. He continues to highlight the annual farm-grown fruits of apples, peaches, pears, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Bishop’s Orchards Winery offers unique, flavorful wines that suit an abundance of palettes and have a striking visual presentation from the bottle to the glass. Experience a one-of-a-kind wine tasting at our wine bar that is a part of the original 1928 barn that is available year round, seven days a week.


180 Johnson Street
Middletown, Connecticut

(860) 346-2739


68 Main Street 

Stafford Springs Connecticut 



110 North Plains Industrial Road, Suite A, Wallingford, CT


(203) 793-7646

Yankee Cider Company- The Cider Barn at Staehly Farms is home to Yankee Ciders; hand crafted and locally grown hard ciders with an emphasis on old New England-style fermentation. The Cider Barn and tasting room is currently under construction, but our ciders will be available at the Staehly Farm Winery tasting room at 278 Town Street, East Haddam, CT starting in October 2017. Our ciders are crafted with a select blend of apples harvested at Staehly Farms in East Haddam, Connecticut. High quality yeast strains are used to help ensure a delicious and high-quality product. We like our ciders on the drier side, meaning that they have a low sugar content. Such a style is customary of the type of cider that was served in colonial New England. As we move forward and expand our production facility we hope to experiment with wild yeast strains, wild-harvest apples, and single varietal ciders as well.


English Style Hard Cider- Our traditional blend of heirloom apples.MacIntosh Hard Cider- Made only from New England’s quintessential fruit, the MacIntosh apple. Sweet and very smooth, this one is meant for true apple-lovers! 5% ABV

Hopkins Vineyards- Set on the northern shore of Lake Waramaug, Hopkins Vineyard, a family-owned Connecticut Century Farm, proudly maintains a tradition of making fine wines of award-winning quality. In 1787, Elijah Hopkins, returning from the Revolutionary War, chose this rich and fertile site on Lake Waramaug to settle his family and start the Hopkins Farm. Our farm has witnessed many diversified forms of agriculture over the years including the raising of sheep, race horses, grain crops, tobacco, and in the more recent past dairy farming. In 1979, the first vines were planted and our 19th century barn was converted into a state-of-the-art winery.


1355 Boston Post Road
Guilford, Connecticut

(202) 453-2338


129 N Stonington Road
Old Mystic, Connecticut

(860) 536-3354


12 Orchard Lane
Gales Ferry, Connecticut

(860) 464-7305


FarmHouse Style Hard Cider ~ Semi-Dry Hard Cider, From our orchards to your glass, the our fresh "American Sweet Cider" made from a special blend of our own apples has been carefully fermented into Hard cider, reminiscent of our forefathers drink before coming from Guildford, England to Guilford, CT USA! Serve ice cold for full flavor. Refreshingly Light. Semi-Dry, Slightly Effervescent.
New England Style Hard Cider ~ Semi-Sweet Hard Cider, For those liking a touch of sweetness, our New England Style Hard Cider has more hints of fresh apples as well as its crisp, light bubbly mouth feel. Made from a special blend of our own apples, we have carefully fermented it into Hard Cider! Serve ice cold for full flavor. Refreshingly Light. Semi-Sweet. Slightly Effervescent.
Golden Hard Cider-  Our true varietial cider, made from 100% Golden Delicious apples grown in our orchards. Goldens are known for their great fresh cider charactaristics. Our Goldens and their aromas have been captured and lightly sweetened with local honey to create a light, fruity, refreshing, effervescent drink with citrus notes.

Deercrest Farm- Situated at the crest of John Tom Hill in East Glastonbury, the family-run Deercrest Farm spans over 100 acres of orchards and fields. The site is historically renowned for its fertile ground and orchards that have produced since the colonial era.  We continue that tradition today in our commitment to the overall excellence in the produce that comes from our fields and into your home. Produce and products from Deercrest have received a variety of accolades throughout New England. The store at the Deercrest Farm Market provides customers with an old-time ambiance and an emphasis on our community, as well as farm fresh crops. Be sure to visit the "From Our Fields" section to see all that Deercrest has to offer! 


Apple Cider- Try our authentic farmhouse cider made from locally-grown apples. This off-dry apple wine is especially tasty with a cheddar omelette, smoked trout, endive and apple salad, or roasted butternut squash soup with crème fraiche and chives.


32 Reeds Gap Rd

Middlefield, Connecticut


(860) 349-1793

Connecticut-  within its compact borders, has forested hills, new urban skylines, shoreline beaches, white-steeple colonial churches, and historic village greens. There are classic Ivy League schools, modern expressways, great corporate offices, and small farms. Connecticut is a thriving center of business, as well as a vacation land. It is both a New England state, and suburban to New York City. Among all this Connecticut also has 79 apple orchards listed and is a major center for apples and the production of sweet apple cider. Taking advantage of these it also has 12 active cider makers. 

Crazy Cock Cider, Stafford Cidery- Locally owned and operated. Husband and Wife, Dan and Jodi  started Crazy Cock Cider as a way to create one of their favorite drinks.  And now they want to share it with you! We pride ourselves with creating fun ciders that are easy to drink, easy to share and fun to talk about! We are currently working on a location for our tasting room! 


250 Calhoun St.
Washington, Connecticut 

(860) 868-2777 

A visit to B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill is like stepping back in time. Come see the only steam powered cider mill in the U.S.  We start our season in September with our hard ciders and apple wines, jams, jellies, local honey, maple syrup, fudge, and what many people call "The best sweet cider on Earth!" Also available in the Fall are apples, apple pies, pumpkin bread, gourds, Indian corn, pumpkins, candy apples, kettle corn and apple cider donuts. Established 1881

Open 1 September through 14 December


3499 Hebron Avenue
Glastonbury, Connecticut

(860) 633-4407 


Original Averill Cider- The cider is dry and still, as were the traditional ciders of New England. It has a palate-cleansing balance of fruit, astringency, and acid, letting the apple flavor the foremost.Semi-sweet Mutsu Cider- A smooth hard cider with a light refreshing finish.
Hopped Cider-Pear Cider- 


Dry- Natural, Barrel Fermented and Aged Dry Hard Cider with New England Apples and unique barrel aromas.
Semi-Dry- Slightly Sweet, but not too sweet. Our proprietary blend of New England apples fermented and aged to perfection, back-sweetened to semi-dry and sparkling for enjoyable and refreshing cider enjoyment.
Cherry Barrel- Barrel Fermented, Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Balaton Cherries, sparkling bright and fruity with sweet and tart cherry notes.

Lyman Orchards- In their wildest dreams, colonial farmer John Lyman and his wife, Hope, could not have envisioned the complex and diverse enterprise that would evolve from their purchase in 1741 of a 37-acre parcel of land in what is now Middlefield. Now covering more than 1,100 acres of scenic farmland, Lyman Orchards is one of the most popular family attractions in New England. Through a history spanning ten generations, the Lyman family heritage was founded upon a commitment to preserve their land for future generations, using a combination of determination, innovation, and adaptation – attributes that hold true today. Even after 275 years, Lyman Orchards continues to evolve while maintaining its steadfast commitment to preserving the land for future generations. Today, members of the 8th and 9th generations of the family are directly involved in the business. Like their ancestors before them, preservation of the land remains central to their heritage, and the family continues to be innovative in its ways of upholding their traditions.


522 Spielman Highway
Burlington, Connecticut

(860) 675-7320

Connecticut  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Connecticut.

New England Cider- Our mission at New England Cider is to make a hard cider using the freshest apples and ingredients from the New England area. We strive to be honest and transparent about our products and practices, while making ciders in both traditional and innovative fashions. New England Cider Company opened it’s first Cidery in Wallingford Connecticut in late 2013. The space was converted for our needs.  It was important to have a location central to our supply and set up with all phases of production in mind. We traveled to Indiana in 2013 to purchase a production line including an auger, mill and hydraulic press.  After a few test runs we have the production line running at approximately 100 gallons an hour. Flex tank fermenters in sizes 80 and 200 gallon were brought in. To complete the basic we built a industrial refrigerator to store the final product. All of our ciders are pressed in house, using a variety of apples from local New England orchards. There are no added sweeteners or artificial flavors, only natural and/or organic ingredients.

Holmberg Orchards is a family owned farm enterprise that is now in its fourth generation. Adolph and Hulda Holmberg, as recent arrivals from Sweden, originally purchased the farm in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, in 1896. It currently produces fruit wines and hard ciders on-site at our farm winery. Our sparkling hard ciders are made in the English tradition: light, fresh and fruit forward. The fruit wines are crisp, clean and surprisingly sophisticated. Unlike traditional syrupy fruit wines, our off-dry fruit wines range from 0-3% residual sugar. Leave your expectations at the door!


B.F. Clyde's Hard Cider- aged in Bourbon casks, smooth w/ a whiskey kick
Lucky Lion Cider- with 100% Russet apples.
Boomerang Hard Cider-
Yellow Jacket Hard Cider-
Sparkling Champagne Cider-
Goodfella Cider- cider with blackberry
Blackout- a New England style cider with raisins and caramel.
Spider Cider-
Spiced Cider-
Cider House Blend- This hard cider is a blend of cranberries, oranges and apples! This is on the sweet side and has a slight tart taste! 


New England Dry- is a classically styled dry, carbonated cider made from a mix of our own McIntosh, Honeycrisp, and Delicious apples. 

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Sanity- A sane cider compared to the other crazy flavors!  This semi-sweet cider is your basic apple cider with very little added flavors.  The taste of the apples is all you get!
Sock Hop- Made with real hops, not real socks.  Socks are gross.  Why would we put socks in your cider?  That's just crazy.  This cider is made with Citra and Mosaic hops which gives it a fruity, floral taste.  Even if you swear to not like beer and hops, give this one a try.  It will change your mind about hops.  And if you are a beer person, we bet this is going to be your favorite.
Hot Cock-  Yes, you really should order it by name!  This cider is made with cayenne pepper for a taste of hot goodness.  Don't worry.....it won't burn your tongue but has a slow heat build that really lives up to its name.
Tea-Hee- A chamomile flavored tea cider.  Light and refreshing.  Perfect on warm sunny day.
Sweet Vanilla- The name says it all.  Apple cider with a sweet kick of vanilla in it to make it smooth and delicious!
Cock-O-Lot- This chocolate cider is flavored with cocoa nibs for a velvety smooth finish.


25 Hopkins Road
New Preston, CT 

(860) 868-7954

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Connecticut.

Hogans Cider Mill- Autumn in New England means the sweet smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and simmering apple cider. Bright orange pumpkins are stacked along a country road while corn stalks and hay bales adorn a long wooden fence. The flavor of New England is apple cider. Right in the heart of Connecticut’s rolling hills you’ll find Hogans Cider Mill, which has been producing cider in the same classic method since 1912. Flavorful, sweet and tangy native apples roll through the old press twisting and blending to create the heady mixture that is ours alone. The secret combination modifies in tandem with the apples that present themselves to the cider maker.


1741 Connecticut Crisp- is not too tart and not too sweet. It’s full-bodied, versatile and deliciously refreshing. The strong apple aroma adds to the orchard-fresh experience.


278 Town Street
East Haddam, Connecticut

(860) 873-9774


Hogans Hard Cider- continues a tradition that dates back 16th century colonial New England. Find out why the average per capita consumption of hard cider per year in New England in 1750 was 50 gallons!
Hogans Honeyed Hard Cider- starts with the season’s finest local apples blended and pressed into a heady mixture and aged to perfection. Just before bottling just the right touch of native honey is introduced to create a truly memorable taste experience.
Mackie's Mulled Hard Cider- is a blend the season’s finest local apples mixed with the right touch of cinnamon, cardamom, rosehips and lemon peel, guaranteed to evoke thoughts of cozy fires and frosted landscapes. 
Hogans December Ice Hard Cider- a permanent version of their ice cider, first made in December 2012.

by appointment only

THE CIDERS- 24 cider styles, of these major types:

Dry Cider- Our introductory cider was pressed in March 2014 using a blend of three apples, Jonagold, Fuji, and Cortland. These app​les were sourced from Blue Hills Orchard in Wallingford, CT where they were held in cold storage after harvest. We used Champagne yeast, along with a yeast nutrient to ensure proper fermentation. This resulted in a healthy, fast fermentation. The cider was then transferred into a secondary fermenter where it was allowed to naturally clarify. The cider was then allowed to mature for 4 months before going into kegs where CO2 was added. The resulting product is a French dry style with fruity apple aromas in front, followed by a crisp dry apple flavor, and refreshing slightly tart finish. 7.0% abv 
Hopped Cider- This Cider is made using our dry cider as the base and then we dry hop using cascade hops. We are currently using hops from Four Star Farm in Massachusetts. What you get is a very citric aroma and flavors along with some very pleasant herbal notes. 6.8% abv 
Barrel Aged Cider- One of our most anticipated and requested ciders so far, made using a cider yeast and then aged in rye whiskey barrels for 6 months. Get ready for a big whiskey a aroma up front followed by wonderful flavors of vanilla, caramel, pineapple and coconut. Lightly carbonated and best served at 55 degrees. 9.0% abv 
Fresh Blend Cider- The newest addition to our cider lineup is the Fresh Blend Cider. We took our staple Dry Cider and blended it with freshly pressed apples. This gives you that delicious sweet cider taste that you think of during the fall season. Carbonated to bring out a bright finish. 5.8% abv

Averill Farm-  is a family farm, which has been operated continuously by the Averills since it was purchased in 1746 from the holdings of Chief Waramaug.  For many years it was a dairy farm.  Today, the 260-acre property is primarily a fruit orchard, but also produces hay and Christmas trees.  Sam Averill, of the ninth generation, runs the farm with his wife Susan, son Tyson (10th generation!), and several full and part-time employees. The apples and pears are grown in the 30 acre orchard and are sold both as picked fruit and pick-your-own (PYO).  Some 100 varieties are grown, about 20 of which are available for customers to pick.  Early apples come at the end of July or beginning of August and are sold either at farmers markets or self-service in front of the "Homestead".