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Elderberry Cider-
Apple Cider-Blueberry Cider-
Mango Cider-Strawberry Cider-

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Two Henry’s Brewing Company- brews modern and traditional hand-crafted beer styles in small batches in Plant City, FL. Because local and small is just better. With our beers we celebrate Florida’s short history and people that made our great state possible. We strive to make great beers and sneak in a Florida history lesson whether you want it or not. Ciders made in collaboration with Keel and Curley Winery.

Green Bench Mead & Cider- at Green Bench Brewing- St Pete, FL. Mixing innovation & respect for classic cider and mead traditions; we bring a new take on mankind's oldest alcoholic beverages.


Cigar City Hard Cider produces up to 16 rotating ciders, to include: Traditional Hard Cider, Fight The Power Sour, Homemade Apple Pie, Toppel, Peach InCider, Gourd Times Pumpkin, Watermelon Cider, Cowboy Don's Holiday Extravaganza, Crying Game, Wise Prick, There's Always $In The Banana Stand, Andale, Samiam's Capsized Cider, Semi Sweet Hard Cider, Blackcurrant Incider and Capsized.

Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks- a combination of factors including Matt’s passion for the beverage industry, his personal interest and love for the craft beer world, his intense desire and experience to create, and a good dose of raw fate have led to the creation of The Accomplice Brewery.  The Accomplice presents the chance to create not only beer, but also sake, mead, cider, wine, sodas and many other beverages.  These opportunities would never be possible if not for his “accomplices”.  “In twenty years you make many connections.  It’s your choice what you do with them”.  Matt has chosen to make many of them his “partners in crime”.  After all; beer is always better with friends. 


Purple Rain- English Cider w/ Black Currants
Farmhouse Cider- We pressed fresh New York Winesap apples to make the base of this cider and fermented with farmhouse yeast. The result is a slightly spicy, complex and rich cider that calls a bit of Normandy to mind.
Raspberry Rooftop- Fermented w/ raspberries.
Pinellas Peach- Fresh peach puree fermented with apple juice and then dry-hopped with Amarillo.
Passion of the Kumquat- Apples and locally-grown Kumquat and passion fruit
Abricot- Apples and fresh apricots fermented with farmhouse yeast, then aged on white oak. Spicy, slightly tannic, with a delicate sweetness from the fruit 
French Oak Farmhouse Cider- Our Winesap Farmhouse cider, fermented in French oak for the 2nd annual Foeder for Thought fest.
Groom’s Left Hand- Blackberry Cider aged in Gin barrels.
Fruit Bowl- Fermented with peach, kumquat and passion fruit


Traditional Apple Hard Cider-
Raspberry Hard Cider-

Broski Ciderworks Cidery & Winery- Two brothers, one dream! Six years ago, we embarked on a journey to learn anything and everything about brewing cider.  From chemistry to composition, from manufacturing to cell culture... we did it all! We fell in love with the art and engineering of brewing. More importantly, we fell in love with CIDER. Fast forward to today. One brother is now a PhD in Engineering and the other is a certified beer Cicerone. With this new knowledge, we are ready to make the BROSKI dream a reality.

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Keel and Curley Winery- was started in spring of 2003 in the kitchen of founder and owner, Joe Keel.  Keel, a central Florida blueberry farmer, wanted to find something to do with his end of crop blueberries.  He decided blueberry wine would be interesting and dabbled with his creation in the family farm house kitchen.  He started that spring of 2003 with 10 gallons of blueberry wine.  The wine came out okay, but drinkable.  So he made 10 more gallons and it got better each time, until it turned into the unique and charming flavors that Keel & Curley is known for today. So was the beginning of a company that produces over 20,000 cases of quality wines a year.

5210 Thonotosassa Rd
Plant City, Florida

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Engine 15 Ciders and Meads- We at Engine 15 are excited to bring our passion and dedication to our new ciders and meads endeavor. Residing next to our craft brewery on our Downtown Jacksonville property, Engine 15 Ciders and Meads is dedicated to producing delicious, 100% natural and Gluten free Ciders along with complex and interesting Meads. Next door our original Engine 15 Brewing Company location sits in the heart of Jacksonville Beach. We craft a selection of ever rotating original beers on our 5 barrel brewhouse on site as well as offer our core beers brewed at our production brewery downtown. Our brewpub offers our gusts the chance to experience the many beers Engine 15 has to offer while enjoying a bite to eat from our pub menu. We boast 50 tap lines with many of them pouring Engine 15 creations along with a constantly changing selection of guest beers from around the world. 


Ginger- Ginger apple cider.

Passion Fruit Cider-Mango Cider-
Dry Cider-Crisp Cider-


Accomplice Golden Cider- a tart, crisp and clean Cider with mineral and green apple flavors.

Florida- The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Florida.


Engine 15 Hard Cider-

Florida is ranked first in the United States in the value of production of oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, sugarcane for sugar and seed, squash, watermelons, sweet corn, fresh-market snap beans, fresh-market tomatoes, and fresh-market cucumbers. However, it is not known for its apple orchards. In fact there is only one orchard registered in the state. Yet there is one non-traditional "cidery" that is producing traditional award-wining cider bottled in the USA from Irish cider and an old Irish recipe that's enjoyed by many, and eight relatively new cider makers.

Cigar City Cider and Mead-  resides mostly in the hands of cider and mead enthusiast Todd Strauss, who handles the day-to-day operations. Strauss is a mover, a jovial man who talks with passion, respect, and wonder on topics like cider, the creative process, and collaborating with other artists. The new Cigar City Cider and Mead production facility is located at 1812 North 15th Street in Ybor City. This building has a personal and public history, a fact that did not escape Redner’s notice when looking for a new building. This building began its life as a police stable, one that Teddy Roosevelt would have boarded his horses in when he visited Tampa on the road to Cuba. It then evolved into a barber shop, tailor shop, and more recently was one of the first brewpubs in Tampa, Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s home before they moved into Centro Ybor.

John J. Kelly's Hard Cider is a dry, crisp cider made from four varieties of apple. Light and easy to drink. Imported in bulk from Ireland and bottled in the USA, Kelly's Traditional Irish Cider is a crisp light dry cider made from traditional bittersweet cider apple juice. Kelly's Cider contains no added artificial sweeteners or colors making it the perfect drink for any occasion. Brendan Daly of Dublin founded John J. Kelly's Hard Cider in 1997. His exclusive recipe has earned 4 prestigious Gold Medals from the North American Brewers Association in 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2007 and a Silver Medal in 2011.

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Quantum Leap Winery- we are a local winery with a sustainable focus and global reach. Our vision is that we will continue to develop relationships with small producers in premier wine growing regions and be sustainably-oriented in our decisions and actions. We are committed to bringing you quality, environmentally friendly wines at a great value.

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Madman Hard Blueberry Cider- 
Madman Hard Strawberry Cider- 
Madman Hard Apple Cider- 
Madman Hard Elderberry Cider- 
Madman Hard Peach Cider- 
Madman Hard Mango Cider- 
Madman Hard Pineapple Cider- 
Madman Hard Tango-Mango Cider- 
Madman Hard Black Raz Cider- 


Pedaler's Hard Cider- 
Pedlar's Hopped Up Cider-Pedaler's Nut Wrench Peanut Butter Cider- Cider flavored with natural peanut butter.
Bourbon Barrel Pedaler's Hard Cider- Pedaler's Hard Cider aged in small batch Bourbon barrels.
Marsanne Barrel Pedaler's Hard Cider- Pedaler's Hard Cider aged in French oak barrels that once contained Marsanne.
Pedaler's Cider "The Brett Experiment"- A combination of Champagne and Brettanomyces yeast strains used to make a cider dosed with Citra hops. 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Florida.

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