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Beacon Blend- A combination of a Belgian ale yeast and our unique blend of apples from Earth First Farms in Michigan. The yeast lends banana and nutmeg notes to the crisp, clean juice of the apples. 6.9% ABV
Au Naturel- This cider was fermented using the wild yeasts present on the apples at pressing. It’s tart and has just a hint of farmyard notes. 6.7% ABV
Bone Dry- The champagne yeast used in this cider consumed all the available sugar in the juice during fermentation, so it is very dry. The yeast also lent peach notes that makes this cider taste like a sauvignon blanc. 7.5% ABV
Split Personality- We’ve dry-hopped our Beacon Blend with Cascade hops. Cascade hops are known for their fruit flavors and they lend grapefruit notes and a bigger mouth feel to this cider. 6.9% ABV

Jonamac Orchard- Stop in for a taste! The new Jonamac Cider House is the perfect place to sample our apple wines and ciders while enjoying an ambiance that could only be created in a one-of-a-kind on-the-farm experience.  You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of unique items, a wide assortment of wine and cider accessories, and a friendly staff to guide you along and help match your tastes to the exact apple drink of your dreams. You can see first-hand the brewing process.  The Jonamac Cider House is more than a store.  It’s the place to taste the very best apple wines and ciders in the state.


Dry Apple Cider- made from Michigan Macintosh apples.

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At DESTIHL®- we combine centuries-old, global brewing traditions and new American craft brewing ingenuity & artisanship to produce a wide array of beers for every palate. We brew more styles of beer because we have a passion for brewing and because you have a passion for unique, craft beers. The result is a diverse offering of intensely flavorful beers that are anything but bland.

1800 W. Culer, 1E
Chicago, Illinois

(773) 661-6963

Prima Cider is a family owned and operated business. I began making craft cider in 1980 out of my basement. When friends and family joined us for dinner the evening always started with cider. It was the unfamiliar drink everyone enjoyed. Over the years, many acquired a taste for the dry natural cider we made and ultimately their encouragement resulted in our decision to commercially produce cider together with my sons Erich, Tristan and Martin. The cider is made from the finest, and rare heirloom apple varieties. We use apples such as Golden Russets, Ashmead’s Kernal, Brambley’s Seedling, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Arkansas Black and Winesap that have the tannins, acidity and aromatic flavors which are essential in making the highest quality cider. We feel our product is different, governed by the quality of apple varieties we use, the way we make it, the non-sweet character of the cider we strive for and the way it is served. It is an education process.


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JonaSMACK Honeycrisp- is a dry cider with a hint of sweetness from the fresh apple cider used to backsweeten this tasty brew.  Our Honeycrisp Hard Cider is made with 100% fresh pressed Honeycrisp apples, giving it a slightly sweeter taste than our other hard ciders… but don’t let you think that means we’ve gone soft, JonaSMACK hard ciders pack a punch!
JonaSMACK Traditional Hard Cider- is a dry cider with a hint of sweetness from the fresh apple cider used to backsweeten this tasty brew.  Our Traditional Hard Cider is made with a special blend of dessert apples chosen by our cidermaker.  It has a fruity aroma, but is dry in the taste like a real hard cider should be.
JonaSMACK Dry Hopped Hard Cider- is a dry cider with a hint of sweetness from the fresh apple cider used to backsweeten this tasty brew.  Our Dry Hopped Hard Cider is made with a special blend of dessert apples chosen by our cidermaker, and Citra hops for a crisp earthy flavor.  A great choice for beer and cider drinkers alike!

2 Fools Cidery- Northern Illinois' first cidery + taproom featuring craft ciders, great music and friendly people.


Ferro Farms Natural Golden Hard Cider- Our gluten-free cider is created from the award-winning apples picked fresh from our orchard (each year, our harvests produce winning results at the Walworth County Fair). But the real secret lies in the mix: Creating the perfect cider is art, not a science, and our apple artists use six different types of North American varieties including Red Delicious, Cortland, Idared, McIntosh, Honey Crisp, and Northern Spy, plus small amounts of historic English types, like Cox’s Orange Pippen, Kingston Black, and Ashmead’s Kernel, to produce Ferro Farms Hard Cider. Ferro Farms cider maker is Charles McGonegal an expert in cider making and owner of Aeppeltreow Winery Artisan Cider and Spirits out of Burlington, Wi.

Illinois  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Illinois.

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Begyle Brewing Company- a community supported brewing company. Begyle Brewing offers growler subscriptions through our Community Supported Brewery (CSB) Membership.  This program allows us to build a community around our beer and provide a discount to our members, and is loosely based on the community supported agriculture model (CSA). Farm CSAs sell produce shares, and in exchange the customer receives a box or bag of veggies and fruits each week at prices lower than market rate. Similarly, we will offer beer shares to our customers.

Eris Brewery and Cider House- Making beer, hard cider and a restaurant all under one roof in Chicago's Old Irving Park! 


Hard Knocks-  Traditionally fermented in American Oak barrels with select Belgian yeasts. The color is golden, and the apple citrus flavor is satisfying. 
Bad Apple-   For the rebellious green apple crowd... .It's a little tart, and a little tangy, but with a crisp (and slightly sweet) finish.
Sweet Knockers-  Honest-to-goodness apple sweetness! Traditional cider yeasts pop all of the sweet juicy flavor that our apples can give.

Long Grove, Illinois

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North Shore Cider Company- is a cidery that is opening on Howard Street in Evanston by the end of 2016. We will be using Michigan apples and pears to make juice that we ferment at our location. We will have a tasting room where customers can taste our ciders and buy growlers and bottles to take home with them. Our cider will also be available at locations in Evanston and Rogers Park.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Illinois.

Apple Knocker Hard Ciders- are the first local ciders in the Shawnee Hills region.  A reinvention of the classic American beverage of choice melding the influences of modern winemaking and craft brewing, Apple Knocker hard cider is always refreshing and lightly carbonated.  Our craft ciders are naturally fermented in small batches using as many local apples we can get our hands on.


BA Hard Cider- This slightly carbonated hard cider is crisp and refreshing with subtle sweetness and a strong apple finish ** 2015 Illinois State Fair GOLD Winner

707 Howard Street, Units B&C
Evanston, Illinois

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Broken Nose Cider- Our head Cider maker have traveled the world to learn and work under experienced and notable cider makers. Now he has taken his skills back to Chicago to build Chicago's first Cidery. The quality of the cider can never exceed the quality of the apples used to make it. We use high quality high flavor apples, and our secret processing step is... nothing. We don't heat or change our juice in any way. Just straight into the fermenter. Here at Broken Nose Cider we know that "cider makes itself." Our job as skilled cider makers is to ensure that.

5600 US Route 34
Oswego, Illinois

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Owl Creek Vineyard
2655 Water Valley Road 
Cobden, Illinois

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Von Jakob Winery and Brewery-  Located among the beautiful rolling hills of the Shawnee National Forest, Von Jakob is the perfect getaway. As a family owned and operated business established over 15 years ago, we are proud to offer two winery locations just minutes apart from each other. While you are visiting sample from over 20 varieties of wine and a selection handcrafted beers. Also, be sure to satisfy your hunger as we offer a delicious lunch menu available daily and a full service restaurant open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Feel free to extend your stay with us at one of our charming Bed & Breakfast Suites.


Streakin’ Johnny Hard Apple Cider- was named after John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, “Streakin’” is derived from a hint of oak added to increase complexity, a process known as “wine streaking.” Crisp, clean and refreshing with just a bit of sweetness. Made with as much Southern Illinois apples as we can get, the majority of which is from our very own apple orchards. 

Right Bee Cider- Brewer meets girl. Brewer makes cider to woo girl… It worked. Right Beside Her. RIGHT BEE CIDER. The Chicago-based duo has taken the city by storm, creating a unique, unfiltered, dry cider that is currently on tap at 30 bars and restaurants around the city. They are the only two people in their company, and have done everything themselves since the beginning. “We create, package, and distribute our cider ourselves,” Katie says. “I hand paint the taphandles, Charlie has built most of our equipment by hand… this is truly a labor of love.” They were featured on the cover of Chicago’s RedEye, The Chicagoist, Crain’s Business Chicago, and they won a Sam Adams competition in May 2015 where they will compete for the National finals in New York City this December. They are passionate about the art of cider-making, high quality natural ingredients, sustainability, and community support. “Our cider brought us together,” says Charlie. “And we hope it continues to bring other people together."

Illinois- 76,000 farms cover more than 28 million acres -- nearly 80 percent of the state's total land area. The large number of farms, coupled with the diversity of commodities produced, makes it difficult to describe a typical operation. Illinois is a leading producer of soybeans, corn and swine. The state's climate and varied soil types enable farmers to grow and raise many other agricultural commodities, including cattle, wheat, oats, sorghum, hay, sheep, poultry, fruits and vegetables. Illinois also produces several specialty crops, such as buckwheat, horseradish, ostriches, fish and Christmas trees.  And the Land of Lincoln with 45 apple orchards registered has 13 cider makers, and more on the way.

Ferro Farms Orchard- For our family, the best days have been spent vacationing on an apple orchard just outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. While the landscape is picturesque and the weather is beautiful, it’s the attitude and atmosphere that turns this quaint vacation spot into a warm and fun-loving home away from home. It’s a place where it’s impossible not to smile — and that’s feeling that we wanted to bottle when we created Ferro Farms orchard in 2008.Nestled in Kettle Moraine in southeast Wisconsin, Ferro Farms take advantage of the area’s rich glacial soil, which supports the growth of apple trees during the cold winters and temperate summers. The resulting harvest is full of smaller apples with a floral taste, creating a light-bodied cider with fruity sweetness and just a hint of tannins.

Fox Valley Winery- Just west of Chicago, in the Fox River Valley, you have the chance to experience truly unique, fine wines of Illinois! Whether you prefer red, white, dry or sweet, you’ll find the perfect wine for your palate at Fox Valley Winery. So spend a little time with us at our beautiful Fox River Valley location in Oswego, IL. Sample our wines and judge for yourself. We think you’ll come to understand why our wines are truly loved everywhere. After all, how often do you see someone sipping from a glass of wine without an accompanying smile? 

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Alto Pass, Illinois 

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Right Bee Cider- Unfiltered, Locally made by a Chicago husband and wife duo (we’re the only 2 people in our company!), All natural: No synthetic or artificial sweeteners, Ingredients: Apples, Organic Sugar, Local Chicago Honey. *Gluten - Free; *No sulfites added.


Our still cider, Prima Most, is cold cellar-aged, and it’s best served straight from the barrel, or tap, but it’s also great straight out of the bottle.
Our Champagne cider, Prima Brut, is twice fermented using the champagne method, bottle fermented and cold cellar-aged 12 months or more. Over time it develops complex flavors, and wonderful small bubbles that linger for hours in your glass after opening.
Prima DreiPome- is a Cider made from three pome fruits; pears, apples and aronia berry that together give it wonderful complexity. This dry blended cider pairs well with lite fresh summer fare. Refreshing and very drinkable, DreiPome is for celebrating the warm hot days of our Midwestern Summers. This unfiltered cider was aged for 4 months then bottle conditioned another month for a subtle natural effervescence before being released. Enjoy!
Prima Still-  Most ciders are traditionally drunk “still” that is without carbonation. Prima Still is a reflection of that tradition and our effort to capture that. Cider before prohibition was the drink ...
Prima Pear-  is an apple with pear cider that was cold-fermented, bottle-conditioned and cellar aged.
Prima Barrique- This cider was first fermented in stainless steel cask, cold cellared then barrel aged in American Oak casks.   The cider was purposefully aged in a way to let the oak subtly impart notes of vanilla, spice and tannin to the fruity flavor of the cider.   Unfiltered, cask and bottle conditioned this is a dry cider for the serious cider drinker, Prost. 
Prima Verbotten- It wasn’t even our idea when one of Chicago’s premier eateries Das Radler gave us bourbon barrels and said try it but we thought “das ist Verboten” but why not so we did it anyway and we sure are happy. The cider was purposefully aged in a way to let the bourbon character come out without overpowering the delicate flavor of the cider.   Unfiltered, cask and bottle conditioned this is another dry cider from Prima for the serious cider drinker, Prost. 
Prima Harvest- is excited to share this wonderful blend of select late ripening apple varieties harvested the last week of October, sweated to concentrate flavors, pressed in early January and cold cellar aged for 6 months.   Bottle conditioned, the most natural way to achieve a slight effervescence; this full bodied complex dry cider is one we hope you enjoy.

1830 N Kostner
Chicago, Illinois


Broken Nose Cider-
Cranberry Cider-Wedding Cider- Blackberry Cider
Hopped Cider- Crabapple Cider-

19412 Shabbona Rd
Malta, Illinois

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1200 Greenbriar Drive
Normal, Illinois

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Old Hat- Our flagship cider is crisp and effervescent.  We source local sour and tannic crab apples to add a small amount of tartness to this mostly refreshing beverage.

Bright Lights- We use Falconer's Flight and Cascade hops to add both a bright fruity aroma and a slight hop bitterness.Bog City- This is a boldly tart and dry cider. As well as adding a deep purple color, the cranberry juice brings a big fruit flavor with a mouth puckering sour note.

1665 Quincy, #155
Naperville, Illinois

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Dry Hopped Cider-Tart Cherry Cider-Semi-sweet Cider-
"Holiday"- a seasonal cider named for the Holiday apple
Monte's Cherry Pie Nitro- 
Dry- Rose-Sweet-
Sweet(ish)- Blueberry-