Indiana the Hoosier state where 80% of the U.S. and Canadian populations live within one day's truck drive is also where the majority could take a vacation drive to the enjoy their cider route to visit with the 69 apple orchards listed and 16 excellent cider makers. 


Misbeehaven” Meads Caramel Apple Cider- spiced cider featuring the flavors of fall: caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, and, of course, apples, Crisp as an autumn night with a long, but clean finish.
Pear Mutation- Slightly vinegared pear & apple juice with honey and rosemary.
Ida Red- Dry cider made with local Ida Red apples.

Grady's Hard Cider- Grady's Cider Is A Crisp, Semi-Dry Cider, Made From Heirloom Indiana Sweet And Tart Apples.

Ambrosia Orchard- is a 12 acre apple orchard and farm winery, co-founded in 2018 by Edison Bender and Blanca Rosa. We are located in southeast Allen County, just minutes south of Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the orchard barn you will find a farm store and tasting room, where you can enjoy our hand crafted hard cider and mead. Born and raised on Bender's Orchard in Wolf Lake, Indiana, Edison has been involved in apple farming since childhood and has represented Bender’s Orchard, together with Blanca, at local farmer’s markets for the past several years. Having cultivated the passion and experience necessary, the couple have decided to branch out on their own with a new apple orchard and cidery to serve the Northeast Indiana area. We are still growing and will continue to partner with Bender’s Orchard until our trees are ready to produce fruit of their own.

10942 S. 400 E.
Markleville, Indiana 


(765) 778-1406 

New Day Craft Mead and Hard Cider- Indiana's only Meadery: Specializing in handcrafted hard cider and honey wine. Grab a glass, do a wine tasting, enjoy a bite to eat, view local art all in the heart of Indy's hippest cultural district - Fountain Square!New Day Meadery is a true family owned and operated entrepreneurial endeavor. The husband and wife team of Brett Canaday and Tia Agnew work tirelessly as the proprietors of New Day Meadery. Brett, your Merry Meadmaker, takes great care in crafting our meads while Tia orchestrates all marketing and operational matters. They, along with a dedicated group of family and friends, form the main labor force when it comes to crafting New Day Meadery fine honey wine and cider.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Indiana.

1102 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, Indiana

(888) 632-3379

Indiana  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Indiana.

19816 Huber Road
Starlight, Indiana

(812) 923-9463

Ash & Elm Cider- was started in the summer of 2014 by husband and wife team Aaron and Andrea Homoya. As a company, Ash & Elm strives to make quality ciders using apples from around the Midwest and help cultivate the market for craft cider in Indianapolis. We are passionate about connecting with local orchardists and farmers, both to keep the freshest ingredients in our cider and to support local small businesses. We hope you like what you find! Ash & Elm ciders are made from 100% pure apple juice, provided by regional family orchards. We have different ciders for different tastes, with semi-sweet and dry house ciders on-tap at all times. We also have rotating seasonal ciders as well as special edition premium ciders available in our tasting room. 

Mallow Run Winery- The first grapes were planted in 2000, with more to follow in subsequent years. The vineyards now cover 8 acres of the family’s 600-acre farm. On the remainder, more than 50,000 bushels of corn and soybeans are still raised each year. With expanding vineyards taking root, an aging barn with great potential, and the desire to share our love of fine wines, the decision was quickly made to open our own winery right here on the farm. On September 3rd, 2005, the dream was realized and the tasting room opened to the public. Mallow Run is a stream whose waters wind their way through our family farm and flow past the winery on the way to the White River. Its namesake, George Mallow, settled this farm in 1835 and some time after built the barn where the tasting room is now located. Seven generations later, his family still lives on the farm and wishes to share their corner of the world with you!


 Gold Rush: 1% Sugar, 7%ABV: Crisp, refreshing hard apple cider made from 2 varieties of heirloom apples from Wabash, IN.
South Cider:  3% Sugar, 7% ABV: Hard apple cider slightly sweetened with honey; notes of fresh apple and a creamy finish. 
Johnny Chapman: 4.5% Sugar, 7% ABV: Hard apple cider sweetened with Indiana sorghum; caramel and malt notes with a sweet cider finish. 

THE CIDERS- 14 cider styles, to include:

Earthquake- A dry brut style cider
Avalanche- A semi-dry cider similar to a Granny Smith apple
Cyclone- A semi-sweet cider similar to a McIntosh apple
Twister- A sweet cider similar to a Red Delicious apple
Haboob- Dry hop infused cider
Chinook- Ginger pear infused cider

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Ash and Elm Dry- A crisp, dry cider with a balance between subtle apple sweetness and tartness with a hint of oak. Ash and Elm Semi-sweet- A drinkable semi-sweet cider with a fresh apple aroma and a balanced finish. 
Idle Summer- Our summer seasonal cider made with grapefruit and ginger. Light, sweet and refreshing! 
Sunset Tart Cherry- Our semi-sweet cider fermented with whole tart cherries is a tart, sweet, and refreshing fruity cider. 
Headlong- This dry-hopped cider has the aroma and flavor of hops without the bitterness. 
Del Camino- In the dog days of summer, we release Del Camino, a Mexican tepache. It's made with pineapple and apple juices, cinnamon, brown sugar, and tamarind.


Holiday Cheer- Hard Cider w/ a twist of Vanilla

Mammoth Hard Cider- Regular and Cinammon, (made with apples from the Pendleton Apple Barn)
Candy Apple Wine- Hard Apple Cider with a hint of toffee-Sweet

6964 West Whiteland Road 
Bargersville, Indiana

(317) 422-1556 


Dry Hard Cider (Apple)- Very Light, Very Dry Apple Wine Aged In American Oak At Least 6 Months. 12% ABV

After Math Cidery + Winery- We are a small locally owned cidery and winery located near the Valparaiso University. Our ciders and wines are all made locally in Chesterton, Indiana.

Buck Creek Winery- Buck Creek Winery's roots are in Durm Vineyards, which was established in 1991 by Jeff and Kelly Durm. They purchased the land and Jeff, with the help of family and friends, broke ground – and the vineyard was started. 1500 vines were planted the first year. Bud break came each spring after pruning. Spraying, cluster thinning, and harvest followed each year. More vines were planted, with 13 varieties in all. Wine was made for table use. The children continued to grow. Jeff coached football in Franklin Township and for Nativity every fall while he and Kelly juggled their full-time jobs with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Jeff retired from the Sheriff’s department in 2004. Construction started on the winery in Fall 2005. On Thursday, April 27, 2006, “The Dream” was realized – we were in business.


Beanblossom Hard Cider- Crisp and refreshing with a lively spritz. Crafted from the juice of gently-pressed Midwestern apples. Exceptionally delicious, perfectly refreshing!
Beanblossom Peach Hard Cider- New Release! We've captured the essence of our favorite stone fruit and blended it to perfection with fresh, gently-pressed Midwestern apples. Exceptionally delicious, perfectly refreshing!

200 East Winery Road
Bloomington, Indiana


(812) 876-5800


Brass Cannons- It's all in the blend! Made with a blend of Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Cortland, Northern Spy, Jonagold, and Ida Red apples. This cider is fermented dry, sweetened with 100% cane sugar, and unfiltered.
Old Bicorne- One of our flagship ciders and full of semi-sweet greatness. Taste the difference of locally farmed apples and you'll experience the passion and care we pour into this hard cider.
Rotational 1- 1 of 2 seasonal rotations on tap. Apple pie, jalapeno, strawberry etc.
Rotational 2- 1 of 2 seasonal rotations on tap. Apple pie, jalapeno, strawberry etc.

65 Franklin St
Valparaiso, Indiana

(219) 242-8616 

2104 E Washington St
Indianapolis, Indiana


(317) 600-3164 

McClures Orchard- In 2009, we began a new venture...we became a farm winery, producing hard ciders and wines from the fruits and vegetables grown on site. Our first bottles were placed on the shelves in September of 2010; and, we have been busy trying to bring more varieties to folks ever since. We will be busy this spring planting many more crops with which to someday press and produce delicious beverages! This new venture is our dream; and, we would love to share it with you (in a tasting glass or by the bottle).

Kekionga Cider Company- It started with two longtime friends, a cousin’s basket press, and a brother’s apple tree. In cliché terms, the rest is history.  Tyler Butcher and Logan Barger had always wanted to start their own company within the alcohol industry, and after that first pressing of apples, knew what they wanted to do. Teaming up with another friend, Britton Falkenstern, and Don and Greg Goeglein, owners of Goeglein Catering, Kekionga Cider Company became a reality. Goeglein Mill had recently been re-purchased by the Goeglein’s, as it had been out of the family for many years.  Construction began shortly after the purchase to bring the building back to its historic form. Kekionga Cider Company has been able to find its home at the mill and has started to produce great tasting and easy drinking hard cider for its northeast Indiana community. Our company works with a single family owned orchard in northwest Michigan, ensuring that only the best apples go into making our hard cider. Come visit the Mill and enjoy a glass, or three, of Fort Wayne’s original and only hard cider. 

8111 E 450 N
Columbus, Indiana

(812) 546-0091 

Gnarly Grove Hard Cider- Hard cider crafted in Indiana. We make our cider from 100% fresh pressed apple cider. We never add any flavorings or sweeteners. 


Hopped Cider- Dry-hopped Cider with Citra and Centennial Hops. The floral and citrus of an IPA but none of the bitterness.
Cranberry Cider- Tart cranberry cider in a can.
Mallow Run Sweet Hard Cider-
Blueberry Cider-
Hard Cider-

5054 North US 31
Peru, Indiana

(765) 985-9000


Razzy Apple- A dazzling, sparkling blend of Huber's Hard Cider and luscious Red Raspberry Wine.

208 East Second Street
Madison, Indiana

(812) 273-3755


Gale's Hard Cider- It was made in barrels, from craggy old cider apples, sold and drunk quickly. This tradition has passed to the third generation of his family. Today, the craggy old cider apples of yesteryear still grow in the Midwest. They are harvested, artfully blended, then ground and pressed. The cider is then put into old barrels, fermented and aged, crafting a strong, dry cider the old Celts would have been proud of.
Extra-aulde Gale’s Scrumpy Cider “Chieftan’s Blend-   Long-aged blend of cider apples, wild fermented like an “aulde scrumpy.” Tangy yeast flavors with strong crabapple edges- earthy & oaky, fizzy!

15 North Washington Street
Valparaiso, Indiana


(219) 299-8463

Huber's Orchard, Winery and Vineyards-  When in 1843, Simon Huber settled this Southern Indiana farm, he brought with him from Baden-Baden, Germany his years of experience in fruit growing and wine making. From its humble 80 acre beginning, the farm has expanded to over 600 acres. Simon's vision has been perpetuated through the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th generation Huber's living and working on the farm. In the vineyards, 18 different varieties of grapes are grown for the production of our varietals and blended wines. As Indiana's largest wine-grape producer, our vineyards will produce nearly 400,000 pounds of grapes per year under normal weather conditions. Next to the restored 1938 barn is the underground Wine Cellar. Within our cellar, the old world art of winemaking combines with the most modern equipment and technology to manifest our magnificent vintages. Every bit of our hard work has paid off with over 900 gold, silver & bronze awards from wine competitions from all regions of the United States. This same quality has been passed to you. We sincerely hope you will plan a visit to Huber Winery to sample and enjoy our wines and hospitality.

Thomas Family Winery- Located in an 1850’s stable and carriage house, just a jaunt from the Ohio River, we welcome visitors and friends alike to gather at The Thomas Family Winery for relaxation and refreshment. Our innovation and attention to time-honored craftsmanship have developed these wines into products of timeless art which we look forward to sharing with you.

THE CIDERS- 19 cider styles, to include:

Sweet Snout- We've loaded this dessert-inspired cider with sweet apple flavors. Named for a Swedish term of endearment, sötnos, literally meaning 'sweet nose', you can choose if you want to enjoy it with your own sweetie or savor it by yourself.
Cinnasloth- Sweet and toasty, this cider is perfect for lazy autumn days. A sweet cider flavored with cinnamon, why not let this seasonal favorite become your new mainstay?
Buzzed Boomer- This cider is fermented with an Australian yeast specially bred to bring out fruit flavors. Combining the aromas of Citra hops and a touch of honey, this cider is bursting with flavor.
The Whale's Bowtie- Have you ever seen a whale wearing a bowtie? No? Well you've never tasted a cider like this before either! Delightfully refreshing, this cider offers a clean blend of sweet and dry flavor that we call semi-dry. It pairs perfectly with good jokes, friends, and celebrations of all sorts.
Courtaud- A boldly flavored cider named for the leader of the 15th Century 'Wolves of Paris' that ate dozens of people before being hunted down in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Its rich color and earthy flavors come from aging on French oak chips and cacao nibs and its smooth finish from a hint of vanilla.
Arkanpaw- Originally named The Arkansas Panther Paw (Panther Paw for short), this is a single-varietal cider made using only the Arkansas Black cultivar. These apples are bitter and meaty, giving the cider a full bodied flavor that we've balanced with just a touch of sweetness. The Panther Paw is sure to tickle all of your taste buds!

Anderson's Vineyard and Winery- On the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan, just south of the largest sand dunes in the Midwest, lies a ridge formed thousands of years ago by the glaciers as they crept south during the three great Ice Ages that covered the midwestern area and created the Great Lakes. This ridge is called the Valparaiso Moraine. It is the highest point in northwest Indiana, and home to one of Indiana's best kept secrets, Anderson's Vineyard and Winery. In 1993 the Orchard and Marketing operation was taken over by David Lundstrom and family. The vision that the Lundstrom family had was to take the history of fruit production and couple to it a value added operation and in 1994 the first Estate Winery in Indiana north of Indianapolis was established. Anderson's Winery specializes in light fruity wines produced from fruit and grapes grown in the Midwest area. Today the orchard has been replaced by Vineyards and in 2003 our first Estate Bottled wines were released.

Oliver Winery- Enjoy free tasting daily. Browse our unique selection of wine related gifts and accessories. Learn about the art of winemaking during a free weekend production tour. We also offer a delicious assortment of gourmet picnic foods. Bring a friend and share a bottle of wine, cheese and fresh bread by our pond. At Oliver Winery, we pride ourselves on great wines and uncommonly friendly service in a beautiful setting. We hope to see you soon! 

Madison County Winery- is a locally owned and operated winery in Madison County, Indiana. We have a small wine making facility/farm located in Markleville, Indiana and a tasting room in downtown Pendleton, Indiana. It all started in 2008.  Eric liked to make his own beer and wine.  So, his friends were asking if he would sell them some of his wine.  Of course, he  couldn't.  He had his parents try his wine.  Both, knew he was on to something. They agreed to back him in a new venture of Wine Making.  In April of 2010 we moved the tasting room to downtown Pendleton, In.  After a year we expanded into the next shop.  We started out with Ruby Red Wines and Amber Red Wines (now retired).  Added Hard Cider and Hard Cider with Cinnamon and Mead (Honey Wine).  We now have Blackberry Wine, Chocolate and Vanilla Wines, Cayuga White, Seyval and Cabernet Franc.  Our newest additions are Peach, Hard Lemonaide, Not So Innocent OJ and Hard Iced Tea. The rest is history.

7328 Maysville Rd
Fort Wayne, Indiana


(260) 240-9229

 222 W 2nd St
Bloomington, Indiana

(812) 641-5553

11747 Indian Creek Rd. South
Indianapolis, Indiana

317-862-WINE (9463)

THE CIDERS- 22 cider styles, to include:

Country Cottage- 6.9%abv; a fruity and floral nose, this cider is light and fluffy, with hints of tropical fruit and strong apple undertones. It is an easy-to-please, refreshing drink, perfect on a summer day; or, on Sunday as a perfect accompanient to pancakes!
Farmhouse- 6.9%abv; a strong apple nose, this cider is naturally carbonated, bold and full of apple. It is dominated from start to finish by the apple, a bit acidic and astringent towards the finish. It is perfectly crisp and refreshing and a bit more dry than Cottage.
Granny's- 6.9%abv; a fruity and floral nose with hints of vanilla and bourbon, this cider is a bit complex as several flavors are picked up from start to finish. We took the Cottage and aged it in a couple of used Bourbon Barrels to make a drink that would make Granny proud.
Goldensap- 9.1%abv; apple dominates the nose, this cider is dry and bitter to the palate. We took juice from only two varieties of apples and fermented them until the yeast expired. We kept the cider on the lees until bottling to get a product reminiscent of the days of yore.
Bon-Bon- 5.9% abv; an expression of our sweeter side, this cider is filled with fruity apple notes from the nose to finish.  It is a lighter cider, but full of flavor with a refreshing naturally sweet finish.  It is our take on the American Common Cider.
Spy Candy- 11.5%abv; a strong apple nose with hints of oak, this cider is similar to Farmhouse, but a bit bolder and heavier in flavor. We used the juice of just three apple varieties for this cider, Northern Spy dominating the group. It has a strong apple flavor with a slight wood finish.
Jalepeno- jalapeno peppers fill the nose of this cider. It is a marriage of apples and jalapeño peppers, we left the seeds out during fermentation to keep the heat down making this cider twice the fiesta, but only half the heat.
Bunny #13- 9%abv; apples and hops dominate the nose, we took some hops and added it to the juice prior to fermentation for this ots wine. It is a pleasant blend of fruity, sweet apples with earthy hops. Crisp and refreshing, it is all hopped up!
[M]apfelwein- 11%abv; apples and maple syrup fill the nose, this ots wine is made in the old German tradition by fermenting the cider with maple syrup, harvested from trees just down the road. Apple dominates the wine with maple syrup undertones throughout the drink.
Grandpa's- 12% abv; apples and bourbon dominate the nose of this cider. We took a bold, full-flavor cider and filled used bourbon barrels. The cider cider had a sit in the barrels for a few months to create a drink worthy of Grandpa's name.
Celebration- 11%abv; the nose of this champagne-style cider is complete and full of apple sweetness. It is bottle-conditioned, naturally carbonated, almost effervescent; thus, bringing out a clean, crisp apple taste from start to finish. Enjoy a bottle at any celebration or for Sunday morning mimosas.
Fireball- apple fills the nose accompanied with hints of candied cinnamon. This is a light cider dominated by apple with a light cinnamon finish. This cider was bombarded with the famous, round red cinnamon candies.

Friendly Beasts Cider- formed from a passion for crisp tasting cider. We started making cider after seeing how limited the range of flavors and variety of ciders was here in the midwest. Frustrated with the exclusively sweet and syrupy options available on store shelves, we decided to try our hand and see what other flavors we could create. Our ciders are always fermented and blended right here in Bloomington, Indiana. All of our juice is pressed in Indiana from Indiana apples grown on a family orchard, some of it we even press ourselves. While we specialize in blending ciders on the drier end of the spectrum, we have a variety of recipes to satisfy every taste. We use traditional cider-making methods and 100% natural ingredients; we make cider the way it was meant to be made. Come along with us on our cider journey— we're excited to share the next glass with you!

Misbeehaven’ Meads- We make great mead, be it traditional or experimental. We release annually around 48 different meads, which explore different fruits and varietal honeys. Many of our meads are unconventional, featuring unusual ingredients and processes. We age lots of mead on wood or in barrels.

430 E. US-6
Valparaiso, Indiana 

(219) 464-4936


Gnarly Grove Hard Cider Original Blend- Made from 100% fresh pressed apples. NEVER from concentrate. We try not to even think too hard around this cider. 
Gnarly Grove Hard Cider Legendberry- Fresh pressed apple cider with blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry juices added as well. All fresh and NEVER from concentrate. Enjoy! 
Emerald Elixir (Dry Hop)- A dry hopped version of the Original Blend. Dry hopped with Falconer's Flight, Citra, Centenial, and Amarillo. It really brings out the crisp green apple flavors.
Blazin’ Pineapple Cider- ripest blend of apples northern Indiana has to offer as well as sweet pineapple juice and whole habanero.

14025 US Highway 27

Hoagland, Indiana


 (260) 639-4101


Ceresium- Cider made from Indiana apples, blended with Michigan montmorency cherry juice.
Freedom- Cider, dry, aged in American White Oak Anne-Grey Cooperage cask.
Beauregarde- Cider, semisweet, made with local apples, wild blueberry, and ginger
Humulus Lupulus- Seasonal Cider, dry, made with local apples, liberally hopped with fresh cascade hops