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A better world through kindness to animals  The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary at Angel Canyon, at the heart of the Golden Circle of national parks in southern Utah, is home on any given day to about 2,000 dogs, cats, and other animals, who come from shelters and rescue groups around the country for special care they can only receive at Best Friends. 

Inform  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers.

“Give me yesterday's Bread, this Day's Flesh, and last Year's Cyder.”

Benjamin Franklin, (1706-1790) 
‘Poor Richard's Almanac’   

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers.

The Cyder Market's goal is provide ready access to the available information on the history, how to make and other useful facts concerning real hard apple cider, perry and associated gourmet products.

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