Sidro Baladin-  Our search for the world's most unique beers has brought us to Piozzo, right outside of Torino, Italy. In this village of 1,000 inhabitants, directly across from the town hall, lies Le Baladin, an extremely unusual brewpub and microbrewery. "Baladin" is a French term referring to a "traveling minstrel.‚" The owner, Teo Musso, thought that this would be a fitting name for his brewery as the townspeople are known for moving around, especially between Italy and France. Upon visiting the brewery and meeting Teo, one finds that he is a very entertaining minstrel and has, thus, chosen the perfect name for his place.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider imported from Italy.

Maley srl 
31 Siège Chesalet -

Brissogne (AO) Italy

Cidery and Shop : 12 ZI -

Saint Marcel (AO) Italy
tele +39 0165 768919

Importer: Porto Fino- Groovy Italian Wines
Buffalo, New York​

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Italy- while known much more for its wines and olive oils, Italy also has a hard cider tradition worth exploring. Cider was once widely produced in Northern Italy's apple growing regions, with a marked decline during fascist rule, due to the introduction of a law banning the industrial production of alcoholic beverages derived from fruits of less than 7% ABV, which was aimed at protecting wine producers. Present laws and regulations are favourable to cider makers, but production has only survived in a few alpine locations, mostly in the regions of Trentino, and in Piedmont, where it is known as vin ëd pom (apple wine) orpomada, because it traditionally was left to ferment in a vat along with grape pomace, giving it a distinctive reddish colour.

Maley Ciderie-  Our headquarters are in the heart of Aosta Valley, in the Brissogne area, at 900 m.a.s.l. The work is being done at Saint Marcel, in the historic brewery La Valdôtaine, and at Novalaise, the heart of Saboy. At Saint Marcel we produce a sparkling cider with the classic method, only using the apple Raventze. No chemical treatment is performed on our Valdostan apples. At Novalaise we produce a sparkling cider ith the ancestral method. Son of the MontBlanc and its valleys, this cider is born from the marriage between the autocton apple Raventze (cultivated in Aosta Valley at La Salle, Saint Marcel and Antey) and the apple Coison de Boussy, daughter of the Arve Valley in the High Saboy. Following the Occidental Alps’ tradition, during the first squeeze of the apples, the pear Blesson gets added.​

Selezione Baladin
Dogliani (CN) - Via Torino, 
351/bis - Italy
tele +39 0173.74213

Italy Import  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider imported from Italy.


Cidre du St. Bernard, with the cider Maley, Aosta Valley reproposes an old drink which, for centuries, has been present on the tables of so many alpine villages. This innovative project is born from the passion for the effervescence in all its forms, from the love for the alpine scenaries, from the respect for the biodiversity cared by generations of gardeners and farmers from the Alps. Maley is the old name with which was known the apple in Valtournenche, on the Cervino slopes, in Aosta Valley. Maley is one of the antique names of the MontBlanc, either from the Valdostan or the Saboy side.t.


Sidro Baladin- A drink tied to the land, the tradition and the biblical fruit par excellence, the fruit of sin ... Trait d'union between the Belgian franc and the Piedmont tradition of apple juice, our Cider originates from the spontaneous fermentation of apples. The cider is produced Baladin 4 hands with French friends of cider Maeyaert. Fresh and sincere occurs in clear glass and enlivened by a fine bead. It smells of flowers and meadows in the spring, leaving in the mouth a delicate and persistent. Excellent as an aperitif is ideal for informal gatherings but also gallant.

B. United International, Inc 
15 John Todd Way
Redding, CT 06896
(203) 938-0713

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