Juice and Cider: Make Sure They are Safe- September 2010, Foodsafety.gov

Unpasteurized Apple Cider Linked to E. Coli Illnesses Recalled in Canada, October 2014- Food Safety News

Craft Cider Workshops, Penn State Extension, Building University Park, Pennsylvannia.

The Cidermaker's Toolkit, is a living, breathing wiki page that is intended to capture the skills, tips, and links for all things related to running a professional cider business. This page will live on and thrive as long as the cider community participates.

Top Online Beer Making & Craft Brewing Courses- provides links to numerous home brew and professional beer brewing online educational opportunities.

Thoroughout history the art and science of Making Good Hard Cider appears to follow the old adage- a short while to learn and a lifetime to master. The cider production steps involved are neither many nor particularly complicated, however at each step "getting it rig ht" makes all difference in the quality of the final product.  As you begin your journey into cider making reviewing some of the available resources may be useful in order to identify what is most important at each step in your quest to make it right. To assist you, below are links to various online sites and numerous "YouTube" instructional videos posted by

Making inexpensive hard cider at home- Homebrew Helper's Hard Cider

Making Hard Cider: Hard Cider Information Zone- Hard Cider Hub

Home Apple Cider Production- University of Tennessee


Making Apple Cider- University of Georgia

Making Hard Cider- Cornell University


How To Make Cider  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about how to make cider.

Cider & Perry Production- Principles & Practice-  Cornell University and the Cider and Perry Academy, New York, USA

Cider School- Cider Sage

Juice & Strain: Cider Making of the Future- American Homebrewers Association

Cider making made simple-  Onslowsdry YouTube

A new Apple Grinder
- Peter Eveleigh YouTube

Botany of Desire: Bringing Back Hard Cider-  Steven Woods and a PBS Video

Homemade Cider Press- UK Cider text and video


How to make Organic Hard Cider-  Souncilvilized


Homemade Hard Cider- Haunted Bay


Small-scale Cider Making!-  The Whittenham Hill Cider Portal (England)


Home Cider Making- Sharing the steps to basic cider making.


Cider and Perry Academy, United Kingdom

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about how to make cider.

HomeBrewTalk.com- a forum for cider makers within the home beer brewing site.

Northwest Agriculture Business Center- Cider Courses, Washington, USA

The Cider Institute is a non-profit organization... made up of passionate cider industry professionals and educators with a mission to create a quality-driven and sustainable cider industry through education and research. 

Millstone Cellars is rustic Hard Cidery in Monkton, Maryland, periodically offering workshops on rustic cider, cyser, and mead. Workshop information can be found here.

Cider Workshop Discussion Group, the best cider discussion group on the internet with leading experts from around the world in apple and pear orchards and all types of cider making.

Cider Digest-  Talisman Farm

How to Make Simple Hard Cider-  wikiHow

Hard Cider Making Classes  Vine Park is unique – the only brew-it-yourself-on-the-premises in the Midwest. St. Paul, Minnesota

others on their journey. Additionally, in the Find/Buy section of this website under Books/References we will provide links to hard copy/book guides that examine making hard cider. Good luck and enjoy the process with the product!

Note: The Cyder Market, LLC does not endorse any of the organizations/agencies or individuals cited or their video reports, these are simply provided as examples for starting points on how to make hard cider for those of legal drinking age. The Cyder Market, LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Images are the property of Cyder Market, LLC or screenshots courtesy of the cited webpage.

Cider Production Short Course: From Tree To Bottle, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

YouTube videos on "How to Make Hard Cider"- scroll below initial video for numerous offerings.​

​​How to make hard cider

Warwickshire College, United Kingdom

American Homebrewers Association, Has many local groups that along with beer also ferment cider.

Cider Making Courses:​​​

DIY Hard Cider- excellent resource for new cider makers


Regional one-day in-planning workshop geared toward helping new craft beverage businesses navigate the complexities of startup. Michigan and California

Craft Cidery Startup Workshop, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.