Maryland  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Maryland.


Farmgate- Dry, bold, oak barrel-aged cider using tart and earthy cider apples. A recreation of Old-America in a bottle from tree to table. Gingeroot- A dry cider warmed with local organic ginger. A tangy cider with a slight hint of ginger spice that provides an herbal healing quality. Hopvine- Oak barrel-aged cider, dry hopped with local cascade hops. Dry, tart, grassy, and floral. Combines the wonderful aromas of hops with the tart complexity of our ciders. 
Cherrykriek- Our kriek style cider blending Maryland sour cherries with our oak aged cider.  Tart and complex cherry flavor will leave you hard pitted to not reach for another glass. 
Rhuberry- A blending of our oak aged cider with fresh picked Maryland strawberry and rhubarb.   Crafting a snappy but lovable fellowship between these two fruity and tart companions.
Heirloom X  Farmhouse Cider- A hand selected blend of our best barrels and heirloom apple varietals.  Crafting an all american rustic cider brimming with complexity and flavor.  Apple Varietals By Percentage: 29% Northern Spy 22% Orleans Reinette 14% Black Twig 14% Jonthan 14% Stayman Winesap 7% York Imperial
Square One- A dry, tart, medium bodied cider. Made with mystery late harvest apples sourced from our orchard rehab and neighbors' backyards.
Redeye Cider- A dry cider fermented and aged in fresh Willet Bourbon barrels for ten months where it acquired oaky caramel and vanilla flavors. Sidra Americana- Apple skin macerated cider crafted from American Heirloom Apples. Rustic Spanish Style Cider. A homage to the basque style ciders, crafted using wild yeast from a skin contact fermentation and aged and blended using our solera method.  A wildy tart style with unique farmhouse qualities and a mellow tannic finish. 
Cherub- A 2014 Northern Spy single variety cider aged in previous raspberry wine barrels. Delicate, soft raspberry nose with a crisp pear and white wine finish. Cellar Door- A blend of rustic cider from local, flavorful apples, aged in barrels for at least six months.OVB Our Very Best cider- was aged on toasted oak and cellared for an earthy, farmhouse, mineral cider with notes of pear and apple. 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Maryland.


All In- blend mixture, mosaic, mélange, medley, combination, fusion; all our apple varieties in the bins, to the press, in the barrel, in the bottle, in the glass. All the history, all the work, all the help, all the time; All In. Our organic apples, crafted in small batches in neutral oak barrels, fermented slow and cold to 7.4% alcohol with a small amount of natural effervescence. All In is tangy and crisp with a rich apple aroma.
HoppenIN- All In…but a little hoppy! A rediscovered, German/American heritage drink (apparently our forefathers objected to the beer tax and hopped their cider to avoid the tax collector). Our organic apples and Cascade Hops. Crisp, bright, floral and a bit fizzy.
Black Twig- One of our very favorite apples shines in this single varietal cider. The Black Twig was Andrew Jackson’s favorite too, an Appalachian heritage apple that has been in production since 1830. Sweet tart and tannic, it is the perfect cider apple.  Fermented using Trappist yeast to 7.4% alcohol with a little natural fizz.
Blue Note- Who would have thought the humble blueberry could tame the tart of an apple? Organic apples harmonize with a perfect note of organic blueberry to deliver a softer melody to the palate. This sassy number is “pétillant”, just slightly fizzy and blushing blue, 7.4% alcohol.
Pairing- Organic Asian pears + spicy fresh ginger, a perfect Pairing. Smooth and silky in texture, this cyser needs no carbonation to enliven the palate. The first fermentation of pear is followed with the addition of honey and fresh-pressed ginger juice. This cyser delivers a beguiling aroma and serious ginger kick. 8.5% alcohol. 
Gloaming- The sunny, bright disposition of our straight up apple cider goes dark and moody  with the addition of organic black currants. The word gloaming is from the Old English verb "glōwan,"  "to glow." By the early 1800s, English speakers began to use the Scottish verb gloam,  "to become twilight" or "to grow dark." All the magic of nightfall with the remaining rays of sunlight. Gloaming, organic apples and black currents fermented to a tart, dry finish and gorgeous purple twilight color. 7.4% alcohol with rich and tiny bubbles.
Vocare- Have you ever started out in one place and ended up somewhere completely unexpected? Organic American heritage apples are called to cider, fermented for a year, then aged an extra year in the barrel like a Spanish “sidra” and yet invokes a delicate French cider. Vocare emerges from its journey with a softer apple tang and notes of vanilla. 7.4% alcohol and naturally effervescent.

2029 Monkton Road
Monkton, Maryland

(443) 895-9991 

5533 Gapland Road
Jefferson, Maryland

(301) 834-8920

4822 Preston Rd
Federalsburg, Maryland 

(410) 829-0334 

Willow Oaks Craft Cider and Wine- small batch, barrel fermented, handcrafted from organic fruit, unfiltered. Eric Rice and Lori Leitzel Rice craft their farmhouse style cider from certified organic, American heirloom apples on their 35 acre farm in Middletown, Maryland. Organic pears, blueberries, black currants and other fruits make tasty additions to Willow Oaks' ciders. Fabulous fruit, unique terroir and small batch barrel fermentation let the flavors and aroma of the fruit shine through to a crisp, dry finish.


Spencerville Red Hard Apple- Great Shoals Winery has partnered with Heyser Farms of Montgomery County, MD to produce an award winning new product showcasing the flavors of a truly local apple – the Spencerville Red. Great Shoals works closely with Heyser Farms to blend and hand press small batches of the freshest Spencerville Red sweet apple cider. We ferment this wonderful juice to make a crisp and refreshing sparkling Hard Apple wine.
Blazing Star Hard Peach- This limited production, dry sparkling cider is a blend of TS Smith Blazing Star peaches and Ginger Gold apples.Bosc & Bartlett Hard Pear- Hard pear ciders have been enjoyed by connoisseurs for hundreds of years with documented production as far back as the early Roman Empire.  Great Shoals Winery has brought this tradition to Maryland in the form of our cider-style Bosc & Bartlett Hard Pear.
Black Twig- apple variety was first grown near Fayetteville, Tennessee during the 1830s. The often deeply red colored apple became more and more popular in the coming decades and experienced increased production in eastern orchards as farmers discovered its tartness.  Black Twig remains a highly sought variety today, nearly 170 years after it was first cultivated in Tennessee.
Crispin Hard Apple- A blend of Crispin and Stayman apples, this slightly sweet and tart non-sparkling hard cider is made with apples grown in colora, MD. Balanced with French oak and 0.6% residual sugar.  
Pearadise- This off-dry, still cider is made with Bosc, Bartlett, and Asian pears.
Hard Apple Draft- Bourbon barrel aged hard cider. Shows a balance of sweetness and crisp fruit flavor intermingling with light tiny bubbles.Hard Pear- Made with local pears, this off-dry cider is crisp and refreshing. Hard Peach- This light, off-dry cider is made with a blend of local peaches.  
Crabapple Imperial- Made with a blend of crabapples and York Imperial apples, this still cider is sweet and tart.  
Hard Blackberry- This semi-sweet fruit wine is made with local blackberries. 

Maryland-  is one of the smallest states in terms of area, but it remains one of the most populous and the most densely populated states of the United States. The state's largest city is Baltimore, and its capital is Annapolis. The state was either named after Queen Henrietta Maria or Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. (The original intent by Cecilius Calvert is unknown). There are 12,800 farms, 400,000 acres of covered crops, more horses per square mile than any other state and 40 licensed winers also is home to over 40 apple orchards and a new hard cider movement with the opening of 6 cider makers in recent years. 

6219 Harley Rd,
Middletown, Maryland

(301) 371-4814

Distillery Lane Ciderworks, located just outside of the town limits of historic Burkittsville, Maryland, specializes in growing a wide variety of apples perfect for cider, baking, and eating. Our family-owned and operated farm offers unique apple varieties, sweet cider, and hard cider. The farm, known on Frederick County records as “The Encampment”, sheltered Union troops just prior to the Battle of Burkittsville and Crampton’s Gap. The farmhouse on the property, dating back to 1840, served as a quartermaster’s house after it was taken over by Union soldiers. DLC hard cider is naturally fermented from a special blend of our sweet cider. This delicious and refreshing is bottled here at the farm. We culture-blend our cider to balance sweetness, tartness, and acidity. Each batch is unique because of the apples that go into the mix. We are positive that you’ll agree that we produce some of the country’s best cider once you’ve tasted an ice cold glass of our family favorite: Sweet Coppin blended with Roxbury Russet and Newton Pippin’s. 

Faulkner Branch Cidery & Distillery Co- Every apple grown here has a purpose.  Hard Cider is the fulfillment of a great purpose, to nourish through drink. Blades Orchard is primarily a grower of fruit like peaches, apples, apricots, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and melons.   We use only fruit grown on Blades Orchard to make Faulkner Branch Hard Cider. We have 35 types of peaches and 27 types of apples.  The apple varieties vary from heirloom to new and popular types.  We use some of the oldest varieties found in America to make our hard cider. 

14526 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, Maryland


(410) 849-9616


Head Waters- is a European-style hard cider, dry and crisp. 
Tax Ditch Green- is a sweet American-style hard cider. 
The Jungle- Back sweetened with honey.
The Long Weekend-

Red Shedman Farm Brewery & Hop Yard- is located among the rolling hills of Mt. Airy, on over 200 acres of farmland, between Frederick and Baltimore, Maryland. We cultivate several varieties of hops including Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Nugget and Crystal. The lower level of the brewery is dedicated to production based on a fifteen-barrel brewhouse. The upper level is the brewery’s tasting room where you can enjoy a flight or a pint, lite fare and the big screen TV’s. Beer is available on tap and in cans, growlers, and kegs for retail sale. The Red Shedman Farm Brewery is located on the grounds of Linganore Winecellars, adjacent to the Linganore Tasting Room. Red Shedman brews are served throughout the day. 

Millstone Handcrafted Artisinal Cider and Mead-  We have spent the last decade, experimenting and refining hard cider and mead making techniques using Old World methods. Our winery operates out of the refurbished Monkton Mill, an old, circa 1840′s grist mill, which is a perfect example of our approach to business and life. Recreate, explore and rediscover. By working closely with the farmers we ensure the highest levels of quality and freshness for our ingredients. Our ciders and meads specialize in what our region grows best helping to support local agriculture and sustainability along the way. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you have for MillStone. We would love to hear from you!


Raspberry Cider- Hard Cider made from fresh local ingredients. Available in Apple and Raspberry.
Traditional Cider- Light and pleasing, made from locally grown fresh apples.
Cinnister Cider- A blend of rustic cider from local, flavorful apples, aged in barrels for at least six months.Ginger Hard Cider- Apple Cider with Ginger

13601 Glissans Mill Rd
Mt. Airy, Maryland


THE CIDERS- over 20 cider styles, to include:

Kingston Blacks grow very well in our orchard. For 2012, we have bottled our Kingston Black hard cider fully dry. It has a wonderful tartness and lovely finish.
Our semi-sweet sparkling Celebration Cider is perfect for just that—a celebration!  We blend juice from modern and vintage apple varieties to produce this rich, full-bodied, tart and medium sweet hard cider.   
For our hard cider, The Jefferson, we press Newtown Pippins, along with other vintage cider apples, to create an off-dry cider. The cider is also aged with American oak to achieve an old-time flavor, reminiscent of the oak barrels that Jefferson would have used when brewing his ciders.  
Every year, we have a few batches of cider that are apple blends of limited quantity. As a result, each batch of our Limited hard cider is unique and bottled in relatively small numbers.
Our American Extra Dry hard cider is crisp, light, and fully dry.  It is minimally processed to retain as much apple character as possible.  It is made from a blend of juice from modern American apple varieties such as Liberty, Goldrush, and Freedom, along with juice from vintage sharp and bittersweet apples. 
On property maps today, Harley’s farm is known as “Encampment” and is the home of Distillery Lane Ciderworks. 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of this historic clash between the Union and Confederate armies. Our medium-sweet Encampment hard cider is dedicated to the men who fought on that fateful day. 
Our Traditional Dry Sparkling Cider is made from a blend of English, French, and American cider apple varieties. The blend of apples gives our ciders the right combination of acid, tannins, and sugar to make fine hard cider. 
Winterfest:  In the style of an ice cider, we concentrate the juice from a blend of our outstanding apple varieties. This process enhances body, aroma, and flavor.
At Distillery Lane Ciderworks, we grow vintage apple varieties from Europe and America to blend into our ciders. Our Vintage hard cider relies heavily upon the bittersweet vintage varieties to provide the strong tannins that are characteristic of fine old-time ciders.
Woodberry–  This special label cider was developed specifically for Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, MD as the perfect complement to their savory, locally sourced menus. A blend of apples and aronia berry juice, this cider has a terrific berry aroma, tart apple and sweet berry flavor with a touch of acidity, and our signature dry finish. Lively bubbles toss the bright flavor across the palate with each drink. 
America Extra Dry– Our American Extra Dry hard cider is crisp, light, and fully dry. It is minimally processed to retain as much apple character as possible. It is made from a blend of juice from modern American apple varieties such as Liberty, Goldrush, and Freedom, along with juice from vintage sharp and bittersweet apples. This cider is perfect as the accompaniment to cheese, crackers and fruit. It is also ideal for mixing with your favorite liqueur. 
Sidra Montana Sur (South Mountain Cider)-  is crafted in the style of ciders from the Basque region of Spain. The malolatic fermentation gives our Sidra a light, sharply tart front reminiscent of a sour beer with a touch of acidity and hint of fruit. Refreshing and still, buttery notes join our signature dry finish on the end of each drink. 

Great Shoals- Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening or celebrating special times, Great Shoals sparkling wine has a place in your glass. Our hand crafted wines will mark any occasion with a crisp taste and tiny bubbles. We use apples, pears, peaches, grapes, and other fruits from local and regional sources to create dry sparkling wines using the traditional méthode champenoise. Each bottle of our wine is filled with distinctive and complex flavors melded by the champagne process. We’ve endeavored to create a set of cider-style apple and pear sparkling wines, as well as an apple dessert wine for the 2011 vintage.  Spencerville Red Hard Apple, Black Twig Hard Apple, and Bosc & Bartlett Hard Pear each display subtle and pleasant fruit flavors, while Great Shoals Spiced Apple contains a rich blend of apple and spice.  These wines are made from locally grown fruit produced by our partners Heyser Farms and T.S. Smith and Sons. Why don’t we call this hard cider? The answer is simple – the juice from the Spencerville Red apple is too high in sugar to make hard cider. Federal and State law requires that hard ciders have less than 7% alcohol by volume. The Spencerville Red contains natural sugars that ferment to about 8% alcohol by volume, which makes this beverage legally classified as wine.