New England Dry (from the 2011 harvest), is made with Macintosh, Cortland, and Empire apples. It is fermented to 8% alcohol and bottled in 750ml bottles.
Ashton Blend- this cider showcases the high tannin apples Ashton Bitter and Ellis Bitter, and the bountiful Honeycrisp. It is fermented to 8% alcohol and bottled in 750ml bottles.


Cisco Cider- Light dry hopped aroma, semi-dry with oak and honey mid-pallet, whiskey and fruit on the finish.


New World- is crafted with care to inspire the spirit of discovery in us all. In contrast to old world (European) cider, New World is made with a blend of American heirloom varieties: Baldwin, Northern Spy, Russetts, and others. New World has the layered complexity to satisfy the most discerning palates while still being accessible to casual cider drinkers, wandering off the beaten path. 
Crafted for the uninhibited, Wild Thing is our session cider, made with a blend of heritage and late season dessert apples. Spontaneous wild fermentation adds complexity and a touch of hops provides balance. The result is a juicy, easy drinking cider that is not too sweet and a perfect complement to hearty foods and long days. 
Made with apples from West County Cider's Catamount Hill Orchard, COLRAIN is an homage to the region where the fruit is grown. Heirloom apples combined with a touch of spice and maple syrup harvested from adjacent maple trees. It's a New England cider, made anew with a sense of place. Colrain has the tannic complexity that comes from traditional cider apples, while still remaining balanced and accessible. This is a cider with deep Western Massachusetts roots. 


Missing Link- Truly Hopped Session Cider – 4.6% ABV The missing link between cider’s traditional roots and craft beer innovation. Missing Link is a wonderfully aromatic, faintly bitter cider created to blur the lines between our two favorite beverages. Paradise- Cider steeped with Orange Peel & Grains of Paradise – 6.0% ABV A Belgian cider bearing multifarious aromatics and a peppery finish; Paradise is a distinct encounter for the cider drinker. Steeped with West African grains of paradise (black pepper) alongside California orange peel, you’ve unearthed a cider worthy of its name. 
Anchor- Balanced New England Cider – 5.4% ABV Crafted with fresh pressed apples, this is our base and the canvas from which our ciders evolve. This is the anchor to our brand – a balanced, crisp, and off dry take on New England’s tradition of cider. 

270 Albany St
Springfield, Massachusetts

325 Ayer Road
Unit 116-A
Harvard, MA 01451

(978) 391-1329

104 Bolton Road
Harvard, Massachusetts

(978) 415-9463 


Dry Hopped Cider- Fresh pressed cider fermented dry with a specialty French farmhouse ale yeast. After a long secondary fermentation the finished cider was delicately rested on lots of Cascade hops grown locally by our friends at Still River Winery. The cider has notes of bright grapefruit which are nicely complimented by the floral aroma of hops. Lightly carbonated and distinctively refreshing.


Bear Meadow Farm Hard Cider Dry-  New England Style Hard Cider aged in whiskey barrels.
Bear Meadow Farm Hard Cider Semi Dry-  


Hard A Lee- is named after a little wooden boat that’s been in our family for 90 years. Simple in appearance yet built by the famous naval designer John Alden, her name is a nautical term that one bellows when about to tack – pushing the tiller to the leeward side of the boat to head in a new direction. So as they say, if you’re “ready about, Hard A Lee!” Martha's Vineyard Cider Co. is proud to share this with you.

89 Pleasant St South
South Natick, Massachusetts

(508) 653-0653 


Original Blend is the Auerbach to our Celtics, the Satisfaction to our Stones, the Agent K to our Men In Black, our foundation. From its humble beginnings in the basement of a Bates College dormitory, Original Blend is the result of hundreds of test batches aimed at crafting the best damn hard cider you've ever tasted. Original Blend is made from freshly pressed local apples because we not only believe in high quality cider, we believe in America. We use a secret blend of Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland, and Gala apples, and NEVER add concentrate, artificial flavors or sweeteners. 
Cranberry Blend-  A lot of cranberries grow in Massachusetts and an unnamed member of Downeast Cider has an affinity for them, dried cranberries, cranberry juice, and most of all, Cranberry Blend. This interesting twist on Original Blend won't make your lips pucker but will bring a smile.
Unoriginal Blend- After three years of ignoring all traditional forms of making hard cider, we gave in. We looked to those who had been making cider for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and learned from them. We ferment fresh-pressed juice with champagne yeast, filter for a clean flavor, and add a touch of honey. This departure TO the norm is a Downeast departure FROM the norm. Unoriginal is clear and crisp with very little residual sweetness. 
Seasonal Blends- Hard Honey, Lemonade, Pumpkin Blend,  Winter Blend

Artifact Cider Project- is a micro-ciderhouse based in Western Massachusetts. The Project is a tribute to the rich history of American cider, especially in Massachusetts. Our project is to revive, reinvent, and reintroduce American craft cider. We start with fresh apples, not concentrate or apple flavoring, because we believe the best apples are grown by our local Massachusetts orchards and the best apples make the best cider. Every apple, even of the same variety, is grown under different conditions, varying from year to year, and from orchard to orchard. That makes each apple and each batch of cider distinct and unique. So, while our cidermaking process is modern and scientific, it's not formulaic. It also requires a healthy dose of art and faith. To us, that’s craft cider. We hope you enjoy the result.

Headwater Cider Company makes cider in the New England style. New England Style cider is described as the only cider style originating in the USA. It is dry, and the alcohol is higher due to the added sugar. The aroma is clear and subtle. The acidity provides a strong backbone that is smoothed through bottle aging.The product is delicious: A crisp, dry cider with just a hint of orchard sweetness.The apples are grown at the orchard in Hawley, MA. They are pressed, fermented, and bottled in our cider mill at the heart of the orchard. We grow our own apples, including Cortland, McIntosh, and Empire. Newly added varieties grown include Medaille D'Or, Liberty, Nova Spy, Alkmene, and Golden Nugget.

P.O. Box 398109
Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Cisco Brewers- Here on Nantucket we have a Winery, Brewery, and Distillery. Nantucket Vineyard was the first arm of our business opening in the early 1980’s as a small project of the Long Family.  After a few years, Winery employees ended up falling in love with the wine and each other, and voila! – Cisco Brewers was born on the Hudson’s stovetop in 1995.  Whispers of a brewery floated on the Nantucket wind, catching the ear of a few people, including a Mr. Harman.  Using the previously tested and proven formula of starting a business from another business, Winery and Brewery employees enjoyed a few glasses / pints (respectively) together and hatched the idea for Triple Eight Distillery in 2000.   All three businesses are constantly evolving, and we now produce a wide variety of world-class wines, beers, and spirits.  Come out and enjoy our Nantucket haven- just prepare yourself in case your mind blows up from all the awesomeness.

200 Terminal St.
Boston, Massachusetts 

(207) 200-7332 

Historic Hilltop Orchards is home to award-winning Furnace Brook Winery. The property's bucolic hilltop setting affords sweeping views of the surrounding Berkshire hills of western MA. In addition to wines and ciders, the store sells fruit pies, scones, cider donuts, preserves and more. Come and enjoy the beautiful vistas from the Normandy Gazebo, stroll the orchards, hike on beautiful woodland trails and savor some wine and delicious food.Visit year-round for free wine tasting plus hiking; apple picking; cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in season.


Legendary Dry- A dry, full bodied cider with unique citrusy flavors derived from rare apples and hints of oak from time spent in bourbon barrels. 
Dry Hop- A hop forward cider dry-hopped extensively with whole cone Citra hops.

112 Forget Road
Hawley, Massachusetts

(413) 695-6099

Harvard Cider Company- is a craft cider producer founded and based in Harvard, MA. Our mission centers around producing a high quality, local alcohol that our customers can be proud of drinking.

PO Box 526
Salem, Massachusetts

(617) 877-0865


Dry Baldwin- A single variety cider, it is fermented to dryness making a traditional New England cider. Crisp.
Pippin Cider- First an explanation. Tremletts Bitter and Yarlington Mill are classic English bittersweets. They were high on the list of apples recommended to us in the early 1080's by R. R. Williams of the Long Ashton Cider Research Station in England.
Farmer's Favorite- Hazy, dense, with sharp & tannic richness, this cider should stand up to a table full of good food from local New England dirt. Aston's Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Ellis Bitter are the apples... Vibrant, dry.
Kingston Black- Dark red, dense fleshed, with anise over-tones, Kingston Black is perhaps the most well known but least tasted English cider variety. It is frequently described, with the term ‘legendary’ usually tacked on, as the most wine-like of ciders.
Reinne De Pomme- Reine de Pomme is an archaic French Apple. We found it in the Geneva Reference Orchard. In 1987, in France, the only reference to it we found was a listing in a nursery catalog from the 1920’s at an apple museum in Normandy. No one seemed to know of it. But, forgotten or not, we were struck by the taste- tannins and iron- that made it inedible, but intriguing for a cider. As a cider it has a deep, dark-fruit, honeyed taste.
Catamount Hill Orchard- This cider is made from apples grown in our home orchard on Catamount Hill in Colrain. There are over 20 apple varieties in this cider. Our orchard is a small cornicopia of obscure apples,grown to experience the potential of heritage & cider varieties. 
Queen's Cider- Mid-dry, with overlay of soft tannins. This cider is made from the Newtown Pippin apple, first discovered in Flushing, Queens —New York City!— in the 1700s. As 'Albemarle Pippin', it pleased G.Washington, T.Jefferson & others of the past.
Golden Delicious- John Wheeler grew these Golden Delicious apples at Wheel-View Orchard in Shelburne, Ma. We picked them the last week of October and fermented the juice with wild yeast.
Redfield- We found the Redfield on a leisurely walk through the reference orchard at the New York Agricultural Experimental Station at Geneva. We were sampling apples as we walked, taking a bite, and then tossing them. The Redfield stopped us cold. There was the taste: unusually tannic, bright fruit, and acidic. Then there was the color: deep red skin, brilliant scarlet flesh. We picked enough for a test batch, and have been planting and making Redfield ever since.
McINTOSH- McIntosh is the mainstay apple of New England. Juicy and aromatic, it balances sweetness and acidity. This cider is sweet and fruity, with a low alcohol after a very short fermentation.

Bear Swamp Orchard, Organic Farmhouse Style Cider- Real old fashioned homemade cider. Organic apples we grow, and wild yeasts (no commercial strains), no sulfites, no preservatives, no filtering, no sweeteners, not from concentrates, mostly still (no carbonated, maybe some bottle conditioned occasionally), the real deal. We approach our hard cider the same way we approach the rest of our orchard products and growing in general, with a nod back to a simpler, unprocessed, “Real food” way of living. We are not looking for the year to year, batch to batch consistency expected by many larger cider makers. We embrace seasonal and regional differences by using our apples, and the wild yeasts from our orchard to make a cider that can really only be created here. We forego some of the modern approaches and try to keep our equipment and procedures as simple as possible.

Carr's Ciderhouse- Carr’s Ciderhouse- is a family-run operation committed to handcrafting small batch, barrel-aged hard ciders as well as apple cider-based products for the pantry. Our historic orchard is located on the northwest slope of Mt. Warner in Massachusetts, overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Connecticut River valley. It has been eight years in the making (twice that, if you count dreaming) and we are so pleased to launch our line of hand-made, barrel-aged, small-batch hard cider. Our young orchard of 1500 apple trees was planted in 2007 on the north-west slope of Mount Warner in North Hadley, Massachusetts. It’s just beginning to yield now! We press our apples on a refurbished century-old Mount Gilead cider press (one of the oldest working presses in New England, we suppose) in the ciderhouse on the hillside when the weather starts turning cold. It’s usually December by the time we finish pressing and we let the juice freeze naturally and stay that way until we are ready to begin fermentation.

Harpoon Brewery-  We started the Harpoon Brewery in 1986 because—like today—we loved beer and wanted more quality choices.  There was only one problem: we were beer lovers, not brewers. We knew what we wanted to drink, but we needed some help actually brewing it. So we enlisted our first brewer, took over some warehouse space on the Boston waterfront, and began introducing fresh, local craft beer to Boston drinkers. We tried to do it in a way that captured the spirit of fun that had brought us to beer in the first place. From that warehouse, surrounded by fish companies on the docks of South Boston (neighboring what is now the Seaport District), we couldn’t imagine that craft brewing would become what it has today.  

DownEast Cider House- was founded by Ross Brickman and Tyler Mosher during their senior year of college. Through their travels abroad, they took notice of the large presence of hard cider in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Upon evaluating the disappointing landscape of hard cider in the United States, Ross and Tyler have made it their goal to build New England's first and largest craft hard cider company, and restore hard cider to its rightful place in American culture. Where others have used juice from concentrate, "natural flavorings" and "essences", artificial sweeteners, and an endless list of excuses, Downeast Cider House has a firmly established policy of NO SHORTCUTS. No matter the cost to us, we are fully committed to using only fresh pressed juices and pure, natural ingredients in our cider. When it comes to flavor, there is no substitute for the best, and that is what we stand by. After starting in Waterville, Maine. Downeast Cider moved to The Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed, Leominster, Massachusetts. In February of 2013, the cider house relocated to Boston.

The Russell Orchards property has a long history as a working farm. As the third family that has owned the farm since its creation in 1920, we, the Russell family, are honored to continue its long tradition. The farm is comprised of 120 acres of fields, gardens, orchards, and barns. The farm is in a continual state of improvement and growth. Scores of new trees are grafted and transplanted every year, as we strive to reach the enormous potential for productivity that the land offers.


High Limb Original Hard Cider, The only cider currently in the lineup is our flagship cider. This original recipe focuses solely on the apple and nothing more. What sets this cider apart is that we use fresh, local apples from a farm we work with in Massachusetts. By starting our batches the day of pressing, we are able preserve the natural apple flavor that New Englanders love. This unfiltered cider maintains a full body that provides for a deliciously sweet and balanced cider. We hear all the time that it’s like “drinking a glass of fresh cider” and that’s how we know that we’re doing it right. Cheers to the original!


Heirloom:  Made from a fruity blend of traditional cider apples – Yarlington Mill, Esopus Spitzenburg, and Ashmead’s Kernel – this cider is full bodied and semi-sweet with a mild tannic finish and a light amber color.Cidre Doux (5%abv) : Full-bodied, sweet, and intense with a great balance of tannins and fruit. 
“Apple Pommeau” (19.5% a.b.v.) - This sweet nectar is port-like in strength and has unmatched apple intensity. It’s a special blend (based on a traditional French tipple) of hard cider and apple brandy that is superb for slowly sipping over ice. Preferably by the side of a fire, in a comfy chair. OK, it’s true – we may have tried this a good few times.
Barrel-Aged Dry (6% abv) : Crisp, piercing acidity with fresh apple on the nose and light oak on the finish. 
Stars In A Bottle: This champagne style cider is made from a blend of one barrel of ice pressed cider, and one barrel of super special apples, including Golden Russet, Redfield, and Ashmead’s Kernel. We will only be making 40 cases.
Seasonal Fruit Infused Cider ( 5% abv) : Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, and Blueberry. Farmer’s markets only!

2875 Blake St. Unit C
Denver, Colorado


Farmhouse Organic - A true blast from the past. Cider the way it was made centuries ago, just sweet cider that is allowed to wildly ferment on its own in oak barrels. Organic Ice Cider-2013 very limited introduction, close to a dessert wine, a very unique, very flavorful sipping beverage; get out the snifters.  Sparkling Organic Hard Cider - We add a little of our own maple syrup at bottling (for the sugar) to reactivate the yeast. Once capped that sugar is fermented in the bottle and creates enough carbon dioxide to give the cider a light, natural sparkle. Very lightly sparkled!
Hopped Hard Cider- We use our own organic Goldings and Cascade hops to dry hop our cider. We simply add whole dried hops cones to the sweet cider and allow it to steep. Goldings and Cascade hops add a nice flowery aroma without the bittering of your stronger hops. Bottle conditioned - As with the sparkling hard cider, we add a little of our own maple syrup at bottling (for the sugar) to reactivate the yeast. Once capped that sugar is fermented in the bottle and creates enough carbon dioxide to give the cider a light, natural sparkle. Very lightly sparkled. 
Cyser-  We add organic honey to sweet cider to enhance the starting sugar level, and thus the final alcohol level. We then let it ferment to dryness creating a traditional combination of mead and hard cider.New England Hard Cider, Our N.E. style - We add organic brown sugar and organic raisins to ours creating something close to the first cider we ever had, and what we toasted with at our wedding 20+ years ago which was made by a local farmer. Being a stronger cider we let it ferment and age for months in oak barrels to let it mellow and take on character from the wood.

Stoneybrook Cider- is an all-natural hard cider crafted in the New England tradition with apples hand-picked from orchards in the Pioneer Valley. 

High Limb Cider- is a craft cidery located in Attleboro, MA. All of our Ciders are hand crafted using unique recipes featuring a variety of local apples and spices. We use 100% all-natural ingredients to make a deliciously sweet and crisp hard cider with the perfect amount of kick. We are currently hand crafting unique and original flavors in limited batches. We love cider, we love our community, and we love the notion that Homestead Hard Cider's presence can prove that two 23 year olds can run a thriving business. We hope our success will give other aspiring entrepreneurs the confidence that they can be successful too. Not only are you funding our operation, but we truly believe you are funding a movement.  A movement not to take Attleboro and surrounding communities back to what they were, but instead to what they can be. Revitalizing our economy starts with small grassroot businesses.


 Zoll Cellars Hard Cider- In 2013 our Hard cider was made with the finest Massachusetts grown heirloom apples from Southern Lancaster right near the Sterling border just miles from the Wachusett Reservoir. This lightly sweet cider is a proprietary blend of Baldwin, Gala, Rome, Empire, Cortland, Macoun, Macintosh, and Red Delicious apples hand harvested at the peak of ripeness.

West County Cider continues the centuries-old cider making tradition and adds some modern refinements. We provide a wide variety of hard ciders for the table, from very dry to sweet. Some have a champagne-like flavor, while others are more robust with tannins from traditional American and European cider apples. We use fruit from our own orchard of traditional and untraditional cider varieties as well as apples grown by other New England orchards.

South Hadley, Massachusetts

(413) 896-9474 


New English Cider- As a 50 acre orchard growing over 100 different varieites of apples, we take Cider making seriously using very selected apples to produce a dry delicate English style cider. Slightly carbonated, a blend of Goldrush, Fillbarrel, Breakwell's Seeding, Swet Coppin, Kingston Black and Bulmer's Norman apples are blended with Roxbury Russet and Baldwin apples to create our truly unique style. Exhibits enticing aromas and bright, buoyant fruit but not an overbearing apple flavor like American styles produced from McIntosh . The finish is crisp and spicy.
Cyser- Apples are crushed and pressed similar to our other apple wines. The must is then capitalized with honey. It ferments dry and is aged in stainless steel tanks until bottled with 2-3% residual reducing sugar.   
Carbonated Perry-  100% Barlett Pears to create a moderately light-bodied perry, with balanced acidity. Off dry and carbonation there is a hint of pears, lemon and mint. Refreshing finish.


Apfel Eis- Sweet, golden, and full-bodied in the glass, Still River Winery’s apple ice wine [Apfel Eis] is made from a blend of apple varieties coming from Massachusetts orchards. Over 80 apples go into each bottle. Unlike most wines and ciders made from apples, Apfel Eis has absolutely no sugar added during fermentation

Pony Shack Cider- Family owned Hard Cider company producing unique and delicious cider from locally grown apples. Our small-batch production enables us to produce a more sophisticated & unique cider.​

295 River Drive
Hadley, Massachusetts 

(413) 586-9648

Still River Winery-  We’re a small, family run New England winery located among the apple orchards of Harvard, MA. We're passionate about producing one wine, and one wine only: Apfel Eis Apple Ice Wine. Our small batch wine making process includes over 80 locally sourced apples in every bottle, and sugar is never added. We partner with New England farmers and turn delicious, locally grown apples into a uniquely crisp, sweet and refreshing wine for your enjoyment.


Farmhouse Blend Cider- We were inspired by all the best qualities of an apple: bright, crisp flavors, a balance of sweetness and a refreshing finish that satisfies. Our pressed apples are fermented with a combination of yeasts, each one adding a layer of flavor and complexity. The final product is filtered, resulting in a golden cider that looks as bring and clean as it tastes. Our cider is finished with a touch of our own raw honey before it is bottled on site at Lookout Farm. We’re proud to put our family farm’s name on each of Farmhouse Blend, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.

Massachusetts state lists 40 licensed wineries. These Massachusetts wineries produce and sell product made from viniferous cold hearty grapes, as well as a variety of fruit including apples, cranberries, peaches and blueberries that aresavored by consumers across the Bay State and the country. Fortunately Massachusetts is also home to over 100 apple orchards and with these it boasts 23 excellent cider makers.

143 Argilla Road
Ipswich, Massachusetts

(978) 356-5366


Roots- is a dry New England cider made with 100% Massachusetts apples and maple syrup.  This cider is completely dry and naturally carbonated in the bottle. 
Sprig- is a dry hopped mint cider.  It is made with 100% Massachusetts apples, cascade hops and fresh mint.  It is naturally carbonated in the bottle. 
Rind- is a dry saison style cider with orange rind and coriander. This cider is made with 100% Massachusetts apples and naturally carbonated in the bottle. 
Spice- is our winter varietal made with Massachusetts apples, molassas, ginger, clove, nutmeg, allspice and sea salt from the Marblehead Salt Co.  This cider is completely dry and naturally carbonated in the bottle.

81 West Street
Attleboro, Massachusetts

Lookout Farm- established in 1651, is one of the oldest continuously working farms in the United States. The farm is located less than 20 miles from Boston in historic South Natick, on 180 exquisite acres with over 60,000 fruit trees.  Picking your own fruit is a New England tradition and the farm offers a variety of fruit from June through October. The farm is owned by local residents Joan and Steve Belkin who embrace a philosophy of healthy nutrition and respect for the environment. 

Here at Martha's Vineyard Cider Co. we were tired of tasting the overly sweet, bland hard ciders out there. We wanted a different style – thirst-quenching after a long day, yet a robust flavor profile elevated to pair with our favorite seafood, meat, cheese, or dessert. So we created a cider that's dry, with a light golden color, full apple flavor, and an easy effervescence to amuse your palate. As one well-known local said, “this cider is crisp, refreshing, and it’s got a zip!” We couldn’t agree more. We grew up on Martha’s Vineyard. Boats are in our blood. Our family owns a shipyard here where we’ve built, repaired, and simply messed about in boats for three generations. We believe boats offer an escape, whether for a weekend or a lifetime. It is with this spirit that we took on a new adventure and started making cider we hope all will enjoy. 

Massachusetts  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Massachusetts. 

Boxborough, Massachusetts

(781) 367-4060 

Ship in Massachusetts Only

100 Wattaquadock Hill Road
Bolton, Massachusetts 

(978) 779-5521

Route 295 / 508 Canaan Road
Richmond, Massachusetts

(413) 698-3301


Harpoon Craft Cider- is crafted from only one ingredient: freshly pressed apples. We ferment it with our house yeast, yielding a clean but refreshing all natural cider.   Harpoon Pumpkin Cider-  Locally harvested pumpkins and apples are combined with seasonal spices to craft this pure and natural craft cider.

Nashoba Winery- Located in the heart of Massachusetts’ apple country, Nashoba Valley Winery is a stunning hilltop orchard overlooking the charming town of Bolton. Always growing and ever-beautiful, we are open daily throughout the year, with the exception of The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Since first producing superior fruit wines in 1978, Nashoba Valley Winery has earned wide acclaim as a pioneering winery orchard and a premier destination for visitors seeking excellent wine, exquisitely prepared food, and a gorgeous country setting. The family-owned orchard, winery & restaurant, set on 52 rolling acres, boasts a state-of-the art wine-making and distillation facility, an exceptional wine and gift shoppe, a brewery, and a gourmet restaurant. 

Stormalong Cider– Craft Cider – We are a small-batch, craft cider producer located in Sherborn, MA. When we say “cider”, we mean the fermented, “hard” version of the drink, like the term cider is known to represent in most other parts of the world. After spending 4+ years living amongst the apple trees in a quintessential New England orchard, our apple admiration has now become a way of life. We seek out, rare, uncompromising apples that ferment out into bold flavors full of complexity, tannins, and acidity.  We are in the process of growing a cider apple orchard on our farm here in Sherborn, carefully selecting apple cultivars for the specific traits we are looking for in a blend. We also gather apples from growers across New England, in pockets where we have been able to find small stashes of these unique, cider-specific heirloom apple trees.


Wunderkind is bright and crisp and gently lingers on the palate. It is made from a blend of local apples, slowly fermented to capture subtle esters, and delicately balanced with a hint of flower-blossom honey.
La Grande is our own Grande Dame, a limited edition barrel aged cider. It is a blend of local apples featuring Reine de Pomme, an heirloom French cider varietal rich in tannins. La Grande combines wild and cultivated yeast fermented dry and then aged in bourbon and rum barrels for four months.Rojo is made from local heirloom and traditional New England apples. It is slowly fermented with a hearty ale yeast and then aged with sour cherries and black peppercorns. The result is a truly interesting and satisfying unfiltered, semi-dry cider.

Far From The Tree- We’re using local, freshly pressed apples to make small batch, craft hard cider in Salem, MA. We don’t add acid, sugar or “apple flavoring”. We don’t pasteurize, filter or use sorbates. What you taste is what it is, just apples. We age our cider in oak barrels for months and use a second fermentation in bottle to naturally carbonate our cider. We are applying traditional ingredients in unique ways to craft our cider, one barrel at a time. 

5 and 7 Bartlett Farm Road
Nantucket, Massachusetts

(508) 325-5929

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts 


Stoneybrook Hard Cider- Hand-crafted hard apple cider in the New England Tradition.

110 Old Mill Rd
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

(857) 498-1665 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Massachusetts. 

PO Box 29
Colrain, Massachusetts

(413) 624-3481


Cider Dry- A traditional dry New England cider. Similar to our Baldwin Apple wine, but with less alcohol.
Cider Sweet- A very sweet and fruity dessert cider, great with apple pie.
Cider Slightly Sweet- Very popular with an easy taste. Similar to a good European cider.
Cider/Perry- A mellow blend of apples and pears. Taste is similar to our Slightly Sweet Cider.
Perry- A slightly sweet hard pear drink.
Sparkling- Award winning sparkling dry wine made in the traditional Methode Champenoise. (8% alcohol.) 
Cider Dry, Reserve- Barrel aged in oak for 16 years, this dry cider is very smooth and pure.

306 Northern Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

(617) 574 9551

Bear Meadow Farm Apiary- is a growing apiary business that can provide pollination services to growers who do not have their own bees. We produce honey, pollen, and sell at several retail stores and farmers' markets. We manage apiaries in Franklin, Hampshire, and Berkshire counties. We also have Bear Meadow Farm Cidery that produces New England Style Hard Cider aged in whiskey barrels. Our cider is from a blend of orchard-grown and wild apples. We bottle both dry and semi-dry versions of cider, the semi-dry cider has been sweetened with honey. 

Sherborn, Massachusetts

Bantam Cider- Bantam Cider was born from a proud family tradition of winemaking and a desire to be part of a creative process rooted in the local community. We were inspired to do something special, to create a truly unique and modern line of products that would reshape the way people experience cider. We use the best quality local fruit and ingredients we can find and work from our new cidery in Somerville, Massachusetts. Just two years in, we remain a small enterprise in a world of big brands. However, our ambitions are bigger than ever. We plan to challenge everyday thinking about what cider should be, one great drink at a time.


Johnny Mash Original American Cider- Big E Northeast Wine Competition – Bronze Medal 2007 Made with McIntosh and Northern Spy apples. Johnny Mash has delicious oaky notes that meld magically with apple fruit on the palate. Slowly aged in American oak. Johnny Mash is a true patriot. For more information on this award-winning cider, visit 
2006 French Cidre’ Special Reserve- Made from a blend of Golden Russet and New England apple varieties, Furnace Brook French Cidre’ Special Reserve is slowly fermented on the skins and aged in French oak barrels. Elegantly dry, remarkably complex, a real treat!
Apple Ice Wine- Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2011 Our much anticipated Apple Ice Wine debuted at the Apple Blossom Bash on June 4, 2011. This is truely hand-crafted - after the apples are harvested in the fall they are pressed at Christmas time and their juice is then kept outside in the freezing winter cold. This naturally separates the sugar from the water through the process known as cryo-concentration. This is the way we then obtain our precious syrup, which we let slowly ferment over a period of 6 to 7 months. 
Johnny Mash Dry Gold - Our new Johnny Mash "Dry Gold" is here!! Enjoy this dryer variation of our classic, made from our own heirloom golden russet apples and served in a 22 ounce long-neck.

Zoll Cellars- is located in the residence of Frank Zoll in beautiful Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. They use their half acre of property as a private winery that offers wine enthusiasts the unique experience to learn hands on how to make exceptional wine at harvest. The Zolls have created a beautiful winery, where the birds sing from the trees and chicken roam free. They use the biodynamic branch of organic farming. This type of farming is one step beyond organic. Not only do they not use harmful chemicals, but they harness the energies of the planets and constellations, as well as the energies from the elements: earth, wind, and water. 

926 Watson-Spruce Corner Road
Ashfield, Massachusetts 

(413) 628-3970