Cellar Brewing Company- is a Microbrewery, Winery and Distillery located in Sparta MI. Just ten minutes north of Alpine and I96 we are easy to find and provide our guests with a relaxed casual atmosphere that you don’t find at many microbreweries today. We have 16 taps and always keep them full. Please feel free to check cellarbrewingco.com for our current tap list. For those who do not care for beer we also offer a full bar featuring spirits that are processed in our onsite distillery and have a variety of wines produced in our winery. We feature various entertainment throughout the week including, trivia, karaoke, open mic, and live bands.


701 East Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan

(269) 276-0458

The Peoples Cider Company- Jason Lummen pressed the apples at a local farm for his first batch of cider in 2002. After enjoying the success of those initial rounds of five gallon batches Jason purchased his first fifty-gallon fermenter; which his wife welcomed into the kitchen of their one-bedroom apartment in Heartside. As years passed his friends and family had the opportunity to taste the cider Jason was producing. Encouraged by their accolades and having been fortunate enough to have had time immersed in a European cider drinking culture, Jason developed a dry drinkable cider that is a fresh take on craft beverages in West Michigan. In June of 2011, on his son's first birthday Jason incorporated The Peoples Cider Company with the goal of creating a premium dry cider.


Peach- Our lightly sweet Peach Hard Cider taste like the fuzzy skin of a fresh picked peach. Blended with our estate grown apples including Ida Red, Macintosh, and Golden.
Coffee- Our very unique one of a kind Coffee Hard Cider blended from our estate grown apples and Higher Grounds organic Ethiopian yirgacheffe light roast. Kind of mind blowing huh, one of the owners doesn't like coffee but wanted something to drink in the morning, and thus we created Coffee Hard Cider!
Chia- Our semi dry Chai Hard Cider is full of aroma from seven different spices including cinnamon and nutmeg.
Ciderye- Our 2012/14 medal winner Ciderye, smooth cider aged two years in rye whiskey barrels and blended. A soft delectable sipping drink to be enjoyed on the rocks, straight up, or warmed in an elegant glass.

THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles including:

Pux Luck- Barrel aged cider with tart cherry.
Pux Jak- Dry Northern Spy Single Varietal.Pux Hornswoggle- Hard cider hopped with Mosaic and Jarrylo.
Pux Bill- Dry seasonal apple blend.Pux Whipper Snapper- Cider with ginger, cinnamon and pear.Pux Lucy- Semi-sweet apple blend.

121 N Bridge St,
Bellaire, Michigan

Blustone Vineyards- Our story started 20 years ago visiting Leland as a family for the first time. The simplicity and beauty of the “tucked away” secret that is Leelanau has always been what we treasure most about the area. There is a connection to the land found only here amongst the lakes, dunes, hills, and sunlit fields and our dream to start Blustone was born out of that. Our namesake is reflective of that connection and the celebration of life which we hope to inspire with every sip of wine.

10411 Clyde Road
Fenton, Michigan 


(810) 632-7692


Granny Smith Dry Cider-Katy Peary- Dry unripe pear cider.The Shire- Hopped cider.


516 Phoenix St

South Haven, Michigan


(616) 299-7760

Ironbark Brewing- We are a 2 barrel craft brewery that will also offer hard ciders, food, coffee, and entertainment. Our beers are brewed with pride and passion!


10844 East Revold Road
Suttons Bay, Michigan 


(231) 944-1270


Broken Barrel Hard Cider Original- Our original hard cider, crisp and sparkling, semi sweet.
Crisp Apple Crisp (cinnamon)- Our sweet hard cider infused with cinnamon bark.
Dust Bowl (dry)- Our all natural, dry hard cider.

Starcut Ciders- brought to you by Short’s Brewing Company, was founded in 2014 and born out of a desire to make unique and traditional ciders from the orchards that surround us in Northern Michigan. Made from apples sourced from our own backyard and throughout the state of Michigan, we make cider not only because we love it, but because we have a strong desire to make a beverage we believe in. We are committed to crafting ciders that showcase the beauty of our home.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Michigan.

8540 2 Mile Road NE
Ada, Michigan 


(616) 676-5584

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Sweet “6”- was named after the Meckley children, six in all and each with their own personality – just like our ciders. This blend changes from season to season and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Served thoroughly chilled or enjoy it mulled with a bit of spiced rum.

46’ Dodge- is a Bourbon barrel aged blend that has a smooth smoky – oak flavor. This cider is meant to be sipped or served over ice like a nice whiskey. If you like a smooth glass of scotch with your favorite cigar then this is one you have to try. 

Weim-R-iner- This is for all the beer drinkers. If you like a good IPA then this one’s for you. One of our award-winning hard ciders, dry hopped with a select variety of hops from across the country.

Bushwhacker- is a blend of our hand crafted hard cider and just the right amount of the finest blueberry juice. Made in small batches and only available for a limited time, when this is gone, it’s gone like summer sunsets it won’t last long. 

​3rd Coast- Blending award winning hard cider with the flavor of tree-ripe peaches, 3rd Coast is the hard cider for peach everywhere, that leaves you satisfied with every sip.

Summer Sweat- This is the “grown-up” lemonade made with a special blend of our award winning hard cider and a hint of fresh lemon juice.

Douglas Valley- Douglas Valley is truly a unique destination located in Manistee Michigan. Douglas Valley transforms a 640-acre historic fruit farm into a vast, sustainable vineyard community rooted in new ruralism. At the heart of Douglas Valley is a winery surrounded by rolling hills of orchards, vineyards and Lake Michigan view Our Tasting House offers our distinctive, award-winning Hard Ciders and Wines. Our Farm Market offers a unique variety of farm fresh organic produce June through October.

470 West Canfield
Detroit, Michigan 


(313) 832-2700

8580 E Horn Rd
Lake Leelanau, Michigan

(231) 271-1188


bigLITTLE Recess- My brother and I remember tumbling through the school door and onto the playground, the smell of fresh cut grass tingling our nostrils while the shrieks of our peers rang out over the pitch. So too our foray into the cider realm highlights the excitement of joining in on the fun.  A blend of Ida Red, Liberty, Golden Russet, and Golden Delicious, with an apple-spirit dosage, Recess is as playful as its name suggests


6130 122nd Ave
Fennville, Michigan

(269) 561-2396 


4519 S Elm Valley Rd
Suttons Bay, Michigan

(231) 714-4854

Soul Squeeze Cellars- There certainly is something kindred between wine and soul. This affinity can be seen from the humble beginnings in the vineyard, where the elements and sweat equity come together nurturing the fruit. On to the winemaker’s laboratory, where the immature juice develops its relationships and demonstrates its quirks. Then the graceful movement through trials of aging and expectation. At Soul Squeeze Cellars, we place our heart and soul into the divine nature of the winemaking process. The soul can be squeezed through life’s journey, just as a juicy cluster of a specially chosen varietal is when it reaches that first test of faith on the crush pad. Benjamin Franklin stated: “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes, to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” Indeed, the winemaking business requires a certain level of faith. We have it.


 350 N Lincoln Dr,
Hancock, Michigan

(906) 231-4047


Forbbiden Fruit Cherry Cider– Sweet, Captures the true essence of fresh Michigan apples and cherries! Delicious Montemorency cherries leap from the glass, followed by hints of almond on the palate. 
Forbidden Fruit Original Cider- Sweet, Made from Golden Delicious and Gala apples, this is the true essence of fresh Michigan Apple Cider! It has the perfect amount of crispness with a touch of sweetness for that hot summer day.


4519 S Elm Valley Road
Suttons Bay, Michigan

(231) 271-3522

Virtue Cider-  We believe in Slow Food’s mission and all that it represents. The Slow Food directive of Good, Clean and Fair shapes our guiding principles. Our mission, then, is to be that and more in all we do. Virtue works in partnership with local farmers, using the highest quality Midwestern heirloom apples, to produce ciders that combine old world traditions with modern craft cider fermentation and aging techniques. Our cider house is located in Fennville, Michigan.


430 W 17th St Ste 27
Holland, Michigan

(616) 294-3777


Hard Apple Cherry Cider- This is a lovely sparkling, light-bodied, fruit wine. Not too sweet this semi-dry cider uniquely combines the fresh crisp flavors of local apples and cherries.
Hard Apple Cider- This is a is a delightful cider made from a blend of eight different apples. When served cold this sparkling cider is aromatic and refreshing like a honeycrisp apple from the farm market! 


920 North Shore Drive  

Benton Harbor, Michigan


 (312) 961-0363


Liberty Street Hard Cider-  made from the juice of four different apples and fermented with a white wine yeast to retain the flavor of the apple blend.
Liberty Street Cherry Cider-  Our regular Hard Cider blended with Michigan Balaton Cherries.

Crane’s Winery- brings a lasting farming tradition into the world of wine and hard cider.  We know that wine and cider, like our famous pies, can only come from the best fruit, impeccable care, and a talent specific to the trade. Crane’s know all about great fruit. We are a fifth generation Michigan farming family that brings history, tradition, and skill of fruit growing. We have combined a hundred years of knowledge with a new generation of inspiration and wine making knowledge. Crane’s Winery was established with the goal of bringing only high quality wine and cider to you with small batch expertise and artistry. Locally grown, locally produced, with local talent and without artificial flavoring or coloring. From our farm to you. Enjoy!  

Schaefer Cider Company and Pux Cider- Pux is our brand from Schaefer Cider Co. We are a 'tree to bottle' cidery, located on our ancestral apple farm established in 1854. Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association Awards 2014: Rome Crab-Silver, Turley Spy-Silver, Crab-Bronze. 2015: Jonathan (Single Varietal)-Silver, Spice Must Flow-Bronze. 2016: The Empire Strikes Mac-Bronze


Boo Cherry- is a dry cider blended with tart cherries that we took from our farm. 
Bot Hop- is a cider made from centennial hops from a local farm. 
Pear Cider- 

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Early Day- Fameuse, Golden Russet, Ida Red, Red Delicious, Sheep’s Nose, and Cortland. The complexity of this blend will keep you sipping and trying to determine which variety makes this cider so darn good.
Cherry Oh- Now for something completely different, a cherry cider made from fresh pressed cherries. Made of 100% fresh-pressed Montmorency, Balaton and Black Sweet Cherries.

Crabster- Nine vaieties of dessert apples and three varieties of crab apples. Take a walk on the crabby side with this dry, slightly tannic cider.

Ida Gold- IdaRed, Rhode Island Greening, and Yellow Delicious. Pale gold shining in the sun. Is there anything better on the beach than cider?

Smackintosh-  McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, and Northern Spy. Everything's better with a little Smack. This crowd pleaser is sweet and tart with full apple flavor.

Pretty Penny-  A blend of over thirty varieties of cider and antique apples. At the end of the season, Mr. Kilcherman cleans up his barn and we get all those unique apples.

12011 Center Rd
Traverse City, Michigan

(231) 282-9463 


The Huntsman- dry
Tropical Vibe- other fruit
Crushable- A refreshiny twist on your traditional cider, flavored with cucumber and rosemary.
Skinny Dip Grapefruit- This is a limited edition cider on tap at Three Blondes in South Haven, MI. It’s VERY light, with hints of grapefruit.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Halbbitter- semi-sweet , German-style cider, It’s a crisp, refreshing drink that will be a good lead for the more experienced drinker.  
Trocken- dry, German-style cider, It’s a fresh tasting, bright colored drink that is slightly backsweetened to enhance the full flavor it naturally brings. 
Caison- For generations, French farmers have aged ales in their basements throughout the winter months to be enjoyed the following spring.  These ales have become known as saisons.  With this as our inspiration, we’ve created this dry, unfiltered cider, aged for nearly a year giving it a unique taste that is equal parts citrus, zest and funk.
Brunch- is a new take on an old fashioned family tradition. Inspired by ingredients found on our farm, dry cider offers a complex apple flavor with hints of maple and cinnamon that provides a natural warmth. Perfect for the colder months,  this cider can be served warm or cold. Pairs well with chicken, ribs, and of course anything with bacon
Hop Crop- This cider isn’t for everyone.  Made for those looking to take their taste buds on an adventure, this cider is aggressively dry hopped from start to finish.  Not bitter, but a real mouthful.  It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful.  It’s a whole crop of hops fresh from the farm exploding in your mouth.  Packing with citrus and passionfruit flavor, it’s mouthwateringly delicious.Raspotle- Some things are just made for each other.  Raspotle is one of those things.  Red Raspberry’s tart fruitiness is the perfect compliment to Chipotle Pepper’s deep, smoky warmth.  The two mingle together in your mouth like soulmates falling in love at first sight.  Sparks will fly, you’ll have epiphanies…  Basically is you’re looking to crack open a can of unexpected magical goodness, we made this cider for you.


Spicer's Hard Cider- Full-flavored, crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of carbonation.
Sweet William's Cherry Hard Cider- Has a very rich taste like the flavor of amber.  This unique blend is a a must have.
Cider House Reserve-  This cider has a unique nutmeg and cinnamon flavor that just feels like the fall.
Cherry Hard Cider- Hot Shot Cinnamon Hard Cider- 
Mango Mix-up Hard Cider- 

Flint City Hard Cider- is an urban cider house that creates off the wall ciders and meads. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, from our farm to your bottle. Flint City Hard Cider Co. creates off the wall unfiltered ciders and meads, utilizing apples and other fruit grown on their 75-acre orchard in Goodrich, MI. With goals to be as self-sufficient as possible, not only will the beverages be farm to bottle, but they will also utilize 3 organic vegetable hoop houses and farm raised meats to guarantee the freshest dining experience possible.

Motor City- Since our beginning in 1994, MCBW has been committed to producing hand-crafted superior quality beer. Our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized assuring maximum freshness & delicious flavor Naturally! We hope you enjoy our labors as we contribute to the genuinely original exports of Detro it’s Cultural Center. A century of art, literature, music & now Beer! 

Crows Hard Cider- Our goal educating peoples taste buds on good hard cider. We are here to give you options when you go to your local watering hole, ask for us on draft if you do not see us and if you do see us on draft, enjoy! Crows Hard Cider starts with organic apples from the Northern Michigan region located on our estate..an estate like no other. The taste of our Cider is dry and tart, and semi sweet to tantalize your taste buds! Get yourself a pint and enjoy a relaxing sunset in front of the campfire with close friends, Or have a crazy party with tons of mixers and do not be afraid -- the Crow won't ruffle your feathers very hard!


King's Hard Cider- For 30 years, King Orchards of Central Lake have been pioneers in growing some of the most sought after fruit in Northern Michigan. A few short miles from Torch Lake and Lake Michigan, Antrim County's king of apple and Bee Well are proud to create a deliciously semi-sweet hard cider, reminiscent of a day in the orchard.

Antrim Apple Pie- Fall is our favorite time of year at the meadery. It's a time to gather and press a blend of apples from neighboring orchards. In this bottle we combined our delicious local apples, vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and honey from Antrim County, Michigan. The result is our version of apple pie in a bottle. The warm flavors will surely bring back memories of pies baking in Grandma's kitchen.

King's Cherry- Michigan ranks #1 in the nation for tart cherries, and Bee Well Mead & Cider is happy to partner with King Orchards, one of the top growers in the area, to create our very 1st Balaton and Montmorency cherry blend hard apple cider; a beautiful marriage of Kings family apples and tart cherries. A deliciously sweet, tart, and refreshing blend of orchard fruit.

Big Little Wines- Big white wines. Little Leelanau Peninsula. Big brother. Little brother. Big passion. Little ego. Our goal is to make full-bodied, hand crafted wines that are expressions of both ourselves and our parents’ ten-acre vineyard in Lake Leelanau, Michigan.

12147 Corey Lake Road
Three Rivers, Michigan

(269) 244-5690 

Blake Hard Cider Co.- is a family owned and operated orchard & cider mill rooted in strong family traditions and a commitment to excellence. Blake's Cidermill location started in 1946 & has since expanded to include Blake's Big Apple location & Blake's Almont. 66 years and counting! We're so proud to have served the Metro Detroit community since 1946. With 3 family-owned orchards, a cider mill, and 10,00 square feet of greenhouses, we've grown a little since our beginnings--thanks only to you! And after more than 60 years of sweet cider excellence Blake's is also now producing hard cider.


3685 Central St
Dexter, Michigan

(734) 426-8531

Ship in Michigan only



Superior Cider- Traditional American Style Cider. Medium sweetness with tons of apple flavor, made from Apples, Apples, Apples and Apples.


Screamin’ Pear Cider- Pear forward cider, oak Aged for balance, high carbonation, clean with a Chardonnay like finish.
Bourbon Barrel aged Hard Cider- Not going to be sweet! Traditional Apple forward cider aged in oak bourbon barrels for a smooth balance clean and earthy tart with a Chardonnay like finish.
Screamin’ Apple Cider-
Jacob Choates Apple Cider-
Hard Cider-


"Vientre Grande" Sour Cider- 

Forty- Five North Vineyard & Winery- located in the heart of beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan, is a family-owned producer of many award-winning wines. Located squarely on the famed 45th parallel, Forty-Five North uses its distinct location as the driving force behind its approach to crafting world-class wines that represent the region. Using grapes from estate and regional vineyards, everything is hand-crafted on-site with the ultimate goal of producing the most approachable, elegant wines possible. Aside from red and white varietals, they also make a variety of fruit wines sourced from locally-grown fruits like peaches and strawberries as well as experimental dessert wines such as 45 Gold, a bourbon-barrel-aged apricot wine.

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Dry Hard Apple-
Semi-sweet Apple-
Sweet Apple-
Dry Hopped Hard Cider-


Alden Court 
Lowell, Michigan 

(616) 644-3047

St Ambrose Cellars- Mead and wine are two of the most ancient fermented beverages in our world. At St. Ambrose Cellars, we add a modern spin on these ancient beverages. We use the finest locally-produced honey (from our farm down the road) and Northern Michigan grapes to produce unique, delicious, high-quality meads, wines, and ciders. Our beautiful tasting room in rural Beulah, MI provides samples of our latest and greatest works, along with the bucolic scenery that the Northern Michigan area is known for. Located just a short drive from Sleeping Bear Dunes, Traverse City, the Leelanau Peninsula and other popular attractions, St. Ambrose Cellars is a perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying a delicious mead, cider, or wine. You can find our mead and wine products in our online store or in a store near you.


Entropy- is one of the only ciders in America that is made with wild apples. Even fewer ciders are made with wild fermentation and even fewer with barrel conditioning. This might be the only cider commercially available that is produced this way. We’re putting Hancock on the map for cider.
Dancing Fatman- more approachable, sweeter” flavor than Entropy, and embodies an essence that more closely resembles mass-produced ciders.
Carmelita- A collaborative effort between Gitche Gumee Ciderworks and Carmelita’s Southwest Grille in Calumet, we believe Carmelita is the first commercial thimbleberry cider anywhere! Carmelita starts with a Michigan apple blend that features higher acid levels. Carefully fermented cold and slow, the cider is married with local Thimbleberry juice for a hint of sweetness, another hit of the berries’ acid, and the unique flavor of Thimbleberries.


Paw Paw, Michigan

(269) 377-4654


119 N Grand Traverse St 
Flint, Michigan

(810) 339-6676


Traditional Apple Cider- Our Traditional apple cider is far from ordinary.  It's slow fermented and made with a perfect blend of tart and sweet apples to create a classic semi-sweet cider that is bursting with apple flavor.  This cider is perfect for any occasion.
Apple Crisp Cider- Mom makes the best apple crisp ever so we crafted a cider to taste just like it.  Michigan's best baking apples, real cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla create a cider experience you just have to taste to believe!
Cozy Cabin Cider- Slow brewed, then blended with tart cranberry, clove, and orange peel, Cozy Cabin cider is a sweet apple winter warmer to help you ride out that blizzard.  Liven up that holiday party or snuggle up in front of a roaring fire, this is sure to be your new limited time hard cider favorite this holiday season!
Blueberry Bliss Apple Cider- Sweet Michigan blueberries are blended with an incredibly refreshing semi-sweet cider to create an amazing beverage that you just can't help but smile about.
Java Vanilla Cider- Crafted for the coffee lover, Java Vanilla is made with exceptional coffee from our favorite local roaster, Schuil Coffee Company.  This coffee is combined with quality vanilla and blended to perfection with an outstanding semi-sweet cider.  Java Vanilla is a unique flavor you'll rave about.  Taste it and you'll see!
Heart Seed Berry Cider- Summer is certainly here!  Heart Seed Berry Cider is our take on America's favorite summer fruit, Strawberries.  Heart Seed Berry Cider is a big sweet juicy strawberry sensation with a crisp apple cider finish.  It's a perfect partner for all of your favorite outdoor activities.

At Vander Mill Ciders, you can experience it all. Fun for the whole family...or a great evening out with friends! Open pretty much all year round, there is always something new and exciting going on. Fresh handcrafted ciders, hard ciders, wines, beer, donuts, pies....there's just too much to name! We press our cider using the very best blend of high quality Michigan apples. Once pressed, the juice is never pasteurized and we never add sugar or preservatives. Our cider is literally pure apple juice!


Fearless Mike’s Hard Cider- is made form 50% Northern Spy and 50% conglomeration of Cortland, Winesap and Gold Rush apples from our orchards. It is a very crisp and clean hard cider made here on our farm. It is pale in color with a light amount of carbonation making a very elegant hard cider.


2621 S. Karsten Rd.
Rogers City, Michigan

(989) 734-2567

8614 North US 127
St. John's, MIchigan 


(888) 562-4337


2948 Blue Star Hwy
Douglas, Michigan

(269) 857-7222


305 Beaver St.
Lansing, Michigan

(517) 999-2739

THE CIDERS- 14 cider styles, to include:

Sumac-  Northern Spy, Ida Red, & Honey Crisp Infused with Sumac Berries. We aged this cider in a bourbon barrel and fermented it dry as a bone for several months. Used in Eastern cooking, we incorporated wild Sumac Berries which impart a lemony flavor to the cider.
Power Island- The apples in this 50/50 blend are sweet and aromatic with a hint of bitterness. Flavors are crisp, clean and off-dry, delicately carbonated to make it bright and bubbly. 
Highlander- McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, Northern Spy, Jonathan, Infused with Lavender. If you’re looking for something special, this cider is infused with culinary lavender producing a complex herbal aroma. Combine that with a rich blend of four different apple varieties and the final product results in a full-bodied off-dry cider.
Sapwood- Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Northern Spy, Ida Red Apples. This special small-batch, barrel-aged, semi-sweet cider has pure maple syrup added both before and after fermentation. It is our sweetest cider to date. Goes down easy with a stout and brightly flavorful taste.

Saskatoon- Kilcherman's Heirloom Apples. The berries of our native Arena and Saskatoon are antioxidant superstars. Great apples, a barrel, and amazing berries, including saskatoon and native wild berries... this small batch cider won't last long.

Cherry Fest- Wild Apples, McIntosh, & Northern Spy with Balaton & Montmorency cherries. This Cider is a robust blend of handpicked wild apples and a hint of cherry that delivers a balanced sweet-tart flavor. Definitely our most popular cider.

2055 North Setterbo Road
Suttons Bay, Michigan 


(231) 271-0050


518 E Shiawassee St
Lansing, Michigan

(517) 371-2600

THE CIDERS- 13 cider styles, to include :

The Mitten- This Michigan cider is a blend of last season's pressed apples, aged in Bourbon barrels for up to one year, then back sweetened with this year's fresh pressed apple juice. The Mitten has notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak.

Lapinette- unfiltered French Norman stylecidre brut, Lapinette is fermented with saison yeast, is aged in French Cabernet Franc wine barrels and, like RedStreak before it, will be available only as a draft selection across the Chicago area. 

The Percheron- This Norman-style blend of last season's high-acid Michigan apples is aged in French oak and refermented with wild yeast. We finish Percheron with fresh pressed apple juice for a touch of sweetness.

Michigan Brut- This French-style cidre showcases the beauty and complexity of heirloom apples grown on Michigan's Cider Coast.
Ripe apple aromas make way for crisp, tart flavors with a hint of yeasty goodness.
Michigan Harvest- ​Our tart and crisp semi-dry cider is made from all sorts of Michigan-grown apples, fermented deep in our cool cellar and aged in French oak, then blended with this year's fresh-pressed juice. Michigan Harvest offers the scent of the orchard, a hint of oak, and a touch of sweetness.Obion Cider- ​Chef Edward Lee's Obion Cider is a blend of three components. First, Bourbon barrel aged cider for depth and complexity. Next, natively fermented single-orchard cider for distinctiveness and sharp acidity. Lastly, fresh pressed, unfermented apple juice to lend a touch of sweetness for roundness and balance. 

3142 4 Mile Road NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 


(616) 361-7180

10530 E Hilltop Rd
Suttons Bay, Michigan

(231) 271-6000


Apple Cider- is a not-too-sweet hard cider with a quenching kick. It is tart, sweet, fruity, refreshing and delicious. Perfect for an day of the year.
Blueberry Apple Cider- is a not-too-sweet hard cider with a quenching blueberry pizazz. It is tart, sweet, fruity, refreshing and delicious. 
Cherry Apple Cider-


1111 Tinsman Rd.
Fenton, Michigan

(810) 373-6081

Seven Lakes Winery- Since its inception, Seven Lakes Vineyard has produced the finest Michigan wines. Wines with heart, wines with soul and wines with spirit can be found here. This is the place for oenophiles and newcomers alike.

French Road Cellars- French Road Cellars doesn’t have a tasting room. The winery doesn’t have a label or a website, and doesn’t show up on the map for the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail. The reason: French Road Cellars is a custom-crush winery—the first of its type in Michigan—whose goal is to help the local wine industry in northern Michigan produce better wine. 

Gitche Gumee Ciderworks- Hancock Michigan's first Hard Cidery. We pride ourselves on producing quality products. Michigan’s beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula possesses an unimaginable abundance of wild apples and feral orchards. Most of this vast harvest isn’t collected or used. We thought to change that and give our area a cider as unique as our land. A cider made traditionally, influenced by the soil and weather as much as by the tree and the cider maker. Gitche Gumee Ciderworks is situated in Hancock, Michigan’s northernmost city. Our business model focuses on local agriculture, whether they be fruit, honey, or maple syrup; but we also use local businesses whenever we can. 

Saugatuck Brewing Company- Saugatuck Brewing Company is a family style brew pub that features quality beer, wine, food, and service. We have sixteen unique brews made by our Brew Team that are served in the Pub and bottled and distributed throughout Michigan and Chicago.  We feature the only brew-on-site facility in West Michigan. With five copper kettles, an array of natural ingredients, and over 100 recipes, we invite you and your friends to be the Brewmaster for a day. Create your own unique ale and return in two to three weeks to bottle 5 cases of fresh beer with a custom label of your choice.

B Nektar Meadery-  makes mead, ciders, and beers that extend beyond the traditional styles. With so many varieties of honey, how could we not? We let our imaginations guide us. B. Nektar Meadery was founded in 2006 by Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer, with the help of their good friend Paul Zimmerman. Brad has been an avid homebrewer since 1998, making beers, meads, ciders and wine for his own enjoyment. When Brad and Kerri got married in 2005, he made a mead to toast with at their wedding and received great reviews from the guests. Jokingly, he said that he’d someday open a meadery. Paul, a long-time friend and fellow homebrewer, soon began making meads along with Brad in the Dahlhofers’ basement. Their meads quickly began winning awards at homebrewing competitions. In the summer of 2006, Kerri was laid-off from her job. While sipping a glass of vanilla cinnamon mead made by Brad, she thought, “Why not try to sell this?” It was then that the three decided to take their mead making to the next level. In the spring of 2008, Brad too fell victim to layoffs, and the three worked night and day to prepare for their opening. After nearly two years since its inception, B. Nektar finally opened its doors on August 2, 2008 (National Mead Day). To say it’s been a long road from the home-brewing days would be a tremendous understatement.  B. Nektar continues to spread the gospel of mead, as well as increasing their product line and production capacity.


1836 Old US 23

Hartland, Michigan


(248) 842-3158

Lehman's Orchard Michigan Fruit Wines and Supplies - All of our wines and concentrates are created with the taste of homegrown tree-ripened hand picked fruits and berries from our Orchard and are full of all of the flavor you have grown to love in our fresh fruit. Sustainable Fruit, Trailmixes, Nut Butters: Pick up at farm or order online. Available now: Fruit Wines Hard Ciders Fresh Ground Nut Butters Apples Frozen Cider Vinegars Syrups Jams.


Fruit Ridge- Light, dry, bubbly and a little tart.
Rough Cut- Take the Fruit Ridge and add just enough Mosaic hops to compliment the apple effervescence.
Refresco- Light, dry bubbly a little tart, pours like champagne.


132 W Main St,

Gaylord, Michigan  


(989) 448-7077

Robinettes Apple Haus- Jim Robinette built a cider mill on our farm in 1971. We make fresh cider starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, and continue through April or early May. We use a blend of apples which changes as the season progresses, always striving for a balance of sweet and tart. You may watch cider being made throughout the fall, and about once a week in the winter. We treat our cider with a UV Light process to prevent possible bacterial contamination. We feel it produces a better cider than a heat pasteurization process does. We use no preservatives and no additives, so our cider is 100 percent pure apple! Our cider is also the starting point for our apple-based wines and hard ciders.  The UV Light treatment removes almost all natural yeasts from cider, providing an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to make their own apple wine or hard cider. We make several extra batches of cider in early November every year to freeze for sale in the summer.  Our cider season never ends!

Corey Lake Orchards- has become a tradition for those customers desiring the freshest fruits and vegetables available at their peak taste. We offer the best of what Michigan has to offer spring, summer and fall, in the middle of a breathtaking natural landscape. Quality counts at Corey Lake Orchards. We grow what we sell and pick it daily – often several times a day! – to ensure freshness and taste. Our friendly farm family will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you or your family might have about harvest, preparation, use and varieties. In 2014 we added several hard ciders to our line-up. We will continue to rotate new hard ciders seasonally. 

Bowers Harbor Vineyard- We are a boutique winery located in Northern Michigan on picturesque Old Mission Peninsula. Converted from the family's old horse barn, the Bowers Harbor Vineyard tasting room provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to taste some of Michigan's top rated wines. The experience begins before you reach Bowers Harbor Vineyards. The road along Old Mission Peninsula leads over rolling orchards and vineyards that are frames to the east and west by the waters of Grand Traverse Bay. Each rise in the road exposes gorgeous panoramic views. Meticulously manicured vineyards and flower gardens will entice your eyes as you enter the estate. Upon your arrival, our infamous canine friend, Brix, will greet you. Bring the kids; they are sure to be entertained by our not so little buddy. We hope you will come see for yourself our unique and beautiful winery. Our tasting room offers stunning views with wines to match.

Farmhaus Cider- Nearly 150 years ago, a family emigrated from Germany to Michigan and began a farm on land near what is now Hudsonville. Fast forward to 2014: John Behrens, a direct descendant of the pioneering family from Germany, has renovated the original barn and is part of a group of entrepreneurs that launched Farmhaus Cider Co. -- a venture that is fermenting small batch, authentic ciders "with apples from farmers we personally know and who are invested in our own neighborhood." 

THE CIDERS: 19 cider styles including-

House Cider- No added flavors needed. This has the true cider flavor. It is a newer version that we will be using for the base of our other ciders in the future. 
Honey Blu Blu Cider- Delightful blueberry treat, brown sugar and locally sourced honey make this a very smooth and refreshing cider.
Cherry Cider- Dry and tart like a wine. Made with Traverse City cherries.
Mango Pineapple Cider- Not too tart and not too sweet. Crisp and clean with a slight sourness.
Fli-City Dry Cider- An Apple forward dry cider thats smashable beyond belief tart, refreshing, crisp and clean. 
Peach Cider- Dry and tart like a wine, but sweetened with peaches. Crisp and refreshing.

Snowbelt Brewing Company- With over 50 years of brewing experience! Snowbelt Brewing Co.  started with a "maltitude" of passion and commitment! From the local, true ingredients, we will always take the most pride in our crafts and strive to make amazing Beer!

7220 Chief Rd
Kaleva, Michigan


(231) 889-0064

6054 124th Ave (M-89)
Fennville, Michigan

(269) 561-2297 


Hard Apple Cider- Our hard cider is a blend of apples picked fresh and then fermented into a cool, crisp and slightly carbonated beverage.  It has a very light color and just the right balance of acidity and sweetness to compliment any food.

Cherry Hard Cider- Or if you prefer, chapple.  This is a blend of 80% hard apple cider and 20% cherry cider. 

Peach Hard Cider- This is a blend of 80% hard apple cider and 20% peach cider.  Medium-dry with a touch of spritz 

Raspberry Hard Cider- A blend of Michigan Hard Apple Cider and freshly pressed raspberries create this unique, medium dry cider with a touch of spritz. 
Apple Pie- Hard Apple Cider with a hint of carmel and cinamon.  Truly unique and a crowd favorite once the leaves start to turn colors. 
Blackberry Hard Cider- A blend of Michigan Hard Apple Cider and freshly pressed blackberries create this unique, medium dry cider with a touch of spritz.

Northern Natural Organics and Northern Natural Winery and Cider House- is comprised of a small group of northern Michigan family farmers committed to growing and marketing premium organic and natural produce, juices, wines and hard ciders. The Northern Natural Winery and Cider House specializes in premium quality fruit wines and certified organic hard ciders made with local certified organic fruits. We support more then 7 certified organic farms making the highest quality wines and organic hard ciders. We care about the health of our consumers as well as our environment. Enjoy Pure Michigan Wine at Northern Natural Winery


Arthur- is a traditional British Pub Style Hard Cider. Light and crisp apple aromas complemented by a refreshingly bright apple finish on the palate and well-rounded with some tannin. 
Hopp’d- A blend of American apples infused with our proprietary hop variety. Citrus and pine notes come forward with a crisp apple finish. 
Norman- A delicate blend of bold and fruity French heritage cider apples brings the shores of Normandy and Brittany right into your glass. 


Bells Cider- Ripe apple aroma, very tart, quenching.
Spiced Cider- Subtle spice notes, ripe apple aroma, very tart and refreshing.


Cranberry-Apple- Crisp, light, and refreshing cider.


Kuhnhenn Ginger Peach Cider- 
Kuhnhenn Totally Cider-
Kuhnhenn Chapman's Blend Cider-


2300 S French Rd
Lake Leelanau, Michigan

(231) 256-0680


Dexter Cider Mill Hard Cider- the Mill now has its very own Hard Cider. Sold only at the Dexter Cider Mill. More to come about our exciting new venture in the near future. Come check it out.


The Huntsman- Semi-dry, with a tart and crisp aftertaste.
The Cooper Collection- Coming Soon! Three barrel aged flavors in limited edition batches of rye, bourbon, and maple bourbon hard cider.


Citra Cider- This cider is hopped with citra hops. Quite aromatic on the nose, yet crisp on the palate, this cider has the essence of grapefruit while the hoppiness is mostly on the aroma.
Hard Cider- Made with fresh-pressed organic antique apple varieties and fermented to dryness. Some juice is added back to give this cider just the right amount of sweetness.Hard Chapple- This is technically a cider due to the fact its between 5-7% alcohol. We carbonate ours, it's a great sweet tart balance and seems a touch drier than the residual sugar indicated.

Painted Turtle Hard Cider- Hand crafted, small batch Hard Apple Cider made exclusively by our family using only quality Michigan apples and ingredients. The vision of Painted Turtle is this:  Be creative.  Move forward.  Take chances.  Live with no regret.  Dare to Drink Different.  The Painted Turtle is the Michigan state reptile, so it was fitting that this could represent our local handcrafted product.  But also, Michigan Painted Turtles are….fearless;  Kind of like our family.  We move forward no matter what life deals us.   This is how we want to live and how we want everyone to live. We hope you enjoy our Hard Cider.  It was hand crafted in small batches exclusively by our family using only quality Michigan apples and ingredients.  


17985 Armada Center Rd.
Armada, Michigan 


(586) 784-5343 


Red Ruckus- Raspberry Hard Cider.Crimson Dew 6.5%- Cherry Hard Cider made with Michigan Balaton cherry juice.
Rockin Cock-  This is our signature hard cider! It won a double gold metal in 2012 and is a standard cider.

Blue River 6.5% - Blueberry hard cider 

BBC-  Our Bourbon Barrel Cider! If you are a Bourbon fan you must try this hard cider.​

Puncheon/Punch out- cider aged in red wine barrel, with cherries & pineapple


6026 South Lake Street
Glen Arbor, Michigan

(800) 206-6949

14921 Cleveland Street
Spring Lake, Michigan 


(616) 842-4337


140 Engelwood Dr Suite D

Lake Orion, Michigan 


Peninsula Cellars- is a family run winery located on the Old Mission Peninsula, just north of Traverse City, Michigan. The region lies along the 45th parallel, halfway between the north pole and the equator. This gives the region its distinct micro-climate, that makes it perfect for growing high quality wine grapes. Our philosophy toward wine making has always been very minimalistic, allowing the regional expression of the fruit to come through. The sun, the rain, the wind, and the soil, all under the watchful eye of the grower, are what make our wines so good. 


Apple Dry Hard Cider- Tart, crisp, and refreshing. This is a standard American hard cider and is even a little champagne-like!
Bourbon Barrel-aged Maple Hard Cider- A well balanced hard cider sweetened with pure Michigan maple syrup and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. 
Blueberry Hard Cider- This seasonal hard cider is crafted with apples grown on our family farm and real Michigan blueberries. Well balanced between sweet and tart, expect a beautiful blue color, blueberry flavor, and great apple finish.
Cherry Hard Cider- Our well balanced sweet-tart cider infused with cherries.

The Dexter Cider Mill- is the oldest continuously operating Cider Mill in Michigan. Cited by "Hour Detroit" magazine as one of the 101 places to visit in the greater Metropolitan area. Today we make cider the same way it was made 120 years ago by using an oak rack press. Using locally grown and hand picked apples and blending 3-5 different varieties in every pressing, which makes each press unique. The equipment used to press the cider is over 100 years old.


Rodeo Star Apple Cider- is a medium-dry hard apple cider with a crisp and refreshing finish. We also make Rodeo Star Cherry/Apple Cider which is a medium-dry blend of apple and cherry ciders that has a distinctive cherry character and a crisp and refreshing finish.  Enjoy these delightful ciders chilled with a meal or by itself with family and friends.

11025 S. Jackson Road
Somerset Center, Michigan


(517) 688-3455


33336 Grand River Ave
Farmington, Michigan 


(248) 957-9543


10445 North US 31

Ellsworth, Michigan


(231) 599-3222

5025 Stanton St
Hudsonville, Michigan


(616) 920-1867

Michigan where the State flower is the apple blossom certainly enjoys its apples with over 170 orchards listed, it has also seen a tremendous increase in the number of vineyards and excellent wine production. In fact a number of the 102 Michigan "cideries" were first wineries who also now produce outstanding apple ciders.

New Holland Brewing- Each bottle of our craft beer and artisan spirits captures a flavor, a harvest, a season, a moment in time. We honor those who put imagination, creativity and inspiration into their work. Our beer and spirits pair perfectly with a blank canvas, fertile soil, a blinking cursor, an empty plate or the hint of a spark in someone’s eye. The opportunity for art is everywhere.

Dexter Township, Michigan

(734) 761-7702


Incognito Hard Cider, Crisp Apple- A blend of local apples are hand crafted into a delicious dry hard cider. It will be a hit at your next party. Just make sure you have enough!
Incognito Hard Cider, Apple Ginger- The Apple Ginger cider is the same Crisp Apple with a twist – a little spice to make it just a bit naughty.


Barzillas Brew- Barzilla Robinette bought this farm in 1911 and would be proud of this cider. It is dry with a champagne finish. Excellent served with cranberry juice. Serve well-chilled.
Hopped- Dry hopping with Cascade hops adds a citrus tang and fresh floral aroma to this refreshing cider. 
Apple Blueberry- 
Apple Cranberry- 
 Apple Cherry Hard Cider- 
Bill's Special Cider- 

Country Mill Winery- From it's humble beginnings in 1871 where the orchard was a u-pick only operation with the cash register consisting of a tin can nailed on top of a wooden fence post, our farm has grown considerably since then. The Tennes family (Bernie & Ann) "bought the farm" in 1971 with a desire to raise their children (only Michael at that time) on a farm instilling strong family values and work ethic. Bernie with a PhD in agricultural engineering couldn't leave his USDA work "at work" but instead our farm became his personal laboratory. Once idea lead to another, resulting in what you see today.


6262 28th St
Cascade, Michigan

(616) 288-6907

Kuknhenn Brewing Co- For more than 30 years, the Kuhnhenn's ran a hardware store in Warren, but it wasn't long ago that economic challenges forced the family to come up with an innovative way to make money. That's when Eric Kuhnhenn decided to turn his lifelong dream of owning a brewery into a reality. Now a decade later, it turns out that the Kuhnhenn's are really good at making beer. They even won the Gold medal at the World Beer Cup in 2010. And since then have added meads, wine and cider to their inventory of great libations.


1995 E Gratiot County Line Rd
Saint Johns, Michigan

(989) 292-5252

Ozone’s Brewhouse- For over 20 years, Arcadia Ales has been committed to a British Inspired – American Brewed stable of beers. We aspire to brew beers that achieve brilliance through balance – ales that satisfy the senses with complex flavor while providing pure refreshment that leaves you wanting more. In 1996, our first 25 barrel batch was brewed on a Brick Kettle Brewing System from England at our Battle Creek, MI location. Fast-forward – today every batch is produced in our 50 barrel American-made brewhouse at our Kalamazoo Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Garden. The ability to brew with new yeast strains opens up the Arcadia Brewing Company portfolio of offerings, allowing our brewers to be creative in ways that were not previously accessible and broadening the scope of beers produced. With these changes, we still keep our promise to use only the finest domestic and English malted barley, along with the highest quality hops available from the Pacific Northwest and Michigan.

Twisted Roots Cider at Knaebe's Apple Farm and Cider Mill- is a cozy, friendly and fun Apple Orchard located in Northeast Michigan where you'll find the most delicious donuts, cookies and pies, (and tons of other bakery items), fresh pressed cider, jams, maple syrup, honey and pickled veggies! We have LOTS of cookie cutters and other cool kitchenware and we also have gifts for kids and some fun things for adults too! Not to mention farm animals to visit, hay rides to enjoy and cafe out back!

Left Foot Charley owns no palatial estate. Our energy is focused on fermenting, aging, and bottling wine. Hard Apple Cider is an old tradition in America.  We are constantly exploring the roots of this beverage in an attempt to create new and wonderful beverages from the most symbolic of fruits.  Left Foot Charley Hard Cider is produce from 100% Apples.  We look for heirloom varieties and those that have high acid and thick, tannic skins to produce crisp and refreshing styles of cider.  The alcohol ranges from 5.5%-7% depending on the vintage, variety and style.  Below is an example of what is currently on tap.  This changes frequently as all ciders are produced in small batches and only served on draught at the winery.


Antrim County Cider- This simple cider was fermented from fruit grown on Ron Boals’ Farm in Antrim County.  The blend is 50% Jonathan, 40% Rhode Island Greening, 5% Empire, 5% Jonamac.  ABV 4.5%
Cinnamon Girl Hard Cider- Cinnamon and apples, each grown on land separated by great oceans and cultural divides, represent symbiosis in flavor. It is amazing that this flavor combination was ever discovered.
Perry- Made from Northern Michigan Williams (Bartlett) Pears grown in Benzie, Grand Traverse, and Leelanau Counties. Perry is the traditional name for the hard cider made exclusively from pears. Pear Cider, on the other hand, is made from blending pear juice into apple cider. Henry's Pippin Cider- Pippin is an old word for apple. It was also used to describe someone or something that is excellent. We think this cider is pippin indeed. We blended several different fermentations from our multitude of options in the cellar. Some were fermented in barrels, some in oak tanks and some in stainless steel tanks. Months after fermentation and settling we tasted through and found this blend worked very well. 


11595 US 31 S
Williamsburg, Michigan 


(231) 883-5330

Lansing Brewing Company- the city’s coolest place to be in the heart of the Stadium District. The Lansing Brewing Company serves as a living testament to the hard-working men and women who built our great city. We embrace our city’s roots while heralding in a new beer-loving generation just in time for Lansing’s rebirth. The first full-scale production brewery in Lansing to open their doors in over a century. That means we are going to brew, serve, can and sell it in a city near you. We have an exclusive Mug Club, private event space and a pretty delicious menu. We can't wait for you to stop in.


100 South 4th Avenue, Suite 110
Ann Arbor, Michigan

(734) 773-3921


575 S Eton St
Birmingham, Michigan

(248) 712-4050

24310 John R
Hazel Park, Michigan

(586) 413-4206 

Royal Farms Farm Market and Winery- Once upon a time a handsome young man named Patrick McGuire proposed marriage to his high school sweetheart, Sara Veliquette. She accepted and the two would marry the following Christmas. During their engagement many decisions would be made including where they would live and how they would make their living. They decided they wanted to live in beautiful northern Michigan where they had both grown up and they would be farmers. Just months before they would be married, Sara finished her reign as the National Cherry Queen. It was at this same time that a name needed to be given to their farm business. Patrick once again made a proposal to his bride to be, “Let’s name the farm after you; let’s call it Royal Farms!” The two married and in the years ahead would give birth to a princess named Emma Lyn, and a son Ryan “the little king”. …and they lived and farmed happily ever after!


Oak Aged Cider- A dry cider that features big flavor and fruit that is accented by a touch of French Oak. Available by the glass and bottle only.
Classic Ole’ Cider- An off-dry cider that features the fresh aromas and flavors of a freshly picked apple. Available by the glass, bottle and growler.
Hopped Cider- An off-dry cider, lightly hopped with crystal hops. Available by the glass and growler only.
Watermelon Cider- Semi-dry with a touch of watermelon flavor and color that makes this a fun summer cider. Available by the glass and growler only.
Provemont’s Finest Cider- A sweet cider pressed from frozen apples. This cider has a robust apple flavor. Available by the glass and growler only.

703 E. Chicago Blvd.
Tecumseh, Michigan

(877) 304-3254

Grand River Brewery- Firmly situated in the heart of historic downtown Jackson, MI, Grand River Marketplace is home to Grand River Brewery, Winery, Distillery, and Eatery. The growth of craft breweries in the state of Michigan has been nothing short of magnificent, and Grand River Brewery is proud to be part of this great movement. The heart of our facility is a state of the art steam heated 15-barrel brewhouse, where our brewers take the utmost pride in constructing creative, honest, small batch, Ales and Lagers. Grand River Brewery uses only choice Midwestern malted barley, along with the finest local Michigan hops. The result is solid, fresh, handcrafted ales, for those who truly enjoy, and appreciate a fine beer. 

Uncle John's Fruit House Winery- In 1918 our family built the Fruit House as a place to store and package fresh fruit for the wholesale market. We specialized in apples, but also grew peaches, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. After wholesaling, we used the Fruit House as a packing facility and a retail outlet. Later it became the farm workshop and remained that for the last 20+ years. Mike Beck (Uncle John’s Son), has been making fresh cider for as long as he can remember. He has always believed that the next step in making fresh juice was to turn it into hard cider! In 2003, with the help of a Federal Value Added Agricultural grant, he and his wife Dede, converted the barn again, and is now the home of Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery & Uncle John’s Hard Cider. In addition to Hard Cider, the tasting room features a combination of fruit, and traditional grape wines, along with carbonated, dessert and other specialty wines.

Sietsema Orchards- is committed to providing good quality produce, and at the same time providing you, the consumer, with a farm experience that we hope you enjoy. Cool, crisp, and refreshing, Sietsema's Hard Cider is a hand-crafted delight. Starting with premium apples and ending with a superior cider, every batch is tested to ensure the quality that you have come to expect. So sit back, relax, and pop open a bottle of a cool fall day in Michigan, bottled up for your enjoyment year-round.

Mackinaw Trail Winery and Brewery- Located inside of the Mackinaw Trail Petoskey Winery location and opened during the Summer of 2014, the Mackinaw Trail Brewing Company has established itself as a premier Microbrewery in the Northern Michigan Area. Currently including eight beers on tap and two hard ciders, a rotation of fresh beers is always occurring. Whether you come to taste by the sample glass, pint, snifter, or take home a custom Yelper, Howler, or Growler, MTB should have something for everyone!

Fireside Brewing Company- Sean & Mark Scanlon along with Jon Dolieslager have been home brewing for many years while living outside Chicago. After a lengthy stint in music, Sean & Jon decided it was time for a change in scenery. After a few years living in Hollland and experiencing one of the greatest craft beer communities the country has to offer, the wheels started spinning. The idea to create Fireside Brewing was in motion, with a heavy emphasis in live music. It took 2 years of licensing, construction, research, and not a lot of sleep. The love of beer and brewing is too great however. Although a young brewery, you can expect a lot to come in the future! So, let's enjoy this beautiful community West Michigan has! Cheers!

716 S. Kalamazoo St.
Paw Paw, Michigan 


(800) 732-6002

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include :

Our Uncle John’s Traditional Apple Hard Cider- is fresh & crisp. Its light sparkling body is slightly acidic but well balanced with a fresh apple taste and hints of spice found naturally in the apples. Enjoy this cider year all year!

Apple Cherry- The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with orchard fresh Michigan Cherry Juice. This carbonated blush is a perfect balance of sweet & tart flavors, but finishes mellow with subtle hints of cherry blossom. Enjoy this cider all year!

Apple Pear- The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with farm fresh Michigan Bartlet Pear Juice.  This carbonated blend makes delicately light cider that showcases orchard freshness, with a subtle buttery finish. Enjoy this cider all year!

Apple Blueberry- The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with rich Michigan Blueberry Juice. This carbonated blush showcases the elegant flavors of ripe blueberries and finishes soft on your palette. 

Apple Apricot- The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with Michigan Apricot Juice. This carbonated blend brings fresh citrus notes making this a uniquely refreshing summer cider. Available June & July

Atomic Apple- The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with candy flavors of your childhood to make this spicy & festive cider. Available August-October


Coming Soon!


Classic Sweet Apple- Carbonated mouth feel and sweet apple aroma. This cider is sweet and very easy to drink.

9825 Engles Rd
Northport, Michigan 


(231) 386-5636

Ridge Cider Company- is making some the best hard cider in West Michigan. We produce high-quality hard apple cider here in Michigan, using apples that we grow. Our cider preserves the taste of the apples while providing that traditional hard cider kick. We feel our hard cider is a true representation of Michigan, we invite you to discover it. We at Ridge Cider Company want you to experience the finest hard cider we can make. Try our cider and discover why the cider drinking community is exploding. A gently alcoholic beverage with the taste of locally grown apples from Western Michigan, hard apple cider is refreshing and delicious. 

Brewery 4Two4- We are a small brewery located in Holland, MI focusing on a variety of beer styles and experimentation. Our goal is to have something for everyone. We aim to be your neighborhood brewpub where locals and visitors alike can come together to share good beer with good people. Our name, Brewery 4 Two 4, originates from the last three digits of our north side Holland zip code. It reflects our intent to be a north side community gathering space. We have put an extensive amount of thought into every aspect of our brewery.  From the glassware to our name, we want to provide the north side with an elevated beer experience when you walk through our doors. Expect to be greeted like a regular and to enjoy a top notch, community atmosphere at Brewery 4 Two 4. We hope you will explore the vast array of beer styles and experimental beers we plan to bring to you.


3872 SW Bay Shore Dr.

Suttons Bay, Michigan

(231) 866-4241 


Stone House Semi-Dry Apple Cherry- Made with 80% apples and 20% cherries. The perfect wine for mulling.

Stone House Sparkling Apple Cider- Made with our very own organic apples, this cider retains delicious apple flavours within a refreshing crisp sparkle.

Stone House Semi-Sweet Apple Cider- This favorite of the Stone House Ciders, has a sweet apple flavor that has a smooth yet complex taste, derived from a delicious mix of our organic apple varieties.

Nomad Cider- Crafted on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Nomad Cider is made from 100% Northern Michigan apples. All of our apples and cherries are grown on Kroupa Farm and other farms on Old Mission Peninsula and travel less than 15 miles from orchard to press. Apple varietals include Courtland, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Baldwin, Greening, Ida Red and Red Delicious. All apples are harvested, pressed and crushed on-site here at Nomad. We use only fresh pressed apples, never concentrates or syrups, to create our hard ciders.

Eastman Antique Apple and Hard Cider- This piece of land has been in our family for over 100 years and has operated as an orchard for the last 26 years. Today, the orchard boasts more than 1,000 varieties of apples and 3,000 trees. We love our apples and the rich diversity that they have. We realized a few years back that the diversity we have allowed us to make some really great hard ciders. Before deciding to go commercial Eastman Hard Cider won three silver and five bronze awards in 2012, one gold, three silver and eight bronze awards in 2013 and one gold, two silver and one bronze in 2014 at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition - Noncommercial Division. There are now four varieties of hard cider made from those apples, two golden varieties and two red-fleshed varieties. Each cider contains just less than 7 percent alcohol by volume.


JK's Scrumpy- is an old English term for a farmhouse cider. Ours is made simply from the organic apples with their naturally occurring wild yeast, grown in our orchards. The same orchards that have been in our family for over 150 years.
JK'S Northern Neighbour- A collaboration with our neighbours to the North has resulted in this blend of Michigan Apples and Saskatchewan Saskatoons. The Saskatoon is a small prairie berry that gives our apples a smooth and lush taste with a bite of tartness at the finish.
JK'S The Pair Perry- A partnership between lifelong friends who are also passionate organic farmers has resulted in the perfect Pair. Organic Apples and organic Pears make up this unfiltered Perry style cider.
JK'S Winterruption- Our organic winter seasonal stems from a long tradition of needing warmth in our cold northern solstice. Lightly spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup to cradle in your hands and warm your hearts.
JK'S Farmhouse Summer- This summer seasonal is our unique take on a traditional farm cider. This thirst quenching blend offers hints of orange zest, raisin and coriander which leaves a complex finish
JK'S Haybaler Switchel- An organic blend of apple cider vinegar, Michigan spring water, honey and fresh ginger. For centuries this restorative drink has quenched the thirst of hard workers on farms across North America, including our own.

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include: 

The Lady Blueberry- 
St. Tryphon's Knife-
Tipsy Granny- Barrel Aged, spiced dry cider.
Temptation Ginger Cider-
Cinnamon Ginger Cider- Apple pie, not too sweet
Cherry Cider-


1511 Jarvis
Ferndale, Michigan

(313) 744-6323

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Chene Et Des Poires- Wild fermented Michigan bartlett Perry aged on oak.
Tropic Thunder- Heaps of ginger with mango and peach juice.
Northern Spy on American Oak- Heirloom Series Batch #1. 
Walk The Lime- 100% Macintosh Cider with Lime Zest.
Off The Rocker- 50% wild fermented honeycrisp cider mixed with our traditional blend that is then fermented on strawberries , back sweetened with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a puree of the first Michigan harvest of strawberries this year.
Honeycrisp Raspberry- Honeycrisp apples with a pound of raspberries per gallon. 

103 E River St
Leland, Michigan

(231) 256-2115 


Hopapotamus- dry hopped with citra hops 
Rogue Apple- A semisweet hard cider. Nice apple flavor with a mild natural sweetness.
GPA- ginger peach apple
Cinnilla- Semi sweet Cinnamon and Vanilla
Chocolate Cherry- Semi Dry Tart Cherry with a sutle chocolate finish
Batch 36- Dry Our origanal dry hard cider
THE CIDERS- 19 cider styles, to include:

Blake's Beard Bender- is a 100% natural hard cider. It’s funny – when nothing’s added, you taste the true characteristics of the apple. Not for the faint of heart, Beard Bender packs a punch not expected from hard cider. Derived from a variety of Bittersweet and Bittersharp apples. Beard Bender is tart, crisp and amazingly drinkable. And, of course, 100% grown at Blake Farms in Armada, Mi.

El Chavo- We like spicing things up. That’s why we put dimmers on the lights in our Cider House. And it’s why we created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and out famous Blake’s apples, Experience a hard cider that’s really, honestly, truly like no other. Experience El Chavo.

WakeFire- It’s impossible to replicate a Michigan summer. Recreating a northern night under the stars would be a futile endeavor. So, we’re crafted summer’s perfect ally. Experience WakeFire, a comforting blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and out famous Blake’s apples.

Chapeau Brun- The reward of patient craftsmanship are un-mistakenly expressed with our Chapeau Brun. We exercise the traditional method of Keeving, which is the enzymatic process where there resultant nutrient deficient juice creates a naturally sweet, sparkling cider. Savor the complex aromas of honeyed apples and forest floor followed by a refreshingly crisp acidity and gentle sweetness.

Flannel Mouth- In the world of hard ciders, this is the smooth talker. The one who throws out compliments to complete strangers. With a flavor that’s easy on the taste buds, Flannel has just enough sweet to make the other beers blush. 

Grizzly Pear- Our first pear hard cider, Grizzly melds soft notes of pear & prickly pear cactus balanced with a sharp apple finish with a hint of elderflower. No bears were harmed in the making of this product.

Farmington Brewing Company- is the brainchild of two innovated scientists.   Jason Hendricks and Jason Schlaff met in the fall of  2009.  They didn’t know then that their friendship would bloom, but when it did, a brewery would be the flower. We strive to be as sustainable and as local as possible.  The brewhouse and fermenters are from Psycho Brew LLC of Greenville, MI.  Our hops are purchased from the many growers in Michigan and the spent grain is donated to a local farmer instead of going to waste in a landfill.

Arcadia Brewing- For over 20 years, Arcadia Ales has been committed to a British Inspired – American Brewed stable of beers. We aspire to brew beers that achieve brilliance through balance – ales that satisfy the senses with complex flavor while providing pure refreshment that leaves you wanting more. In 1996, our first 25 barrel batch was brewed on a Brick Kettle Brewing System from England at our Battle Creek, MI location. Fast-forward – today every batch is produced in our 50 barrel American-made brewhouse at our Kalamazoo Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Garden. Our 20th Anniversary in 2016 ushered in a new era of brewing possibilities with the installation of two new 100bbl closed fermentation tanks giving us the ability to use new yeast strains while we continue to brew classic Arcadia Ales using our distinctive, proprietary yeast strain in our traditional, open fermenters. The ability to brew with new yeast strains opens up the Arcadia Brewing Company portfolio of offerings, allowing our brewers to be creative in ways that were not previously accessible and broadening the scope of beers produced. With these changes, we still keep our promise to use only the finest domestic and English malted barley, along with the highest quality hops available from the Pacific Northwest and Michigan.

65075 Van Dyke
Washington Twp., Michigan




5205 W Empire Hwy
Empire, Michigan

(231) 883-1366


Motor City Hard Cider- is brewed with authentic English cider yeast, Michigan apples and a bit of Michigan beet sugar to boost the gravity, culminating in a rich, dry rounded body.
Black Cherry Cider- Locally sourced cider blend from Big Red Orchard fermented with a traditional wine yeast then back sweetened with black cherry juice.
Hot Spiced Cider- Made with our Hard Cider, brandy, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange rind, and fresh ginger. Served hot with a cinnamon sugar rim. 

Harbor Light Brewing Company- Local brewery specializing in craft beer. The Harbor Light was the name given to South Haven's first light house.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Orange Blossom Hard Cider- Off Dry. Citrus notes, warm red apples, vanilla, cinnamon.

Traditional Style Hard Cider- semi dry- carefully selected premium varieties of Northern Michigan Heirloom apples. Our delicious hard cider is crisp, clean apple flavor pressed at Northern Natural Production site. 

Northern Star Organic Hard Cider- Authentic, naturally well balanced, juicy baked apple notes. This premium cider is fermented with ale yeast as opposed the traditional champagne yeast method. It's both sulfite free and 100% certified organic.  2016 World Cider Competition gold medal winner.

Cherry Apple Hard Cider-  semi sweet. A pretty rose petal color and light cherry aroma, a moving effervescence on your palate followed with natural cherry and apple fruit flavors. Local Certified Organic Michigan Montmorency tart cherries and a blend of our Local Heirloom Apple varieties.

Blueberry Apple Hard Cider-  semi dry. Our blueberry apple has playful characteristics, sweet on the nose and semi dry on your palette. Our cider is very clean, crisp, & refreshing.  Wild Blueberries and a blend of local Heirloom Apples.

Elderberry Apple Hard Cider-  semi dry
The juicy, deep purple fruit of local elderberries offers an herbal aroma. The bitter taste from the tannins in the berries is balanced on your palette with our blend of local Heirloom Apple varieties.

Westview Orchards Winery- Spanning 188 acres, Westview Orchards is the result of six generations of family dedication. In 1813, Westview Orchards began as a small farm and orchard. Over time, as in any business, generations have had to adapt to the constant change in the needs and demands of society. As the demands fluctuate, dreams modify and redirect themselves to sustainability. The twenty-five year dream of owning a winery has finally come to fruition. A visit to our loft will offer the opportunity to taste our wines and hard cider in a beautiful setting. Wine tasting is comfortable and inviting at Westview Orchards Winery with no intimidation, only fun. 


Cherry Cider-
Blackberry Cider-

Texas Corners Brewing Company- Family owned and operated, our roots at Texas Corners Brewing Company were really planted by our grandfather in the family farming business in 1951. To this day our values are still the same - commitment to quality, family, and community. That means believing strongly in the farm to fork dining concept. We source as much as possible from LOCAL farmers, including our very own Schultz Fruitridge Farms in Mattawan, Michigan. As we continue to branch out with four generations, we look to bring together FAMILY, FRIENDS, & COMMUNITY in our historic brewpub nestled in Texas Corners. Come on in and enjoy well crafted brews made from the finest ingredients, including apples from our family's orchard, and let our chef cook you an amazing homemade meal for a truly fantastic experience! Hand-crafted hard cider and beers designed for taste, smoothness, and quality. Each of our craft beverage recipes uses only the finest apples, malt, hops, and other ingredients to combine for a fine tasting brew. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in and grab a pint.

Bløm Meadworks (pronounced “bloom”)- is built at the intersection of two passions- innovative fermentation and a commitment to local producers. At Bløm, we make what we like to call session meads and ciders – they’re light, dry, carbonated, and remarkably sessionable. For our meads, we start with the same ingredients as a traditional mead - honey, water and yeast - allowing us to source 100% of our ingredients from local farmers and producers. However, unlike most meads, our products taste and feel more like cider - they are dry, sparking, lower-alcohol and packaged in a can. Pushing to source as locally as possible, we recently planted our first cider apple orchard in hopes that one day we'll be able to supply fruit for our ciders. 

Bonobo Winery-  was founded by brothers and longtime Traverse City natives, Todd and Carter Oosterhouse. Their objective: to offer world-class wines in a rustic, yet elegant atmosphere with a breathtaking view, and a business model inspired by the close harmony of the traditions, philosophies, and ecological integrities of the region. Making a commitment to the community that raised them, they employ local residents and utilize local resources to create an ethereal experience that captivates all five senses, with each element intentionally representative of the beauty, charm and sanctuary that is Traverse City. Bonobo has added, in collaboration with Soul Squeeze Cellars, ciders to shake the image of a traditional winery, while keeping they winery's high quality standard. There’s a certain expectation of us as a winery to serve a nice Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, and Soul Squeeze allows us to maintain that quality but be a little bit different by producing a cider. 

6970 Texas Dr.
Kalamazoo, Michigan 


(269) 668-3724


1058 W Midland-Gratiot County Line Rd
Wheeler, Michigan

(989) 842-5576 

Chateau de Leelanau- As next generation fruit growers in Leelanau County we have deep roots in this beautiful area. From the rolling farmlands to the shores of Lake Michigan, our family has spent the years working the land. This new venture in the growing Northern Michigan wine industry is an exciting adventure and we look forward to serving you a variety of exceptional wines and hard ciders. Our apples come right off of our family's farm and make delicious hard ciders! We start with an apple blend of the best cider apples we can grow, Northern Spies, Golden Delicious, and Honey Crisps to name a few. After fermentation, we separate our cider into small craft batches for unique flavors and the highest quality. Be sure to try one — or all!

11480 Center Rd.
Traverse City, Michigan 


(231) 933-9787


Perry Mason- A sweet, pear cider. Made in house.
Johnny Fall Down- hard apple cider
Square Pants- pineapple cider


 3423 US HWY 131
Petoskey, Michigan

(231) 487-1910

Verterra Winery- Family owned and operated winery on the Leelanau Peninsula. Creating a wide array of boutique wines & ciders.  We make a variety of hard ciders based in premium local apple juice - none of that concentrate stuff you find in the local supermarket shelves. We sell the cider by the growler - the perfect 64oz vessel for taking home 4 pints to share with your friends.  Come in for a taste, glass or pint! Our tasting room is located in the heart of Leland across from the Bluebird Restaurant in a historic bu ilding with a rich history.  We are pleased to be offering 16 wines and an assortment of different hard ciders on tap.

The history of Ellison Brewery and Spirits is an interesting and inspirational story. At a holiday party two years ago, two high school friends from DeWitt talked about opening a microbrewery and distillery. It could work, they figured, because Lansing didn't yet have a brewery large enough to sell its beer outside of its own taproom. That early conversation has morphed into Ellison Brewery & Spirits — a microbrewery and distillery that could open by August in an industrial warehouse off Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township.

1844 M-119 (Harbor-Petoskey Rd.)
Petoskey, Michigan 


(231) 753-2057

223 S Main St
Rochester, Michigan

(248) 656-0618 


Hoppy Hearted- hops plus cider
Purple Heart- black raspberry and apple.
Heart-felt- semi-sweet.
Chapple- apple and cherry.

149 W. Liberty St.
Plymouth, Michigan 


(734) 207-9600

McIntosh Orchards was purchased by Bruce McIntosh in 1997 and the 76 acre property is home to 26 different varieties of apples, 14 of those are specific to the making of premium hard cider in the olde world tradition. The property is also producing peaches and pears. The orchard has been planted from the 1860's. Come and visit our orchard and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


8690 Krum Ave
Comstock, Michigan

(269) 382-2338


 12011 Center Rd
Traverse City, Michigan

(231) 282-9463


Old Mission, Michigan

Green Bird Cellars- An organic experience. Taste wine, cider, beer and spirits on Northport's family friendly farm. Our tasting room is located amongst a 67 acre organic farm on the Leelanau Peninsula. We are two miles south of the picturesque waterfront community of Northport. Come visit the tasting room to try our estate made wines, handcrafted hard ciders, and locally made microbrews. Get a glass of your favorite and stay to experience the serenity of the farm. The vineyard, the orchard, the farm animals, the wildlife, the forest, and our families are all one living organism that make up our farm. By treating the farm using sustainable, organic practices we are taking responsibility for the long term viability of the whole and we think this sense of character and pride comes through in our products.

Thornapple Brewing Co- In Spring 2017, Cascade Township will welcome its first brewpub – Thornapple Brewing Company. The new brewery, located at 6262 28th St. SE will offer the community a local spot to enjoy original beer, cider, wine and spirits created by internationally awarded and longtime local brewers, Jeff Coffey and Eric Fouch. With nearly fifty years of brewing experience between the co-founders, they plan to offer a robust list of original potent potable options that represent their favorite styles and recipes. “After years of sharing original creations with friends, family and fellow brewers, we wanted to bring our experience to the public and enjoy it with a larger group,” explained Fouch. “We simply want to enjoy our passion with those who will enjoy it with us.” All brewing will happen in a seven-barrel brewing system. 

5919 Chicago Rd. 
Warren, Michigan

(586) 983-8362

6431 107th Avenue
South Haven, Michigan 


(708) 878-3734

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Honeycrisp Hard Apple Cider- Traditional Dry Crisp Hard Apple Cider  2009 & 2011 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Silver Medal Winner
Apple Raspberry Hard Apple Cider- Semi-Sweet Hard Apple Cider with Raspberries 2010 Indy Wine Competition Gold Winner & 2011 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Bronze Medal Winner
Apple Cherry Hard Apple Cider-Semi-Sweet Hard Apple Cider with Cherries

Apple Blueberry Hard Apple Cider- Semi-Sweet Hard Apple Cider with Blueberries 2010 Indy Wine Competition Bronze Winner Apple Blueberry.

Perry Pear Hard Apple Cider- Light carbonated, tangy, tart yet slightly sweet, delicious traditional Pear Cider.

Bourbon Barrel Hard Apple Cider-Semi-Sweet Hard Apple Cider conditioned in oak whiskey barrels, lightly carbonated.

36241 Jefferson Ave
Harrison Township, Michigan

(586) 231-9501 

Peat’s Original Cider- What started as a fledgling idea to utilize the family farm and its 200 acres has turned into a hard cider business that’s uniquely Michigan and properly Peat’s. Peat’s Original Cider honors the craft of hard cider by using only the most delicious Michigan apples from throughout Southwest Michigan. Our approach to hard cider is traditional with a twist of inspiration, resulting in cider flavors that are crisp, light and never too sweet.


5740 W M 61
Gladwin, Michigan


(989) 578-2225

Liberty Street Brewing Company-  began in concept back in 2006, and finally became a reality in the fall of 2008.  We provide an elegant atmosphere where people can enjoy a fine, hand crafted beer in Plymouth, Michigan’s historic Old Village. Our focus is to provide a large assortment of crafted, small batch ales and lagers through an exceptionally service oriented waitstaff.  We also offer a short list of regularly available food items during all hours of operation, and have special food items to be served during happy hour, weekends and special occasions. Liberty Street Brewing Company serves only the finest crafted beers, brewed in small amounts to ensure quality and maintain freshness.  We have the rare advantage of brewing and properly maturing lager style beers.  Lagers must be matured at lower temperatures and for extended amounts of time, a luxury that most small brewing facilities cannot afford.


102 S River Ave
Holland, Michigan

(616) 848-7677


Cherry Cider- Brewed with second use cherries from the Something Else Mulled Tart Red Ale with cherries! 
Hard Cider- Delightfully dry, Arcadia's first attempt at a house cider has all the right Michigan Apple notes and with none of the mealy or slinky notes that sometimes overpower the apple's wonder. 

806 Red Drive #100
Traverse City, Michigan 


(231) 995-0500

Tenacity Brewing- The story is quite simple. A few us who happen to like beer and love Flint got together and decided that our town needs a brewery. So we went to work creating one. Keeping with the resolve and determination of Flint despite its ups and downs, and because we knew opening a brewery would not be easy, we named it Tenacity Brewing. Our tasting room is currently open. Please come in and try our beer!

2896 Bowers Harbor Road
Traverse City, Michigan


(800) 616-7615 


5048 S. West Bayshore Dr. 

Suttons Bay, Michigan


(231) 271-8888

2170 62nd Street
Fennville, Michigan 


(269) 722-3232


1701 N 33rd St 

Galesburg, Michigan  


(866) 758-5487


InCider Hard Apple Cider- ​French style cider. Well balanced sweetness with a touch of acid and tannins.

76 East 8th Street
Holland, Michigan 


(616) 994-8417 

Two K Farms- We are a family owned business working together to contribute to the regions reputation of producing great wine and hard cider. There is only one way we strive to create hard cider or wine: pure ingredients, great sun and fresh water, and the knowledge of the fruit and farm. We believe only in the “farm to glass” philosophy!

Superior Lakes Mead and Wine- where we hand-craft a wide variety of meads and wines right here in Michigan. We choose the finest local honey and other ingredients to support our local growers and economy.

THE CIDERS- 30 cider styles, to include:

Hard Apple- Traditional Hard Cider-  is a semi-sweet cider. We use a unique blend of Michigan apples to balance acidity and fresh apple flavors. This is a very approachable cider that is lightly carbonated and should be served cold in a pint glass.

Blue Gold- Apple Blueberry Cider-  When creating products from Michigan fruits it seems natural to include Michigan blueberries. They add a nice fruity flavor to the cider. Like our other hard ciders, this one is not too sweet or overpowering. 

Totally Roasted-  Beginning with our traditional hard apple cider we then steep candied pecans. We make our own cinnamon roasted pecans that bring vanilla, cinnamon, and a nuttyness to this product that makes it a truly unique cider. Totally Roasted is semi-.sweet with a tart finish. 

Ginger Peach- A refreshing balance of bright ginger bite and peach sweetness, neither of which will overpower your face. Pair it with food, or crush it on its own, this cider is clean and crisp from start to finish. 

Nunica Pine- Opposites attract in this limited release seasonal specialty. Our Hard Apple cider provides a base of unmatched fruit and acidity, while Columbus hops unveil an earthy bitterness no other cider can match.

Apple Raspberry- Pressed Michigan raspberries blended with Hard Apple for a refreshing balance of tart and sweet. This is a drier cider than our other fruit flavors, but true to the fruit it is born from. 


Traditional Dry- Our take on a traditional American cider. Fermented until completely dry and then carbonated. What cider once was.
Semi-Sweet- Our house cider sweetened with just a bit of Star-Thistle Honey from Petoskey, MI.
Pineapple- Fresh Pineapple from the Philippines and Star Thistle Honey.
Ethiopian Limu Coffee Cider- Another seasonal cider made with a prized Ethiopian coffee roasted at Chazzano Coffee in Ferndale, MI


Green Man Cider- Inspired by the carvings of the Roman Baths in the heart of English cider country-Bath, England- this adventurous blend of Rhode Island Greenings creates a subtly sweet cider that'll leave you anything but stone-faced.Smackintosh Cider- ​McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, and Northern Spy. Everything's better with a little Smack. This crowd pleaser is sweet and tart with full apple flavor. Apple Growers: Smith-Omena Heights Farm, Steimel Brothers, Christmas Cove Farm, & Schultz Orchards

Spicers Winery and Carriage House Cellars- The Spicer family has been growing fruit in southeastern Michigan for five generations. The first farm was near Detroit and fruit was taken by horse and wagon downtown. The first market that we have pictures of was located near the corner of Grand River road and Novi road. Spicer's Carraige House Cellars was established in 2009 by the Spicer and Cartwright family.  The winery is located inside the farm market at Spicer Orchards.  This offers a romantic setting with the trees of the apple orchard. Summer, Fall, or Winter the aura of the winery changes with the seasons of feeling of the orchard.  You can walk in the vineyard behind the market or view our distillary along with the cider press.


Seven Apple Cider- Made with Jonathon, Rome, Gala, Winter Banana, Wine Sap, Gold Russet, and Ida Red apples!

Cherry Apple Cider- Wine Sap, Winter Banana, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Ida Reds, Northern Spy, and Michigan Cherries make up this Cherry Apple Spirit Cider.

Peach Apple Cider- Wine Sap, Winter Banana, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Ida Reds, Northern Spy, and Michigan Peaches make up this Spirit Cider.
Blueberry Apple Cider- Wine Sap, Winter Banana, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Ida Reds, Northern Spy, and Michigan blueberries make up this Blueberry Apple Spirit Cider.


4903 Dawn Ave
East Lansing, Michigan

(517) 203-5498



1051 Harding St
Conklin, Michigan


(616) 899-2298

The Northville Winery has been in business for over 20 years. It was started by Vern Bodker and his son Chris as a small supplemental income to the cider business. It was sold to Cheryl and Rob Nelson, and Diane and Mel Jones along with the Cider Mill in 1991. Robb and Carina Nelson took over running the winery 5 years ago and have been expanding the winery ever since. The winery produces several alcoholic wines, hard ciders flavors and one non-alcoholic, sparkling cider. The Northville Winery has been inside the Northville Cider Mill since its creation. It has been a important part of the community for a long time. A place where friends and family gather Fall after Fall. Now, the winery is expanding and adding a second tasting room that will be open all year long. Still on the cider mill property we have added more space for our customers to taste, drink and purchase bottles of their favorite wines and ciders.

4648 Otto Road 
Charlotte, Michigan 

(517) 543-1019

Broken Barrel Cider at Bennett's Orchard- All of our hard ciders are hand crafted at our Michigan orchard, we press only apples we grow, including Northern Spy, Winesap, Jonathan and Grimes Golden. We have standard trees dating back to the 1930's still producing antique varieties perfect for our hard cider blend. Come visit our expanding Fresh Market and Cidery to taste on our unique ciders.


321 Douglas Ave
Holland, Michigan

(616) 377-7773

THE CIDERS- over 20 cider styles, to include:

Big John- Sweet Elise-
Jaybird- Hopped Cider
Sandra Dee- Cherry Vanilla CiderSmart Alec-George's Blend- Dry blend of antique apple varieties


Tractor Pull Leland Blue Cider- 
Tractor Pull Root Beer Cider- 


6530 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Cedar Michigan 


(231) 228-4800 


3113 Plaza Dr NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

 (616) 361-9658


House Dry- gets its funk from warmer fermentation temperatures and mild nutrient levels. It is made with a Michigan apple cider blend that contributes tannins and an acidic backbone.
Semi-Dry- is an easy-drinking cider with a red apple flavor that balances the mild acidity. Light tannin notes from the 2017 Michigan apple blend and a semi-dry fruity finish. All Bløm ingredients are sourced from Michigan.


Imperial Hard Cider- Crisp and sweet, an intense new taste for your next adventure. Enjoy on the rocks and experience a perfect blend of intensity and sweetness with the snap of fresh Michigan apples.
Seven Lakes Winery Hard Cider- 

Bee Well Meadery- Our family has lived in the area between Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Torch Lake for six generations. We have a special love of the area and we want to bring you the flavor of this spectacular spot. Our bees travel to local orchards and farms and create a honey that truly represents the flavors of Northern Michigan. We source our fruit as close to the meadery as possible by working with those same local farmers whose crops our bees helped to pollinate. We have a long family history of bottling delicious drinks. Our great great grandpa Bailey bottled water from a natural spring on the banks of Clam Lake. This fantastic water was sold throughout the community. His building still stands across from our childhood home and serves as a daily reminder to do grandpa proud. 


5565 Consear Rd
Ottawa Lake, Michigan

(734) 854-2523


Blueberry Cider- A sweet-tart apple cider with blueberries added.
Apple Cider- Straight forward semi-sweet hard cider. Clean, refreshing cider that is not too sweet and not too dry.


Bright Cider- Semi-dry, Drinkable, refreshing and a bit more delicate than a traditional hard cider, BRIGHT is tank fermented and made with 100% Leelanau County apples. 
Prime- This cider has stories to tell. Aged 15 months en triage, this beauty is made from 100% Leelanau County apples. 
Wild- is finished with a cherry brandy and montmorency cherry concentrate dosage.  The resulting cider is off-dry, pale pink, with a beautiful balance of apple-cherry-sweet-and tart. 

Petoskey Brewing- The building known as the “Old Brewery” was first completed in 1898 and was used to brew Petoskey Sparkle beer until 1915. Since closing in 1915, the brewery building has served as retail shops, as warehousing and perhaps even as a goat barn. It wasn't until 2012, under the new ownership of and complete renovation by Patrick Dowd and Lou Gostinger, that beer once again flowed within the walls of the “Old Brewery”.  A Michigan Microbrewery. Join us in our Tap Room to experience made-on-premiss hand-crafted beer and light food offerings! 


684 Commerce Ct.
Holland, Michigan

(616) 355-6422

THE CIDERS- Over 10 cider styles, to include :

Hawaii Five-O Hard Cider- Pink peppercorn hibiscus hard cider. Mm-hm. 
Toasted Gold Cider- A crisp cider brewed with candied pecans and spice. Better than champagne? We think so. 
Fresh Apple Cider- Like biting into a fresh apple and getting a nice buzz. Clean and refreshing, and full of fun. 

Dry Hop Hard Cider-​ Hopped up cider. Not too sweet.

Ginger Peach Hard Cider- sweet.

Bootleg Blue Hard Cider- 

The Merry-Hearted Cidery- We are a licensed winery producing hand crafted hard ciders from locally grown apples and fruits.  Located on property with our sister business The Fruitful Orchard & Cider Mill in Gladwin, MI, we take varieties of our fresh apples every fall and carefully blend them and ferment them into a delightfully refreshing adult beverage.  Our Ciders are Gluten Free and have no artificial flavorings!


Raspberry Hard Cider-Peach Hard Cider- ​Blend of peach and apple. Gluten-free.
Cherry Hard Cider- ​Delicious!!! Sweet and tart! Very much a cherry flavor!Blackberry Hard Cider-


Dry Cider-Sweet Cider-

Cellarmen’s- a microbrewery with a tasting room, retail space and production on-site. Sourcing their honey, hops, apples and other ingredients from local suppliers, the cider makers create all kinds of cider, beer and mead. 


2610 Kibby Rd.
Jackson, Michigan


Pink Bikini- is our summer cider! lightly hopped with citrusy hops, finished with just a touch of cherry making it pink. So fresh and summery!
Hand-Picked- is made from our antique and uncommon cider apple varieties. This cider is not too sweet, not too dry…crisp and perfect for the most discerning cider lovers.
Hard-Red- is a blend of tart cherries and apples that gives this cider just a touch of that cherry pie tartness but keeps all the love of hard apple cider!
Summer Crush- is made from summers harvest, black sweet cherries, and crushed into a delicious sweet cherry apple blended hard cider. We are in love!
Green Apple- is one of our sweetest ciders with a strong apple taste, but wait, catches some with a little green apple tartness at the end. Pow!
Caramel Apple- is just sweet enough and just enough caramel to make you say yum! While maintaining traditional and crisp flavors for any cider lover.

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Cores of Nature- ​This light and mild, easy drinking hard cider is created from nothing but our locally grown, hand picked apples.  from our grove, to your backyard, this cider is great for everyday activities, like mowing the lawn.
Peach Ridge- Named after the scenic route that runs through the “Ridge area,” Peach Ridge has a slightly dry finish with a big peach punch.  The subtle peach sweetness balances well against a tart, almost earthy finish.
Summer Squeeze- As with any “summer squeeze,” it comes and goes with the change of the seasons.  So enjoy it while it lasts.  A refreshing summery mix of peaches and citra hops, reminiscent of the citrusy tastes and sweet smells of summer.
Straw-Dog- This seasonal cider is a perfect representation of how fruit should affect a cider.  Added post fermentation, fresh, locally grown strawberries add a lovely bouquet and big strawberry flavors without oversweetening.  
 Rooster- ​This cider is surprising on many dimensions. Strong Aroma of premium coffee roasted by our local roaster “Rowster Coffee.” Light in color and bold in flavor, accompanied with a slight tartness of the apple. This has become a quick favorite of our patrons.
R.H.A.C.- IPA has become a household term in the world of craft beer.  We hope to create the new commonplace acronym for hopped cider.  R.H.A.C. uses three varieties of hops to impart a bright citrusy flavor to this dry gem.


3533 S. Derenzy Rd.

Building 2, Unit F
Bellaire, Michigan 

(734) 787-4187


Peninsula Cellars Hard Cider- A traditional English style hard cider made from 100% Michigan grown apples. Lightly carbonated with a hint of sweetness.

Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill- is tucked away at the end of a country road just three miles west of US127. Founded in 1852, we continue to adhere to the principles of our forefathers, providing Great Fruit at a Great Value to our customers.

Ship in Michigan only


5375 Douglas Valley Drive
Manistee, Michigan

(231) 887-3333


 841 S. Pioneer Rd.
Beulah, Michigan

(231) 383-4262

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Hef’s Unflitered- A fresh, pressed, apple-in-a-glass.
Sunrise Cider- Refreshing and crisp. Like every morning on the east side.
Barreled Up Cider-
Just Peachy- Deliciously sweetened with Michigan peach.
Cherry Baby- Clean & light, with just enough Traverse City cherry.
Peach Fuzz Cider-


Traditional Olde World Style Hard Cider- Draught Apple Cider
Pear Semi-dry Cider-
Iced Apple Cider-
Draught Apple Semi-Dry- Dry Draught Cider- Perry dry Pear Cider- 

Big Belly Ciderworks- Cidery and Tasting Room specializing in New World ciders hand crafted with vintage apples sourced from our local orchards.

Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm- We have been hand crafting artesian ciders for over 50 years. Each bottle contains a unique blend of hand-picked apples from our orchards to create a truly irresistible brew. Enjoy – with friends, and often. Our cider press is a “rack and cloth” style press, which have been around for over 100 years. There are very few of this style presses still used today. The press takes at least 3 individuals to operate and creates small batches of approximately 100 + gallons of cider. Production varies depending on apple blend and the time of the season. Our process is very “old school” and we believe that is what makes our cider so unique.


Red Label- For those who like their cider sweet. We stop fermentation just in time to retain the apples' residual sugars; and you get a complex blend of citrusy sweetness with an underlying dryness with notes of pineapple and banana.
Orange Label- After letting our Yellow Label mature in an oak bourbon barrel, it comes out Orange: a smoother, earthier cider with less dryness and more complexity for the cider connoisseur. 
Yellow Label- Our take on the traditional American cider. We use champagne yeast to give our Yellow Label a carbonated kick, resulting in a full-bodied beverage that is dry, tart and just a little sweet.

Macatawa Ale Company- The only reason we opened our doors was for you (and our love of great beers of course)! Our goal at Macatawa Ale Company is to give our home city of Holland, Michigan a great destination for awesome beers and plenty of entertainment. We are proud to be part of the areas authority in the micro-brewing industry and predominate tourism market. This will be accomplished by using our years of brewing experience, original recipes, and our overall passion for craft beers. The beers that we will release have been time tested on home-produced level and are ready to enter the market to be enjoyed by customers of all types! We take pride in both the diversity of styles that we offer and the skill in producing them. We currently produce on a 3-barrel system, which helps us keep our tasting room well supplied, as well as allow small distribution to some of our favorite local pubs and restaurants. Drink off the path!


Saugatuck Hard Cider- Hard Cider made with West Michigan apples.
Lucky Stone Cider- Draft-only. A medium dry variety, golden clear, lightly sparkling cider. Produced with locally grown apples – a special blend of Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Macintosh. Naturally Gluten Free.


Apple Raspberry Cider-
Ginger Peach Cider-Blueberry Cider-


Coming Soon!

 THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles, to include:

Corey Lake Sweet- A standard sweet apple cider made from a blend of Northern Spy, Jonagold, and Golden Delicious apples.
Hometown Hero- A sweet cider made with the best local fruit our forests have to offer: elderberry, blackberry, rose hips, oh my!
Ginger- We chop pounds and pounds of ginger root and age the cider with it, so this cider has a bounty of flavor that will tantalize anyone who appreciates ginger. A great acid balance and a wonderful blend of aromas. 
Crop Rotation- A balanced, dry hard cider aged in an oak barrel. We take a used whiskey barrel, age our signature apple brandy for five to ten years, and then rotate hard cider into it. It should be kept in the fridge for best quality. 
Corey Lake Dry- A mellow and dry hard cider made exclusively from Northern Spy apples, giving it a pleasant nose and just a touch of sour apple flavor.
Preach- A hard cider made with peaches and pears we harvested pressed right here at Corey Lake Orchards. Very popular, released in August. 

Fuji Ice Cider- Apples frozen on the tree, harvested and pressed in January. This dessert wine, golden with color has aromas bursting with fresh picked apples. The perfect balance of sugar and acidity gives this wine a silky texture with a persistant, lingering finish of pure apple essence.
Farmstead-  A crisp, refreshing dry cider, fermented by the wild yeast that occur naturally in the orchard. Enjoy complex flavors with citrus undertones. Made from the farm, for the farm.
Cin-ful-  Cider fermented with cinnamon bark, resulting in the wonderful flavors of Grandma’s apple pie. This semi-sweet hard cider is full of flavor, rich mouthfeel and lingering nostalgia.
Vintage Dry- A balanced blend of over 141 heirloom apple varieties. This crisp, refreshing dry cider has a yeasty bouquet, with a light apple finish.

L. Mawby Vineyards- Soil Speaking [Place Talk], Terroir poetry. Fine traditional method sparkling wines, classically styled, produced entirely from grapes grown on the Leelanau Peninsula. These wines express the character of this special place, the care of the people tending the vines, and the purity of intent of those guiding the transformation of grape to sparkling wine. The poetic brother to the songs of M.Lawrence. 

Hideout Brewing- Since 2005, Hideout Brewing Company has been offering a wide variety of hand-crafted beers that will satisfy anyone’s taste. While you enjoy one of our classic Hideout brews, check out what else we have to offer! Kick back and enjoy live music, relax in our beer garden, or challenge your friends to a classic video game located in our upstairs lounge.


Mighty Mac Hard Cider- sweet like apple cider but with a kick...


Bourbon Barrel Aged- available on draft.
People's Lager- cider fermented with lager yeast..
Mrs. Sally Brown- Bourbon Barrel aged New England Skrumpy.
Morrison's Ghost- Ginger Adams- Ginger infused cider. Hazy and pale straw colored. Earthy, slightly sweet, with a considerable ginger bite.Molly Malone- 


780 N. Sylt Road
Lake Leelanau, Michigan

(231) 256-0146


Coming Soon 2019!


Sneaky Pants Cider- black cherries and vanilla.
Brick Wall Cider- Tart, Light, Crisp, & Dry.


1431 Duffield Road
Flushing, Michigan

(810) 659-6568


Pettifogger- Cider from Phillips Orchards and pear juice from King Orchards and conditioned on oak chips, the result is a cider that rides the line between tart and sweet. With the addition of nutmeg, this cider is crisp and refreshing.
Mini Malus (Cider) 6.8%- The little brother of our Malicious Malus is much more approachable at 6.8%, apple on the nose and flavor, a little residual sweetness, and a nice crisp finish.

630 Baseline Road
Northville, Michigan 


(248) 320-6507


Hard Cherry Cider- The best of Michigan's northwest cherry crop make our cider a splash from lakeside docks to beach-side sunsets.
Hard Apple Cherry Cider- Locally harvested apples and a hint of Northern Balaton Cherry make up this light and crisp, off-dry hard cider.

Our Brewing Company- Created by two couples who wanted more passion, more creativity, and more beer at work, Our Brewing Company is a nano-brewery in the heart of downtown Holland, Michigan. Open since November 2012, OBC serves up carefully considered craft beer with unusual names. We craft small batches of complex beer using local ingredients; we embrace trivia and games of all sorts; we welcome musicians who sing as hard as we brew. And because we’re jumping into this mid-life career with nothing but good work and good intentions, we’re grateful to get such good lovin’ from our patrons and from the community in which we brew. Our Brewing Company: Smaller on Purpose.


Coming Soon 2019!


4665 Broadmoor 
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Bot Hop Cider- Vivid citrus and floral notes characteristic of these choice centennial hops boost an already delicious apple elixir.
Boo Cherry Cider- Dry, crisp apple cider fused with montmorency cherries bring a balanced attack, firing tart and subtly sweet and spicy notes at your taste buds!
Bip Juniper- Dry, crisp apple cider infused with juniper berries. Hints of balsam and forest coalesce with the dry apple taste leaving a sharp, peppery feel.


Zombie Killer Cherry Cider- Apple cider with honey and tart cherry juice. In the Spring of 2011, we released an experimental new mead that would change history. Little did we know, that the concoction would have a devastating effect on the zombie population that has been plaguing the Earth. 
The Dude's Rug- Hard cider with tea and Chai spices. Apple cider, chai tea (tea with cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla). Dark amber and clear with a foamy white head that dissipates into a thin white rim. 
Slice of Life- Hard cider with lemon and ginger. Apple cider, ginger, lemon juice. Pours brilliantly clear, pale straw color with a fizzy, pop-like head that dissipates immediately.
Stupid Man Suit- Fresh pressed Michigan cider, Balaton cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant juices.
Death Unicorn- hard cider with black currant.

Cherry Republic- Celebrating the beauty and spirit of northern Michigan in everything we make and do, Cherry Republic has grown from a t-shirt sold out of the trunk of a car to the world’s largest exclusive retailer of cherry food creations. Along the way, we have turned one man’s vision into a nation of citizens embracing his creed of life, liberty, beaches, and pie.


1875 Phoenix Street Suite B

South Haven, Michigan


(269) 872-3911


Red Brick Hard Cider, A traditional semi-sweet hard cider made with a unique blend of Michigan apples.  It’s slightly spicy and has a fresh apple aroma.  Hard cider is gluten-free.

THE CIDERS- 14 cider styles, to include:

Pulsar- is a semi-dry Modern Cider fermented with Michigan apples and Pinot Noir yeast.
Octorock- is a semi-sweet Modern Cider fermented with Michigan apples and a blend of Belgian and traditional cider yeast.
Squishy- is a semi-sweet Fruit Cider fermented with Michigan apples, Northern Michigan Balaton and Montmorency tart cherries, and English Cider yeast.
Phuzz- is a semi-dry Fruit Cider fermented with Michigan apples, peaches, and a traditional cider yeast.
Bucket- is a Semi-Dry Fruit Cider fermented with black currants and aged on oak chips.
Immortal Jelly- is a semi-dry Fruit Cider inspired by Short’s Brewing Company’s Soft Parade. Immortal Jelly is fermented with Michigan apples and a blend of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

Tandem Ciders- As apples come in all different shapes, size, and flavors, Tandem Ciders hopes to capture and bottle all the mystery, splendor, and diversity of the apple in our ciders. Our ciders will also reflect character of the land where the apples are grown. Native Americans aptly named Leelanau Peninsula, which is translated as “Land of Delight.” Tandem Ciders aims to establish a similar tradition in Leelanau County. We use Michigan apples in our ciders and work closely with neighboring growers that produce the fruit. We sell our product where the apples are grown, promoting the farmers and the valuable agricultural land of Leelanau County, as well as the cider itself. Our tasting room is a place that stresses the importance of the region, the significance of community, and a warm and comforting atmosphere that fosters communication and camaraderie. 

Soil Friends Farm and Market- is a Michigan company providing Fresh Vegetables, Quality Tools and Services for giving your business our quality advantage to increase the profitability of your operations. We understand our customers demand for high quality products and customer service. Soil Friends has extensive experience with all of our products and provides solutions for increasing the profitability and efficiency of agricultural related operations, while reducing waste and environmental degradation.

THE CIDERS- 16 cider styles, to include

Rare Harvest- is made from Cox Orange Pippin, an English apple from the 1800s and the Holstein, a German apple from the early 1900s. This cider is semi-dry.
Windmill Watcher- This mellow sipper gets its name from your desire to sit on the porch and watch the windmills across from our property while enjoying a taste of cider. It is made with over 50 varieties of our apples, is semi-dry, and slightly carbonated.
Private Stash- When making hard cider there is always a favorite batch. This is one of those batches. We mixed over 150 of our best apple varieties to create this distinct cider giving it a taste that will not be able to be replicated anywhere. We hoped to keep this unique blend for personal use, but decided that this complex cider should be shared with friends. Cheers!
Scarlet Russian- The Scarlett Russian is the "softer" of our unique red variety ciders, but still has the bite and sass of our tart blends. The beautiful red color comes from Russian crab apples. This is made with the same recipe that won us a gold medal in the 2014 Great Lakes International Cider Competition.
Mad Russian- This hard cider lives up to it's name with a dry taste and tart finish. Made with the same Russian red apples as our Scarlett Russian, but with much more bite!
The Gambler- Smooth and refreshing with a tannic bite and enough carbonation tickle the tongue and bring out the complexity of this craft cider made with heirloom apples as well as true Cider varitials.


9825 E Engles Rd
Northport, Michigan

(231) 386-5636


133 E. Division St.
Sparta, Michigan

(616) 205-5286

St. Julian Winery-  Michigan's oldest, largest and most award winning winery! For over 92 years, the Winery now known as St. Julian Wine Co., Inc. has produced award-winning products. From the first shoots of the Michigan spring through the harvest and barrel tasting of late fall, the family tradition that has flourished transforms grapes to wine, fruit to nectar, as passion and science converge bottle after bottle, case after case.

Bell’s Brewery- Our journey began with a 15-gallon soup kettle, a quest for better beer and countless batches of homebrew. The passion and personality that began Bell’s continues today through our breweries and Eccentric Café. We continue to grow and evolve, dedicated to our mission; to be fiercely independent, 100% family owned, deeply rooted to our community, committed to the environment and brewers of inspired beer.

Bel Lago- Beautiful Lake … Bel Lago wines are made from grapes grown in family-owned vineyards overlooking Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan. Bel Lago Vineyards and Winery was founded in 1987 by Domenic, Ruth, and Amy Iezzoni and Charles Edson. The emphasis at Bel Lago has been on quality, with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are winegrowers, and believe firmly, the old adage “the wines are made in the vineyard.” Bel Lago wines are based on the production of quality fruit from select clones of a very unique varietals mix. 

2280 Portage Road
Niles, Michigan

(269) 683-9078


Cedar Street Cider- This house fermented cider is made from a variety of 4 different apples. We got the apple cider from our friends at Uncle Johns Cider Mill in St. Johns MI. This cider is dry with a nice tart bite! 
Our Blood Orange Cider- is dry, with just a hint of fruit rind bitterness. Tart and refreshing! 

Carriage House Ciders (CHC for short)- we are a small, family-owned craft cidery located in an historic carriage house in Benton Harbor, MI. Long known as the fresh produce capital of the US, our area has the perfect soil and climate for growing apples, including the many rare, antique apples used in making our ciders. CHC is dedicated to serving our community and helping put Southwest Michigan on the quality cider map. We celebrate diversity in our community and in the ciders we craft. CHC hopes to grow by producing extraordinary ciders so we can create enjoyment for you and jobs for our neighbors. 

351 W 136th St
Grant, Michigan 

(231) 674-2040

Michigan  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Michigan.

539 Leonard Street NW, Suite B
Grand Rapids, Michigan

(616) 322-7805

Griffin Claw Brewing Company- Located in Birmingham's emerging new Rail District, the brewing and distributing facility features a taproom and traditional outdoor biergarten.

Hartland Brewing Company- Ryan and Nikki McDonald are husband and wife. They're craft beer enthusiasts and foodies. And they're hatching an idea for a new microbrewery in Hartland Township that would serve beer, hard cider, wine and non-alcoholic craft brews. The couple wants to establish Hartland Brewing Company, a proposed 3½-barrel microbrewery in a space at the Hartland Town Center previously occupied by Kahuna Coffee. (Livingston Daily

Fenn Valley Vineyards and Wine Cellar- along with wine it makes Cider Country ciders which combine premium fruit and modern techniques to deliver a flavorsome rendition of an ancient beverage.  Hard ciders have been popular in Europe for centuries and they continue to appeal to a wide variety of people looking for a light, lower alcohol beverage. Our family business has been making fermented beverages since the early 1970’s, including many natural fruit wines.  We began making hard ciders in 2005, primarily for breweries interested in an alternative to beer for their patrons.  Over the years we have perfected the blend of fruit and the process, allowing us to deliver a crisp and fresh tasting cider that is loaded with fruit flavor. 

Fourth Coast Ciderworks- Produces quality hard cider in the Great Lakes Region. At Fourth Coast Ciderworks, we make small batches to ensure quality. We work with beer size, about 3 BBLs per batch. This is under 100 gallons of pure delicious quality cider per batch!

J. Trees Cellars-  is a Michigan winery, crafting fine wines & ciders from estate grown fruit, as well as other high quality Michigan fruit.


Nomad Dry Hard Cider- Nomad cider is a dry cider with a fresh cut apple aroma, full body and dry finish. Nomad is the perfect combination of craft and nature. Multiple apple varieties round out a mouthful of fresh apples and crisp nose that is remarkably refreshing.
Cherry Nomad- The blend of apples and cherries used to create Cherry Nomad is harmonious. The rich flavor of Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries compliments the complex apple flavors used to make this cider. The blend has subtle complexities of a fine with encapsulated in a bright, refreshing cider.
Nomad Cider- is a semi-sweet cider with a fresh picked apple aroma, followed by a bright fresh apple flavor. The crisp carbonation is compliments by a balance of apple sugars and tannins that give it a full, but light and refreshing mouthfeel.
Nomad Apple Cinnamon Hard Cider-


Ciderye- a rye whiskey barrel aged hard cider. A light rye whiskey aroma, semi-dry to the tongue with a semi-sweet crisp apple finish.
Hopped- a hop-infused hard cider. A semi-dry hard cider with a grassy light bitter taste with a fresh apple finish.
Chai Cider- Made with organic apples and spices.
Coffee Cider- Peach Cider- Cherry Cider- 

Fieldstone Hard Cider Company- Born in Michigan, our craft cider is an ode to hardworking people who truly love what they make. Hand made from locally sourced fresh ingredients. Once the most popular drink in pre-prohibition America, the art of craft cider was all but lost. We the people of Fieldstone Hard Cider Co. have made it our mission to bring it back, one fruit at a time. Born and bred in Michigan, our small batch craft cider is an ode to hardworking people who truly love what they make. Hand made from locally sourced fresh ingredients. No concentrate. Nothing artificial. Just crisp, delicious cider.


4C Rooted Insanity- Dry Cider
4C Wildflower Cider- Semi-Sweet Cider 

Townline Ciderworks at Altonen Orchards- Three farms and two farm markets make up Altonen Orchards today, totaling around 600 acres. Approximately half of that is actually farmed. Altonen Orchards is a special place, located in beautiful northwestern Michigan. From the very beginning, Altonen Orchards was a family owned and operated business. John, Sandy, Brian, and Jason work very hard throughout the year doing everything necessary to maintain and operate the farm. They have approximately 30 employees who have been with the farm for over 10 years. The families of those employees also work on the Altonen farms. The Altonen family and all of their employees take their work very much to heart, stressing quality as the byword on the farms. They all truly care about the business of farming the yield from these lands. The combination of family history, experience, and love of the farm are evident in every product. Take some time this year to come visit the Altonen Family Orchards, and get a true "taste" of northern Michigan.

Three Blondes Brewing- is a destination microbrewery located in South Haven, Mi. Join us and enjoy a South Haven beer and a unique, locally sourced menu.


Rebel Jack Hard Apple Cider- Handcrafted small batch dry hard cider. Made from 100% apple juice from local suppliers. Bottle conditioned to naturally produce carbonation. Golden color, sparkling and naturally clear. Beautiful aroma and flavor of apples.

Suttons Bay Cider- Family owned Hard Apple Cidery and Tasting Room in Northern Michigan just off of M22 north of Traverse City we are now serving our handcrafted hard apple cider as well as an unparalleled panorama of West Bay. For 40 years, Mark and Madelynn Korzon have spent their summers hiking, swimming, cycling and exploring all of the activities that Northern Michigan has to offer. Following the sale of their Ann Arbor based landscape architecture business in 2013, they set out to find their next adventure and settled on a plan to combine their artistic talents with their love of Leelanau Peninsula agriculture and the result is Suttons Bay Ciders.  

Sierra Rose Ciders- where we still make everything small batch. This gives us the opportunity to be unique. Starting with 100% apples we ferment the ciders at cold temperatures to maintain the flavor. The along with 100% fruit juices we can show off our skills with different styles.


Razzle Dazzle Hard Cider-
Wild Child Cherry-

Almar Orchard  and J. K.s Scrumpy- is well-known for its dedication to "quality over quantity." Throughout the grand history of our orchard very few things have actually changed. The pride in a job well done and the care that it takes to produce a top notch product is - and always has been - what makes Almar Ciders one-of-a-kind. Our cider is not only natural, it is truly organic. It always has been. It's simply a fact of what we do - and how we do it. We use no insecticides in the farm orchards. Rather, I do what my grandfather did. I have a large flock of guinea fowl that wander about and eat the bugs. Fallen apples that have hit the ground are always a food source for pests, so I let my Berkshire pigs wander the orchard and eat the fallen apples. In a fast-paced, instant gratification society all this may seem a little old fashioned, or not "cost-effective." But, we have a cider that is not like any other, and the idea of playing around with what makes that happen... well, it just ain't part of the plan. We are now also "Kosher certified".


Rhueberry- is made with rhubarb, blueberry and strawberry.
Strawberry Hopped- is strawberry cider with hops.
Honey Cider- is flavored with honey produced by bees also used to help pollinate the farm's produce.
Strawcumber- from strawberries and cucumbers. 
Simply Apples Cider- 

Rebel Jack- It’s been a long time in the works, but Rebel Jack is now ready to sell a handcrafted hard cider! And, it’s awesome! This is not a watered down sweet cider commonly available from mass producers. Rebel Jack hard cider is made from 100% apple juice from local suppliers, including the Dexter Cider Mill. It is fermented to complete dryness. Then it is bottle conditioned, in the same way as craft beer, to naturally produce the carbonation. This process produces a brilliant golden colored sparkling hard cider with an amazing flavor and aroma of apples. The dryness is very well balanced with the apple flavor, making it very easy to drink and enjoy anytime with any meal. But, it’s best enjoyed with close friends. 

Black Star Farms- A unique agricultural destination that features two winery production facilities with adjacent tasting rooms, a distillery, an Inn, and an equestrian facility. Our winery and distillery produce some of the most sought after and awarded Michigan wines and spirits. Our luxurious Inn is the perfect place to host private special events including weddings, corporate retreats, and family celebrations. Enjoy culinary offerings including dinners at the Inn or wood-fired pizzas at the Hearth & Vine both located on our Suttons Bay site. Our varietal wines are of high character, acidity, and balance. Fruit is sourced from both our own vineyards and local grower-partners. This diversity allows us to obtain consistent quality across vintages. Our wines reflect this care from the premium Arcturos and Leorie Vineyard varietals to our sparkling, fruit, Sirius dessert and A Capella ice wines. Many are award winners and all represent the best efforts of our skilled winemaking team.

117 W. Louis Glick Hwy
Jackson, Michigan

(517) 962-2427