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Homesteader- A subtle hop bitterness compliments the fruit aromas and flavors without being overpowering. Ale yeast and a mild sweetness gives it a uniquely balanced profile. Our definition of an American pub-style cyder. Driftless Dry- This one’s all about the apples. Dry and sparkling, yet unpretentious, it’s a blend of our favorite varieties balanced to highlight the aromas and unique characters of this year’s crop. 
Root River- Refreshingly tart, a forward fruitiness is balanced with a light sweetness to be everything a sweet cyder should be, and nothing more.

Welsh Heritage Farms and Harbo Cider- Our orchards main goal is to provide a great product and service to our customers 100% of the time. We believe our customers satisfaction is the number one priority, so we are always looking for ways to accommodate their needs and make the extra effort to not only make them satisfied, but do that little bit more so they know that it's them that keeps us in business. And is proud to bring you Minnesota's very own- Hard Cider.

Minnesota’s along with the 4.2 million square foot Mall of America has 10,000-plus lakes scattered throughout vast forests make it a great playground for outdoor lovers. Public recreational lands include a first-rank State Parks system, a wide variety of hiking and biking trails, two national forests, one national park, and much more. And along it has over 115 apple orchards the state has 14 excellent cider makers with one a "make-your-own" cidery.

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Sapsucker Farms Organic- Our farming adventure began in 1997 when we bought our 172-acre piece of land near Mora, Minnesota. In 2001 we started tapping trees to make maple syrup, then soon to follow was adding an apple orchard, honeybees, and laying hens. Our farm has been certified organic by MOSA since 2008. After we started making organic apple cider, we noticed a trend. Many of our customers for cider were home brewers and wanted our organic apple cider to make small batches of hard apple cider. Then we noticed that these same brewers were entering their brews in the Minnesota State Fair brewing competitions and regularly winning first, second, and third place. So we realized we had something special here, so we decided to jump in to the world of making hard apple cider. In 2014 we started the process of federal and state licensing. Simultaneously we started building the cider room, acquiring the production equipment and developing our formulation. February 16, 2015 was the first day of sales and it has been enthusiastically received by retailers and consumers alike. We are overwhelmed by all of the positive response we have received. Thank you to all who have helped us on this journey and for all of your support. Buy local!

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Lionheart- is a new American hard cider.

Sweetland Orchard-  We love nature and our home here at the orchard and we plan to be here with our pets and our family for many years to come. We want to be good stewards of our land and live a healthy life here. To that end, we use methods of growing apples that rely on as few harmful external inputs as possible. Before you come to visit the orchard: know that we’re a different kind of orchard. We don’t have hayrides, bands, a corn maze or a petting zoo. We’re focused on food and on growing good things to eat.


Apple Hopper Hard Cider- 

Keepsake Cidery- produces high quality ciders using traditional methods and practices from local and regional apples.

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American Heirloom Cider 2013-  A semi-dry cider made from American heirloom apples; our 2013 blend has 83 named varieties. It's a highly aromatic cider. Expect floral, fruity esters, honey, and spices. It balances sharpness with subtle tannin and a mellow sweetness for a pleasant finish. The complex aroma and flavor of this cider is the result of careful selection of apple varieties that yield a unique and high quality cider.


Slapshot Hard Cider- Long part of our menu, our Hard Apple Cider is a delicious hybrid beverage. Mixed up like our wines it takes just minutes to make. Bottling is just two weeks later just like our beers. We chilled, keg, and carbonate the cider so you will take home 72 of the 22oz beer bottles after bottling it. Apple Cider for Adults! This delicious cider will remind you of champagne with its pale yellow color & lively sparkle of carbonation.

Minnesota  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Minnesota.

Number 12 Cider House- Our story begins over 35 years ago with a couple of young kids "sampling" apples from their unsuspecting neighbors. What started as an innocent taste-test has blossomed into a quest for the perfect cider. In 1997, we attempted our first batch of cider. It became the starting point for years of experimentation. Honing our craft didn't happen overnight. It has been a learning process that we continue to fine tune. Many years and countless batches later, we feel like we're onto something. 

Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery-  still has the same focus as when we first opened our doors--introducing visitors to the wonderful wines created by cold-hardy grapes. We have created some of the best cold climate wines in the world and judges have confirmed this many times over. Don’t know anything about wine? Good, let us teach you. Know everything about wine? Good, let’s chat about your favorites. Our focus is on education for both new tasters and wine connoisseurs alike. So, come and savor the beautiful views of our vineyards, sip a glass of our on-site produced wine and order from our one of a kind menu. In the tasting room, you can enjoy all of our sparkling and Minnesota varietal wines side by side.  


Loon Juice- This hard cider is 100% Honeycrisp apples and is the same crisp, clean, natural, unsweetened cider we've been selling in our tasting room for the past two and a half years. The super big deal in all this is that it will be the first and only hard cider in the country to be sold in 5L mini kegs, which arrived just this week from a German manufacturer.


Freewheeler-  is the product in our lineup most like a traditional European cider.  This dry graff is a fermented blend of the Midwest's best apples with just a touch of lightly hopped cane sorghum to add body and structure.  It is light, crisp and despite being crafted from a blend of Haralson, Honeycrisp, Sweetango and Topaz apples, the apple notes are subtle and enjoyable. 
Hop-A-Wheelie Hopped Apple-  uses the same midwestern apple blend that is the backbone of our Freewheeler dry, but adds the aromatic nuance of unboiled Cascade and Chinook hops.  The result is bone dry and bitter with a hoppy citrus nose that doesn't overpower the palette.  If you're feeling like a bit of a showboat, go ahead and Hop-a-Wheelie! 
Spoke Wrench Stout Apple- is crafted using a blend of the Midwest's best apples and a hearty milk stout brew that we then ferment using a traditional English ale yeast. When you take your first swallow of Spoke Wrench you will immediately taste the spicy chocolate and roasted toffee aromas typical of a stout style beer.  Those flavors quickly transition to the crispness of a cider with some very subtle lingering sweetness from the unfermented lactic sugars. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Sociable Cider Werks- is driven by a pretty simple vision.  Cider should be much more than the lightly-alcoholic, made-from-concentrate, sweet apple juice boxes that currently dominate the shelf space.  Sociable ciders are well carbonated, dry and always made from real apples.  Simply put, they should be enjoyed like great draught beer. Sociable is not just hard cider, we're much more. We adamantly believe that the best tasting ciders come from real fresh-pressed apples, not concentrate or apple-like flavorings and aroma compounds.  What's more, we believe the kinds of apples used in ciders are of tantamount importance.  Not just any table apple makes great cider.  It takes a blend of sweet, tart and bitter flavors to make a well balanced cider.    


Scrumpy Original-  The original workaday cider. Not too sweet, not too dry, just an easy drinking cider that’s perfect for a weekday.  ightly fruity aroma gives way to a pleasant mouthful of robust cider. Straightforward, basic, and eminently drinkable. Don’t think too deeply about this one — just enjoy it (on a daily basis!).
Northern Spy- Our flagship off-dry cider made exclusively from Northern Spy apples. We try to let the apples really shine through on this one and speak for themselves. Scrumpy Sweet- is the sweetened version of Scrumpy — but not sweetened with sugar. Instead, we sweeten Scrumpy with freshly-pressed apple cider. Of all our ciders, this one is the sweetest. But at the same time, it contains a true apple essence that you can only get from freshly-pressed cider, making it a particularly seasonable favorite.  
Roundabout- is our batch- numbered cider that changes every season, and sometimes more than once a season depending on our other fruit harvests (like berries and currants) and how inventive we’re feeling. 
Scrumpy Gold- is blended with crabapples to give it a tannic profile that’s more characteristic of English ciders than mainstream U.S. ciders. More tannins mean more of a tastebud challenge, so this cider’s a great one to try for folks with a more developed cider palate.

Leidel's Apples- is a family business that has been operating in La Crescent, MN, the Apple Capital of the Minnesota, for almost 100 years. Leidel's Apples has been in the family for 6 generations and plans to continue to serve the local community for many more. Leidel’s Cider is a joint project between Mitch Leidel of Leidel’s Orchard and Levi Funk of Funk Factory Brewing. The idea was birthed when the two began experimenting with the fusion of their respective arts, apples and Lambic beer. The first test batches approached cider from several different angles, but the clear winners were those fermented with Brettanomyces. Brettanomyces, commonly referred to as “Brett”, is a yeast found naturally on fruit skins. When used properly, it can create unique flavor profiles that are otherwise unattainable. It is largely misunderstood as a fermenting yeast and is, therefore, generally not encouraged. However with extensive knowledge of Brett’s advantageous attributes, Levi pushed back against popular conception and discovered the tremendous performance Brett can have in partnership with apples. Since then, extensive research and refinement of Brett’s performance in cider has created the Leidel’s Cider you are now drinking.

Northern Ciderworks- is Minneapolis-based cider company has rolled out its first line of Lionheart Hard Apple Cider. Its apple front and light floral notes are perfectly complemented by a clean and dry finish. Crisp and refreshing, Lionheart is the perfect drink for any summer day or night out. Made at Jester & Judge Cider Company.

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Vine Park brewing- is unique, the only brew-it-yourself-on-the-premises in the Midwest. Since 1995, Vine Park is still the Fun Place to Brew Your Own Beer & Make Your Own Wines! We hope you will join the thousands of happy customers who take home the beer and wine they have handcrafted here to share with friends & family. This is a state-of-the-art facility where customers enjoy making their own ales, porters, stouts, wheats, lagers, pilsners and bocks, and a hard cider. 

2752 215th Ave
Mora, Minnesota

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35th St East
Dundas, Minnesota

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Splitladder Hard Cider- is an alcoholic beverage made out of pressed and fermented apples. It's got some similar characteristics to a dry white wine, but very much its own kind of drink.


Hebron-  100% Brett fermented dry cider. We used readily available dessert apples such as Haralson, McIntosh, and Wealthy. With each variety accounting for roughly ⅓ of the final blend.
Salem-  our flagship ciders have finished primary fermentation, doing so in approximately 6 weeks, and undergone a several month period of maturation and clarification.

1500 Fillmore St,
NE Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Wyndfall Cyders-  Organically grown apples, pressed and fermented in the bluffs. Minnesota grown, fermented and enjoyed. We are slowing beginning to look like a small-scale cider operation. In a few weeks we will have stainless steel tanks set up and ready for filling. In the meantime, we are harvesting the apples that will get pressed and pumped into said tanks. A little more about how our cidery is different. All of the apples we are harvesting by hand. Me and the crew. This seasons crew is made up of one part each of: a French guy, a Brazilian, an Ecuadorian gal, a Wisconsinite or two, one young lady from the east coast, a Georgian (the country) and a few part-timers sprinkled in. Our orchard is certified organic, and recently biodynamic. That's serious terroir. No juice will be purchased for the making of our cider. We only ferment what we can grow ourselves. Sustainably.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Minnesota.

Milk and Honey Ciders- Our cidery is located in the rolling hills of Stearns County, USA. In the morning you can watch the sun come up over the north bay of Byer Lake, a few hundred feet out the back door. The cidery is a cozy place with high ceilings and whitewashed walls. Around pressing time, the place bursts at its seams as apples, people and equipment pour out around it. We like to keep it really clean and simple. There is always a half-empty canning jar around for tasting. The tasting jar is the most important piece of equipment we have, far surpassing our most advanced vessels, sensors or pumps. At the cidery we have really cold winters and sandy loam soils. There is not a single piece of flat ground on the place. The land will soon produce cider apples which we'll blend with the absolutely outstanding supply we get from select growers in Minnesota, Michigan and California, but for right now, we graft and wait. Producing high-quality cider apples, many of which are uncommon or heirloom varieties with unruly growing habits, inconsistent yields and marginal hardiness, is very difficult. It is, however, where we believe good cider starts and ends.

 6693 County Road 34 NW
Alexandria Minnesota

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Dry Apple Cider-  Our dry apple cider is naturally gluten-free and is made from local apples, pressed into raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized cider, then fermented to the point of dryness.  It’s the pure essence of Minnesota apples, made in Minneapolis. 
Semisweet Sparkling Cider- Our semisweet sparkling cider is a fruity, bubbly version of our dry cider, made from the same local apples, but sweetened with organic dried cane juice.  It’s gluten-free and semi-sweet in the style of a British cider and lightly petillant-  not overly carbonated. 
Cherry-Apple Cider- We took our cider and enriched it with black cherry and tart cherry wine made from foraged cherries.  Together, the cherry and apple flavors create a wonderfully complex and flavorful semi-sweet cider with the tartness and subtle astringency of Minnesota’s native black cherry. 


Yellow Belly Small Batch Hard Cider- A delightfully refreshing hard cider with a lightly sweet flavor and a dry finish.


Woodskeep- Medium. Fermentation is controlled in order to preserve the natural sugars from the apple. Once bottled, these sugars will convert to CO2, producing a slightly effervescent cider that will drink slightly drier with just a hint of natural sweetness. 
Wild- This is  Keepsake’s most adventurous cider. No sulfites added, no yeast added, just cider. The indigenous yeasts present on the apples and in the cidery did all of the work of fermentation, resulting in a product that truly reflects its origins. This is a dry and very complex cider. 
Heartwood- This is Keepsake’s driest cider, crisp and refreshing with a clean finish. Nothing is taken out and only the basic ingredients are added – no sugar, no acids, and only minimal sulfites at the beginning of the fermentation process. 

Urban Forage Winery and Cider House- We're starting a winery on Lake Street in Minneapolis! We'll be using fruit from trees and shops in the city and suburbs, and making top-notch drinkables. Urban Forage will be the first winery in the Minneapolis-St Paul since before prohibition. Using locally “crowd sourced” fruit, flowers and honey, we’ll produce 8000 gallons of fruit wines, cider and mead per year. By next fall, we’ll add a taproom for your enjoyment. Gleaning fruit from “1000 vineyards” will require significant community engagement and partnerships. We welcome making these connections. They make our company unique and our mission worth doing. They deepen our roots in the community. We think that’s really important.

Hummingbird Lane
Cold Spring, Minnesota

1903 10th St SW
Buffalo, Minnesota

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32553 Forster Rd
La Crescent, Minnesota

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Number 12- Balance is everything . . . In life, and in great ciders.  No. 12 is no different.  We are continuously experimenting to achieve a perfect balance. No. 12 has just the right amount of dry and tart, with an appley bouquet and a perfect sparkle. It is the culmination of 17 years of experimentation. And we're ready to share! ​No. 12 gets its namesake from the 12th recipe developed in 2011.  It became our first significant award winner and the beginning of our recognition from the cider community. Since then, No. 12 has become more of a concept, our ideal if you will.  It represents the idea that greatness in cider is out there somewhere . . . To strive for, to create, to perfect!

Carlos Creek Winery- We wanted to create a Minnesota winery experience that was fun, approachable and informative.  A place where people could come and enjoy great wines and a great experience.  Wine should be welcoming, fun, and most importantly, really, really good!  Drinking a seriously good wine doesn't mean you can't have fun, and having fun doesn't mean you can't be drinking seriously good wine.  That really is the heart of what we do and we hope you stop by and become a part of it.