KC Wineworks- Kansas City's newest winery. We handcraft locally sourced wines right here in KC. Come say hello and Drink MO Wine with us! Cheers!


2501 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, Missouri

(816) 474-7095

Cinder Block Brewery- When we brewed our first batch of beer we never imagined where it would take us. The passion that was created for brewing these unique full flavored beers became intoxicating to all of us. This dream has been 3 years in the making and took a bit of luck and a lot of hard work. It’s hard to believe we started small at our homes and have now grown into our 15bbl facility with a full taproom and barrel aging program. We haven’t forgotten our roots as we continue to focus on unique full flavored beers with plenty of character and a whole lot of attitude. We strive to share a truly unique experience in every glass of Cinder Block Beer. 


Crown Valley Country Carriage Cider-apple cider is a semi-sweet version of a classic American cider. A perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Strawberry Cider- This cider has a slight golden pink color. This strawberry infused cider is a semi-sweet cider with a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity.
Blackberry Cider-  This semi-sweet cider uses Midwest blackberries to enhance the flavor and aroma of our hard apple cider. 

Missouri (nickname The Show Me State) generally mirrors the demographic, economic and political makeup of America and has long been considered a political bellwether state. Missouri borders eight different states, as does its neighbor, Tennessee. No state in the U.S. touches more than eight states. The agriculture products of the state are beef, soybeans, pork, dairy products, hay, corn, poultry, sorghum, cotton, rice, and eggs. As of 2001, there were 108,000 farms, the second-largest number in any state after Texas. Missouri actively promotes its rapidly growing wine industry. Along with the wine and grapes, Missouri has 47 registered apple orchards and a budding cider industry with 10 cider makers.


Cinder Block (French)- bright, fresh apple flavors and aromas from the local Missouri apples used to make it. It starts with fresh apple flavor and finishes with a sweet but balanced tartness.  

Cinder Block (Cherry)- a French style but finishes with the tartness of a dark Oregon cherry.


Urban Chestnut Bushelhead Cider-Our brewmaster Florian admittedly hasn’t dabbled in ciders too often. So when he described UCBC’s very first cider, Bushelhead, as estery and a little ’winey’ we weren’t sure if he wasn’t being a bit ’whiney’ himself. So we’ve declared that besides being a cider, "Bushelhead" is a homonym meaning ’winey’, ’strong cider’, or ’whiney’.


2100 Locust Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63103

(314) 241-2337

Perennial Artisan Ales- Our philosophy is to brew beer with the adventurous craft beer drinker in mind—focusing on hand-crafted, small batches of beer, using local, seasonal and organic ingredients as much as possible. Our beers are influenced mostly by Belgian and American craft styles, but the addition of premium ingredients such as fruits, spices or wild yeast strains sometimes causes the beers to defy traditional categories. Our barrel aging program features a wide variety of beers aged in wine and spirits barrels, ranging from a Rye barrel-aged Mexican Chocolate Stout to a wild yeast-fermented Saison aged on Missouri wine grapes in French oak wine barrels. We strive to always achieve balance with each of our recipes, making our beers exceptional with food. 


13326 State Route F
Sainte Genevieve, Missouri 

(573) 756-9700


8125 Michigan Ave, Ste 114
St. Louis, Missouri

(314) 631-7300

Annheiser-Busch- Michelob Ultra Light Cider-  a fermented alcoholic drink made from apple juice, cider has long been enjoyed as one of the world's most popular beverages. Now we've given it an ULTRA makeover with ULTRA Light Cider, a less sweet, lower calorie alternative to traditional flavored malt beverages and ciders.


110 East 18th
North Kansas City, Missouri

(816) 298-6555 


105 W Bird St
Hamilton, Missouri

(816) 668-9421


540 State Route B
St. James, Missouri



McIntyre Hard Apple Cider- Aromas of fresh apples. Bright, sparkling straw-yellow in color. Bold, juicy apple flavor comes from pure fruit. Finish is clean and crisp.
McIntyre  Blackberry Hard Apple Cider- Hints of jam on the nose combine with aromas of fresh apples. Clear, sparkling berry blush in color. Notes of fresh-picked blackberry flavor with juicy apple comes from pure fruit. Finish is clean and crisp.
McIntyre  Peach Hard Apple Cider- Juicy peach aromas mixed with fresh apple notes. Clear, sparkling blond in color. Subtle flavors of biting into a ripe peach with juicy apple comes from pure fruit. Finish is clean and crisp.
McIntyre Strawberry Hard Cider- Ripe berry on the nose mixes with fresh apple notes. Clear, sparkling golden in color. Notes of fresh-picked strawberry and juicy apple flavor comes from pure fruit. Finish is clean and crisp.

Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling- features handcrafted brews made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brewmaster, Carl Wiersma. All beers are produced in the state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery.  We also have wine available for purchase by the glass and bottled wine is available for take-home purchases only.

Schlafly Beer- is proud to be St.Louis’ largest locally owned independent brewery. Each year, we brew about fifty unique styles of fresh beer, roughly half of which we bottle and half of which are exclusively available on draft at our two brewery-restaurants. When we opened twenty-one years ago we had no business plan but we did have a vision: To make great beer and great food and try to have fun doing it. Twenty years on, our business plan is still almost as simple as our original vision: To make a wide variety of great beers, sell as much as we can in our local market, and throw great parties.      

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC)- is a small, craft brewery located in the city of St. Louis, MO. We began our brewing operations with our state-of-the art, 20 bbl brewhouse in January 2011. UCBC beers are available in the local market- on draught, and in bottles. Our taste room and large outdoor biergarten are a bit different than the traditional brewpub. In some ways, we are similar to a wine bar- UCBC is a casual place... to hang out and experience a selection of local craft beers accompanied by small plates of cheeses, meats, and other little eats that pair well with beer. In other ways, Florian, our German-born brewmaster, has added some 'touches' to bring a little bit of Bavaria to UCBC by; utilizing authentic German servingware (glasses/steins), importing biergarten tables from Europe, and planting shade-giving chestnut trees.


Apple Pie Cider- 

Hard Spiced Cider-


Schlafly Hard Apple Cider- is just the right balance of dry, crisp apple flavor with a bit of sweetness in the finish.Available only on draft.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Missouri.

Ninja Moose Brewery- We will design and brew the best beers that we possibly can. Ninja Moose Brewery will never compromise on quality to generate more profit; there are more important things in life than money. Currently twelve taps flowing with delicious brews. Come grab a pint, a flight, or fill a growler! On the name, in 2012 I went to the Boundary Waters on a canoe/fishing trip with my dad, cousin, and uncle. Looking at a map, I misread the name of "Nina Moose Lake" as "Ninja Moose Lake"; I thought this was pretty funny, and the name stuck in my head. About a year later, in February of 2013, I was in the kitchen talking to my wife about some aspect of the fictitious brewery when she turned to me and said, "Are you just going to talk about this for the rest of your life, or are you actually going to do it?"  About a week later, I woke up and said to myself, "Today is the day I get started."  By the end of the day, I had formed an LLC, received an EIN, had an accountant, opened a bank account, and began filling out a Brewer's Notice. The LLC form asked for the name of the business. I didn't know what to name it...then "Ninja Moose" just popped into my head, and Ninja Moose Brewing LLC was born.


Boulevard Brewing Hard Cider- Coming October 2017!


Perennial Artisan Hard Cider- A blend of Fuji, Jonathan, Yellow Delicious, and Red Delicious pressed apple juice sourced from Illinois. Barrel-aged for ten months in white wine barrels and bottle conditioned. 7% ABV.


Ultra Light Cider- Made from crisp apples, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking for great cider taste that fits their active lifestyle. Naturally gluten free, it's the perfect balance of crisp, light and refreshing.


1829 McGee Street,
Kansas City, Missouri

(816) 256-4608


3229 Washington Ave
Saint Louis, Missouri 

(314) 222-0143

Boulevard Brewing Company- the Midwest's home for fine ales and lagers since 1989. Boulevard's mission is simple: to produce fresh, flavorful beers using the finest traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques.

St James Winery and McIntyre Cider- For more than 40 years St. James Winery has been producing unique regional wines. We make wines that reflect the natural character of each of our grape varieties and of the special place they are grown: the Ozark Highlands. Our hard work in the vineyards and winery has paid off. St. James Winery is consistently one of the top gold medal winning wineries in the country. Our customers’ love of our fruit forward style has made us one of the top selling regional wineries in the United States. While honing his winemaking skills in France, our Executive Winemaker Andrew Meggitt and his wife traveled the country-side touring cideries. Their journey inspired Andrew to craft a premium cider from real fruit juices in the European style. St. James Winery proudly presents McIntyre Cider. Our hard apple ciders have a crisp, clean taste from pure fruit, with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and are naturally gluten free. Available in six-packs at our winery and select retailers, our ciders are perfect for sharing with friends. We know a good thing when we taste it, and so will you. McIntyre Cider: crafted using 100% real fruit juice.


One Busch Place. 
St. Louis, Missouri 

(800) 342-5283


Crossroads Apfel Cider- This fresh, dry cider made from Jonathan apples is sure to please. Light and fruity apple aromas combined with a clean tart finish. This light and refreshing cider is perfect on a warm afternoon.

Missouri  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Missouri.