Rock Powder Rhubarb- Smooth crisp cider.
Bear Food Cider- Mix of raspberries and blackberries to sweeten you up before you hit the trail....Bears gotta eat too! 


North Fork:  Golden, gently bubbly, with true cider flavor. Expressive bittersweet apple character with wood, butter & grass notes; this semi-dry cider balances faintest sweetness against sharpness, astringency, and tart fruit.

Darby Pub Cider- Semi-dry common-style. An approachable, effervescent cider made for sharing with friends. By coaxing subtle flavors from a blend of Bitterroot Valley apples through a gentle fermentation process, then adding back a bit of sweet juice, we created a fruit-forward experience perfect for drinking anytime.  
Small-Batch - Spartan Dry-Style- Limited Release, Single Variety Cider : Spartan Dry-Style is very different from our other ciders because it’s dry… crisp, green and herbaceous. It is reminiscent of Northern Italy’s Sauvignon Blanc; piercingly clean with racy flavors. Green apple, zesty-citrus and white peach flavors with subtle herbaceous notes like gooseberry and lemon grass. Oak-aging rounds out its flavor profile with vanilla and pie crust notes. The cider will show its best flavor after a year or so in the bottle.
Small Batch Varietal - McIntosh : This year’s Small Batch features McIntosh, an heirloom variety widely grown in the Bitterroot Valley. It ferments to a medium-sweet cider with classic McIntosh apple flavors, fruity & tart, with cinnamon notes. In 1907, the Montana College of Agriculture decreed the Bitterroot Valley as the finest growing region in the world for the McIntosh apple (Ag Experiment Station, Bulletin 66). We think you’ll agree. Delightful on its own or paired with grilled pork or poultry. Alcohol content 5.5% by volume. Available only in 500ml bottles.
THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include

Bridger Bone Dry- Named after our legendary mountain range, mountain man, and local ski hill; Bridger Bone Dry is our driest cider. With the appeal of a refreshing Chardonnay, this light cider includes a crisp bite of carbonation. It is a joy to thoughtfully sip and discover all of this ciders hidden flavors. 

Lone Mountain Cider- Lone Mountain Cider is a tribute to Big Sky Ski Resort whose edgy ski lifts ascend Lone Mountain so that enthusiasts can descend the mountains flank in unprecedented fashion! Lone Mountain Cider is semi-dry. This delightful cider has an intentional touch of sweetness that communicates hints of caramel that are in perfect balance with silky white wine flavors. Lone Mountain Cider is unabashedly fruit forward and suggestive of an orchards harvest time aroma. 
Rutty Englishman- The Rutty Englishman’s name is a double entendre making jest of urban wildlife, the fall rut, and English styled cider. This proud cider is crafted from a blend English bittersweet and American varietal apples. With a gentle sweetness akin to Lone Mountain Cider, the Rutty-Man exhibits the same fruit forward apple appeal with the special bitter tannin that is so very English. The skins of the bittersweet apples impart a black tea like taste that lend a complex and extraordinary palate! 
Rocky Mountain Raspberry- The Rocky Mountains epitomize the West! Like a handful of fresh mountain picked raspberries mashed into ones mouth, the Rocky Mountain Raspberry Cider is bound to please every berry lover. Semi-Dry like all of our gently sweet ciders, balance is attained and complexity preserved! Fall in love with liquid raspberry cider with Rocky Mountain Raspberry; reticent of the finest framboise!
Crazy Ginger- The Crazy Mountains lie just a short one hour drive east, northeast of Bozeman. They are rugged and exceptionally picturesque. Crazy Ginger is a dry cider. She has bold ginger as her backbone and youthfully sparkles refreshing goodness! Crazy Ginger pairs well with seafood and spicy international dishes. This dazzling cider fills the body and mind with summer radiance all four seasons of the year. 
Hyalite Hops- Hyalite Canyon is Bozeman’s local mountain playground. Home to mountain goats, big horn sheep, elk, ice and rock climbers, skiers, hikers, and fishermen; Hyalite is a locals destination. Hyalite Hop Cider is cold and hot infused with Cascade and Nugget hops. Because a portion of the hops are infused at a low temperature, the Hyalite Hop Cider retains a floral & citrus flavor without the extreme bitterness associated with hoppy beers. This cider is fresh and tasty! 

Lockhorn Cider House- is a small, family-owned cidery. We specialize in crafting all-natural hard ciders of the highest quality.All of our ciders are certified organic, gluten- and sulfite-free, and have no added sugar. Our ciders run completely dry, meaning that they ferment completely, leaving no unfermented sugars. They preserve themselves naturally and we do not need to add sulfites or pasteurize like most other ciders that you’ll find on the shelf. Similar to wine, our cider ages with time, improving upon delicate and subtle flavors and aromas. At 6.9 percent alcohol, the first sip of Lockhorn cider has a bite, but the subtle, complex flavors resonate on the tongue, rather like wine.

betterRoot Cider- Passion for the Craft. We want to serve you the best farm to glass beverage! Come enjoy great flavors, great views, and great company at betterRoot Orchard and Tasting Room, situated between the Sapphire and Bitterroot mountains. The Valley offers a unique Terrior for growing some of the best cider apples. betterRoot began in a glass and a taste was all it took to start the fire.  The Farm to Glass movement has inspired them to create a venue where they can serve the fruit of their labors to the community. Cheers!

By Appointment Only

Backroad Cider- We started hand picking, hand pressing our cider apples in October 2014, only the best. We pressed 4,000 lbs of Bitteroot Apples. Now they are coming out of maturation to be some of the finest ciders anywhere. The apple boom began in 1907, and continues today. Situated in between two mountain ranges, and the Bitterroot River flowing thru it, makes it ideal. Weather you are hiking, kayaking, fishing stop in and taste the Valley. All Local, All Montana 

Last Chance Cider Mill and Pub- Located on the 22nd block of Historic Montana Avenue our establishment fills an expansive warehouse that has played host to many businesses including a tractor showroom and most recently United Glass.  It was important to us to keep the rugged, industrial aesthetic while creating a comfortable experience for our guests.  The showcase of our dining room is a floor to ceiling German-style fireplace that embodies the warmth and happiness we want our guests to enjoy. The rear (North-side) of our interior is the production facility - our cider mill.  The key to great cider is using ripe, hand-picked fruit and we have a massive cooler full of it.  We source our apples exclusively from Montana and Michigan and we consider them to be some of the best in the world.   We press our apples on Wednesdays so come on down and watch the process; or better yet contact us here and schedule a time to come help yourself.

Big Mountain Ciderworks-  We love working our farm and providing for our friends and family in the area. Our ciders are traditionally fermented, crisp and meant to be enjoyed. We make our cider from fresh pressed fruit grown in the Flathead Valley. We're live in Montana right between Flathead lake, the largest lake west of the Mississippi, and the most beautiful mountain ranges of Glacier National Park. 

  Montana  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Montana.

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include

HipHOPopotamus- A multi-varietal hard cider sweetened to off-dry is then dry-hopped with Citra and Jarrylo hops. 
Pearfection- IDA Red, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Cortland, and Jonathan apples are fermented and blended to semi-sweet with pear juice. The result is a delicious, and subtle pear flavor that is fruit forward, but not overpowering. 
Orchard Run (Semi-Sweet)- Orchard Run is a term describing the harvest of all apples in an orchard where onlt the defective fruit is removed. For our purpose it is a mix of all apple received that year. A quintisenntial hard cider made in two formats: Semi Sweet and Off-Dry. 
Orchard Run (Off-Dry)- Orchard Run is a term describing the harvest of all apples in an orchard where onlt the defective fruit is removed. For our purpose it is a mix of all apple received that year. A quintisenntial hard cider made in two formats: Semi Sweet and Off-Dry. 
Flathead Cherry Cider- Our cider base is fortified with a blend of Flathead and Washington state cherries. Sweet, tart, and effervescent - this cider is sure to please any fan of cherries or ciders.
'Rum The Jewels' Rum Barrel-Aged Cider- Legend has it in February we took a finished batch of cider and stored it in particularly wet rum barrels to give it some sea legs. Cider + Rum Barrel + Vermont Dark Maple Syrup + Love Again. 

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

SEXY TRACTOR ROSEMARY LAVENDER- Fermented to dryness, but there is still some perceived sweetness. It is crisp with a nice acidic backbone. You definitely catch those hints of Rosemary and Lavender. Reminiscent of a white wine. 
TIMBER OAKED- A wine-like cider that has been fermented to dryness but also has some sweetness to it. Buttery oakiness is balanced by an acidic bite. Finishes with notes of vanilla and honey. 
ICIDER- Our seasonal blend of McIntosh and Goodland apples. A true apple flavor is complimented by sharp acidity and notes of honey and caramel. This semi-sweet cider finishes with the tartness of the McIntosh Apple. 
BOULDER SESSION- One of our sweeter ciders. With an ABV of 4%, this cider is truly sessionable. Tropical fruits shine through on the nose, notably apricot. The acidity is balanced by its high level of sweetness. This easy drinker has a tang that quenches on hot days and cold. 
SHIVER ME TIMBERS RUM OAK AGED- This cider leads with a bold vanilla flavor that lingers on the palate. Slight oakiness plays with the apple notes as the Rum shines through it all. Sweet and smooth, this is good for sipping or swigging. 
Rooted (Bittersweet Blend Batch 3)- Tap the Root with this unique blend of cider. Using Bittersweet and Bittersharp apples from the Bitterroot Valley, this cider exhibits a delicious amount of fruitiness with notes of banana, pawpaw, and ripe pear. Tannins linger on the finish. 


THE 406- A blend of  the valley's variety , Light, Sweet, Refreshing, All Natural, All Montana..7% 

Pepper- A cider with a little kick. Brewed with jalapeño, habeñero, and pablano peppers...6.5%

Bittersweet- Smooth, sweet, and crisp cider made from Bittersweet cider apples...8.5%

Ginger- ​A blend of Bitterroot Valley cider apples with a hint of ginger...6.3%

 2203 Montana Ave.
Billings, Montana

(406) 534-8918

1051 Old Reserve Drive 
Kalispell, Montana 

(888) 682-9337

261 Rye Creek Road
Conner, Montana

(406) 360-5078

501 North California Street
Missoula, Montana

5066 Hoblitt Ln N
Florence, Montana

 (406) 830-1146

21 South Wallace Avenue 
Bozeman, Montana 

(406) 580-9098

Rough Cut Hard Cider- began in 2015 when owner Jaden Berends began brewing hard cider on his Columbia Falls property using apple juice from the Pacific Northwest and fruits from right here in Montana. Jaden brings craftsmanship and creativity to the traditional English Cider by using unique flavors and styles. Rough Cut Hard Cider has teamed up with Glacier Sun Winery to bring a variety of locally made hard cider to the Flathead Valley.

3250 US Hwy 2 E

Kalispell, Montana


(406) 257-8886

Western Cider- is Missoula, Montana's first cidery. Our venture into cider started in 2010 when Michael Billingsley was infected by an obsession with apples. He planted 2,500 cider apple trees in the Bitterroot Valley – just south of Missoula. He continued to plant hundreds of trees every year since - on his orchard and orchards throughout the valley. Now, he is using those apples, as well as apples from throughout Western Montana and the Northwest, to produce a unique line of ciders. As a company, Western Cider aspires to create an institution of great cider, good times and a life worth living in this far-flung region of the American West.

98 Marcus Street
Hamilton, Montana

(406) 363-5700

Montana Ciderworks- is a bonded winery located in Darby, Montana. Crafting English-style ciders from Bitterroot Valley Apples and other fresh fruits. We support sustainable agriculture and the preservation of open spaces in our beautiful valley. We increase the value and usefulness of Montana's orchards so that they may support and delight future generations. Traditional cider is a naturally fermented beverage made from apple juice. It was THE drink for Americans from Revolutionary times until Prohibition. Montana CiderWorks honors 100 years of sustainable agriculture in Montana by offering exceptional English-style ciders crafted from Bitterroot Valley apples.


Dry McIntosh- 
Honey Malted Cider-
St. Iggys (rum Daddy)-

THE CIDERS- Over 20 cider styles, to include:

Poor Farmer Classic Hard Cider- An easy going hard cider crafted from fresh pressed apples. Not too dry, not too sweet.Aronia and Rose Semi-dry- Made with rose hips and native aronia berry.The Rambler- 
Whiskey Peach- Sour Cherry Hard Cider- Hewes Rouge- 

Montana is home to two major National Parks - Glacier and Yellowstone - and 54 state parks that connect visitors to history, culture, nature and water-based recreational sites. Montana with only eight registered apple orchards has eight hard cider makers.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Montana.