Johnny Appleseed Education Center and Museum, Illinois, The center on the campus of Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio holds the largest collection of memorabilia and written information about the life of John "Appleseed" Chapman known to exist in the world. Special 

Museums-Tours  The Cyder Market links for cider museums and tours worldwide.

Sheppy's, Somerset, England- craftsmen cidermakers for over 200 years. The Museum contains many excellent farming and cider making exhibits, as well as tools from the ancillary crafts, such as blacksmithing, thatching and coopering. 

Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts, is one of the country’s oldest and largest living history museums, depicting early New England life from 1790-1840 with historians in costume, antique buildings, water-powered mills, and a working

The Cider Press Guide to Drinking Sidra in Spain- With its lack of carbonation and intense aroma of citrus fruit (slightly past its prime), sidra is rarely the cider I recommend for large parties or 

distillery to operate through prohibition. Sense the massive stone walls and heavy timber structure built in 1848. See how water power is transferred by shafts, pulleys and belts to drive conveyors, chopper and large, powerful presses.

Perry's Real Somerset Cider, England, we've been making award winning craft ciders since 1920 when William Churchill acquired the family farm and started making cider as a side line to his 

The Kimlin Cider Mill is located on the east side of Cedar Avenue in the Town of Poughkeepsie, 

In the Autumn the air is filled with the wonderfully heady aroma of crushed apples as the oak vats are filled with amber nectar.

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Bristol by small independent producers and are sourced direct from traditional cider farms.

Herefordshire Cider Route, England-Throughout Herefordshire there is a strong tradition of farm cider-making. Farmers produced cider to be drunk by the farm labour force during the following year, especially the busy times of hay-making and harvest.

Musée de la Pomme et du Cidre- located in a farmhouse within Pleudihen-sur-Rance, Brittany, France, is a prominent attraction, displaying various types of apple trees, production methods, and offers cider tasting.

National Apple Museum, Biglerville, Pennsylvannia- Opened in 1990, the museum is housed in a restored pre-Civil War bank barn and is owned and operated by the Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society. 

are grown in certified organic fields.  Historic Orchard- The vast majority of apple varieties that were around in 1900 are now extinct or steadily dying out. In an attempt to halt this constant genetic erosion, SSE has obtained all of the pre-1900 varieties that still exist in government collections and large private collections. SSE has developed a diverse public orchard, where hundreds of different varieties of 19th century apples are on display. SSE's Historic Orchard also contains many old grapes, including more than 100 breeding lines from the collection of famed grape breeder, Elmer Swenson.

obligatory! The cider route is a clearly signed route, approximately 40 kilometres long, that passes the producers of the "AOC Pays d'Auge" cider. The signs for the route are clearly marked ("Route du Cidre" and a picture of an apple) and are easily followed.

syrup, fudge, and what many people call "The best sweet cider on Earth!" Also available in the Fall are apples, apple pies, pumpkin bread, gourds, Indian corn, pumpkins, candy apples, kettle corn and apple cider donuts.

shoemaker’s cottage which is apparantly over 100 years old. By means of photographic displays and exhibits of the cumbersome machinery and tools used in the early days, all the way through the electronic computerised methods in use today the museum documents changes in the industry over the years.

Le Musée de l’Alambic, attenant à la Distillerie Artisanale du Plessis, Brittany, a museum of distilling cider brandy and cider production adjacent to the Ciderie Manoir du Kinkiz.

Sagardoetxea (cider museum) Astigarraga, Spain- Here in the Basque hills, the people are almost superstitiously fond of their “sagardoa” (hard cider) – and Astigarraga is the capital of Basque cider making. If you’ve grown up in town, everywhere else must seem pretty dry. Cider fermenting is an ancient part of the Basque culture, and imbibing is traditionally a strictly seasonal 

numerous interesting and useful stories and links to domestic and international festivals, competitions and cider routes.

Rich's Farmhouse Cider Museum,  Cider has been produced at Richs Cider Farm at Watchfield for over 50 years. There have been many changes since Gordon Rich started pressing cider apples at Mill Farm although essentially the production of the juice is still traditional. 


it than by visiting a working artisanal cider production unit and sharing a glass with a family of cider-growers who are passionate about the Norman cider tradition?


thing. Beginning in January, when the alcohol has been finished, the season runs until the end of April. Most of the cider houses in Astigarraga are closed during the rest of the year.

The Cider Museum Hereford, England- Visit Hereford's famous Cider Museum and learn about the history of cider making - how the apples were milled and pressed and how the resulting juice was fermented to produce cider. 

Cidernaut guides- France, Spain, Germany, Ireland. Whilst this ukcider site is clearly focused on the cider scene in the United Kingdom, we also like to seek out cider and learn about the cider making traditions in other countries around the world. This section of the

and sugar shacks. It’s a great driving destination for a family outing, or a day of cider sampling.

In the heart of Dorset, Mill House Cider Museum shows you exactly how this traditional drink was made. You can tour around the displays and equipment that shows the importance of cider as a drink over the years.Find the hidden Smiley Apples around the museum to discover some unusual fun facts about cider and its traditions!


uninitiated palates. But to those who love the tartness of Spain's local cider, the complex flavors and characteristics of a bottle of sidra can be as intoxicating as the naturally fermented juice within. And while sidra is incredibly limited on American soil, it can be found in just about every one of Spain's Basque and Asturian restaurants. 

Bristol Cider Shop- We are Bristol’s specialist cider shop and we stock over 80 varieties of draught and bottled cider. We're passionate about our cider and we only stock ‘real’ cider and perry made from 100% juice. All of our ciders are made within 50 miles of 


Museo de la Sidra, Nava, Asturia, Spain- The Cider Museum in Asturias has the object in mind of promoting and making the characteristic Asturian drink known. It is located in the town Nava, 30 Km. from Oviedo, in Prince of Asturias 

tram passes many of Frankfurt's sightseeing attractions. And during your one-hour trip, there's time to enjoy to the full a glass of original Frankfurt apple wine or apple juice by Possmann, accompanied by music and pretzels. 

The Swiss Heritage Village & Museum, Bern, Indiana- Chartered in 1985, the Village is now the largest outdoor museum in northern Indiana. As you visit our

blacksmiths business.  We also have a small museum on site - housed in the original 16th century thatched cider barn where the company first started from. The barn is stocked to the roof full of old cider making and farming equipment, as well as our two hydraulic presses that we still use every autumn to press our ciders. 


they lived, worked, and entertained themselves. Learn about Tasmania 's apple industry from its humble beginnings in 1836, through its hey-day in the 1950's (when this shed that now houses the museum produced 340,000 cases of export apples per year), and up to modern times. 

old farmhouse is the centre piece to a unique day out for all the family to enjoy. Join a Guided Tour around the mill and savour the aromas of traditional cidermaking. Hear how cider is produced from the planting of the orchards to the moment it is poured. Stroll through the Henry Weston Courtyard Garden and into a converted 17th century cowshed to see one of the world's largest bottle collections during your visit.

Holidays in Austria- Lower Austria's Mostviertal (cider region) boasts Europe’s largest continuous area of pear orchards. Trip Tip: Take a leisurely drive along the winding 200km panoramic Cider Route with many themed stops along its way.

Middle Farm, England- The National Collection of Cider & Perry is a unique celebration of our national fruit. Visitors can taste, compare and buy from a range of over 100 different draught ciders and perries (including our own Pookhill Cider).

Ralston Cider Mill, New Jersey- An Operational Cider Mill Museum.Experience the last authentic vestige of the once thriving cider and applejack industry in New Jersey. Discover the hidden still that allowed this 

On The Asturian Cider Trail, Spain- HardCider International prints 

The museum mission is to preserve and exhibit the history and attendant artifacts pertaining to the Apple and Tree Fruit Industry's history and contributions to the development and growth of Adams County. 

Cider Pubs of Frankfurt, Germany- Comfortable cider pubs can be found in all of Frankfurt's historical districts, you recognize them by the pine wreath over the entrance. Sachsenhausen and Bornheim are particularly famous as cider 

shades of the culture of the cider in our city. To visit the cider houses, know where cider is sold, taste desserts made from apples or enjoy a special set menu harmonised with cider at the city's cider taverns and picnic restaurants.

districts. The signature drink of Frankfurt is "Apfelwein", or "Ebbelwoi" as the Frankfurters say; a light alcoholic apple cider that is produced in the regions around Frankfurt. 

South Africa

The National Fruit Collection, England- is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and includes over 3,500 named Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, Bush fruit, Vine and Cob Nut cultivars. Located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham (Kent), the 

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Farmers used to sell cider to local pubs and cider merchants for re-sale in towns. For 350 years cider production in Herefordshire has been on a rollercoaster, periodically rising to become an industry of great reputation. Throughout this time Herefordshire has been the major player in cidermaking in Britain and Herefordshire people have led the way. There is no better place to find out about cider.

MUSEE DU CIDRE, Gérard Hotte grows his own apples, presses his own cider, sells it, and what's more, tells you all about the history of this drink that excites him so much. He has opened a cider Museum in 

Yarra Valley Cider & Ale Trail, Australia- Just when you thought you were getting to the end of your Yarra Valley 'must-visit' list, along comes the 

Yarra Valley Cider & Ale Trail with its seven enticing artisan cider and beer producers. Clear your calendar and free a day for touring the trail, pronto.

Monteregie cider route- Just as apples are available across Canada, so are ciders. But the heralded ciders of Quebec are the stars of the Canadian cider scene. Just 30 minutes south of Montreal lies the Monteregie cider route, a land rich with history, apple orchards

Ebbelwei-Express, Frankfurt, Germany- A city sightseeing tour on board the VGF Ebbelwei-Express (Apple Wine Express) is an extremely pleasant, traditional way to experience Frankfurt. This historic

Heritage Farm, Iowa, is the headquarters of Seed Savers Exchange. The farm is located six miles north of Decorah, Iowa. Nestled among sparkling streams, limestone bluffs, and century-old white pine woods, the 890-acre farm is a living museum of historic varieties. Thousands of heirlooms 

The Elgin Apple Museum, Cape Overberg, South Africa, depicts the history of the apple and fruit industry in South Africa. Situated on the banks of the Palmiet River, the museum is housed in the old 

Apple and Heritage Museum, Tasmania, Enjoy a pleasant stroll into the past as you wander through the lush history of Tasmania 's Huon Valley. See who the early settlers were, how 

They are ground and pressed into cider! Operate the cider press and sample your own fresh cider.


B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill, Old Mystic, Connecticut, A visit to Clyde's Cider Mill is like stepping back in time. Come see the only steam powered cider mill in the U.S. We start our season in September with our hard ciders and apple wines, jams, jellies, local honey, maple 

items on display at the museum include a cider press (circa 1850) that was used by John James to process apples from trees planted by Johnny Appleseed in Champaign County.

Musee Regional du Cidre, Valognes, Normandy, France- Built around 1480 to dye woollen sheets, leather and skins, this house was then used as a barracks from 1733 until the end of the 19th century. 

site and read about the buildings, grounds, and events that are sponsored by the Swiss Heritage Society, you will learn about how the Swiss settlers lived in this area more than a century ago. A very intriguing and certainly the most unusual structure is the massive Hauenstein family cider press, built during the Civil War (1861-1864) by F. William Hauenstein in Huntington County, Indiana. 

Westons cider, Herefordshire, England, has been producing cider in Much Marcle for over 130 years. Nestling on a gentle hillside amongst apple and perry pear orchards 'The Bounds' with its 400 year

Eaux-Puiseaux, France. The collection covers 300 m2: ten presses from various periods in working order, apple crushers, stills and distilling equipment, and a whole series of documents to do with cider making from the start of the century.

Since 1989, the BC Orchard Industry Museum, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, has hosted thousands of visitors and brought a greater understanding of the region to hundreds of thousands more through its traveling exhibitions and programs. Like the Okanagan Heritage Museum, the BC Orchard Industry Museum provides the public with a full array of exhibitions, public programs, and special events. These events have included lecture series, the annual Cherry Fair and Apple Fair, industry reunions, and special and traveling exhibitions.

Ecomusée de la Pomme et du Cidre (Apple and Cider Museum), Normandy, France- Cider is far more than just a thirst-quenching drink − it is a tradition. And what better way to find out about


The Cider Route in Normandy, France, makes for a pleasant day or two exploring some of the Normandy villages, and discovering how and where in Normandy cider is made. Cider tasting is of course 

The Cyder Market links for cider museums and tours worldwide.

Gijón Cider Trail, Spain-  "The Cider Trail" is a tourist product that enables you to enjoy all the

When making your next vacation plans why not visit a cider producing region there are many in the world (please see our Other International page) and include a tour of cider museums and points of interest and/or follow a regional"cider-route" and explore the many excellent cideries and meet the hospitable and knowledgeable cider producers along the way (and try their delicious wares).  

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situated on approximately two acres of land. An old mid-19th century barn forms the core the Kimlin Cider Mill. The mill was part of a larger agricultural property owned and operated by the Kimlin family since the early 1850s when the Kimlin family first came to this country from Ireland, though now its initial function and historical associations are unclear.

wiki is dedicated to accumulating tips for "cidernauts" (travelling cider enthusiasts) and local information about cider around the world.

The Canada Agriculture Museum, Ottawa, is living proof of the “Green Capital”. Canada's unique agricultural heritage is featured at the Canada Agriculture Museum, where you can explore the sights and sounds of typical farm life. Apple Cider Making : What happens to all of the not so perfect apples? 

Asturias Cider Route, Spain- On the beautiful Atlantic coast in northern Spain, the production and consumption of cider has a history that stretches back to the first century B.C. Particularly in the region of Asturias (and to a lesser extent the Basque country) cider is considered far more than a simple drink.

collection is owned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is part of an international programme to protect plant genetic resources for the future.

Discover five centuries of cider history through crushers and presses, pottery, transport equipment and scenes from Norman life with costumes and furniture dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. A video illustrates the important role played by this drink in Normandy "The Norman's blond gold". 

England/Wales (cont)

Cider Museum "La Barrica"- The stories lived in the 77 years we have been creating our living museum of cider "The Barrel". Concept in which we seek the public can visit us and meet our essence detail by cider tasting, food tasting, snacks and tours within our facilities, where you can enter our winery musts, the more largest in Latin America, which harbor more than 3 million liters of cider, our grinding room, you can see the process of manufacturing the finest cider Mexico and one of the best in the world.

farm. On a small parcel of land next to the barnyard lies the Townes' apple orchard, and just beyond it sits the Cider Mill. Since few farmers owned their own cider mills, mill owners rented them to others after they had made all their own cider. In September and October, cider mills like this one were at work throughout New England, as their horse-powered crushers and hand-operated screw presses converted most of the region's apple crop into cider.