Hard Apple- a fizzy hard cider, at left, made from a blend of 40 different apple varieties.
Scrumpy- Uncarbonated hard cider - "Scrumpy: Small batch, locally produced cider made using the most natural and traditional methods."

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Black Diamond Hard Cider- Black Diamond Cider was started in 2014 by Jackie and Ian Merwin, owners of Black Diamond Farm, a family-owned orchard on the west slope of Cayuga Lake in Upstate NY.  We grow all of the fruit that goes into our ciders.  The orchard contains over 100 varieties of apples and pears many of the rare heirlooms and European varieties selected especially for their cider making qualities. Along with the help of a few dedicated employees, family members and friends, the farm has been producing high quality heirloom, modern and European hard cider apple varieties for over two decades. Although we only recently began producing hard cider commercially, cider making has been a passion of Jackie and Ian’s for more than 30 years. Despite our small size, we’re growing some of the most exciting new varieties and many treasured ‘heritage’ apple varieties. Practicing IFP (Integrated Fruit Production), we take pride in producing high quality fruit selected for excellent and unusual tastes. There’s a small section of the orchard devoted to antique Fench and English apples grown for traditional hard cider blends. They have great names like Brown Snout, Foxwhelp, Fillbarrel, Magog Redstreak, etc. They’re not for eating fresh, but for great hard ciders they’re the best. 


Greening- a blend with Rhode Island Greening apples from an abandoned orchard. 
Baccata- a blend with Malus Baccata Crabapples and ripe dessert apples such as Fuji, McIntosh and Northern Spy.


Currant Affairs- is a cider that is a collaboration with the Canisteo, N.Y. cidery Cider Creek. A Belgian Blonde cider made with blackcurrants and co-fermented with both wild yeast as well as standard brewer’s yeast. 6.5 percent ABV cider.


Mac-  Crafted from the perfect blend of Macintosh apples, our Mac cider is a crisp, slightly sweet cider that highlights everything great about Champlain Valley apples. It has a medium body, lovely apple golden hue with a clean and crisp finish.

Two Heros- This cider was crafted in honor of the great heroes of the Battle of Plattsburgh. On September 11, 1814 Brigadier General Alexander Macomb and Master Commandant Thomas Macdonough defeated the British Armies attack on Plattsburgh both earning them Congressional Gold Medals. A dry cider aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels that highlights the smokey, vanilla flavors of bourbon and the crisp flavor of Chmplain Valley apples. 

Double Tap Strawberry- is made from a mixture of Macintosh, Spartan and Macomb apples infused with a hint of strawberry sweetness. Excently crafted to be the perfect blend of tart apple and sweetness.  

Double Tap Maple- is our winter seasonal inspired by the fact that New York is the second largest maple producing state in the country. Containing almost one gallon of maple syrup for every gallon of cider, it is the perfection of sweetness.

Double Tap Rhubarb- This robust cider is a mix of rhubarb and cider. A dry cider blended to perfection into a complex, slightly tart cider. 

Mountain Berry- A sweet cider blended with Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry to create a lovely, fruit forward cider.

Big Apple Hard Cider- Not many people are really from New York, but if you live here long enough, you eventually become a “New Yorker. “ Our City is the ultimate melting pot, so diverse that diversity isn’t even a word we use. But we all share a belief that hustle is the only way to survive, and we are fueled by our individual big dreams. We all know that legends are born in New York, and legends make for the best stories. Big Apple Hard Cider exhibits that spirit in every way. Born in a hurricane, brewed by candlelight in a postage stamp apartment in Manhattan, Big Apple Hard Cider captures the essence of both having a dream, and the guts to live it. Every bottle is brewed with the same intensity, a history of overcoming the odds, however difficult they may be. A story worth sharing in every glass. 

Descendent Cider Co-  Descendant Cider Company makes unique, American craft cider, right in the heart of New York City! Using all New York State fresh natural ingredients and nothing artificial, EVER! All of our ciders are produced with fruit sourced from the Hudson Valley in New York State. We make real cider from real apples. We believe in crafting a product by hand, with natural ingredients, so we don't ferment concentrate, add artificial essences and we don't use any unnatural products for shelf life stability.


Homegrown Original- Fuji apple & golden rush & stamen wine sap apples
Blueberry Homegrown- Weed Orchard's takes their original Homegrown and mixes it with a light refreshing taste of blueberries 
Papa’s Peaches Homegrown- Light refreshing cider with a burst of Peach flavor!
Cran-Apple Homegrown- our most tart and dry cider.  


Farmhouse Cider- Grassy notes, unfiltered, easy drinking
First Edition- Is Bone Dry, Unfiltered, Easy Drinking And Just A Little Funky. It's Made With A Blend Of New York Apples And A Combination Of Wild And White Wine Yeasts.


Spicy Hard Apple Cider- with a slash of heat from red peppers infused during the brewing process and rounded out with a dash of ginger and lemon. Aged in American oak, this refreshing semi-sweet cider is produced in Upstate New York from estate apples grown on a 5th generation family farm.


Red Label Hard Cider- originates from a field blend of Soons apples including Crispin, Idared, Empire, Spartan and McIntosh. This bottle-fermented and conditioned cider is unfiltered and extra brut. Bottled with a cap, the cider is designed to age in the bottle. With clean, fresh apple nose, the body and color are both light and Prosecco-like. Younger bottles focus on fresh apple skin, while older bottles develop a creamy texture with a toasty apple taste and underlying notes of Pecorino and Gorgonzola Dolce.

Gold Label Hard Cider- is created from the best heritage varietal apples at Soons Orchard. Vinified using méthode champenoise and bottled with a champagne stopper and cage, the results are semi-sweet, balanced, and crystal clear. Light and delicious, our Gold Label Hard Cider boasts rich apple aromatics and a palate of toasty apple and biscuit.
THE CIDERS (over 20 cider Styles including):​ 

Hard Apple Cider- A blend of over 10 of our apples, this is our go-to, slightly sweetened with maple syrup from up in the Catskills.
Honey Hopped- Six apple blend, hopped with five varieties of Pennings hops and back-sweetened with Heather's honey.Ginger Beer- Six apple blend, infused with fresh ginger and beet juice and left unfiltered.
Bone Dry- 4 apple blend, fermented to be dry.
Currant- Four apple blend, back sweetened with fresh NYS black currant.Honey Raze- Six apple blend, back sweetened with fresh NYS raspberries.

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Original Hard Cider- is a semi-sweet cider crafted from estate grown New York State dessert apples. Its yellow sapphire color gives way to intriguing apple and banana aromas. Balanced acidity and soft carbonation make this cider an excellent choice for any occasion. Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition award-winning cider.

Hopped Hard Cider- is a semi-dry cider made from estate grown Crispin apples and locally grown Cascade hops. This heavily aromatic cider exhibits a bouquet of fresh lemon and pine paired perfectly with the taste of fresh picked apples. With its balanced sweetness and acidity this unique cider is sure to please beer and cider drinkers alike

Dry Hard Cider- is a dry cider celebration of fermentation character. The fruit forward nature of the other Rootstock ciders takes a back seat to the bread and yeasty aromas found in this classic cider. Complex like Brut Champagne yet drinkable like a fine craft beer.
Cherise- ​Derived from the French word for “Cherry”—Cerise has all the color, depth and well-balanced flavors of our estate grown tart cherries from which it is made exclusively. The perfect compliment to a decedent chocolate soufflé or most any dark chocolate desserts.Perry (2014)- is a dry European-style perry made from 100% Barlett pears hand-picked at the DeFisher Fruit Farms. This year’s vintage carries a mild acidity, soft tannin structure, and a brilliant straw color. Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition award-winning perry.


Eastern Dry Hard Cider- barely-sweet, light and refreshing. It's inspired by the dry ciders from the orchards of the east of England, where the style of cider is traditionally clear, light and almost wine-like. Just like those English ciders, our Eastern Dry is made from a secret blend of dessert apples, but grown and freshly-pressed here in the Empire State to provide a uniquely clean and sharp flavor.

Hibiscus Ginger- As a result, inside this bottle you’ll find 750ml of liquid gusto – a delightfully piquant, refreshingly tasty, beautifully rosy-hued, impossible-to-resist hard cider. We tint our cider naturally by steeping it with dried hibiscus calyces and, for a dash of zing, we lightly infuse it with freshly peeled and sliced ginger root. 

Lavender Hops- Think of lavender and you imagine rows of sun-kissed purple, with a gentle scent of Mediterranean summer evenings. Our Lavender Hops is created to capture the same sensation of warm, fragrant summertime. We infuse our traditional hard cider with a secret blend of hops and sweet lavender.  This adds a mildly bitter complexity which, together with the citrus and floral undertones, combines to produce a unique flavour. Like a summer evening, Lavender Hops is mellow - perfect for cider and beer drinkers alike.

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Coming Soon!

Sundog Cider-  is crafted from a unique blend of the freshest locally harvested apples from New York’s Hudson Valley.  We never use concentrate, just pure unfiltered juice, bursting with apple flavor.  We make our hard cider from a balanced blend of sweet and tart apples, fresh pressed and combined with champagne yeast to gently ferment.  After the fermentation is complete the hard cider is then carefully bottled at the peak of flavor.

10609 Ridge Road (Route 104)  
Medina, New York 

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Hudson, New York


Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider, Non Vintage- Clear with a light pale yellow color. A beautiful perfume of fresh crisp apples with hints of honeysuckle and fine yeast aromas fill the nose. There is a wonderful pureness in the flavor. The mouth-feel is light and fresh with an elegant crisp acidity and fine classic tartness balanced by fruitiness and a hint of sweetness--all enhanced by a wonderful CO2 mousse.  The finish is just off- dry, making it very tasty, refreshing and food-friendly.
Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rose Cider, Non Vintage-  Rosier and slightly sweeter than our white cider due to a small addition of red grape skin extract. 

Once upon a time cider was the drink or choice. We've been making ciders for decades... now we want to share them with you. Branch out and experience your Angry Orchard. At Angry Orchard we use the ripest apples, harvested by hand to ensure the highest quality. The result is a distinctly crisp and refreshing cider. We think you'll taste the difference.


Hudson Valley Farmhouse Scrumpy™- Unfiltered. Naturally fermented. Bottled alive! Cloudy and naturally effervescent. Must be kept cold or refrigerated

Bourbon Barrel Aged- This bourbon barrel-aged cider is matured in small batches in cooperage from local distiller, Hillrock Estate Distillery. This cider exemplifies the robust tradition of aging ciders in casks. Earthy and masculine, with smoky caramel notes.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse™  Traditional- Sparkling, semi-dry, with a complex flavor profile. Made with a blend of robust cider apples.

Maeve's™ Hudson Valley Cider- This classic pub cider is off-dry, golden, delicately dry, and refreshing. Strongly floral with a light citrus note, reminiscent of orange peel or blossom.

God Speed the Plough™- A blend of Dabinett and heirloom Hudson Valley apple varieties with 2% residual sugar. Lightly filtered, effervescent, fragrant and fruity, with a little French kiss.
Hudson Valley Organic Winesap Cider- 100% organic winesap. Bottle conditioned. Unfiltered.  –Limited release.


BONE DRY- This is our shout out to America’s original style of cider... bone dry, lightly carbonated and full of fruit.
KINDA DRY- Kinda Dry transports you to an orchard on a crisp, fall day. Fresh tart apples greet you, waking the palate up...
HALF SOUR- Half Sour is our most thought-provoking cider. It begins with the aromas of wild flowers and honey, followed by a hint of pickled pear...
STILL BONE DRY- Warning: our Still Bone Dry is not like other ciders. With zero carbonation and zero sugar, it’s the driest cider that has passed our lips...


Alice- An earthy nose with pungent green apple and allusions of peach.
Filmore- A smooth semi dry cider with ripe peer notes on the palate.
Dan’s Crabs- Leads with a musty citrus taste on the palate with a crisp smooth finish. Wild foraged apples from Dan's house.
24.2 squared- An easy, drinking cider with tropical notes, aged on citra hops.

Westwind Orchard and Cidery- Cider’s roots are deep. Deep in a European tradition that long ago came to America, only to be interrupted by thirteen years of Prohibition in the early 20th century. While new American cider traditions are measured in years or decades, Europeans have cider traditions that stretch back uninterrupted for centuries. Its only in the last few years that American ciders have resurfaced with a new sense of purpose. We may be new, but we learn fast. Borrowing from those old European cider traditions, Westwind Orchard began tinkering with its own style of cider about four or five years ago. Most of our orchards are comprised of some pretty standard northeast US apple varieties, like McIntosh and Stayman. But, like just like ‘old vine’ vineyards the trees have only gotten better with age allowing us to make some pretty incredible ciders with what was already growing here. Add in some newer characters like GoldRush and raspberries, and some traditional and wild cider apples, and we’re sailing into uncharted waters. After a few years of figuring out our cider direction, we starting working with Andy Brennan – of Aaron Burr Cidery – to work out the kinks and put the finishing touches on our ciders. Where we’ve landed is pretty impressive and something we’re very proud of.

130 Hardscrabble Rd.
North Salem, New York

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Scrumpy Ewe- We make some of our ciders akin to a fine wine, in laboratory-like controlled settings.  A juice that is bright, clean and acidic, pitched with a champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks at specific temperatures, filtered and forced carbonated. On the other hand, we also make ciders in the age-old farmhouse tradition - where wild yeasts work in tandem with brettanomyces stains.  In these ciders, nature does most of the work as its slow ferments in our French and American white oak barrels. These unfiltered scrumpy ciders appeal to the farmhouse crowd who doesn't mind getting their taste buds a bit dirty! Regardless of the cider making method we employ in a given batch, one thing is for certain: our ciders come from the juice of 100% pressed, New York State grown apples. Never from concentrate. Each batch is pressed, fermented, blended and bottled with care. We make them once a year, and batch-to-batch have their own unique characteristics based on our growth season, the heirloom varieties we blend and style of fermentation we utilize.

1945 Military Turnpike
Plattsburgh, New York

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Cracklin' Maple- sparkling hard cider sweetened with genuine maple!

Cherry Bomb- An explosion of cherries and apples; hard cider

Apple Sweetie- Hard apple cider, straight up

Black and Blue- Apple cider with black currants and blueberries.

Slyboro Cyderhouse- Named for the centuries-old hamlet that is home to Hicks Orchard, Slyboro Ciderhouse re-introduces the lost craft of traditional American ciders. Just as grapes are transformed into wine, our ciders are fermented from our own orchard-grown apples; unlocking the full potential of the apple by creatively blending a a distinctive range of delicious, award-winning ciders. We at Slyboro Ciderhouse are dedicated to reclaiming cider - "true cider" - as America's favorite drink. We invite you to explore and discover the flavors and delights of Slyboro Ciders. In any season, for special occasions, or to enrich the moment, "consider cider." 

308 Beckhorn Hollow Road
Van Etten, New York

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Cidre de Huguenots- farmhouse fermented dry cider.
Zeus’ Brew- hard cider fermented with Zeus hops.
Checkmate Sour Cider- twice fermented with German yeast.
Herbalist’s Cider- carbonated hard cider with coriander and lavender.


Traditional Cider- 
Hopped Cider-Dandelion Cider-

Diner Brew Company- We are southern Westchester's premier cidery, focused on historical interpretation and forward-looking innovation to craft fine, hard ciders for your enjoyment!

Riverhead Ciderhouse- Situated at the gateway of the Long Island Wine Region, the Riverhead Cider House is a new and completely unique visitor destination unlike any other on eastern Long Island that offers a wide variety of naturally harvested apple ciders, locals beer and wine, and other apple products.  Through diligent planning over the last three years, the Cider House has been researching and developing ciders from top apple brands from New York State, delivering crisp, exceptional flavors to the palate.

3274 Eddy Road,
Williamson, New York

(315) 589-TREE (8733) 

Yankee Folly Cider-  From the tree to the bottle to your table, with a short visit to The Cidery, where the magic happens. Our all-natural cider is made from hand-selected apples chosen for the best taste, and fermented into cider. Naturally gluten-free and sustainable. We think it is the best cider there is, naturally.

120 Mushroom Blvd Suite 105 
Rochester, New York

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Saratoga Apple- is a small farm and apple orchard located in Schuylerville, NY. We grow about 40 acres of apples, sweet & sour cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, asparagus, raspberries, and quite a few vegetables. Along with the fruit, Nate Darrow’s family has been making and enjoying hard cider for personal consumption for as long as he can remember. Recently, a relative discovered and gave him several cases of the homemade beverage dating back to the early 1960s. Such products are available to the public at Darrow’s Saratoga Apple tasting room, located at his popular Route 29 roadside retail stand.

McKenzie’s Hard Cider- is a creation started in 2011 by Lenny Ciolek, a 35-year veteran of the beverage industry who began his career at an upstate NY distributor and driving a keg truck while in college. Through the years, Ciolek then held a number of other responsibilities including (but not limited to) Regional Manager, Brand Team Director, and National Accounts & Trade Development Director. Lenny Ciolek’s extensive experience in the beverage industry kept him up-to-date on trends in markets and sales. He noticed consumer trends beginning to shift away from traditional malt beverages and start exploring other options. This combined with the explosion of micro/craft beer brands had Ciolek looking for what the next possible alternative “hot” category might be. Though cider had a very small base, he could sense the opportunities after seeing continued growth with very little competition. Ciolek’s experience in the beverage industry combined with the 160-years of cider producing from the Mayer Brothers in West Seneca NY, has made McKenzie’s the favorite among consumers in New York and many other U.S. markets.


Semi-Dry Cider (Harvest 2015)-
Dry Still, Heirloom Blend- 
Dry Sparkling-

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Good Life Farm- is our home and our work and our way to say YES. Melissa and Garrett bought these 69 acres in 2008 when the fields were all in corn, wheat and soy.  Over the past years, we’ve created a diverse ecological farm.  We’ve planted grass, bushes and trees, built buildings, put up high tunnels, fenced the property and brought in turkeys, geese, beef cows and draft horses.  Our business is built for maximum positive impact- instead of focusing on doing “less” harm, we seek to do the most good for our community.  For us, this means growing abundance, resilience and diversity every day.   Good Life Farm is now a certified organic farm; a full diet CSA+; and home to Finger Lakes Cider House, our collaborative multi-cidery Tasting Room. Our ciders are distinctly American in style, which means we’re not afraid to borrow from the world of traditions and styles. Kite and String Cider creatively blends international influences with a taste of the Finger Lakes through our mineral-rich, acidic apples.

928 Manitou Rd
Hilton, New York

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Captain Cooks Razz Ma Tazz- Light copper in color. The raspberry dominates the nose with apple aromas in the background. The carbonation level is moderate. Palate weight is medium with a residual sugar level of 3%. The apple aromas stay in the background throughout while the raspberry carries on thru the finish. This cider comes off as more fruit-sweet than sugar sweet.
Benjamins Best- Apple aromas in the nose with some hi-toned fruit sweetness. Fairly well carbonated with a light finish. The 3% residual sugar is well balanced by the carbonation level. The finish drops off nicely.
Founder's Reserve- This has a similar nose to Benjamin's Best but the apple aromas are more volatile. This tastes like a sweet apple pie. The fairly high residual sugar (5%) is attained by arresting the fermentation early. This level of sweetness from the glucose and fructose sugars (sweeter tasting thean surcrose) gives the cider moderate to heavy palate weight with a lower alcohol level (3.5%) This is certainly a crowd pleaser.


Dry Cider- This cider offers an 80% blend of bittersweet and bittersharp cider varieties and 20% of heirloom apples. Three separate lots were fermented and blended together with one tank going through a natural MLF.  A secondary fermentation was achieved in the bottle for carbonation, by bottling before fermentation was complete.

“Dry Hopped” Cider- 85% American Heirlooms. Equal parts of the four estate grown hops including Kent Golding, Fuggles, Cascade and an unknown noble hop were added at the end of fermentation for 6 days.  A secondary fermentation was achieved in the bottle for carbonation, by bottling before fermentation was complete.  No sulfites were added during fermentation or bottling.

Dry Cider “Spanish Style Sidra”- Made in a Northern Spanish style, which is our personal favorite region for cider (Asturias and Basque Country).  70% Heirlooms. The cider began fermentation as pomace before being pressed off after ten days.  Lots were blended together to create this still cider that pays homage to Spain.  No sulfites were added during fermentation or bottling.

“Crabby Pip”-  is a dry cider made with hybrid and species crab-apples in 750ml bottles from the 2015 vintage.  38% crab apples including the varieties Wickson, Golden Hornet, Firecracker and species crabs like Malus baccata , Malus coranaria, Malus sieversii and several species hybrids.  62% heirloom apple varieties. 

Barrel Fermented- is a still dry cider aged and fermented for over seven months in 7th use Hungarian oak barrels 
Dry Still Perry- including Barland, Barnet, Butt, Gin, Yellow Huffcap, Hendre Huffcap, Winnals Longdon, Brandy, Red Pear, Normanischen Ciderbirne, Skinner-McCue, Seneca Early and Seneca Late.  8% blend of heirloom pears including Honey Sweet, Seckel and Tyson.  Minimal sulfites were added during bottling.

Aaron Burr Cider- founded in 2008, "The Cidery" is a small operation providing the option for "true cider", the farm-style drink rooted in Colonial America. We are the growers, the millers and fermenters of organic apples; we will remain small to observe absolute control over the product and to satisfy our lofty standards. Other cider-makers may provide market-driven cider for less money but it is our role to reach the high-end of the drink by being true to cider as it exists in natural form. It all starts with the apples. 

Woodside Orchards We are a working family orchard that was established in 1982. We have become known for our Best Ever Apple Pies, Fresh Cider and over 20 delicious varieties of apples and u-pick. We are excited to announce the release of our new Hard Cider and Apple Wine products crafted specially from apples grown right here on our Long Island farm. Come by one of our two locations to taste these new offerings!

5712 Route 414
Hector, New York 

(607) 546-9463


Packbasket- sparkling cider, 100% wild seedling apple trees, Last season (2014) yielded a very light crop for wild apples and pears across Central New York. However, with a bit of luck we found one stand of wild trees in a high valley with a good crop. They must have been nipped by a spring frost some years back and not fruited until we stumbled upon them this season. These hidden trees were far enough from the dirt road that the only way we could harvest them was to haul them out on our backs. Hence the name, Packbasket! 

Soundpost Cider- is made with a blend of American, English and French cider apples. Dabinet, Newtown Pippin, Ellis bitter, Brown Snout, Roxbury Russet.  It was fermented to dryness then matured in aged barrels until June. Tasting: A nose that hints of highland malt and faintly of rose petals. Mineral to start, then dry and wine-like with velvety tannins in the midpalate, with a very long mouth-watering juicy finish. 

2015 Stone Fence Farm Orchard- A single-orchard cider, all of the fruit came from a small homestead cider orchard planted by our friend Peter Hoover between 1995-2000 near Trumansburg, NY.
Old Time Cider- is a blend of apples from wild and abandoned orchard trees blended with a small amount of Bittersweets for a longer finish and other heirlooms such as Merton Russet, Golden Russet, Calville Blanc, and others. Barely off-dry with notes of kiwi and lychee and a soft finish. 
Bluegrass Russett- is a blend of traditional American cider apples: 30% Golden Russet and 30% Roxbury Russet blended with other Heirlooms. 
2015 One of a Kind Orchard- Fruit from a single orchard: The Reynolds family orchard on the East side of Cayuga Lake containing over 200 varieties of apples, many rare and heirloom. Color of early morning light. Tiny bubbles. Aromas of leather, cloves, clementine, sour cherry.

Bad Seed Cider Company- We are a small craft cidery making bold hard cider from apples grown by us in the Historic Hudson River Valley. Why make ordinary Cider alone? why settle for less when you can make more. We craft unique ciders with characters all there own full and bold cider. We want to give people a beverage that fits between import beers and wines. A beverage that’s not a beer alternative or sweetened with concentrate. Something you want to drink on a hot day. Made from 100% Fresh Pressed apples, Made by friends to be enjoyed with friends.

Doc's Draft Hard Cider- Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery is located in the foothills of the Hudson Valley, nestled between the picturesque Mt. Eve and Mt. Adam. Our commitment to fine food and wine are why we are referred to as a "Bit of Tuscany in the Hudson Valley". Please, bring your family to meet our family and enjoy our farm, winery and orchards. Every autumn, our guests are invited to enjoy our lavish orchards and Pick-Your-Own apples and Pears. Pear picking begins in August. Apples begin to ripen shortly thereafter in early September. With thirty varieties we have an apple for every palate. All our ciders are crafted with 100% fruit and are gluten free. Grown, produced, and bottled in New York.

Lieb Cellars' Rumor Mill- is an 84-acre sustainably farmed vineyard located on the North Fork of Long Island, 80 miles east of New York City. Lieb was founded in 1992 and debuted our first line of reserve wines in 1999 under the direction of Australian-born winemaker Russell Hearn, with the Pinot Blanc and the Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine quickly gaining national recognition. The next year, we opened our first tasting room on the North Fork of Long Island in Mattituck, NY. Now, in 2014, we have expanded our Bridge Lane series to include “alternative” formats, with the wines being offered in 3L boxes and 20L disposable kegs (both “firsts” for New York). Our wines are being widely distributed to venues in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Newport, Chicago and Shanghai, China.

699 Five Mile Rd
Webster, New York

(585) 671-1979


Cazenovia- Dry. Champagne style. Austere acidity backed with soft round tannins, coming from European bittersweets; Dabinett and Chisel Jersey. Aromas of ripe pear and caraway. Rich, creamy mouthfeel with a long sparkling finish. (8.3% ABV, 0.3%RS) 

Barrel Rye- Naturally sparkling from Secondary Fermentation in the Bottle (Traditional method). Aged 4 months in Rye Whiskey barrels. Buttercream with a backbone. Oak and smoke and shalestone. Featuring Golden Russet and a blend of bittersweets: Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Tremlett’s Bitter

Vin De Pomme- Sparkling. Fresh grass, summer flowers. An aromatic blend of sharp cider apples, fresh Riesling and DeChaunac wine grapes.

Honeoye- Sweet. Sparkling. Bold Finger Lakes acidity smoothed with fresh sweet juice. Lush ripe apples, creamy mouthfeel.  Bright juicy finish. (6.9% ABV, 5%RS)

Blackduck Cidery- Our family has been growing fruit in the Finger Lakes region of New York for over a decade.  We have sold fresh fruit using organic standards through farmer’s markets, restaurants, natural groceries and our farm stand while patiently waiting to bring our cidery to fruition.  Patiently would clearly be an exaggeration of our dispositions.  We have finally arrived at the place we envisioned many years ago.  It was a hard dirty slog, but it was all worth it.  We hope you agree! The ciders come from blends of apples grown here in our orchards.  We use native yeast and take a hands off minimalist approach to fermentation. We never add sugar, fine or filter our cider. We let the fruit speak for itself and variation from season to season should be expected in the finished beverages.

Tory Kicker Cider at Green Wolf Brewing- is an artisanal cider, grown and hand-crafted in the farthest northern reaches of the Catskill Mountains. We blend our orchard’s no-spray apples with a variety of wild apples foraged from the surrounding woods. Our cidery is small and primitive. We rely on old-world techniques, press by hand and brew by the barrel.


Thistlehill- Wild fermented Farmhouse cider from apples foraged along the northwestern slope of the hollow that's called...well... Thistlehill. Wild apples and wild crabs mixed with some heirloom apples from our own orchard. Funky and round.
Hollow Bottom- Foraged (70%) and from our orchard 30% both along the stream at the bottom of the hollow. Aged in bourbon barrels and bottle fermented. Notes of vanilla and oak. Light acidity. 

Brooklyn Cider House- We’re from Brooklyn too, by way of Korea and Europe, but we discovered hard cider in the Basque Country in northern Spain. Every spring the cider there flows like water from casks the size of tanker trucks. It’s not just cider, it’s the most delicious cider there is. And it’s not just about the cider. It’s a party, a celebration of the harvest, and a time for friends to reconnect. ‘Wait a minute’, we thought, ‘We’re from the Big Apple, why don’t we have a cider party?’ So, we quit our jobs and went apple picking, literally. There were snowy days, angry farmers, and a lot of strange looks from our friends and family. Just about everyone we knew told us we were crazy. Maybe we are, but once you taste our ciders, you’ll see it was worth it. Making cider is not a path to riches but it is a path to enjoying life. All our ciders are born out of traditions from Spain, France, and America. They are made as naturally as possible from apples handpicked in upstate New York. Our apples are simply crushed and their juice left to ferment the same way the traditionalists do it in Europe and the way it used to be done in Brooklyn before the Temperance Movement ended the party.

7411 St Rt 9, 
Plattsburgh, New York 


(518) 563-2750


2015 Metal House- Our debut 2015 vintage is an all-the-way dry sparkling cider made in the traditional method from apples we've handpicked from local abandoned orchards here in the Hudson Valley ...100% untreated.
2016 Metal House- Barrel-aged, Bottle Conditioned 2016 blend of local Esopus apple. Brut Reserve- 42 cases produced.

Thirsty Owl Wine Company- The history of the Thirsty Owl Wine Company began when Ted W. Cupp purchased 150 acres from Robert and Mary Plane on July 2, 2001 and established Wesley Wine Company. During the fall and winter of 2001 - 2002, construction began on both the tasting room and the wine making facility. The following spring (2002), with Shawn Kime as its first employee, work began on the lake vineyard located between the tasting room and the lake. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Malbec were planted in this vineyard. On Friday September 13, 2002, The Thirsty Owl Wine Company opened its doors for the first time with Mary Dauber managing the tasting room. We had four wines and produced approximately 1,200 cases. Since 2002 we have increased production by over 1000% and at the same time The Thirsty Owl Wine Company's name has become synonymous with award winning wines.

4491 Reynolds Rd.
Trumansburg, New York

(607) 351-3787


SlateStone Cider- is our “terroir” blend made from heirloom apples, fermented slow and cool, and bottled without filtration or preservatives. This cider is crisp and completely dry – with no residual sugars, it has aromas of russet green apples and limes, and can be paired with many different foods. 

RabbleRouser Cider- is a unique blend of American heirloom apples, old English bittersweets, and rare red-fleshed apples -Pink Pearl and Redfield -that create its sunset aura and tropical fruit aromas. With a touch of tannins, light carbonation and off-dry sweetness, RabbleRouser is perfect for parties or festive dinners.   

Hickster Cider- is a blend of heirloom russet and bittersweet apples chosen by our resident hick-sters –Chris and Alexis – that reflects their love of apples, hard work in the orchards, and good times together. This cider is crisp and semi-dry with complex tannins and just enough sweetness to keep you wanting more. 

Jaywalker- is a semi-dry cider; a blend of traditional “sharp” (high acid) cider apples, aged with French oak.
First Fling- is our Cider Nouveau; a blend of the first harvested apples each fall.  It combines the tart elegance of varieties like Saint Edmund’s Russet, Chestnut crab and Williams Pride, with the sweet aroma of Sansa and the austere tannins of Ellis Bitter and Herfordshire Redstreak.
Solstice Still-  Pressed on the winter Solstice, this cider is a blend of  some of our favorite late harvested varieties.  We believe a still cider is one of the truest expressions of fruit character and terroir and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Original Cider- is fermented with Champagne yeast and sweetened with a touch of local honey. 
Draft- is a drier style fermented with Belgian Trappist Ale yeast and smoothed over with organic Maple syrup. 
Pumpkin- is fermented with fresh local Sugar pumpkins.
Citra Hard Cider- Dry cider blended with citra hopsCurrant Hard Cider- Cider blended with tart Hudson Valley Currants

Orchard Hill Cider Mill- Our mission is to revive the tradition of authentic farm-based alcoholic beverage production. We offer handmade hard ciders—a new look at an American classic, and our acclaimed Ten66, an American Mistelle (pommeau). Using traditional fermentation and distilling methods, our products are made with a minimum of intervention, respecting the natural expressiveness of our fruit. Orchard Hill Cider Mill produces handcrafted, artisanal hard cider in small batches. Our Hudson Valley produced Ten66 is extra-aged and breaks new ground by offering a serious look at a traditional Norman/French aperitif. From picnics to black tie events, our farm to table beverages are the perfect complement to your menu. Orchard Hill is located at Soons Orchard, one hour north of New York City in New Hampton, New York.


Draft Hard Apple- This cider is semi-dry and wonderfully effervescent with a remarkably fresh apple nose. Its crisp, fruit forward taste and a clean, refreshing finish, have won our cider countless awards and praise.

Draft Hard Pear- A traditional cider hand crafted from a select blend of apples and pears. Intense aromas of ripened pear dance from the glass. The taste is light and crisp with a clean, dry finish.

Draft Hard Raspberry- Fresh raspberries are added to Doc's Draft Hard Apple Cider and re-fermented to create a delicious spin on traditional cider. We think you'll agree that you can really taste the fresh fruit used in making this cider.

Draft Hard Pumpkin-  A seasonal cider made with roasted pumpkins, cinnamon, allspice, fresh ginger and nutmeg.

Draft Hard Cassis Cider-  A unique, hand-crafted black currant hard cider, made from pressed NY state apples and fresh black currants.

Draft Dry Hopped Cider-  Dry Hopped with Centennial and Chinook hops providing a citrus and floral hop character to a traditional cider.

Draft Hard Sour Cherry Cider- A unique, hand-crafted cherry hard cider. Made from pressed New York state apples and fresh cherries. 

Doc's Draft Peach Cider- is a balanced combination of a juicy and sweet peach with the pure apple flavor of our original Apple Cider. Our newest variety, Doc's Draft Peach Cider is as refreshing as a summer breeze. (6% alcohol)


82 Four Corners Road
Warwick, New York

(845) 988-9292

THE CIDERS (12 cider Styles including):  

Workman Dry 2014- Clean and crisp, with green apple and passionfruit on the nose. Workman Dry is a bone-dry balanced cider.  A mineral and slate palate, finishing with chalky tannins and an edge of mouthwatering acidity.

Workman Semi Dry 2014- Fresh and crisp, with balanced acidity and pleasant residual sugar. Rich in color with hyacinth(floral), papaya, and cucumber on the nose.   A mid-palate of croissant, ginger, and ceylon cinnamon. Finishes with a luscious clementine orange finish equally matched with mouth watering tannins. A very friendly and approachable cider, appropriate for drinking on its own or paired with most foods. “A cider for the worker in all of us.”  

Redbyrd’s Cloudsplitter- is our fully estate cider. Cloudsplitter always features bright acidity, focusing on sharp and bittersharp apples.

Andromeda Crab ’15- A nose of ripe strawberry, lemon peel, and waxy bittersweet apple notes. Finishes with lingering tannins and velvety texture. Andromeda. It’s the closest galaxy to ours and the brightest is the heavens- the most distant thing you can see with the naked eye. The way we think about Andromeda is the way we feel about the crab apples in this cider: they are amazing! We hope you’ll open this bottle of cider and spend an evening sky gazing and contemplating the wonders of the universe. 80 cases produced. 

Redbyrd’s Starblossom- is our English style cider. In contrast, except for Starblossom, Redbyrd’s ciders are known for their acidity and gripping tannins. English ciders are known for being less acidic, more creamy and with a tannic finish and burnt caramel flavor.  We always use majority English bittersweet apples and age a portion, if not all, cider in oak for Starblossom. 

Celeste Sur Lie-An elegant cider for celebration, made in the traditional style and disgorged after aging on bottle lees for over a year, giving you a beautiful helix of endless soft bubbles in your glass and a creamy buttery mouthfeel.  

Chateau Buffalo- Buffalo's urban winery. Along with wine, Chateau Buffalo produces craft hard ciders made with locally grown apples & pears. At Chateau Buffalo we craft our ciders and wines the old fashioned way- hands on! Select local cider apples are juiced, fermented and bottled with care to bring out their exceptional qualities.

Beak & Skiff and 1911 Spirits- is an apple farm located near Lafayette, N.Y. It's name comes from the two families that started the company in 1911, the Beak family and the Skiff family. The business has evolved over the years from a wholesale apple business to a diversified apple farm. Today, Beak & Skiff has it's original wholesale apple business that grows, harvests, stores, packs and sells apples both domestically and overseas. All the apples used to make Beak & Skiff's wines and hard ciders are grown right here on our farm. We produce and bottle all our products at our farm winery.


2014 Homestead Cider: East Branch/ Upper Delaware- 115 cases made,  7.8% abv , 500 ml Specs (the “objective”): Sharp, off-dry, w/ rich carroty-amber color. Cloudy w/ mild to high effervescence. Notes (the “subjective”): Bright intense fruit tart then circles under tongue while tannin anchors center pallet. Source: Unsprayed wild & abandoned apples foraged in the hills above East Branch/ Upper Delaware River.

2012-14 Homestead Cider: Malus Baccata (Siberian Crab)-  32 cases made,  7.8% abv , 500 ml, Specs: Sharp, dry, red-amber color, hazy, some solids, low to mild effervescence. Notes: Bright, especially tart and especially tannic. Finishes almost like a red wine with the lingering tannin. Source: Wild or “ignored” crab-apples from 3 years foraging region b’twn New Paltz, Wurtsboro, & Parksville

2014 Homestead Elderberry Apple-  98 cases made,  7.4% abv , 750 ml, Specs: Tannic, dry, medium acidity.  Deep crimson hue with slight carbonation. Notes: Woody/ forest aromas mixed berry upfront. Balanced, light body. Chalky and fruity. Source: 10% elderberry foraged from BashaKill wetlands, 90% unsprayed west Sullivan County apples

2014 Homestead Perry- 30 cases made,  6.4% abv , 500 ml, Specs: off-dry, mild to low effervescence.  Light honey color, sediment and very hazy. Notes: Nose is hard to pin down, farmy/ minerals. Dense pear flavor comes through. Tannic. Source: True perry pears (aka “choke-pears”) from unsprayed wild trees along the upper Neversink River. 

2014 Ginger-Carrot Apple-  110 cases made,  8.0% abv , 750 ml, Specs: Dry, dry. Spicy/ tart.  Cloudy, some solids.  Medium carbonation. Notes: Champagne-like with tingling flower & pepper esters.  Bright fruit, faint bitters, unsweetened ginger. Source: Orange County (NY) apples fermented in contact with Chinatown ginger and carrot. 
2014 Appinette- 180 cases made,  8.3% abv , 750 ml, Specs: Dry, amber color, medium carbonation, cloudy. Notes: Grapefruit/ litchi/ rose peddle nose, suspended in mouth by soft bitter end.  Cider and Champagne. Source: 30% Finger Lake Traminette grape, 70% Orange County (NY) apples 70% (Idared, russets and Spy) 

Black Bear Farm Winery, producers of the finest fruit wines and hard ciders made. Our wines are made from New York grown fruit picked at the peak of ripeness and handcrafted into flavors that are enjoyed by all wine enthusiasts. Try an extremely aromatic, fruity, light, dry strawberry, a semi-sweet, tongue tingling hard cider or a nice round, sweet blueberry.

4472 Thrall Rd
Lockport (city), New York

(716) 434-7116 

277 State Route 208
New Paltz (village), New York 

(845) 255-7717

DeMunck’s Hard Cider, Southern Tier Brewing Co- If you like artificial cider made from imported, concentrated apple juice, filled with caramel color, sweetened with corn syrup, and containing more than 200 calories per serving, we recommend you look elsewhere. It makes us angry that so many ciders are made with apples from orchards on other continents. We ferment 100% pure apple juice with our house Belgian Abbey Ale yeast for a very special hard cider. Made in small batches, DeMunck's Hard Cider is smooth, easy to drink and naturally gluten-free.

560 W King Rd 
Ithaca, New York 

(607) 279-7563 

New York City, New York 

Black Bird Cider Works-  is proud to be Niagara County’s sole craft hard cider producer. Nestled on a beautiful farm overlooking Lake Ontario, we produce hard ciders made from apples grown in our own orchard. We boast a variety of ciders ranging from dry to sweet, including some made from certified organic apples. Our on-property tasting room is open seven days a week, offering samples of our current craft cider selection, as well as bottle sales. Stop by the cidery for a tasting, grab some BlackBird merchandise, and discover why we’re Western New York’s premier craft cider producer. Cheers!

2708 Lords Hill Road
LaFayette, New York

(315) 696-6085 

1 Flower Ln
Blauvelt, New York

(844) 223-2777 

Sterling Cidery- We make all of our craft ciders by hand, starting with fresh-pressed, juice from 100% local juice, (Cayuga, Wayne and Oswego counties). We take pride in maintaining the wonderful natural apple flavor and aroma as we transform the fresh juice into delicious hard cider. Our Oaken and Hopped ciders are aged with American oak and cascade hops, respectively, and the Cassis gets a splash of fresh 100% Black Currant Juice. To finish it off, we add just the right amount of sweetness to each cider to bring out the flavor. The result is a crisp, refreshing and, dare we say, addicting beverage that we hope you will love as much as we do. 

South Hill Cider- Fine and well-crafted hard cider from the Fingerlakes. Made in small batches, with attention to detail. Steve Selin: apple-hunter, cidermaker, nurseryman. Our apples come from wild trees and orchards of high quality cider apples. Using traditional cider-making techniques we create timeless well-balanced ciders. We are planting our orchard on a peaceful hilltop to be part of a harmonious ecosystem that relies on diversity and fertility as its foundation. South Hill Cider produces ciders with individuality, quality, and elegance reflecting the terroir of our beautiful Finger Lakes region.

Three Brothers Winery-  Looking for something different in your wine tasting experience? Join us at Three Brothers Wineries and Estates, where thirty-five acres of pleasure, passion and adventure await you! Maximize your escape from the grind with one stop- three unique wineries and one fabulous microbrew tasting room on the property, all within walking distance of each other. From fine Estate Rieslings to our fun, blended sweet wines, you are sure to find something to please! 

623 Lerch Rd
Geneva, New York

(315) 585-4432 


Big Bertha's Worthog Hard Blueberry Cider- A unique, hand crafted hard blueberry cider that's naturally crisp and refreshing.

Worthog Hard Cider- 100% Hard Apple Cider

Porky's Pleasure Worthog Hard Cider-  Cherry Hard Apple Cider

Big Jake Worthog Hard Cider-  Spiced Hard Apple Cider

Sassy Sally’s Worthog Strawberry Cider- A unique, hand crafted hard strawberry cider.​

Devil’s Cut Worthog Hard Raspberry Cider- Hand crafted, unique hard raspberry cider. 

Redbyrd Orchard Cider- is a small family-run sustainably managed orchard and cidery. We grow heirloom, wild seedling and European cider apples to produce unique and complex artisinal ciders. We are proud to be part of a movement of small craft cidermakers committed to bringing true cider back to the American table and cider apple trees back to the American landscape.

Blue Barn Cidery- Crafting small-batch hard ciders made from 100% homegrown apples grown at Green Acre and West Wind Farms. This farm family's roots can be traced back to 1811, when Richard and Rhoda Wilder packed their things and traveled hundreds of miles from their farm in Vermont to start a new life in Churchville, New York, with their young son Alamander in tow. Today, Kathy and Craig’s daughter Jill and her husband, Jeremy Wolf, operate the family farms and continue the legacy that began more than two centuries ago. In 2017, the couple expanded the farm once again, delving into the hard cider industry with the establishment of Blue Barn Cidery at the West Wind Farm.

200 Wilson St. building E3
Port Jefferson Station, New York

(631) 828-1131

8503 Lower Lake Road
Barker, New York

(716) 795-3580


Catskill (Semi-Dry Barrel Aged Blend)- Ciders aged in oak bourbon barrels from a local micro-distillery lend a rich complexity to this blend, mellowing the bite of the cider with notes of vanilla. 
Half-Wild (Semi-Sweet)- This cider draws a full, tart character from its high proportion of wild apples, allowing it to hold up well to some additional sweetness. 
Dry Town- is an honest, earthy, aromatic cider-quaffable, but full bodied enough to be enjoyed with food.  This wild apple blend includes some magnificent little crab apples that lends this, still, dry cider a little zing. 


Five Point- Our flagship cider. Made from a special blend of bittersweet and dessert apples locally grown in NY. This cider has perfect balance of acidity, tannin, and sweetness. 
Ginger- Bright and bubbly, this cider is blended with fresh ginger root. Ginger aroma and flavor is balanced nicely with light acidity and sweetness.
Hip Hopped- This cider is blended with a mixture of locally grown hops from Pedersen Hop Farms. Lemon and other citrus notes complement the apple aromas and flavors. Floral, zingy and bitter, the beer-drinkers cider.
Frisky Whisky- Hard cider made from a blend of wild apples then aged in whisky barrels. The tannin and acidity are balanced by sweetness from fresh-pressed cider. Hints of toasted oak and whisky. 
Moonrise- A tribute to our dutch heritage! This fruity cider is fermented with a Belgian ale yeast then aged off the lees. Northern Spy and Baldwin apples combined with Belgian ale yeast create unique pineapple, and lemon floral flavors and aromas.
Rhubarb- Fresh heirloom rhubarb is hand-picked at its peak ripeness and blended with cider made from a mix of dessert apples. Crisp, tart, crimson-colored cider, perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day!
Citra Cider- AKA Breakfast Cider. Made with fresh citrus fruit peels and zest. This cider has wonderful citrus flavors that compliment the bittersweet apples used to make the cider. 
Apple Crisp- A fall favorite! This cider smells and tastes just like apple crisp! Created by using a blend of dessert apples mixed with a special blend of spices borrowed from an old family apple crisp recipe.  
Crimson Frost- An iced-cider made by freezing small batches of fresh cider in snow banks. The acidity is balanced with a touch of brown sugar. Perfect with rich cheeses, desserts, or all on it’s own! Star Cider’s first bottled cider.  

9070 Route 89
Trumansburg, New York 


(888) 862-4337

Oak and Apple Cidery- Christian Krapf of Rochester has been making cider in small batches at home for a decade, and, along with his wife, Christina, felt this was the time to expand into a bona fide business. “This is one of the first things we did together,” he said. “It’s our hobby and we want to make it our life.” The project, to be called Oak and Apple Cidery, would have a barn-like structure, including 2,600 square feet of space for manufacturing, a small tasting room and a connected outdoor deck area. Hard cider company coming soon!


Hand-Pressed Original- Our Original Hand-Pressed Hard Cider is reminiscent of its UK predecessors – refreshing, medium body and not too dry with a crisp apple finish.
Hand-Pressed Black Cherry-   Reserved for the darkest of hearts, McKenzie's Black Cherry is an inspiration to hard cider – rich amber, full body with a refreshingly sweet cherry finish. 
Seasonal Reserve- Flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Sip, smell and savor the rich, mulled spicy goodness of McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve. Aromatic fall flavors warm you from the inside out, and chase away the chill on those cold nights.
Lazy Lemon- Pucker up! You're gonna love this little tart. Lazy Lemon has a burst of citrus without the acidic bite, giving long, carefree days a zesty punch of refreshing flavor. Serve chilled, kick back and enjoy often.
Hand-Pressed Green Apple- McKenzie's Green Apple Hard Cider has quite the kick. Maybe it's the deliciously crisp, slightly tart bite of green apples or the 6% alcohol. 
Pumpkin Jack- It’s All Treats & No Tricks with McKenzie’s “Pumpkin Jack” Fall Seasonal Hard Cider! This selective Seasonal uses only the finest real pumpkin and fall spices to enhance and excite both your nose and your taste buds!

Watkins Glen, New York


Classic– totally dry, our Classic is just that. Nothing but apples….and Love.
Raspberry– this is our Classic with whole Westwind raspberries added during fermentation to give it a nice pink color, similar to those great Italian rosato wines.
GoldRush– was recently released to great fanfare and is one of the latest varieties that we can harvest. The amazing thing – where the magic comes in – is that GoldRush is one of the few dessert apples makes a great cider all on its own.

Becker Brewing Co. at Becker Farms- Offers 8 different locally produced artisan hand crafted micro brews and Cider's. Enjoy a flight and a pint in the tasting room or take home a growler. There is a beer or cider for every occasion. Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards is a 5th Generation family owned 340 acre working fruit and vegetable farm that sells most of their products directly to the public. Becker Farms Goal is to provide families with the opportunity to visit the countryside and embrace what Mother Nature provides us among family and friends. Its the simple things in life that make all the difference. For the past 100 years Becker Farms has harvested its own fruits and vegetables to provide fresh produce and a wide variety of value added products such as hand made pies, jams, cookies, cider, fudge and wines. 

6895 Lake Ave  
Williamson New York

(315) 589-8122 


Old Orchard Select- Made from the finest, freshest blend of New York State cider apples grown by Blackman Homestead Farm.Homestead Hops- American Medium Cider made with hopsFirst Generation 1852- Classic style, Semi-Dry, Slightly Sparkling. Fermented from a blend of fine heirloom cider apples. Unfiltered, full body qualities with smooth and sharp finish.
Rooted Ginger- Bosc Pear Premium- Made from Bosc pear orchards over 100 years old, our unique approach combines an oaky, dry pear wine style with the bite and funk common in some European styles. Esopus Spitzenburg- English style, Dry, Effervescent. Eopus Spitzenburg is a rare varietal said by Thomas Jefferson to be his favorite cider apple. Blended with Quince, balancing sharp fruit character with earthy tannins.


I Spy Something Dry- hard cider, dry, Northern Spy apples
Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice- hard cider, semi-sweet, sugar & donut spices

3232 Rippleton Road
Cazenovia, New York

(315) 662-3355


St. Lawrence Cider- A clear, crisp sparkling cider with full apple flavor. Hand picked apples from our orchard are pressed & bottled in small batches at our cidery in northern NY near the St. Lawrence river.Raquette River Cider- 
Cranberry Crisp Cider- A medium sweet with 100% cranberry juice. Made with local cranberries from Brasher N.Y. from Paquian's cranberry farm. The apples from Kaneb's orchards are used for the base.


Dry Hard Cider- Each bottle of Bad Seed Dry Cider is hand crafted in small batches never filtered, bottle conditioned and made from apples grown in the Hudson Valley. A Dry Cider that's really dry. Yeah that's right buttercup this isn't your little sister's sweet cider. What's more, each cider has been carefully tasted, tested, and then tasted again by our cidery team. Lucky bastards
Belgian Abbey Cider- If Belgian Monks only found this the higher purpose of the apple, Crafted from apples grown in the Hudson Valley , fermented with a Belgian abbey beer yeast, unfiltered and bottle conditioned. Tart, tangy, Dry and a little off beat like a Bad seed should be. 
Bourbon Barrel Reserve- Each bottle of Bad Seed Bourbon Barrel Reserve Cider is hand crafted in small batches.  Fermented with a sense of purpose then carefully aged in barrels from Kentucky's finest distilleries. Never filtered, bottle conditioned and made from whole apples grown in the Hudson Valley.
Our IPC (aka India Pale Cider)- is unlike anything you've ever tried before. A true dry cider, we've brewed it with American Ale yeast and added Cascade hops. For those fans of traditional IPAs and Pale Ales, this is the cider for you. Strong, crisp, dry, with a beautiful scent of hops, this cider weighs in at 6.9% Abv. And now, for the first time, it's in cans! 
The Farmer- is our take on a traditional Saison beer. Brewed with French Saison yeast, we've crafted a cider that is light, crisp, and deliciously easy to drink. Think sunshine and blue skies with the slightest hint of the open fields. Fear not: as light and delicious as this cider is, at 6.9% Abv, it still packs a serious punch. 
Apple Pie Dry- is the taste of Autumn. With hints of oak and cinnamon, this unique cider is brewed with carmelized belgian candy sugar and is bottle aged to perfection. It is tart, sweet, and strong. We've only brewed a limited batch, so get it while it lasts! 

69 Yankee Folly Road
New Paltz, New York

(845) 255-1155

Embark Craft Ciderworks at Lagoner Farms- Farmers first and foremost, we’ve been growing great tasting apples since 1909. Embark Craft Ciderworks was founded by apple growers, passionate about farming and showcasing unique flavor profiles in craft ciders. As farmers first and foremost, we know it’s the quality and uniqueness of the apples we use that make a great cider. We trust the apples (and in some cases, other fruits and natural ingredients) to provide the exceptional flavor you’ve come to love. No artificial ingredients needed. We’re passionate about the local food movement—the power of food allows us to create the total cider experience. We take the freshest ingredients right from our field and combine them with other quality ingredients from local sources to create cheese and charcuterie boards as well as lunch and dinner options for you to enjoy while you drink. Our portfolio is continually growing and many heirloom and Old World apple varieties have been planted specifically for use by Embark Craft Ciderworks. Expect to see new blended and single varietals released as we cultivate just the right apples to become the next Embark Craft ciders.

1600 Dublin Rd.
Penfield, New York

(585) 705-8456

Hudson Valley, New York

Hardscrabble Cider- Hardscrabble Cider is a micro farm-cidery founded by three brothers with firm horticultural backgrounds – Alex, Kevin and Ben Covino of Brewster, NY. Farmers, scientists and businessmen all around, the brothers found inspiration in the words of local hero, Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”; and (Mother Nature willing) apples they have a plenty.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard - Being Part of the Experience must include tasting the award winning wines of Wölffer Estate. The wines are a rich concentration of fruit and lively acidity produced by the Bridgehampton soil formed by the glacial moraine that formed Long Island. German-born winemaker Roman Roth, together with vineyard manager Richard Pisacano, spare no effort or expense in tending to the vineyards and grape production. Together, the two men maximize the full potential of the terroir and microclimate, which is constantly bathed in cooler breezes from the Atlantic, only 2.6 miles away. It is this winning combination of climate and soil that ensures the ripeness and acidity necessary for producing the distinct, elegant wines of Wolffer Estate. 

Pitchfork Hard Cider- is made the same way hard cider has been made for centuries.  Each small, handcrafted batch is made with just two ingredients: fresh-pressed apple cider from a farm in New York's Hudson Valley and yeast.  The apple cider is fermented, bottled and aged.  That's it.  No artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives.  Pitchfork Hard Cider is not only unfiltered, it is naturally gluten free and meant to be served cold. 

Greenpoint Cidery- is a handcrafted, farmhouse style hard cider company, coming to you from the Hudson Valley via Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

218 Ann Street
Newburgh, New York

(410) 967-1926

Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill- Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider is made at the Breezy Hill Orchard, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, which has been growing great-tasting fruit since 1949. We grow beloved heirloom fruit varieties as well as some of the most flavorful newer ones. We also operate Breezy Hill at Stone Ridge, an orchard founded over 200 years ago just across the Hudson River. Summers on my grandparents’ farm taught me a love of farming that has inspired... my life at Breezy Hill. We use progressive ecological farming methods and take our responsibility as land stewards seriously. Our long-standing commitment to sustainable agriculture, local economies and a healthy environment is reflected in our active involvement in our local community. 

THE CIDERS (16 cider Styles including):

Nine Pin Signature- Our signature blend is sourced entirely from orchards in the Capital District and Hudson Valley. It is fermented with a white wine yeast to enhance its crisp and refreshing character. 

Nine Pin Belgian- ‪cider is a farmhouse blend of Capital Region and Hudson Valley apples that is fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast. Light and thirst quenching, Belgian reflects the fruity characteristics of preferred Belgian beers. 
Nine Pin Ginger- is a blend of Capital Region and Hudson Valley apples fermented with white wine yeast and infused with ginger and orange peel. 
Nine Pin Raspberry Limited- A deliciously tart and characteristically balanced cider made with a blend of early apple varieties and late season raspberries. 

Nine Pin Hunny Pear- Our pear cider is fermented from Barlett, Bosc, Potomac, and Seckel pears grown at Samascott Orchards. We finish this perry with a touch of cinnamon and honey. This unique cider is off-dry, complex and characteristically refreshing 

Nine Pin Blueberry- This is a blend of apples co-fermented with blueberries from Indian Ladder Farms. It has a dry, complex, and integrated flavor and is rose in color.​

#175 Niagara Frontier Food Terminal
1500 Clinton St
Buffalo, New York

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StoneyRidge Orchard & Winery- is a family run and family owned business.  We have perfected the art of growing only the best fruits possible, thus we are able to use time tested processes to create various products from our fruits such as apple soaps & apple breads. We primarily grow various types of apples at StoneyRidge from the rare and exotic to your standard red delicious apple. A majority of our trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf trees allowing for sunlight to pass between all trees and produce a ideal growing environment. With our family originating from Europe and Trinidad we have mixed these cultures together to produce products that have been around for centuries produced by masters of the craft. We sell a majority of our products through local vendors and farmers markets, our products stand apart from your standard produce and you can always tell if it is a StoneyRidge product by the quality of the fruit and by our logo or sign.

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Star Cider- our company has deep roots in cider-making, going back several generations. We have found that the cider-making tradition brings people together in the Fall to pick, press, drink fresh cider and ferment the rest. What started as a long-time hobby and tradition each Fall slowly expanded. A few carboys evolved into making hundreds of gallons in our basement. We finally decided to truly take a stab at sharing our love of fermentation and our delicious product and started Star Cider. Our goal is to produce premium artisanal hard cider with locally-sourced, all natural ingredients grown in New York State while adhering to environmentally conscious business practices. We are currently selling our cider through restaurants, bars, and markets throughout New York while we try to find the perfect location for our tasting room and retail facility.

THE CIDERS (over 12 cider Styles including):

Woodside Orchards Traditional Hard Cider- 
Apple Raspberry Cider-  
Ginger Apple- 
Woodside Traditional Sweet-  
Cinnamon Apple-  
Pumpkin Apple- 

Earle Estate Meadery- Since 1993, the family owned Earle Estates Meadery has offered a refreshing taste in wines with our production of over 20 different Honey wines (called Mead), fruit wines and grape wines.Recognized consistently at national and international wine competitions, Earle Estates wines have received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as several Fruit and Mead championships and best of class awards.During season, you can also view the Honeybee observation hive, taste fresh honey and learn about the culture of bees and Mead making.

Badass Cider-  is a craft Cider produced in Washingtonville, NY at the Brotherhood Winery. Using only apples and pears from New York, our Cider stands alone in taste, nutritional content, and most of all, drinkability. Coming in at 5.5% abv, Badass has just enough "kick" to make for an enjoyable, session Cider. Are you a Badass? Badass Hard Cider was born and raised in New York, with a New York attitude. Only New York apples and pears are used in making our Cider.

 1174 Route 29
Schuylerville, New York

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Blissful Moon-  We named this authentic, hand crafted hard cider after Solomon Bliss, the original owner of the farm. He purchased 150 acres of the land in 1793 for just $1.50 per acre, taking nine years to pay off his $225 debt. We are honored to be farming here more than 200 years later. Blissful Moon is a versatile, extra dry cider with a refreshing finish. 

Cherry Moon- We make our Cherry Moon cider in memory of Grandma Pat Critz and her famous cherry pie. Made in small batches from a delicate balance of sweet and tart apples, this cider is fermented, blended with New York cherry juice, and then lightly carbonated.  

Four Screw- Our hard cider is crafted from a special blend of sweet and tart dessert apples pressed on our 1890′s rack and cloth Four Screw Press. We are proud to offer farm visitors a bit of history with this Syracuse-built antique. Sweetened with pure maple syrup, Four Screw’s subtle fruitiness and complex flavor is highlighted when served with local New York cheeses. 

Red Barn Raspberry-  Wild red raspberries, growing plentifully in the fields behind our historic 200-year-old barn, are the inspiration for our Red Barn Raspberry hard cider. Made in small batches from a delicate balance of sweet and tart apples, this hand crafted cider is blended with New York raspberry juice and lightly carbonated. 

Maple Moon-  The moon over the maples in the old farm sugar bush is a sight to behold. We celebrate each spring by carefully producing delicious maple syrup. Maple Moon is delightfully sweet, made from small batches of hand crafted cider generously blended with our always pure maple syrup.

Rippleton Original-  is a light, effervescent extra dry cider made in the old farmhouse cider tradition. We start with crisp, juicy apples pressed on our antique press, then naturally ferment the cider using a champagne yeast. A touch of our own maple syrup is added to allow for a secondary fermentation right in the bottle.
Blueberry Moon Hard Cider- Blueberries mean summer on the farm, when the days are long and the pace is slow. Savor the sweet, juicy summer pleasures with our award winning Blueberry Moon Hard Cider. Inspired by July’s full moon over the blueberry fields, this lightly carbonated sweet blend of hard cider with blueberry juice has a subtle fruitiness and refreshing finish. Enjoy a taste of summer all year through!

Glinda’s Gold- More than a century after being published, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz remains one of America’s most beloved stories. The author, L. Frank Baum was born nearby, and we’re proud to grow our crisp, juicy apples down the road from his grandparent’s home. As a tribute to Baum, we named this cider in honor of Glinda, the good witch. Skillfully handcrafted with fresh-pressed farm-grown apples and a touch of maple syrup, this complex blend is balanced and delicately sweet. Enjoy Glinda’s Gold: as timeless and magical as the character it is named after. 

Heritage Hops Hard Cider- is a tribute to the early hop growing tradition of Madison County, dating back to the mid 1800’s. Using a strain of locally grown hops propagated from those originally grown nearby, we “dry hop” the cider after fermentation. It is aged for several months, then lightly carbonated. Heritage Hops Hard Cider is extra dry with a unique hoppy aroma and flavor. 

Phonograph Cider- Excellent fruit is the most essential element of great cider. Upstate New York has had apple orchards for hundreds of years and the glacial soils and temperate climate is well-suited to growing apples with great flavor. The cool nights, especially in the autumn, allow the apples to ripen slowly and to keep the great flavors that they developed throughout the growing season. Notable American cider apple varieties originating in Upstate NY include Golden Russet and Northern Spy. Phonograph cider comes from a traditional winemaking approach with some contemporary cidermaking techniques woven in. The fruit is pressed fresh in the fall at peak ripeness and fermented in the Fingerlakes town of Romulus during the cool autumn and winter. The dry ciders are then immediately fermented and the Medium ciders undergo an ice-cider technique by freezing some of the unfermented juice before primary fermentation to produce a finished cider that is balanced both in acidity and residual apple sugar. No sugar is added. The first fermentation is stopped with cold temperatures and filtering and a second fermentation then produces sparkling ciders with exceptional clarity and expression.

Graft Cidery- European cider tradition grafted onto contemporary styles. We are just now in our early launch phase and are excited to slowly roll out the story of our cider.  We are a small but enthusiastic team and will be adding more functionality to the site to help our fans find our cider and learn more about what we are doing.  

Grisamore Ciderworks- The fifth generation of the Grisamore Family lives on our farm. The Grisamores moved from the Chicago area in 1927. Maurice, Else, and Else's mother Renata Koch came to Locke, New York to live on this farm. Maurice was a conductor on the New York Central Railroad and one of his co-workers bought a farm nearby. They started with a dairy in the early days. In 1975 we planted our apple orchard and opened our farm store. The farm store has evolved a long way too since it beginning as a dairy barn. The back portion of the farm store was just rebuilt.  New construction started in April 2000.  It now houses the new cooler and the cider press. There is a lot of extra space in our barn for new projects.


Kingston Black-  This is a variety of apples we grow that is in the Bittersharp category of European cider apples.  It was fermented to dry and when bottle conditioned to give it effervescence like a champagne, so expect sediment in the bottom of the bottle. 

Hailstorm-  A blend of Bittersweet cider apples, including Michelin, Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout and Summerset Redstreak, with Kingston Black.  The cider is fermented to dry, sweetened and naturally carbonated by bottle conditioning. Sediment is common in the bottle.  Pour carefully.

Semi-sweet- Made from a blend of McIntosh and Bittersweet apples.  Fermented to dry and sweetened to create a crisp, refreshing hard cider.

Bittersweet- Made from a blend of European cider apples including Michelin, Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout, and Summerset Redstreak that we grow in our orchard.  These apples are known for their higher tannins and fuller bodied ciders.  You may detect a buttery feel to your palette.

Sweet- Made from a blend of McIntosh and Bittersweet cider apples.  This is our sweetest hard cider, but not like a dessert wine.

Olde Orchard- Sweet  Made from a blend of McIntosh and Bittersweet cider apples.  Fermented to dry and sweetened before we bottle conditioned, to give it effervescence like a champagne.  Expect sediment in the bottom of the bottle.  Pour carefully.

Blackman Cider Company- Over 160 years ago, the Blackman family purchased land on the Niagara Escarpment in Western New York and built an American farm. Six generations have worked and sustained the same land ever since... We're very excited to introduce our newest line of hand-crafted, quality products made from fresh produce straight from our orchards. Blackman Cider Co. is a maker of fine New York State craft hard cider and fruit brandy. 

Shinn Estate Vineyards and Farmhouse- The wine we craft at Shinn Estate Vineyards is intended to be a living memory of the time and place it was grown. Each vintage, whether it is warm or cool, dry or wet, gives us unique and vibrant fruit that longs to speak honestly and forthrightly. The challenge is to find a voice for the fruit we grow so that the message of each vintage is artfully presented. We are entrusted with the job of being translators for nature; therefore we allow our wines to ferment with the yeast provided by our biologically diverse soils. Wine is a living and evolving time machine, built by the life force of nature and the gentle touch of human beings.

The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is a historic, water-powered mill on the banks of Fly Creek in the heart of beautiful Central New York just minutes from Cooperstown. For more than 150 years visitors have witnessed the pressing of fresh, sweet and delicious cider creating an experience that has become a tradition shared by generations. The Mill Store Marketplace is the heart of activity with sampling of over 40 specialty food products, many made right at the Mill. At the Farm Winery you can taste and buy Fly Creek Hard Ciders and Apple Wines, another feature of the New York cider making tradition. 


Classical Wood Aged– Dry A wine-like dry cider comprised of the Crispin apple and aged in French oak barrels. The spicy, nutty nuisances in this cider bring to life the perfect cross between a fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

BRUT – A fine French style cider produced from certified organic apples. This is fermented dry with champagne yeast and aged in stainless. Light gold in color, this effervescent, champagne- like cider has an apple bouquet and is extra dry with a biting finish.  

Organic Oak Barrel Aged Dry Cider – Dry This cider is comprised from 100% certified organic apples grown on this property. As part of its process, this cider is aged in French oak barrels, resulting in a dry wine- like profile. 

Orchardist Reserve – Semi-Sweet This cider is comprised of 6 varieties of apples propagated here in New York State which include Empire, Cortland, and Jonagold. With an apple essence on the nose and a light and refreshing taste, this cider has a clean finish. 
Red Barn Farm Style– This hard cider is crafted with a blend of 8 apples and wild fermented. This sweet cider has an apple and woody bouquet with a clean and refreshing taste and rich, complex apple flavors. Perfect session beverage on a hot summer day.
New England Style Cider – Semi-Dry This cider is a rare commercial example of a colonial cider... a cider from America’s past, now rediscovered! A traditional New England style cider that provides to be hearty and full bodied with rich and complex flavors. After Blending from three apple varieties and fermenting with wine yeast in French Oak barrels, this cider is double fermented with local honey.

Organic Oak Barrel Sweet Cider-  This cider is amber in color and has intense apple flavors with notes of cinnamon and spice. Aged in French oak barrels, this sweet cider is an ideal dessert beverage.

Oak Barrel Aged Semi-Sweet- Crafted from organic apples, this cider exhibits a honey apple bouquet and a flavor profile that includes notes of peaches and pears. Aged in French oak barrels, this cider has a very smooth texture.

Bourbon Barrel Aged– Crafted from a blend of four apple varieties and wild fermented using our own proprietary open air fermentation process. Aged in fresh dumped Kentucky bourbon barrels resulting in a bold and beautifully dry cider with American oak notes reminiscent of a bygone era.


Johnny Appleseed- A Refreshingly Sweet And Intense Hard Apple Cider

Kettleborough Cider House- The name "Kettleborough" comes from the moniker of the original settlement of the area where the cidery is now located.  Kettleborough was inhabited by the LeFevre family whose descendants still live in the New Paltz area.  The old Kettleborough School House still stands adjacent to the orchard that has since been planted on their land. Kettleborough Cider House was founded in 2011 by Tim Dressel.  The Dressel Family has been growing apples in New Paltz for four generations, beginning with Tim's Great-Grandfather Fred Dressel in 1923.  After graduating from Cornell University in 2007, Tim returned to the family business and still works there full-time.  Kettleborough Cider House was born out of his love of horticulture, farm business, and oenology (wine-making).  Coming from our apple-growing heritage, we know that great hard cider begins with great apples.  Therefore, we have begun planting nearly-extinct varieties of apples that are better suited for hard cider production than your typical grocery store varieties.  

Rootstock Ciderworks at Apple Country Spirits (ACS)- is a farm Distillery Located in Williamson, NY. We produce fine quality, fruit based spirits. It is a division of CELK Distilling, LLC. ACS was formed in 2012 by David W DeFisher, operator of and co-owner (with his father, William) of DeFisher Fruit Farms, a 4th generation, family owned fruit farm. ACS is the next step in assuring the continued success of this family owned operation. Beginning the value added production of high quality, fruit based spirits, all made from the fresh fruit we grow here on our farm, will keep this business relevant for the next generation, by providing consumers with a quality, locally made product. ACS has a strong belief in being environmentally friendly. We utilize most of our byproducts on the farm, so there is no waste products to dispose of. We have plans in the next 1-3 years to have our own solar energy system installed, to begin producing our own green energy. We believe strongly in supporting local, and USA based companies. 95% of all of our equipment, in the distilling/juicing process, is made locally or in the USA. 


Lake Drum Cider- 
Apple Crisp- 
Commonwealth Cider-

6861 State Route 89
Ovid, New York

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Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards-  Back in 1852, David Hazlitt bought 153 acres of fruit trees and vineyards here in Hector, NY. Over the next six generations, various Hazlitts farmed the land, raised families and made wine. OK, we don’t know for sure that they all made wine, but given the great grapes that grow here and the current generation’s track record for producing amazing wine, we’ve got a feeling they did. We do know for sure that in 1985, Jerry and Elaine Hazlitt founded Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards. Today, our family keeps the tradition going. Our grapes make award-winning wines. Our wines make us new friends. And we love making both.

29 Soons Circle,
New Hampton, New York

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Sag Harbor, New York

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100 Brotherhood Plaza Dr 

Washingtonville, New York 


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492 Elmwood Ave
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American Heirloom- Seven varieties of American heirloom apples blend to create a complex hard cider. It’s fruity yet acidic, with hints of elderflower, spice and honey with a long finish and a lot of lingering flavor complexity.  

American Hopped- Estate grown Autumn Crisp apples fermented and then dry-hopped with Cascade, Centennial, & Columbus hops that we sourced from a neighboring farm. A brillantly balanced cider with just a touch of sweetness and hop aromatics that add to the complexity of an already complex cider.

Old Marauder- combines attributes of McIntosh, Cortland, Ida Red and Jonagold apple varieties to create a hard cider that gives off crisp apple notes with a clean finish. Because it has no residual sugar, it complements a wide range of foods. 

The first release in The Crab Series, this is a unique dry cider. It expresses flavors from three different crabapple varieties, balanced out with the sweetness of Tolman Sweet and mildness of Rome Beauty apples. It has a dark golden color and a flavor that lingers as you drink it. A nice amount of tannins and balanced acidity make this the cider makers’ drink of choice. 

The Batch- The town of Williamson's own McIntosh, Empire, Ida Red & Jonagold make up the entirety of this cider. Categorized as semi-sweet with a fresh apple aroma followed by a juicy, ripe apple finish make it hard to resist reaching for another.
The Pippin- semi-dry cider is made with Cox Orange Pippin, Newtown Pippin, Green Winter Pippin and Rome Beauty apples. The result is a hard cider with nice fruit flavors and a clean finish that make it easy to reach for a second glass. 

Leonard Oakes Estate Winery-  The vineyards lie cradled in the warming arms of Lake Ontario, thriving on soils rich in deltaic glacial deposits. Forged by 4 generations of Oakes; we pay tribute to our founder, Leonard, and invite you to taste our premium wines of distinction. The Oakes Family has a 90 year history of ties to agriculture and the land in the northwest corner of Orleans County. In 2003 we planted our first wine grapes. From that initial planting of six acres and fourteen varietie [Photo: News flash: A single bottle of Steampunk sold for $600!! Recently the International Fruit Tree association held a fundraiser to support an apple rootstock research program. Small lots were auctioned off and this single bottle of Steampunk cider managed to bring in a good share. A great feat for a noble cause in support of furthering our heritage. Cheers!] s has evolved what is known today as Leonard Oakes Estate Winery.

729 Main Road
Aquebogue, New York

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1100 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, New York

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2000 Oregon Road 
Mattituck New York
(631) 804-0367 


Fujac Hard Cider- A bubbly blend of juices from Jonagold, Jonamac, Fuji, Crispin, and Macoun apples grown locally at Red Jacket Orchards. Drier than our Apple wine and with a lower ABV of only 7.1%, this light, refreshing option is a perfect alternative.

43 Mount Zion Road
Marlboro, New York

(845) 236-2684

342 Altamont Road (Route 156)
Altamont, New York

(518) 655-0108


Stone Fort Reserve- A blend of our orchard’s no-spray, non-fertilized apples, and various wild and feral apples foraged from the surrounding woods. A good measure of wild russets impart a bitter-sharp smack. Stone Fort is about twenty-five percent forage.
Wild Forage- Simply, this cider is pressed from wild apples we have foraged while wandering the northern Catskill Mountains with a burlap sack. It’s how we started, and to this day it’s still our favorite method of crafting cider. 
Oak Barrel Aged- This may sound novel, but it’s anything but. A few years back, we noticed something: nearly all cider throughout history was fermented in oak barrels. Since our forefathers didn’t have stainless steel tanks, or HDPE plastic vessels, oak barrels were just as much a part of cider as apples and alcohol. We believe that in order to truly experience what our forefathers were drinking back in the day — when patriots like the Adams Brothers got cidered up and head-butted the nearest Lobster-Back — there needs to be some toasted American White Oak involved.
Honey Hopped- Our handcrafted cider meets locally grown, organic, NY State Hops, and is back-blended with a touch of our farm’s raw honey — the very honey collected in the pollination of the apple trees from which we press our cider. Pretty much, it’s cider’s entire life cycle in your glass. The hops not only provide a cannabis aroma and a piney top-note, but they help to stabilize the cider, allowing us to crash fermentation a little bit early, leaving some of the honey unfermented.

87 Linden Street
Geneva, New York


(315) 325-4779


DeMunck's Belgium Style Hard Cider- We ferment 100% pure apple juice with our house Belgian Abbey Ale yeast for a very special hard cider. Made in small batches, DeMunck's Hard Cider is smooth, easy to drink and naturally gluten-free.

The Blue Toad- was conceived in 2013 in the back of a cold garage in Scottsville, New York, by three childhood friends — Todd Rath, Scott Hallock and Greg Booth — who share a common upbringing and a common desire to consume high-quality alcoholic beverages. Their all-natural hard cider uses only locally grown Western New York apples. Rather than solely using European-style tart and bitter apples, Blue Toad uses a cider blend of three different apples grown and pressed at Schutt's Apple Mill in Webster. The production takes place in its cidery at the Genesee Regional Market, which includes a tasting room. Old-school values, new-world sensibilities. Born in a barn, Blue Toad Cider honors the tradition and legacy of America’s first beverage. 

New York  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in New York.

Everett Orchards is a sixth generation farm located in the northeast corner of New York State's Champlain Valley. The Champlain Valley area of New York has long been regarded for the high quality McIntosh apples it produces.  The sun filled days and cool nights provide an ideal  environment for the production of apples.  Other  commercial apple varieties produced include Cortland, Empire, Red Delicious, Paula Red, Spartan and Jersey Mac. 

Cider Creek Hard Cider- Our family heritage ties back to farmland in the hills of Canisteo, NY. Our life is in Boston, MA. Every year when we return to the farm at Thanksgiving time, we visit the local cider mill and home brew hard cider to share with our friends and family throughout the holidays. Our cider’s become so popular that people ask us to make more cider all year round. While we can’t bring the farm and the cider mill back to Boston, we can bring more of that straight from the mill flavor to our friends at fine establishments in Boston, a city rooted deep in cider heritage. We do not use store bought juice or concentrate. Our cider is 100% made by us, from start to finish. First, we buy our apples directly from local NY state farmers. We hand inspect every apple for quality, then blend 5-7 different types of apples together. From there we send the apples up to the press, which we also operate. 

Anheuser-Busch's Johnny Appleseed- is a refreshingly sweet and intense hard apple cider. It’s best enjoyed on the rocks, among good friends. Inspired by a legendary adventurer and storyteller, Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider was created for anyone with a story to tell. So whenever friends gather to share a drink, a tale, or a night out, raise a glass of Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider — to the hundreds of stories waiting to be told.


Crisp & Dry- ​Crisp and refreshing with a light sparkle and subtle apple finish. Clean on the palette and not sweet. 6.6% ABV and naturally gluten-free. Made with custom juice blend of Finger Lakes region apples.

Apples & Honey- Aromatic apple and honey notes balance beautifully to celebrate autumn's harvest. For those who like a little sweetness in their glass. 6.3% ABV and naturally gluten-free. Made purely from apples and honey from New York's Finger Lakes region.

Pennings Orchard and Farm Market-  operates on 100 acres of pristine farmland in the historic Hudson Valley town of Warwick, NY. In addition to the 100 acres of fruit and vegetable production, our business is comprised of the Orchards, Farm Market, Bakery, Harvest Grill and Brew Pub, Ice Cream Stand, and Garden Center. For more than 30 years, Pennings Farm Market has been a steadfast retailer of locally grown produce under the attentive ownership of Steve and Jill Pennings. Nestled in the Warwick Valley, Pennings Farm Cidery is the newest addition to Pennings Farm, a long established family business that now offers a great line of ciders for everyone to enjoy.


Little Apple Farm Cider- Made From Hand-Picked Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Baldwin And English Cider Apples, Notably Cox Orange Pippin, Little Apple Farm Cider Is Dry, Crisp And Aromatic, An American Proseco.


Kettleborough Brut Cider- Intense apple aroma, lightly sparkling. Crisp acidity, off-dry to dry, would play well w/ most food pairings. 22oz bottle, 8% ABV.

Kettleborough Cider House's-"dry cider". Made from 100% Hudson Valley apples! Support Local and come get this great cider!

"Strawberry Cider"- begins as a dry hard cider that is infused with hand-pressed Dressel Farms strawberries. Unfiltered and bottle-conditioned, the result is a naturally-sparkling, off-dry cider with a subtle yet satisfying strawberry tint. 

"Honey Honey"- is a semi-dry cider made from a hand-sorted blend of apples and sweetened with 100% Honeycrisp juice infused with Pure New York State Honey.  The light sweetness is properly balanced with a touch of acidity to keep the cider crisp, light and refreshing.  BBBBZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!
Lightly Hopped- In the 1800's, New York was the #1 producer of hops in the United States. Now we bring that tradition back with our "Lightly Hopped" Cider! Our aim with this cider was to bring out the wonderful floral aromas and citric flavors of the Cascade Hop without overpowering the bright fruitiness of the cider. It's a cider that will appeal to IPA-lovers and casual drinkers alike!

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in New York.


Big Apple Hard Cider Casked Series- We’ve partnered with three Brooklyn distilleries to create 10 distinct limited edition ciders. Aged in local whiskey casks for 6+ months, these brews are infused with caramel and toasted oak with a hint of smoke. Specific vintages include finishes of cognac, maple syrup, rye and peat; just to name a few. Available in limited release beginning September 2016.
Big Apple Hard Cider Brooklyn Brew- Inspired by an artist, poet and true American hero we proudly call our friend, this brew brings out the spice of Puerto Rico with the bite of Bedstuy. Brooklyn Brew is a smooth, medium-dry cider that sings with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and almond. Sometimes surprising, always energizing—just like Brooklyn.

260 County Highway 131
Johnstown, New York

(518) 332-2732

Lake Drum Brewing- A small batch brewery and cidery in downtown Geneva, NY. We also offer other local beers/ciders/hard alcohol as well.

Kaneb Orchards-  Located in the lush Canadian Border region of Saint Lawrence County, Kaneb Orchards produces the finest apples in the state. We sell more than a dozen varieties of apples from August through November. In addition, we also have an assortment of the best seasonally-available pears, cranberries and pumpkins. Our delicious cider is produced on site and can be purchased at the Cider Mill. A large fruit stand gives you the chance to bag the right kind of apple for your favorite recipes, or for a wholesome and healthy snack right out of the bag. 

139 Sagg Road, PO Box 9002 
Sagaponack, New York 

(631) 537-5106

Furnace Hard Cider- We have always had a lifelong love of cider, and we took some of our three favorite flavors, each with their own unique characteristics, to create something very special.

Catherine Valley Winery- opened in 2003. You can be assured of a warm welcome with a uniquely local charm. It’s our goal to echo the same warm welcoming environment that Queen Catharine herself was noted for. Come enjoy our wonderful view of Seneca Lake while tasting our exceptional offerings of fine dry, semi dry and semi sweet wines that are sure to please every palate. On average 90% of our wine is made from estate grown grapes. The other grapes used to make our wines are sourced from premium vineyards located within the Finger Lakes appellation.

Kashong Creek Craft Cider- Kashong Creek Craft Cider is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Geneva, NY.  We provide unique exposure into the world of cider through quality examples from all over the world, including right here at home in the Finger Lakes.  You will also find an exciting array of spirits, wine, and beer available for tasting and enjoyment.  We can't wait to take you on this adventure with us!

248 County Road 1
Chenango Forks, New York 


(607) 656-9863

6497 Cunningham Creek Road
Canisteo, New York 

(607) 301-3244

Rogers' Cideryard- is a cider pub specializing in hard ciders crafted from our orchard meadow. Our taproom serves food, beer, cider, and cocktails.

18 Hicks Road
Granville, New York

(518) 642-1788

Bellwether Hard Cider- is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, specializes in the production of hard cider, a new "old" beverage that once reigned as our nation's most popular drink.  We use a wide variety of Upstate New York apples to produce a range of carefully handcrafted, premium ciders.  These ciders range from extremely dry Champagne-style ciders, to a semi-dry non-sparkling ciders made with traditional English and French cider apples and classic Upstate varieties, to several lightly sparkling ciders that have some sweetness and refreshing apple taste, and our distinctive Cherry Street which is a lightly sparkling blend of apple and tart cherry.


1911 Heritage Dry- is a delicate sparkling hard cider with a crisp, dry finish. Fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel and aged with French and American Oak, this cider has light structure, vibrant acidity, and subtle undertones of vanilla and caramel. Dry, 6.9% ABV.

​1911 Sweet Apple Hard Cider- is bursting with flavor, low in alcohol, and full of sweetness. This cider is lightly sparkling to give it a playful side. Ideal for those who love fresh apple juice with a slight kick. Sweet, 3% ABV.

Founders' Reserve Hopped Hard Cider- is a sparkling cider made with a combination of classic American bittering and aromatic hops. Fruit forward with a floral nose; a subtle sweetness balances the light bitterness to give a smooth, slightly resinous finish. Semi-Dry, 6.9% ABV.
Combining New York's renowned apple and grape heritage, Founders' Reserve Rose is a sparkling hard cider blended with locally grown Noiret and Chancellor grapes. This gives the cider a rosy hue, aromas of tropical fruits, and flavors of strawberry and pomegranate. Semi-Dry, 6.9% ABV.
A sparkling cider made from a special blend of our family grown apples, 1911 Original Hard Cider combines the crispness of freshly picked apples with a clean refreshing finish. A balanced and perfectly tart cider aged with American oak. Semi-Dry, 5.5% ABV.

1911 Raspberry Hard Cider- is a sparkling cider made from our family grown apples. This cider opens with a fruit forward body and a lingering burst of raspberry on the finish. Semi-Sweet. 5.5% ABV.

1911 Blueberry Hard Cider- is a sparkling cider made from our family grown apples. It is perfect for someone looking for something a little bit sweeter. The flavors of apple and blueberry intertwine smoothly and result in a lasting fruity finish. Semi-Sweet 5.5%. ABV.
1911 Hopped IPC Hard Cider- is made with our New York State apples and 5 fruity west coast hops, fermented together to create aromas of nectarine, lavender and pine. This semi-dry, effervescent cider has pronounced flavors of ripe peaches, cherries and black strap molasses with hints of juniper berries. The result is a light bodied, bittersweet treat. Semi-Dry, 6.9% ABV.
1911 Ginger Hard Cider- is a bold sparkling cider that playfully flirts with sweet and spicy. Aromas of honey and stone fruits balance well with the flavors of pineapple, honey and the snappy spice of ginger. The result is a light bodied, clean cider that invigorates the senses and warms the soul. Semi-Dry, 6.9% ABV.

4069 Goose Street
Locke, New York​

2241 Albany Post Road

Walden, New York 


(888) 845-3311

​1297 Brookview Station Road
Castleton, New York

(518) 732-7317


Farm Flor- A blend of wild yeast fermented juicy young cider with funky and acidic barrel aged cider.
Hop Tropic- A dry hopped juice bomb of a cider with tropical fruity flavors of mango, grapefruit and citrus.
Lost in the Woods- An earthy and citrusy brett fermented cider aged on Spanish Cedar and dry hopped with Citra & Centennial. 
Desert Diamonds- A bright, tart and fruity salted cider with tamarind and ginger. Labyrinth in the Sun- Juicy, funky and hoppy fruited cider re-fermented on peaches and mangos.
Fur Coat- Inspired by old school ipa's dry hopped with resinous & fruity Simcoe and Azzaca and aged on juniper berries.

Young Sommer Winery is located in the heart of New York's largest apple growing area. We specialize in award winning Fruit and Grape wines that truly embody the unique climate that clings to the Lake Ontario Shoreline. The winery, located just 1 mile south of Lake Ontario is nestled in the center of our fruit farm overlooking our orchards and expanding vineyards. Winemaker Jan Klapetzky has more than 3 decades of experience in producing quality wines with more than 30 gold medals in both regional and national competitions. Jan excels at hand crafting wines in small batches that satisfy the demands of the small boutique style wine setting you’ll find at Young Sommer Winery.

Po'Boy Brewery- features handcrafted artisanal beers and hard ciders, and is the only farm brewery on Long Island and one of the few in the country that is licensed by the state and federal government to make and serve hard ciders at the same location. They have 8 taps for you to enjoy in addition to some great live music. Po’Boy Brewery is looking forward to “brewing great craft beers and ciders for extraordinary people” and welcoming in the growing number of local craft beer fans. The 2,200 square foot property is in an industrial area of Port Jefferson Station, off of Route 112, 1 block South of  Port Jefferson train station and behind Fun 4 All.  The initial brewing setup is a 3 barrel system (BBL) brewhouse which produces 90 gallons per batch and the facility has plenty of space to grow. 


Sundog Cider- Cleaner Than Beer, Lighter Than Wine. Smooth Tasting, Full Of Big Apple Flavor.  Crisp, Balanced, And Aromatic, It Is A Perfect Accompaniment To Any Meal. Naturally Gluten Free.

929 Broadway
Albany, New York

(518) 449-9999

Fishkill Farms- founded Treasury Cider in 2016 on the belief that outstanding cider starts in the orchard, not in the cidery. Eco Apple certified and grown exclusively at Fishkill Farms, Treasury apples reflect the Hudson Valley climate and mineral-rich soils from which they come. They are pressed and then fermented slowly at cool temperatures, with little filtration, to create a character-rich drink, rooted in the American cider-making tradition. Fishkill Farms is a historic apple orchard that has been in the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. After leasing the farm to outside management for a period, Robert and Josh Morgenthau, the second and third generation of the farm family, took the operation back in 2007. Soon, a team began to develop, and Josh took over management of the farm. With the hard work and dedication of the team, Fishkill Farms has grown from a conventionally farmed apple orchard in need of new trees and new tractors, into a diversified, ecological farm with new orchards and infrastructures.

2711 Sound Ave
Calverton, New York

(631) 284-3469


Sponti- Wild fermented cider from traditional and crab apples.
Hudson Valley, 2015- 65% Northern Spy, 26% Wild Seedlings, 9% Somerset Redstreak,Harry Masters Jersey & Binet Rouge 1/3 fermented & aged in neutral oak Spontaneous Fermentation   ·  Rural Method ·  Dry
Greater Lake Ontario, 2015- 90% Northern Spy 10% Manchurian Crab Spontaneous Fermentation  ·  Rural Method ·  Dry
Ashmead's Kernel <<Samascott>>, 2015- grown by Samascott  Orchard,  Columbia County Fermented & aged in neutral oak Still · Dry
Golden Russet <<Samascott>>, 2015- grown by Samascott Orchard, Columbia County  Fermented & aged in neutral oak Still · Dry

Sovereign Cider- At Sovereign we believe that the best-tasting food and drink is made from fresh ingredients grown nearby. This is why Sovereign Cider partners with family farms to find the freshest and highest quality apples. All natural, fresh pressed and never from concentrate, each of Sovereign's ciders is naturally gluten free, with no sugar or artificial additives. Sovereign is committed to crafting fresh, delicious ciders while supporting family farms and reviving America's proud cider heritage. In support of this commitment, a portion of our profits go to organizations that support family farms, farmland preservation and resilient local food economies.

4017 Hickok Road,
Interlaken, New York

(607) 351-3313 

Metal House Cider- We start with apples sourced entirely from historic Hudson Valley orchards and our own reinvigorated family orchard in Esopus, NY. After having sweat the apples for a spell, we press on our handmade rack-and-cloth press. Initial fermentation takes place in glass and stainless steel, and then rests through the winter in our steel clad cider house – the metal house! We blend in the spring, and start a new tirage using champagne yeast, nutrients and sugar to restart the fermentation process. We bottle immediately and then lay the bottles horizontally for a minimum of six months, allowing the second fermentation to proceed slowly, and imparting an optimal effervescence to each one. But good things take time. From the sustainably grown apples we pick, to the way in which we ferment, to the time we allow it to bottle condition, we work for it … and wait for it. Toil, love and time.


Albee Hill- Still, dry. This single orchard cider is made entirely from English and French cider apples grown in our Albee Hill Orchard where shallow shale based soils, low fertility, and no irrigation result in concentrated tannins and acids. Bottled still and dry, Albee Hill is minimalist cider, which embodies true cider apple character.

Northern Spy- Naturally sparkling, dry. This cider is made entirely from lumpy, green Northern Spy apples, which lend a surprising depth and structure to this single variety cider. Salty, citrusy, and dry, Northern Spy has tiny bubbles and a mouth-watering acidity that cleanses the palate and enhances most foods

Autumn's Gold- Naturally sparkling, off dry. This cider is a blend of English, French and American cider apples. Autumn’s Gold is golden, bubbly and off dry. It has a distinctive fruity nose that comes only from bittersweet apples, smoky, tannic undertones and a rich, warm texture and lingering finish.

Darling Creek- This semi-dry cider is a blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, fruity American cider apples and our own seedling varieties. The aroma is a play between sweet- honey suckle, apple blossom and red apple; herbal- gin, licorice, and allspice; and green- tomatillo and sapling. The mouth feel is big and thick with a soft but dry, velvety texture. The finish is full and balanced, with lingering notes of sweet, sour apricot.

Perry Pear- Naturally sparkling, semi-dry. Made from a blend of uncommon English perry pears. Like sackcloth on young flesh, this perry is a sumptuous blend of fruit and tannins. Melon and fresh pear over smokey bacon, figs, and dried apricots.

Rustica- Naturally sparkling, fresh and fruity, this semi-sweet cider is the perfect summer companion. We taste green summer apples, vanilla, and cream soda.

Beckhorn Hollow- Aromas swirl from raw honey to white clover blossoms to fresh lake breeze. The palate is a striking contrast to the nose with juicy kumquat, toasted hazelnuts and chamomile. The sweet floral, tart citrus and bitter citrus peel elements have seamless integration in a balanced structure. Bright acid and silty tannin are equal in the finish which is long and lingering with more honey, citrus and a bit of candied peel.​

Kingston Black- This still, dry cider is made entirely from an esteemed English bittersharp variety grown using organic farming practices in our Albee Hill orchard. Aroma: initially the pungency of kerosene, opening up into sweet clover, white flowers and lychee. This cider has a lean, taut, firm structure and buttery mouth feel. The finish has a balanced, lemony acidity which lingers but does not seem sour.
Essence- Ice cider, sweet dessert. This is ice wine made from apples. We allow the juice from late harvest apples to freeze during the winter. As the juice freezes and thaws, a concentrated portion collects in the center. We ferment this nectar partially, saving the natural apple sugars to make this a dessert cider. Essence is replete with flavors of honey, caramel, apricot jam and juicy apples.

Mayers Lake Ontario Winery and Cider Mill- was built by Perry Langdon in 1835, he later, in 1876, sold the property to Donat Mayer. Donat Mayer was a farmer who made apple cider by pressing his excess apples. This started a trend with the neighbors. In 1904 Donat Mayer Jr. purchased the farm from his father. Donat Mayer Jr started the making of donuts, later passing down the farm and tradition to his son Harvey Mayer. In 1962 David Bower bought the Cider Mill and Barns from Harvey Mayer. David Bower Sr. kept the tradition alive as well as the name. The Cider Mill still operates today and the Donuts are made fresh every day in the same way. Since the Mill was bought, the Bower Family has added a couple traditions of their own, including fudge, cookies, and specialty ciders, and there is the addition of the wine tasting room on the side of the barn exactly where the kids used to play. In addition to their time old traditions, the Bower Family added the home beer and wine making retail store.

16 E Castle St.
Geneva, New York

(315) 789-1200

Middleburgh, New York

(518) 719-5758


The Standard- Cider jointed the flame that forged this great nation. 'The Standard' is our declaration to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Sweet Citra-
Dry- Fruit of the Farm-

Baldwinsville, New York

Little Apple Farm- in Hillsdale, New York is a 300-tree orchard operated by Ron Bixby and his wife Alanne Baerson since 1980. The Roe Jan Independent profiled them in a 1987 article that described how to restore an old apple orchard…basically hard work and a lot of love. Ron comes from an apple growing family in, where else, Appleton, Wisconsin. The farm went organic in the 1990s. Organic doesn’t mean no spray. Ron explains that unlike non-organic orchards, only certified organic materials are used at Little Apple Farm, such as sulfur, calcium, clay, even seaweed and baking powder, rather than toxic insecticides and fungicides. “It’s expensive and time consuming, and thats why so few organic apples are on the market,” according to Ron. Hard cider, more specifically “Cidre fermier” small batch traditional sparkling farm cider wine, has a long tradition at the farm, and now not just for home consumption. Tasting room located at the Hudson-Chatham Winery.

2 Cortlandt St
Mt Vernon, New York


(914) 439-2497


Original Red Apple Bombshell- Our first ever hard cider is hand crafted by our winemakers, using 100% locally grown apples. The result is an off-dry cider that is crisp and clean with notes of honey and vanilla. Our winemaker says it best, "it speaks for itself." ABV: 6.5% 
Raspberry Red Apple Bombshell- Made with 100% locally grown apples, this medium-sweet raspberry cider is sure to satisfy. This unique cider is enhanced with natural raspberry and apricot juices for a fruity crisp taste. ABV: 6.5% 
Red Apple Bombshell Cane Mutiny- Our first ever hard cider is hand crafted by our winemakers, using 100% locally grown apples from Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva. The result is a off-dry cider that is crisp and clean with notes of honey and vanilla. Our winemaker says it best, “it speaks for itself”.

55 Redden Lane

Andes, New York 


(845) 676 6002

43 Baileys Gap Rd
Highland New York

(845) 236-0956

585 Franklin Ave.

New York City, New York

Wayside Cider- A small-batch craft cidery based in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. From hand picking apples through to bottling our final product,we handle every stage of the process, including, of course, sharing a glass of our cider with friends. While our methods might take longer, so do all the best things in life. Our blend of wild, heirloom, and dessert apples merges past and present to create a uniquely Delaware County cider. Bucking the current cider trend of looking to Europe for inspiration and apple cultivars, we are focused on making modern American ciders that draw on the history and topography of the place where we live. We pick and graft the wild and abandoned trees with the aim of preserving the past while embracing modern production methods to produce a cider unique to this region. We have found the wild apples produce much less juice than their cultivated cousins, but we hope you will agree that the complexity and unique flavors of these little fellas make all the effort worthwhile.

182 Highland Road
Massena, New York 

(315) 769-2880

Applewood Winery and Naked Flocks Ciders- Enjoy wine tasting at a real farm winery in New York's Hudson Valley. Discover New York wines at Applewood. Our wines are made from our own vineyards, orchards and from across the state. We make Chardonnay's, Cabernet Franc, barrel fermented reds, in addition to that we have delicious fruit wines including Hard Apple Cider. Every wine is produced in a "limited edition" with almost every bottle spoken for as soon as its made. The Naked Flock is introducing people to a true Hudson Valley Hard Cider. "Our Cider is for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality." Says Cider maker Jonathan Hull.


Boxer Dry Hard Apple Cider- made in the traditional style with antique apple varieties. Subtle apple with crisp, dry refreshing bubbly finish. 

Boxer Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider- traditional old-fashioned American apple varieties blended with antique apple varieties creates a harmonious balance of fruit and flavor with a slight bubble. 
Perry- 100% pear, delicate fruit with a crisp bubble.


Slap Happy Cider- With a lot of passion and hard work, we have crafted our hard apple cider to delight your senses ~ Naturally Gluten Free!

Gravity Ciders- proud makers of Awestruck Premium Hard Ciders. Here at Gravity Ciders, we proudly craft our delicious hard ciders from 100% fresh-pressed New York State apples. We love to play with new and unique flavors to create complex, delicious beverages for you to savor sip after sip. Our hard ciders are all about having fun, doing what we love, and crafting tasty, refreshing drinks to be enjoyed everywhere.


Lord Sudamore- sparkling; champagne-style hard cider made from tart, Northern Spy apples; secondary fermentation in the bottle produces a deliciously Brut, finely carbonated beverage; bottled on the lees. Named for 16th century cidermaker who invented the champagne method.

Legacy- sparkling, champagne-style blend of English and French traditional cider apples; complex acid and tannin; secondary fermentation in the bottle produces a deliciously Brut, finely carbonated beverage; bottled on the lees.

Heritage- dry, blend of European cider apples including Brown Snout, Dabinette, Chisel Jersey; this is the still version of Legacy; complex acid and tannin; an Old World cider to bring balance to your modern, hectic life.
King Baldwin- Off-dry (which means pretty doggone dry -- just enough residual sugar for some body); 6.9% alcohol; sparkling; blend of two antique apples, the Tompkins King, a very local apple and Baldwin, a variety discovered in Massachusetts; tart and refreshing with a complex finish; pairs well with many foods.

No 4- dry, sparkling; mostly Northern Spy with a smaller amount of Liberty; great with poultry, pork, and spicy dishes; tart but balanced

Spyglass- semi-dry, still; blend of Northern Spy and Liberty apples; complex acid and tannin; pairs well with many foods. Not too sweet and not too dry. This really is the most flexible cider for food pairing that we've tasted.still; blend of Northern Spy and Liberty apples; complex acid and tannin; pairs well with many foods. Not too sweet and not too dry.

Original- The name says it all -- our first cider, and still a big favorite. (Okay, so we aren't too clever with naming!). Semi-dry; 6.5% alcohol; sparkling; delicate apple taste; crisp and refreshing.

Liberty Spy- The cider we bring to your house for dinner when you've never had any Bellwether ciders before. Nice sweet front end for the sweet fans and a long finish for the dry fans. Semi-dry/semi-sweet; 6.8% alcohol; sparkling; hearty taste with full mouthfeel; made from Liberty and Northern Spy apples.
Cherry Street- A distinctively different cider -- apple-taste on the front end, with a great cherry finish. Semi-sweet; 5.5% alcohol; sparkling; delicate apple taste with distinct taste of tart cherry; crisp and refreshing. Named after the street in New York City where George Washington (of renowned cherry tree fame) established the first presidential residence.
Black Magic- Another distinctively different cider combining apple with a new "old" fruit, black currant. Semi-sweet; sparkling; a rich, fruity "mystical" taste; crisp and refreshing. Black currants had been outlawed in the U.S. for over 100 years due to a disease they transmitted to white pine. Now new varieties are legal again, and New York has recently lifted the ban. Black Magic fans are thankful!


Cliffton Dry Premium Cider- presents a wonderfully delicate and pure, organically produced beverage that celebrates todays health driven consumer that is looking for an all-natural, sustainably farmed, high quality product. Cliffton Dry offers a low alcohol (5.5%), low-calorie and low sugar (0.05%), gluten-free sparkling wine that serves as the perfect standalone refreshment, a finest farm-to-table meal, or your favorite champagne cocktail.


Wickham's Pear Cider- A Blend Of Gorham, Comice, And Bosc Pears, Fermented On The Skins In Neutral French Oak. Distinctly Pear-Flavored And Slightly Sweet, It's Good On Its Own As An Aperitif Or Paired With Savory Desserts.

ELFS Farm Winery and Cider Mill-  is a small family farm winery. The Frey family produces locally grown wine and ciders. The farm began growing cold climate grapes in 2006. The first wines were produced in 2007.Prior to producing wines the farm had been a cider mill, so it was a natural progression that cider and apple wines became a specialty of Elfs Farm. In it’s first season Elfs Farm won several gold medals for its apple wines. The family is consistently trying to craft better apple, fruit and grape wines for your enjoyment. Following a major fire and tropical storm ELFS closed for substantial repairs and remodeling, but reopened in May 2013. They are fully operational now and sharing their great ciders and wines. Adirondack Cider Company is committed to producing premium hard cider made with local, Champlain Valley apples. No water or juice concentrate is added to our hard cider. We aim to highlight the true flavor of the apples we use and with 4-5 apples contained in every glass, the apple is there to taste. Our hard cider is real craft American cider. Remember to always Drink Real.

4161 Rt 9
Hudson, New York 


Rumor Mill Hard Cider- The Apples For This Dry Sparkling Cider Were Grown On The North Fork Of Long Island, New York. A Small Farming And Vineyard Community, The North Fork Is Known For An Abundance Of Fresh Produce, Award-Winning Wine Grapes And Plenty Of Outrageous Rumors. Want To Start Your Own Rumor?  Visit Us On The North Fork.


Stone Bridge Cider, The Banquet- Dry, Effervescent And Balanced Acidity Make This A Great Cider To Enjoy With Many Of Our Dishes.
Stone Bridge Cider, Northern Spy- 


Cidre Brut Rose- 
Farmhouse Perry- 
Lady Seneca- 

14451 Richmond Ave.
Sterling, New York

(315) 947-2052 


Stone Will Cider- Cider is made from estate grown apples. Named after my grandfather Wilson Stone, this semi-sweet full apple flavored spritely cider satisfies your taste buds all year long but especially during the warm summer months and cool autumn days.


Flower City Blonde- A crisp and fruity cider, using a blend of the finest local Golden Delicious, Empire and Crispin apples. A light cider that is pale straw-colored and clean-tasting. 

ROC HARD Amber- A fusion of tannic apple flavors derived from a blend of locally grown Red Delicious, Ida Red and Northern Spy apples. A copper-colored cider with hints of caramel, molasses, butterscotch, and raisins.   

Blue Ridge Blonde- A crisp and fruity cider born and bred in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, using a blend of the finest local Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples. A light cider that is pale straw-colored and clean-tasting with a bright taste of fresh apples that finishes with luscious pear notes.

Black Cherry- An amazing blend of black cherries and apples made into a very sessionable cider beverage. Not too tart, not too dry, just right to enjoy anytime of year. This blend starts out with our Blue Ridge Blonde recipe, and during fermentation local black cherries, or when not available, black cherries from Washington state are added to create the perfect flavors derived from local apples & black cherries.
Hawaii Toad Ohh” Pineapple- Cold weather is here so we are serving a glass of sunshine at the Toad! Splash a wave of refreshment on your Holiday fun with Blue Toad’s Pineapple Hard Cider, a new seasonal flavor mixing the smooth, citrus taste of fresh Hawaiian pineapple with the crisp, tart sweetness of apple cider.
APA Triple Hopped- Our American Pressed Apple (APA) is a hard cider reminiscent of a fine white wine; this Hopped Cider is a perfect fusion of acidity, sweetness and floral hop flavor. The IPA drinkers hard cider.

Original Stump Blower (OSB) Ciderworks- we are an Upstate NY craft ciderworks, owned and operated by siblings Elise Barnard and Eric Smith. Our name pays homage to our father and his late uncle. Back in the day they hid their homemade hard cider from Aunt Bobby, in stumps. The phrase "let's go blow up some stumps" became code for backyard swilling because the cider was so strong it could blow up stumps. We make a variation of this cider in-house and think fond thoughts of Uncle Charie everytime we talk about it. We utilize NY apples, as well as other local ingredients to ferment tasty libations for locals and cider enthusiasts alike. In our gift shop you will find goods that are printed by local companies and art made by talented people from the surrounding areas.


New England Tropic Cider- Pineapple/Cranberry Flavored Cider
Sangria Sunset- Sangria Flavored Cider
Merry Moscato- Flavored Cider

52-05 Flushing Ave
Suite 209
Queens, New York 


106 Bindery Lane
Charlotteville, New York

3724 Quaker Rd
Gasport, New York

(716) 772-2211


Hard Cider Original-  Made from 100% sweet Apple Cider.  This semi-sweet, traditional, refreshing, & sparkling apple beverage is sure to please. 

Hard Cider Apple Raspberry-  Made from 100% sweet Apple Cider and Raspberries.  This semi-sweet, sparkling beverage is much like a wine spritzer.  Serve chilled.

Clifton Springs, New York

4201 State Route 414
Burdett, New York 

(607) 546-5300

New York  is the country's third-largest wine-producing state, with more than 250 wineries growing over 36 varieties of grapes. New York is the birthplace of many foods: potato chips, ready-made mayonnaise, Buffalo wings and Thousand Island dressing, for starters. The original Buffalo Wings were invented in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar. New York also enjoys the most robust cider producing capability of any state and leads all states in the number of cider makers with 93 identified- so far! 


Succession Sparkling Semi Dry Cider- Our first commercial cider is "Succession". It's a crisp, off dry cider designed with session-ability in mind. It's a blend of 6 apple varieties fermented to dryness and then sweetened with a blend of fresh pressed apple juice to balance the acidity.
Pom Pomme, Sparkling Dry-  is a delicious blend of apples, pomegranate and hibiscus flowers. It's crisp, tart and refreshing. The pomegranate is used purely to balance the cider whilst not adding an overpowering fruit cider character.
Origin Ginger & Cadamom- Heirloom cider apples blended with ginger and steeped with cardamom pods. Spicy ginger compliment the semi dry cider followed with aromatic cardamom.!about-us/f2own

5901 Big Tree Road
Lakeville, New York

 (585) 346-7027

Indian Ladder Farmstead Cidery and Brewery (ILFCB)- is operated by Dietrich Gehring and his partner Stuart Morris. ILFCB is located on Indian Ladder Farms, a popular apple orchard and farm market located in Altamont, New York. ILFCB produces hard cider and beer using crops such as apples, pears, berries and pumpkins as well as hops and malting barley grown on Indian Ladder and other local farms.  ILFCB’s on-farm tasting room is open to the public for beer and hard cider by the glass as well as growler-fills. 


‘Farmhouse Semi-Dry'- A traditional farmhouse cider, crafted in a style of fermentation common to our region for over 250 years, using a blend of modern and heirloom American cider apple varieties, including Old Winesap, Northern Spy, Dolgo Crab, Spigold (Redspy x Golden Delicious), Ida Red & Spartan. 8.2% ABV. Lightly carbonated. Filtered. Semi-dry. Barrel-aged in French & American Oak. Slow-fermented over an 8 month period prior to bottling. This blend is based on the sustainability of private, planted heirloom orchards. 
'Northern Spy'- A single varietal of Northern Spy apples. 6.8% ABV. Still. No residual sugar. A blend of Northern Spy apples grown at Scrumpy Ewe Orchards and local orchards. Bright, acidic and bone-dry. Unfiltered. Unique to the terroir of our valley. Barrel-aged in American white oak. 


Badass One Bad Apple Cider- ​Crisp, smooth, and well-balanced. Reminiscent of a baked Granny Smith apple with the earthy scent of McIntosh skins. It gives this cider a well-rounded mouth feel and lively sparkle with a clean finish.
Badass Quite A Pear Cider- ​Cider with a strong suggestion of tree fruits, a hint of quince and soft Bosc undertones. The bubbles create a harmonious mouth feel with the melange of fruity flavors.


Crisp Apple- is made from traditional cider apples for a blend of sweetness and bright acidity, just like biting into a fresh apple. 
Easy Apple- is a less sweet, refreshing and easy-to-drink hard cider. 
Stone Dry- The driest of our ciders, this is our twist on traditional English style ciders. 
Our Green Apple Cider has a bright, fresh apple aroma, with notes of honeydew melon and kiwi. This cider is a tart blend of a lively apple flavor and balanced sweetness. 
Our Cinnful Apple cider is crisp and refreshing with a spicy twist. The sweet, slightly tart apple flavor is balanced with cinnamon spice, adding hints of cocoa and a slight heat. 
Tapped Maple- Not-too-sweet with a big, bright apple taste and touch of Vermont maple syrup. 
Strawman- Full-flavored, complex, and balanced – this wine-like cider is rounded out by apple and citrus notes. 
Iceman-  Rich, complex, with a unique crisp apple taste and notes of caramel and toffee, with a smooth vanilla character. 
Summer Honey- Light and refreshing with a fruit-forward apple taste and a touch of wildflower honey. 


Dancing Buffalo Cider-   Single varietal Baldwin apples are fermented and bottled into this delightful beverage. Old world cider apples from Blackman's Homestead farm orchard. 

Dancing Buffalo "Pirouette" Perry- is a classic perry made with locally grown pears. Made in the same traditional methods as our artisan ciders, this perry is sweet and fruity. 

Premium Hard Cider- Original Sin is a critically acclaimed cider launched in 1997. From day one we’ve been committed to producing premium quality cider using the finest ingredients. Original Sin contains no artificial flavors or colors allowing the natural qualities of the apple to speak for itself.

Original Sin Pear Cider- was developed in line with the company’s mission to produce traditional cider leaving out artificial flavors and additives. Original Sin Pear is light and refreshing with a clean, dry finish.

Elderberry Cider-  Elderberries have been adding flare to hard cider for centuries.  In fact, the 1822 book The American Orchardist  suggests adding Elderberries to give cider "a fine colour as well as flavour."
Newtown Pippin Single Heirloom Varietal- “The Prince of Apples”. First harvested in 1740 in Queens, NY. Coveted by George Washington and Thomas Jeferson and planted in their personal estates. Benjamin Franklin had Newtown Pippins shipped to him in London in 1759.
Cherry Tree Cider- combines the finest American heirloom apples, which were popular in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, with tart cherries. The finished product has the clean, rich flavor of fresh cherries with the depth and elegance that comes from using freshly pressed U.S. heirloom cider apples.

Northern Spy Dry Cider-Freshly Pressed Hard Cider made from an iconic heirloom apple. 

Original Sin Apricot Cider- We spent a year testing apricots from sources throughout the country before finding just the right mix for our new cider.  OS apricot features the natural taste and aroma of fresh apricots balanced with acidity and tartness. 
Original Sin Extra Dry Cider- contains a distinct blend of New York apples including Ida Red, MacIntosh, Cortland, and several russeted apples. The cider is complex, balanced, and sessionable with a minimal level of residual sugar.

2770 State Route 14
Penn Yan, New York

(315) 536-6755


Little Lakes Semi-Sweet- I'm not too sweet and not too dry. My apple flavor is refreshing and great to enjoy by the lake in the summer or cozied up under a blanket by the fire in the winter. I love to make friends with everyone.Mama Said Hop You Out!- I’M GONNA HOP YOU OUT! Centennial and Nugget Hops, that are grown in Dansville, NY give me my hoppy aroma and flavor. Don’t pass me up because you don’t like IPA, I'm not bitter, give hops a chance! That first taste its like hearing your favorite 90’s song on the radio! 
Matcha Man Apple Savage- 
Hold The Crust Apple Pie- I’m made up of Grandma Fran’s famous apple pie filling. For every gallon of cider we make one pie... hold the crust. I'm spiced with three kinds of cinnamon as well as nutmeg, mace, and clove. I enjoy long walks through crunchy foliage and bar stool conversations. Save dessert and drink your pie!
Sap It To YA!- I’m made from SAP that Big Ricchie pulled from his Trees! You will only find me in the tasting room because theres only a small amount. I'm apple with a maple finish. Come try me before it's too late.​
The Original- I'm the one that started it all! A combination of apples and concord grapes go in to making me a strong and exciting cider. I am fermented until I reach 11% ABV  and then I get to chill out in the barrel house in Black Button Whiskey barrels. 


Oaken- Our Original Hard Apple Cider, aged with Medium Toast American Oak. Semi-Dry 

Hopped- Our Original Hard Apple Cider, aged with Cascade Hops. Semi-Dry 

Standard- Our Original Hard Apple Cider made from 100% local apples, Semi-Sweet 
Cassis- Our Original Hard Apple Cider, finished with 100% Black Currant Juice

805 Third Avenue
Floor 14
New York, New York

(716) 965-0010

215 Lower Whitfield Rd
Accord, New York

(845) 626-0659


Burboun Barrel Reserve-
Farm House Cider-
Oak Barrel Dry-Oak Barrel Semi-Dry-

Southern Tier Brewing Company
2072 Stoneman Circle
Lakewood, New York 


(716) 763-5479

Poughkeepsie Spirit Works
16 Hornbeck Rd
Poughkeepsie, New York


Cider Tree- With a medium-dry finish; this crisp, refreshing  hard cider is a bounty of flavor from locally sourced applesCider Tree Cinnamon Spice- The robust sensation of this spiced cider comes from the blending of locally sourced apples with an infusion of real cinnamon and nutmeg. A perfect complement to everything Fall.Cider Tree Light & Dry- This bright reduced calorie cider is pale gold, elegant, and austere with crisp tart flavors. Light 'n Dry has a bold acidity and effervescence.
Cider Tree with Citra Hops- This cider has bold flavor with a refreshing citrus zing balanced by the taste of fresh apples and just the right level of sweetness.Cider Tree Vanilla- This aromatic hard cider is a wonderful blend of crisp apple and creamy vanilla flavors with a toasty and nutty oak finish.Cider Tree Elderflower- Made from fresh-pressed apples and infused with the essence of succulent Elderflower.

Sundström Cider- focuses on select wild-harvested, heirloom and cider apple varieties, as well as several species of crabapples in an effort to make vinous, age-worthy ciders that speak of the place they come from. Founded in 2013 after 10 years of experience in the wine industry, including wine production in Germany and Oregon, Sundström Cider aims to honor the apple’s potential complexities through the journey of understanding New York’s apple terroirs. Sundström Cider creates ciders with a minimal-intervention approach, highlighting the natural brightness offered by New York’s climate in dry ciders both sparkling and still – not filtered or fined, and fermented with a focus on natural yeasts.

Brookview Station Winery and Joe-Daddy's Hard Cider- Our farm has been in the Goold family since 1910. We celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 2010. Our mission is to grow and sell only the highest quality apples and freshest pressed apple cider (certified Kosher). Winery making 12 kinds of fruit wines and offering New York state wine red and white grape wines from the Hudson Valley Region to the Finger Lakes. Beautiful custom red oak tasting bar. Located in Goold Orchards' Farm Store. And sold online by

343B Route 295
Chatham, New York

(518) 392-4000

Eve’s Cidery- the sun comes up, the sun sets, the rains come and go and the cold and the heat rotate around the years.  And that is as it has been for thousands of years here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Somewhere, on the side of one of those hill sits our little cider orchard. Sometimes, we marvel at our hard work: “I grafted those thousand trees, I grew those apples, I built that barn, I put up that trellis.” There is honed skill and hard labor involved in growing a crop, and making good cider. But in end, what makes what we do worth doing is a sense of the magic: in leaves absorbing sunlight, roots seeking minerals, raptors hunting mice and apples in the fall. Here is a vintage of cider, which will never be repeated, reflecting the lives of trees in this one spot for this one year. Here are ciders that are elegant, feral, and mischievous. Here are ciders that surprise and transcend. We hope you enjoy them.


Steampunk Cider- Using a melange of traditional bitter sweet apples and new age dessert apples (fuji and braeburn), SteamPunk Cider is a geared up infusion of old world style with new world flare.
Rose Cider- ​Aroma of fresh apple with blueberry & cranberry notes


True Believer- is an off-dry sparkling cider produced from select apples grown locally in the heart of New York.  The Standard Cider Company is dedicated to being the best craft producer of hard apple cider in New York.  Our apples are milled just hours before fermentation begins, creating a refreshing cider full of crisp flavors best enjoyed with all your friends and family. 

True Companion- is a full flavored, slightly sweet sparkling cider produced with the addition of natural ginger.  The Standard Cider Company and our winemaker Bob Barrow are dedicated to producing the best ciders.  Our apples are grown and milled locally in New York’s sustainable farming orchards. This old world style cider is a perfect accompaniment for all types of foods and is best enjoyed with friends and family.

Rebel Reserve- This cider was hand made using only the best apples in New York and reserved in oak barrels before being bottled.  Rebel Reserve is the Standard Cider's Company's lasting tribute to the brave soldier who proved that WHEN HELD TO THE FIRE, LEGENDS PREVAIL. 
True Honey Cider- True Honey Cider was craft made using fresh apple juice from local orchards and the best quality honey made by local bees.  We believe that apples and honey are two beautiful natural products and when carefully combined, create a fantastic drink that we are proud to present in this bottle.  This is the Standard Cider Co. Tribute to mother nature.  Cheers to the apples and the bees!True Couple- A true couple is confident and complete.  The laws of attraction have brought the forbidden fruit and pear together as "one" to create a refreshing pear flavored craft cider with envious appeal.  The standard cider company is committed to bringing folks together so they can share the best ciders in New York.  True Thirst Dry Cider- is clean, crisp and refreshing.  By using a special blend of sustainably grown New York state apples we created a unique bone dry cider that is a true thirst quencher.  Through minimal handling, the Standard Cider Company truly showcases the elegant qualities of the world's best apples.  


BBC Almond Cherry-
BBC Concord Grape Cider-BBC Oaked Cider-
BBC Strawberry Cider-BBC Cherry Cider-

East Hollow Cider- A small farm cidery in Petersburgh, NY making ciders from local wild apples, old orchards, and our own selection of heirloom and cider apples.

Thin Man Brewery- Western New York has long been a birthplace of invention. The grain elevator. The streetlight. The pacemaker. The crash test dummy. Created in 1949 by Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (now Calspan), the Thin Man was the precursor to the modern crash test dummy and a catalyst for higher standards in the transportation industry. He quickly became the muse for our brewery venture—symbolizing the ingenuity, innovation and commitment to quality that have always had a home in this region. Thin Man Brewery strives to continue this progressive and pioneering spirit as we set out to become the new face of brewing while satisfying the foodie within. We will create the unexpected. We will continue to grow and evolve. We will create quality for anyone that is looking for what’s next.

Cliffton Dry- Premium Cider, made with 100% Pressed, New York State Fresh Apples. Akin to a prosecco, Cliffton Dry finds its captivatingly clean and refreshing taste through production in a vineyard, as opposed to a cider mill or brewery. By being made with fresh, cold-pressed apple juice rather than from concentrate, Cliffton Dry presents a clean and crisp finish that's paired with the benefits of fresh organically-grown apples.

Critz Farms, and the Harvest Moon Cidery-  is a family owned business that was established in 1985. Recognized by the New York State Department of Economic Development as recipients of the New York State Agritourism Business of the Year Award, the farm operation centers on diversified agriculture with a family entertainment focus. A wide variety of crops are grown at Critz Farms. The primary crops are pumpkins, apples, and conifer trees. Tree varieties include balsam fir, fraser fir, white pine, white, blue, and Norway spruce; for use as Christmas trees as well as for landscaping purposes. Other crops include gourds, decorative corn, blueberries, and flowers. Farm products include farm fresh sweet apple cider, award winning hand crafted hard cider, New York cheddar cheese, pure maple  syrup and other maple products, as well as balsam fir wreaths. Every fall since 2007, we have been making our own special blend of sweet apple cider fromapples we grow here on the farm.  Our hand crafted hard ciders have been developed in very small batches, over the last five years or so. In September of 2011, our delicious ciders became available to the public for the first time. 


English Style- Its all in the name.. This is an  English Style, Dry Clean, Crisp Hard  Cider made from apples  grown at our century old family farm, Goold Orchards.
Apple Cranberry-  Its Pink & Sparkly  with just enough sweetness to tickle you. Our special blend of apples gives a nice sweet taste,  throw in some tart cranberry and Voila...Joe Daddys Apple Cran Hard Cider! Fun to drink?? ... You bet!
Tripple-Hopped- Hoppin’ Joey is a triple-hopped hard cider. Guests like to refer to it as an IPA hard cider – great golden color, beautiful citrus-floral bouquet. It’s wildly popular. One of the most notable things about Hoppin’ Joey is that it is incredibly smooth. People don’t realize how many different varieties of hops are grown right here in New York. The hops that are blended for this cider are not in any way like the bitter beer hops that can be found in some IPAs.

Nine Pin Cider- We are a New York craft cider company producing hard cider from 100% Capital District and Hudson Valley apples. Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition: Gold Medal Winner, 2013. Nine Pin Ciderworks delivers crisp refreshing taste to the heart of Albany. Using farm fresh fruit, including apples grown from seed on the del Peral family farm, Alejandro del Peral crafts delicious Nine Pin New York Hard Cider at 929 Broadway in the shadow of The Rose.

Standard Cider Company at Brotherhood Winery- True Companion and True Believer are sparkling hard apple ciders produced by Standard Cider Co., Long Island, NY. They are made from 100% New York apples! True Believer Cider is a blend of five different types of apples grown in the Hudson Valley. According to tasting notes: "Notably, not included are cider varieties, which can be bittersweet and intense." True Believer is produced in a softer, fruity style since these types are not used.


Night Pasture Traditional Cider- Subtly complex, dry, with hints of spice and caramel, made from Golden Delicious, English Bittersweet varieties and Northern Spy apples. Named after our oldest orchard, where earlier farmers once turned out their livestock at the end of the workday. Now a favorite spot for painters, dancers, apple pickers, skiers and red foxes. Serve chilled. 8% alc/vol

Slyboro Black Currant Hard Cider-  It’s the new black ... Slyboro’s farm-made hard cider infused with black currants grown in NY state’s Hudson Valley. tingly and tantalizing with vibranc garnet hues. A luscious full fruit taste with a pleasurable black currant bite. Fun to drink, easy to share.

Hidden Star- Semi - Dry Cider- Discover the secret in the apple! Cider from historic, hearty Northern Spy apples blended with ecologically grown Liberty apples, brings a deeply rooted American tradition to the Modern table for your enjoyment. Made from apples grown at Hicks Orchard, a family farm in the Adirondack foothills and New York?s oldest U-Pick orchard. Clean, crisp, aromatic and refreshingly smooth, like a ripe apple just picked from a tree.
Ice Harvest- Ice Cider SPECIAL RESERVE From the 2006 harvest. A dry year and a special blend of apples yielded this rich, ambrosial ice cider. Smooth and warm with tropical fruit notes. Serve slightly chilled. 13% alc/vol
Ice Harvest- Ice Cider Fresh, artfully blended apple cider is pressed in the depths of our North Country winter and tucked outside to freeze. At the first thaw, a rich apple essence is drawn and slowly fermented till summers end. The resulting ambrosia is redolent of tropical fruits and warm baked apple with hints of spice. For dessert, as an aperitif & very special occasions. Serve slightly chilled. 11% alc/vol
Cherry Harvest- Ice Harvest cider, infused with orchard-grown Balaton and Montmorency tart cherries.
La Sainte Terre- Big apple flavor, not too sweetKingston Black-

1900 Route 66
Ghent New York

(518) 392-9463 

3046 County Road 138
Ovid, New York

(607) 532-4956


Pitchfork Hard Cider- Hard Apple Cider Was The Most Popular Drink In The Colonies During The Revolution. At One Point, Cider Was Even Used As Currency. Pitchfork Hard Cider Is Made From The Same Traditional Recipe. Just Fresh Pressed Hudson Valley Cider And Yeast, Making It Naturally Gluten Free. No Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors Or Flavors.


Yankee Folly Cider- Our Premiere Cider. Crisp, Clean, And Refreshing. With A Real Apple “Nose” And With A Taste That Is Unmistakably Apple And Nothing Else. Bright With Great Color, Pairs Well With Almost Anything. Something That We Are Proud To Offer To You And That You’ll Be Proud To Serve. 

In 1997, Original Sin’s founder, Gidon Coll, set out on a mission to create a great American cider, both dry and natural. He extensively researched the history of cider and cider making and soon began sourcing the best apples and yeast strains. Supported by a local wine expert, he began mixing and testing in a small upstate New York winery, and brought his samples to NYC bars each week for feedback from owners, managers, and patrons. After six months, the first batch of O.S. was released to establishments in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Today, you can find  Original Sin's unique, award-winning ciders in over 30 states, as well as overseas in the U.K. and Japan. But it all started here in the U.S. — inspired by our country’s past: a clean, crisp, DEVILISHLY DELICIOUS cider for our future.

Weed Orchards & Winery- is not your average winery.   We are located on a 40-acre, ‘Pick-Your-Own’ fruit farm, which is open to the public for picking our vast selection of produce during harvest season.  After converting from primarily wholesale farming to direct sales to the public, we no longer needed our fruit-packing facility, so we turned the building into what else, a winery.  We lined the walls with knotty pine, built a brand new bar, and created a warm and inviting Tasting Room, where you can enjoy an afternoon with friends and family.  Our outdoor seating area provides an excellent view of the mountain and rolling hills of the farm.

Stone Bridge Cider- Stone Bridge Farm sits on a beautiful 175 acres in Hudson, New York. Our cider is made on the farm from our own and locally sourced fruit. We make mostly dry, barrel aged ciders and perry, available around the Hudson Valley in bottles and soon on draft and in a new tasting room.


Premium Farmhouse Cider- This cider offers an effervescent apple bouquet that delivers authentic cider aromas. It is a blend of the best New York State apples, hand picked and pressed by us, never from concentrate. Made from a combination of old world influence and new world flare, it’s unique by both design and character. 

Saison Reserve Cider- Our unfiltered Saison Reserve Cider combines our Farmhouse recipe with a rare strand of Belguim Saison yeast to create a complex, aromatic, palate of mild, fruit flavors with just the right amount of spices. Enjoy the earthy undertones, the moderate tartness and the semi-dry sweetness in this perfectly balanced Saison Reserve. 

Cran Mango Saison- This Belgian style cider is fermented with Saison Ale yeast and finished with cranberry and mango. 

Queen of Tarts- This Belgian style cider is fermented with Saison Ale yeast and finished with cranberry and raspberry. 
Winter's Cinn- Our unfiltered Winter’s Cinn is made with a Bavarian Wheat yeast and is finished with cinnamon and a hint of spice. The yeast produces pear, plum and banana characteristics which are complimented with a subtle hint of clove and vanilla.
Cascade Hopricot- Our unfiltered Cascade Hopricot Hard Cider is a blend of our sweet cider made from 100% New York State apples and all natural apricot puree. It's fermented with a West Coast Ale Yeast and finished by dry hopping with New York State Cascade Hops. This yeast strain allows the tangy citrus hop flavors to really punch through. 


7% Solution- Dry pear cider using 100% apples and pears grown on the farm.
Brewer's Gold Hopped Cider- Lightly hopped dry cider using Brewers gold hops and apples from the farm.
Machu Pikachu- ​apple cider aged in Peruvian rum barrels.
Seckel Solution- A dry, crisp cider blended with 10% fermented Seckel pear cider.
The Crab- Dry, slightly sour, made with 20% crab apple cider.
Whiskey Apple Foxtrot- aged in Whiskey>Applejack barrels