Botanist & Barrel Dry- Our go-to dry cider. Bone-dry
Botanist & Barrel Semi-sweet-  Just a touch of sweetness, Off-dry
Botanist & Barrel Bourbon Barrel- Our go-to dry cider aged in used bourbon barrels creates a rounded cider with notes of vanilla and toasty oak. Vanilla and Whiskey
Botanist & Barrel What is Borage?- Our semi-dry cider sits on borage and is aged in barrel to create a balanced fruity and floral cider.  Floral and off-dry
Botanist and Barrel Overby's- Apples from our awesome neighbors farm, right on the other side of our tree line.  

James Creek Orchards- Ann Marie Thornton, David Thornton, and Katherine Schirmer of James Creek Orchards grow and market tree-ripened peaches and apples, as well as blueberries, pears, Asian pears, persimmons, muscadines and cut flowers. The main orchards at Old Ferguson Farm are 18 acres with roughly 12 acres in production; the south orchard grows about 50 varieties of Southern heirloom apples for fresh eating and cider on five-acres fringed with cut flower beds. They have been farming since the winter of 2008-09 when they laid out and planted our first cider apples. They purchased Ferguson Farm in 2013 to expand their fruit growing operation and develop facilities for making and storing hard cider. In 2014, they began selling at the Carrboro Farmers' Market, building on the wonderful relationship that John Ferguson had established with customers there.  Last year they also remodeled an old ice cream stand at Old Ferguson Farm to create a cider house where they could press and ferment our own apples. They hope to begin producing hard cider from the fall 2015 harvest.

315 Thurmond PO Road
Thurmond, North Carolina 

(336) 874-3003

Ashville, North Carolina

(828) 708-7554 

Younts Wine Farm Hard Apple Cider

New Belgium Brewing Company- is a craft brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was opened in 1991 by Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan. In 2011, it produced 712,800 barrels of its various labels. As of 2012, it was the third-largest craft brewery and eighth-largest overall brewery in the United States. New Belgium completed constructing a 100,000 square-foot distribution center and tasting room in 2016 in Asheville, North Carolina. It will distribute 500,000 barrels per year that are scheduled to be brewed at the Asheville, North Carolina brewery, employing 140 people between the two facilities. New Belgium cider is currently canning in Vermont, with the help of renowned cider maker, Woodchuck. The apples, are New York and New England apples. In the future, the brewery would like to use all local North Carolina apples.

Coming Soon!


Sourwood Brewing Cider- fresh North Carolina Cider.

165 Piney Creek Road
Lansing, North Carolina  

(404) 769-1439

Younts Wine Farm- is a family owned vineyard and garagiste style winery in Walnut Cove, NC with sales at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, Colfax, NC. 

McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks is primarily a wine producer. However in addition to our estate vineyards, we source additional grapes, and the apples for our ciders from the best growers in the Yadkin Valley. Our growers do an outstanding job of nurturing their fruit and we are deeply grateful to them for all their hard work. The style of McRitchie Hard Cider is similar to that traditionally found in the Brittany region of northern France, a sharp, dry, brilliantly clear sparkling beverage. Our apples are handpicked at an orchard located in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina. Each blend is selected from a variety of heritage mountain apples with the goal of creating a structured, elegant cider that captures the essence of a fresh picked apple. This is a true artisanal product of North Carolina. 


Sweet English-  An unfiltered, medium sweet cider with distinct flavors of pressed apple cider.Ginger Champagne- Cider fermented with a champagne style yeast, infused with ginger, and double filtered. Dry and spicy!
Dry Ridge- A lightly sparked medium dry cider. Crisp & refreshing.
Hopped Cider- Dry hopped with Simcoe. Apple Brut- Extra dry.
Sidra Del Diablo- Infused with smoked habanero and vanilla 
Jamu: Ingredients found in the traditional Indonesian health drink such as Turmeric, Lime and Ginger incorporated into our hard cider.  There is no other cider out there like this unique beverage.
Wit (Seasonal):  Urban Orchard Cider's take on a Wit-style cider.  Our Wit Cider and a traditional Witbier have three main elements in common.  Both utilize a Wit yeast, (toasted and crushed by hand) coriander and fresh squeezed orange juice & orange zest (again, by hand).  This bone dry cider quickly became a favorite and was created specifically for the "All Ale to the Queen" beer festival/beer dinner in Charlotte, NC in 2014.  Very labor intensive, but also very worth it.
Cranberry (Seasonal):  A balance of tart and sweet cranberry with a gorgeous red tint that steals the show on a tasting board.  Cider lovers hate to see the cold weather leave; U.O. Cranberry Cider hitches a ride with the season.

Sycamore Brewing- Our aim at Sycamore Brewing is simple: use the freshest ingredients possible and brew all-natural, extraordinarily tasty craft beer. We have proud roots in Charlotte, North Carolina, and after humbly perfecting some of our favorite recipes over the last decade, we are incredibly excited to share them with you. If you love good beer as much as we do, we hope you'll enjoy a pint of our craft beer.

2535 Red Hill Church Road
Whitakers, North Carolina 27891-8975

(252) 823-1542 

450 Fowler Rd
Walnut Cove, North Carolina(336) 416-7948 

Three Sisters Cidery LLC- was founded in 2013 by Amber and Kerby. Amber’s grandparents started Freeman Orchards in the 1930′s and her parents Chip and Patti continue to run the 100 acre farm today. In 2010 Amber and Kerby made their first 10 gallons of homemade hard cider for their wedding to share with friends and family. The cider turned out well, and since then the two continued home brewing and tinkering until the day they decided to try and turn the craft into a business. Three Sisters Cidery uses apples from Freeman Orchards, and produces the cider within a stones throw of the orchard. It is a local, family owned operation from start to finish.

245 Clanton Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 

(980) 498-0676


Pomona- 6.2% ABV.  Named after the 17th century cider treatise dedicated to the Roman goddess of the harvest, Pomona is a rich, semi-dry cider.  A subtle bouquet of apple blossom and vanilla precedes a buttery, full body that ebbs into a bright semi-dry finish.
The Dreadnought- 5.8%.  A scrumpy made in the style of the English West Country in which the whole apples are fermented rather than just the juice, and only with the wild yeasts of the apples. The Dreadnought has a deceptively sweet nose of honeysuckle and freshly-cut hay, preceding an assertive dryness. This rough and raucous Scrumpy will toil all day and ravish all night. 
The Saxon- 6.0% ABV.  This cider is our homage to the dry apfelwein of Germany, found in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen translates to Saxons' houses).  Dry and austere.
Charlemagne-  5.8% ABV.  Charlemagne is a semi-sweet, unfiltered cider, featuring a rich, hazy body and a floral bouquet punctuated by notes of quince and caramel. 
Zephyrus-  6.2% ABV.  Our spring cider, made with candied orange peel and fresh ginger, named for the west wind that brings in the spring.  Zephyrus offers a velvety orange-oil caress followed by a spicy, connecting slap of ginger. 
Good Queen Bess-  6.5% ABV.  A blend of cider and lavender mead, named for Queen Elizabeth I, who loved lavender.

117 Southside Dr.
Charlotte, North Carolina


The Standard Bearer- Clean. Crisp. Dry. The everyday, everybody cider. Whether you’re leading the way into battle or bringing up the rear, this is the cider for all. Our flagship cider is straight ahead, crisp, and refreshing. The dry finish leaves you thirsty for more. 7.5% ABV The Village Tart- Cherry. Crisp. Tart. She’s everything you’d expect. Sweet like a cherry and sharp as a tack, she puts a luster on the dullest mood. Tart montmorency cherries meld with tart apples for a delightful addition to any occasion. Just sweet enough. 

Noble Cider Hard cider was America’s first craft beverage. Noble Cider is Western North Carolina’s first hard cider. Naturally gluten free, our semi-dry hard cider is made from local apples and hand-crafted in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in Beer City, USA and NC’s Apple Country, Noble brings together NC’s rich history of agriculture with this region’s exciting craft beverage industry. At Noble Cider, we don’t use any artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial smells (like ‘apple essence’) that are often found in commercial brands. We keep it ‘true to the core’ by using 100% local apples to make delicious and refreshing craft ciders. From tree to tap, we are involved in every step of the process. Noble Cider is True to the Core.

Bull City Ciderworks-  was organized in early 2013 by a group of friends with a passion and respect for quality, sustainability and craft beverages. Creating the finest handcrafted beverages and spirits in a sustainable format from locally and regionally sourced ingredients. Our goal is to become one of preeminent craft beverage producers in North Carolina and ultimately the mid-Atlantic region, with a rigorous focus on responsibility and sustainability from harvest to consumption. Bull City Ciders are crafted using single orchard apples from Perry Lowe Orchards, a sixth generation orchard in the foothills of NC. The apples for each cider are pressed, blended and fermented using gluten-free yeast cultures. The finished hard cider contains residual sugar from the apples, not back-sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, for a naturally delicious flavor that's not overly sweet. We don't dose sulfur post-fermentation for a gluten-free, sulfite-free hard cider.  We source all other ingredients (tea, hops, honey, etc.) locally whenever possible.

113 South Elizabeth Street
Durham, North Carolina

(336) 749-3074

Fishing Creek Hard Cider- Named for my great-grandfather, Mr. L.L. (Lyman Latham) Draughon (pronounced "drawn") and the beautiful creek that cradles the property, our cider business operates out of a couple of old grain bins on the eight-generation family farm down in Edgecombe County, N.C. After making cider, both sweet and hard for years, we have gone commercial. Made entirely from fresh North Carolina apples, the cider is naturally sparkling and is a little like champagne, with an alcohol content of about 8.5%. Please try some just as soon as you can!    

Red Clay Ciderworks- Charlotte's first hard cider producer, crafting small batch ciders from apples sourced right here in North Carolina. Making quality hard cider from local ingredients, supporting our local and regional growers and getting involved with our local community while reigniting the passion behind cider that once made it America's favorite beverage.


Side Trip Cider- Dry Cider, Fermented with fresh-pressed apples, this crisp cider opens up with a fresh apple and tropical fruit aroma, and delivers an invigoratingly tart apple bite.
Side Trip Cider- Semi-Dry Cider, Fermented with fresh-pressed apples, this crisp cider boasts a fruity, floral apple aroma, and balances light sweetness with a refreshingly tart snap in the finish.

GoodRoad CiderWorks- Brian Beauchemin and Kevin Martin are aspiring to bring artisan ciders and small batch meads to the Charlotte market through GoodRoad CiderWorks.

588 Chestnut Gap Road
Hendersonville, North Carolina

(828) 685-4002

105 Persimmon Hill Lane
Cedar Grove, North Carolina

(828) 450-6558

34-D Redmond Dr
Fletcher, North Carolina 

(828) 808-7403

Sourwood Brewing- We specialize in crisp, European-style dry ciders. The cider we produce is crisp, slightly tart, and dry with a light apple nose. It has been compared to a sparkling white wine and is for the craft beer drinker. In the future we hope to add other ciders and carbonated meads ranging from 4-6% abv to our products.

21 Craven Street
Asheville, North Carolina

(828) 333-6900

3016 Chimney Rock Rd
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Black Mountain Ciderworks- is a small family business that striving to bring you craft cider made in the traditional way.  We chop and press local apples into the juice that becomes our cider, fermenting in small batches (rather than procure already-pressed juice from another source).  This allows us to have complete creative dominance over all of our beverages; we know every single apple in our cider. On a trip to England a few years ago, we visited a town called Battle, enticed by the historical 1066 Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror.  There we attended a street fair where we drank real, country-style cider made from 100% apple juice.  It was dry, still, and stood in contrast to the syrupy-sweet commercial brands sold in the English pubs and in much of the American market.  We realized then that cider doesn't have to taste like artificially-flavored apple candy; when made with 100% juice and without concentrates, “natural” flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or other undesirables, cider is a pure yet complex, palatable delight.  This experience inspires us as we craft our own North Carolina ciders. 


Celestial- is our flagship cider. It’s a very dry cider containing 5% alcohol by volume. Light in color and bubbly, it has a crisp taste and a very appley aroma, and can be enjoyed any season of the year.

172 US Highway 1

Cameron, North Carolina

(910) 695-5480

2161 Hawkins St
Charlotte, North Carolina

 (704) 910-3821


Sycamore Hard Cider on-tap


North Carolina Hard Ciders Semi-sweet- The first hard ciders produced from North Carolina heritage apples. Our sparkling ciders are a blend of hand-selected heirloom cider apples. The apples were picked at the peak of freshness from the orchard in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County. 
North Carolina Hard Ciders Dry-

North Carolina  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in North Carolina.

Botanist & Barrel- is an experimental wine & cider fermentarium. As farmers we grow & forage the best fruits & flavors on earth. It is our intention to brew, to ferment, to play, with delicious, picked at the peak of ripeness, fruits and herbs to create an enjoyable experience for those that walk through our doors. We hope to surprise you, to guide you to discover something new, something you’ll want to share, something that you’ll want to drink. Cheers!

Flat Rock Ciderworks- Naked Apple Hard Ciders- are made with the finest apples produced in Henderson County, North Carolina. Ready for a taste experience? Try our ciders straight. They are so delicious! Or…mix equal parts (half & half) Wicked Peel and Bud Light. We call it “The Snake Bite” Our company is vertically integrated, and we use a blend of several varieties including Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Jonathan, Granny Smith, Crispin and Winesap to produce premium, well-balanced hard ciders. We also plan to produce seasonal selections at various times of the year. 

Appalachian Mountain Brewery and Hard Mountain Cider- focuses on building relationships with our community, sustainable business practices and supporting local non-profits. We also really enjoy brewing great tasting award winning beers and ciders. Our brewery and tasting room are located at 163 Boone Creek Drive, bordering Boone Creek and Hodges Creek near the Boone Mall. The tasting room features plenty of outdoor seating, a 120 foot long outdoor bar bordering Boone Creek and a covered heated porch perfect for enjoying one of our beers. We brew all of our beer at the tasting room on our 10 barrel (310 gallon) JV Northwest All-American made system. Our brew system features a mix of 10-barrel and 20-barrel high-grade glycol chilled stainless steel jacked fermenters and several bright tanks. 


Fishing Creek Dry And Sparkling Hard Cider- Unlike Most Ciders Ours Is Naturally Carbonated With A Bit Of Last-Minute Sugar Added To Create Those Sparkling Bubbles. This Natural Process Results In Some Sediment At The Bottom Of The Bottle- Pour Carefully For Clear Cider Or Jump Right In. Catch A Batch.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in North Carolina.


Wallace Hard Cider - Our tasty Artisan Hard Cider made from 7 different Henderson County apple varieties grown and blended by Wayne Barnwell. So refreshing on these hot summer days!


Queen City Common-Traditional American Semi-Dry Cider. Hoppin' Good Thyme- Semi-Dry Cider with dry hops and herbs. 
South End Sweet- Back-sweetened with natural juice- never sugar –this medium-bodied cider if for those who prefer a touch of lusciousness to their libations. 
Blackberry Bramble- Semi-Dry Apple Cider blended with our Blackberry wine. 
Boot Leggin' Bourbon Barrel-Semi-Sweet Apple Cider aged in American Bourbon Barrels.

Saint  Paul Mountain Vineyards welcomes you to Henderson County's new destination vineyard and tasting room. Come out and try our wine, enjoy our space, and tour our vineyards. We'd be glad to have you! Located on Chestnut Gap Road in the heart of Hendersonville NC apple country, the tasting room includes a walnut bar and a spacious area for indoor seating. The tasting bar itself includes stools for comfort during your wine tasting experience. Along with the vineyard outside of the tasting room, another 10 acres of grapes are cultivated in Edneyville at Point Lookout by Alan Ward and another grower named Michael Jackson. While this vineyard also grows several different grape varieties, the land primarily grows Chardonnay and Riesling grapes. Free-range sheep help maintain the property by grazing.


Dry single-varietal: Stayman Winesap-
Flippin’ the Pippin- is made with the Newtown Pippin apple, made famous by Thomas Jefferson.
Hopped (with Nelson Sauvin)-
Semi-dry- Waymaker- a cider infused with 16 pounds of fresh ginger.


OFF MAIN- Not another mainstream cider. Off Main hard cider is the perfect blend of local apples, gluten-free yeast and amazing! A refreshingly crisp, easy drinking cider… NO BULL! 
SWEET CAROLINA- How sweet it is! Sweet Carolina hard cider is infused with local honey for a taste of the South. You can attract more flies with honey, but this bull prefers honey cider. STEEP SOUTH- Think sweet tea cider. Steep South hard cider is cold steeped for hours with black tea and honey. It’s easy sipping on the front porch, because this bull is a distinguished Southern gentleman. 
SMOOTH HOPERATOR- It’s smoooooth. Smooth Hoperator hard cider is dry hopped with Cascade, Citra and Galaxy for amazing floral aroma, tropical notes and mild bitterness. This cider’s no one trick pony… Here comes the bull! 
RHIZ UP!- Take a stand against the ordinary! Rhiz Up is spiced with generous amounts of fresh ginger rhizomes for a refreshing hard cider that gets you moving. The cider revolution is at hand, so this bull is taking to the streets! 
CARDINAL CIN- You've been naughty this year. Cardinal Cin is a semi-sweet cinnamon infused cider with amazing cherry and cinnamon aroma. The bull is delivering one penance you can enjoy with gluttony! 
SPRUCE BRINGSTEEN- O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, Wie treu sind deine Blätter! Spruce Bringsteen is a semi-sweet christmas tree infused cider with a citrus finish. This is one boss cider so let the bull rock your silent night. 
LOCAL HARVEST #1- It's that time of the year! NC has two annual hop harvests that make for an awesome seasonal hop cider. Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Nugget and Zeus hops provided by FarmBoy (Pittsboro, NC) and Three Horse Hop Farms (Saxapahaw, NC) are used to dry hop and make a hop tea. This aromatic and lightly bitter cider has a great earthy flavor! That's how the bull get's down on the farm!

P.O. Box 701
Flat Rock, North Carolina 

(828) 231-9410

210 Haywood Rd.
Asheville, North Carolina 

(828) 774-5151

Cold Ridge Ciderworks- Nothing's more refreshing than an ice cold hard apple cider during any season! Made from the best local cider in greater WNC. You'll feel good about being part of something bigger.


Mountain Maelstrom- A blend of late-season fruit from small orchards in Ashe and Wautauga counties in North Carolina. Golden Delicious, Virginia Beauty, Rome Beauty, Limberwigs, and wild crab apples predominate this blend of over thirty apple varieties, creating a straw colored cider with a good balance of sweetness, refreshing acidity and slight astringency from tannins. Fresh apple and pear flavors predominate, with hints of citrus and minerality.  This cider is  hazy due to naturally occurring pectins that create a luscious mouthfeel, like a Belgian ale. 
Big Horse Creek- Thirty-nine varieties of heritage American and European apples, including difficult-to-find, tannin-rich varieties, make a semi-dry, amber cider with astringence balanced by candy apple and tropical fruit flavors.  It's a cider that can stand up to the funkiest charcuterie, stinkiest cheese, and heartiest winter feast.  Much of its fruit comes from Big Horse Creek Farm in Ashe County, NC, an orchard dedicated to preserving apple varieties that would otherwise be casualties of Prohibition and modern factory farming.


James Creek Orchards Hard Cider


Appalachian Belle Cider- This apple based cider has just enough peach infused to keep you smiling on hot summer days. 
Daniel's Son Cider- This apple based cider has been carefully dry hopped to give it a dry finish and a surprisingly sweet aroma. A dry hop karate chop. Daniel Son... show me, tip the cup! 
Mystic Dragon Cider- This apple based cider is infused with green tea, rhubarb, and strawberries to give it a mysterious sweetness while drying it out slightly. Its a perfect compliment to spicy foods. 
High Country Cider- Our hard cider, it's made of local apples and tastes delicious. 

Molly Chomper Hard Cider- New Year’s Day was a big one for us.  We began bottling our first cider blend, Mountain Maelstrom.  We pressed these apples back in early November and matured the cider for six weeks before building the final blend about two weeks ago.  It has been enjoying a chilly couple of weeks slowly -- very slowly -- taking on bubbles in the "brite tank."  Just after Christmas, everything looked good for carbonation, with very small delicate bubbles that create just a little bit of head on pouring. We made a very limited quantity of cider this year.  It's our first attempt making cider on larger, though very much still micro-, scale, and we're intentionally wading in slowly.  So, get it while you can.

North Carolina is home to three American Viticultural Areas, or designated wine-grape growing regions. The Yadkin Valley, Swan Creek and Haw River Valley are areas recognized by the federal government for a distinctive combination of soil, climate, elevation and identifiable regional wine character.  North Carolina also lists over 90 apple and other fruit orchards. Like all the original America colonies hard apple cider was a significant beverage for all types and classes of citizens. Today there are 20 cider makers in the state of with many relatively recent start-ups.


Wicked Peel Hard Cider- is refreshing, crisp and delicious.  It has a hint of sweet but not too much making it the PERFECT cider for a hot summer day. Picnic in the park, anyone? We only use Apples from Henderson County, North Carolina.
Blackberry Gold- has just a hint of our very own mountain grown blackberries woven into this Golden Delicious Cider. It’s tart and tasty and leaves the palate wanting more! This is a hands-down favorite amongst hard core cider drinkers because it’s quite pleasantly a bit different from a traditional cider.

Urban Orchard Cider Company- is a local, family-owned hard cider production company and tasting room located in West Asheville, North Carolina.  One of only a handful of “True Cider Bars” in the nation, our taproom and bar provides house made, delicious, craft hard apple cider, guest bottles of hard cider, local beer, wine, and gluten-free/dairy-free snacks.  Guests can expect to find at least three varieties of our own, naturally gluten-free hard apple cider on tap year-round with a rotating selection of seasonal and experimental batches.

104 Eastside Drive #307
Black Mountain, North Carolina

(828) 419-0089