Ohio’s landscape is the perfect palette for touring visitors; the shores of Lake Erie offer a coastal feel, perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays, while the Hocking Hills region, nestled on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, provides rock cliffs, gorges and the perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts. The many cultures and ethnicities that make up Ohio’s population can be found in “pocket districts,” such as German Village in Columbus and Little Italy in Cleveland. These cultural neighborhoods are infused with delicious foods and authentic art, and are a hotspot for their array of cultures and identities. Ohio is also the land of corn and soybeans and has over 140 apple orchards listed (the third highest of any State), with 23 active cider makers, and growing.


3301 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 836-8733

TinCap Cider- is Ohio made cider. Made with local apples and flavors to bring tasty glasses full of smiles, laughter, and good times! TinCap is opening at our residence in Wilmington Ohio.  We have a small 5 acre place situated within city limits.  We have recently planted 40 apple and pear trees and plan to plant many more this coming year.  We will use these apples along with apples from the local orchards to make our ciders.  We have worked with Hirsch's fruit farm out of Chillicothe Ohio and have contacted several small local orchards. My wife and I are the owners and operators of TinCap. We aren't looking to explode and expand nationwide, just make and offer good quality local hard cider to our community.  TinCap will starting with four different ciders available from our tasting room and self-distributed in kegs to establishments within 75 mile radius of Wilmington Ohio.  TinCap semi-sweet cider, Ginger cider, Blackberry cider, and Hopped cider.  We are attempting to use all local products in our cider production.  We will be tapping our sugar maple trees to use our maple syrups and local maple syrups and honey in some of the specialty small batches.  We can't wait to be able to share our ciders with the public.  


Cattle Dog- is a dry, hard apple cider made from 100% Ohio apples. It is very crisp and refreshing served chilled and is also excellent served warmed and spiced to your liking.


930 W. Truesdell
Wilmington, Ohio

(937) 805-0045

We founded Griffin Cider Works in 2010 in Westlake, Ohio. Raised in Herefordshire, England, we wanted to create a high quality cider similar to the ones we were used to drinking in Great Britain. To achieve this, we source Ohio for the best quality apples and blend select varieties to deliver a most premium taste.


Legend Valley Sour Apple- ​Feel the bite of our most unique cider... so far. Prepare to enjoy an unparalleled surprise, where every sip encourages another . serve ice cold, pour hard.
Legend Valley Sweet Apple- ​Sweet apple aromas & flavors invite you to a rich, full-bodied experience. It’s like biting into a juicy apple and getting it all over yourself! Serve cold, pour with attitude.
Legend Valley Cranberry- Imagine and irresistible, semi-sweet combination of apple and cranberry. It’s in your hand, so prepare for a wild experience! Serve, chilled, pour proudly.
Legend Valley Ice- is our baby. carefully crafted and based on pioneering Canadian techniques, LV Ice raises the bar! A delectably rich,green-apple flavor with a semi-sweet,yet tart finish. Slow down, take your time& savor an Ohio original.
Legend Valley Crisp- ​Our Crisp cider is delicately effervescent & semi-dry with a tasty, medium-bodied finish. The name says it all... Crisp! Served chilled, pour down the center.
Legend Valley Cherry- Hand-crafted Ohio cherry apple.

Rhinegeist- We're a small team with big dreams and we tend to smile while we sweat. We brew those styles which are most compelling to our thirst and we certainly hope you enjoy our brews as much as we do.  We believe in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas, and build a community that values craft beer and one another. Rhinegeist means "Ghost of the Rhine," and refers to our place here in the historic Brewery District in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. Within these unique and historic walls, we brew 20bbl batches of beer that sings with flavor and delights us. The yin/yang of our brewing philosophy is hoppy/sessionable and we aim to brew beers where "the first sip calls for the third." Our Hard Ciders- Cidergeist gives us the opportunity to play in a lighter and drier zone than beer is able to achieve, introducing a flavor profile more akin to white wine and refreshing in a uniquely fruity way. Fermented with juices from the Pacific Northwest, these Cidergeist Hard Ciders sparkle to deliver a blend of acidity and apple-ness with bountiful aromatics that strike the right balance of refreshingly dry with just a shy suggestion of sweetness. 


Platform Paul Cider- Clean, Crisp, medium-dry cider with a blend of locally grown apples. Dry hopped with Mosaic to accentuate the bright fruity nose.
Paul Dry Hopped Apple Cider- hard apple cider.
Gordon Raspberry Apple Cider- 
Becky Blueberry Apple Cider- 

Redhead Ciderhouse- was established in 2014 by its two founders, Josh Raboin and Joe Burnham IV. Located at Burnham Orchards in Berlin Heights Ohio where the apples are picked, pressed, fermented and packaged all on site. Josh formed a friendship with Joe while working on the farm as a teenager. During this time Josh’s father Randy was responsible for pressing Burnham Orchards apple cider which is where making hard cider all began for Josh. Randy would bring home fresh apple cider and over the years would make hard cider from this for family and friends. Josh became intrigued with the process and started to learn some Raboin family tradition of making hard cider. As the years passed every fall and winter Josh would obtain fresh apple cider from the farm, start the process of fermenting it, and turning it hard for family and friends. Josh began experimenting more and more throughout the years with different recipes and ingredients developing unique hard ciders. Talks between Josh and Joe about bringing these hard ciders to the public began in 2012. Fast forward to today and Redhead Ciderhouse is now producing and distributing these hard ciders throughout Northern Ohio. We strive to bring the freshest, purest, and most unique hard ciders to the public. Please enjoy, drink responsibly, and just have a good time.


3272 Industry Road
Rootstown, Ohio

(330) 325-1075


8019 SR 113 E
Berlin Heights, Ohio

(419) 357-2924

Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House- From our processes to our people, we embrace a tenacious culture of purpose and excellence which results in a consistent, remarkable liquid crafted with hard work, passion and care. Part brewery, lab exBEERiment, gathering place and arcade, with research, innovation, quality and customer exBEERience are all at the top of our priorities. We enjoy perfecting the science behind calculated fermentations and love getting our funk on with fermentations of the spontaneous and wild kind as well. We work diligently to handcraft a tenacious culture (people, yeast and bacteria) one beer at a time and enjoy the challenge of brewing consistently extraordinary beer that is both noteworthy and timeless. We encourage you to take a sip on the wild side with us, and if you’re looking for something un-tart to start, we can quench that thirst as well with a variety of our traditionally fermented libations. 


Original- The fresh orchard aroma of juicy Honeycrisp and Red Delicious apples is joined with a natural sweetness and slight acidity to give this cider a delicious balance.
Crisp- With a delicate aroma reminiscent of Granny Smith apples, this cider is accented by a dry, crisp finish, and a moderate but pleasingly effervescent champagne-like finish.

Wild August Hard Cider- America’s Continental Congress planted a stake in the ground, signing a document that declared no one was the boss of them.  Instead of stakes, we’re planting trees, but we’re declaring our own Independence from the way things have always been done when it comes to cider making.  This is our Flagship Dry Cider, “1776”.  We use only American-Grown Apples.  We add No artificial flavors, colors or corn syrup, and we give part of our profits back to family-owned orchards to keep the art of American Cider alive and well.  It’s a whole new kind of rebellion.


42 Mile Cider- an homage to Beiersdorfer Orchard being located 42 miles east of the brewery. 42 Mile is a semi-sweet cider that strikes a balance of sweetness and dryness to create a crisp apple finish that all can appreciate. 


4155 Meter Rd NE
Mechanicstown, Ohio

(330) 575-5586


TinCap semi-sweet cider- Just enough sweet to balance and allow the apple flavor to come alive in every glass.
Johnny Ginger cider- The all natural ginger offers a little bite to the apple as it passes the palate.
Cide HopN- We add a blend of hops that add don't over power the cider, but compliment the apple aroma.
Blackberry Cider- Blackberry has quickly became a favorite with it's subtle sweetness and hints of blackberry.

Over-The-Rhine Cider Company- We're from Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. We thought the world needed a better, more flavorful hard cider. So we started from scratch, right here in our little neighborhood. We think it's the start of something big. Take a sip. Mmmm! Crafted to deliver just-picked apple flavor that's true cider craftsmanship.


Tequilana Apple Agave Cider- Meet Tequilana, our Hard Apple Cider blended with a touch of agave. Smooth and golden hued, with notes reminiscent of tequila and wood for balance. Crisp, refreshing and complex, Tequilana is the perfect companion to take along to any occasion, whether it be a stroll through a sea of blue green agave fields, or the every day celebration of life.


Father John's Favorite- A classic dry hard cider, sweetened up just a bit with some fresh Geig's Orchard cider.
First Crush- ​Lightly sweetened with just a touch of honey.Father John- Wine Sap heirloom apples
Patchwork- ​A little bit of this, a little bit of that.White Dog-Cold Snap- 


2050 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

(216) 801-1455

Listermann Brewing Company- Owner operated, owner brewed and owner bottled- craft beer with character. We are a home brew supply store that has been brewing commercially for 5 years. We offer hand crafted ales in bottles as well as a growler station with a constantly rotating fresh beer list. Stop in or call to see what is on tap. Listermann Brewing Company has received their wine license to be able to make and sell wines, ciders and meads. They have enlisted local Fermentation Guru Danny Spears to help them on their fermentation journey.  If you live in the Cincinnati area, why not stop in and check out our extensive supply of malted grains, kits, hops and yeast. We also stock a large supply of wine making ingredients and equipment for the winemaking enthusiast. 

March First Brewery- was founded with the same spirit and tenacity as our great nation. Our name pays homage to the great state of Ohio, founded March 1, 1803. The fine beer and cider is aptly brewed and bottled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Enjoy the simple taste of a true American craft beer. The inaugural batch of our delightful, crisp lager started pouring on March 1, 2017. We look forward to sharing this beautiful beer, in addition to many, many more beers and ciders, with the great State of Ohio and beyond.


6062 South Ridge Road West
Geneva, Ohio

(440) 466-0626

Legend Valley Cider- is the finest hand-crafted Ohio-grown apple cider, period. Blended in the hills overlooking the Legend Valley region, our bold collection of unique, delicious flavors gives rise to a new category of cider. 


 234 W. Washington Street
Athens, Ohio

 (740) 591-2639

Barrel Run Crossing Winery and Vineyard Inc- was derived from a family run farm that has been in existence for 4 generations. It started with a passion for farming and a desire to keep the existing family farm in agricultural usage for the foreseeable future. Traditionally grain crops, hay, soybeans, and wheat, have been grown with an initial vineyard planting in 2006. Our orchard is comprised of 2 acres of apple trees. The initial trees were grafted three generations ago and we have had new plantings every year for the past few years. Older varieites are Rhode Island Greening and Jonagold. New plantings were sought out due to their superiority for hard cider. All the apple trees on our farm are treated with organic growing practices and a low spray pest control program which results in a slow growing, complex flavored apple and hence a superior hard cider. We have purchased some local Ohio grown apples for our initial production while our plantings mature into productive trees. Here at Barrel Run we are Ohio made. We thank you for your continued support and hope to see you again soon!


Kelly's Dry- a dry and true "farmhouse" style cider and the base for all of our ciders, nothing added but 100% Ohio apples and yeast.
B-Yard- semi-sweet, 100% Ohio apples with fresh cider added back for sweetness and a touch of simple syrup for crowd-pleasing appeal.
Zingiber- our semi-sweet cider with fresh squeezed lemon and ginger juices added post fermentation, refreshing and a real kick.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Kelly's Dry Cider- aged in Willett Bourbon Barrels for 7 months then lightly sweetened to accent bourbon and apple flavors.
Cranberry- Tangy, semi-dry and refreshing.
Strawberry- Semi-sweet, fresh strawberry infused cider.


7402 Martinsburg Rd
Saint Louisville, Ohio

(740) 334-1507


Twigg’s- small batch sparkling hard cider
Classic and specialty ciders in rotation- Served on tap. Growlers available.

The BottleHouse Brewery and Meadery- Awarding winning, community centric 7 barrel brewery with 13 house beers on draft and 6 house meads. From barrel aged sours, IPAs, bourbon barrel aged stouts and heirloom ciders to chardonnay barrel aged meads you will find only the most original and highest quality beverages produced on draft in our taproom. Cheers!


6955 Plainfield Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 

(513) 891-2900

5 Penny Hard Cider- It all began in 2015 when husband and wife team, Josh and Kelly, realized the lack of hand crafted hard ciders in the area. Throughout history and folklore, the Richland County area is heralded for its rich apple-growing heritage with the work of legendary John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. Recognizing this unique heritage and the importance of hard cider throughout history, 5 Penny Hard Cider aims to revive the beverage in north central Ohio. Despite the legend and lore, Johnny Appleseed was quite a savvy businessman. According to local historical sources, John Chapman owned land somewhere along the southern Richland/Ashland county line. He spent a good deal of his life in the Richland County valley. It was there he operated his farm, in which he sold apple seeds and seedlings for planting to farmers. He is said to have charged a ‘5 Penny bit’ for his seedlings. Embracing Johnny Appleseed’s influence in the beverage, 5 Penny Hard Cider strives to not only provide the area with quality hard cider, but also to educate residents on the hard cider process. Created by Richland County natives, 5 Penny Hard Cider firmly believes in sourcing all their ingredients locally – from ground to glass.

West End Cider House- Neighborhood corner pub with house made cider, wine, mead and other non-grain ferments... Full line of Fifth Element Spirits made in Meigs County Ohio... A focus on Ohio made spirits, beers, meads, and ciders... Small selection of unique world ciders, beers and spirits... About Our Ciders! We use only choice apples grown in Ohio, mostly southeastern Ohio at that! These apples are primarily eating varieties, including Melrose, Cortland, Fuji, Granny Smith, Yellow Delicious, multiple Reds, Winesap, Grimes, Jonathan and Jonagold, Pink Lady, McIntosh, Honey Crisp, Gala, Mutsu, Goldrush, and many more including a couple varieties of crab, and even Bosque and Sugar Pears. Most of these are grown by Hirsch Fruit Farm, others come from our own 13 tree orchard, some from Cherry Orchards and some more from friends and neighbors yard trees. These apples tend to make a cider that is low in tannins yet high in acidity. As such our cider style is technically referred to as “New World Modern Cider”.

Meier's Wine Cellars-  Making wine since 1890, our mission is to produce high quality wines from Native American grape varieties. Our wine list features over 40 wines including classic labrusca,dessert, and fruit wines under the Meier's label as well as dessert wines for our 3 Islands Wine series and Chateau Reiem Sparkling Wines. We produce 11 flavors of sparkling non-alcoholic juices under John C. Meier Juice Company label. And a recent addition, Kentucky Pete's Apple Cider. Pure, simple and delicious. Enjoy the Peace. Enjoy the Pete's. Crafted with local ingredients in Silverton, OH. 


2138 Britains Ln
Columbus, Ohio

(614) 354-8171


13550 Mt. Eaton Rd. N.
Doylestown, Ohio 


(330) 485-1089


1910 Elm Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 381-1367


1621 Moore St.
Cincinnati, Ohio

 (513) 827-6025

Paper Moon Vineyards-  sits on 50 acres of cleared and wooded land just west of the Vermilion River in the historic harbour town of Vermilion, OH. Located less than two miles from Lake Erie, Paper Moon benefits from the moderating climate the lake provides. This property lies in a region known for its flourishing vineyards and the remnants of an old concord vineyard can still be found near the entrance. In May of 2008, four thousand vines were planted over five acres of the property. These vines produced Paper Moon's first estate-grown wines in 2012. The varietals currently grown include Chambourcin, Marquette, Noiret, Traminette, and Vidal Blanc. From these grapes, we produce Sailors Red and Vidal Blanc Ice.  Beginning in 2015, Paper Moon became not only a winery, but a cidery as well. We began producing our original hard cider from locally sourced, fresh-pressed apples.

Twigg Winery- The first Twigg grape vines were planted in 1998. The vineyard has grown to include both vinifera and hybrid varieties. Twigg Winery proudly offers red, white, and rose grape wines, apple and peach fruit wines, and hard cider. We make our fruit wines and cider from Manfull Orchards fruit. The farm, located in Augusta, has been our family farm for seven generations.


Chorus – Heirloom Cider – 8.4%- This complex, dry cider is made from a harmonious blend of 12 locally-grown heirloom apples, fermented slow and cool in order to preserve the apples natural fruit aroma and flavor. Well balanced with natural tannins present in the apples and with a soft acidity achieved by a spontaneous malo-lactic fermentation.
Requiem – Red Wine Cider – 8.9%- This unique cider underwent two fermentations, first of apples with an English cider yeast and then three varieties of Great Lakes grown red wine grapes (Noiret, Frontenac, Leon Millot) are added along with our house wine yeast. The result is a complex but balanced cider with the addition of grapes adding color, fruit flavors, acid and tannin.
Tempo- A light, refreshing cider, fermented dry and made from a blend of Hudson Valley grown apples. Hint of green apple in the aroma and a very crisp finish.


7885 E Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 718-9173


2008 State Road (OH 60)
Vermilion, Ohio

 (440) 967-2500


1621 Dana Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 731-1130 

Ohio  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Ohio.

Platform Beer Company- Cleveland's new brewery project focusing on creating a new platform for aspiring brewers to produce great beers for sale to the public. Through our Platform Brewer's Group Incubator we are preparing accomplished home brewers to "go pro" through our hands-on training and business development. We also brew high-quality craft beers for sale in our tasting room and throughout Northeast Ohio. Expect a mix of seasonal styles and homebrew inspired experimental beers. You never know what is next...

New Frontier Cider Company- It's been a busy week in the cidery. We have two new barrels of fresh juice from Geig's Orchard, we will 'pitch' the yeast in them tomorrow. Our next release of hard cider has gotten label approval, so we can print the labels and bottle. And our experimental cranberry apple cider is perking along nicely. Please note that with the time change and cooler weather, we will be changing our hours to noon till 5pm. If this is not convenient to your plans, give us a call, we are happy to accommodate your schedule.


Columbus, Ohio

(239) 682-9040

Bent Ladder- is a hard cidery and winery located at Rittman Orchards in Doylestown, OH. Our beverages are truly farm to glass, with an artisanal approach. We have a beautiful tasting room overlooking a gorgeous valley. Several styles of cider are available on draft now, with wine coming soon!

THE CIDERS- Over 20 cider styles, to include:

Griffin Original: a cider crafted to rival even the best imported alcoholic ciders but made right here in Ohio with Ohio apples!
Lolo Romy is the first of our specialty ciders to be available for purchase. It drinks just like a white wine, but it is not as dry as one would expect from most whites.
Burley Man- A medium-dry English farmhouse style cider, robust, full bodied and unfiltered. For those who enjoy the taste of Griffin Original, Burley Man delivers a bolder flavor and a slightly drier body.  Its cloudiness and rustic nature are more in keeping with the traditional English farm-style ciders of the past. 
Strong Woman- A medium English cider finished with a cherry flavor enhancement to produce a pinkish red specialty cider. This is a charity cider: the proceeds are donated to support the fight against breast cancer. Strong Woman is produced in small batches only in March and October. Through Strong Woman Cider, Griffin honors breast cancer victims and salutes its strong survivors! 
Honey Oak-  A medium, oak-aged honey cider made with four varieties of Ohio honey and nitro-carbonated. Honey Oak is briefly fermented with wild yeasts prior to an English beer yeast being added for an extended period.  And finally, our commercial 'Cider' yeasts are added.
The Lemon Blues- A lemon shandy cider infused with fresh lemons and finished with Ohio honey and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Enjoy chilled or over ice in the hot summer months while listening to your favorite Blues!  


Kentucky Pete's Just Cider- Pete's original, award-winning and refreshingly crisp apple cider. Pure, simple and delicious. 
Cask Apple Cider- Pete's award-winning cider, blended with smooth bourbon oak finish takes a mellow twist on awesome! Cherry Apple Cider- Pete's award-winning cider, infused with the essence of tart dark cherries makes a lip-smacking libation. 


Dry Hopped Cider- Pours a clear bright yellow with lots of bubbles. Big aromas of apple, peach, and citrus hops. A well-balanced cider that is dry and crisp. Made from 100% apple juice supplied by an Ohio mill, and never from concentrate. This cider is sure to please the hop head and wine drinker alike.
Dry Limed Cider- Lime-Hopped cider is a unique twist on our Dry Hopped version. This batch is infused with real lime peel to add a citrus kick. The zesty taste makes it the perfect drink for anytime you are out enjoying the sun.
Traditional Cider- Pours a clear bright yellow with lots of bubbles. Big aromas of apple and stone fruit. A well-balanced cider that is dry and crisp. Made from 100% apple juice supplied by an Ohio mill, and never from concentrate.


Cidergeist Semi Dry- Cider fermented to amplify the fragrance and essence of the apples whilst achieving a delightful, lip-smacking dryness. 
Cidergeist Dry Hopped- with Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest for citrus aromatics, this fine dry cider builds layers of delight upon the essence of the apples. 
Cidergeist Bubbles- A cider made with peach and cranberry juice, for additional pink hue, tartness and juicy fruitiness.


24949 Detroit Road
Westlake, Ohio

(440) 785-7418


Blueberry Cider-
Apple Cider- house cider.Peach Cobbler Cider-


Redhead Original- A sweet farmhouse style cider 
Smooth Hoperator- Cascade dry hopped hard ciderBlackberry Shandy- Hard Cider fermented with blackberries hanging out at 5.2% ABV
Apple Pie- Hard Apple Pie Cider that actually tastes like Apple Pie. 
Hot Chick- A bold, semi-sweet, spicy hard cider fermented with fresh jalapenos. A fresh pepper nose, semi-sweet front, and a spicy kick in the finish. 
Black Apple Cider/Beer Hybrid- 51% Hard Cider, 49% stout beer with blueberries and maple. Really the best of both worlds weighing in at 6.2% ABV.


Orchard Original- is very simple. A sweet and tart blend of dessert apples. Freshly pressed, never from concentrate. Naturally gluten free. Hand-crafted in the Grand River Valley of NE Ohio. Our ciders pay tribute to times past while appealing to today's palates. 
Spiced Apple- begins with our original hard apple cider. Freshly pressed, not from concentrate. Then we add natural spice flavors that will remind you of a fresh baked apple pie. 
Blueberry Hill- starts out with our original hard apple cider. Freshly pressed, not from concentrate. Then we add real blueberry juice for flavor. Savor the traditional taste of apple with a shot of blueberry.
Hopped Up- starts with our original hard apple cider. Freshly pressed, not from concentrate. Then it takes an unexpected turn. We add selected dried hops to give a citrusy flavor. Refreshing and light. 


6550 Hamilton Lebanon Road
Monroe, Ohio

(513) 402-7135


Original Blend- Our Original Blend is made from fresh-pressed, locally sourced apples. Different apples at different times in the season mean that this flavor will subtly change during the year. Fermented slow to bring out the natural aroma and flavor, we keep the Original Blend dry. With no added sugars or flavors, you will only be tasting all-natural cider. It pours golden copper like a shiny new penny…or five and is lightly carbonated with 6.4% abv.
Flannel Top Hot Pepper Cider- Taste the heat in this all natural hot pepper cider.  Diced peppers are steeped in freshly fermented apple cider until just hot enough to warm you up like your favorite flannel.  Left dry to emphasize the full pepper taste with just the right amount of apple tartness. Lightly carbonated.
Jingle Pear Spiced Pear Cider- This seasonal pear cider is made from fresh pressed, locally sourced pears.  Then it is infused with all the right holiday spices to create a medium bodied, semi-sweet flavor.  Topped off with hard apple cider to enhance crispness and tartness. Available in December. Lightly carbonated, 5.4% abv.
Faded Dashboard Coffee Hard Cider- Our hard cider blend is steeped with fresh roasted coffee beans from our friends at The Blueberry Patch to produce a robust coffee aroma. A splash of natural vanilla is added to give it a sweet back flavor. Sure to please coffee enthusiasts alike.
Lost Reception Honey Blueberry Cider- Our traditional apple cider base has been infused with a hearty dose of blueberry puree direct from our friends at The Blueberry Patch in Lexington, OH then blended with over 10lbs of honey sourced from local hives. This cider is sure to appeal to any sweet tooth.
Limited Spring Release* Back Road Pear Hard Cider- Locally grown pears are fermented and back sweetened with pure pear juice.  Enjoy it cold while getting lost on a back road.  Lightly carbonated, semi-dry perry.  5.4% ABV

4473 Blake Rd
Seville, Ohio


(330) 769-1353

Mad Moon Craft Cidery- We began our hard cider production in a modest warehouse in 2014. We aspire for an artful production of fresh-pressed, hard apple cider. Crafted from locally grown apples; brewed in small unfiltered batches. Our goal is to produce amazing, creative flavors drawing inspiration from the craft beer revolution. We strive to support the local market by using Ohio apples and other local products.


Traditional Hard Cider- 
August 1776- Herbed / Spiced / Hopped
1920 Lavender & Rhubarb- 

The Winery at Spring Hill- we pride ourselves on having a friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere.  As soon as you walk in our door you will be greeted by one of our smiling staff.  In the summer you can enjoy our large outdoor patio.  In the winter you can relax by one of our two woodburning fireplaces.  Make yourself at home because we want you to feel like part of our family.  Sample some of our wines, enjoy our delicious menu, and enjoy live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have 22 different wines ranging from dry and semi-dry Vinifera to semi-dry and semi-sweet Labrusca and fruit wines.  We are now making our own Hard Ciders in several different flavors.

MadTree Brewing- When it comes to brewing, we carve our own path. We mix. We mash. We methodically bring quality beer to life and we have fun doing it. Demand from the growing community keeps us motivated and moving. In return, we make nothing but the best beer. After all, we are founded and continue to grow on the notion that beer builds community and community builds beer.

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Bad Hombre- Aged in tequila barrels.  Aromas of sweet agave and savory fruit.  Flavors of apple and pome fruit with hints of kiwi and a mellow finish.
Brambleberry- A blend of apples, strawberries, red and black raspberries, cherries, and red currants. Bold berry aromas. Fruity and pleasantly tart with a refreshing mineral finish.
Hopped- Yakima Valley hops lend this cider complex aromas of tangerine and spruce.  Flavors of grapefruit with undercurrents of pine and spice at the finish.
Old Orchard- We take a selection of estate grown heirloom apples and do a long, slow and cold fermentation similar to how Old World ciders were produced. The result is a full bodied cider that has funky aromas of earth and orchard floor, a bright, fruit-centric flavor and an off-dry finish.
Summer Gold- A Ginger Gold single varietal with aromas of pome fruit and spice; easy to sip with flavors of summer apples and a smooth finish.
Cherry- Montmorency tart cherries lend a beautiful pink blush as well as notes of currant and dried cherry.  This cider is crisp and lively with a jammy finish.


4125 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, Ohio

(216) 202-1386


Original Hard Cider- medium-sweet; available on tap, growlers, and 16 oz. cans! Made from local, fresh-pressed apples. Fermented cold to lock in character.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Hop Wired- Bridging the gap between cider and beer. Our special blend of hops has a citrusy, and slightly hoppy flavor profile you’ll have to experience to appreciate. Dry. 
Unglued Carmel Apple- This flavor brings back memories of those caramel apples from the county fair. It’s made with handmade caramel and has rich vanilla undertones. Semi-sweet.Moon Dust- Back by popular demand! Cranberry and Blood Orange synergize for an eruption of flavor. Semi-dry.
Treacherous- Apples and cranberries make such a dynamic pairing. Deceptively smooth with an explosion of flavor! Semi-sweet.Bad Blood Orange- Sometimes bad is better than good. Such is the case with this elegantly semi-dry hard cider. It has an invigorating citrus finish of blood orange. Try some, it’s yours for the picking.Tight Squeeze- Lush tropical mango with a hint of pomegranate.  Aroma and flavor combine to make instant sunshine! Semi-sweet.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Ohio.