The Colonel- Hard Cider aged in Jack Daniel's Barrels
Serious Soldier- Scottish Ale & apple pomace.
Brew Cannon- Hint of Bourbon & Vanilla, Sweet 
General Burnsides- Cider fermented with spicy pepper.
Maple Sap Tap- PA Grand Canyon Maple syrup, semi-dry, unfiltered cider.

Moon Dancer Vineyards & Cider House-  Our French Country Chateau overlooks the beautiful Susquehanna River in Wrightsville, offering premium European Style dry wines as well as select Pennsylvania sweet wines.  The charming atmosphere with stunning views of the vineyards and surrounding countryside is Pennsylvania Wine Country at its finest. Enjoy wine tastings and tours of our cellars where wines are handcrafted over 17 feet below ground.  Try a bottle of your favorite Moon Dancer wine on our patio or by the great room fireplaces with live weekend music year-round.


William Penn Cidery Hard Cider- A dry Cider made with 100% Gold Rush Apples. Intense apple and herbal notes on the nose and soft apple and honey on the palate. Medium bodied.  Mild to moderate tartness.  Moderate acidity with beautiful tannin structure.

26 W. High St.
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

(717) 462-4716

Threadbare Cider- It started with Whiskey. Five years ago, at our family-owned Distillery in Pittsburgh we started making seasonal whiskeys that celebrated the regions’ apple bounty. Whiskey finished with apple wood staves; Walkabout, whiskey proofed down with local apple cider. Before we knew it we were deep into apples and regional apple history, including falling in love with our quirky Pittsburgher, Johnny Appleseed Chapman. And that was before we started getting deep into the goodie box of apple yeasts and ferments, diving into Pommeau and apple brandies. At the same time we found a second barrelhouse for our burgeoning whiskey inventory and tucked behind it was a 10,000 square foot historic tannery, oozing with charm (ie construction complexities and budget overruns) that was just begging to be a ciderhouse. So here we are pumping out farmhouse, bottle conditioned, hopped, wild fermented, and barrel aged ciders. And we’re so glad you’ve joined us to explore a new American cider frontier.

Arrowhead Wine Cellars- In 1980, Nick and Kathy Mobilia – third generation owners of Mobilia Fruit Farms, began pressing grapes into juice for wineries in North East, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until 1998 that Arrowhead Wine Cellars was established, after Nick saw the need to offer a product to consumers that he had full control over. With the knowledge and experience of processing grapes it was decided that Mobilia Fruit Farms would go the extra step and begin producing the wine on their own. After all, they were already growing the different varieties of wine grapes and fruits that are now used in their fruit wines. At Arrowhead Wine Cellars they have full control of the process from growing and pressing to the fermenting and bottling. Arrowhead Wine Cellars has been producing internationally recognized award-winning wines, with 32 varieties to choose from. Arrowhead uses the highest quality European, Native and hybrid grapes, most of which are grown on their 250 acre farm. 

Dressler Estate- is a cider-focused winery. Our dry ciders are made from regionally sourced fruit. We have a passion for selecting ingredients and supplies that express our home.

501 South Reading Ave.
Boyertown, Pennsylvania 

(888) 367-6200

124 Beaver Valley Rd
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

(610) 459-0808

2240 Millennium Way
Enola, Pennsylvania

(717) 728-3840


Dutch Run Hard Cider- A Dry Traditional Hard Cider made with a blend of Cider and Heritage Apples.  This Cider has a nice blend of acid and tannin.
Moss Creek Hard Cider- A limited release Dry Hard Cider made with Heritage Apples.  This Cider is made with a blend of Belgian saison and white wine yeasts, to add favor and complexity.
Yellow Creek Hard Cider- A Dry Hard Cider, made with a blend of Heritage Apples, and hopped with Centennial hops.  
Blacklick Creek Hard Cider- A Dry Hard Cider, make with a blend of Heritage Apples.

Laporte, Pennsylvania  

Civil War Cider- Civil War Cider is located in the Historic District of downtown Lewisburg, PA.  We are the only producer of artisinal cider and mead in Union County.  We make Civil War styled ciders and experiment with new ciders.  Several of our ciders are aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels and served straight from the barrel!  Seasonal ciders are made in clay jugs or in glass - just as our ancestors did during the Civil War.  Bushel & Barrel, our cider-pub venue, is a watering hole popular amongst seekers of unique ciders, high quality beverages, and dedicated drink craftsmen. We source all of our apples within a 50 mile radius of the cider pub.  Some of the juice we purchase direct from the growers, other times we use an antique press to squeeze the juice from apples.  All apples are picked from the tree to ensure fresh and sediment free juice.  Our ciders are both still or bubbly, bone dry to mild sweetness, fresh and bright to tart and aged. 


Modern Still- Aromas of bright fruit and floral notes with balanced acidity that finishes clean. Fermented from a blend of sweets and tarts pressed by Kauffman’s Fruit Farm in Lancaster County. We use a winemaker’s approach to create our take on the Modern cider style. 
Modern Sparkling- A smooth carbonation and dryness develops from the final stages of fermentation in bottle. Strikes a subtle balance between acidity and effervescence, accenting fresh fruit notes. Living yeast, which changes with time, creates its own characteristics in each bottle.
King in Arms- First of a series that will explore the subtleties of barrel aged cider. Fermented and aged in a Manatawny Still Works barrel that housed whiskey then rum. Soft oaky notes give this cider warm and spicy aromas. Celebrating the rich history of Downingtown and Pennsylvania, we named this cider after one of three Downingtown taverns in the 1800s. Complementing our state’s history, the use of a Manatawny Still Works barrel is a nod to the vibrant community of makers.

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Original (Dry)- A crisp, dry cider with a fair amount of fizz. The predominance of Granny Smith apples lends this blend a note of tart green apple, pineapple and tangerine. Perfect for a hot summer day or anytime you need a little pick-me-up.
Helen's Blend (Semi-Sweet)- A colorful, lively cider with a bit of sparkle and a lot of character. Name for Helen Hauser, the matriarch of our establishment, this cider appropriately intermingles Pennsylvania varieties: Nittany and York with Fuji and just a bit of Rome imparting flavors of pears, peaches and melons with hints of orange zest and ginger. Helen’s Blend is a perfect balance of delicacy and complexity with a flourish of sweetness, just like Helen herself.
Dry Hopped Cider- Adding classic American craft brewing hops throughout the fermentation process of this dry cider base lends pleasant citrus and herbal aromas and flavors. 
Peach Cider- Jack’s Seasonal Peach Cider is light with fresh peach aromas and refreshing fresh fruit flavors. This blend of freshly pressed Adams County apples and peaches is quickly becoming a harvest time favorite. 
Pear Cider- This blend of hard cider and freshly pressed local pears has an acidic body with a smooth pear finish. Like all our ciders, Jack’s Hard cider is made from fresh pressed apples we grow without any added colors, flavors or sugars.
Conewago Orchard- Made from the finest cider apples we grow at Conewago Orchard. These apples are pressed off the tree, slowly fermented and aged to perfection resulting in an off-dry hard cider with just a touch of sweetness to compliment the natural acidity and spiciness. 

THE CIDERS: 19 cider styles, to include:

Stoke Red- An excellent, balanced, medium bittersharp juice in the same class as the famed Kingston Black, with a perfect tannin/acid balance. It was commonly planted in orchards across cider-making regions from the 1920s, having come into prominence at Rodney Stoke in Somerset at the turn of the century… “crops are large and the quality of the juice is first rate.” The juice ferments to a sharp, often scented, vintage quality cider. 
Roxbury Russet- The oldest American bred cider apple, having first been discovered and named in the mid-17th century in Roxbury Town, part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This was among the most popular varieties in America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Thomas Jefferson planted a number of 'Roxbury Russet' trees in Monticello's South Orchard in 1778. He referred to them as "russetings". The sugar content is very high and the sugar/acid balance contributes to its fine flavor. 
Virginia Crab- Amber in color, sharp tartness, grapefruit overtones, with a dry finish. American varietal.
Golden Russet- Fruity and mild with floral notes.
Yarlington Mills- Dry and appley cider.
Colonial Blend Cider- A tart old fashioned cider.


Mac N’ Pear- Pear and apple cider.
Mac N’ Peach- Macintosh and Peach Cider.Macintosh Cider- Dry.

Pizza Boy Brewery- What’s not to love? Great food, great beer and a family-friendly atmosphere. We’re proud of what we built, and we’re happy to be recognized as a world class craft beer destination and an affordable, consistently delicious restaurant. 

THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles, to include:

Fastball- A dry and complex cider reminiscent of a traditional English-style cider, carbonated and full of apple flavor.
Curveball- A light and sweet, carbonated cider that's full of fruit character. A great cider to use for a sangria or to sip on its own. 
Riseball- A semi-sweet hard cider with strong notes of fresh raspberry that add tannins, yet a refreshing sweetness as if you were eating a fresh-picked berry.
Splitter- A semi-sweet cider, sweetened only with our fresh-pressed apple cider giving it a strong apple flavor and a little added fizz to enhance the aromas.
Sunday Hop- ​A semi-sweet cider, sweetened only with our fresh-pressed apple cider giving it a strong apple flavor and a little added fizz to enhance the aromas.Dropball- If you like cranberry sauce, you're going to love this semi-sweet cranberry cider. Sweet upfront, a little tartness from the cranberries on the back and pure enjoyment from the very first sip.

Spring Gate Vineyard- Spring Gate Vineyard, in Central Pennsylvania, is a European Style Music filled Cafe on 60 acres open, Wednesday thru Sunday including all winter. From our Tasting Room, in a timeless Pennsylvania barn, to our beautiful grounds, including orchards, streams, courtyards and ornamental horse paddocks, Spring Gate Vineyard is a special place. Come for a visit, and enjoy a unique experience with us, for tastings, cafe life, food, and music.  The ciders are currently in a weekly rotation.

Reid’s Orchard & Winery-  farms with the knowledge that we are stewards of the land. The land that we farm today is land that has been farmed by the generations that came before us. The land that we farm today is ours to cultivate and nurture for the time we are here. The land that we farm today will be farmed by those generations who choose to follow us as farmers and vintners. As responsible stewards, we make choices in land and crop management based not only on the needs of this year’s crop but also considering the long-term effects of our decisions on the land and on the environment.  Reid's ciders and fruit ciders are made from estate grown fruit. These wines are 100% fruit with no floorings, concentrates or essence. Their goal is to make wine from the fruit of the tree and earth just as they make wine from the fruit of the vine.

779 Elm Road

Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania


(814) 626-8800


Crooked Core Hard Cider- 
Crooked Core Green Apple Cider-


Earthbound Apple- Dry apple wine from locally source apples. Lightly oaked, and only coarse filtered to leave as much apple character as possible in a dry cider.
Apple0 Mission1- Dry Apple Cider made from a fresh press of 9 NY State Cider Apples.

917 Keewaydin Road 
Frenchville, Pennsylvania 

Otto’s Pub and Brewery
2235 North Atherton St
State College, Pennsylvania

(814) 867-6886

885 South Pleasant Ave.
Dallastown, Pennsylvannia 
(717) 244-9900


Sturges Orchard Hard Cider- Still, Hard cider with just enough sweetness

Hauser Estate Winery and  Jack's Hard Cider- Our cider is produced from apples native to our home, Adams County Pennsylvania. The completely under-ground, naturally cool (55 degree) winery & cidery, churns out thousands of gallons of Jack’s Hard Cider per year. Each batch starts as apples skillfully grown and tended to by our farm manager Lee Wagner. Their juice is then carefully crafted by our Cider-maker and is filtered slowly to maintain flavor and a high level of smoothness for which our product has been noted. Jack’s Hard Cider awaits maturity in state of the art stainless steel tanks, is bottled on-site and rests for a short period to allow for “bottle shock” to wear away. Whether you’re searching for a traditional dry-English style cider or a sweet refreshing summer-like mouthfeel, one of our cider varieties is sure to please your pallet. Because each batch of our cider and apple wines is hand-crafted to perfection, we cannot always offer each of our varieties year-round. To find out what is available now, simply check our cider-shop at

1229 Main Street 
Volant, Pennsylvania

(724) 533-2500 


Crooked Branch Cider- Engage your senses with our Olde World drought-style Crooked Branch Cider using apples from our very own orchards. As your pour this treasure, the bubbles will entice you to drink it every day or for special occasions.

35 N 7th Street
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

(570) 399-1080

Grand Illusion Hard Cider- Urban Cidery and wine bar that has 24 taps of Pennsylvania craft alcohols and sodas, all on draft! Come see what we're hiding. We are just an average American family who wanted to do something cool. We wanted to show our kids, and prove to ourselves, what is possible if you apply some creativity to a felt need in the marketplace. Like many others, we enjoy craft alcohol and visiting producers and their facilities. But we always knew there was something missing; that more could be done to heighten and deepen the experience. That's when Grand Illusion Hard Cider was born.

2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, Pennsylvania

(717) 665-7021

Young American Hard Cider- Hard Cider crafted from local, fresh, organic apple juice. From September to May, we gather fresh pressed juice and ferment cider using the same process used by the early American settlers who inspired our name. Over the course of several months, our aging process yields a wide range of palate pleasing flavor combinations such as Tart Cherry, Bourbon Barrel Aged, and Ginger. This is just the beginning of the possible cider varieties and complex flavors that can be explored in one of the world’s oldest fermented beverages. Using the same process that early settlers of the United States would have used, we were inspired to call ourselves Young American. 

1383 North Chatham Road,
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

(610) 383-0600 

632 Baltimore Pike
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

(610) 388-6221 

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Li’l Dickens Cider-
Lancaster County Cherry Cider-
Sweet Cider-
Peach Vanilla Cider-
Bad Dog Cider-
Blueberry Cider-

104 West King Street
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

(717) 509-0938

Whip Tavern- You'll treasure this traditional English pub nestled in the rolling hillsides of Southern Chester County. Enjoy a casual lunch or dinner made with ingredients produced on the farms that surround the tavern. The Whip proudly serves a selection of over 50 domestic and international beers and ciders from a list that adjusts seasonally. When you arrive, be sure to check out the day's featured brews or try a  cask-conditioned specialty draught from the local taps, for something new. Our choice selections of imports and locals are accompanied by a limited supply of seasonals and short runs.  The Whip Tavern is now serving its own private-label house cider, with some of the proceeds going to preserve open space in the Brandywine Valley. 

The Vineyards and Brewery- "The Pennsylvania wine that will change your mind" and artfully crafted microbrews. The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey is the best of both worlds! This is Pennsylvania wine like you have never experienced before—a relaxed atmosphere with fun people and top-rated wines! Whether it’s the spell of the old Farmhouse or the little piece of heaven by our natural spring pond, you will be captivated by your visit to the Vineyard at Hershey!

2885 New Park Rd
New Park, Pennsylvania

(717) 382-4878

553 Main Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

(610) 625-3744

212 Rutter Road
Halifax, Pennsylvania

(717) 896.7700

5727 Firman Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 

(814) 580-8375 

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Summer Scrumpy- is a light-bodied, refreshing cider.  We’ve blended hard cider with fresh apple cider to give a little hint of sweetness and a great natural apple aroma.  This summer seasonal is an off-dry cider that is perfect if you’re looking for something “not too sweet” and also allows you to come back for another. 
Barrel Aged Reserve Cider- is a unique blend of traditional cider apples fermented and aged in whiskey and brandy barrels.  These varieties provide a bright acidity and natural sugars that blend with an oak finish to yield a complex yet well balanced cider. 
Michaux Mule- Our take on a Moscow Mule, this cider has been steeped with organic ginger that warms on the back end.  Fresh lime zest also lends a refreshing citrus that makes it perfect for any weather.  We’ve back-sweetened with just a touch of fresh apple cider for a smooth apple character.
Standard- This cider sets the standard with a bright, fruit forward flavor profile.  No added sugars or flavors, just carefully selected apple varieties that are grown, pressed and fermented here at Big Hill.  Available year round. 

Little Round Hop- To elevate this cider’s bright, citrusy personality, we’ve dry-hopped it, using a blend of columbus, centennial & cascade hops – the legendary “three C’s.”  Fresh lemongrass focuses the hop overtones and enhances the complex flavors.

Kingston Black- The Kingston Black apple is perhaps the most esteemed of all English cider varietals.  This single varietal dry cider has earthy notes, soft tannins and a rustic complexity that’s reminiscent of old world ciders.  Limited availability each year.

Ploughman Farm Cider- is the proud maker of ciders made from apples grown in Adams County, PA. We grow, harvest and produce our ciders from a single source: the orchards at Three Springs Fruit Farm.

Big Hill Ciderworks-  is located in the heart of Apple Country along the South Mountain: a northern extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our facilities are just north of historic Gettysburg and only a few miles away from the Appalachian Trail. The area is known for its unique microclimate and soil types that cater perfectly to apple production. We are home to some of the best apples in the country. Big Hill was founded by Troy and Ben, two independent farmers looking to make darn good ciders.  Big Hill began in the Spring of 2013 when we poured concrete in what is now our Ciderworks building.  At this time, we offer sales by appointment only, please contact us if you would like to come out and visit.  We look forward to expanding our operation to an onsite tasting room so that you all can come by and visit us one day.  Until then, we hope you enjoy our cider at your local pub.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Pennsylvania.

1606 Bendersville-Wenksville Rd.
Aspers, Pennsylvania

(717) 347-6462

1291 Spring Garden Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 322-5100

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:  

Original- Our Original cider is made from Northern Spy apples and mimics the sweet-tart taste of this great pie apple!
Raspberry- This cider will become your summer favorite!  Sweet Northern Spy apples and Red Raspberry juice... what more do I have to say.
Blueberry- Blueberry picking can be fun ​in the summer. Having a glass of sweet Blueberry Hard Cider at the end of the day is more fun!
Strawberry- This is one of our new additions of 2017.  It embraces the great taste of Northern Spy apples and the sweet taste of summer strawberries!  
Dry- Press apples, add yeast, and wait... You asked us to make ​a dry hard cider.  So we made a cider that is better that we could have imagined!
Orchard Select- When people go to an orchard they always look for Cortland and McIntosh apples. ​We brought the orchard to you with Orchard Select Hard Cider.  The taste of Fall!

Kurant Hand Crafted Cider- is a hard cidery aimed at creating new and exciting flavor profiles and tasting experiences. All of our ciders are crafted with inspiration from traditional French, English, and Spanish ciders.  They have more similarities with white wines than they share with most American ciders.  We aim to set ourselves apart from the crowd.  Our ciders are ultra dry and unfiltered with a touch of American farmhouse character. 

"Give me yesterday's Bread, this Day's Flesh, and last Year's Cyder.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) ‘Poor Richard's Almanac’

Chaddsford Winery began in 1982. We are located in the Brandywine Valley to the southwest of Philadelphia. We are Pennsylvania’s largest and best known winery.  Today winemaker Jim Osborn carries on a thirty-year tradition of locally sourced, quality wines. Our main goal in making wine is to provide you with a wine that you enjoy. Every year we produce a wide variety of wines and every year that changes because we pick the best fruit in order to make you the best wine. We have made and you might find on our shelves dry varietals like Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, many of these nationally acclaimed. Also you might try some of our small lot wines, part of winemaker Jim Osborn’s Artisan series, like our multiple award winning 2012 Blaufränkisch. We also produce our fun and easy to drink varietals like Niagara, Sangria and Spiced Apple.

419 S Blakely ST

Dunmore, Pennsylvania


(570) 504-5758 

5790 Devonshire Road
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

(717) 857-5544 

300 39th Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(412) 682-7699

613 S 7th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Sweet- Juicy and sweet, with a hint of crisp tartness you'd expect from a fresh apple, Lancaster County Cider's sweet variety has a bright aroma and is full of flavor. 
Peach Vanilla- Lancaster County Cider blends thirst-quenching apple with sweet peach and vanilla, creating an unexpected fresh fruity flavor. 
Coffee- Delicious and refreshing, Lancaster County hard cider combines with natural coffee flavors to create a unique, one-of-a-kind cider.
Raspberry- This light and refreshing cider had a delicate and refreshing aroma with a fresh sweet raspberry finish.
Cherry- Our unique, hand-crafted cherry hard cider is a delicious balance of the fresh sweetness of apples and the natural tartness of cherries. This semi-dry style captures qualities of both fruits and has a beautifully clear, cherry-blossom pink color.
Pumpkin- Delicious Spiced Apple Wine, Pumpkin Wine and Hard Cider unite with cinnamon, nutmeg, a bit of pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, and fresh pumpkin puree to create this new seasonal treat!

Banter’s Hard Cider- "We specialize in craft ciders. We have nine blends we will offer to customers and we are hoping to open towards the end of October (2016)," said Steve Brancato, Banter's Hard Cider. Since making his first cider seven years ago, Brancato has relied on feedback to perfect blends of his favorite drink. Over time, people began to ask for his next batch of cider, and a passion became a feasible business venture.  Banter uses apples from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm in Hand, PA to make a variety of dry or sweet blends. Banter’s product will be made at the Colony Meadery in Allentown. 


Tart Cherry - This cider is one of the sweetest we offer, but the sweetness is onset with the tartness from the cherries.  It has a fresh puckery feel, perfect to enliven the taste buds and leave them wanting more.
Bourbon Barrel Aged- All our cider goes through two stages of fermentation.  Yeast is added at the primary fermentation stage and lasts about 3-4 weeks.  Then we rack the cider into smaller containers and age it in a secondary fermentation.  It is in the secondary stage that we add other flavors such as fresh ginger, fruit, spices, or age it in oak barrels.  the cider's complexities and subtleties come out, as well the other flavors.  All of our ingredients are fresh and not from concentrates. The cider is all dry, with no sugar added. 

229 West Fourth Street, 
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

(570) 326-4700 

Frecon Cidery- is a family & friend owned estate cidery located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We make traditional cider using classic techniques & use apples from our family orchard, which as been growing quality tree fruits since 1944. Using a blend of dessert, cider & aromatic apples, both heirloom & modern, our cider makers select the best balances to ferment into the final product. We're proud to continue an American tradition of fine ciders that feature great aroma & flavor, recently recognized with bronze medals for the Hogshead and Crabby Granny by the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association.

Wyndridge Farm Crafty Cider is York County's first and only hard cider company. Because hard cider is naturally gluten free with a refreshing taste, it’s one of the fastest-growing segments in the alcoholic beverage market. In the wind-swept hills of Pennsylvania you'll find historic farms that contain picturesque views of fields and orchards. Wyndridge Farm is a shining example of the natural beauty of these farms. Rustic but elegant, our farm has the heart of a historic Pennsylvania farm... with a soul that celebrates life. The iconic mark is a scarf-wearing fox. The fox is known as an elegant, sly and crafty animal that visits our farm frequently for a little “fun.” This essence captures the spirit that is Wyndridge Farm. 

410 E Walnut St
Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Blackledge Winery- is a licensed, privately funded research winery that strives to produce small batch hand-crafted wines, ciders and meads using only the finest local ingredients and documented traditional methods. All of our cider is made from locally sourced apples (12 miles orchard to winery) and are fermented with wild yeast. They are still to lightly effervescent, dry, unfiltered, and have no added chemicals or sulfites. Located on the lower level of an early 1700's Pennsylvania stone farmhouse, we're constantly researching historical recipes to recreate some of the world's greatest beverages lost to time. 

103 Gypsum Rd. Suite A
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

(570) 350-2697

13124 Townline Road

Meadville, Pennsylvania


(814) 724-1225


Old Snapper Hard Cider-  Snapper Is Produced From A Blend Of 6 Pennsylvania Grown Apples And Leans Towards The Drier End Of A Semi-Sweet Scale.  The Cider Is Back Sweetened With Unfermented Juice In Order To Maintain A Very Natural Taste!
Terrapin's Rosé Cider- 
Old Snapper's Yeti Iced Cider- 


For Fox Sake - You may have already tried For Fox Sake, the new off-dry draught cider made exclusively for us by Big Hill Ciderworks to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. But, did you know that fifty cents from each Imperial pint drawn, now through eternity, will support the open space efforts of The Brandywine Conservancy? With each pint, you can help permanently protect over 60,000 nearby acres from construction and development.

45 W Broad Street
Elizabethville, Pennsylvania


(717) 362-8044 

7833 Franklin Hill Road
Bangor, Pennsylvania

(888) 887-2839 

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Wickson Cider- Made entirely from the juice of Wickson crab apples, this is our first single-varietal cider. We can thank the pomologist Albert Etters for breeding what is quite possibly the most-edible of crabs. The candy-like aromas abound in the finished cider and are balanced by sizable tartness with a hint of astrigency. We've been waiting for years to offer this cider and we believe our patience has finally paid off.
North Meets South- In remembrance of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, we have crafted our own version of "North Meets South," a bourbon barrel-aged cider. From where once was the clashing of cannons you will find the harmonious melding of Pennsylvania apples and Virginia bourbon. Made with freshly-pressed juice and no added water, we hope you enjoy this unique cider. Cheers!
Ginger Kid- Born of an experiment in the early days of Good Intent, Ginger Kid blends our cider with fresh ginger root and the goodness of Beiler Farm's Pennsylvania maple syrup. While many flavored ciders tend to overwhelm the palate, we balance the ingredients in such a way that the ginger and maple syrup have supporting roles but the deliciousness of fermented apples takes center stage. Enjoy! 
Happy Valley Hodgepodge – 2017- Crafted with apples grown in Happy Valley, this cider blends more than 20 varieties, resulting in rich and complex flavors not found in most ciders. These apples include lesser-known cultivars such as Ashmead's Kernel, King David, Pitmaston Pineapple, Calville Blanc, Golden Pippin, Chisel Jersey, and Tremlett's Bitter. Though they may be a motley bunch, when fermented together they become just one more delicious example of all that Happy Valley has to offer! 
Rose Farm Orchard- Our Rose Farm Orchard cider is crafted with a blend of apples from the Gettysburg Battlefield and enhanced by oak aging to produce faint vanilla and woody flavors. A first of its kind, this cider is the product of an agreement between Good Intent Cider and the nonprofit Gettysburg Foundation. Proceeds from this cider benefit the Gettysburg National Military Park, creating a sustainable fund for the care and preservation of the historic orchards on the Gettysburg Battlefield. 
Eve's Revenge- While there are those who would leave Eve forever at fault, that ever-tempting apple was certainly to blame. Who could have resisted sweet bites of enlightenment? Though it was no clear Eve's name, we thought that Adam's Apple finally deserved a bit of heat. One Thai chili is just the right amount to match the acidity and astringency of this cider. Though revenge may be sweet, in our garden it's spicy! 

Space Time Mead & Cider Works- mission is to produce the highest quality and innovative craft mead (honey wine), cider, and wine in a manner that respects the past and works for a better future, while living in the present.

6350 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Cranberry- ​Full cranberry flavor hard cider without the typical cranberry tartness.Peach- Juicy, bold flavored hard cider, similar to candy peach rings.Inertia- Semi-dry Apple
Gravity- Dry Apple
Velocity- Sweet Apple
Momentum- Semi-sweet Apple

Pennsylvania  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Pennsylvania.

126 S. Third Street
Benton, PA 

(570) 854-1948 

11727 East Main Rd. (Rt 20) 
North East, Pennsylvania 

(814) 725-1079

959 Chesterville Rd
Lewisville, Pennsylvania

(484) 441-3344 

US 6 Scenic Hwy & Rt 322,
12005 Conneaut Lake Road
Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

(814) 382-3999

1282 Klines Run Rd
Wrightsville Pennsylvania

(717) 252-9463 

Deep Roots Hard Cider- I have always loved hard cider since the first time I had Woodchuck. After taking a horticulture class at Cornell and a visit to Cummins Nursery, I loved the idea of making my own Hard Cider. Working with Bill Barton at Bellwether Hard Cider gave me more knowledge of the industry and everything that went along with it... and it was alot! Six years later and numerous small batches of cider and fruit wines, I am now ready to see what other people think of my style of hard cider. 

Brother Monk Ciderworks- We hand craft our ciders from great apples, that we grow in our orchard and/or locally sourced.  We have planted over 1,000 cider apple trees in our orchard and have taken over the management of two old and uncared for heritage orchards.  Our apples are ripened to perfection, harvested by hand, and hand craft into fine cider blends, resulting in rich ciders full of delightful complexity.


Farmhouse- A pleasantly sweet and tart cider with a bright finish. Carbonated to have delicate tiny bubbles with just enough effervescence, you’ll taste ripe apple, fresh fruit, vanilla, baking spice, nuttiness, and a definite minerality finish.
Dry-hopped- A traditional tart off-dry cider with a citrus-y fragrance and wave of tart apple flavor without the bitterness of an IPA. We use a Mosaic, Amarillo, and Centennial hop blend reulting in tangerine, peach, papaya, rose, melon, lemon notes, and a sharp apple finish.
Dry Cider- A crisp and tart traditional dry apple cider inspired by our own region’s cider-making heritage. Made wild-type yeast varieties to enhance the mouthfeel and contribute unique white wine characteristics, this is the cider that is closest to what Johnny would have enjoyed!

Volant Mill Winery-  we are proud to offer you a wide variety of delicious wines crafted from the fruits of Western Pennsylvania orchards and vineyards. Many of our varietals are grown in our own local vineyards and are hand-harvested by Amish workers. We believe that the ecologically and economically conscious trend toward preferentially selecting produce from local farms also applies to the libations we consume and we encourage you to visit one of our three convenient locations to sample our wine. From our dry and peppery Maréchal Foch to our lusciously sweet Blackberry, we are confident that we have something to suit any palate


Spice- Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice blend perfectly reminding you of your favorite cold weather treats.  A touch of brown sugar in the finish adds just a tiny bit of sweetness for balance with notes of molasses and raisons.  We let the apples shine as the highlight of Spice by keeping the seasonal additions light but noticeable and not overpowering.  
Earth- We take a crisp blend of fermented apple juice and dry hop it just before packaging using 100% Mosaic hops sourced from the western United States.  The Mosaic hops add a light citrus and melon character on top of the crisp notes found in the juice blend.  The hop character is light and not overpowering.  By using a dry hopping technique, only the hop flavor and aromas are infused into the cider.  Don't be afraid to try Earth even if you aren't usually a hop head.
Bees- is an off-dry cider sweetened with locally sourced, responsibly harvested honey.  The addition of honey adds just a touch of sweetness.  The honey comes through in the nose of the cider and continues all the way through to the finish.  On top of the white wine like qualities of the cider, the honey adds a light floral character creating depth.  If you like off-dry, German white wines you will want to try Bees.
Farm- Created in the light of traditional European farmhouse ciders, Farm is funky and tart.  We use a special blend of cultured and wild yeast to make this cider standout.  Farm has notes of straw, hay, honeysuckle, white grapes, and green apples.  Similar to most of our other ciders, Farm is fermented completely dry and not back sweetened.  
Viejo- For hundreds of years the Spanish have made ciders they call Sidra Natural.  These ciders are farmhouse style which means they're wild fermented letting nature run its course with natural yeast and bacteria present in the fresh apple juice.  We're finally proud to present Viejo, our very own Sidra Natural.  Viejo is a blend of wild fermented ciders created by using some of the best apples we could source in Pennsylvania.  The ciders used to blend Viejo were aged for 6-18 months in oak before being used in the finished product.  Viejo is a still cider meaning non-carbonated.  It's meant to be served with a long pour from great heights to aerate and add effervescence.  

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Stark Cider- Our debut release, Stark is made from Stayman and Spitzenberg apples, both heirloom American varietals. Its citrusy, fruit-forward notes remind us of a German radler—a shandy of juice and beer—so we named this high-octane cider Stark, German for strong. Off-dry and crisp, enjoy this one as you would a glass of wine. 
Lupulin Lummox- Humulus lupulus is the Latin name for hops, the flowers that give an IPA its grassy flavor. Citra hops,  matched with the sweetness of Jonagold and the tartness of Gold Rush apples, yield a mouth-watering cider with subtle sweetness. Big and brassy, yet balanced.
Pinot N'Arlet- Apples were our first love, but when a neighbor offered us batch of Pennsylvania-grown Pinot Noir grapes, we couldn’t say no. This wild yeast fermented cider combines the elegance of these grapes with the ruddy, rustic sweetness of Macoun and Arlet (hence the name) apples. Dry and blush-colored, it’s extremely food-friendly.
Muhibbah- Dry Cider with Malaysian spices. A Malay word meaning cross-cultural harmony, Muhibbah was inspired by a series of Cheese, Sambal, & Cider collaboration dinners with Malaysian chef Ange Branca and cheesemaker Jamie Png. Incorporating makrut lime leaves, star anise, cumin and coriander into a dry cider, we’ve created a drink that we hope embodies the Muhibbah values of tolerance, understanding, and friendship across diversity.
Dornick- American dry cider. We're proud of Adams County, PA, where we live and make our ciders. In each bottle we share some of its terroir with you. The term Dornick evokes a stony, pebbly quality – like the limestone and fractured white quartz under the apple trees of our home orchards. The stones emerge under the trees each spring when the snow melts. This cider, born of bold, robust apples, offers aromas of strawberry, butterscotch, and autumn leaves. We let the cider emerge in its own time from the land when it is ready. Full and satisfying, and unique every year.
Kenspeckle- American cider with chokeberries. Scottish for conspicuous, there’s no missing the bright color of this cider. It comes from chokeberries, also called aronia berries. The small, deep purple fruit is bitter and astringent on its own, but fermented with sweet juice from Stayman, Rome, and Jonagold apples it yields a complex cider, dry and slightly tannic, with strawberry and cherry aromas. 

Stone and Key Cellars- Jason & Deb Harris launched Stone & Key Cellars in Montgomeryville in Autumn 2013. Leveraging their experience serving and supplying winemakers for more than 20 years, they aspired to offer patrons a novel experience where you get to create your own wine at a state-of-the-art commercial winery. The winery offerings will include the best grapes we can find from renowned growing areas across California, Washington, and Northern Italy. If you’re not quite ready to leap into a vat of grapes, we will also be offering great winemaking opportunities from our vast selection of wine kits. And our Stone & Key Cellars Solebury Orchard Blends Ciders are crisp, off dry and very refreshing! 

400 Baltimore St.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

(717) 334-7537


R.A.W. Hard Cider, Indian Head- our "Indian Head" cider is a unique blend of hard cider infused with organic chamomile. It has a subtle floral note in the arome followed by the unfiltered fermented apple taste with a semi-dry finish.
 R.A.W. Hard Cider, Sweet Gypsy- is a surprising temptress, she sounds sweey, but her organic hibiscus infused blend make her sylyly tart while the homey makes her sweet. This pink carbonated hard cider dances wistfully in your pallet and leaves you wanting more.
R.A.W. Hard Cider, Oaky O'Shea- aged in whiskey barrels, our "Oaky O'Shea" is so unique and delicious. We fermented a semi-dry apple cider, aged it to perfection in whiskey barrels and infused it with local Pennsylvania maple syrup. It has an irresistible mid pallet smokey finish. R.A.W. Hard Cider, Pocono Mule- We've created our version of the popular drink, fresh ginger, lime, pinot grigio and hard cider, it's a sweet gingery warm drink perfect for the cold Pocono days. 


Blackberry/Tart Cherry Cider-
Cranberry Cider-

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of commercial oil production, thanks to Colonel Edwin L. Drake. Specifically looking for oil, Drake drilled the first commercially productive oil well in Titusville, PA in 1859, launching a global industry upon which most of our modern lives depend. Pennsylvania was also home to Ben Franklin, one of the most famous cider drinkers in colonial America, and to over 120 registered apple orchards today. Making Pennsylvania a great state for taking the cider trail to discover excellent local hard ciders with its 52 cider makers. 

1526 N American St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(215) 765-7000

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Overcast- We suppose you were wondering why the background of our website layout are storm clouds. Well, wonder no more! "Overcast", our flagship blend, is a cloudy, semi-sweet cider featuring just enough sweetness to go down easy.
Bon- Just as it's name implies, this cider is DRY. Our traditional, English style cider features champagne like qualities and a nice, crisp finish.
Titan Blueberry- A fruit-forward apple base coupled with the unmistakable sweetness of ripe blueberries make this seasonal semi-sweet a refreshing, full-bodied delight.
Courthouse calypso- A tropical party and the apple is your host! This semi-sweet blend hits you with a tart passion fruit flavor up front then follows up with the smooth sweetness of pineapple on the back-end.
Stygian- A nice balance of tart and sweet, Stygian stays true to it's apple base and is infused with black currant juice.
Peachrozza- In this coast to coast classic, Pennsylvania apples meet California peaches. This sweet blend hits you with a rich apple flavor up front then follows up with subtle peach notes on the back-end.


Funny Farmhouse Cider- Fresh rustic unfiltered apple cider fermented with our house wild yeast culture.
Funny Farmhouse Black And Blue Cider-
Funny Farmhouse Cider W/ Apricots- 
Funny Farmhouse Cider With Blueberries- 
Funny Farmhouse Cider (w/ Merlot Grapes)- 
Barrel Aged Funny Farmhouse Cider- aged 8 months on oak.

606 Market St
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

(570) 523-3414 

Levengoods of Lancaster- is a local cidery, serving up our own handcrafted seasonal ciders, along with PA craft beer, wine, and delicious food for your face.


Premium Hard Apple Cider- 
Hard N Hoppy-
Raspberry Cider-
Pumpkin Cider- Hard Cranberry Cider- 

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Aisling: (ASH-ling / vision, dream)-  Incredible flavors come from a simple blend of Gala and Akane.  Gala, for its mild, sweet flavor and aromatics.  One of the best early season selections, the sweet/sharp Akane.
Cill Airne: (Killarney / The Church of Sloes)-  McIntosh and Cortland for depth of flavor and character. Topped off with an early harvested Paula Red for its strawberry reminiscence and Macoun's flowery vinous flavor.
Draiocht: (DREE-oct / magic)-  The depth, flavor, and character of McIntosh and Cortland blended with the mid-late season, sharp, sweet Honeycrisp.  Paula Red - early harvested - reminiscent of strawberries.  
Blas: (Bloss / taste, flavor, accent)-  Northern Spy - old-fashioned, American variety.  Its late ripening yields a highly aromatic flavor.  York with its honey scented tartness.  The most recognizable variety, Granny Smith.  Golden Delicious brings a good sugar-acid balance.  Finished off with the beautiful Ida Red.
Aoibhneas: (EEV-nass / filling our senses)-  McIntosh delivers a depth of flavor and character.  Golden Delicious brings a good sugar-acid balance.  Finished with the aromatic and beautiful Ida Red. 
Mil:  (mel / honey)- McIntosh and Cortland for depth of flavor and character blended with the mid-late season, sweet/sharp Honeycrisp. 

THE CIDERS (19 cider styles including):​​

Bourbon- This still well rounded still cider, aged 8 months in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, is mellow and perfect for any celebration. 750ml corked and caged Bottle Only.
Tequila- Aged in a charred tequila barrel, a dry sparkling cider has a tannic base, but not too much, with a hint of "the worm".
Whiskey- This dry still cider is well rounded, aged 8 months in Kentucky whisky barrels, and certainly contains a hint of Kentucky on the nose and the palate.  
Cider Royale- A aged "brandied cider" which has a high ABV and has been "attic'ed" for three months in the summer heat.
Cider Royale, Oaked- Like Cider Royal but aged in french oak and american oak.
Cider Appalachia-  Aged "brandied cider" which has a high ABV but was not "attic'ed".


The Standard- Our original cider made from a balanced blend of seasonal, local apples, fermented dry.
Hail to the Hop- Dry-hopped with citra hops for bright and tart grapefruit notes, dry.
Lil’ Sunshine- Orange peel and a touch of local wildflower honey are added post-fermentation, off-dry.
Sail Away- Cider rested on 100% pure mango, juicy, off-dry.

598 Schoolhouse Rd
Middletown, Pennsylvania

(717) 944-1569

Swashbuckler Brewing Company- Founded by Scott Bowser, Swashbuckler Brewing Company became the first brewery ever to be located on the grounds of a Renaissance Faire in the year 2000. Now in its 17th year of production and with the expansion of the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern and an ever increasing supply and demand, Swashbuckler Brewing Company will continue the tradition Live Free. Dine Well. Drink Good Ale!

600 Main St.
Volant, Pennsylvania

(724) 704-0662

2440 Frankford Avenue 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

(215) 427-2712

Benton Ciderworks & Hard Cider Winery- In 2006 we bought a press and began making our own sweet cider. Now we direct every step of the cider making process, from selecting the apples through bottling. The only thing we don't do is grow the apples. We buy our apples from orchards here in Columbia and neighboring counties. We add only sugar, yeast and salicylic acid, and occasionally fresh fruits, such as strawberries. We add no raisins, fruit concentrates, sulfur compounds or other preservatives. These ingredients allow us to produce pure, very smooth hard ciders. Our ciderworks and hard cider winery were the former drying kiln for the Little Lumber Company, which operated in Benton from 1941–2001. Its well insulated walls allow us to control the temperature and humidity for aging cider. The building houses our entire operation, including the pressing and aging rooms and retail store. Colonel Ricketts- Robert B. Ricketts (1839 – 1918), a local historical figure, is the namesake of our hard cider. Born and raised in nearby Orangeville, PA, Ricketts was an officer in the Union Army, leading an artillery battery during the Battle of Gettysburg.


Original Cider- Semi-sweet with an almost wine like quality.
Bourbon Barrel Cider- Aged in Heaven Hill barrels
Dry Cider- 
Peach Jalapeño Cider- Subtle peach note, with a pepper back end. Not overly spicy.
Dry Hopped Cider-- Cherry Cider- 


Six Ciders on-tap with rotating varieties, such as Black Currant, Hops & Honey, Traditional Dry, Bent Birch, Honey, and Root of All E-Ville!

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

The Original- The classic, old–fashioned hard cider. A mix of several varieties of apples. Aged up to one year in the barrel for a rich oak flavor.
Beautiful Blend- A mix of Apple Sip and The Original. Light apple flavor with an extra smoothness from a touch of Galas and Fujis aged in glass.Apple Sip- Smoother and a bit sweeter than The Original, with slightly stronger apple flavor. Drawn from the barrel soon after maturing.
Satin Gold- Like The Original, but lighter gold in color. A mix of Galas, Fujis, and Granny Smiths.
Delicious Reds- The distinctive single apple flavor of the Red Delicious.
Empire Estate- Green McIntosh (Macs) and Empire apples.

Broad Mountain Vineyard, Winery and Cidery- After establishing a vineyard and hopyard in 2012, we opened our tasting room door in 2014 with 5 wines and 2 ciders.  We've grown to our current state of over 18 wines, and 6 rotating taps of cider in our tasting room.  Stop by and try a complementary tasting.  Stay and relax with a glass of cider and a meat and cheese board that pairs perfectly with our ciders and wines.  All apples are sourced within 15 miles of our cidery.  Watch our website to know which is currently on tap.

Lancaster County Cider- An apple’s journey from the tree to your glass is a short one in a Lancaster County Cider. Only cider apples from the richest farmlands in the world find their way into our products. Our cider makers are serious about hard cider. Whether you’re drinking our dry, traditional, sweet or specialty, you’ll know it’s real hard apple cider, not fillers. Lancaster County Cider proudly upholds the traditions, creativity and craftsmanship of the area where we live and work. Come to the County. Open a bottle of Lancaster County Cider and Live free, Dine Well and Drink Real Cider.

Commonwealth Ciders- Our traditionally fermented hard apple ciders defy the trends of modern cider making. Commonwealth Ciders are fermented dry.  In our process we convert the natural apple sugars to alcohol. We do not add any additional sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. Our ciders are all natural, gluten-free and delicious! We invite you to be a part of our tradition.

2775 Lebanon Rd
Manheim, Pennsylvania

(717) 665-7021

868 Route 288 Fombell 

Pennsylvania, PA


(724) 624-0383

Hauser Estate Winery
410 Cashtown Road
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

(717) 334-4888


Straws & Stripes- A tart apple cider base using apples from Adams Co., PA. We added several hundred pounds of strawberries we picked from Strites Orchard. We consciously opted to leave the stems on the strawberries to carry through a little grassiness/green flavor. 
Huzzah Honeycrisp- Back in Colonial times, when something was worthy of shouting for joy, loud exclamations of “Huzzah!” could be heard all throughout the taverns.  That’s exactly how we feel about this hard cider.  Relish in the natural sweetness of 100% Pennsylvania Honeycrisp apples, raise your glass and toast accordingly. Huzzah, friends.
Articles of ImPearment- These articles of vanilla and bourbon have been carefully drafted into a pear cider to initiate the ImPearment process, which requires a full vote before your governing body.  

Rowan Asher Winery- We are a small family run business and have been working with great happiness the past year to create our RAW Wines and Hard Ciders. It requires every resource we have, community support, family and friends and lots of late nights. Our goal is to bring a source of revenue and jobs to our community, as well as support our favorite pastime, BACKPACKING and HIKING. We are at the foot hills of the Appalachian Trail and are sourcing sustainable and reusable goods to create our tasting bar and decor. There is bounty all around us without destroying our local resources. We are looking to increase production and open our unique cozy tasting room and outdoor patio to share the best Wines and Hard Apple Cider with you. Pennsylvania is the 4th largest apple producing state in the USA and we are supporting our local farmers by using local, PA grown apples and global & local grapes, local foraged flowers, herb and berries to create a wide array of vintages and gluten free ciders for you. We are looking into planting our own cider apple orchard on the property and use sustainable farming to grow them. 


Keewaydin Cider Semi-Dry-  From our local cidery comes this sparkling  hard cider with bright and tart apples and a quenching finish. We rotate between a Semi-Sweet and Semi-Dry so ask your server which one is on tap today!
Keewaydin Cider Semi-Sweet-  Sparkling semi-sweet hard cider with bright and tart apples and a quenching finish.
Apple Cherry Hard Cider- From our local cidery comes this sparkling  hard cider with bright and tart apples and a quenching finish. This is currently available in 12 oz bottles. 

Arundel Cellars and Brewing Co- We are comfortably nestled among the largest grape growing region East of the Rockies.  Beautiful Lake Erie provides a much appreciated balance in climate, keeping us warm enough in the fall allowing our grapes the extra time they need to ripen. Our sandy soil plays an important role in the flavors of our wines as well as providing ideal drainage for the vines. Just as our region has a rich history, so too does our winery even before its doors open to valued consumers. Arundel Cellars and Brewing Co is made up of our large family consisting of four family units who have a rich history in both the wine industry and in the world of viticulture.  With over 100 combined years of experience, we feel very fortunate to have such a dream team come together for this exciting adventure. Through each stage of our planning we have maintained the common goal of creating a quality product, a warm, inviting atmosphere and genuinely friendly staff who will make each visitor feel welcome. 


Blue Illusion-  This well-balanced blueberry-lavender cider offers a pleasant sweetness and a light berry fruitiness; it finishes with a shy but confident touch of English lavender.
Street Magic- If a handsome IPA met a beautiful Sauvignon Blanc wine, this would be their cider-baby equivalent. Ripe grapefruit, lime and green apple complement the citrus and floral notes provided by Citra and Centennial hops.
Mystic Pineapple- Has a pineapple ever played tricks on you? This cider will. Floral and fruity with passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple and lemongrass overtones. Dry hopped with a combination of Cascade and Citra hops.
The Illusionist- Reminiscent of a Prosecco bursting with flavor, this cider offers a pleasant sweetness and a tart, black cherry fruitiness. Light, soft and crisp. 

Franklin Hill Vineyards- Following the success of the vineyard, we built our winery in 1981. We decided to build underground, using the comfort of the earth to provide the natural temperature the wines enjoy. Starting at a mere few hundred gallons, we were on our way. Our customers navigated a mile long dirt path that lead to the winery to taste and buy. In the parking area a sign read: We are in the vineyard. “Honk your horn for service.” Offering tastings in our work cloths, customers enjoyed the working winery environment and intimate look into winery life. That same dirt path leads you to our tasting room today. Old world charm meets modern excellence to provide our customers with an amazing experience each time they visit. Nestled in the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, our winery offers picturesque views and a shopping experience like no other. We produce the best fermented beverage on earth and we love what we do.

Bullfrog Brewery- founded in 1996, is an award-winning brewpub located in the heart of downtown Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We specialize in artfully crafting the finest ales, lagers and specialty beers imaginable. Our noteworthy beers have won many prestigious awards, including Gold & Bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival and Gold & Silver medals at the World Beer Cup. We feature a continually rotating menu of delicious staple, seasonal, and specialty beers. Over the years we have brewed and served most every style of beer catalogued, and even a few that aren't. We have a penchant for showcasing Belgish (Belgian Style) ale that, in our opinion, offers the drinker the most exciting and adventurous taste experience the world of beer has to offer. On any given day, you’ll find as many as ten or more tasty beers “on the board,” as well as occasional guest beers. 

Penns Woods Winery- is a family-run Pennsylvania Winery. With over 40 years of experience in the wine business, winemaker, Gino Razzi, and his daughter, Carley Razzi, produce award winning wines from 100% Pennsylvania grapes. Their tasting room in Chadds Ford, Pa provides an all-around vineyard experience. They are conveniently located off of 202 just 15 minutes from Wilmington, DE and 35 minutes from Philadelphia, PA! The tasting room and wine shop sit atop a 30-acre property that overlooks rolling vineyards. Pass by to pick up your favorite wines, or you can stay a while and have a picnic or a tasting. 

THE CIDERS- 13 cider styles, to include:​​

Apple Crisp Hard Cider- A sweet hard cider made with estate grown apples.
Apple Cherry Hard Cider- A sweet hard cider with Pennsylvania apples and cherries.
Apple Grape Hard Cider- A sweet hard cider made with Pennsylvania apples and grapes. 
Grizzly Cider- Made with Smokehouse apples with a crisp and refreshing green apple finish. 
Harvest Cider- A sweet pumpkin infused hard cider.  
Holiday Cider- A high-gravity sweet cider perfect for the winter.

Arsenal Cider House is a Civil War Thematic Winery located in Lawrenceville, PA. We specialize in small batch, hand crafted, Hard Apple Cider, "Cider Style" Fruit/Grape Wines and Mead. We are located across from the historic Allegheny Arsenal.  Arsenal produces their own hard ciders or fruit wines from local orchards. They are served as tastings at their store but due to licensing requirements only sold in refillable growlers, or available on tap at certain local pubs.

Conneaut Cellars Winery- is distinguished for its award winning wines. The winery performs all of the winemaking operations at the 6,400 square foot winery. Tender loving care is applied to each process, from the grapes to the bottle. The grapes are gently squeezed by small bladder presses and then aged in stainless steel tanks, French oak barrels, and American oak barrels. The winery offers a broad spectrum of tastes from the farm wines of our grandparents (native American) through the more sophisticated French-American hybrids to the noble vinifera of world fame. Some wines are labeled using proprietary names to promote the local area. Conneaut Cellars Winery was founded by Dr. Alan Wolf in 1982. During the 1960's Dr. Wolf experimented with more than 130 grape varieties for Cornell University and The Pennsylvania State University, as well as teaching basic winemaking courses at several colleges. During the next decade, he saved and planned for starting his own winery. After retiring from education in 1981, Dr. Wolf and his wife, Phyllis, established Conneaut Cellars Winery with the mission to make a memorable and distinctive wine that reflects the northeastern climate of Lake Erie - the Lake Erie Wine Appellation.

12073 East Main Road,
North East, Pennsylvania



Picket Bone Dry- This cider is completely fermented to dryness with no back sweetening. Picket is a Civil War Portman. Picket duty constituted the most hazardous work of infantrymen in the field. Being the first to feel any major enemy movement, they were also the first liable to be killed, wounded, or captured and most likely targets of snipers.
Grierson's Ginger Apple- Named after a Pittsburgh native who led Grierson’s Raid as part of the Vicksburg campaign.
Archibald's Amber Apple- Our basic semi-sweet cider. It's sweetened with brown sugar after fermenting. Archibald Rowand was a spy for the union in the Civil War. He won the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Fighting Elleck- This is our off-dry cider. Named after Alexander Hayes, the fightin' Elleck, who is buried locally at Allegheny Cemetery.
ZuZu Dry- bone dry cider.
Hop Cider IPC Hallertau- Apple cider infused with Hallertau hops.


Chaddsford Hard Cider- Our cider was cold fermented and left unfiltered to capture the pure and simple nature of the fruit. Winemaker Jim Osborn wanted to take a traditional approach to Hard Cider and has done so by creating a European-style cider much like what would been served in early colonial days.

6 Mile Cellars- is Harborcreek, Pennsylvania's first winery that opened in May of 2012. Located on the corner of Clark and Firman Roads, the winery is just yards from 6 Mile Creek- the inspiration for our name. The location is also the furthest west in the Chautauqua Lake Erie Wine Country region, just over 6 miles from State Street in downtown Erie.Our winery is unique with its fusion of an old country setting and modern accents. Our tasting room is part of an authentic, well preserved 100+ year old barn that has been used for both the mainstay of horses as well as vineyard management for the Niagara grapes that grow on the property.  


Franklin Hill Hard Cider- One of our newest creations, is also an instant classic. Five different types of apples are blended together and lightly carbonated resulting in a crisp and super refreshing beverage.
Hopped Hard Cider- is a perfectly balanced blend of crisp apples, Citra hops and a touch of grapefruit.
Fire Hard Cider- 


George's Cider- Our original “founding father” cider is dry with a unique “tang” that hits your tongue. Though a cider, this delightful drink is often loved by dry white wine consumers.
Ben’s Cider- Our second “founding father” cider is semi-sweet with a smooth velvet apple touch. This cider will surprise you with its extensive aroma and extended flavor.


Sparkling Hard Apple Cider- A semi-sweet, sparkling hard cider made from a complex blend of six different varieties that were selected for their crisp flavor and complexity.

Davenport Fruit Farm Cidery and Winery- Start with the 110-year-old barn, for instance: significantly expanded on three sides and thoroughly renovated, it’s the center of the newly rechristened Davenport Fruit Farm Cidery and Winery, which drew hundreds of visitors for its grand opening over the weekend. The recent expansion into hard cider and wines comes a year after Davenport sold the fruit farm to Jeff Boswell, a longtime friend and the co-owner of TimberCreek Tap and Table, the brewpub with locations in Vernon Township and Grove City.


Bad Boy- is our sweet & sparkling apple cider.  Very crisp & refreshing.  Amazing apple flavor.  
Bad Girl- is our sweet & sparkling apple cider with just a touch of Cranberry.    Amazing Apple & Cranberry blend.

Sturges Orchard and Farm- A 65 acre fruit and vegetable first generation family farm since 1989. Specializing in apples, peaches, plums, and cherries. Processing our own jams and apple cider. Also raising turkeys for Thanksgiving.

1365 Gablers Road
Gardners, Pennsylvania

(717) 677-0250

Good Intent Cider- It all started one November day in 2010 when Adam innocently asked Jenn what she thought about him attending a week long cider making class at the Cornell Ag Extension. “Sure,” said Jenn, as she thought to herself, “that would be a neat hobby.” Upon his return Adam spoke very excitedly about cider making, insisting that Jenn read up on the subject. Then the packages began to arrive. The first were innocent looking enough…a small tank here, a few hoses there. All of a sudden, a pallet of several hundred bottles arrives. There is talk of production space and LLC, and “hey, mom and dad, you have a spare office!” Jenn and Adam get married. Their reception features a cider made by Adam. Family and friends enjoy the fruits of his labor and Adam is hooked. We are seduced by his enthusiasm, and a family business is born.


Crafty Cider- is first cider made here at Wyndridge Farm. Crafty Cider a more sophisticated beverage – crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider. Crafty Cider leaves out excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners that some other ciders add. We believe in keeping it symple, by using locally pressed apples and yeast. The result is a fresh, clean tasting hard cider.

Crafty Cranberry Cider- is a more sophisticated beverage – crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider. Crafty Cranberry Cider leaves out excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners that some other ciders add. Crafty Cranberry is made with local Pennsylvania pressed apples, yeast and real cranberry juice. The result is a fresh, clean, cranberry-hard cider.                                  ​

Crafty Hopped Cider- is a perfect blend of crisp apples and quality hops, creating a unique beverage experience. We believe in keeping it simple, by using locally pressed apples, yeast and hops. No excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners added.  The result is a fresh, clean, semisweet, hopped cider.
Crafty Apricot Cider- is a cold fermented Champagne style cider made with a perfect blend of crisp locally pressed apples, yeast and fresh apricot puree. No excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners added.  The result is a fresh, clean, off-dry, apricot-apple hard cider. Currently sold in the cider variety pack.
The Hunt Series, Dark Rye Barrel Cider-  A winter warmer fermented on late harvest apples with rye barrels and caramelized sugars.  A nice compliment to a dark winter night. 

Killarney Cidery- Harvest Driven:  Only the finest regional apples are selected at the peak of flavor.  Killarney Cidery determines the combination of select apples as mother nature ripens them through the Fall season.  Our experience brings the combination together to produce a fine finish with exceptional character. Limited run:  Seasonal variation in the apples and even the orchards is natural.  Killarney Cidery crafts and focuses on small batches to harness the best from the peak of what nature offers. Clarity:  Time and effort deliver our clarity and complexity.  Our attention to detail and old-style process begins with pressing the fresh apples and continues through fermentation, thus prevailing over the harsh industrial practices used as shortcuts. 

Keewaydin Cider Mill and Otto's Pub and Brewery- Keewaydin Cider Mill is a joint venture between Otto's Pub and Brewery and the Keewaydin Apple Orchard in Keewaydin, PA. Keewaydin Cider is produced on Kunes' Family Farm in Keewaydin, Pennsylvania (Keewaydin is the Chippewa name meaning north wind) We have produced apples and apple products through four generations. We use only the finest apples from our orchard to create a crisp, natural tasting draught cider. Like the north-winds Keewaydin is named for, our cider is refreshing and aromatic.

 2822 Stonesthrow Road
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

(484) 226-8263

Hale and True Cider- Our cider is made by fermenting fresh Pennsylvania apple juice, straight from the orchard and into our tanks. We then add ingredients like hops or fresh fruit juice to create a sessionable, balanced but complex drink. We founded Hale & True in September, 2015, but the planning started years before that. In 2013, we made our first batch of cider in our tiny Old City apartment. It was naturally dry, fizzy, and delicious. After that, we were sold on cider. Right away, we started sharing with friends and family, and the cider love kept growing from there. 

Hardball Cider- For over 75 years and spanning five generations, we've worked to perfect our apple cider. Now, with the perfect blend of apples and a love of baseball, Hardball Cider was launched in the summer of 2013 and continues to grow today. Every one of our hard ciders is made from locally grown apples to give it the best, most refreshing apple taste.  We use various blends of apples to make each of our ciders unique.  Try all of our hard ciders to determine your favorite.  Visit us and grab an assortment to take with you. We offer tours of the cidery by appointment only currently. 

Original 13 Ciderworks and Sir Charles Cider- is a Philadelphia based producer of hard cider, perry, and apple wine. Founded in July 2013, available commercially in the spring of 2015. We do not seek to simply be a single brand of cider, but to bring to our customers a wide variety of hard cider and perry varieties brewed from locally produced apples and other fruits. We pledge that all of our ciders and perries will always we brewed in the traditional way with 100% fresh pressed fruit, never concentrate.

167 South Potter Street
Bellefonte, PA

(717) 778-8171 

Knockin Noggin Cidery and Winery- After our first two winery endevors,  (Nova Cellars Winery and Fractured Grape wine cellars) we decided we wanted to add a twist. Hard cider was just the twist we were looking for. When deciding on a theme for our new cidery we wanted something very different. Having the science background that I do I thought of Isaac Newton's story of how he discovered gravity. One day when Newton was sitting under an apple tree an apple fell on his head (Noggin!). He then came up with the law of gravitation. From that story we came up with the name Knockin Noggin! What a great way to tie in apples to a cidery! With our theme being tied with science and Sir Isaac Newton we decided to make our labels resemble the periodic table and the names of our ciders to be different laws of science such as gravity and motion. We tried to place the atmosphere of this cidery and winery in a rustic, old environment. The mill was the perfect location we were looking for! Come out to visit us and enjoy our hard ciders and wines and see what you can discover. Who knows what may hit you while you are there! 


2016 ELIZA SMITH'S 1728 RECIPE BARREL-AGED CIDER- Based on a cider recipe from Eliza Smith's 1728 The Compleat Housewife and fermented using fresh cider from local early Pennsylvania heirloom cider apples, raisins, sugar and natural yeast. Barrel-aged six months in a fresh apple brandy cask, this is a smooth, crisp traditional cider that's dry, still and unfiltered. No sulfites are added at any point in the fermentation or bottling process.
2016 PENN'S 1674 RECIPE BARREL-AGED CIDER- Based on a cider recipe from William Penn's wife Gulielma's 1674 receipt (recipe) book. It's fermented using fresh cider from local early Pennsylvania heirloom cider apples, raisins, spices and natural yeast. This is a smooth, crisp traditional cider that's dry, still and unfiltered. No sulfites are added at any point in the fermentation or bottling process.

THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles, to include:

The Crabby Granny- Strong bottle conditioned dry cyser flavored with Granny Smith and crab apples. Wildflower and clover honey blend with a mix of Frecon cider apples to provide a pleasant tartness and smooth finish.
The Early Man- Early maturing heirloom apples like McIntosh & Gravenstein twist up this strong, bottle conditioned sparkling New England style cider. This baby proudly preserves the last notes of summer. Light, yet full bodied enough for another round!
The Hogshead- Our strongest bottle conditioned sparkling New England style cider flavored with full blushed red Stayman Winesap & classic cider apples. Fortified with brown sugar and raisins, matured in oak.
Apfelwein- This still slightly off dry Apfelwien has its roots in Germany and Austria. We blend Stayman- winesap, Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious with a touch of winter banana apples.
Hogshead- This bottle conditioned sparkling New England style cider is made with a blend of tradition crab apple, Stayman Winesap & other classic & new cider apples. Fortified with brown sugar & matured on French & American Oak.
Farmhouse- This bottle conditioned sparkling cider uses antique cider apples. Balancing a healthy combination of bitter sharps and sharps like Crab, Winesap, and York Imperial with just the right amount of sweets like Winter Banana to give this cider a very tart upfront profile with a light astringency. This wilder farmhouse styled fermentation combines Brettanomyces with an addition of Lactobacillus and is aged for over 2 years before it’s bottled, resulting in a slightly funky and sour taste with just a hint of oak.

Old Stone Cider- We are a family-run orchard nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania. After tearing down and rebuilding a former dairy barn, Old Stone Cider opened our first tasting room and sales floor in the building in 2016. We believe in carrying on the agricultural heritage of the region and are proud to be growing heirloom apple varieties, some hundreds of years old. Great Cider is made in the orchard. English Style cider is crafted from apples bred specifically for fermenting into hard cider.  Old English and American varieties produce the superior flavors of Old Stone Cider

Armstrong Valley Winery- opened its doors in May 2011.  It resides on 100 acres of historic farmland dating back to 1769.  Robert Armstrong, who the valley and area is named after, started the homestead which includes a main stone house, barn, summer kitchen, outhouse, tack house, ice house, granary & stable.  The original property was given to Robert Armstrong by the Penns (probably as payment for military service) and included roughly 200 acres.  We are very proud to be able to give the property new life and a new purpose.  Armstrong Valley Winery produces dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines from our own vineyards on 11.5 acres.  

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:​​

Sir Charles Original – Semi Dry Our flagship cider is brewed in an English style using a blend regionally grown apples. 
Sir Charles Deep Blueberry Sea- Semi-dry cider flavored with Blueberry.
Sir Charles Strawberry Valkyrie- Apple cider flavored with strawberry.
Sir Charles On Wings of Cherry- Apple cider flavored with New York sour cherries.
Sir Charles Atacama Bone Dry- Hard Apple Cider with no added sugar or sweetener. It's bone dry, like the desert it's named for!
Sir Charles Cranberry Sauce- Hard Apple Cider flavored with Cranberries.

348 Back Road
Sugar Run, Pennsylvania


(570) 746-1668 

435 Doylestown Road
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

(215) 855-4567 


Traditional Dry Cider - is a very dry, crisp, easy drinking and delicately balanced cider.  It is wonderfully tart and effervescent with a light apple fragrance.
Razzberet Tart- (an homage to the Philly accent) is the smash hit, a vivid pink brew steeped with Lehigh Valley fruit that adds a lovely sour finish infused with the brightness of a berry patch.
Gregarious Ginger- dry sparkling apple cider flavored with fresh ginger and lemongrass.

Maple Lawn Winery- presents wines from our orchards to your glass. Unpretentious fruit wines, such as peach and apple, made from the harvest. “The only way forward for farms our size is adding value to our agricultural products,” says Hugh McPherson, owner at Maple Lawn Winery. “Our wine and cider products are a perfect extension of our pick-your-own, direct-to-the-consumer plan for our farm. ”Nicknamed “The One Year Winery” by the staff, the project began in February 2015 and guests enjoyed the first tastings in December of 2015. With the help of existing farm staff, contractors, local winemakers, and many vendors, Maple Lawn Farms built a tasting room, outfitted an existing production room for winemaking, learned how to make wine, then produced, bottled, labeled and sold their first products.


Spiked- a hard cider made from estate grown apples, this refreshing treat will have your imagination strolling the orchards!  It is crisp with a slightly sweet finish. 

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:​​

Apple Brandy Barrel Aged- This cider is aged in apple brandy barrels for three to six months, packing it with flavors of oak, brandy, and of course, fresh apples.
Cherry Pie- We hit our Solebury blend with a load of Montmorency tart cherries after the fermentation, giving this cider the strong, clean, and delicious taste of cherry! Solely- Apples, and nothing but apples! With just a touch of sweetness, this cider celebrates the flavors of Solebury Orchards in its classic form
Untamed- Wild yeasts have given this cider a dry, funky finish! Perfect for sour beer lovers, and anyone who is looking for a crisp, “apple champagne” like drink.    
Off The Rocks- Dry cider aged in Woodford Reserve barrels
Spy vs. Spy- Blend of Red Spy and Northern Spy apples.  A mix of earthy and tart flavors in our signature dry style cider.