The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in South Carolina.


Original Blend- Made from a choice selection of apples. This clean and refreshing cider is perfect balance of sweet and tart.
Dry Hopped- There are five varieties of hops to give this cider a bittersweet kick. It's sure to intrigue sip after sip. 
Summer Splash- We've added a small touch of grapefruit to make cider this deliciously tart. Perfect on the rocks to help beat the heat and makes you think of summer all year round.

Windy Hill Orchard is a family owned and operated boutique apple orchard and cider mill located in the upstate of South Carolina. Fritz and Catherine Gusmer grew up on apple cider in New Jersey. One Christmas after they moved to South Carolina in 1978, Fritz’ mother gave them a wooden apple cider press. The Gusmers and their children spent hours making cider. Fritz and Catherine were searching for something he could do that would involve the entire family and allow him to stay close to home. The quest for a true apple cider doughnut finally gave them the solution. They could grow apples, press cider and make the doughnuts they’d been craving. Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill was born. We are the first, and only, licensed and bonded cidery in the Piedmont of the Carolinas.  We produce various types of Award Winning Hand-Crafted Hard Ciders with a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.


Traditional Hard American Apple Cider-

Jamison Hard Cider Company LLC
205 King St, Suite 203  
Charleston , South Carolina

South Carolina-  agribusiness of agriculture and forestry in South Carolina is one of the largest economic clusters and major economic engines in the state. Together, they have a direct and indirect economic impact of $33.9 billion a year, provide $7.5 billion in labor income, and create and support almost 200,000 jobs in the state. Although South Carolina has only 5 apple orchards registered on a national database it enjoys the hard cider from five cider makers.

10125 New Cut Road

Campobello, South Carolina  


(864) 380-9676

Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery- is Spartanburg's second brewery and South Carolina's second cidery. There are a variety of beer styles and cider featured on our 30 taps, including guest local taps from our favorite breweries. Family friendly, Food, and Games.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Dri Eie Cider- An ultra dry, local cider taken beyond 0.999! Back sweetened to life, leaving not a "Dry Eye" in the house. 
Ciclops Series #1: Eie of Sauron- is one of my favorite cyclops; bitter, fiery, larger than life (and kinda sweet keeping all of those Ringwraiths around for moral support). An Imperial Cyder. Fresh apples are added in the secondary to give even more apple flavor. Serrano fires it up. There a five hops that get lost in the high alcohol :-( and long primary fermentation. 
Ciclops Series #2: Stuart* the Tertiary- is Pliny the Elder inspired, and that's where it ends. Fresh pressed cider brewed with specialty grains. Hops: Amarillo, Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Citra, Chinook and Warrior. *Stuart the cyclops: From the films; "Despicable Me 1 & 2" and "Minions" 
Flag Series, Argentina: Yerba Maté Y Naranja- We take inspiration from what is defined by law as the "national infusion", yerba maté. This beverage is loved for it's high caffeine and boasts hay like flavors, grassy undertones and dry straw nose. Paired up with the fresh orange, which is commonly hollowed out and used as a drinking vessel for maté. Don't let your mind trick you; cyder, tea, orange peel and yeast, that's it. 
Flag Series, Thailand: Thai Cyder- with Chā chbā (hibiscus), lychee fruit, kaffir lime leaves, and raw sugar. 

Flag Series, Korea: Oksusu Cha-literally translated "corn tea", inspires this Flag Series selection. Slightly roasty, a little sweet and corny, to say the least. Finished with sweet crystallized ginger and...

1230B May River Rd.

Bluffton, South Carolina


(843) 707-4303

Ship's Wheel Cider- is a family owned and operated craft cider company. We have always found our place near the sea and have called the lowcountry home for the last ten years. Cider has been a passion of ours for a long time. We're talking good cider, not that sugary stuff made from concentrate. Good cider apples aren't exactly abundant in the sandy soils of the lowcountry. So, rather than settle for the stuff from concentrate, we decided to bring a taste of the orchard to our home in Charleston, SC.  Always made with fresh juice from the highest quality apples, pressed right on the orchard. 

Motlow Creek Ranch and Cider Company, Inc. and the Fat Ass Heifer Cidery- is owned by John Macomson. John splits his time being a small cattle rancher (with a focus on SMALL Cattle), Fruit grower, and IT services company owner/manager. The Ranch and Cider Company is a start-up and John is grateful for the small team of dedicated family and friends that are helping to make this operation a go. This includes his wife, Denise along with several others that have been lassoed into helping by “Whatever means necessary”. Our mission is to be South Carolina’s premier source for creative hard ciders and perrys – produced here – yet still providing a glimpse into cider types from around the world. Our unique offerings will be the ciders made and blended here, the farm-fresh livestock products, on-farm dinners and providing visitors an authentic “Motlow Creek Ranch and Cidery” Experience!

Bee-Town Mead and Cider- South Carolina's first production Meadery. Mead & cider production, tasting and sales. 


Son-In Law Cider-
Deliverance Cider-
Sassy Black Baldie Cider-
Bad Ass Rangy Heifer Cider-Lowline Dirty Heifer Cider-
Ozark Mountain King Cider-

197 E Saint John St
Spartanburg, South Carolina

(864) 704-9080

1860 Black Highway
York, South Carolina

(803) 684-0690

South Carolina  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in South Carolina.

THE CIDERS (over 20 cider Styles Including)

Windy Hill "Ginger Gold" is our flagship cider  that we have produced since 1996. Our take on an english style hard cider 6% alc. by vol.

“Strawberry Pippin” is our dry cider that we introduced in 2010. Using natural strawberry essences to attain slight fruity undertones, Strawberry Pippin is the definition of dry and, like a French Cider, 6% abv. 

Hoppin' Johnny- Fermented From Stayman Winesap Apples and Dry Hopped Using Whole Leaf Hops.
“Gala Peach” is our sweet cider that was released in April of 2011.  A salute to the peach industry in the southeast, Gala Peach is best described as Refreshing!
“Rusty Gold” is a spiced cider that we infuse with a blend of spices that we have been making our Wassail with for the last 15 years.
Hoppin' Johny Blueberry-  Hoppin' Johnny with blueberries