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THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Fruit Side Dish- Brilliant amber rose in the glass with notes of tart cranberry, sweet raspberry, and bright green apple on the nose and palate. Light and refreshing with fine carbonation and a dry finish.Sandi’s signature: This cider is a perfect holiday fermentation featuring South Dakota crab apples.
Kombucha Cider- The color of fresh cut crab apple, with tangy and floral scents. Sweetness reminiscent of a Honeycrisp persists and is met with a light tanginess. Sandi’s signature: Made with South Dakota crab apples.
Pear Cider- Brilliant light straw in color, with pear and citrus on the nose. Citrus and pear notes intertwine throughout the palate, with light grapefruit tartness and a lingering sweetness.
Pineapple Cider- Rich, fresh pineapple on the nose and bright, tart crab apple on the front of the palate stand out in this cider. Sandi’s signature: Made with hand-picked and hand-crushed South Dakota crab apples.
Prickly Pear Cider- Dark fuchsia and mauve in the glass, indicative of the prickly pear’s natural color. Sweet aroma, reminiscent of Red Delicious apples, integrates itself with the smell of freshly cut Granny Smith apples. Prickly pear and green apple tartness is met by mild apple sweetness, concluding with a dry finish that highlights a lingering muskmelon note. Sandi’s signature: Made with apples from the Krause Family Orchard and prickly pears from Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Raspberry Crab Apple Cider- Brilliant and clear, burnished peach in the glass with fresh crab apples and tart raspberry on the nose and palate. A dry cider, crisp and refreshing.

Miner Brewing Company- Located in the heart of the Black Hills, and owned and operated by the same family behind the award-winning Prairie Berry Winery, Miner Brewing Company produces craft beers that are both traditional in nature, and yet uniquely and truly “South Dakota.” With five generations of family lineage handcrafting beverages in South Dakota, and with 15 years as Winemaker and owner of Prairie Berry Winery, Brewmaster Sandi is inspired by the traditional brewing styles of her family’s European heritage. By infusing regional and seasonal ingredients into the recipes handed down to her, she has skillfully adapted those traditional styles to create craft beers with a regional character, setting each distinctly apart from other microbeers.

South Dakota  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in South Dakota.

South Dakota-  beyond Mount Rushmore, the sprawling prairies, fertile farmland and glacial lakes dominate the landscape in eastern South Dakota. Prairies and ranchland are common in central South Dakota. Mountains grace the western skyline, and in the southwest, striking Badlands formations rise abruptly from the surrounding prairie. Tourism is the second largest industry in South Dakota. In 2006, travelers spent nearly $865 million across the state. The state also has a strong agricultural base. It is the largest industry in the state. South Dakota routinely ranks among the top 10 states for the production of hay, sunflowers, rye, honey, soybeans, corn, wheat and cattle. And, South Dakota has only six apple orchards listed on the national registry with one cider maker.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in South Dakota.