Sweden-  Most Swedish cider has little in common with traditional cider from other countries. Usually it is very sweet and it is very often berry or fruit flavoured, making it more like an alcoholic fruit soda. However that is changing as more "premium" and "dry" ciders are introduced.  Three new brands contributed to the 7% growth – Somersby from Carlsberg Sverige, Briska from Spendrups Bryggeri and +46 from Great Brands AB in 2010. All brands have a premium profile and not only target younger consumers, but also adult consumers who prefer ciders that are less sweet than traditional Swedish cider. Somersby is the first organic cider on the Swedish market.

However Swedish cider/perry remains mainly a race between Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB (Kopparberg Cider) and Åbro Bryggeri AB (Rekorderlig Cider), with Kopparbergs Bryggeri in the lead with a 27% share in 2010 and Åbro on a 22% share. Both companies have concentrated on sweet cider, often with different flavourings that are available in different alcohol strength levels, lthough Kopparbergs launched a dry cider in 2008. Small manufacturers like Kopparbergs, Åbro and Krönleins managed to gain such a strong hold in cider because they focused more on it than the larger breweries. Giant player Carlsberg Sverige entered cider in 2009 when it successfully launched the organic premium cider Somersby.  

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Brännland Cider
Brännland, Umeå, Sweden 

 +46 70 345 85 95


AB Abro Bryggeri
598 86 Vimmerby
Sverige, Sweden
Tel 0492-165 00

Kopparberg Bryggeri
Klotenvägen 4
Kopparberg, Sweden 714 35 


Brännland Cider- produces cider using 100% Swedish apples for a national and international market. The company's first vintage, an ice cider produced in the Swedish county of Västerbotten, not far from the arctic circle, using Swedish apples in adherence to the denomination set in the country of origin of ice cider, Canada, was released in 2012. Brännland Cider products have since established themselves widely in the Swedish market as well as in Europe and the US.

Kopparberg Cider- Cider is a way of life in Sweden, in fact, it is believed Scandinavia is the original home of cider. In 1882, 36 local brewers in the Swedish town of Kopparberg amalgamated to form Kopparberg's Bryggeri AB. Today the company is led by the Brothers Peter and Dan-Anders Bronsman, while production itself takes place under the strict supervision of our Brew Master Wolfgang and his apprentices - sons Raynhardt and Rickhard. Like all Swedes, they believe in the virtues of simplicity and uncomplicatedness and this is reflected in the cider of which they're so proud. Kopparberg is now sold in more than 40 countries and is the world's best-selling pear cider.​

Rekorderlig Cider- Our cider was first created in 1999 with Europe's most accredited spring water source which is handily under our brewery in beautiful Vimmerby, Sweden, where it is still brewed today by Åbro Bryggeri. Now stocked in a growing range of America's favourite bars and bottle shops, Rekorderlig continues to launch in new countries while strongly maintaining its proud Swedish heritage.​

Skurnik Wines, Importer
48 W 25th St
9th Floor
New York, New York 

(212) 273-9463 



Pear- is best served over ice with a wedge of zesty lemon or lime for a distinctively crisp experience.

Strawberry Lime- Made from the purest Swedish spring water, Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider was the first to explore this unique flavour combination. Serve over ice with mint leaves or strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty experience.
Wild Berry- Bursting with the freshest fruit flavours Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider is best served over ice for a juicy experience.

Sweden Import  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider imported from Sweden.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers about cider imported from Sweden.


Iscider, Brannland Cider- A premium strong cider made from Swedish apples. Matured in the winter cold of Northern Sweden, which enhances both the sweetness and freshness of the apples. 
Cider, 'Pernilla Perle', Brannland Cider
Barrel-Aged Iscider, Brannland Cider


Pear Cider- Our most popular cider is fermented using an original Swedish recipe that dates back to 1930. Fermented using naturally occurring soft water sourced close to our town and the finest quality pears. Kopparberg Pear Cider is light in colour and refreshingly fruity to taste.

Apple Cider- Kopparberg Apple Cider is naturally light, mild and deliciously easy to drink. The sweet apple taste is the perfect alternative to other drier tasting cider brands.
Strawberry and LIme Cider- The juice of strawberries and limes are added to Kopparberg’s Apple Cider to deliver an intense fruity tasting cider with an unmistakable strawberry aroma.