Brightwood Craft Cider- We’re Brandon Cline and Katherine Vance — Brightwood’s founders and cider makers. Katherine was born and raised outside of Chattanooga, TN, and Brandon hails all the way from the California coast. We met in Virginia almost a decade ago, and we’ve been cooking, fermenting, and creating together ever since. After moving to Nashville in 2015, we soon found ourselves experimenting and making small batches of cider in the basement of our little rental home on Brightwood Avenue. At first, we just had a couple of buckets bubbling away. We knew it was getting serious, though, when we had almost sixty batches going at once — determined to find the best blend of apples and the most compatible yeast strains. Fast forward four years, and we are now excited to be launching Brightwood Craft Cider in Nashville. We’ve worked hard on our process and recipe, and we think you’re going to love it. The experimenting continues — can’t wait to bring more varieties to the good people of Nashville!


O’Klee’s Dry Cider- This dry cider combines a complex character with rich, tart properties for an austere finish.
Keeva’s Sweet Cider- This cider mingles elegant sweet apple flavors with crisp, fresh undertones and a smooth, bubbly finish.
Mayapple’s Unfiltered Sweet Cider- This unfiltered cider is the perfect twist to the classic non-alcoholic apple cider. This cider has a bold aroma that is sure to take you to your happy place.

Nashville, Tennessee

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Tennessee.


Down The Way, Batch 1 and 2- Our flagship cider celebrates Tennessee and the Southeast. Down the Way is made using apples solely from orchards in our state and the surrounding region. We work with farmers each fall to come up with a balanced blend based on that year’s harvest — meaning every year’s Down the Way will be uniquely delicious. Down the Way is available on draft or in our 750mL bottles. We recommend popping one of these chilled bottles with good company and serving it in wine glasses or snifters. Drink up, enjoy, and cheers to our farmers!

Tennessee  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Tennessee.


Traditional Hard Cider- Taste Balance - We wanted the yeast character to come through in the product, while maintaining a balance of tartness and effervescence characteristic of a premium cider. Perfect Blend - All of the cider’s elements meld together to create a highly drinkable cider, yet with a kick at 5.5% ABV.
Blueberry Hard Cider- A Proper Alternative - inspired by our love for blueberries and providing a more creamy alternative to our Traditional Cider. Best of Both Worlds - Our Blueberry Cider embodies the natural sweetness of ripe, juicy blueberries with the crisp, tartness of fresh-pressed apples for a deliciously balanced, and slightly sweeter taste.


Smith & Forge Hard Cider- Built From Apples, Built To Refresh.

Tennessee- is the 36th most extensive and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States. Major outputs for the state include textiles, cotton, cattle, and electrical power. Tennessee has over 82,000 farms, roughly 59 percent of which accommodate beef cattle. Although cotton was an early crop in Tennessee, large-scale cultivation of the fiber did not begin until the 1820s with the opening of the land between the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. The state has 19 apple orchards listed nationally, and now 9 hard cider makers.

3331 S River Road
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

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South Cider- A blend of apples
Cider House Blues- A blend of sweet apples and blueberries
Farmhouse Cider- A Dry Apple Cider (English Style)
Iconic Tonic- A sweet and fresh honey taste with a crisp lemon finish
Summer Night- A blueberry wine with hints of lemon

Gypsy Circus Cider Company- is headquartered in Kingsport, TN on the Brewly Noted Beer Trail. With an emphasis on artisan natural cider, Gypsy Circus offers a delicious alternative to craft beverages in the east Tennessee region and beyond. 

THE CIDERS (11 cider styles including):

The Queen of Swords- is a sweet, full bodied, rich apple aroma, crisp sparkle Tennessee Cider. This medium bodied cider uses a unique bend of native and local apples to bring out fresh ripe apple notes. This cider has a nose of apple blossum honey and fresh sliced apples. A clean and fresh cider, with a light sweetness and a lively finish. The Queen of Swords, part of the Core Series, is made out of 100% locally sourced and fresh pressed apples, never from concentrate. Always natural and gluten-free. 
The Raindancer- is a semi-dry, fresh pressed, champagne characteristics, floral aroma Tennessee Cider This crisp apple cider begins with a floral and remarkable fresh apple nose. A fruit forward taste that is clean and refreshing with a champagne-like flavor and finish. The Raindancer, part of the Core Series, is made out of 100% locally sourced and fresh pressed apples, never from concentrate. Always natural and gluten-free.
Fire Juggler- is made with a 3 pepper blend, slightly spicy with a semi sweet emphasis and a fresh apple finish. Fire Juggler, part of the Elixir Series, is made out of 100% locally sourced and fresh pressed apples, never from concentrate. Always natural and gluten-free. 
Marionette- The Puppet Master ™ series are all aged over 3 months in barrels providing a long rich finish. The Marionette marries together fresh Tennessee Cider and Tennessee Whiskey barrels for a true taste of Tennessee. This winter apple cider is a blend of late season apple varieties slowly fermented then aged in Tennessee Whiskey Oak Barrels for over 3 months. This mature cider has a butterscotch nose with notes of vanilla, caramel and charred American Oak with a rich finish. The Marionette ™, part of the Puppet Master ™ series, is made out of 100% locally sourced and fresh pressed apples, never from concentrate. Always natural and gluten-free.
Cacao Shell Game- part of the Elixir Series, is made out of French Broad Chocolate Factory’s own cacao nibs and chocolates with a maple nose. Our use of organic nutrients and fresh apples give our customers a natural artisan cider. Always natural and gluten-free.
Vaudeville- part of the Elixir Series, is made out of fresh pressed apples and organic nutrients to give our customers a natural artisan cider. Always natural and gluten-free.

Wyile Cider- has a mysterious tale of how it was founded. The Wylies, magical creatures that live on Foxfire Mountain, handcraft various types of ciders throughout the night. Whether you like it sweet, dry and crisp, or non-alcoholic, the Wyiles have the solution for you! Wyile Cider ntroduces delicious, homemade craft cider to The Great Smokey Mountains! Whether you like it sweet, dry or non-alcoholic, we have you covered.

9053 Barret Rd
Barretville, Tennessee

(901) 352-0962

Century Tree Cider- It’s simple. We want to change the way the world thinks about cider. We are a small group of individuals whose mission is to push the boundaries of fermentations through scientific method, innovative flavors, and quality ingredients, while inspiring our community and curiosity one sip at a time.

484 Union Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee

(901) 501-6190


Bob’s Your Uncle- Cider originated in England and was brought to America by our forefathers, the English colonists. We also learned to make cider from one of the English masters. To honor this history, we wanted to make sure you could enjoy the same feeling of meeting friends at the pub for pint. Bob's Your Uncle begins with brilliant apple aromas and flavors that gently transition to a traditional tannic dry finish. You may very well fancy another. Cheers!
Lil Blondie- Yes, we really did it…it’s just fresh pressed apples, no added sugars, flavors or concentrates. Lil' Blondie is a crisp Southern apple cider with just the right amount of sweetness. Whether you're on a pontoon boat, a hammock or kicking back with friends... Enjoy!
Tiki Tonik- Everyone has their beach! Tiki Tonik takes you there, whether you’re at the lake, on the front porch, at the pool, or playing corn hole with friends. We combine natural pineapple with fresh apple cider and, of course, a little lime for that tropical flavor that makes you think of coconut palm trees. It’s paradise in a can.
Fruit Tea Cider- ​Think front porches, lakes and fireflies. It's fruit tea with the added benefit of crisp hard cider. Enjoy the lively blend of pineapple, orange and lemon combined with authentic Southern Tea. This baby is a true Nashville original!

Uncharted Cider Co., 
Miller-Coors Brewing
Memphis, Tennessee

Diskin Cider- Our vision is to produce local, fresh, bold hard cider. We are proud to be Nashville's first craft cidery bringing America's oldest spirit to Middle Tennessee. We are distributing now and will be opening our 8,000 sqft cidery in the Wedgewood-Houston area of Nashville soon and we can't wait to share our cider with you!


Coming Soon 2019!

3757 Thomas Lane
Sevierville, Tennessee

(865) 325-4715

2645 Fort Henry Drive
Kingsport, Tennessee


Uncharted Cider Company, Smith and Forge Hard Cider- is a hard cider fermented in the tradition of days gone by.  With a rich amber color, 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), a distinct, not-too-sweet taste and a fantastically crisp finish, Smith & Forge is built to refresh.  “There was a time when more hard cider was consumed in America than beer.  Now hard cider is exploding again, but the sweetness of many current ciders can be a turn off to beer drinkers, and some of them are looking instead to spirits and crafts for variety,” said David Kroll, MillerCoors vice president of insights and innovation. “Smith & Forge is a strong, just-sweet-enough hard cider that encourages guys to discover -- or rediscover -- the world of hard cider.”

Long Road Cider- Tennessee's original dry cider. Availability limited, but we're working on that. Just a stone's throw from Memphis in Barretville, TN. Making our treats by removing the sweets since 2013.

Nashville, Tennessee

THE CIDER (over 20 cider styles including):

Scrumpy and the Bretts- ​This Wold Cider is part of our Mudville Sour Series and was fermented using a house culture collected near our shop. Unfiltered, tart, and acidic, this one is somewhat reminiscent of geuze or lambic beers.Ginger Was Hot- ​Dry apple cider with ginger.Queen Mary- ​Rosemary and Sea Salt
Das Brut- ​Bone dry and smoothPilgrim's Progress- Hopped cider, GeoSeries #1 - UK-
Rise and Shine- Orange peel and star anise blend

Mill Bridge Winery- Perched on the banks of the Little Pigeon River, Mill Bridge Winery, is the newest addition to the historic district of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. One of the most unique features at the winery is the patio overlooking the river.   It is the ideal location to sit and enjoy the views of the river and Great Smoky Mountains, while also enjoying a chilled glass of wine or hard cider. We are located just off the Parkway and Old Mill Avenue in Pigeon Forge.  Whether you are looking for some wine for your vacation, to take home with you, or as a gift we are the stop for you.  Come on in and sample our wine and hard cider today!

Roots Cider Company- was created by two cider lovers in an effort to bring a Premium Cider brand to the Nashville market. Natives of Los Angeles and New York, the owners couldn’t find a local product with the quality and freshness they had always known. Together, they set out to find a solution. Roots Cider Company’s Traditional Hard Cider is the fruit of their labor. Moderately sweet with a crisp, clean finish, the cider is refreshing without being overwhelming. Roots Cider Company is Middle TN's first hard cider brand. A premium cider, we use only 100% fresh pressed apples to create a cider as unique as the Music City, itself. Craftfully made, our Traditional Hard Cider is not too sweet, with a champagne-like finish.