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DUO Winery and Cider Company- When a dream became a reality that’s when DUO Winery & Cider Co. was born. Duo means two, a partnership, in a marriage, in a business, and a lifestyle. Two hearts that grew together a passion for wine over the years. A desire to share with friends and family over a great meal, telling stories or relaxing with the sound of great music. We are a family owned winery located in south Texas and an extension of our family’s winery & vineyard located in Michigan. Decades of research have enabled our family to cultivate vineyards that are planted to traditional European wine varieties selected for their ability to thrive in a cool northern climate. Our ciders combine premium fruit and modern techniques to deliver a flavorful rendition of an ancient beverage. Today, cider is enjoying renewed popularity as people discover the pleasure of consuming this flavorful and refreshing beverage. Our family has been making fermented beverages since the early 1970’s, including many natural fruit wines. We began making hard ciders in 2005, primarily for breweries interested in an alternative to beer for their patrons. Over the years we have perfected the blend of fruit and the process, allowing us to deliver a crisp and fresh tasting cider that is loaded with fruit flavor.

Austin Eastciders- Old style cider made from bittersweet & bittersharp cider apples was the most popular drink in America until Prohibition. Dry, complex and highly refreshing, this delicious drink has been lost for generations. Austin Eastciders begin production of natural cider in East Austin from 2012 using ancient bittersweet and bittersharp cider apple varieties. For us, making cider is about following the traditions that made cider the Original Drink of America, the most popular drink in the land until Temperance broke up the party. We use antique cider apple varieties, high in tannins and acids, to produce flavors that have not been widely experienced in America since Prohibition.  So, how do you like THEM apples?


Cideways - The scent alone has been known to make lightweights walk sideways. Heavily hopped with enough alcohol to sedate a Clydesdale, Cideways apple cider is a feisty American classic. ABV: 9.5
Cat Scratch Fever - Yeah, we like to try new things. This cider is infused with jalapeños. It's on the mild side, but very flavorful. ABV: 8.5Suicider - Little a this, little a that—little bit of everything we could get our hands on, actually: the Suicider is an ode to our childhood experiments at the soda fountain. A mad-scientist’s concoction of cinnamon, allspice and clove. A tasty mess. ABV 8.0
Strawberry - A semi-sweet and tart strawberry cider that is bloody red. Bloody in the American AND British sense. Crackberry - Where cranberry meets the blackberry. The tartness of the cran and sweetness of the black make for a well balanced cider with amazing color. ABV 6.0 
Peach Pecobbler - A semi-dry peach cider witha hint of pecan and notes of brown sugar. ABV 8.5 
OC Funk - A straight apple cider that is high in acidity. Tart. A little scrumpy. ABV 9 
Santa's Cidekick - a spiced winter cider with cinnamon cardamom, coriander and mango. ABV 6.5 
Cinnamango - An unfiltered spiced cider that is unmistakenly mango. ABV 6 
Nectar - Why rethink what was never confusing in the first place? Nectar is a filtered, semi-sweet apple cider that gets the job done without any nonsense or hoopla. A simple, honest cider you can bring home to meet your mom. ABV 7.0 
Oaks of Wrath - This cider means business. A filtered, dry cider aged on oak, Oaks of Wrath is as classically American as John Steinbeck himself. Its heart is pure, its ABV is high, and its wrath is sweet. Just don’t get on its bad side. ABV 9.5

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Texas Keeper Ciderweizen- We build Ciderweizen with witbiers and hefeweizens in mind. our goal was to marry the underlying citrus and green apple notes of the Goldrush and Crispin apples with the lightly hopped and spiced character of old world wheat beers. We used select yeast strains to accentuate the right fruit characters and dry hopped and dry spiced the cider to finish. 
Texas Keeper Gold Rush- This 2013 crop of Gold Rush tasted like lemons and limes coming through the press. Usually you lose those early characteristics in fermentation, but this batch mellowed into grapefruit and Meyer lemon with a hint of watermelon on the finish. We’ve kept the residual sugar slightly higher to balance the fruit’s natural acidity. It’s our citrus sketch, perfect for pairing with a variety of cheeses and desserts. 
Texas Keeper No. 1- is a blend of five apples fermented individually and blended to craft a well-balanced, highly drinkable dry cider with notes of peach, pear, tropical fruit, light green apple, and a crisp lingering acidity. 780 Cases Produced Unfiltered Off-Dry: Residual Sugar 12.5 g/L 6.8% Alc./Vol. Serving Temperature: ~45ºF 
Texas Keeper Grafter Rose Cider- 

Bishop Cider Co.-  is a new cidery in Dallas, Texas. We are similar to a brewery, except we are making craft hard cider. Our cidery is in the Bishop Arts District which is a cultural hotspot in Dallas, TX.The culture of Bishop is based on an appreciation for both the traditional arts and the culinary arts. Bishop Cider will be infused we the same. In comparison to other cideries, we are very different in our approach. With our utilization of unexpected ingredients, we are able to make some very unique craft cider.


Gold Top- is cider made from real cider apples, a long-lost classic American drink. Made with vintage bittersweet and bittersharp apple varieties for a smoother, more complex flavor, Gold Top is medium dry, lightly carbonated and extremely refreshing!...


Rodeo Star Cider- is a medium-dry traditional hard apple cider with a crisp and refreshing finish. 
Rodeo Star Cherry- are medium-dry blends of apple and cherry or blueberry ciders that have a distinctive fruit character.

Argus Cidery-  We are Texas' first hard cider. We are Texas Bubbly. Sparkling hard ciders made from Texas apples.The biggest challenge of producing cider in Texas is not the quality of the apples, but rather the lack of apple producers in the state. Thankfully, the apples grown here are not any less flavorful than ones grown in other parts of the country. In fact, as with many products grown in Texas, the flavors of homegrown apples are unique to the Lone Star State. On Saturdays we are open to the public for tastings by reservation only. Other offerings include our still ciders by the glass or carafe, and bottles to go. Don't forget to bring your growlers! 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Texas.

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Pineapple Crush- Semi-Sweet Cider with Awesome Real Pineapple! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.2%.
Blackberry- Semi-Dry & Sweet Cider with a Smooth Finish! Made with real Blackberries. ABV 5.2%.
Outlaw Apple Cider- Semi-Sweet Cider with Great Apple Taste! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.2%
Tea-Rex Hard Cider- Semi-Dry Cider with Gunpowder Green Tea! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.2%
Cherry Bomb- Smooth-Dry Semi-Tart Cider with the Perfect Balance of Cherry and Apple. ABV 5.2%.
Freaky Peach Mint- Smooth Cider with Peaches and Mint! Just the right amount of Sweetness. ABV 5.2%.

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Lady Goldsmith- Aged on lees and a thorough MLF secondary. Our richest cider yet with full body and a deep golden hue. Bouquet of stone fruit and spice with a bready finish. More of a Crémant style for aromatic retention and mouthfeel.
Malus Opus- Used a yeast isolated form the Languedoc known for its Syrah and Zinfandel capabilities to create a more fruit forward nose. 
Idalou Brut- Like our other Brut varietals, this wine is co-fermented with both wild and cultured yeast and aged dry for a clean, summer sparkling great for any hot day. A bit of Brett is added for a nice citric punch, yet still light straw colored and fruit forward.
Bandera Brut-  A combination of wild Bandera yeast fermented to a specific Brix for the characteristic "funk", followed with an inoculation of Prise de Mousse for a clean, healthy fermentation.
Cameo- This vintage is comprised of 100% Cameo apples hailing from North Texas. Aged on new American Oak, this sparkling bubbly finishes with notes of toast, butter and a lovely, crisp apple bouquet. 
The Perennial- release is a collection of fruit harvested from both the Medina and Lubbock orchards from the 2013 harvest. This blend maximizes the fruit characters delivering a straightforward apple palate, with a finish of our natural ambient yeast characters and the residual flavors from aging in French and American Oak. 

Texas Keeper Cider-  is a cidery located in South Austin. Our focus is producing traditional, creative craft cider. Texas Keeper draws its name from an extinct Texas apple cultivar called Hicks Texas Keeper first cultivated up in Lamar County around the turn of the 20th century. Most people don’t think of Texas when they think of apples, but there are actually a number of apple cultivars that got their start in the State. Many of the varietals are considered extinct today, the Hicks Texas Keeper among them. The name is a tribute to the knowledge of our predecessors - much of which has been lost - and our attempt to get a bit of it back. 

Austin Wine & Cider- Get ready to have your mind blown on  some new and exciting hard cider and specialty wines! We are a Veteran owned and South Austin based cidery brewing up a non- traditional and funky approach to cider. Our cider is inspired by a beer minded method of blending a variety of fruit, spices, and herbs into the fermenter for something wildly out of the box that you’re sure to love and remember, leaving your taste buds wanting more!

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Leprechaun Cider- We are a company based in Texas dedicated to bringing our markets the finest American hard cider. Our apples are grown in the Pacific Northwest, and our cider is blended for the sophisticated drinker’s palate – a classic blend of dry, yet subtly sweet apple flavors. We use only the freshest apples harvested at their peak, and hand-craft each batch of Leprechaun Cider in specially made stainless steel tanks. In a nation that has become saturated with beer over the last century, the time is upon us for the original American drink to be treasured once again. It brings us pride and pleasure to bring you Leprechaun Cider. May we be a part of many of your great stories to come.


Smashed Lime Cider- Crisp Hard Cider with a touch of Texas  Lime. 
She’ll be Apples 
Puckering Pomelo Cider- A Ruby Red Grapefruit/Apple Hard Cider. 
Hefe Apfel Cider- An Unfiltered German Style Apple/Orange Hard Cider. 

Texas  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Texas.

Texas has the most farms and the highest acreage in the United States. Texas leads the nation in livestock production. Cattle is the state's most valuable agricultural product, and the state leads nationally in production of sheep and goat products. Texas leads the nation in production of cotton. The state grows significant amounts of cereal crops and produce. Texas has a large commercial fishing industry. And, while the Lonestar State that may be better known for its cowboys and longneck beer it now has 8 new cideries that will challenge and expand that tradition.

Outlaw Cider Company- prides itself on producing only the best hand-crafted artisan hard ciders just for you! All of our ciders are fresh-pressed using only unpasteurized Washington apples and pears. Our Master Cidermaker carefully matches yeast profiles not only to the apple and pear varietals used in the cider recipe, but to the brix level during primary fermentation.  This yields a smooth, easy to drink, repeatable authentic flavor only found in our ciders.  Our high production standards ensure quality cider in every bottle. In addition to our regular line, each season we introduce a new limited edition selection. Explore our tasty products by checking out our inventory or better yet - schedule a cider tasting tour! Naturally Gluten Free! Enjoy Often & Responsibly! 

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Leprechaun Golden Cider- Our "American Sweet" Golden Cider is deep golden, intensely aromatic, and lightly sweet. The champagne yeast, and added fresh crushed apple, give a light effervescence with a tart base, and an apple sweet finish. 
Pomegranite- A base of our crisp, effervescent Dry Cider blended with the subtle sweetness of pomegranate juice. Featuring a balanced blend of flavors and a purple blush of fresh pomegranate juice gives our Pomegranate Cider its rich rosé color, and sweet, tart notes of pomegranate and cranberry. It's bright and crisp, the perfect balance of apple and fruit. 6.9% abv (due to its artisan nature it varies slightly with each batch). Our use of seasonal fruit is evident in every glass, as seen in the color variety from batch to batch.   Dry- A bright, drier "English style" cider. Light straw in color, it's lightly effervescent, yet full-bodied, and balanced citrus notes with hints of green grape skin, and tart elements of the orchard.