Hornsby's Cider- Inspired by George, crafted in America. At Hornsby's Hard Cider, we take pride in producing unique and tasty beverages. We take select apples and ferment them naturally, using only the highest quality yeasts, in order to craft our delicious Amber Draft and Crisp Apple Hard Cider. Our unique process and fine ingredients generate a crisp, flavorful, and refreshing cider. At Hornsby's, cider is more than a business; it's a way of life. Owned by C&C Group. 


Newtons Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider-
Newton's Folly Authentic Draft Cider- 


Windfall Orchard Ice Cider- is a sophisticated dessert wine made from apples. Ice Cider was developed 15 years ago in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, just north of Vermont. Our Ice Cider is produced by blending over 30 traditional and heirloom apple varieties.
Windfall Farmhouse Perry- ​12 varieties of our pears to make our farmhouse perry !Windfall Orchard Farmhouse Hard Cider- is made in a traditional European style: Wild yeast fermentation, dry, light natural effervescence. We blend 20 different cider and dessert apple varieties to make our Farmhouse Cider. We bottle condition for a natural bubble reminiscent of Champagne. We use only apples we grow and do not add any sugar or ingredients.

Eden Specialty Ciders-  Our specialty ciders reflect the cold winter climate and apple heritage of Northern New England. We make ciders that are unique and innovative, but that also respect the rare and expensive apples we use, and refrain from aggressive manipulation and industrial beer and wine processing techniques. We work with traditional New England heirloom varieties, local seedling varieties, and Old-World varieties, including bittersweet cider varieties that originated in France and England. We press once per year after harvest. We use the natural winter cold at our farm to concentrate the flavors and sugars of the apples before fermentation. The highest concentrated juice we use to make our famed Eden Ice Ciders. 


3600 Waterbury-Stowe Rd
Waterbury Center, Vermont

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41 Henwood Hill Road

Westminster, Vermont  


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PO Box 31
Vershire, Vermont

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Reposado- the name given to tequilas aged between two and twelve months in oak barrels. The wood aging smoothes out the tequila while infusing it with subtle oak notes. Wyder’s® Reposado Pear cider is an adventurous tango with the classic blue agave based spirit. Traditional Wyder’s® Pear cider infused with smooth subtle oak laden tequila notes. Refreshing pear cider crafted with some inspiration from south of the border.

Dry Raspberry Cider- 

Beginning with a mouthwatering raspberry essence, this cider is light in body with a sparkling finish. 

Dry Pear Cider- This light, crisp cider presents a tangy aroma while offering a distinct pear taste, ending with a lively mouth feel that tickles the tongue. 
Prickly Pineapple- An exotic duet, this cider combines the juices from both prickly pear cacti and pineapples. Tickling the tongue, each sip brings forward a light and sweet taste like a refreshing pina colada. Satisfy those fruit forward senses with Wyder’s® Prickly Pineapple.


1823 Monkton Road,
Monkton, Vermont

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POB 128
Reading, Vermont 

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Wicked Grove Hard Cider- is produced by the Vermont Cider Company exclusively as the house brand for Aldi US a subsidiary of Aldi International a German-based grocery chain. 


1491 Rt 30
Cornwall, Vermont 


(802) 462 - 3158

Newhall Farm- Located at an elevation of about 1800 feet in the Vermont Alps, in South Reading, Vermont, Newhall Farm is committed to excellence in producing high quality, natural and organic products while using skilled animal husbandry, humanely raised practices, and fostering responsible stewardship of the land. If you haven't heard about ice cider now is the time. Relatively new on the beverage scene, ice cider was born just over Vermont's border in Canada by an ice wine maker who grew apples as well as grapes. Voilà! a new and delicious nectar was created overnight, so to speak for it took over a decade to get ice cider recognized by the Canadian government. Shortly thereafter Eden Ice Cider Co., hopped the process over the border into Vermont. Little did we know Newhall Farm would soon have a plethora of apples into which something must be made. Ice cider was first on our minds.

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Unified Press-  Made from 100% locally sourced apples, never from concentrate, the Unified Press is Citizen Cider’s flagship cider that keeps you wondering where it’s been your whole life. This naturally gluten-free cider is an off-dry, crisp, clean and refreshing cider that keeps you coming back.
The Lake Hopper- The Lake divides us. The Lake connects us. Citizen Cider is proud to work with the good growers on both sides of mighty Lake Champlain, Vermont and New York. Made entirely with apples and cascade hops from the same landscape, and in some cases the same farms, this cider is a tribute to those things that connect us. The Dirty Mayor-  We offer this cider to the honorable and fully infamous mayor of the only non-town in America, Fort Ethan Allen, USA. The mayor likes his cider with a ginger nip, so in our current effort to ensure local harmony and diplomacy we offer this cider up to the mayor and his fellow citizens.
Wits Up- There are ciders for the people, and there are ciders for the people who make the cider for the people. Wit’s Up is a classic cider maker’s cider. Drawing on the old and new traditions of cider making, it starts like an ale and finishes like the dry, sessionable craft cider that it is. It’s cider for today, it’s cider for what we believe the future of cider to be. Come, enjoy the future with us and drink Wit’s Up.The Americran- ​Throw together a bin of apples, a bushel of cranberries, and a few cider making citizens and you’ve got yourself an AmeriCran experience. The AmeriCran is a proud union of apples pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, Vermont, and cranberries from Vermont Cranberry Company in Fletcher, Vermont: co-fermented by Citizen Cider and delivered to you. Have your own parade, drink the AmeriCran.bRosé- Cider rosé made by three bros right in the great state of Vermont. bRosé is hand crafted by co-fermenting 100% Vermont blueberries and sweet cider pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, Vermont. bRosé is the embodiment of cooperation. Blueberry and apple, summer and fall, farmers and cider makers. Here's to getting along.


316 Pine Street, Suite 114
Burlington, Vermont.

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Orchard Queen- Golden and aromatic, with a touch of sweetness. This blend of Yarlington Mill, Major, Esopus Spitzenburg, Reine de Reinette, Dabinett, and Ashmead’s Kernel is fruity and earthy.Orchard King- This bottle-conditioned blend of five apple varieties (Major, Ashton Bitter, Reine de Reinette, Jonagold, Hudson’s Golden Gem) is lightly effervescent, clean, dry, and refreshing. Tastes of apple and almond lead to a delicate, smoky finish. 
Barnyard Blend- This year’s Barnyard Blend is for the seasoned and adventurous cider drinker. For the first time, we’ve bottle conditioned the B.Blend, giving it wonderful effervescence and dryness. The complexity of cider apples gives way to a rich apple finish. And yes, there is a tasteful edge of “barnyard” flavor in this cider (otherwise known as brett).
The Moonlighter- is casual, light, and dry with lots of fruitiness shining through. It’s the cider to drink pond-side, or as you sit on the back porch, watching the leaves change color and moon rising.
Whetstone Reserve: Hewe’s Virginia Crab- Made with Hewe’s Virginia Crabapple, grown at Scott Farm in Dummerston, VT. Hewe’s is a historic American heirloom apple, one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorites. This cider is still, wine-like, and isn’t shy at all about letting its charm shine through! Robust acidity is softened by notes of lilac and honey. 23 cases produced this year.
Methode Champenoise- Following a vigorous in-bottle fermentation, and aging over a year on its lees, this cider is hand-disgorged in the traditional method. The result is this champagne-style cider with delicate bubbles, taut acidity, and delightful dryness, which highlight subtle fruit and minerality with a creamy finish. A fabulous “cross-over” cider for those unfamiliar with cider, but enthusiastic about sparkling wine. Less than 30 cases produced this year!


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700

Fable Farm Fermentory- is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Organic Farming Project located in Barnard, Vermont in the Upper Valley Region of the Green Mountains. During the growing season, Fable Farm cultivates a mosaic of farmland peppered throughout our hillside village. Vegetable Shares are picked up at our weekly farmers market at the farm. Please join us for Thursday markets and community gatherings at the farm. We are also farmers turned winemakers. We’ve been farming vegetables and hosting community galas for the last 7 years, and making cider (as wine) with a blend of wild, abandoned apples since 2009. We began selling cider commercially from our farm markets/community gatherings in 2014. We currently produce cider, and experiment with meads, maple wines, perry and other country wines. As farmers and fermentors, we’re inspired by the spirit of horticulture and alchemy as we strive to produce medicinally potent wines. All of our ciders are made from a blend of cider apples gleaned by us throughout Vermont, fermented by yeasts native to the fruit, and then aged to smoothness. Our supply of cider is limited to the purity and phenomena of the farm and seasons. 


Barn Dance- is a spectacular blend of our McIntosh Cider infused with our Cider Syrup. Barn Dance is a semi-dry hard cider with hints of cooked apple, oak and pineapple.


4445 Main Street
Isle La Motte, Vermont



150 Main St
Newport, Vermont

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THE CIDERS- 11 cider styles, to include:

High and Dry- A Super Dry, Brut Like Cider. Apple Forward, Crisp, And Refreshing. 100% Locally Sourced Apples.Tips Up- ​Our Flagship Cider Made With The Finest Quality Local Apples And A Touch Of Sweetness. Incredibly Smooth & Perfectly Balanced.Safety Meeting- Our flagship tips up dry hopped with the finest citra & galaxy hops. One of a kind & delightfully hoppy.
Smuggler's Reserve Bourbon Barrel- ​Handcrafted from the highest quality apples and aged to perfection in fresh, reclaimed American oak Bourbon barrels. Smooth, dry, and Bourbon forward.Smuggler's Reserve Rum Barrel Aged Ginger- ​Handcrafted from the highest quality apples, ginger root, and aged to perfection in fresh, reclaimed American oak rum barrels. This is our take on a Dark & Stormy.Gold Rush- This cider combines the unique, acidic and tannic qualities of the GoldRush apple with the soft, silky characteristics of a beautiful Chardonnay. With notes of white peach, yellow apple, and tropical fruit, this beverage is neither a cider nor a wine, it's a masterpiece.


1321 Exchange St
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700


Gumption™ Hard Cider- celebrates the spirit of P.T. Barnum and those with the Gumption to follow their own path, willing to go where no cider has gone before!

Whetstone Ciderworks- We started Whetstone CiderWorks in 2010, although the dream began long before then. Our business takes its name from the Whetstone Brook, whose headwaters run through our family farm, where four generations of Jason’s family live and work as farmers, scholars, artists, healers, and builders. Whetstone CiderWorks is part of the patchwork of our lives; we are parents of two young children and work as a carpenter and farmer, volunteer firefighter and preschool board member in addition to making cider and the other pursuits that we love. As the cidermakers of Southeastern Vermont, our mission is to showcase the complexity and quality of the rich diversity of heritage and heirloom apples available to us here. 


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

Shacksbury Cider- Far from ordinary, apples are the most diverse food plant on earth. Unfortunately, only a handful of varieties are cultivated at scale in America, and all of those are designed for eating, not cider making. At Shacksbury, we believe cider can, and should, be daring and complex. From gnarled trees on New England farmsteads to Old World orchards in England and Spain, our cider will change the way you think about this amazing fruit.

Vermont Cider Company- stands for everything we love about our home state – beautiful mountains, clean lakes, friendly people, and what we believe to be the best apples in the world. Enjoy our traditional ciders crafted using only fresh pressed juice sourced from Vermont and other Northern apple growing states.

Boyden Valley- Located in a restored 1875 carriage barn on our family farm, the Boyden Valley Winery is steeped in the culture and agricultural heritage of Vermont’s Green Mountains. From 8000 grapevines and 100 acres of maple trees, lovingly tended by our family for four generations, we craft wines that feature only the finest locally grown fruit from the loamy soils of the Lamoille River Valley. The care with which we’ve nurtured the Boyden Farm for 100 years lends itself to traditional winemaking techniques, producing wines clean to the palate and balanced.hard cider...still/carbonated, sweet/dry, oak/tannin - you might be surprised!

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Heritage Caville Blend- This is our flagship product. In addition to MacIntosh and Empire, Russets provide full-bodied sweetness, Calville Blanc provides acidity and citrus notes for balance, and Ashmead's Kernel provides natural tannins for structure.
Windfall Orchard- This smooth, rich ice cider is made 100% from apples grown by Brad Koehler of Windfall Orchard in Cornwall, Vermont. Brad grows over 80 heirloom varieties of apples on his small, 3-acre farm, and more than 30 of them find their way into this amazing ice cider. It tastes of fresh apple, pear and peach, and is full-bodied and well balanced.Northern Spy- This single-varietal ice cider is aged in French oak barrels, imparting structure and delicate spice. Northern Spy is an antique variety of apple that was one of the three most popular in America at the end of the 19th century. It has a sweetly tart flavor that is superbly enhanced by the oak.
Honeycrisp- This tangy, elegant ice cider is made 100% from Vermont-grown Honeycrisp apples. The Honeycrisp is a prized Northern USA apple variety. As its name suggests, there is a honeyed quality to its sweetness, accompanied by sufficient acidity to keep the flavor fresh and crisp. Enjoy with cheese, maple crème brulee, or butter cookies. 
Eden Sparkling Dry and Semi-Dry Ciders- are made with locally grown apples, including traditional heirloom and cider varieties. 50% of the blend is Kingston Black, a classic British cider variety.  The cider is fermented and aged in French oak puncheons for a year, then bottled with a secondary fermentation that is created with additional juice rather than sugar. After another 6 months each bottle is hand-disgorged in a careful process that removes the yeast but retains the vibrant natural effervescence of the in-bottle fermentation.  The finished cider has 8.5% alcohol as a result of using true cider variety apples that have higher beginning sugar levels than typical dessert apples. 
Orleans Wood Aperitif- Our newest aperitif is a stunning combination of aged cider infused with spruce tips, wormwood, sweet gale, wild mint and infused with raw honey. 

Gumption Cider- Legendary Showman P.T. Barnum once noted, “Everybody drank cider spirits called ‘Gumption.’” Gumption™ Hard Cider celebrates the spirit of P.T. Barnum and those with the Gumption to follow their own path. An adventurous cider willing to go where no other cider has gone before! Made by Vermont Cider Company.


1834 Mr. Hunger Road
Barnard, Vermont

(802) 291-1295

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Vermont.


11 Main St
Vergennes Vermont


(802) 458-0530

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Sweet Six- Our award winning Sweet Six is one of our 3 standards! It’s a six apple blend that is a result of the best apples in the orchard for the year. We always have Mac’s, Cortlands, Golden Delicious, Northern Spys. Then to round the blend off we pick two other varieties. This year we added Paula Red and Honey Crisp. It maybe be a bit different year to year but it always is smooth and nicely complex with a warm, brandy-like finish!Pure Cortland- Pure Cortland is one of our 3 standards! We use only Cortland apples. We believe the Cortland is one of very few apple varieties that can be on their own in an Ice Cider without the need for offsetting attributes other varieties bring to a blend. It is crisp, clean, and finishes immediately.
South End Blend- One of our 3 standards! It is a four apple blend of Mac, Cortland, Gala and Granny Smith. It has a sweet start with a Granny bite at the finish.
MacBeauty- Our MacBeauty is unique and a seldom made blend. Made with McIntosh apples and Flemish Beauty pears it has all the flavor of a crisp Mac with none of the tartness and a back finish of pear. We grow pears at the orchard primarily for the fancy fruit market. Very few make it to the Cidery. So to the dismay of its fans, we make very little of this particular blend.
Isle Spy- Isle Spy is a made with only the Northern Spy. Aged extra long for a very unique flavor among Ice Ciders
M&E- A blend of Mac and Empire apples. We believe the Empire is one of very few apple varieties that can be used with Mac’s in a simple blend such as this. It is crisp, clean, and lingers just long enough to make you want another sip. It is one of the sweetest Ice Ciders we make.


DNA Hard Apple Cider- Seize the moment. Sip with friends. A distinctive hard cider that is best when shared with friends at a tailgate, a picnic, or any special occasion!


Vermont Still Hard Cyder- Dry, crisp, and complex. A mellow, country-style table wine. All natural. Made from wild and cultivated, unsprayed, Vermont-grown, tart cider apples. Our Hard Cyder is made by hand in the traditional, old ways, with no additives, sulfites, or any artificial ingredients. Aged two years, in the barrel. Blended from a mix of varietal ciders.Vermont Sparkling Hard Cyder- Sparkling and dry. Never fruity or sweet. Hand crafted in The Old French Champagne Style or "Methode Champenoise", our cyder is transformed from a dry still wine to a magnificent sparkling elixir. The finished product is outfitted with an authentic champagne cork and adorned with a traditional wire hood. Aged two years before bottling; then aged for another year in a handsome Champagne bottle and finished with an authentic champagne cork and wire hood. 
Sapsucker Cider- a Belgian Beer style hard cyder, bottled in a handsome 22 ounce bottle.


Shepard’s Purse- Pack your rucksack with a hearty loaf of sourdough rye, some cheese, kraut, and a bottle of Shepherd’s Purse, and head to the hills for a Sunday stroll. This still apple was fermented for three months on a percentage of it’s pomace, known as maceration. Fermenting wine on its skins, is akin to making tea: the longer you steep the plant matter, the more intense the flavors become. This is our flagship skin-contact cider, of which we hope many more will follow. 
Vinous Venus- Contained herein is a dry, rosé hued grape — apple wine. Two years in the making, we steeped the skins, pulp, and seeds leftover from two different red wine macerations in cider barrels. The grape marc from the first year came from our friends and neighbors at La Garagista, while the grape marc from the second year came from our first ever production of red wine. We then blended the 4 barrels of grape marc infused cider with two barrels of cider that underwent a maceration of it’s own, wherein apple pomace was fermented with it’s juice. Before bottling we added honey for a traditional method sparkle. 8.5% abv
Leo- Contained herein is a dry, sparkling wine made from a blend of 40% La Crescent grapes and 60% cider apples. Half of the grapes were placed into an open top vessel directly from the destemmer for a partial whole berry maceration and the other half was pressed immediately. This “orange” wine contains both the macerated and non-macerated La Crescent grape fermentations, blended with a carefully selected multi-year entourage of cider barrels. We dissolved in Barnard bred maple syrup at bottling for a traditional method sparkle. 9.5% abv
Fluxion Ancestral II- Fluxion Ancestral is an acknowledgment of our ancestors whose energy fell from the stars in co-creation of all that we are. Enjoy with feasts and merrymaking. Dry with good acidity. 7% abv
Akasha- This high acid, still apple wine contains the memory of 2013 and is best enjoyed with hearty fare. 7% abv


Amber- our original cider, remains the same today as those first hand-filled bottles in 1991. Fiercely crafted with a medium body, golden hue, and refreshing red apple finish. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.Granny Smith- Made from only Granny Smith apples, this one's a lot more tart and quite a bit tangier than your average Woodchuck. If you're a green apple sort of person, this could be your Woodchuck.Semi Dry- Ready for a cider session? You’re going to want a crushable cider. Crisp and refreshing, Semi-Dry uses bittersweet apples to deliver a cider that is not too sweet and leaves you thirsty for another. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.
Pear- is ideal for when you want a Woodchuck® that’s a little outside of the ordinary. Artfully balanced, this cider is light in color and bursting with crisp ripe pear notes. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.
Raspberry- is a well-balanced cider that is light and refreshing. Delicate in body with a little extra zip that takes everything great about hard cider and kicks it up a notch with a fresh sweet raspberry finish. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.
Pear Ginger Cider- Summer is here, bringing warm, carefree days and fun, festive nights. Woodchuck® Summer Time delivers a crisp pear cider bursting with fresh ginger for a taste that refreshes like a cool jump in your favorite swimming hole. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.
Oak Aged Apple- The chill of winter sends some running for the mountains, while others prefer to stay cozy in the comfort of the great indoors. Whichever way you enjoy winter, this cider is built to get you through. Aged in premium French and traditional American oak, Winter Chill brings a rich depth of apple flavor with hints of vanilla and oak throughout.
Fall Harvest- The fall harvest brings farmers and communities together to celebrate another year of fruitful labor. It is a time of shorter days, cooler nights, and great apples. This cider has a complex and elegant character full of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg balanced with a hint of American White Oak. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider-
Boro Hill Hard Cider-
Boro Hill Sparkling Hard Cider-Boyer’s Ice Cider-


Addison- is a semi-dry cider. Addison is a mindset. Addison is where we’re from. Addison is where we craft what we believe to be the greatest cider in the world.
Wassail- is inspired by the age-old tradition of celebrating with the orchards to ensure a good crop. Wassail begins with small batch hard cider infused with traditional mulling spices, including vanilla bean, ginger and cinnamon. The cider is then aged in rum barrels to produce a unique, rich cider that is ideal for the holidays. Like Addison, Wassail is made only from 100 percent fresh pressed Vermont and Northeastern apples.
Cherise- Cerise infuses our small batch hard cider with the juice of Michigan Montmorency tart cherries. It is then aged in the finest Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon barrels to deliver a sweet, tart taste with notes of oak. Delight your senses with this rare and limited offering.

Newtons Folly Hard Cider- is produced by the Vermont Cider Company/American Hard Cider Company exclusively as a house brand for Trader Joes grocery chain.


Matt & Harry's Limited Edition Vermont Hard Cider- 2013 & 2014 Press. Blend of mostly European heirloom apples combined with a touch of traditional style apples.  Semi-Dry. Bright, Crisp, & Full-bodied.

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Cider Spritz- Low ABV session cider inspired by the classic Italian spritz tradition. Light body with citrus and floral notes. Apple varieties - McIntosh, Empire, Cortland, Red Delicious, and MacounDry Cans- Light and crisp. Apple varieties - Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire, Ellis Bitters, Browns, Michelin, Somerset Redstreak, and DabinettSemi Dry Cans- Robust and fruity
Apple varieties - Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire, Ellis Bitters, Browns, Michelin, Somerset Redstreak, and Dabinett
Arlo Cans- Aromatic, grapefruit, lightly sparkling, and dry. Complex and assertive with a vibrant acidity. Apple varieties - A blend of eating apples from Sunrise Orchards in Vermont and Basque bittersweet applesRose Cans- The perfect cider for a brunch that could last all day.  Notes of strawberry, peach, red fruit and a touch of honey. Apples grown at Sunrise Orchards, Cornwall, Vermont. Post Fermentation, aged an additional 2 months on local Vermont Marquette grape skins. 2016 Harvest 
2016 PÉT NAT- First America-made pétillant naturel cider. Methode ancestrale, or pétillant naturel, is a traditional winemaking process of carbonation, where the cider finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, capturing the tail-end of the carbon dioxide created during fermentation.

Tin Hat Cider- My focus is on traditional dry ciders from fruit grown in the Mad River Valley and surrounding mountain communities. All fruit is grown between 1000 and 2000 feet in elevation. Fermentations occur mostly on wild yeast, naturally occurring on the fruit and in the surrounding environment. Occasionally cultured yeasts get involved, most notably AWRI 350, a yeast strain used in some traditional English cider making practices for many decades. The wild yeast fermentations typically last for 6-9 months and the cultured yeast fermentations last 1-4 months. Additional time is needed for clearing, blending and bottle aging. I use no filtration, no additives, and little or no sulfite. The entire process takes about a year, often longer for aging in bottle.

DNA Hard Cider- Put your fingerprint on a DNA hard apple cider today! Enjoy the refreshing taste of natural apple! DNA is gluten free and naturally fermented from 100% Vermont apples. 


Wicked Grove Hard Cider- A little sweet, a little tart and wicked good!

Windfall Orchard- Even people who don’t know much about growing fruit can tell there’s something unusual about Windfall Orchard. First, there’s the stunning, panoramic view of the Green Mountains, offering amazing vistas in every season. Then there are the many sizes and shapes of trees; some tall and gnarly, others compact and brushy. Andy finally, the fruit. Every tree seems to offer a different reward, a reflection of the over 80 varieties of apples here. And there’s more than apples in this orchard; you can find cherries, pears, blueberries, plums, raspberries, gooseberries, currants and quince. Even a couple of fig trees. The only 2 major wine competitions in the US that have an "Ice Cider" category: The International Finger Lakes Wine Competition and the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition were held March 2013. We are proud to announce that the Windfall Orchard Ice Cider won both a gold medal and "Best in Show" in the Great Lakes competition and a gold medal in the Finger Lakes Competition.

Stowe Cider- is a family-run cidery, specializing in small batch, artisanal ciders. We ferment a blend of 100% Vermont fresh pressed apple juice into a one-of-a-kind hard cider—inspired by those of early America—occasionally accented by a selection of fresh fruits or spices. Our cidery was born from a shared passion by husband and wife team, Stefan and Mary Windler, with the help of cider maker, Marc Chretien. We opened our doors in August 2013 with our flagship cider, simply called “Traditional Dry.” We now boast an ever-growing cider list that has more than 10 year-round and seasonal varieties. Our ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible, giving us the unique opportunity to showcase the exceptional ingredients Vermont has to offer. At the end of the day, our goal is to #FreeTheCider of sweeteners, and the restraints of over-processed cider making. Come in for a tasting, attend an event, or pick up a bottle for your next adventure.


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700

Vermont  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Vermont.


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700

La Garagista Farm & Winery- We are located on Mount Hunger at the edge of the Chateauguay and in the Piedmont chain of hills in Barnard, Vermont.  Here we grow natural alpine wine and ciders.  Our land has been part of small homestead farming for over two hundred years. On the farm, we attend to the care and observation of our native terroir, a whole-farm and diverse agriculture where we are not only growing wine, but also vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs for our restaurant kitchen at osteria pane e salute. Our mission is to care for our land in creative and natural ways, make way for the honest narrative told by the wines and ciders that express our unique landscape and each vintage year, and  share in and support the spirited food and agriculture of our community.


MacArthur Road
Marlboro, Vermont

(802) 254-5306


Ole Pome- Traditional still cider, unfiltered, wild fermented, dry. 0% Residual Sugar. Aged in old neutral french oak barrels. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in summer 2016.Fipenny Bit- effervescent, dry heritage cider. bottle conditioned. wild and cultured yeasts, blended from barrel and tank. Partial pétulant natural.
Farmhouse- effervescent dry cider. bottle conditioned. Wild and cultured yeasts, secondary fermentation in bottle on champagne yeast.Farmhouse Sparkling- sparkling cider, bottle conditioned. Wild and cultured yeasts, secondary fermentation in bottle on champagne yeast.


153 Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont

(802) 388-0700

Hall Home Place- This is where we make the most distinctive Ice Cider in the world.  We bottle in 50, 187 and 375 ml sizes.  Great for everything from wedding favors & toasts to sitting on your front porch watching the sunsets.  Our Cidery is located in the scenic Hall’s Orchard of Isle La Motte. The property has been in our family since the late 1700’s and different generations of Halls have been cultivating apples and pears since the orchard was started. From 1828 until 2005 when the matriarch of the family, Mina Hall, passed away these generations of Halls have lived in the family farm house. The house is one of the historic stone houses built by the Scottish stone mason, James Ritchie. The stone in the house was quarried on the island and ancient coral reef fossils can be found in them. See video on Hall Home Place ice cider production.

THE CIDERS- 14 cider styles, to include:

Pruner’s Pride – Champlain Orchards is proud to offer a hard cider made from our own ecologically grown McIntosh and Empire apples, with a touch of Vermont honey.
Pruner's Promise- refreshing and drinkable. Kick back and let the subtle flavors of our own fresh pressed, effervescent hard cider wash over your taste buds.
Vermont Semi-Dry Hard Cider – Made with only our own ecologically-grown apples. Light and refreshing, with floral notes of citrus and honey.
Our flagship Original Vermont Hard Cider is refreshingly crisp and balanced to have just the right hint of sweetness. Crafted from 100% fresh pressed cider from a blend of our favorite apples.
Vermont Honeycrisp Ice Cider – It takes over 8 lbs. of Honeycrisp apples to make one 375ml bottle of this special dessert wine! We’re proud that our Honeycrisp Ice Cider won the Gold Medal at the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!
Vermont Apple Cranberry Hard Cider – The sweet dryness of our apples complements the slight tartness of fresh VT cranberries.

Boyer's Hard Ciders and Wines- we produce great hard ciders and wines from apples and grapes we grow here on our farm in Monkton, Vermont! We produce a variety of hard and ice ciders.  Our ciders range from semi-dry, champagne style, bourbon barrel aged, sweet ice ciders.  We use a wide range of apples: Macintosh, Empire, Northern Spy and Roxbury Russet.  In the next few years, we look forward to harvesting heirloom apples from the orchard for hard ciders with unique varieties including Yarlington Mills, Kingston Black, and Wickson. 

Wyder's® Cider- in the late 80's and early 90's, the Pacific Northwest saw the first wave of the craft movement in beer and cider. Among those riding that wave was Wyder's® Cider out of Vancouver, Canada. In 1993, the newly US based Wyder's® cider began growing a fan base on the west coast. Wyder's® Pear and Raspberry were two of the first cider varieties to feature a second fruit, and word of their unique taste spread quickly. Wyder's® has continued steady growth through the years. It is now made in Vermont, but the west coast remains its most popular region in the country.


1122 Tracy Hill Rd
Roxbury, Vermont


Matt and Harry’s Hard Cider- Our cider comes from 100% locally grown, handpicked, hand washed, and hand pressed apples.  Always authentic and never from concentrate. 


Bouleverser 2015- Solera-style farmhouse cider started in 2010. This is the first release. 17 different cultivated and wild apples from our farm and the fields around us. Second fermentation seeded in 2015 with fresh juice from our cider harvest that year utilizing our natural sugars and native yeasts.
Stolen Roses- Blend of 17 varieties of apple. Solera-style cider fermented on the lees and skins of Vermont Marquette grapes.

Champlain Orchards- pressesits own cider on a refurbished 90 year-old rack and cloth cider press. We have modernized the press, replacing all of the cider contact surfaces with stainless steel. In keeping with our commitment to develop new value added products, Champlain Orchards is utilizing onsite state-of-the-art fermentation tanks to create unique blends of hard cider and ice cider. Founded in 2010, the Cidery at Champlain Orchards crafts crisp, classic hard and ice ciders that reflect the flavorful Addison County apples from which they are made.

Vermont- Apples, enjoyed in so many forms, are a Vermont tradition. You’ll find orchards, farm stands and cider mills in every part of this beautiful state. The apple most abundant in Vermont orchards is the famous, flavorful “Mac” — the McIntosh — which account for almost 70 percent of the apples grown here. You can’t go wrong with apples in the fall, in Vermont. The Green Mountain State with 40 apple orchards and 25 cider brands/producers ranks as the highest percentage of cideries per orchard of any state. 


Crisp Apple- In the English tradition of pubdraft hard apple ciders, Hornsby's® is a popular complement to any friendly gathering. It is the brand that possesses premium quality with a traditional look and feel. 
Amber Draft- In the English tradition of pubdraft hard apple ciders, Hornsby's® is a popular complement to any friendly gathering. It is the brand that possesses premium quality with a traditional look and feel.


1799 Mountain Road 
Stowe, Vermont 


(802) 253-2065

Cold Hollow Cider Mill- is both a top New England producer of fresh apple cider and one of Vermont’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s because we do it the real old-fashioned way, making pure cider with a traditional rack and cloth press built in the 1920s — and, by gosh, you can come watch. We are excited to announce the arrival of our first hard cider, Barn Dance. Barn Dance is sold exclusively at Cold Hollow in the Apple Core Luncheonette & Brew. Also, look out for us at brew and food festivals. We will be featuring Barn Dance at upcoming festivals throughout Vermont. Be sure to stop at our booth and check out what all the hype is about! 


Newhall Farm Ice Cider- As With America's Rejuvenation Of Hard Cider--A Totally Different Potable Than The Newhall Farm Elixir Ice Cider--Vermont Is Re-Embracing The Apple. The Pilgrims Planted The First US Apple Trees, And Today We See The Beastly To Beauteous Metamorphosis In The Apple Neighborhoods Of This Now Again Fruit Of Choice. Pomology, The Science Of Apple Growing, Is Alive And Well When Gnarly Old Apple Orchards Awake To A Pruning Saw!


1525 Royalton Turnpike 

Barnard, Vermont


(802) 234–5667


64 Vermont Road Route 104
Cambridge, Vermont

(802) 644-8151

WoodChuck- The Vermontiest of Vermonters are sometimes called “woodchucks” and this seemed like a pretty good name for our small-batch, Vermont-based cider. As you may know, the new Woodchuck cider tasted pretty darn good, and it quickly found distribution. Soon, our winery-turn-cidery was struggling to meet the demand for the cider. The early bottling line didn’t help either. Each bottle that came off the excessively humble Woodchuck bottling line had to be topped off by hand with a turkey baster. The line itself consisted of equipment dating back to the 1940’s and had a tendency to send occasional nuts and bolts flying through the air. Every label had to be applied by hand and every keg was hand-filled. As you can see, Woodchuck didn’t just start out as a handcrafted cider – it was a hand-everythinged cider. Still, all the hard work seemed worthwhile as we watched the popularity of our little cider grow. Owned by C&C Group.

Citizen Cider- Justin Heilenbach, Bryan Holmes and Kris Nelson founded Citizen Cider in 2010 on a hunch and some good old-fashioned hard work. Kris was working as a wine salesmen, Bryan as a chemist and Justin as a small farmer. All discontent for one reason or another, they started pressing sweet cider in Kris’s barn and fermenting test batches of hard cider in Bryan’s basement. As it happens, they discovered that their ideas about hard cider translated into some pretty unique and interesting finished products. 


Vermont Ice Cider- is barrel aged with balanced acidity, hints of oak and concentrated apple flavors.
Vermont Ice Hard Cider- Crisp, dry sparkling cider with a pure apple flavor that drinks like an apple champagne.Honey Hopper Cider- Crisp, off-dry, bitter-sweet cider – dry-hopped with citra and cascade hops with a touch of local honey added.  Come catch the “BUZZ”!
Cran-Bog Cider- Our CRAN BOG has a crisp apple flavor with notes of tart cranberry. Similar to a light Rosé.Royale Cider- A high tannin cider made from sustainably farmed apples and organic black currants. Vermont’s version of a Kir Royale.Double Bourbon Cider- A dry cider with a complex, caramelized bourbon flavor with overtones of smoke.


3597 VT Route 74 West
Shoreham, Vermont

(802) 897-2777

Here at Flag Hill Farm in the Green Mountains of rural Vermont, we take this same slow, traditional, wine-making approach to our own hard cider. We make two varieties of prize-winning hard cyder, Sparkling and Still, in small batches, right here on our family farm. And, we are proud to introduce our newest product, Sapsucker, a Belgian Beer style hard cyder in a 22 ounce bottle. We grow and harvest many of the apple varieties used in our hard cyder, and buy local unsprayed and wild apples from neighboring farms.