72 School House Road
Mills River, North Carolina

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Corcoran Hard Cider- This is our first batch of hard cider, made with a variety of seven different apples, leaving it off-dry and carbonated. With racing bubbles this cider is crisp and refreshing. Serve chilled and enjoy as your gluten free beverage. 
Knot Head- With a “secret” blend of seven apples, grown locally, this cider was aged just a few weeks in Bourbon barrels giving it a Whiskey-Sour type taste. Lightly sweetened and fuller bodied. Hop'n'Pop- ​Our latest addition - off-dry cider aged with locally grown hops, that balances the sweetness of the fruit with an ever-so-subtle bitterness!
PoPo Peach- Our new addition to our cider line up. These apples were picked at the peak of ripeness leaving it slightly sweet with a hint of crisp peach flavors. 
Sinful- Handcrafted from a variety of Virginia grown apples, this cider is sinfully sweet and delicious

Bold Rock Hard Cider, at our cidery in Nellysford, Virginia, our internationally-respected cider master, Brian Shanks, ensures that every hand-crafted bottle of Bold Rock and Crimson Ridge hard cider meets his high standards of perfection. You're welcome to stop by for a hard cider tasting and tour of our farm winery. Bring a picnic and enjoy it with a cider by the river. We may be crushing apples, fermenting ciders, filling bottles, or shipping kegs or cases out to distributors. We'll be glad to show you around and talk about cider! Our hard cider business currently operates from two barns on our farm. We have constructed a rustic/elegant timber frame building which houses our permanent cidery/tasting room on a hill overlooking the Rockfish River on the southwest end of the farm. 

Winchester Ciderworks- Hand crafted gluten free Virginia Hard Cider. We produce handcrafted Hard Cider from apples predominantly grown in the Shenandoah Valley. Each batch we make is dependent upon Mother Nature and not made from apple concentrate. The care we take in the making of our hard ciders are apparent to those who drink them.

THE CIDERS- 7 cider styles, to include:

Hopsap Shandy- Cascade hops and heirloom cider apples unite in a traditional cider with a modern twist.
Mill Race Bramble- A seasonal Rambo cider infused with raspberries and blackberries. 
Harvest Ration- Our premier dessert cider, seasonally made from bittersweet apples.
Harrison- Harrison single varietal. 
Fire Cracker- A limited-edition dessert cider made with ginger-infused eau de vie.
Rocky Ridge Reserve- A blend of small cider lots aged on oak. 


Coming Soon Spring 2019!

The Winery at Kindred Pointe- Owners Amy and Bruce Helsley originally purchased the 58-acre property in 2005. Within a year the couple opened Kindred Pointe Stables. The name “Kindred Pointe,” coming from Amy’s love of Anne of Green Gables. The first structures, a storage barn and horse barn, were added to the property in 2007. With Amy running the stable, Bruce decided to turn his attention to grapes. This was a good fit for Bruce, as he always had a natural green thumb. Merlot was the first crop to be planted in 2008. At this point, the thought of opening a winery was non-existent. Due to the recession in 2010, the economy was no longer ideal for boarding horses. Amy, also a certified public accountant, realized that it was time for a change and that wine would be a good choice to make the business profitable. Bruce and Amy's thoughts turned to expanding the vineyard and opening a winery in 2011. In 2012, Bruce along with high school friend Andy, the winery's first employee, began the transformation from barn to tasting room. After years of hard work preparing for the winery, the doors officially opened for business in October, 2013. Since then, the storage barn has been converted into the barrel room and a large pavilion was added in 2016. Each year more wines are being produced on-site. Eventually, Bruce will be the full-time winemaker and vintner. Bruce and his brother John are also producing a variety of hard ciders on-site.


1020 Rockfish Valley Highway
Nellysford, Virginia 

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THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Hard Times- A classic semi-dry hard cider. Reminiscent of a light beer.
Hard Luck- Semisweet with a nutty finish.
Hoppy- A beer style cider infused with hops, giving the cider a citrus element.
Hard Core- Traditional sweet cider.
Hard Up- This cider will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, as it is made using Belgian candy sugar.
Ginger- A unique cider, unlike anything around. This semi-dry cider is infused with ginger.


Coming Soon!

THE CIDERS- 14 cider styles, to include:

Bold Rock Virginia Apple- From the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Wintergreen, Virginia, comes this crisp and refreshing hard cider crafted with care using Virginia apples.Bold Rock Virginia Draft- From the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Wintergreen, VA comes Virginia Draft. This smooth and distinctive Hard Cider combines its apple heritage with superb drinkability.
Pear Cider- New Zealand pears and Blue Ridge Mountain apples. 
Crimson Ridge Vat No. 1- In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Wintergreen, Virginia is a cidery overlooking the Rockfish River. Here a custom blend of Virginia apples is crafted to make a premium hard cider with a rounded, full-bodied apple taste. Rich and beautifully effervescent, Crimson Ridge is exceptionally well-balanced, bringing out the very best in Virginia apples.
Crimson Ridge Vintage Dry- Rich and beautifully effervescent it is exceptionally well-balanced, bringing out the very best in Virginia apples.
Carolina Apple-made form North Carolina apples.


287 Winery Road SW
Floyd, Virginia

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THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include:

Jupiter's Legacy- is a fruity blend of classic American cider apples -- Harrison, Yates, Hyslop and Virginia Crab -- augmented with several dessert varieties. This dry cider is fresh, clean, bright and lively on the tongue.
Old Virginia Winesap- is the second varietal from Albemarle CiderWorks and makes a notable contribution to our revival of traditional American ciders. It is spicy, floral, and fruity, slightly tart with a lingering finish.
GoldRush- is a recent American apple from Purdue University, named for its color and the rush of flavor it offers. That flavor is rich, complex and vinous. Its tart acidity, balanced with a spicy sweetness, makes it highly prized for cider. This fourth single varietal from Albemarle CiderWorks is dry and crisp with citrus overtones hinting of grapefruit. Its tartness on the tongue is smoothed by notes of honey and ginger. 
Royal Pippin- is a fruity cider crafted entirely from Albemarle Pippins. It is a dry cider that has a champagne-like quality. It is an excellent accompaniment to many foods, and is a delightfully refreshing beverage on its own.
Ragged Mountain- is a cider blend of classic apple varieties -- Albemarle Pippin, Winesap, Black Twig, Grimes Golden and Stayman -- historically grown on and around the Ragged Mountains. This is a semi-dry cider crafted to please a wide range of palates.
Pomme Mary- This fruity cider is made from vintage American cider apples and is enhanced by a bit of sweetness. We named it to honor our mother, Mary Margaret, who prefers a less dry profile. It sports mellow notes of tropical fruits – mango, pineapple, or kiwi.  


2545 Rural Ridge Lane,
North Garden, Virginia

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495 E. Washington Street
Middleburg, Virginia

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THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Malice- is our flagship cider made with a blend of five apples from our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley. Malice is a light, fragrant cider that packs a punch. Made in the style of Stephen's birthplace, the Eastern Counties of England, the aim is to create a clean, refreshing beverage with good balance between acidity and sweetness. 6.9% abv.
Wicked Wiles Bourbon- is a new original tasting cider made with tasty hand-picked apples from our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is aged in recycled bourbon/rye/brandy/rum barrels for several months until the ideal balance has been met. 
Wicked Wiles Rye- is a new original tasting cider made with tasty hand-picked apples from our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is aged in recycled bourbon/rye/brandy/rum barrels for several months until the ideal balance has been met.
Wicked Wiles Brandy- is a new original tasting cider made with tasty hand-picked apples from our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is aged in recycled bourbon/rye/brandy/rum barrels for several months until the ideal balance has been met. 
Wicked Wiles Rum- is a new original tasting cider made with tasty hand-picked apples from our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is aged in recycled bourbon/rye/brandy/rum barrels for several months until the ideal balance has been met. 

THE CIDERS- 19 cider styles, to include:

Farmhouse Dry- Pale gold and effervescent with pronounced fruit aroma hinting of peach and melon. Don’t let the heady nose fool you - with no residual sugars, the flavor is crisp, tart, and exceptionally dry. Uniquely refreshing with a crisp finish that pairs well with a variety of foods including pork, duck, wild game, and aged cheeses. 

Oak Barrel Reserve- Patiently aged in oak barrels sourced from a local apple brandy distillery, every batch of this handcrafted cider develops unique character and complexity. Traditional barrel-aging techniques produce a full-bodied cider with intense aromas of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. Bright fruit flavors (crisp apple, pear, brandied cherries) give way to butterscotch and toffee with complex tannins in the finish.  

Hop Cider- Tropical fruit notes from Albemarle Pippin and Gold Rush apples are complemented by the juicy citrus character of whole-leaf Citra and Amarillo hops. Our unique cold infusion process brings out delicate hop aromas and flavors without the bitterness you would expect in a hoppy beer. This mouthwatering cider appeals to craft beer and cider drinkers alike. 
Grapefruit Hibiscus- Pink blush from hibiscus petal infusion complemented by citrus aroma of grapefruit peel. Finish is crisp and tart for a truly refreshing cider!Raspberries and Brett- Fermented with 100% Gold Rush apples, raspberries, and Brettanomyces, this lambic-style cider is aged in Laird's Apple Brandy Barrels and then bottle conditioned. Peaches and Brett- Fermented with 100% Gold Rush apples, Saunder's Brothers peaches, and Brettanomyces, this lambic-style cider is aged in Laird's Apple Brandy barrels and then bottle conditioned.

Bryant’s Small Batch Cider- You're awesome, right? So you deserve the best! We ONLY use locally grown (most from our own farm), hand picked Nelson County apples. Pressed fresh. Bulk cider, hell no! this is craft cider at its best! No additives, concentrates, preservatives or BS! We are local to Richmond, Lynchburg and Charlottesville. 


1581 Maidens Road
Maidens, Virginia


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Midas Touch- Mighty Hard Apple Cider. Slow, cold fermentation, after blending, using native and cultured yeasts. Fermented to slightly residual sweetness and cold matured for several months. Naturally clear and unfiltered.
Jubilance- Historic Colonial Harrison single varietal apples. Slow, cold fermented using native and cultured yeasts. Fermented to maintain slight residual sweetness. Extended cold matured for several months. Naturally clear and bottled unfiltered.
Eureka- Modern American single varietal Goldrush apples. Slow, cold fermentation using native and cultured yeasts. Fermented to dryness and allowed to cold mature for several months. Naturally clear and bottled unfiltered.
Homestead- Historic Virginia born apples – Hewes Crab and Virginia Winesap, Each variety was slow, cold fermented separately using native and cultured yeasts. Fermented to complete dryness and blended together prior to cold maturation of several months. Naturally veiled and bottled unfiltered.
Heyday- American Heirloom Stayman apples and historic German Zabergau Reinette Russet apples. Slow, cold fermented separately using native and cultured yeasts. Stayman fermented to compete dryness while Zabergau is allowed to retain slight residual sweetness. Cold matured separately for several months prior to final blending with 5% apple juice.
Harmony- American Heirloom Arkansas Black single varietal apples. Blended and slow, cold fermented to retain residual sweetness using native and cultured yeasts. Cold matured for several months.


Mt. Defiance Farmhouse Style Hard Cider- Like a classic Virginia Farmhouse, Mt. Defiance Cider is Artisan Crafted. Hand made in small batches, our cider uses the finest quality Virginia apples. Experience unpasteurized, unsweetened, traditional dry cider on its own or with a meal.
Mt. Defiance General's Reserve Hard Cider- Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Cider.  Take our dry Farmhouse Style cider. Age it in an oak bourbon barrel, and it produces our General’s Reserve: A strong, darker colored cider with whiskey notes and hints of vanilla and caramel. Much like it did when it contained bourbon. The charred oak interior of the barrel mellows the cider over time and imparts its own flavor and aromas. 
Mt. Defiance Cider with Ginger- Our Cider with Ginger is made with fresh ginger root and our Farmhouse cider. We mix precise amounts of fresh grated ginger with the cider resulting in a warmly aromatic, fragrant hard cider, which dances on the tongue much like real ginger ale. Ginger is widely used in food and drink. Here at Mt. Defiance we pay homage to these traditional uses by blending it with our cider for a delicious and very different taste.
Mt. Defiance Cider with Blueberries- The rose hue of this cider lets you know it’s a wonderful fusion of fresh blueberries, picked at the height of the season and combined with fresh cider from Virginia apples. Slowly fermented together and allowed to reach maturity, the Cider tastes as good as it looks. The taste is not easily defined in that you pick up berry notes as well as citrus notes as the fermentation process fuses the two into a cogent whole. This makes for a soft finish which is fairly dry considering the sweetness of blueberries.
Mt. Defiance Old Volstead's Homemade Cider- Our Mt. Defiance Old Volstead’s Cider is made with an English Ale Yeast and a unique apple blend,  this cider has a flavor all its own. Tangy and crisp, with a dry finish that may very well remind you of an English ale.
Mt. Defiance Old Volstead's Summer Shandy- For our Mt. Defiance Old Volstead’s Summer Shandy we combine lemonade with our Farmhouse cider for a light and refreshing treat. Slightly tart and lemony with a hint of sweetness, this cider shandy is a warm weather favorite.


317 Hoofs Run Drive

Alexandria, Virginia

(703) 868-4865

Farmhouse Brewery and Cidery- located in western Kempsville, plans to use all Virginia apples, including some grown on its 8-acre property. It will serve cider beginning in April 2018, a month after the brewery starts slinging beers. The cider will complement the farmhouse style and the sour beers Farmhouse also plans to produce. Additionally, Farmhouse will partner with Tarnished Truth Distillery, which is being built at The Cavalier Hotel, to use bourbon barrels to age the cider and beer.


16622 Broad St

Saint Paul, Virginia


(276) 738-1088

Sugar Hill Cider Company at Sugar Hill Brewery- Owners Greg and Jennifer Bailey turned an old hardware store in downtown St. Paul, VA, into the area’s destination for quality craft beer, food, and community gathering. This was achieved with hard work, patience, and dedication – not unlike the process of brewing great beer. As with most dreams and worthwhile endeavors, the process to bring Sugar Hill Brewing Company to life has been a path paved with determination and genuine passion, but it shows in the atmosphere, staff, and top-notch food and drink. The original idea came from the Baileys’ son, Alex, who convinced them that a brewery was a necessary part of life in the tiny town of St. Paul. The Baileys embarked on the epic quest to bring craft beer to this corner of Southwest Virginia  Along the way, they’ve been joined by other talented and fearless individuals, all with the goal of making Sugar Hill Brewing Company the best place to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!


2910 W Leigh St
Richmond, Virginia


(804) 355-0100

Virginia has a long history of cider making and drinking from its founding that was especially notable during the time of our nation's birth. Gentlemen of renown such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, along with most of the new nation's leaders and nearly every farmer in the land, produced and/or served cider in their homes. Today there are numerous active orchards around the state with many producing non-alcoholic apple cider. There are also 28 new and established cider makers and wineries producing hard cider using the same apple types and employing cider producing methods similar to our founding fathers.

Big Fish Cider, Co- is a microcidery in Monterey, Virginia making ciders using locally grown apples and traditional techniques to create completely new flavors. Our cider is available in a range of off-dry to semi-sweet blends and seasonal offerings.  Big Fish has won best in show, gold, silver and bronze awards at the Great Lakes Cider and Perry Competition.

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Hatch- A classic dry cider that is gold in color, and filtered to remove any sediment. It’s nose is a bit funky, but taste is tempered with a slight acidity, tannin, and citrus and stone fruit notes. 
Windrush- A dry cider that has been aged on oak and chestnut staves. Flavor profiles include, baked apples, vanilla, caramel and toasted overtones. 
Rocket- An off-dry cider (semi-sweet). Tart and lightly tannic, with just enough sweetness to round out the flavor and give it a clean finish. A perfect cider for any occasion — from mimosas in the AM to a nice crisp cider with dinner in the PM. 
Hopscotch- This small batch cider gives a nod to beer making and does so by dry hopping a special blend of finished cider. With a variety of aroma hops, the process imparts a floral & citrus aroma  creating a truly unique product that is not bitter, but has the spirit to stand up to beer and wine.Saxby- We took heirloom apples from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and infused it with fresh baby ginger sourced from a small farm on the Eastern Shore – this young ginger imparts a delicate ginger flavor to the cider, without the strong bite that mature ginger has.Coppertail- After years of researching and studying classic bourbons, we finally landed on some that were tried and true. These classic Kentucky bourbons were aged in barrels for around 10 years, and now we have put a delicious blend of cider in them. We followed classic aging techniques utilizing heat and pressure to extract as much bourbon as we could from each barrel. These ciders are truly unique, and we are excited to share them with you.


3575 Conicville Rd
Mt Jackson, Virginia

(540) 477-3570


17768 Honeyville Road
Timberville, Virginia

(540) 896-7582

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Terrestrial- A nose of fresh apples with a hint of peach that follows through on the palate. Bright acidity gives this a clean, refreshing finish. Blend of Winesap and Albemarle Pippin apples. Extremely crisp and refreshing.Levity - The flagship sparkling Virginia cider of Castle Hill, aged and fermented in clay amphorae called kvevri. Allowed to rest on full lees for four months, this cider expresses layers of complexity.
Celestial Merret- An exciting blend of Albemarle Pippin, English Bittersweet, and Winesap apples re-fermented in the bottle to add crispness and buoyancy. 
Celestial- This cider has firm tannin structure that exhibit notes of earthiness, spice and citrus.This comes from a blend of Ellis Bitter and Albemarle Pippin apples.Celestial’s finish is enhanced by a touch of Winesap apples that offer a bright clean finish.
Gravity- This still Virginia cider is amber in color with notes of melon, peach, and light citrus. Gravity’s hint of sweetness on the finish is balanced with good astringency.
Serendipity- A fresh, fruity cider pressed at peak ripeness then arrested at fermentation and lightly filtered. 100% Albemarle Pippin apples. 

Potter's Craft Cider- Our approach to cidermaking is straightforward. Experiment; learn by doing, reading, and engaging with the beer, cider, and winemaking communities; use local apples, products and services; love the place we live; support the charities and people  that support our community; keep it fresh; keep it funky. We take cidermaking seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously. Based in Free Union, Virginia, just outside of Charlottesville, we are in the heart of apple country at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  All of our ciders start with locally-grown fruit, cultivated with care and harvested at peak flavor from nearby orchards and family farms. We press fresh heirloom and traditional cider apples such as the Albemarle Pippin and Virginia Winesap as well as modern cider apples such as the Gold Rush to create a cider that would make our forbearers proud. After the apples are pressed, we carefully ferment the fresh juice at cold temperatures allowing each apple variety the opportunity to fully showcase its unique flavor and aroma.  Unlike many larger producers, we don’t add sugar or water to our ciders. Our process is respectful of a long Virginia tradition but we are not afraid to push boundaries to make ciders that stand out.


3224 East Branch Loop

Roseland, Virginia  


(804) 420-9683


1805 Kempsville Rd
Virginia Beach, Virginia

(757) 613-2737

Buskey Cider Company- Buskey Cider opened in April 2016 in the popular craft beverage neighborhood of Scott's Addition in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on semi-sweet and dryer ciders in addition to using innovative techniques typically found in beer, Buskey is receiving great interest and enthusiasm about their refreshing cider. Buskey is currently distributing in Richmond through Loveland Distributing and is excited to continue expanding throughout the state. Our tasting room is a great representation of our cidery's spirit. Located in an architecturally-unique, old Richmond train car loading building in Scott's Addition, We have sought to marry the old Richmond industrial charm to sleek modern/minimalist design while focusing on up-cycling and reclaiming. Come visit us to learn about cider, sample small release batches, or mingle and have a few pints with friends. The smell of fermenting apples and learning more about how it's all done, while enjoying a refreshing cider, of course, is pretty hard to beat!


Still Waters- Our first still cider purposefully takes advantage of wine-soaked barrels procured from a local Virginia winery. Kissed by a slight rose tint, this dry, still cider stands on its own, but also pairs exceptionally well with Virginia ham and baked cheese dishes (think quiche or flatbreads).
Bella Vita- Infused with ginger and raspberries, sipping this cider certainly is a taste of the “good life!” A dry, bottle conditioned sparkler, it has a delicate nose, like the smell of jasmine or ripening fruit caught in a summer breeze.Honest Farmer- This cider pays homage to our honest farmer and friend, Raymond Hawk. A blend of seven apples, fermented and aged on the lees for four months in red wine and rum barrels, the cider a dry, bottle conditioned sparkler.
Ombibulous- Fermented in wine barrels and aged in bourbon barrels provided by our friends at Reservoir Distillery in RVA, we finished this cider by infusing it with fresh pineapple. Enjoy this limited-reserve, ombibulicious cider with a cigar or a sweet treat, while remembering to live in the present.
Hoppy Girl- Three types of hops (dropped in the blending tank) finish this off-dry cider. Bottle-conditioning with unsulfured molasses is our whimsical way of mimicking a light-bodied, slightly hoppy beer!Amuse-Bouche - This young, effervescent cider—fermented in neutral wine barrels—went through a secondary fermentation with Viognier skins provided by Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia. A fruity, playful cider, it pairs well with light hors d’oeuvres and seafood.

THE CIDERS- 8 cider styles, to include:

Cardinal Red- a red apple cider 
Oma Smith’s- a green apple cider
Cheesy Grin- Dry Hopped Cider
HPA- Dry hopped ciderOpa Smiths- Green Apple
Apparition- Pumpkin Spice


Submersive Hard Cider-
Inkjet Cider- Blackberry Mint


4135 S Lee Hwy

Natural Bridge, Virginia


(540) 291-1340


15669 Limestone School Rd
Leesburg, Virginia

(703) 771-1197

Castle Hill produces hard apple cider made from Virginia varietals. Cider is made in small batches in kvevri, terracotta vessels which are buried underground in the world’s most ancient method of fermentation. Cidery includes a wedding and special event venue featuring 11,000 square-foot barn on centuries old estate of Castle Hill, home of Colonel Thomas Walker, guardian and mentor to Thomas Jefferson. Listed as one of the world’s best ciders. We take an apple-centered approach to cider making. The aim of our technique is to bring out the best of each year’s harvest. Utilizing both tradition and the cutting edge, Castle Hill Cider strives to bring you the highest quality and most enjoyable ciders. From fermenting the Levity in buried kvevri, the world’s oldest known fermentation vessels, to arresting fermentation of the Serendipity with cross flow filtration; from working with growers of varieties truly suited to cider, to renovating an 80 year old orchard, we strive to bring you the best cider to share with meals, friends, and relaxing moments.


225 Oak Grove Drive
Mineral, Virginia

(540) 894-1053


59 Spruce Street 
Monterey, Virginia

(540) 468-2322

Wild Hare Hard Cider- Tucked in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wild Hare Cider is born and bred. We are a boutique, micro-cidery that started from a desire to craft something with our hands, and let time and nature work together through modern fermentation techniques. Our fruit comes directly from our orchard located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Pressed apple juice transforms into a product that, inspired by a drink our forefathers may have delighted in, is both delicious and interesting. Our ciders are unique and not comparable to anything that is typically found on the shelf next to the six packs at the grocery store. We invite you to come out to our tasting room located in the idyllic town of Bluemont, VA, and try the drink that’s being revitalized, one apple at a time. 

THE CIDERS- 12 cider styles, to include: 

RVA Cider- DO YOU LOVE EVERYTHING RVA? This refreshing cider fermented beautifully, was cold crashed to hold its signature flavor and then slightly back sweetened with unfermented juice to let you fully experience the Virginia apples. 
45 and Trying- Dry and refreshing, yet challenging… like getting those tanks upright. Instead of blending as planned we decided to celebrate this unique yeast strain and allowed it a long maturation process. Memories are sweet but cider doesn’t have to be.
Rotating Dry Hop Cider- We regularly rotate hopped ciders. 
Infusions- in addition to our traditional apple ciders we also have batches that we ferment and or infuse with other fruits.
Randall'd Ciders- We love to experiment with fresh flavors. A Randall is a canister full of fruit  or other products that infuses the in-line on the way to your glass. 
Nitro Cold "Brew" Cider- 


Coming Soon!


1320 Summit Ave
Richmond, Virginia

(804) 231-0280

Courthouse Creek Cider- Before there was Courthouse Creek, there was a lawyer/chef (Eric) and an elementary school teacher (Liza). They lived in the Central Coast of California. Liza – a gardener/teacher/single mom – taught grades K-6 in Parkfield’s proverbial one-room, “little red schoolhouse.” Eric – a chef/lawyer/single dad – ran a small eatery, a solo law practice, and was the chef for a few local wineries. They met. They fell in love. They got engaged and moved their blended family (four kids) to Virginia. Why? Because Virginia is for lovers – or so they say! Well, additionally, sometime in 2012 Eric and Liza wrote down their dreams on a big piece of construction paper. When they stepped back and took a look at what they wrote down, they saw a blending of both Eric’s and Liza’s passions. Their ideal home? A living, breathing, healthy environment for their kids to explore and on which to grow-up. Someplace where they could plant an orchard and produce an honest product – made from their land – that touched on their experiences living on the Central Coast. And this someplace had a creek running through it. Welcome to Courthouse Creek Cider: The vision of a family sharing common goals and values, coming together to produce farmstead, premium, hand-crafted cider. And, yes, a creek runs through it! 


106A South Street, SE
Leesburg, Virginia

 (703) 402-7956 

Mt. Defiance Cidery and Distillery- Cider is finally coming back into its own as America’s table drink, a position it enjoyed during Colonial times and throughout the 19th Century. Today, especially here in Virginia where we obtain our cider and produce it, you see the different schools of thought concerning cider: from the traditional farm cideries where classic cider apples are pressed and the juice fully fermented with only yeast added, to the cutting edge cider makers who are influenced by the craft beer movement and infuse and co-ferment a riotous blend of new and historic natural flavors into their ciders. At our Cidery, Mount Defiance is very proud to offer classic and craft ciders. We have traditional farmhouse blends of dry cider and do a single variety cider, but we also love to infuse fresh ginger for a serious ginger flavored cider and we run a full spectrum of infused and co-fermented ciders ranging from honey (cyser) to blueberries to our five pepper cider, designed to stand up to barbecues. Every season brings different flavors to entice our customers. Our style can best be described as eclectic and accessible, for we believe there should be a cider to suit a wide variety of tastes and food pairings. Come pay us a visit and taste for yourself.


Chaider- Our Chaider is a spiced cider infused with our own blend of Chai spices. The aroma comes with a nose of Cinnamon and Cardamom while the flavor quickly gives a refreshing bite of Ginger. The finish remains light and crisp.
Unicorn Fuel- is a fully dry cider infused with Rose Hips and Hibiscus. The deep pink hue comes primarily from the organic Hibiscus used in the infusion, with the Rose Hips offering more of an orange tint. The Flavor profile is subtle, the Hibiscus offers a rich, mellow flavor and aroma while the Rose Hips bring stronger hints of citrus and acidity. 
Brite Good- is our baby, fully dry (like the others) but a true cider. We incorporate oak tannins for three weeks prior to bottling to enhance the mouthfeel while leaving a true cider aroma and flavor profile. This cider is less tart than many dry ciders following a malolactic fermentation induced after primary.
Hell Hop- Holy hell! We dry hopped this cider 3 times with six (yes, 6) different citrusy hop varieties (and some luplin) to create the hoppiest cider known to man. This is our take on a New England style cider. Apparently we just made that a thing, you're welcome.
Coolbanero- Cool as a cucumber with just enough heat to make you wanna take another swig to cool back off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. We infuse organic cucumbers and habanero peppers in this fully dry cider to help you realize how amazing life can be. 

Cobbler Mountain Cellars-  Home to the "Little Winery That Could"~ is where the fairies live in big poplar trees, children run barefoot to Thumb Run Creek and stories of the wise Grandfathers and kind Grandmothers are shared around the Grand Fire Circle at the foot of the forest. A legendary dreamer, Grandfather McCarthy, discovered Big Cobbler Mountain in 1959. His love of creatures and exploring has been preserved and passed down to his children and grandchildren. Come hike a wooded trail. Open a bottle of imagination. Sip handcrafted wines with the makers. Find a little fantasy under the old apple tree. Who knows who you will meet along the way? 

Monroe Bay Vineyard- We are a small farm winery and vineyard located near Colonial Beach and hope to have our tasting room near Colonial Beach open by summer of 2016. Winemaker Kirsten "Kiki" Apple's story starts over fifteen years ago, when she bought her very first house, located in the South of France. A beautiful stone watermill along a vast river, purchased without seeing the inside, in a country whose language she barely spoke. Most people thought she was a bit crazy, including her own mother, and maybe she was, but she has loved every moment she's spent there painting, planting flowers and enjoying wine in the sunshine of France. She now lives in northern Virginia and still owns and rents out the West Mill house. She has never lost her love of wine and water. For the past decade, Kiki has been making homemade wine in her garage with a variety of grapes from the Virginia region.


379 Hinson Ford Rd.
Amissville, Virginia

(540) 445-0024


Barrel aged Cider- The blend comprising this cider was fermented and aged in a combination of neutral French and American oak barrels. A separate fermentation took place in in stainless steel tanks and a portion of this was blended back to increase the apple character.  The lightly carbonated, off-dry Barrel Aged cider has a beautiful apple character on the nose along with a faint hint of oak derived characteristics on the palate.
Chai Cider- Our Chai Spiced cider is flavored using all real spices you can find in your kitchen cabinet. We meticulously formulated our own unique blend of ginger, vanilla beans, green cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and peppercorn until it was just right. The spice blend was then integrated into the base cider to create this interesting take on a spiced cider. We think you’ll love it.
Cherry Ginger Cider- The apple cider was fermented in stainless steel tanks, then blended with a portion of our freshly fermented Cherry Wine that is currently still in tank. Next, we added just enough ginger juice to get the flavor of ginger to come through, but avoid the heat ginger can bring when used in excess. The final product is full of apple and cherry fruitiness with a touch of ginger on the nose and palate. Try it. You’ll be happy you did.

Albemarle Ciderworks and Virginia Vintage Apples- Vintage Virginia Apples was founded in 2000 by the Shelton family. In our orchard, we grow a variety of tree fruits that are becoming increasingly rare. Many of these are older varieties that have fallen into obscurity or just do not fit the needs of today’s commercial marketing and distribution systems. Cast aside in the search for perfectly saleable, shippable and storable fruit are hundreds of heirloom and local varieties, a vibrant universe of texture, flavor and scent. Our most ambitious project is Albemarle CiderWorks, which we opened in July 2009. The Ciderworks is a family-run Cidery and Tasting Room that produces hard cider from heritage varieties of apples that can thrive in Albemarle County, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson experimented with 18 or more varieties of apples at Monticello, only a few miles from our orchard at Rural Ridge. We grow a dozen or so of those heritage cultivars that are still extant as well as other old-fashioned varieties that are blended to create full-bodied ciders to rival those produced in the Colonial era. 


207 East Mellen Street
Hampton, Virginia


820 Sanctuary Trail Dr

Richmond, Virginia


(804) 418-3548


14635 Corkys Farm Lane
Waterford, Virginia

(540) 882-9073

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Original Honey- Fuji, Red Delicious and Ginger Gold Apples, Local Virginia Honey
Mountain Top Hop- Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Ginger Gold Apples, Cascade Hops
Kickin' Cinnamon- Red Delicious Apples, Cinnamon
Smackin’ Orange- Red Delicious Apples, Oranges
Ginger Peach- Red Delicious Apples, Peaches and Ginger
Wild Blackberry Hop- Red Delicious Apples, Blackberries, Cascade Hops


4786 James Monroe Highway
Colonial Beach Virginia

(804) 410-5628


Ladies Man- Bright and fruity, this cider is subtly sweet with a balance of zest.
Perry Pear- Crisp and refreshing this pear cider is dry with bright carbonation that highlights the fresh pear flavors.
Attitude Adjuster- Bright crispness of the apple cider is balanced and dry. The hops bring a little bit of sweetness to compliment the crispness of the cider.

Blue Bee Cider, Virginia’s first and only urban cidery, Blue Bee Cider is located in the heart of downtown Richmond’s Old Manchester district at the fall line of the James River. The name for Blue Bee Cider is derived from a common name for one of Virginia’s native bees, osmia lignaria, or the blue orchard bee. These hardworking bees are solitary and wild, emerging early in the cool spring just in time to pollinate apple blossoms. At Blue Bee Cider, we aim to create balanced ciders true to their Virginia roots from a culinary perspective and true to the fruit from a cidermaking one. Each apple variety ferments differently, creating its own flavors which vary year to year depending on weather conditions. Blue Bee Ciders are never chapitalized (it’s so sunny in the South, who needs to add sugar?) and never watered down. We use raw juice and ferment it straight off the press.

Coyote Hole Ciderworks- Located in the town of Mineral, a town rich in mining history. A Coyote Hole is a small blast hole used in mining operations looking similar to the holes that coyotes use as their dens. Coyote Hole Ciderworks' mission is to make premium, all natural hard cider from 100% Virginia apples sourced from some of the finest orchards in Virginia serving the Lake Anna community and beyond.


Betwixt- Full fresh apple on the palate with a hint of ale on the nose. Somewhere between the familiarity of beer and wine, Old Hill’s Betwixt is loved by all.
Yesteryear- Our traditional cider, made from a blend of Virginia’s finest heirloom apples including Pippin, Winesap, and Stayman. Just shy of dry with a kiss of spicy citrus, this cider is crisp and palate cleansing. Yesteryear offers the opportunity to step back in time and experience a beverage similar to those consumed in early America…
Cidermaker’s Barrel- This reserve cider boasts our most complex flavor profile. Natural yeast fermentation lends layers of flavor including vanilla and fruit sweetness. A tannic, charred-oak finish enhances this traditional Shenandoah Valley Farmhouse style cider.
Heritage-  This more serious, wine-like cider has bright acidity and stone fruit character. Its mid-palate sweetness and creamy finish make it a great partner for fatty meats, mushrooms and wash rind cheeses like Brie or Camembert.
Season's Finish- Our ice-style dessert cider with its deep gold color is round and viscous. Its long, silky, smooth mouth feel has flavors of apple, pineapple, red cherry and toast.

Chateau Morrisette Winery- is one of Southwest Virginia's premier destinations for award-winning wine and fine dining. The winery produces an extensive range of wines, while the restaurant specializes in fresh and delicious regional cuisine. Shop our diverse selection of wines here, while visiting the Tasting Room of our Virginia winery, or perhaps at a retail outlet near you. When you visit us, enjoy the rustic elegance of the Chateau Morrisette Restaurant or take in one of our Black Dog Music Festivals or other special events. Savor the view, ranked among the top restaurant views in America.  Sip some wine by one of our fireplaces, on our restaurant terrace, or in our winery courtyard.  Relax and enjoy. Chateau Morrisette is open year round. Find us along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, Virginia.


Hard Apple Cider 2014- Dry Cider bottled wine-style by Monroe Bay Winery. Light carbonation light green lightly cloudy clear cider.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery and West Creek Cider- Our Mission is to become one of the most respected brewers in the United States through integrity in our ingredients and in our business practices, through respect for brewing heritage, and through the inspired creation of extraordinary beers.

Sly Clyde Ciderworks- has announced that it will open its new craft cider production suite and tasting room in Hampton, Virginia before the end of the year. 

Old Trade Brewery and Cidery-  The  mission of Old Trade Brewery is to revitalize the art and culture of  hand-crafted, seasonal and traditional beers once popular in America and  Europe while also driving innovation in the brewing industry. Old Trade offers a family-friendly environment to relax and mingle with other community members and beer enthusiasts.  Old Trade Farm is excited to announce that in addition to our offering  craft beer, we are now a farm cidery and winery!


Cobbler Mountain Cellars
5909 Long Fall Lane
Delaplane, VA 

(540) 346-2802

Halcyon Days Cider Company- is a hands-on, family owned and operated small farm and cidery. After being carried away from the area by the hustle and bustle of professional life, we’ve returned to our roots and love of farming. We’ve blended our deep respect of traditional methods with newly refined techniques to create our small batch cider production. As our name suggests, our aim is to return to a simpler time infused with calm and happiness. We hope Halcyon Days Cider Company becomes your oasis in a fast-paced world – a place to relax, recharge, and remember the joy of savoring the moment.


6065 Turkey Sag Road
Keswick, Virginia 

(434) 296-0047

Corcoran Vineyards- We have always been a small family run winery and that is still the case today. We are only open to the public on weekends at the farm from 12noon until 5:00pm. We don't have large crowds or have special events, our focus continues to be quality wines and hard cider. Cider is fermented apple juice, just like our apple wine, but with no sugar added. Our cider is carbonated and crisp and refreshing. Just as our wines are made in the vineyard, our cider is truly made in the apple orchard. We choose apples for Tannins, Sugar and Acid, thus combining the best of each variety to create sophisticated flavors that range somewhere between a glass of wine and a cold beer. Something very unique at Corcoran is that Lori Corcoran is always on hand to answer any questions our guests have each weekend. Corcoran was the first Winery/Brewery in the Commonwealth and now with our first offering of Hard Cider, we are excited to be able to carry on the tradition that Thomas Jefferson started back in 1769 when he planted numerous varieties of apples at Monticello. 


2502 N. Frederick Pike
Winchester, Virginia 

(540) 686-7632

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

Crabbottom Pippin- Sparkling gold clear Off Dry cider featuring Dolgo Crabs, Jonagold, Winesap, Pink Lady, and other various locally harvested apples.
Highland Scrumpy- Sparkling gold clear Semi-Dry cider featuring over 20 varieties of locally sourced apples.  This is a blend of ciders using 2 different wine yeasts, but the character of this cider really comes from the wild yeast ferment that one of the blends went through.
Monterey Maple- Sparkling gold clear Semi-Dry cider featuring Mutsu, Winesap and Pink Lady.  This cider is fermented with local Maple Syrup, which tends to balance out the acids slightly.
Church Hill Blush- Sparkling clear rose colored Medium Sweet cider, featuring locally grown heirloom apples and fermented with locally grown raspberries. 
Wassail (only available seasonally)- From Old Norse “ves heil” literally meaning “be you healthy.”  Mulled cider was traditionally drunk as an integral part of wassailing, a medieval English drinking tradition to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year.
Allegheny Gold- Sparkling gold clear Semi-Dry cider featuring locally grown Arkansas Black, Ashmead’s Kernel, Gold Rush, and Jonagold apples.

Hinson Ford Cider & Mead- We are Hinson Ford Cider & Mead—Dave, Dennis and Mary. We have been making great cider and mead for ourselves and for our loved ones since forever. We are cider and mead evangelists, making converts one tasting at a time. We are passionate about what we make, how we make it and what we make it from. Yet there’s more to it than that. We want to build a viable commercial market for unique apple varieties while they’re still around. Likewise, while we maintain our own apiary, we hope to build a vigorous market for local beekeepers to help encourage them to stick with it through fraught times. We all need the honeybees, and we all need the beekeepers that look after them for us. Mead helps monetize the value beekeepers provide on a scale greater than a bear-shaped squeeze bottle can.


Botanical hard Cider- Our Dry Hard Cider with a healthy dose of hibiscus, lemon verbena, and elderflower lend to a beautiful rosé color and a refreshing finish.Brut Hard Cider- Fresh apple flavor, very light bodied and super drinkable.

Old Hill Hard Cider at Showalter's Orchard and Greenhouse-Delicious and natural, familiar and flavorful, the American tradition of hard cider is back in the Shenandoah Valley courtesy of Old Hill Cider, and it’s better than ever. Based in Timberville, Old Hill Cider is the Shenandoah Valley’s first such cidery. Using carefully selected apples of heirloom cider-specific varieties, their artisan hard cider is made from 100% apple juice. The added benefit of hard cider being gluten-free is attracting new fans as well. We are located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Family Owned and Operated, We've been in business for 35 years. Our Orchard is located on approximately 40 acres with breath taking views of the Valley. We grow over 20 varieties of Apples and we process Our Famous Apple Cider on the premises and is available for sale in our Country Market.


Rocky Knoll (Sparkling Dry Cider)- Honey Crisp apple notes with dry and tart balance (apples from Nelson County).


13270 Alanthus Rd.

Brandy Station, Virginia  


(774) 218-8645

Fabbioli Cellars- is a small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery. We focus on growing and making high quality red wines using traditional methods and 21st century knowledge. Through hard work, good decisions and great relationships with customers, family and friends, we have been able to succeed at this dream.

Virginia  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Virginia.


209 Monticello Road
Charlottesville, Virginia

(434) 964-0271


Brehon Blend– oaked and dry
Ciderhouse Blend– dry and crisp
Calville Blanc–

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Virginia.

Lost Boy Cider (a Virginia Ciderworks company)- is the brainchild of founder Tristan Wright. After falling in love with cider while on a trip to Ireland, Tristan wanted to do something simple; create an American-made handcrafted cider here at home. Anyone who knows anything about cider making knows that this is not as easy as it sounds. Fast forward seven years of research and now armed with certificates from Cornell and Oregon State University's Cider Production schools, here we are. With schoolbooks studied, recipes developed, a supportive wife and family, and an unstoppable passion we are beyond excited to bring you the best American made craft cider you have ever tasted. Enjoy!