Washington D.C.  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Washington DC.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Washington DC.


300 Florida Ave. NW
Washington D.C.

(202) 986-3795


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Washington D.C.- formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, "the District", or simply D.C., is the capital of the United States. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River on the country's East Coast. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Congress and the District is therefore not a part of any U.S. state. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal district, which included the pre-existing settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria. Named in honor of George Washington, the City of Washington was founded in 1791 to serve as the new national capital. In 1846, Congress returned the land originally ceded by Virginia; in 1871, it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the District. Washington, D.C., had an estimated population of 658,893 in 2014, the 23rd-most populous city in the United States. While there are not many apple orchards in Washington D.C., there is now the first dedicated cider maker and cider pub. 

ANXO Cider- aims to reinvigorate interest in traditional cider, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s oldest and most historically important products. We will ferment a limited amount of cider on-site in our 660-gallon Barolo wine cask, eventually supplemented at our upcoming production facility on Kennedy St. NW. As part of our mission to explore cider from around the world, ANXO will collaborate with renowned cidermakers from historic cider regions to produce traditional ciders of quality and distinction. ANXO Cider has purchased a 25 hectoliter (660 gallon) Barolo cask, which will sit on the main floor of the bar and restaurant, to ferment most of its juice. They will produce a tart, dry signature cider that will be reminiscent of that from the Basque country. Smaller barrels will ferment juice from single apple varieties and other fruits, and a limited number of blends in 750 mL bottles will be released throughout the year.