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Woodinville Washington

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Neigel Vintners- is a family-owned craft cidery inspired by East Wenatchee’s rich orchard history. On their great-grandfather’s land, co-owning brothers Kevin and Mark Van Reenen have been producing cider for several years having recently taken their passion public. They realized that the native pear varieties on the property provided for a uniquely light and flavorful cider finish. Our cidery can be found at the confluence of two rivers, the rushing Wenatchee and the mighty Columbia in a land enveloped by the foothills and towering peaks of the Cascades. Harnessing the gifts of our local waters has provided this valley with world recognized orchards and vineyards. Underneath sunny skies we take to the slopes, the rivers, the trails, and the loop to ski, kayak, hike, and bike. The Wenatchee twin cities are a small town to some and big city to others. But to all, it is exactly where they want to be. 


Blossom Nector Cider- a sweet cider with natural tree ripened fruit notes, a crisp sparkle and medium body.

Cherry Cider- a well balanced apple cider blended with cherry. Big mouth feel, perfect acid, and long finish.

Apricot Cider- A crisp apple cider infused with the tartness of apricot.

Wild Washington Apple Cider- With pineapple aroma and a pronounced mineral quality that gives the cider a lively mouth feel.

Tieton Blend Cider- A dry crisp cider with perfectly balanced citrus noites, hints of green grape skin, nectarine pith and a lingering pepper quality.

Precipice Perry Cider- perry is a sparkling beverage akin to champagne; dry and brilliant.

Harmony Reserve Cider- Our limited edition reseerve is blended from selected barrels of Yarlington Mill and Gold Russet.

Tieton Wind Cider- This is a blend of slowly fermenting artisanal ciders aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels.  Pours a golden hue with hints of charred oak, vanilla and late harvest apples on the palate.
Tieton Frost Cider- Our autumn harvest blend of Jonagold, Pinova and Winter Banana apples. This pale yellow cider is expressive and floral with a pleasing sweetness.
Yakima Valley Dry-Hopped Cider-  The Yakima Valley is a prominent source of hops worldwide. We have chosen a select blend of these hops to marry with our cider. This blend of hops produces an aroma of fruit-forward nuttyness followed by a citrusy palate.
Tieton Dry- This crisp English style cider begins with a floral and fruity nose.  It has perfectly balanced citrus notes, and then introduces hints of green grape skin and slate with a lingering pepper quality at the finish.

Manchurian Cider- is made from a blend of apples, but features the unique characteristics of the Manchurian Crabapple. This petite yet bold apple imparts flavor and dimension to cider on a scale much larger than its size predicts. 

Pippin Cider- is hand crafted from Newtown Pippin apples, one of the oldest American apple varieties. A favorite of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, the Newtown Pippin apple has an exceptional balance of flavors to make a bright and delicious single varietal hard cider. 

Wild Fermented Cider- began as an experiment that turned out just lovely. Rather than carefully selecting a yeast strain for the fermentation, a wild ferment uses the natural yeasts present on the apples. You never know exactly how it will turn out. This batch worked out quite nicely and we’re excited to share it with you. 

Pear Cider- is made from a blend of very unique seedling pears found on Vashon Island and apples from Washington. Subtle sweetness meets balanced tannins in a sparkling beverage that is perfect for a celebration. We only produced 90 cases of this cider, so get it while it lasts!


Pilot Project, Golden Cider- This is a winemakers take on how to make cider. There for it is balanced a bit more like a wine than your typical cider. The apples used to make the cider are all grown in Washington and are primarily culinary apples. The cider is Golden in color with moderate apple flavor. The acid and sweetness are in balance and present a natural apple flavor with some light tannin, notes of honey, stone fruit and pineapple medium carbonation.

5420 Woodring Canyon Rd. 
Cashmere, Washington 

(509) 670-8029

9514 E Montgomery #25
Spokane Valley, Washington 

(509) 315-9856

Attila Hard Cider- Our first production of Attila "Scourge of God" Hard Apple Cider, which released in October 2013, is already gone! However, we are extremely excited about the release of our second production in early February! I've had many, many people taste Attila and tell me, "This is the BEST hard cider I've ever had." I agree, and I challenge you to find out for yourself! What's the worst that could happen?? Attila may just be the next best thing in your life... 

Wild Apple Hard Cider and BevLink LLC-  Made with 100% USA grown apples, Wild Apple Hard Cider is a refreshing, gluten free alternative.  Lightly sweetened with natural honey, this is a well balanced, crisp and clean cider. 

Slanted Cider- A small production cidery in Dash Point, Washington.

Snowdrift Cider- Our orchard is set against a dramatic backdrop of basalt cliffs in sunny East Wenatchee. We've been growing apples here for over 30 years, and recently we've added several cider varieties to the mix. Varieties such as Dabinett, Foxwhelp, Golden Russet, Brown's, Wickson Crab, and others contribute their unique flavors to our ciders. Like others in this region, we spent a good deal of our time growing apples for eating - apples like Red & Golden Delicious. It was what we knew. But we were overlooking a large portion of the history of our own livelihood. Heirloom apples have long been grown for their virtues as producers of great cider, and it was only in the aftershocks of the prohibition that attention turned so sharply to the horticulture of dessert apples. We have been so blessed to rediscover the incredible characters hiding behind the gnarly skin or tannic bite of some of our apple varieties, and appreciate them both in their value as cider makers and as new culinary experiences.

Alderbrook Resort & Spa- For over 100 years, guests at Alderbrook Resort & Spa have marveled at the playful seals that grace our dock and waters. Scottish folklore calls these aquatic guests ‘Selkies,’ who live in the sea at night and then shed their skins to walk the shore by day. We invite you to drink in the beauty of the Hood Canal with this bottle of oak-aged sparkling cider, made with a select blend of organic Washington apples by our friends at Finnriver. Let’s raise a glass to the Selkies among us! As part of the edible landscape aspect of their culinary program, Executive Chef, Josh Delgado, has partnered with Cider Makers at Finnriver Farm and Cidery to create their first private label batch of hard cider, called Selkie Cider, in honor of the endearing seals that make Hood Canal a special Pacific Northwestern experience.


Selkie Cider- oak-aged sparkling cider, made with a select blend of organic Washington apples.

TooleyBender Cider Company- local, small batch cidery. 

Number 6 Hard Cider- It’s a tunnel in the mountains. But this is no ordinary tunnel. This mile of rail at 7000 Sierra Nevada feet connected east to west like no other. In 1867, Transcontinental Tunnel Number 6 finally broke through solid granite after 2 years of hand picks, dynamite, willpower and a startling disregard for safety. Number Six was the most deadly and ambitious railway tunnel ever built. What used to take 25 days to cross, now could be done in a matter of hours. People, materials, and cider now flowed freely. Number 6 Hard Cider is a tribute to hard fought progress and the connections it creates. Come taste our flagship True Cider and crafted seasonal releases at our rail-side cidery and taproom. 100% Washington apples and a relentless toil for perfect taste is what we’re made of. Raise a cold, crisp pint to progress. Onward! 

19151 144th Avenue NE
Woodinville, Washington

(206) 494-5968

Incline Cider Company- was established by dreamers turned cider adventurers. Founded through a long time passion with the industry and obsession for genuine quality craft cider, Incline was born. Our mission is to produce craft cider of the highest quality and share it with the world. We stay true to "craft". This means no concentrates, and no artificial additives. To put it simply - we let the apples, yeast, and our expertise do the talking. 

Locust Cider- You want real, you want quality. You work hard, like we do, and you don't want to spend your hard earned money on a drink so sour you pucker with rage. You don't drink something just because some dude who can sing drinks it (or is paid to). You want to know what is in your drink. You want a great cider that doesn't cost $10 for a tiny bottle. At least, that's who we are. We work hard to turn Washington apples into flavorful, interesting, but very drinkable cider that preserves and highlights the flavor of the apple. Our ingredients are apple juice and yeast. Period. We also like to experiment, and you will see us try some crazy blends from time to time. But in the end, we focus on making the kind of cider we enjoy, which is smooth, drinkable, refreshing, and real.

Washington  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Washington.

Brownrigg Hard Cider- We are excited to offer ciders based in the American tradition of cider making that embrace the innovative styles and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Proud as we are of the abundance and quality of local ingredients, we exclusively ferment Washington state apple juice and grow many of our flavor additions ourselves. We use a variety of yeasts and ferment our ciders without additional sugar resulting in a refreshing, session-able beverage.



Honey Ginger-


Stumptown Cold Brew-

Roobios Tea-



Mt. Marionberry Cider-
Boulder Berry Cider- Granny's Apple Pie Cider-

Karma Vineyards- is proud to be one of a handful of Methode Champenoise producers in Washington State. With an abundance of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay growing on site, we look forward to many, many more years of sparkling made in the true french tradition. Released every Memorial Day weekend, our vintages usually are available for a very limited time, so don't hesitate to get on our list..and enjoy some bubbly anytime you like!


American Apple- 

Sharp Cherry-

Marion Perry- 

Hard Row To Hoe Vineyards- Awesome, fun and unique wines from Lake Chelan, Washington.  In the marketing area, this is a story that moves from Balsamroot to a lovely lakeside brothel.  I’ll let you listen to the details, which reflect how strategic a local story can be when it comes to naming a winery.  But a good name is nothing without equally good wine, and Hard Row to Hoe has both. I’m beginning to think that Cabernet Franc is the stellar grape of the Lake Chelan area, and the local Braeburn apples make wonderful ice cider, as you'll see when you visit Hard Row to Hoe and taste their Burning Desire Cabernet Franc and Ice Breaker Ice Cider.  Suggestive label names such as Shameless Hussy, Nauti Buoy and Good in Bed make wine drinking fun, but there is a serious side as well to wine making at Hard Row to Hoe.  Judy and Don are committed to expressing the Lake Chelan terroir with their wines, both the north and south shore areas.  Thus they source many of their grapes from their own estate vineyards.  Find out what is unique about the Lake Chelan AVA, the virtues of ice cider as opposed to ice wine, the connection between copper mining and wine, and much more by listening to Judy and Don.

515 Jefferson Street SE
Olympia, Washington

(360) 943-6480


Barnyard Sour Cider- 

Apple A Day Cider-

Ginger Gold Cider- 

Alpenfire Cider is made from locally grown organic apples. We planted our WSDA & Tilth Washington certified organic orchard in 2004 with over 800 trees and 10 varieties of English, French & Early American cider specific apples. These apples have been used for hundreds of years for the unique qualities they bring to cider production. Namely the tannins and bitters not found in dessert style apples. While the juice, much less the fruit, of many of these apples would be hard to enjoy by the glass they become amazing with a little fermentation.


Core Hero Hard Cider-  Apple cinnamon infused
Core Hero Hard Cider- Apple cranberry infused


Chojuro Blend- is lightly effervescent with a floral aroma, exhibits flavors of bright summer fruit and pear, and it has a clean refreshing finish. 
Island Harvest Blend- is sourced from100% Island pears and features our Shinsseiki Asian and perry pears as well as a variety of seedling pears.  This perry captures the taste of a fall orchard with dry, fruit forward pear flavor, pleasant, soft tannins and a long finish. 

Mission St
Wenatchee, Washington

(509) 393-8375 


42-​is Manchester Road's leading cider and our first to bring to market.  This cider is light and refreshing with full apple flavor. The recipe was developed over the last decade reminiscent of a modern, British draft, style cider. 42 tastes great with all types of food and is especially delicious on a warm, summer afternoon. 42 - a smooth, medium sweet, sparkling cider. ​

Tilted Tree Cider Company- is a new cidery located in Tacoma, WA. We produce quality, American style hard ciders from Washington sourced apples. This has been a long project in the making and we couldn't have done it without all who have been involved and have supported our effort. We began this project nearly 2 years ago after a night of good food, good friends, and good home crafted hard cider. The question of, "Why don't you bottle and sell this?" kept arising the deeper we got into the cellar. After much discussion and a bit of planning, my wife and I decided to go for it! 2 years pass and a mountain of paper work accumulated, here we are! We use apples from the Mortimer Farms in Naches, WA. The Mortimer's are 3rd generation farmers in the heart of Washington who have welcomed me into their family. The majority of our cider will be pressed from their apples. 

Nashi Orchards-  Nashi Orchards uses sustainable practices to grow the finest Asian Pears and handcraft perry and cider. Our orchards are located on beautiful Vashon Island, where we are a part of a growing community of committed producers of artisanal foods, wines and spirits. We love to share our passion for making perry and hard cider from our Orchards. Please come to the orchard and winery to see first-hand what makes our fruit and perry so special. We are always happy to provide tours and tastings. You are can also just relax in our gardens with a chilled glass of Perry or Cider.

16163 State Road 536
Mt. Vernon, Washington

(360) 428-6894 


Snow Dance Cider- will help you get your groove on for winter. It has a full apple flavor and lots of body.

10317 SW 156th Street
Vashon Island, Washington

(206) 567-0055 

1 South Arbor Road
Aberdeen, Washington

(360) 648-2224 


Pomeroy’s Hard Cider- is not sweet or carbonated. A very traditional, wine-driven style similar in many ways to an unoaked chardonnay.

Greenwood Cider Company- Seattle Washington small batch ciders. 


Gougér Cellars Winery Hard Cider- a blend of apples and can be purchased on tap only. The slightly off-dry, very apple forward flavor profile is on point to pair with his inspired food menu that draws from his many years of culinary experience.


Courage- Hard Apple Cherry Cider, Like a summer farmer’s market, juicy and smooth 

Mercy- Hard Caramel Apple Cider

164 S. Washington, Suite 300
Spokane, Washington

(509) 321-1893


Blueberry Hard Cider- Our Cider is crafted from Jonathan, Jonagold, Gala, and Manchurian Crab apples handpicked near the Okanogan River on the Maldonado Family Orchard and Big Check Orchard near Loomis.  These apples were naturally fermented with blueberries from Hunter’s Moon Farm creating a delicious libation. Nicely balanced, dry to medium dry cider with a hint of blueberries.
Sour Cherry Perry- As predominant as ciders in England and France, Perry is a fermented libation made from pears. Our Perry is naturally fermented and crafted with locally sourced pears and sour pie cherries. This is a dry Perry with a hint of residual sugars naturally found in pears that the yeast could not ferment.

Schilling Cider- Schilling Cider is a craft cidery based in Seattle, WA. We believe in dangerously drinkable ciders that are full of flavor. In 1881, my great-great-grandfather, August, founded Schilling Spice Company in San Francisco. His goal was to bring pure, natural spices to everyone in the West and one hundred thirty years later Schilling Cider carries on this tradition of premium quality. Today, the majority of American hard cider is produced on the East Coast although many of the apples come from Washington State. Our cider uses only local apples. We bring it to you in this can, instead of a glass bottle, to minimize our impact on the world. Just like August with his spices, I want to bring my West Coast neighbors the very best! I hope you enjoy drinking Schilling Cider. We have made it with passion and love.

28005 NE 172nd Ave.
Battle Ground, WA 98604

(360) 713-2359

Dragon’s Head Cider- we believe in producing high quality hard ciders with a traditional approach, which means you will never find us using apple juice concentrate or adding artificial flavors to our ciders. We keep it simple. Press high quality apples and pears, ferment the juice, put it in a bottle. We make traditional style ciders in small batches on Vashon Island. Named for the dragon who guards the apples of immortality in the Garden of Hesperides, Dragon’s Head Cider is hand crafted with a blend of traditional English and American cider apples.


Premiere Cider-
Wedding Berries- 
Chuckanut Dry Cider- 
Huckleberry Rose-  
Dry Hopped Pear-
Happy Valley- 


Coming Soon!

Manchester Road Cider Company- Our cidery is family owned and operated in the Pacific Northwest.  We live, work and play in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and along the banks of the Columbia River. Our production facility sits in the heart of Washington's apple country with over 170,000 acres of orchards surrounding us. We are able to make our cider locally and with the best apples in the world. What truly makes us unique is the combination of Washington apples and a British cider maker.  With over 30 years of experience enjoying and making cider and growing up where cider originated, our cider maker was inspired by north central Washington apples to create a modern, refreshing cider that is popular today in British pubs.


d’s Wicked Cider Baked Apple-is a premium, artisanal crafted hard apple cider, off-dry with just a hint of spice. Baked Apple hosts the flavors of Red Delicious, Honey Crisp and Granny Smith apples, finishing with a perfect touch of allspice and cinnamon. 
d’s Wicked Cider Green Apple-...and it's sure not to disappoint.  We hand crafted this amazing new varietal by using the freshest of Washington grown Granny Smith apples, all natural ingredients and a lot of hard, wicked work. Green Apple d's Wicked Cider makes you reminisce of the good ol’ days at the county fair trying fresh candy apples.  The aromatics jump out of the glass with fresh Granny Smith apples, caramel and hints of candy apples followed by an off-dry tarty finish that lingers on the palate and exits with a burst of lively acidity and a clean, crisp finish.  These flavors will make you think it’s always summer time and we at d’s Wicked Cider hope you have a wicked good time enjoying our newest creation!

Bushel and Barrel Ciderhouse- Micro Cidery... Macro Cause. There is no greater purpose than to help one another and fellowship together & what better vessel than a finely crafted cider! 

Vashon Winery is a tiny “garagiste” winery producing less than 600 cases of wine annually. Garagiste is a moniker used in Bordeaux, France to describe garage-size wineries who make exceptional wines without owning their own vineyards. Vashon Winery makes a lightly sparkling cider using European based cider apples; bittersweets and bittersharps. These apples are sourced throughout western Washington. The cider is fermented to dryness, then transferred to oak barrels to age one year. The cider is then bottled in special 500 ml bottles. It is lightly sparkling with aromas of baked apple and bread yeast right from the oven. It finishes dry.


Hard Apple Cider- For those that appreciate the bold, crisp flavor of biting into a Washington grown apple, your quest for the perfect apple cider ends with Rambling Route. We grow and press only fresh apples from our family farm and carefully blend under the roof of our own cidery located in the heart of the Yakima Valley. Expect pineapple aromas and mineral qualities on the nose, snappy and racy acid levels on the palate, coupled by a deep full-bodied finish. No additives, no concentrates, or preservatives – ever! 
Hard Pear Cider- Released in April 2016, Rambling Route Pear is the second sku to be added to the Rambling Route Brand. Peeled ripe pears and an endearing floral bouquet, coupled with citrusy acids and a touch of poised sweetness that lends to an impressive purity of true pear flavor. Anticipate mineral components, rich with mouth-filling body, and a refreshing, crisp finish. 


DARK CHERRY- Welcome to flavor town my friend. Step into the ring with a cherry hard cider that drops the press (get it?!) on the apples and makes them ride passenger! This is what cherry cider is supposed to taste like, bold & delicious. Lift your pinky finger cider friends! This one is for you!

CRANBERRY- If apple trees could grow in cranberry bogs, their fruit would taste like this. A tart explosion of real cranberry jumps out but it’s pulled back by the sweet apple and smoothed out at the end so you really just have to drink more…hopefully this isn’t your last bottle!

CARAMEL CINNAMON- Grandma’s apple pie in a glass. Great on its own and amazing over ice cream. This is what apple pie should taste like! This is an all-American classic with real cinnamon and caramel married with Washington apples. You’re welcome America!​ 

HUCKLEBERRY- A true Northwest tradition, every spring locals brave bear- infested woods to harvest wild huckleberries. Our blend of apple and huckleberry cider is both sweet and tart with a unique local flavor. Rest assured, no bears were harmed in the making of this cider!

LEMON BASIL- This cider is the perfect complement to some summer fun, or if you are stuck inside and just want to get that brief glimpse of how much fun the rest of us are having. Real lemon and fresh basil make this a sassy bouquet of awesome to enjoy year- round. ​

GINGER- It’s like drinking hard cider while getting punched in the mouth with fresh ginger. There’s enough citrus to make you take notice but just the right amount of that classic apple flavor to give you the best of both worlds. It’s unique, balanced, and versatile. Plus, it’s really, really delicious. 

CRISP APPLE- An army of apple have made their way to your door, housed in a tough metal can. This cider is crisp and delicious with just enough tart apple flavor to keep you coming back for more. Keep that ice chest stocked with One Tree Hard Cider cans. Your taste buds will thank you. 
PUMPKIN- Fall, the worst season of them all. Warm enough to remind you that there used to be summer but cold enough that you know what’s coming. On the upside, no need to worry about your swimsuit body. Feel free to drink as much pumpkin hard cider by One Tree as you like, responsibly of course.

220 Pocket In
Port Townsend, Washington

(360) 379-8915

Washington, the Evergreen state is home to America's second largest wine industry. More than 600 wineries cultivate a world-class range of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Riesling and many other classic varietals. Washington is a leading lumber producer. Its rugged surface is rich in stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, ponderosa pine, white pine, spruce, larch, and cedar. The state is the biggest producer of apples, hops, pears, red raspberries, spearmint oil, and sweet cherries, and ranks high in the production of apricots, asparagus, dry edible peas, grapes, lentils, peppermint oil, and potatoes. Livestock and livestock products make important contributions to total farm revenue, and the commercial fishing of salmon, halibut, and bottomfish makes a significant contribution to the state's economy. Apples are grown commercially in 32 US states. The 10 top apple-producing states are: Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Idaho. As the top apple grower Washington is also home to 65 outstanding and prolific cider makers and it boasts the oldest operating commercial craft cider maker in the USA, as well as some of the newest.

277 Ward Street
East Wenatchee, Washington

(509) 630-3507

72 North Oberg Rd.
Tonasket, Washington

(509) 339-3081 

2015 Rootwood Cider
Lake Chelan, Washington

45 Wapato Way
Manson, Washington 

1921 Fifth Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801


1681 S. Lakeshore Rd.
Chelan, Washington


62 Barn Swallow Road
Chimacum, Washington

(360) 732-6822

Seattle, Washington


Dry Cider- In the English tradition, we have crafted this dry cider with delicate balance and subtle complexities. A whisper of toffee tiptoes around clear brightness and a light sparkle carries delicate orchard fruit aromatics into the lingering finish.

Semi-dry Cider- We’ve crafted this cider in the New England tradition, with apples of higher acidity and just a touch of molasses and honey (in New England, it used to be common to intensify the alcohol of the ciders by upping the sugar before fermentation by adding molasses, honey, maple syrup, etc.). Vibrant lime-honey brightness holds counterpoint to darker flavors of caramel and toasted marshmallow, and maturation on oak imparts smooth balance and subtle vanilla quality.  

Orchard Select- This semi-dry cider is distinctly bright, rich and full of body. Bright summer fruit flavors shine through a honey smoothness and finish with delicate floral aromatics. 
Cliffbreaks Blend- Our most popular cider, this is a rich deep golden color with full body. A light sparkle carries classic English cider and bittersweet apple aromas, followed by flavors of melons and dried fruit. Complex tannins and mouth-watering acidity are balanced with just enough sweetness.
Perry, Méthode Champenoise-  Our first-ever perry release, this luscious perry is crafted from true old-world perry pear varieties grown in central Washington. The experience is rich, full-bodied and juicy with ripe pear flavors, honey smoothness balanced with crisp astringency and a touch of appealing subtle woody tones from the pear tannins. Each bottle has been through secondary in-bottle fermentation and riddled, disgorged and corked by hand in an intensive labor of love.
Cider Maker's Reserve,  Méthode Champenoise-   Taking the best of the best of our ciders, Cidermaker's Reserve is a celebration of all the rich complexity cider apples have to offer. After a year of maturation, this cider then begins the full Méthode Champenoise process of in-bottle fermentation, which develops further layers of nuance. The labor of love pays off; its months of conditioning, riddling, and finishing yield a dry cider with continuously unfolding layers of spicy bittersweet apple character, citrusy brightness, and subtleties of toffee, aromatic wood and earth.
Winter Red- This limited cider is a rare treat! We have been fortunate to get to work with some apple varieties only a couple generations removed from their native ancestors in the hills of Kazakhstan. Their brilliant red flesh yields a crimson red cider with bright acidity, packed with flavors of cranberries, watermelon, rhubarb & strawberries, finishing with soft toffee tones. 

Seattle Cider Co.-  is Seattle’s first cidery since Prohibition, bringing true craft cider back to Seattle and across the country. Bridging the gap between wine and beer with flavorful, small-batch cider, Seattle Cider’s initial offerings – Dry and Semi-Sweet – break the mold of overly sweet cider, bringing the natural flavors of Washington apples to the forefront. Naturally gluten free and made from a custom blend of fresh pressed, locally grown Washington apples, Seattle Cider’s products are handcrafted with real ingredients, successfully distinguishing themselves from the mass market cider found in stores today.

Westcott Bay Cider located on the Northwest side of Westcott bay, is one of several old orchards in the area which date back to the 1870's when San Juan Island was a major fruit producing area for the Puget Sound region. Unique among small Washington wineries, Westcott Bay Orchards produces and bottles crisp, refreshing ciders with a complexity and finish provided by using traditional cider apples grown in our San Juan Island orchard. These are vintage apples with wonderful names like Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Sweet Coppin. Cider making is a blender's art using different apples from the orchard to blend for spiciness and astringency. Westcott Bay ciders are made with 100% fresh pressed apple juice which runs brown with tannin and clears to a brilliant amber-gold as the juice gently ferments and mellows.

619 West J Street
Yakima, Washington

(509) 571-1430 

9807 E Day Rd
Mead, Washington

(509) 238-4709 


Orondo Hard Cider, Extra Dry-  If you are familiar with and enjoy European Ciders, you will probably want to stick with the dry or extra dry.

Orondo Hard Cider, Dry-        

Orondo Hard Cider, Sweet- If you want a sweeter experience with more aromatics of apple you will most likely enjoy the sweet more.


Spire Mountain Apple Cider- From the natural sweetness of famed Washington apples comes this delightful hard cider. Pleasant, light and with a snap of champagne effervescence, each glass is like a bite of crisp liquid apple. Perfectly balanced with just the right tartness, this is one of life’s natural pleasures.

Spire Mountain Pear Cider- Festive and light, Spire Mountain Pear Cider is alive with delicate flavor. A blend of Bartlett, Bosc and Anjou pears gives this hard cider a gentle zest. Complemented by a soft sprightly sparkle, the scent of sunny orchard beckons from every glass.Spire Mountain Dark and Dry Apple Cider-Savor this refreshing glass of complexity. Dark & Dry's assertive tartness is pleasingly balanced by a hint of molasses and brown sugar. More rounded and intricate than its sister ciders, this potion will appeal to beer aficionados, wine devotees, and cider enthusiasts alike.

Ole Swede Cider- is a Pacific Northwest craft cidery located in North Central Washington. Our libations start with locally sourced fruit that's hand pressed in small batches and naturally fermented on our family homestead. Our ciders are hand crafted from farm to bottle. Our family farm was homesteaded in 1899 as new territories were opened in the west, near Havillah, Washington. Ole Swede is born from our roots in North Central Washington's Okanogan Highlands, a place of natural beauty perched above a valley known around the world for apple production. We moved back to the family homestead in 2014 and began to take our cider into the world in 2015.

17806 SE 1st St
Vancouver, Washington

(360) 772-5141

2350 Eaglemount Road
Port Townsend, Washington

(360) 732-4084

Auburn, Washington

(253) 655-7678

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Washington.

Pomeroy Cellars Winery and Tasting Room- is located at the Pomeroy Farm in Yacolt, Washington. Nestled in the beautiful Lucia Valley just 50 minutes north of Portland, Oregon you will find yourself surrounded by picturesque views of beautiful countryside including the historic property of the Pomeroy Farm. We produce a wide selection of grape wines ranging from Big Reds such as our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to the sweeter whites of our Riesling all made from grapes grown in the state of Washington. We have also produced Hard Apple Cider and are working on some non-traditional wines made from various fruit grown right here on the Pomeroy Farm, including Rhubarb and Blackberry.


Ice Breaker- Break the ice with this small-batch ice cider! Made from local Lake Chelan braeburn apples.

Ice cider is a unique dessert wine made from cryo-extraction techniques similar to ice wine. It is intensely

rich in natural apple flavor, high viscosity, smooth texture, clean acidity, balanced structure and long finish.

The braeburn apples supply acidity and natural tannins for structure. 

The Other Cider of the Lake-

18201 107 Ave SW 
Vashon Island, Washington


Lot 17- 

Harvest 100- 

Gougér Cellars Winery- earlier home of the Ridgefield Fire House, is located in an ideal and harmonious plot of land next to an Alpaca ranch. While located within minutes of the I-5 highway, it is still secluded enough to offer an immediate sense of homeyness and tranquillity the minute you set foot on the property. When the weather is good, friends can sit together up on the roof which doubles as a patio with a great view, or inside, during inclement weather. If you happen to be there either on Wednesday or Friday nights, you’ll also be treated to some live music from local musicians.


Elemental Carbon - traditional dry  
Elemental Helium - pear 
Elemental Oxygen - pomegranate 
Elemental Nitrogen - acai 
Elemental Hydrogen - grapefruit 
Elemental CO - dry cherry

18658 142nd Avenue NE
Woodinville, Washington

(206) 985-2816

26506 NE 10th Ave
Ridgefield, Washington

(360) 909-4707


Artisan Sparkling- Crafted using the traditional, labor-intensive méthode champenoise, this bright, naturally carbonated champagne-style cider offers an effervescent apple bouquet, tart elements of the orchard, and a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy the golden clarity and enduring bubbles.

Farmstead Sparkling- We craft this sparkling cider in the méthode ancestrale for an earthy, dry cider that appeals to those with an interest in more traditional cider. Balanced with rustic complexity that emerges from bitter heirloom cider apples, our Farmstead Sparkling Cider offers a vital taste of ancient tradition.

Fire Barrel Cider-  Finnriver is honored to present master cidermaker Drew Zimemrman's award-winning Fire Barrel cider.  Pressed from traditional bittersweet apples and aged in fire charred Kentucky bourbon barrels, this full-flavored cider offers a hint of whiskey, oak aroma, notes of caramel and vanilla, a lingering soft tannin finish.

Perry- Our idea to make perry began when a friend arrived with crates of gnarled pears gleaned from an old orchard on Marrowstone Island. Appreciating both the mystique of wild varieties and the virtues of dessert pears, we craft our perry using methods adapted from old world sparkling wine traditions.
Dry Hopped Cider- Bright cider, made with heirloom and organic dessert apples, blended with the bold citrus tang of organic Cascade hops. Some say it's like sipping a meadow; some say it's like chewing on grass. A hopped adventure.

Sparkling Black Currant Cider- A light, lovely cider, with a purple blush, that blends heirloom and organic dessert apples with the tart mysteries of organic black currant.

Sparkling Pear Cider- Enjoy the brightness of this cider, made from heirloom and organic dessert apples, blended with the elegant sweetness and subtle delights of organic pear.

Habanero Cider- was inspired by the quest for something strange and a hankering for heat during the Strange Brew Fest that happened last winter in Port Townsend.  Cidermaker Chris Weir, a man who likes his spice, surprised us one day by soaking chili peppers in cider and making it taste delicious!

Finnriver Forest Ginger Cider- our Fall seasonal blend, tastes like a walk though the orchard and in the woods.  A crisp cider with a bright apple core, earthy resinous notes and the warmth of crushed ginger for a hint of heat.  Made from a base of organic Washington and heirloom apples with fir tips harvested from the forest at Finnriver and organic ginger. 

Forest Ginger Cider- our Fall seasonal blend, tastes like a walk though the orchard and in the woods.  A crisp cider with a bright apple core, earthy resinous notes and the warmth of crushed ginger for a hint of heat.  Made from a base of organic Washington and heirloom apples with fir tips harvested from the forest at Finnriver and organic ginger. 

Finnriver's seasonal Cranberry Rosehip cider blends a lively fermented apple base with tart, transitional organic cranberries and wildcrafted rosehips from the Olympic Peninsula.  

Black Currant Lavender Cider- celebrates the botanical bounty and beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.  A special summer release, this refreshing purple-hued sparkling cider features the organic Washington apple fermented and blended with the sweet and tart delights of black currant.  Add to that the delicate floral notes of organic Sequim lavender, sourced from Purple Haze farm, and you have a delicious taste of the summer season.

Solstice Saffron- 

Apple Abbey Cider-

Appleblueberry- is handcrafted with a base of crisp, effervescent cider blended with the subtle sweetness of organic blueberries. Featuring a delicate fusion of flavors and a purple blush, this delightfully effervescent wine brings forth the liveliness of the apple orchard tempered by the blue essence of the berries. 

130 NW Beaver Ridge Ln
Poulsbo, Washington

(360) 621-9004 


Rusty Hop Hard Apple Cider- 
Tin Roof Cider-
Orange Spiced Cider-
Pear Cider-


“Scourage of God”- Attlia’s flagship lightly carbonated, slightly tart, perfectly blended with a clean, crisp finish. 

“Rapture”- our second cider of the conquest is a Granny Smith based cider and gently infused with Concord grapes from the Yakima Valley, resulting in an ultra-refreshing gently sweet cider like no other you have ever experienced.

11400 SE 8th Street Suite #300 
Bellevue, Washington

(425) 456-3538


Traditional Very Dry is a "bone dry" cider, crisp, with a bit of effervescence, it is an excellent addition to any meal where a dry white wine would be served.

Traditional Dry is a dry, crisp, full-bodied bittersweet cider with hint of sweetness and light effervescence, complements any meal, as well as a social drink to enjoy with friends and appetizers.

Traditional Medium Sweet is a full-bodied cider, a bit sweet with light effervescence, Enjoy as a social drink to with friends, serve with fruit and cheese.

762 Winesap Ave
Manson, Washington

(509) 670-2354 


Hard Apple-Hopped-Raspberry Cider-

Phillippi Ciderhouse and Distillery- At Phillippi Fruit, we craft spirits and cider from the world famous tree fruits that surround us in Wenatchee, Washington.  With six generations of fruit growing experience to our name, starting a ciderhouse and distillery was a natural extension for us as well as a way to express ourselves, share our heritage, and showcase one of the world's premier growing regions.  Find the perfect place, surround yourself with people you love, have fun, and great things will happen. We're working hard to bring you the finest spirits and ciders, with the highest quality fruit we can find, all while having fun along the way. 

Honey Moon Mead and Cider- At Honey Moon, we’re committed to creating a unique line of libations that showcase our Northwest harvest and heritage. Our meads are made from locally produced blackberry and fireweed honey; our wines feature Yakima Valley grapes; our cider and melomels are blended from apples and berries grown right here in Whatcom County. All our products are carefully hand-crafted in small batches at our facility — located in a refurbished glass warehouse in the heart of downtown Bellingham’s vibrant market district.

Rambling Route- The apple’s journey to America was parallel to man’s. The boat landed and the exploration began: in this vast new land the choices for thriving were endless. Some were happy to live on the coast where they landed, spreading out and staying diverse. Others were content to live amongst a few or be a solo tree in a town square. A few made it halfway across the land and settled in. The fearless joined the westward migration on horses and wagons, traveling thousands of miles looking for the perfect dirt, long sunny days and ample water. When it reached the land that would be called Washington, the apple knew. It was home at the end of a Rambling Route. Rambling Route is part of the Tieton Cider Works family of hard apple cider products. 


Schilling Hopped Original-  a blend of 100% Washington apples fermented with a unique yeast under very specific conditions with a light dry hopping of NW whole leaf hops, this cider is dangerously drinkable, complex, yet smooth.

Ginger-  fermented with fresh California ginger this cider has quite a bite but a smooth finish.

Chai Cider- this one of a kind cider is conditioned on a chai herb blend which yields a complex aroma and flavor where the drinking can always find a new and exciting taste. 

American Oak Aged Cider- fermented and finished on 100% NW oak this cider has a scotch taste complemented by a very smooth and lingering finish. 

Schilling Spiced Cider- Our “taste of the holidays”, warming notes of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cardamom.


Old Fangled- is a dry crisp cider with clean citrus flavors ranging from juicy navel orange to clementine and meyer lemon. Ample amounts of heirloom apple acidity are balanced with a touch of sweetness and a bit of champagne-like tannic character finishing with a hint of black pepper spice.
South Sounder- is a native to South Puget Sound as it gets. This unique cider experiment is made from 100% locally sourced apples from our friends and farms in and around Olympia and the South Sound. 

Northland Traditional Blend- is traditional as it gets. European cider apple varieties blended at the press, fermented through the winter, racked, blended again and matured into early Summer. Lightly back-sweetened for balance and bring out fruitiness.  

Gravenstein Single Varietal- is a brilliantly clear pale straw, the aroma is a straight forward very clean citrus. The flavors we are getting are also clean, crisp, and very dry with notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, under-ripe satsuma oranges, and sharp green apple. There are some similarities to the Old Fangled Blend as "the Grav" contributed heavily to it, however it is different and  we've bottled a good deal drier too. 

Red Cap NW Style Session Cider- A young unapologetically unfiltered yet balanced session cider. A light, crisp, refreshing everyday drinking cider. Expertly blended with genuine Washington grown heirloom and cider variety apples. French oak aged. 

Our Summer Switchel Cider- is made with a cider base fermented from 100% Gravenstein Apples. Akin to a cider shrub it is full flavored, crisp and refreshing, and sweet, sour, and a little spicy all at once, and finishes clean. Best of all at only 4.6% abv you can drink enough Switchel to cool down beat the Summer heat. If you like Cider, Sour Beer, Radlers, Shrub or Shandys you are sure to enjoy our Summer Switchel Cider. 

3519 State Route 150
Chelan, Washington 

(509) 687-9463

 31101 NE Railroad Ave
Yacolt, Washington

(360) 686-4070

Core Hero Hard Cider- Begins with Hand-Picked Apples. Handcrafted ciders stand out from the rest. Taste the difference that can only come from Washington state apples picked and pressed by hand in small batches. Trust your tongue to distinguish the natural qualities. Core Hero ciders do not contain concentrated juice, added water, imported juice, glucose syrup, artificial colors or preservatives.

601 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, Washington

(360) 393-9716 

by appointment


Steelhead Dry-  

Furious George Ginger!-


Eagle Screeching Scrumpy Hard Cider- This cider is a bow to our British cousins - a bit of British bitterness enhanced with a Pacific Northwest flare. Wonderful for cider connoisseurs. Eagle Screeching Scrumpy is a mix of Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Granny Smith and MacIntosh applies blended into an American style scrumpy or farmhouse cider. This still cider has a nice blend of acid whetted by a slight hint of apple-ly goodness.

Pinnacle Goat Hard Cider-   Much like chardonnay, Pinnacle Goat is a fine accompaniment to any meal. This brilliant, slightly dry cider is predominately made from Macintosh and Smoothy apples grown here in our Methow Valley orchard. It is a strikingly beautiful amber color and is our dream cider - still, flavorful, and so, so drinkable.

Howling Wolf Hard Cider- A fun and "dangerously drinkable" cider that is guaranteed to surprise and delight the palate. It is pleasantly carbonated, a great cider for the beer or Champagne drinker. Howling Wolf is a combination of English, French, and North American cider apples and is a happy marriage between apples and bubbles!

Honey Bear Hard Cider- A tribute to the raiders that eat the apples out of the orchard, redone for us humans. Honey Bear is sparkly and sweet and a wonderful complement to summer. Goes great with a light summer meal or is refreshing all on its own.


American Hard Cider- 
 L&L Dueling Cherry Hard Cider-

At Finnriver we gather and ferment the flavors of the land to offer you hand-crafted sparkling hard ciders and spirited fruit wines. We are inspired by the allure of the fruit, the ancient history of the craft of fermentation and the lively traditions we now seek to revive. Our Certified Organic family farm and Cidery is located alongside a restored salmon stream on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The process of creating our products begins in the spring blossoms of organic fields and orchards. Bees work their magic, fruit ripens in the sun and come autumn, when the rain-washed air of the mountains turns crisp, we gather our families and farm crew to harvest and press the fruit. We then ferment it slowly through the chill of winter months and use traditional methods to refine and bottle our select batches.


THE RIDGE- is Grizzly’s flagship. Crafted with a special blend of Northwest apples and dry fermented to perfection, The Ridge is rewardlingly tasty. Simple and refreshing, The Ridge is a cider standard for any occasion.

INDIGENOUS- began as a small batch cider using apples from a family farm in the Yakima Valley. Savored by Grizzly fans, it quickly secured a place in the Founder’s Series. With unmistakable hints of ginger fused with the tartness of farm-pressed Goldens, Indigenous compelents smoky barbacue or spicy Asian cuisine…or all by itself!

WOODLANDER- is a wit-style cider brewed with strong fresh fruit characteristics and hearty aromas. Drawing from a blend of bitter and sweet orange peel, and coriander, Woodlander exists in a category of its own. If you think you’ve experienced cider, think again!  

THE BRUIN- is bold. Earthy Willamette Hops pair seamlessly with the robust flavors of molasses, creating a fussion and aroma unique to American cider. Dry-hopped for maximum bite, this dark and dry cider has much in common with it’s hopped cousin; it’s no wonder people call it “the beer drinker’s cider.”

Make sure DEN DWELLER finds its way into your celler in the winter months. rewed with an English Ale yeast and a balanced blend of winter spices, the Den Dweller promises to keep you toasy no matter what the temp.

HOPCLAW- If it’s hopped cider you’re after, look no further than HOPCLAW. With its liberal blend of Cascade, Chinook and Centennial Hops, this dry-hopped trifecta exudes an aroma and taste like no other. Superbly balanced, HopClaw’s citrus and floral aromas hit your nose as soon as you crack open the bottle. Beer lovers are sure to approve!

25407 Wax Orchard Road SW
Vashon, Washington

(206) 463-0358

English Estate Winery- Our wines are handcrafted from vines we tend year round. On occasion, we blend with other wines produced in Washington state to round out flavors and create something really unique. We are located at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge in Western Washington State.  As a result, we have many of the same characteristics of the Willamette Valley region in Oregon.  As such, our primary focus for a long time has been estate-grown Pinot Noir, of which we have about 3 acres.  We also grow perhaps Western Washington’s only Cabernet Sauvignon (only a quarter acre, but what a quarter acre!) We’ve always had a test vineyard with several varieties of white wines that have traditionally blended together for a white table wine.  

The name Twilight Cider Works was inspired by my family's love of farming and maintaining orchards on Green Bluff, Washington. As young adults, my wife and I often found ourselves fleeing from our day jobs in the city to help our parents farm the orchards in the evenings and on weekends. Too often, the failing light between day and night was where our time was spent among the trees. Soon after, we decided to share with others the fruits of our labor, and Twilight Cider Works was born. We blend our ciders from apples grown on our orchard and harvested from around the state of Washington. Twilight Cider is crafted from tree ripened apples which are then fermented all winter, and bottled in the spring. The result is a GLUTEN FREE artisan hard cider - a crisp alcoholic refreshment which can be enjoyed alone, or accompany any meal.

Tulip Valley Vineyard and Orchard- this winery’s restored 1920s barn alone is worth the visit, but when crisp hard cider is thrown into the bargain, your day just got better. Lots better. Drew Zimmerman is the force behind these award-winning apple and pear cider wines. If you are lucky enough to visit the winery when Drew is there, you are in for an eloquent spiel about the noble apple and how its sugary liquid converts into hard cider. Inhabitants of the Normandy region of France (famous for its hard cider brandy called Calvados) and the Welsh countryside already know about the virtues of cider wine. Any Skagit Valley apple grower will tell you that Jonagold apples have the most intense apple flavor. Of all the varieties grown in Washington State, it ranks near the top in acid and sugar content. Local farmers will also tell you that the marine influence of Northern Puget Sound and the rich soils of the Skagit Valley create ideal conditions for growing Jonagolds—arguably the finest on the planet.  

7101 E State Highway 106
Union, Washington

(360) 898-2200 

Grizzly Ciderworks- The Grizzly collection of craft ciders provides unique flavors to please any pallet or pairing. With apples sourced from around Washington and Oregon, blended and brewed with complimentary Northwest fruits, hops and spices, Grizzly ciders will bring new meaning to “dry cider” in the minds of cider drinkers. They’re also designed to foster a new appreciation and “approachable” appeal from the perspective of beer lovers. Now available on draft and in bottles throughout Washington, Grizzly aims to introduce consumers to new styles of beverage while helping grow the the cider industry in the Northwest.

D's Wicked Cider-  We started brewing cider because we love wicked good cider.  Using the very best apples from only Washington State, we let the unique character of each apple variety guide our crafting, resulting in our sinfully delicious varietals.  d’s ciders are crisp with the freshness of just picked apples, not too sweet, not too tart, just playful layers of flavor that are just plain wicked good. D’s  ciders are naturally gluten free, rough filtered to maintain the richest apple flavor, contain no colorants, and use natural ingredients. Try the wicked great flavors that inspired us to begin brewing in the first deserve it! 

18102 N. Day Mt. Spokane Road
Mead, Washington 

(509) 570-8748

20902 NE Lucia Falls Rd
Yacolt, Washington

(360) 686-3785


English Style Cider- Classic cider varietals from the mother country – including Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Ashton Bitter – come together for this dry, English-style cider. Complex, layered aromas, with a hint of bittersweet apple flavor. (GLINTCAP 2014 Gold Medal Winner)

New World Craft Cider- A modern take on colonial-era ciders, New World combines Palouse-grown McIntosh, Cortland, Empire and Liberty apples with tiny, flavor-rich Manchurian crabapples. This off-dry cider features soft aromatics, wine-like tannic structure and vanilla overtones. (PNWCA 2014 Bronze Medal Winner)
Turncoat Dry-Hopped Cider- A Northwest take on cider tradition, Turncoat combines classic American apples - including McIntosh, Cortland and Empire varietals - with rare, UK Bramling Cross hops. The result is one of our most approachable, delicious ciders ever, with citrus aromas leading tangerine and huckleberry flavors. (GLINTCAP 2015 Silver Medal Winner)
Stonewall Dry Fly Barrel-Aged Cider-Named for General “Stonewall” Jackson – who reportedly enjoyed blending cider and whiskey – ‘Stonewall’ is our English blend aged in Dry Fly™ whiskey barrels. This oaky, dry cider serves up scents and flavors reminiscent of vanilla, ripe apple and coconut. (GLINTCAP 2015 Gold Medal & "Best In Class" Winner) 

Jonathan SV- The first in Liberty’s seasonal Heirloom Series, this light and refreshing cider relies exclusively on Jonathan apples to deliver fresh apple aromatics and characteristic citrus-like overtones. (GLINTCAP 2014 Bronze Medal Winner) 

McIntosh SV- McIntosh flavor and versitility has been prized by Americans for over 200 years. This cider showcases classic Mac qualities, including aromatics and flavors reminiscent of…well, fresh apples and wine. Made exclusively from Macs grown and hand-picked at Bishop’s Orchard in Garfield WA. (GLINTCAP 2015 Silver Medal Winner) 

Kingston Black SV Cider- Considered the best apple for single-varietal cidermaking, this run of KB came from our friends at Steury Orchards in Potlatch, ID - and were sweet enough to kick the ABV scale nearly off the charts. Wild-fermented, bottled still, and simply wonderful. All hail the King! (GLINTCAP 2015 Silver Medal Winner) 

Manchurian Crabapple SV Cider- Tiny Manchurian crabapples deliver intense black cherry and vanilla flavors in this port-style cider. Pair with cheesecake or other creamy dessert for an OMG moment. (GLINTCAP 2015 Silver Medal Winner)

4700 Ohio Ave S,
Seattle, Washington

(206) 762-0490


Candy Apple- 

Caramel Apple-  

Honey Apple- 

Eaglemount Wine and Cider- We started our winery in 2006 here on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington State. We offer fine wines and hard ciders. We started making wine and then hard cider from the wonderful heirloom apples from our homestead orchard. We own one of the original homesteads in the area. The original homestead orchard is still producing a wide variety apples including gravenstein, winter banana, jonathan, Roxbury russet and more. We also have a cider orchard with French and English varieties of cider apples.

20 Howser Road 
Chelan, Washington 

(425) 466-2788 


Ciderhead- Featuring a special blend of apples from our friends at BelleWood Acres, our signature draft cider is made from fresh, whole juice with no sugar added.  Off-dry and light bodied with delicate apple aromas, it’s always refreshing.


Heisen House Hard Core- is a slightly effervescent, dry English style cider made from a blend of over 10 apple varieties including some from her 100 year-old on-site heirloom orchard.
Heisen House Spiced Cider- The spiced cider is ideal for the Christmas season; off-dry and infused with a blend of cinnamon, cardamon, clove and other spices.

One Tree Hard Cider-  Founded in 2014, One Tree Hard Cider has quickly become a well-known, and highly sought after cider in the Pacific Northwest. We believe in bold, flavor-forward profiles using fruit sourced in our home state of Washington. We are naturally gluten-free, and use only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Customers love our bold flavor profiles, with ciders such as lemon basil and caramel cinnamon leading the pack.

Whitewood Cider Co- is the South Puget Sound's first craft cidery. Officially we are a nano cider and can be hard to locate. Fear not as you'll be able to find us at the finest bottles shops as well pubs and and restaurants that are the most dedicated to locally made craft cider. Too often the word traditional is haphazardly thrown around when it comes to making cider. At Whitewood Cider Company we make hard cider seasonally, as traditional as it gets, just as cider has always been made. We pick and press apples in the Autumn as they are ripe and properly sweated out to produce the thickest richest juices possible. Our ciders ferment slow all throughout the Winter at the cold ambient temperatures of South Puget Sound. We rack and blend our ciders in the late Winter and early Spring. Curing the late Spring after the ciders have had ample time torest and mature, we rack our cider once more and begin bottling and kegging. When it comes to apple selection and cidermaking we have a "no compromise" approach. We believe cidermaking is an art and that the best fruit and the best practices yield the best cider possible.

Westport Winery- is open daily for tasting 32 award-winning wines and two hard ciders. The winery's restaurant and bakery is open for lunch daily from 11-4 with dinner service Friday and Saturday from 4-8. Plan time to peruse the gift shop, discover over ten acres of display gardens, select plants from the nursery or plan your wedding in this incredible destination resort.

12 Anderson Lane
Westcott Bay, Washington

(360) 378-3880

Walter’s Fruit Ranch- The crack of the apple. The drip of the peach. The waft of fresh fruit from as far as the eyes can see. A day at Walters’ Fruit Ranch is truly an assault on the senses that can’t fully be described without a visit to the rolling foothills of Eastern Washington. Walters’ Fruit Ranch is the place to experience all that this region has to offer. Spend some time here and you’ll see why. Whether you prefer to nibble, sip or slurp, you can do it all with the freshest fruit imaginable. Join the Farmer aboard the “Fruit Loop Express” for a ride the whole family will enjoy. Take in the sights and smells while getting a guided a history of the ranch. From there spend your time picking your choice of fruit from any branch reachable, or simply sit back with some of our delicious hot cider and enjoy the views of Mount Spokane. 

Orondo Cider Works- We use clear water, sunshine and the best varieties to produce fruit packed with flavor. Then we press and blend it to bring out the magic of the apple. Whether you are new to cider or an old hand, join us for a taste to remember. Orondo Cider Works Hard Cider has a new look!   And a distributor, so you can buy it more places.  Be sure to ask for it in your favorite restaurant or local store.


Homestead Dry Hard Cider- Made with heirloom variety apples from our 1883 homestead orchard, this dry cider is light and crisp.  Heirloom varieties used include Gravenstein, white pippin, Stayman's Winesap, Tolman Sweet, and many more.  Added structure comes from cider apples from our English and French cider orchard.

Homestead Semisweet Cider- Homestead Semisweet cider is made from heirloom variety apples from our homestead orchard and other old orchards on the Olympic Peninsula.  This cider is crisp, clean, with a touch of sweetness and apple goodness. Cyser is a traditional mead style beverage.  We craft our cider with organic heirloom variety apples and local untreated honey from Sailing S Orchard in Sequim.  

Boot Brawl- Seven different hop varieties add layers of tropical fruit, grapefuit, and citrus flavors to this semisweet hard cider.

Eaglemount Ginger Cider- is the original ginger cider. An inspiration by the Eaglemount winemaker to pair the flavors of ginger and hard cider, we made our first Ginger Cider in 2006. It has been a consistent favorite with our customers.  We ferment organic heirloom variety apple and certified organic fresh ginger root to get a spicy, semisweet hard cider.  

Quince Cider- A one of a kind cider made with Certified Organic Quince and heirloom variety apples.  This unique complex cider has notes of pineapple, grapefruit, honey, and more.   The Quince were grown in Washington's San Juan Islands. 

Rhubarb Cider-  A semi-sweet cider crafted from heirloom apple varieties and rhubarb grown here on our farm and other local farms.  Wildly popular in our tasting room for its refreshing rhubarb twang and just the right sweetness.  
Eaglemount Cyser- is a semisweet slightly sparkling cider with a kiss of honey.  It is a favorite for toasts at weddings and other celebrations, with light meals, appetizers. and salads, or by itself.

Apple Mead-  A delicious honey sweet mead crafted from local apple blossom honey and heirloom apples grown on the Olympic Peninsula.

Six Knot Cider- Our farm and cidery rests between Mount McClure and the banks of the Methow River near Twisp, Washington. We only press certified organic Washington apples, selected from our trees and other local orchards. To retain the natural flavors of the fruit, we do not filter our cider. Most of what we do is traditional cider making, but some of our methods are unique... Sixknot is the result.


New Traditions is an off dry blend of five types of apples with a well balanced flavor profile, and offers a notable fruit and apples bouquet. 

Inland Empire reflects one of the best apples grown in Eastern Washington, the Empire apple. This off-dry variety, perfectly balanced, includes a sharp finish. 

First Harvest is a single variety cider with a light cherry flavor. Harvested from a cherry tree over 100 years old and then mixed with pie cherries to ferment and blend, this cider stands out as an enjoyable refreshing drink for any occasion. 

Winesap- This unique single variety cider is reminiscent of a spiced baked apple and all the flavors of a Northwest autumn. This bold cider is perfect for cocktail hour with appetizers. 
Traditions- Our most recent addition to the Twilight family is a full bodied semi-dry cider which is reminiscent of a well balanced traditional cider made from apples similarly found in Europe. 
Seasonal- Seasonal peach, also know as "Summer in a Bottle". This cider is light and refreshing, nectar of the season. Seasonal Berry, a scrumptious blend of huckleberries and blueberries makes for a refreshing slightly sweeter style cider. Ask us about future seasonal ciders! (Sold out last season). 

Heisen House Vineyards- our goal is to make handcrafted wines and hard ciders of the highest quality. Exceptional fruit, limited production, and attention to every detail from crush to bottling produce outstanding wines you’ll find nowhere else on earth. Heisen House Vineyards is located on a State and National Historic site. The five acre site, formerly a pioneer homestead, features a turn of the century Victorian farmhouse and barn surrounded by, gardens, vineyard, and expansive rural views. We do weddings and events large and small, as well. Come visit the little winery that's a big dream come true! 

300 Ivan Morse Rd
Manson, Washington

(509) 687-3000

Manzanita Rd NE 
Bainbridge Island, Washington 


Yellow Stone Cider- 


Watermelon Cucumber Cider- Good watermelon flavor with a hint of cucumbers
Sour Peach Cider- Nice peach aroma and flavor, followed by a sour kick!
Berry Dangerous Cider-
Tart Cherry Cider-

Sinclair Orchards
POB 906
Twisp, Washington

(206) 979-0236

Liberty Ciderworks- makes English and American-style ciders that showcase true cider apples. Just as great wine requires wine grapes, Liberty ciders begin with rare, cider-specific apples that provide exceptional flavor complexity, body and aroma. Located in the largest apple-growing region on the planet, Liberty Ciderworks is all about the apple, showcasing the diversity and wonders of locally grown fruit. From well known apples like McIntosh and Jonathan to rare, cider-specific fruit like Kingston Black and Dabinett, Liberty ciders put apples in their proper place: Front and center. We started Liberty Ciderworks in 2013 with a simple, two-part mission: 1) Using apples from local farms and fields, create unique, wonderful ciders, and 2) Share them with friends and neighbors across the great Pacific Northwest. Welcome to the cider revolution. 

Chatter Creek Winery- was founded in 1996 by Gordon Rawson. His vision, to make world-class wines that showcase the unique and varied terrior of Washington State. Gordon started making wine as a hobbyist while he was working for a fine wine distributor in the Seattle area. In 1987, he parlayed his enthusiasm for winemaking into a job at Columbia Winery where he had the opportunity to work with Master of Wine, David Lake. David’s style of management was to have his staff involved in all aspects of the winemaking process that allowed Gordon to both observe and participate in the artistic side of winemaking. After working for Columbia Winery as Cellarmaster for nearly a decade, Gordon opened Chatter Creek. 

9312 W. 10th Ave 
Kennewick, Washington

(509) 627-3100

Tieton Cider- A love of land, food and drink has inspired us to make cider with the fruit we are growing at our ranch, Harmony Orchards. We know the ciders we make are an expression of the harvest and reflective of the fruit and the place that it is grown. We are excited to present these ciders to you. They are a blend of our own organically grown dessert apples and full-bodied traditional cider apples. Most of all we are thrilled to be involved in reinterpreting the tradition of cider making. This land has been in our family since the 1920’s when our grandfather planted his first trees in Tieton, Washington. We take our stewardship of the land seriously and have been farming organically for the last 25 years. As a third generation Yakima Valley farmer with a degree in horticulture from Washington State University and over thirty five years’ experience in marketing produce, Craig has always been curious about the back-story: the history, production, science, and industry of food. Growing different varieties of trees is truly what makes Craig happy and he is always looking for new varieties to plant and nurture.  In 2008 he was introduced to cider apple varieties, those gnarly, inedible wild apple varieties needed to make great cider.  He planted twenty five varieties in a test block of two acres to study the growing patterns: did each fit into the existing bloom and harvest schedule of the farm, what were the flavor profiles of the fruit and how did that variety add to the cider that we wanted to make. From that original twenty five, Craig has narrowed it down to the eight most suitable for commercial production, never closing the door on annual experimentation when he learns of a new variety. We now have the largest acreage of cider apples and Perry pears in the state of Washington with 55 acres.

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Orondo, Washington

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At Washington Gold Cider, it’s all about tradition. We’ve been growing the best apples in the world on our small family farm in Washington state for over 40 years. Generations have been raised under the shade of our family’s orchard, big hands and little hands working together come harvest time. Young and old selling apples out of the back of our old pickup truck. The family dog running along rows of trees heavy with fruit. And now crisp, refreshing hard cider handcrafted in our historic apple packing shed using fresh-pressed local apples. Our family is proud to continue its rich apple tradition with Washington Gold Cider. The world’s best cider, made from the best apples on Earth. 

East Wenatchee, Washington

Cockrell Hard Cider- is the longtime dream of two Puyallup brothers, Richard and John Cockrell. The brothers have been making hand crafted beer and cider for over 25 years. Their creations have won many local, state and national awards and accolades resulting in the encouragement of friends and family to consider sharing their creative talents with a larger audience. Cockrell Hard Cider’s production facility is located on the farm mere footsteps from the apple trees and raspberries utilized in the production process. The farm provides a peaceful setting for visitors to enjoy roaming the apple orchard and viewing the production process.!

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Steelhead Cider- was formed to provide flavorful hard cider to the fine citizens of Upper Left, USA, and beyond. We strive to create excellent alcoholic beverages made from the fruit of our onsite orchard and other local growers in Washington state. We are new!  

8915 Ne 236th Cir
Battle Ground, Washington 

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Snohomish, Washington 

Rusty Grape Vineyard- we thought of many different names for our winery, but found this one to be unique. While learning how to craft a good wine and maintain a vineyard, we fell in love with the wine industry – from crushing to cleaning barrels. Rusty Grape has grown over the last six years from a quaint tasting room to several expansive patios for events and weddings, an Old Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen, and a hub activity for a number of annual festivals and events. We never turn down a good conversation with a wine expert or a novice taster. So, if you love a nice glass of wine, come see us. We love to hear your stories and make memories over a good bottle of wine.


Cobblestone: Is great smooth Hard Cider that tastes a lot like champagne with apple overtones! It has also been called our Draft style cider!

Fools Gold is a melomel. It tastes like apple with mead overtones. Great for mead lovers or thoughs curious about it!​      

Wet Rock has a light citrus flavor that is very refreshing this drink is great for picnics!

Rocky Meadow- This has a sweet Jonagold apple flavor.

Honey Apple Cider- Apple tart - but Honey sweet great creation!

Quarry Stone- This one has a gravenstein tart flavor that explodes in your mouth!
Rock Hard- Has a Full apple flavor that is only slightly sweet much like a stout.
Skipping Stone- Semi sweet Raspberry-Apple cider for easy drinking!

Bainbridge Island Hard Cider- I have been brewing hard cider for the last 15 years, now bring the great taste to the public. Look forward to sharing with all.

40709 264th Ave SE (hwy 169)
Enumclaw, Washington

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Whiskey Barrel Cider Co.-  What do you do with 5,000 square feet of empty space? These are a few of the many questions the owners of a new hobby shop faced in late 2010 after breaking ground earlier that year on what quickly became know as "The Shop" to all their friends and family. While ambitions originally included plenty of alcohol consumption, it wasn't until after that construction had stretched into 2011 that Trent Maier and Brian Augdahl decided to section off a small piece of that creative space and start what was soon to be called Whiskey Barrel Cider Company. Also stop by our Cider House for a taste at 588 SE Bishop Blvd, Suite G, Pullman.


Honeycrisp Celebration-  Our new world ciders feature Washington-grown dessert and bittersweet cider apples.​

Perry Celebration- Did you know that Perry is made from 100% pears and Pear Cider is a blend of pears and apples?

Cherry Flirt- has subtle cherry notes using three kinds of Washington dark, sweet cherries in it's blend.

Hoppy Honeycrisp- features Washington-grown Citra & Mosaic hops to give it a pale ale quality. 

1053 North State Street Alley
Bellingham, Washington



Mela Frizzante Hard Cider is made from a carefully proportioned blend of commercially grown fresh Washington fruit. It is dry, unfiltered, and lightly sparkling with small, soft bubbles and a slight mousse from the bottle conditioning. The same juice as the base blend was used for the sweet reserve fermented in each bottle.


Valley Red (Raspberry)- This cider is made with fresh Puyallup Valley raspberries direct from our farm. Wonderful berry smell and color without over power the base cider.  This cider is made with fresh Puyallup Valley raspberries direct from our farm. Wonderful berry smell and color without over power the base cider. 
Original Cockrell Hard Cider- This is the cider that started our journey. Our Original is a semi-sweet cider made with local fruit. We age this cider for months to bring out a smooth taste with just the right amount of tartness. 
Call Me Dusty- This is a refreshing cider for those who like it a little drier. Crisp and light, this cider is a perfect accompaniment with your lunch or dinner.

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Olympia, Washington

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Rockridge Orchards- We have been farming on the Enumclaw Plateau since 1982. Rockridge Farms was started in 1991 we are a small farm employing family, friends, and neighbors. Our philosophy has always been life, food, and farming should never be boring. Our Moto is "To Die For" flavor. If it's just "OK", we don't grow it. We are constantly trying new plants for flavor and variety. Our Asian Pear Orchards: Our front orchard was planted in 1991. Hillside orchard was planted in 1995. Lower orchard planted in 1997. Total of a little over 3,000 trees consisting of 17 varieties from throughout the South Pacific. Our Apple orchards: Sweet apples in 1992, hillside and lower orchards were planted in 1997 & 2000. We also have 2,000 Cider apples planted on our north farm in 2004.

Barnes Etc. Tasting Room & Gallery-  Our NEW hand crafted artisan Country Elegance Hard Cider blends are now available to the public exclusively at Barns Etc. Tasting Room.  Discovering which premium blends you might enjoy is a walk back in time, as you saunter…“Out back to the Shed”… where the rustic elegance of ‘yesteryear’ is fully experienced. Learn the history behind traditional Cider making method as you sip cider & enjoy local artist’s work featured in the Gallery. The elegance is relaxed, bring your friends, sit by the creek or enjoy the shade of the maple tree…! Add to your collection of fine artisan Ciders or sample for a delightful tasting experience! 


Natural Cider- Bare naked apples make up this crisp and dry cider.  We take our tasty Fresh Juice, ferment it, and keg it up.  Similar to a dry white wine, the Natural Cider is the base for each of our hard ciders.  Go au naturel and see where it all begins!

Dam Hard Cider- Our signature cider is one that tastes like, well... an apple!  Don’t let the name fool you, it is one of the sweetest in our cider selection.  This is Dam Good and Dam Hard. No typos, just great cider! 

Granny Cider- This cider is rumored to be from Old Granny Smith’s recipe book, but we think that’s probably just an old wives’ tale.  If you enjoy Granny Smith apples, you’ll love this cider! A nice tart taste with a bit more acidity than most, it’s hard to beat.

Triple Play Hard Cider- Triple Play began as our summer seasonal but quickly became so popular that we decided to keep it around all year long. Made from Gala, Red & Golden Delicious apples, Triple Play is our sweetest cider. Enjoy it as you remember the long hot days of summer! 
Whiskey Cider- This cider is our namesake, and the reason we got into the business.  We age our Natural Cider in once used Rogue Whiskey barrels for several months and then toss it in a keg.  Our focus is on simple ciders done right, and we think you will agree that this barrel-aged cider packs quite a punch.  Be careful! 

Spring Fling- Springtime in Pullman is a very fleeting season.  It seems that we go straight from snow days to summer nights.  Our Spring Fling has a similar affliction.  We blend Jonathan and Gala apples in a small batch that is gone as quickly as the season! 

Fall Cider- The Fall Cider is easily our most popular seasonal.   It is made with Manchurian Crab Apples.  Typically, these apples are not used for hard ciders.  However, we have found that when blended with our secret mix of spices, it creates an amazing cider that is perfect for sipping on those crisp fall evenings. 

Winter Lift- The Winter Lift features Pink Lady and Braeburn apples.  It is a smooth cider with both sweet and tart undertones, pleasing almost any palette! 

SPECIALTY BATCHES- Each month we tap a new cider for 1st Tap Thursday at The Cider House. These are productions limited to just one or two kegs- Bacon Cider, Bing Cherry Cider, Honeycrisp Cider (The Buzz), Rome Apple Cider (Ah-Rome-Uh Therapy), Pear Cider ('Pearently), Fuji Cider (The Fuj)

Irvine’s Vintage Cider, Vintage Blend- This is a blend of European cider apples made from a variety of sources. It is crushed and pressed at the winery using a cheese press, then fermented to dryness, settled, then racked into oak barrel where it sits for a year aging. It is then racked again, sugar and yeast are added, then the cider is put into 500ml bottles and capped with a wired porcelain cap.

Woozy Deer Cider- A new label, but an older cider. This is a cider that I made back in 1997 from the Cox’s Orange Pippin apple grown near Mt. Vernon. It was named after a moose in Sweden that got stuck up in a tree after eating too many fermented apples on the ground. The label features a great drawing of the moose in the tree by Wendra Lynne. This cider is 16 years old and it has become smooth and distinctive.

Jester and Judge- makes all natural hard cider in Stevenson, Washington. We believe in authentic ciders, education and community. Join us for a pint and a bite!

6613 114TH Ave CT E
Puyallup, Washington

9405 144th Ave. NE, Bldg D
Woodinville, Washington

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Goldilocks Organic- is made by arresting the fermentation process with cold shock prior to complete transformation of the natural sugars to alcohol. Goldilocks is not too sweet or too dry, it is a true balanced cider. 

High Desert Dry Organic- is a slow, cold traditional fermentation that yields a clean, dry cider. 

Gingerella- To make an organic cider for ginger lovers, we cold press fresh organic ginger root and blend with Goldilocks. The result is Gingerella, a balanced, auromatic cider for everyone, not just ginger lovers. 
Seasonal and Special Release- We also have seasonal and special release ciders currently in kegs only: Purple Sage is based on a traditional cider made in Northern Italy from a blend of cider apples and red grapes; Great Pumpkin is our fall seasonal cider; and A Winter's Tale is our cold season cider.  

Dry- One of the driest ciders on the market. The golden orange glow of this unique unfiltered cider lends way to notes of lilac, blood orange and green apple on the nose. Dry and pleasantly acidic, flavors of nectarine, under ripe peach and tart cherry hit the palate with no residual sweetness.

Semi-Sweet-   A light, crisp cider with just a touch of sweetness. Honey in color with notes of bergamot orange, lemon and apple, this refreshing cider reveals hints of citrus and cinnamon on the palate.

Pumpkin Spice- This semi-sweet cider is copper in color and perfect for fall. Fermented with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, it offers hints of the season's favorite spices followed by just a touch of pumpkin.

Citrus- This refreshing cider is complemented by a bold citrus flavor from grapefruit, lemon, and orange peel, balanced by a subtle, medium-dry sweetness.

Gin Botanical- Fermented and aged on spent gin botanicals (juniper berries, cucumbers, verbena, lavender, orange peel and lemon peel) from local distillery Batch 206.

Three Peppers-A small batch, limited edition cider available only at The Woods. Featuring an aroma of fresh, green jalapeños paired with a unique flavor profile, combining the taste of poblano, habanero and jalapeño peppers, this cider offers a kick followed by a subtly sweet finish.

Oaked Maple- Fermented with raisins and oak chips, this semi-dry cider is back-sweetened with pure Vermont maple syrup. Offering notes of vanilla and oak with a hint of maple, this unique cider is the perfect accompaniment to chilly winter weather. Best served chilled (50-55 degrees). 
Basil Mint- Fermented with fresh basil and mint, this off-dry cider starts savory and floral, complemented perfectly by a tart, clean finish. 
PNW Berry- The PNW Berry Cider is crafted with locally grown raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Softly tart at the start, softly sweet on the finish, this cider is both accessible and full-flavored.
Perry- Seckel, Starkrimson and Forelle pears combine to form a woodsy, acidic semi-sweet Perry with notes of brandy and candied pears. 
Gravenstein Rose- For this full-bodied, aromatic and slightly tannic cider, we ferment fragrant and floral early-season Gravensteins, then age them in Petit Verdot barrels from our neighbor, Crucible Wines. 
Washington Heirloom- Our 2014 Heirloom blend places acidity front and center, featuring Newtown Pippin, Gravenstein, and Espopus Spitzenberg apples, in addition to ten varieties of French and English cider apples grown at the WSU Extension Campus in Mount Vernon. Delicate, tart and perfectly nuanced, this unique cider begins with soft aromas of peach and black cherry. A mild dryness on the tongue carries with it notes of tangerine, cantaloupe, black cherry, sweet lime and tart green apple. 

Locust Original Dry- A true SESSION CIDER. Smooth and lightly carbonated session cider with notes of clean apple and pineapple. Low residual sugar for a dry taste, but a touch of sweet to soften the acidity. Bright and clean and SO easy to drink. This is the one that was 2 years in the making, and the one that started it all. 
Green Tea Infused- A dry cider infused with Chinese decaf green tea before and after fermentation to add bitterness and mouthfeel. Clean balance of tea and apple flavors. Subtle tea flavor not to overpower but to add character and balance to make a complete cider. 
Dark Sweet Cherry- The "sweetest" cider in the Locust lineup, blending fresh sweet dark cherries from Washington with our dessert apple blend for a tart, full-flavored, but still not overly sweet cider. Started as a special in the tap room only, but due to huge demand is in found around town. 

Summer Berry Cider- Ahh, the smell of cut grass, boats on the lake, a 60 mile bike ride in the sun- all of which should culminate in a Locust Summer Berry cider, low in alcohol, and finishes with a light hint of blueberry for a crisp light outdoor drink. 

Washington Dessert Apple-Washington apples fermented with wild yeasts and aged for 6 months, bottled unfiltered, making a balanced, soft, and smooth cider. Added body from a secondary MF, this is also the sweetest cider Locust makes. 


Dry- Straw in color and actively effervescent our Dry is an exceptional match for seafood—with fresh oysters as a standout. 
Semi-Sweet- A perfect accompaniment for delicious cheeses, our Semi-Sweet, with its golden color and balanced acidity, is characteristically English in style. 
Cherry- We ferment sour and sweet cherries with Washington state apples to create our most popular cider. With a pleasing pucker and appealing color our Cherry pairs very well with Asian flavors. 
Cherry Cardamom- Just enough sweetness and a subtle spicy perfume make our Cherry Cardamom an excellent stand-in for dessert wine. 
Fig Leaf and Cardamom- We grow figs here at the orchard and we use fig leaves to create our Fig Cardamom. Near chartreuse in color with bright, spicy vegetative notes this cider is a wonderful foil for Indian food.

30 SE Cascade Avenue
Stevenson, Washington

(509) 651-0381 

Edmonds, Washington

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The Methow Valley Ciderhouse and Orchard- We are a team of two who found a new passion late in life – growing organic apples and producing fine ciders. We purchased the perfect site in 2004 – fifteen acres of rich soil that was once an old lake bed, just outside of Winthrop, Washington. The Methow Valley Ciderhouse currently uses 16 varieties of cider apples from old American, English, and French trees to make our delicious cider. We have plans to create other ciders from pears and berries in the future. Growing great organic trees requires rich soil, water and sunshine – all of which we have in abundance. We irrigate our trees with water that originates from the deep winter snows in the North Cascades. Richard is the cider master. He is responsible for maintaining and harvesting the trees and blending the apples to create the perfect mix of dry and sweet in his varieties of sparkling and still ciders. Lynne enjoys helping visitors at the Ciderhouse and maintaining the office. She also runs Three Rivers Training for dogs and takes care of their own dogs so Richard can concentrate on what he loves – tending the trees and creating the cider.

945 Elliott Ave W #201
Seattle, Washington

(206) 588-2224 


Old English Dry- hand crafted using all natural fresh pressed Heirloom apples from Cashmere and Wenatchee area family farms. 

Delicate Sweet- The delicate blending of  tart and sweet apples provide a pure and uniquely flavorful blend of Ciders. 

Crisp Medium-  
Perry- new Heirloom Hard Cider

708 N 34th St
Seattle, Washington

(206) 420-7088


Bad Granny Apple Cider- Our apples are delivered from award-winning orchards within the great State of Washington-does it get any purer? Handcrafted with a passion second to none.  Yup, that’s our core. We’ll let you decide, but remember Granny knows best!


Molasses Switchel Cider- 

Pepper Plum- 

Farmhouse Apple-  
Oak and Ginger-

Ventimiglia Cellars- Great wines come from a blend of the best available fruit and the expression of the winemaker's art and skill for creating the best possible wines from that fruit. Decisions are made almost every day that determine the fate of the final product that ends up in the bottle and on to your table. We believe in the art of making great wine and releasing only our best for your enjoyment. In a brilliant collaboration between cider maker Mike Mettler, and winemaker Ron Ventimiglia, we bring you a naturally sparkling, bottle conditioned, unfiltered hard apple cider. Mela Frizzante, or Sparkling Apple, is handcrafted with a special blend of heirloom and dessert apples sourced from the Chelan and Columbia River valleys of Washington State. 

2726 Douglas Ave
Bellingham, Washington

Rootwood Cider- Lake Chelan, Washington and now open in downtown Manson! Small batch hard cider, crafted from Lake Chelan apples. Cider tasting flights, cider by the glass, and growler fills. 


Washington Gold Heritage Cider- 

Washington Gold Original Cider-  

Washington Gold Cherry Hard Cider-  


Walter's Fruit Ranch Hard Apple Cider

Three Kees Cider- We are a small, family-owned, hard cider company. Our ciders are flavorful, artisan-crafted, and local. Headed by Roger Kee, who was crowned Cidermaker of the Year at the 2012 National Homebrew Competition.

13B Walters Road
Winthrop, Washington

(509) 341-4354

Elemental Hard Cider- Brian and Christina Callahan launched Elemental Hard Cider to bring quality, affordable, and delicious hard cider to the world. We strive to bring fun and exciting flavors to the experienced cider enthusiast, as well as novice cider drinkers. Each of our hand-crafted ciders are made from only the finest Northwest apples and cold-fermented to preserve the fruit. Our ciders are reminiscent of champagne, they are lightly filtered and mildly effervescent for clean taste. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in often to grab a glass. We are constantly trying out new flavors, so the line-up is always changing. 

Fish Brewing's Spire Mountain Ciders, the nation’s oldest operating commercial craft cider maker (since 1985), came into the Fish Brewing Company fold in 2004. Today, award-winning Spire Mountain’s cidery occupies its own special space in the brewery on Jefferson Street. What’s next? Without doubt, more delightful beer and cider. Making these is simply how we enjoy ourselves. Here at Fish, we believe that fresh beer and cider, fine food, and enduring friendships are what life in the Great Pacific Northwest is all about.


The Explorer- Hopped Cider, ​Crisp, Balanced, Floral, Hoppy, Semi Dry Style
The Scout- Hopped Marionberry Cider, ​Apples + Marionberry + Hops = Delicious!
Lemongrass Lure- Citra Single Hop Lemongrass Cider, Refreshing, semi tart, hints of grapefruit

Moulton Falls Winery- produces quality wines and ciders using grapes sourced from Red Mountain, Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley AVAs in Eastern Washington and apples produced in Washington State. Our goal is to produce delicious wines and ciders to be enjoyed both in our relaxing tasting room as-well-as at home. Our tasting room was constructed by Joe Millea (owner) and his family. The craftsmenship reflects the detail that is evident when you taste our products. We hope that you will come visit our winery and share our love of wine & cider and some delicious pizza in the warmth and comfort of our tasting room. 


Burro Loco Tulip Festival Cider- A crisp off-dry cider. Made from Skagit Valley Apples. 


Spark! semi-sweet, A beautiful bottle conditioned cider bursting with the flavor of these heirloom apples, Melrose, Kings, Graventein, Winter Banana, Burgundy and others.

Organic Pirates Plank "Bone Dry" Cider- A Port Townsend Special, bold, brash, tannic, no apologies cider, it'll rob you of your misconceptions.

Glow- is a single varietal rosé cider.  The color in this unique cider comes not from the skin like in a wine rosé, but from the bright red flesh of the Hidden Rose apple.  

Glow- is a single varietal rosé cider. The color in this unique cider comes not from the skin like in a wine rosé, but from the bright red flesh of the Hidden Rose apple. This incredible apple makes a cider with a crisp acidity and a tropical fruit flavor.

Organic Ember Bittersweet- Made from late season estate grown, French and English bittersweet apple varieties. Ember has the complex flavors of these tannic and astringent apples; Vilberie, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Brown Snout and others!

Dungeness Orchard Blend-  This delightful cider is unique in two ways.  The first is that it has no carbonation, this style of cider allows you to really focus on the flavor and mouth feel of the cider and brings us to the second way this cider is unique.  Dungeness Orchard Blend is made with over 70 varieties of apples picked in the Dungeness Orchard. 

Calypos-  named for the legendary sea goddess and the vessel of captain Jacques Cousteau.  This delightful sparkling taste of the northwest is aged in Bull Run Distilling Rum barrels to bring a hint of the South Seas to the mix.
Smoke- our smoky-oaky after dinner tipple style cider has been triple fermented in whiskey and mead barrels.  It starts with Kingston Black, Dabinett and Vilberie apples for a very tannic base.  Aging in charred oak concentrates all the best features of each apple variety.

PO Box 369
Tieton, Washington

(509) 673-2880
Cider Bar

619 West J Street
Yakima, Washington

(509) 571-1430


Hoppin' Pear -  A hopped up, crisp finishing pear cider.  Using both infusion and dry hopping allows this low sugar alternative to bring the best from cider and beer. 

Ginger Pear - A balanced addition of ginger contributes to a sharpened pear flavor that makes this perry great for any occasion.

Pear Essentials - The name says it all.  This solid blend provides all of the pear with no distractions.  Purists Welcom 

Cider Baron - This extremely unique harvest blend brings subtle vanilla and balanced cinnamon while retaining everything you love in a great perry. 

Hard Washington Cider- Small brewery serving Whatcom County with a delicious small batch, hand crafted cider.