West Virginia  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in West Virginia.

West Virginia- is noted for its mountains and rolling hills, its historically significant logging and coal mining industries, and its political and labor history. It is one of the most densely karstic areas in the world, making it a choice area for recreational caving and scientific research. The karst lands contribute to much of the state's cool trout waters. It is also known for a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, including skiing, whitewater rafting,  fishing,  hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and hunting. And with its 11 registered apple orchards, West Virginia is now also noted for its two hard cider makers.

Swilled Dog Hard Cider- was launched in 2016 in Franklin, West Virginia.  From the simple idea of making small batches of hard cider in our basements to bringing our company to life, our goal has always been threefold: share our passion for making hard cider with everyone, promote sustainable happiness, and make an impact in the communities we serve.  Throughout our journey from apple to bottle, we take great pride in the ciders that we make.  From fast fermentation, naturally flavored variety ciders to more traditional slow fermentation ciders, it is important to us that you not only enjoy our ciders, but you also understand our process.  Therefore, being as transparent as we can about our production is paramount.  The majority of our apples used in our ciders come from our local farmers who share our commitment for expanding both the hard cider and apple industries.  We are also working with them to plant more cider specific apples.  Without them, our cider company would find it difficult to exist.  However, it is still challenging to source specific varieties of apples that are needed to make great ciders.  Therefore, we have planted our own orchards with varieties of heirloom and cider specific apples that will one day be a part of some amazing ciders that we can't wait to share with you.  Helping to restore our industry, promoting local agriculture, and educating consumers about heirloom variety apples trees will continue to be a top priority for us.      


639 Elm Street
Franklin, West Virginia

(304) 358-0604


Walk the Dog- is our flagship semi-dry cider meant to be enjoyed all year long.  After selecting the perfect combination of apples and fermenting to the right balance of flavor and acidity, this cider offers a refreshing finish that will keep you wanting more, or as we like to say, this cider will surely Walk the Dog!
Bunny Slope- We call this one the Bunny Slope because we feel that it is a nice and easy transition to hard cider for all you craft beer lovers out there.  After our initial fermentation process, the perfect amount of hops are added for that bitter, citrusy taste that you are used to enjoying with your favorite craft beers.  So to all you craft beer drinkers out there, get introduced to hard cider by taking a run at our Bunny Slope. 
Caramel Apple- Can you resist a delicious, savory caramel apple? No...Who can?  This is our grown-up version of your favorite classic dessert.  Boasting a delicious combination of caramel and a blend of semi-sweet, tart apples, this cider is destined for greatness.  Go on, take a bite...we mean drink.
WV Scrumpy 2016- We are so proud to show off our heritage with our limited edition, small batch WV Scrumpy.  Every apple in this cider was hand-picked in West Virginia and donated with love with the hope that it could one day fulfill its full potential - to become part of a glorious cider.  A soon to be staple in the Swilled Dog lineup, the 2016 edition will have you wanting more.  Unfortunately, this limited edition cider will go quickly, but plans are already in the works for a bigger batch of WV Scrumpy in 2017.  After our random door knocking, we want to thank everyone who welcomed us into their homes and donated apples for our inaugural batch of cider.  Not only will you be tasting an off-dry cider with a tart finish, but we hope you will be thinking about all of the generous people that call our great state home.  Mission accomplished, Mountaineers! 
Apple Bottom- Apple Bottom is a semi-dry cider.  Born from the perfect blend of apples and champagne yeast fermented in the slow traditional manner, this cider offers a great balance of sharpness and acidity while delivering a refreshing, crisp, and full-bodied apple flavor that you will love. 
Granny's Gold- This semi-sweet cider is made by taking a blend of what we call the golden grannies (Goldrush, Jonagold, and Granny Smith apples) along with a few complementary varieties and stopping the fermentation process at just the right time to leave the perfect amount of residual sugar with a nice tart finish.  A little bit of honey added after fermentation really makes this cider something special. 
Pumpkin Patch- These flavors were made for each other.  Now, this marriage is going to last.  Our blend of tart and sweet apples receives the perfect amount of fresh pumpkin and chai tea spices to give you the flavor that you have come to love. 
Island Vibes- We think you'll agree that hard cider can be enjoyed all year long after you taste our Spring/Summer seasonal cider, Island Vibes.  This beachin' cider will take you to the islands with our special blend of pineapple and apple.  No matter your location, the subtle addition of pineapple will transport your senses to a tropical paradise.  Soon you'll feel your toes in the sand, hear waves breaking, and see palm trees blowing in the salty sea air.


2245 Blue Sulphur Pike
Lewisburg, West Virginia

(334) 324-5114 

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in West Virginia.


Hawk Knob Appalachian Classic Hard Cider- This is the cider that sets the standard. Born from a blend of heirloom and old heritage variety 100% greenbrier valley grown apples, this cider is full bodied and full of flavor with a balanced, bright finish.
Hawk Knob Appalachian Classic Hard Cider: Bourbon Barrel Aged- You might call this cider the big brother. We’ve taken our Appalachian classic and aged it to perfection for ten months in the finest Smooth Ambler bourbon barrels. While still sporting the crisp, fruity flavors of the classic, it has notes of butter and oak for a truly complex finish. A true example of the taste of tradition.
Hawk Knob Elderberry Infused Hard Cider: Bourbon Barrel Aged- In the fall in the appalachian mountains, elderberries hang low and ripe. Traditionally, this beautiful fruit was harvested for elderberry wine. Inspired by tradition, we have infused our ten month bourbon barrel aged cider made from heirloom apples grown in the greenbrier valley with just the right amount of elderberries. The result is a wonder of crisp fruity perfection.
Hawk Knob Wild Fermented Traditional Hard Cider: Bourbon Barrel Aged- American cider is steeped in time honored traditions. At Hawk Knob, we believe in keeping those traditional alive. We’ve made this still, dry, wild fermented cider from 100% Greenbrier Valley-grown heirloom and heritage apples and aged it to perfection for ten months in oak bourbon barrels. It’s the same process craft cider makers have used for centuries. Enjoy the taste of tradition.

Hawk Knob Cidery- we believe in quality, tradition and the power of intention. We don’t follow the norm and neither do our ciders or meads. Just like the craftsmen of old we take the time and care necessary to produce truly unique artisanal beverages that harken back to a time when quality mattered. Dedicated to producing a locally farmed and produced beverage, from our farming practices to the selection of our ingredients the utmost care and attention is put into our process. We believe you’ll taste the difference. Enjoy and remember to drink cider with confidence.