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The Ela Cider Company- was founded in 2013 by John, Tom, and Sue Ela. Our cousins at the Ela Orchard grow the best apples in the world, and we are working to turn their apples into the best hard cider in the world. Our cider will be locally sourced, family made, and locally distributed, and really really really really good (we hope). We're looking forward to serving it to you. It's going to be a wild ride to get this thing up and running, so follow along on this facebook page to hear tales of adventure and see bucolic apple pictures. 


Bourbon Barrel Cider- Bourbon barrel only from the cider!
Door Country Red- Kewaunee county Apples infused with door county cherriesApple Pie Cider- 
Maple Brown Cider- Cherry Hard Cider- Blueberry Apple Cider-

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Cherry Mimosa- Door County twist on a mimosa makes for a perfect blend. We add fresh pressed Door County tart cherries to a stainless steel aged cider for an easy drinking, lightly carbonated drink.
Heritage Cider- A semi-dry apple cider made from apples native to Door County before Prohibition.  This medium bodied brut styled cider has complex flavors with light citrus and earthy aromatics.
Modern Cider- A modern cider made in a cool crisp refreshing style with a blend of heritage and honey crisp apples. This is a light bodied semi sweet cider with intense aromatics and notes of quince, peach and tropical fruits.
Perry- 100% Wisconsin Asian pears fermented in the style of a structured white wine with a complex, semisweet pallet with aromas of peach and mango and hints of apricot and melon.

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Wisconsin  The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Wisconsin.


Classic Dry Cider- includes a blend of five English cider apples, all known for their tannin profiles. These tannic apples give the cider complexity and mouthfeel unlike any table apple. These apples are Major, Kingston Black, Somerset Redstreak, Chisel Jersey and Dabinett. The base apple is Liberty, a tart apple developed by Cornell University, that gives the cider the acids and sugars needed to blend with the tannins. 
Tremlett’s- is a blend of Tremlett’s Bitter– an English cider apple that lives up to its name!– with the tart and aromatic Priscilla apple.  Cider connoisseurs immediately recognize that this is special.  It is also our most limited release.
Oak-Aged Cider- was aged for 2 months in medium-toast American oak and untoasted French oak, with 20% of the cider aged in our Apple Brandy barrel from our 2015 Brandy release.
Equinox- is our hopped cider, named for the Equinox hops we chose to give this cider herbaceous and lightly citrus aromas, that push the cider in the direction of a Sauvignon Blanc. Indeed, cider refreshment with wine complexity! 
Haralson Dry- is named after the Haralson apple, a 100-year old Minnesota apple, organically grown by our friends Harry and Jackie Hoch just over the river in La Crescent, Minnesota. The Haralson apple is joined by Honey Gold and Regent apples and added tannins. 


Mershon's Artisan Cider- is handcrafted hard apple cider made from only fresh pressed Midwest grown apples and locally sourced wildflower honey. Mershon's Cider is free from any additives, preservatives, and concentrates. This naturally gluten free cider is made in the long standing tradition of our ancestors. Only apples and honey, there is nothing else needed!
Mershon's Death Valley- a honey apple wine made from only Midwest grown apples and locally sourced wildflower honey. Dry as a scorching summer day in America's Southwest, the robust flavor of this honey apple wine will keep you wanting more.
Mershon's Mystic Berry- is our original artisan cider with fresh raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries added at the end of fermentation. The Sweet and tart apple berry taste will enliven the senses with four types of fruit and honey!


Schmiling Bros. Hard Apple Cider- Five carefully selected varieties of Hillside Orchard apples are blended together to produce this crisp, smooth and refreshing hard cider with just a hint of sweetness.
Schmiling Bros. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Cider- A fortified blend of five varieties of Hillside Orchard apples. Aromas of almonds and vanilla beans from six months of Bourbon barrel aging. Apple brandy adds extra warmth and depth.

65 Vines- Welcome to our piece of the American Dream. We look forward to meeting new friends and connecting with old ones as our vineyard and winery ages with time. While our cider is produced in small batches and sourced from local orchards, we hope to produce excellent cider (&wine), have stellar customer service, and provide an outstanding cidery/winery experience to all visitors! Localvore-drink, eat, and think “locally”. We hope to make our ciders a blend of some estate grown apples and others from locally sourced apples harvested at our partnering orchards. While taste is subjective, we encourage people to try all types of hard cider...still/carbonated, sweet/dry, oak/tannin - you might be surprised!

Von Stiehl Winery- Wisconsin’s oldest licensed winery… founded in 1967! The Schmiling brothers that grew up in von Stiehl Winery now own and operate it. The older brother, Aric, utilizes the most modern equipment known to winemaking as he artfully crafts fine wines. The younger brother, Brad, likes romance and history and manages the business. The Civil War-era building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, features a tasting room, a 10,000 square foot production facility, three Civil war era underground limestone tunnels and a spacious outdoor terrace with Lake Michigan views. Von Stiehl’s inaugural hard cider release, Apfel Hard Cider, was awarded a Double Gold medal at the 25th annual Indy International Wine Competition. As if that prestigious award wasn’t enough, the cider then received Best of Class in the Apple Hard Cider division. Apple fermentation requires a bit more finesse and attention to detail than most other fruits. Yeast has a tough time with apple. 49 years in the apple wine fermentation business has its advantages, though. We take extra steps to ensure that the cider yeast gets all of its nutrients. Temperature is regulated and monitored closely. The finest apples are sourced in a specific blend from Hillside Apples.

THE CIDERS- 10 cider styles, to include:

First Press-  Everything changes when you bite into a bottle of First Press Traditional Hard Apple Cider.  Eyes of friends sparkle.  Passion overflows with perhaps the best thing on earth ­ the anticipation of sweet, crisp and tart. 
Magic Apple Strawberry-   Come alive to crisp apple hard cider blended with the fresh taste of strawberries, soft and deep red, backed by mouth watering sweetness and a delicate hint of tartness. Peach County-  The ice chill of the bottle smiles at the heat of the day. Thirst quenching apple and ripe fuzzy peach collide in a fantasy blend.  Crank up the piano keys.  Dance if you want to.  When summer breezes soar under the light of a crescent moon, this is your party.
Cranberry Road-  Check it out.  Take it further.  Get them all on your wave-length.  Put a Cranberry Road crown on your day.  Find a few thirsts to quench.  Steal a few hearts along the way.  Let it all hangout with cranberries belonging to a decidedly different hard apple cider.
Mad Bark-  This is new territory.  This is playing loud to 30,000 screaming fans. This is wake up in stereo.  Indescribable Mad Bark Hard Apple Cider infused with the seductive bittersweet taste of cinnamon. 
Raspberry Smash-  Apple-Raspberry Hard Cider. Your first taste breaks into a thirsty grin.  Taste number two confirms the first.  One more taste, and positive vibes roar.  Raspberry Smash is for those who get it. Wild nights.  Refreshing winds sweeping under your feet a blast of fresh raspberries colliding with sweet apples in a rarely seen big time blend.


Brix Craft Cider- Just Apples, Grown in Wisconsin, Pressed and Fermented Dry.
Brix Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider- 
New Orchard Series Cider from Appleberry Farm- 
Brix Raspberry Cider-Hoppy Honeycrisp from Munchkey Apples!- 


Raspberry Farm House Cider- This sweet apple wine has a wonderful raspberry flavor and aroma. 
Blackberry Farm House Cider- A semi-seet apple wine combined with the delicate flavor and tannin of fresh blackberries. Great for sipping and with cheeses.
Cherry Farm House Cider- Dark sweet Cherries are combined with sweet apple wine to create a smooth and creamy wine. Excellent to use in your mulled wine recipes
Blueberry Farm House Cider- A sweet apple wine blended with te subtle flavor and aroma of farm fresh blueberries. One of the wines used to make Bayfield Sangria also excellent as a spritzer.
Cranberry Farm House Cider- Savor the perfect combinatin of sweet apples blended with tart cranberries. A refreshing wine in the heat of summer or the perfect companion with fall and winter dishes.

AEppelTreow (Apple True) Winery & Distillery Specializes in Wisconsin Grown and Produced Artisan [Hard] Cider, Brandy and Specialty Spirits. Cider and Perry? We use the pre-Prohibition meaning of ‘cider’, so we’re talking about fermented or ‘hard’ cider. Perry is the pear analogue to cider. We use lots of different kinds of apples and pears in our products. Some modern. Some heirloom – no longer grown for stores. We make a range of styles: sparkling, draft, still/table, and fortified/dessert. Within a style, we lean to the dry end – but also have some medium-sweet offerings.

Door Peninsula Winery- For 40 years, Door Peninsula Winery has been a mainstay of the Door County economy, producing the finest and largest selection of wines in Wisconsin. The winery was founded in 1974 by Mark Fehls and Tom Alberts in a former two-room schoolhouse. Built in 1868, the school served Carlsville residents for nearly a century, closing its doors in 1963. The building was chosen by the winemakers because of its thick basement walls (which made it perfect for storing wine), as well as the visual appeal of its Victorian-era architecture and bell-tower. Since Door County’s climate was too cold to grow conventional grapes, the winery’s initial products were made from locally grown fruit. Since the early 1900s, the county had been famous for its cherries, so cherry wine was a natural starting point, with apple, strawberry and plum wines following shortly thereafter. Although it has since expanded its range of offerings, Door Peninsula Winery still offers a variety of products made with these original four fruits – and flavors like Plum Loco and the apple-and-cherry-based Sunset Splash remain some of the more popular wines it produces each year.

The Cyder Market hard cider information for cider makers and drinkers in Wisconsin.

Cider House of Wisconsin- Grandma had an ancient apple tree that was much better for climbing than edible fruit. Perhaps that’s where the spark was struck. Our orchard isn’t large by any Wisconsin standard, or certainly compared with the thousand acre giants in Washington. We began to plant our orchard during the first summer we were here. Planting has been sporadic since then, with a current total of slightly more than two hundred trees on two acres. Virtually all of our trees are antique cider cultivars. Although some define antique as older than us, a more refined definition refers to cultivars which can be traced back over a hundred years. We grow a lot of apples, but we don’t sell many. We’ll happily prepare a special order here or there, but we focus on our our liquid products: juice, real cider (6% ABV), and brandy, to make them the best around.


Oak Aged Apple Cider- Made with traditional cider apple cultivars. This is the same base as our dry Brut but we age it in toasted French oak for at least three months.Brut Apple Cider- Made with traditional cider apple cultivars. Very dry with a balance of fruit and acidity.
Apple Cherry Cider- Made with Montmorency tart cherrries and traditional cider apples. A well balanced Rose- dry with a strong cherry finish.
Pear Cider- Made with Bartlett Pears and traditional cider apples. Very dry, but ripe with pear flavors.


Northern Highlands Cider- Fresh pressed apples, fermented semi-dry, light and sparkling, reminiscent of champagne. Made with local apples. Light, crisp, and bubbly. 
Bois Brule Cider- Lightly dry-hopped cider, semi-dry, clean and refreshing.  Notes of citrus, wildflower, and pine.
Oakwood Cider- Light fresh cider, mellowed on oak. Semi-dry with a nice woody note, reminiscent of historical ciders barreled and cellared for year round consumption.
Eiszider- A delightfully elegant, sweet apple dessert wine made by freezing apples to concentrate the juice. Fermentation at low temperatures enhances the delicate fruity flavors. Notes of tropical fruit, apricot and apple.

12040 Garrett Bay Rd
Ellison Bay, Wisconsin 

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THE CIDERS- 13 cider styles, to include:

Appely Brut- was the first product we made, back in 2001.  It’s made with the traditional champagne method – a refermentation in the bottle to make the sparkle, then turning the bottles upside down and ‘riddling’ the yeast into the neck, ending with ‘disgorging’ the yeast out of the bottle.

Appley Doux- 

Champagne Method ‘Hard’ Cider. Semi-dry, refreshing, green fruit, floral

Perry- Champagne Method Pear ‘Hard’ Cider. Semi-sweet, creamy, fruity, floral 
Orchard Oriole Perry-  English traditional perry pears. Complex and tannic. Fermented to highlight cultivars and terroir. Subtle pear, different from Bartlett and not-so-subtle tannins, tart, slightly bubbly.

Kinglet Bitter Cider- 

English and French traditional cider apples. Complex and tannic.
Fermented to highlight cultivars and terroir. Subtle apple and tannins, tart, slightly bubbly.

Barn Swallow Cider-  Crisp and refreshing, Green apple, tart, slightly bubbly.


Hibiscus Juniper- A refreshing drink that blurs the line between craft cider and high-end cocktail. The hibiscus flower lends a fruity quality and a reddish pink hue. Juniper berries are muddled to release a green-fresh finish.
Rose Hip Rosemary- This off-dry cider is given a tart apple flavor from the rose hips (the fruit of a rose) which is balanced by the piney aroma of the rosemary. Sweetened with local Wisconsin honey.
Lemongrass Lavender- An off-dry cider inspired by the Lavender Lemonade at Madison Sourdough. The lemongrass enhances the natural flavor of the cider by adding a bright citrus character, while the lavender provides a beautiful aroma. Sweetened with local Wisconsin honey.

345 S Adams St
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Batch 17.3- Tart green apple, weathered oak, and peach with tickling effervescence. Wild fermented and unadulterated ( no added sulfites, sugars, flavors) -- just am expression of apples.

Island Orchard Cider- Our specialty is a Normandy-style sparkling hard cider. Think dry, apple champagne. Brut and oak-aged ciders are produced with French and American apple cultivars harvested from our Washington Island orchard. Stop in for a sample and view our fermentation facility at the Ellison Bay Cider House and Tasting Room. Our love of cider guides us as we handcraft our product in Door County, Wisconsin. We relish the cyclical, seasonal nature of our work, and we take pride in building a sustainable business in a way that preserves the joy of the cider-making process.

Wisconsin produces about a quarter of America's cheese, leading the nation in cheese production. It is second in milk production, after California, and third in per-capita milk production, behind Idaho and Vermont. Wisconsin is second in butter production, producing about one-quarter of the nation's butter. The state ranks first nationally in the production of corn for silage, cranberries, ginseng and snap beans for processing. Milwaukee is a major producer of beer and was formerly headquarters for Miller Brewing Company — the nation's second-largest brewer — until it merged with Coors Brewing Company. Wisconsin with its great cheeses also possesses the perfect pairing from the wonderful products of its 22 hard cider makers.

Barneveld, Wisconsin

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Cidre de Pomme- Dry, crisp and elegant, this hard apple cider is made with just ripened apples. All natural. Gluten free. 
Cidre De Pomme Cranberry Hard Cider- Perfect for any occasion, Cidre de Pomme Cranberry Hard Cider has a festive pink hue. With each sip you’ll enjoy light carbonation and dry, refreshing champagne-like flavors followed by a subtle cranberry finish that compels another sip.
Perry Sparkling Pear- The warm amber hue gives way to the subtle honey and spicy pear nose of this delicately carbonated pear wine which is dry with a hint of fruit and just a wee bit spicy, yet has a crisp finish that elicits another sip.

N2393 Schacht Road
Marinette, Wisconsin

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Semi-Dry- Semi-Sweet Still- Semi-Dry (oak aged)-


Black Dragon- A blend that we’ve finished dry. The traditional blend of sharps and bittersharps provides an intense bite that resonates beyond its origin of traditional English farmhouse ciders. Foxwhelp, York, and the only native American. Too dry? Cider lovers tell us it’s a matter of taste. Antique apples, sugar, yeast. Apple, citrus, smoke. Black Dragon “Echos from beyond this river.”
Pooch- is an exquisite blend of our antique apples featuring sweeter Roxbury, Dabinett, and Westfield among several; enhanced with a breath of sharps and bittersharps. That’s just enough acid to balance the sweetness with carbonization to make your tongue sparkle. Pooch “Sounds like Hooch, but a Big Bark Better!”
Cherry Flight- Just in time for the Holidays! This is a limited edition - 30 cases, of a new product that was raved about (and quickly emptied our Cornie) at three fall events. A fantastic blend of our sweet cider with genuine Door County cherry juice. 7% ABV. Now in 12 oz. bottles and draft at your favorite local source. Not there? Please let them - and us, know.
Meoweewowee - is a methylgin, a cider subtly enhanced with a secret blend of herbs.  Although there’s a marketing and romantic bent to saying it’s an ancient medieval recipe, both design and name resulted from a discussion in our lab between tasks. 

6001 Femrite Dr.
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1105 Coulee Trail
Roberts, Wisconsin

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Stone Silo- Honors Our Our Family’s Heritage And Agricultural Innovation.  Pressed From A Blend Of Apples (Including Jonagold, Golden Russet, Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Ida Red, And McIntosh), Stone Silo Is An Off-Dry, Lightly Carbonated, And Highly Drinkable Cider With Fresh Fruit Flavor And Intriguing Depth.
Barn Cat- our second style, was motivated by the desire to make a drier cider and inspired by the various orchard cats that rule the barns and have earned our affection. Made from an apple blend, Barn Cat is a tart, fully dry cider with clear apple flavor and some feisty undertones.

4259 Mahoney Rd, 
McFarland, Wisconsin

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1072 288th Avenue
Burlington, Wisconsin

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Forgotten Fire Winery- is owned by Lindsay and Joe Callow. The Callows opened the winery on October 1, 2011. A visit to Rose Valley Winery in Michigan led to a fateful meeting with winemaker, Adam Kolodziejski. Adam expressed how his passion had led him to starting a winery, and how easy it would be for the Callows to do the same. Joe and Lindsay quickly found themselves believing that Adam had too much to drink that day. Nonetheless, after a few years of research, license applications, winemaking internships, and tears, Forgotten Fire Winery was born. Named in honor of the Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871, the winery sits on land located in the town of Peshtigo, though the actual address is in Marinette. Forgotten Fire Winery began with just 5 acres of land, 4 white wines, 3 red wines and the dreams of one headstrong couple. In 2012, 14 adjacent acres were purchased for future growth of the business. In 2013, the winery expanded to reach around 9000 square feet of space. Forgotten Fire Winery currently offers over 25 wines and a variety of wine-related gift items in the tasting room. Stop in and try some for yourself. You may not remember the fire, but you will remember the wine!

5806 Hwy 42

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  


(800) 551-5049

Sprecher Brewing Co.- was founded in 1985 by Randal Spreacher, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From 1985 to 1994, the brewery was located at 730 W. Oregon Street in Milwaukee's Walker's Point area. Sprecher is Milwaukee's Original Microbrewery. We brew over 20 different beers as well as 8 gourmet sodas, including our world famous Sprecher Root Beer.

Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery- Presenting a unique collection of premium hard ciders & fruit wines, from fresh local fruit, flavored by Wisconsin. Herdie and his wife Carol Wiersma had purchased an 80-acre farm outside the village of Stockholm, Wisconsin, to establish an apple orchard. The apple varieties they planted included a number that are more often grown in southwestern England and were suitable for the production of hard cider and wine. So, from the beginning of their farming venture, Herdie and Carol planned to produce products made from fermented apple juice as well as fresh fruit, preserves, and baked goods.

Hidden Cave Cidery at Old Sugar Distillery- Founded and operated by award-winning cider maker Walker Fanning, Hidden Cave's goal is to create the finest herb-infused hard cider the world has seen. This unfiltered hard cider exclusively features Wisconsin apples from such orchards as Apple Barn, Ski-Hi, Appleberry Farm, and Kickapoo.

At The Cider Farm we have spent ten years selecting and growing true cider apples to produce our ciders and cider brandy. True cider apples have tannins or acids, if not both, like a wine grape has. Clearly, buying or growing table fruit would have been a quicker, simpler path to producing these products, but we are seeking the finest quality. While our first three years of harvest are dedicated to our brandy, we devoted part of our 2014 harvest to support a cider release in 2015. We make our ciders worth the time invested in them.

Upstream Cider- Our first cider has been released for distribution through the Badger State Winery Cooperative. You can learn about our cider, find out where our apples come from, and find a list where to get a bottle in your neck of the woods. Lucky for us, yeast is everywhere. When we crush and press our apples, the yeast on their skin and in their flesh incorporates into the juice that will become our cider. After filling a tank, we let it sit for at least a few hours with the lid open to ensure that the yeast has enough oxygen to inoculate the entire batch. When we are convinced the batch has started (whether by froth or clock) we close the lid and put on the airlock for the primary fermentation to begin. Over time our yeasts will change. Every apple from a new orchard will introduce new elements to our culture. On the other hand, we will also develop our own unique consistency. The successful yeasts will linger in our cider-house and contribute to our ciders each year. Just as a good sourdough culture and a diligent baker develop great breads, our partnership with wild yeasts allows us to create unique and flavorful ciders. We look forward to sharing an evolution of ciders for years to come!

115 Navarino Street 
Algoma, Wisconsin

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3501 Church St

Stevens Point, Wisconsin


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Currant Affair- Sesssionable crisp cider with a hint of WI grown black currant lightly hopped. Semi-sweet.
Whiskey Barrel #2- Blended whiskey barrel aged cider smooth on the palate with light oak and spirit flavor.
Cranberry Crush- Wisconsin grown cranberry with a touch of vanilla and cardamom. Semi-sweet.
Rum Barrel #2- 

P.O. Box 701
Flat Rock, North Carolina 

(828) 231-9410

931 E Main St #8

Madison, Wisconsin


(608) 213-7396

Mershon's Artisan Cider- Six years ago I started making cider because of the lack of high quality products in the area, and now I have a product that everyone can be proud of. Mershon's Artisan Cider is made from only locally sourced fresh pressed apples and honey, free from any additives or concentrates. My name is Joseph Baird and I tender this premium product in honor of my family name that was lost, so raise a glass and enjoy. Cheers!

87380 Betzold Road
Bayfield, Wisconsin 

(715) 779-3274

Lost Valley Cider Co.- is built on the ardent belief that life is an adventure worth exploring.  We've found our Lost Valley: it's a state of mind.  An openness to the vast potential of the universe.  The feeling you get through shared new experiences. We invite you to join us in our exploration of cider at our Milwaukee, WI taproom & bottleshop to try our favorite unique, diverse and exciting ciders on offer, including our very own house ciders. A word of advice to our fellow trailmates: Keep your eye on the horizon and follow your bliss to find your Lost Valley.


Lead Shot Dry Cider- Made from pressing local apples, this dry hard cider is a crisp, refreshing beverage with a pure, unadorned apple taste.
Lead Shot Semi-Sweet Cider- Lead Shot Semi-Sweet Hard Cider is a crisp and refreshing beverage made with a blend of apples grown in our orchard. A delicate apple taste with a touch of sweetness, this cider is best served chilled and shared with friends.

Bayfield Winery- began fermenting their first batch of wine in the fall of 1995. They used old bulk milk tanks in the converted packing shed. In 1996, with 4 flavors of apple wine, they began selling wine in the historic red barn. There are now 12 varieties of wines from very dry to very sweet all from different varieties of apples, pears and fruits. They out grew the old packing shed and built a new production facility and office space about a half mile from the farm in 2008. They still have the tasting room in the historic barn with the jams and jellies and fruit in season. 


Driftless Apple- A semi-dry apple cider made with apples from the Driftless region of Southwestern Wisconsin, sweetened just a touch with fresh apple juice after fermentation.  Not too sweet and easy drinking.  6.5% A.B.V.
Normandy Pear- A semi-dry cider, lightly sweetened with highly tannic heritage perry pear (Poire de Gris and Poire D'Epine) juice we've imported from Normandy.  It has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that makes it a customer favorite.  7.0% A.B.V.
Door County Cherry- A semi-dry cider, lightly sweetened with tart Door County cherry juice.  Lightly effervescent, the cherry notes are subtle and refreshing.  6.5% A.B.V.

410 County Rd E
Ripon, Wisconsin


Restoration Cider Co.- is a small, veteran-owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin.  We fell in love with cider in Northwest Spain, where making complex, dry, refreshing cider and pairing it with spectacular food is a centuries old tradition.  Through trial and error we have succeeded in making crisp, dry, refreshing cider that is worlds away from the soda-like sweet stuff that is common on this side of the pond.  And we've done it using apples grown right here in the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin. This is where our passion for fly fishing comes in. We have been fly fishing the Driftless for over a decade and are still awed by the beauty and serenity of Wisconsin's trout streams. We're so passionate, in fact, that 5% of our profits at Restoration Cider Co. will go directly to stream restoration projects.  We want to use our brand as a showcase for our (and your) experiences of Wisconsin's natural beauty and as platform for raising awareness of water quality and land use issues.

THE CIDERS- 9 cider styles, to include:

Like the apple that is its namesake, Honeycrisp Hard™ apple cider is distinctive, snappy and sassy. It tickles the palate with a crescendo of subtle flavors and a crisp, lingering finish.Golden Russet, Sweet Still- This varietal hard cider is crafted from an heirloom apple highly valued for its distinctive flavor. Its light, slightly tart, yet not too dry finish works well with poultry, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Naturally sweet and innocent, no sugar is added. Somerset Semi-Sweet Still- old & full-bodied, this cider is crafted in the traditional style of Somerset , England . Classic cider apples like Kingston Black & St. Edmund's Russet give this cider good b alan ce. A fruity bouquet, apple & pear-like flavors provide a complex, rich experience.
Kingston Black Semi-Sweet Still- This medieval gold, semi-sweet, mellow specialty cider is made from the Kingston Black apple, a rare variety highly acclaimed for its distinctive cider flavor. Named after the village of Kingston in Somerset , England , it is one of three English cider apple varieties with all the flavor notes necessary to produce a varietal cider of excellent merit.
Scrumpy Semi-Dry Sparkling- This classic cider is crafted in the farmhouse tradition of southwestern England . Fresh pressed juices of sweet, bitter, aromatic, & tart apples are blended to provide a tantalizing parade of distinctive taste experiences. Because less of the apple is filtered out, it is full of flavor, more robust, darker & cloudier than most ciders.
Crabby Cider™- is brisk and refreshing. After your first sip, the zesty bite of Dolgo Crabapples will grab you.

Ciderboys Hard Cider- The ciderboys are basically ordinary guys. Some might consider them nerds. They constantly feed off each other’s ideas. They had no money coming in, no product to sell, but what they had was an idea using a truly unique blending proposition. The idea posed a mountain of challenges unseen. Curiosity constantly fueled their determination. Their refusal to accept ordinary common fruit set the standard by which their product would be judged. That led them to start paying attention to the ways apples grow in the orchard. What they unearthed here made them realize what was falling from this tree was ready to be turned loose. Starting with better fruit was logical. But the final flavor would come as a result of the way they blended it.

2617 Water St
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

(715) 344-9310 

280 Business Park Circle #7
Stoughton Wisconsin 

(608) 235-6832

A venue for vinifera, Captain’s Walk Winery offers premium wine tasting in a laid-back atmosphere. We take the snobbery out of wine while providing a unique and lighthearted tasting education at our Green Bay, Wisconsin Winery. Experience award-winning wines in a casual atmosphere. Savor your glass with a plate of truffles, savory crackers and real Wisconsin cheeses. You can relax on the porch, in our tasting room or upstairs in our comfortable lounge. Fancy wine-speak is not required—we’re happy to give you only as much information as you want. We know our wines extremely well and are proud to share them with you. Hard cider is now available at Captain’s Walk Winery. Our vibrant hard cider is made with Kewaunee grown apples and is offered in two varieties—Door County Cherry and Wisconsin Maple. Our Door County Cherry is made with a hint of local Door County montmorency cherries gives a nice subtle balance of sweet to tart. This is Wisconsin in a glass. It is very aromatic with that touch of cherry at the finish. Our Wisconsin Maple has a touch of local 100% pure maple syrup and brown sugar. Sweet and warming for a winter day!


Strawberry Apple Hard Cider- Door County Honeycrisp and Cortland apples blended with the sweet flavors of strawberries.

Ginger Apple Hard Cider- Made with Door County Honeycrisp and Cortland apples and the spicy bite of fresh ginger.

Green Apple Hard Cider- Made with the tartness of Granny Smith blended with Honeycrisp and Cortland apples.

White Winter Winery is truly a regional winery using locally grown fruit and honey to make Award Winning Mead! Expressions of our region comes through in every glass! White Winter Winery was founded in 1996 by two couples, Jon and Kim Hamilton and Mark and Nancy Rooney. The Winery was founded on the principals of sustainability, and utilization, to use what our region produces to make high quality products and to build coalitions and partnerships with growers, producers and other businesses. All of our products use locally grown fruit and honey whenever possible. We “work out” from our location until we find what we need. In this way we are able to sustain not only ourselves but our neighbors as well.

Mineral Point, Wisconsin 

(608) 219-4279

68323A Lea Street
Iron River, Wisconsin

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Vines & Rushes Winery- is located on an established family farm in Ripon, Wisconsin.  We currently grow five acres of grapes cold hardy enough to survive Wisconsin’s winters.  The grape varieties we grow consist primarily of Marquette, St Pepin and Petite Pearl.  The winery has been a family effort on both sides with Megan's father and grandfather, Jeff and Don Paulson handling the carpentry in the winery's tasting room. All of the flooring, trim, tasting bar and most of the furniture has been created from salvaged timber frame barn's that were sawn up with a sawmill purchased just for this purpose.  The character provided by these old beams gives the tasting room a "sense of place" that fits right in with Wisconsin's rural landscape.  Just as many hours of hard manual labor were required to form the timber frame barn into it's original structure, many hours have been required to mold these beams into their new purpose.  Saved from the burn pile and with the touch of craftsmanship, beauty often lies just under the surface of an old barn beam.

Brix Cider- is a startup cider company in the Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Our simple goal is to make the best cider you have ever tasted. Our orchard started with a few hundred apple trees planted in 2014, and we've been planting more trees every year since. At the time of writing, we have over 70 varieties of cider apple trees, and we're experimenting to see which ones we like best. We started producing cider commercially in the fall of 2016, and we're looking to grow from here!